Pokemon Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon: Sora's Journey ❯ The Howl of Lycanroc ( Chapter 20 )

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Episode 20: The Howl of Lycanroc

A few days had passed since Sora has caught Litten and Popplio. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu and the Alolan nine made a stop at a nearby Pokémon Center so that Sora could exchange Pokémon with Professor Oak. He exchanged his Rowlet and Pidgeotto for Zubat and Rockruff.

Once Sora's team was all healed up, made a stop for lunch. Kairi and Mallow decided to try some hot ramen. Out of nowhere, a young man caught a whiff of the ramen cooking. The same can said for the Lycanroc next to him. This Lycanroc was different from Riku's Lycanroc. It has brown fur with white markings around its paws, neck, and tail. It has a long bushy tail, pointed ears, and blue eyes, and the pebbles around its neck as a Rockruff have now grown into long, rocky spikes resembling the rays of a sun.

"You smell that Lycanroc?" the young man asked. Lycanroc barked as it did. "Something smells delicious." He and his Lycanroc went over to the source of the smell.

Kairi and Mallow had gotten done as the group started to enjoy the bowl of noodles mixed with the meat and vegetables put into it.

Pikachu and the other Pokémon were enjoying it as well. Rockruff wolfed down every bite of his Pokémon food. Zubat enjoyed his diving his fangs in. The rest of the Alolan nine's Pokémon enjoyed the Pokémon food provided to them.

"This is exquisite," Illima complemented.

"You outdo yourself every time," Kiawe added.

"Thanks you guys," Kairi beamed.

"This ramen is even better than the store bought kind," Sora said. "Especially with your hands."

Kairi blushed as she was complemented by Sora once again.

The young man and his Lycanroc came up to the group.

"Excuse me," the young man called out to the group.

They all turned and saw him.

"My Lycanroc and I were just walking by and we caught a whiff of your meal," he said.

"Would you like a bowl of ramen?" Kairi offered.

"I don't want to impose," the young man said before his stomach growled. "But I guess a quick bite wouldn't hurt. My name's Cornelius by the way. "

He sat down and joined the group for lunch. Kairi even provided his Lycanroc with a bowl of Pokémon food. Sora looked at this Lycanroc and saw how different from the one Riku has. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and pointed at the wolf Pokémon.

Lycanroc Midday Form, the Wolf Pokémon

The evolved form of Rockruff

Type: Rock

The rocks in its mane are sharper than a knife. Fragments that break off are treasured as good luck charms. Its quick movements confuse its enemies. Well equipped with claws and fangs, it also uses the sharp rocks in its mane as weapons. This form only occurs when Rockruff evolves in the day.

"So another Lycanroc," Sora said. "This one is different from the one I battled against."

"You're talking about the Midnight Form Lycanroc," Cornelius pointed out. "I had my Lycanroc ever since she was a Rockruff. But how did you come across your Rockruff?"

"Rockruff just shown up at the Cerulean City Pokémon Center on my way to Celadon City," Sora explained.

"But I take it that you caught yours in Alola, right?" Lillie asked.

"Actually, I grew up on Cinnabar Island. On my tenth birthday, she was a gift from my mother. She caught her on her trip to Alola," he said. "Rockruff was my very first Pokémon. We've been through a lot together. And I do mean a lot."

"You two must have been close," Sora said.

"Yeah we have," Cornelius said as he smiled. "We won our share of battles together. But I will tell you to keep an eye on Rockruff though."

"What do you mean by that?" Sora asked.

"Well when Rockruff gets close to evolving, it gets a tad aggressive," Cornelius explained. "I remember when my Rockruff evolved. One day, Rockruff just started to chew on things, but it wasn't teething, it just tore things apart. And that shows when we were battling against a Poliwrath. Rockruff was at a huge disadvantage, but the tables turned when she evolved. Lycanroc saved the day with that sudden burst of evolution." Conelius looks over to his Lycanroc eating next to Sora's Rockruff. "I think that the Lycanroc your Rockruff will evolve into will be a strong one."

Sora dreaded that Rockruff wouldn't be as playful when he and Kairi first met him, but Sora was stoked at the thought of having a strong Pokémon like Lycanroc on his team.

Soon after lunch, Kairi started to play with Rockruff as she rubbed his belly. Sora along with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Zubat were doing some training. Sora decided to try some sparring exercises with the Alolan nine's Pokémon. He started off with Kiawe and his Turtonator.

"Squirtle! Water Gun!" Sora ordered.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle fired his Water Gun at the larger Pokémon.

"Turtonator! Block it with Dragon Tail!" Kiwae ordered as Turtonator swung his tail at Squirtle's attack.

"Rapid Spin!" Sora ordered as Squirtle withdrew in his shell spinning like a frisbee.

"Shell Trap!" Kiawe ordered as Turtonator's shell spikes glows. The attack explodes as Squirtle makes contact.

"That was great, Kiawe!" Sora said.

"You too, Sora," Kiawe said. "Your Squirtle is getting better!"

Next, it his Zubat against Acerola's Mimikyu. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and pointed at Mimikyu.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon

Type: Ghost/Fairy

Mimikyu wears a ragged head cover to resemble a Pikachu to get closer to people. Because of this, its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.

"Makes me glad that I didn't look under that cloth," Sora said. "You ready, Zubat?" Zubat squeaks in confirmation.

"You can have the first move," Acerola said.

"Thanks for that," Sora said. "Zubat! Air Cutter!" Zubat fires Air Cutter right at Mimikyu. Sora wasn't sure way Mimikyu didn't bother dodging the move. A dust cloud forms as the hit makes contact. And when the dust cloud cleared, Mimikyu's neck just snapped and fell to the side. Sora screamed at the sight as he just killed Mimikyu. "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Acerola! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to kill Mimikyu!"

"You didn't," Acerola said laughing. This confused Sora. "It's Mimikyu's ability that kicked in. It's known as Disguise. It's like the move Substitute. She only took about 1/8 of damage when struck. Okay Mimikyu, use Shadow Ball!" Mimikyu fired Shadow Ball right at the bat Pokémon.

"Zubat! Dodge that!" Sora called out. Zubat dodged as fast as his wings could flap. "Now dive in with Wing Attack!" Zubat dove in with his wings ready to hit his opponent.

"Shadow Claw!" Acerola said as Mimikyu's Shadow Claw brings Zubat to the ground.

Sora runs up to Zubat picking him up.

"You okay, Zubat?" Sora asked. Zubat sqeaked sadly. "Don't apologize. You're getting stronger. I can see that in your moves."

That made Zubat feel better. Zubat smiled as he flew up on Sora's head.

"Sora's right, Zubat," Acerola said. "You gotten a tad stronger in our battle. You came a long way since then."

Sora looked over to Kairi Rockruff as they were playing. Sora smiled as Rockruff affectionately licked her face.

"Hey Rockruff!" Sora called grabbing Rockruff's attention. Sora patted his knees making the puppy Pokémon come runnrunning towards him. Zubat flew off before Rockruff jumped on Sora started to lick his face. Cornelius smiled as he remembered those days.


Cornelius is at the age of ten asleep in his bed. He is suddenly woken up by a few licks on his face. Cornelius woke up to find a Rockruff wearing a pink bow around her neck.

"Happy birthday, Cornelius," his mother said. Cornelius looked up and saw her in her explorer's outfit. "I caught it for you from Alola. You like it?"

"I love it, mom!" Cornelius said hugging his new Pokémon. Rockruff started to affectionately licking his face. Despite the pain of Rockruff's rocky collar there were laughter mixed in.

Sometime later, Cornelius and his Rockruff traveled around Kanto. He met and battled some trainers along the way. But time went on, Rockruff was showing signs of aggression. At Cornelius's battle one morning, Rockruff was on the ropes against a Poliwrath, a blue muscular frog-like Pokémon with a spiral on its white stomach. Poliwrath was about to finish Rockruff off with one last hit, but was caught off guard with a sudden glow as she was starting to evolve. Rockruff evoled into Lycanroc Midday Form. Lycanroc made a surprising comeback as it used a good speed attack knocking Poliwrath out. Lycanroc ran up to her trainer as Cornelius did the same. Lycanroc tackled him to the ground licking his face.

"I'm so proud of you, Lycanroc!" Cornelius smiled. "You always come through for me!"

(Back to the present)

Kairi went up to Sora and Rockruff.

"I wasn't done playing with Rockruff yet," Kairi playfully pouted.

"Hey Rockruff is my Pokémon," Sora playfully retorted. Kairi giggled as she tickled Rockruff on the belly. Pikachu and Zubat joined in with Pikachu on Kairi's head and Zubat landing on Sora's shoulder.

Cornelius looked at the two of them as Lillie came sat down next to him.

"Those two are good together, aren't they?" Lillie asked.

"Sure are," Cornelius said. "Just how long have they been together?"

"Well they're not officially a couple," Lillie said. "You can sense a bond between them. I mean Sora is a handsome guy, and he can be a bit childish at times. But he's got a big heart."

"That must be why she likes him that much," Cornelius commented.

"Yeah," Lillie nodded.

Meanwhile, Riku is walking down a road with Eevee walking beside him. Unaware that Team Rocket is just right behind him.

"That twerp has an Eevee," Jessie said.

"An Eevee that's worth capturing," James added.

"Aren't we supposed to follow Pikachu?" Meowth pointed out. Jessie conks Meowth on the head.

"Shut up, Meowth!" Jessie snarled. "That Eevee looks like it's pretty valuable, just like Pikachu. So we must capture Eevee and present it to the boss."

"Good plan, Jessie!" James snickered.

"Now let's get to it!" Jessie said.

Riku and Eevee stopped by a small waterfall so that he could fill his canteen and for Eevee to take a drink.

"You feeling satisfied, Eevee?" Riku asked.

"Eevee," Eevee said smiling.

"We should get going," Riku said. But just before they could get far, Team Rocket shows up with Ekans and Koffing already out of their Pokéballs.

"Not so fast," Jessie said.

"You're not going anywhere, kid," James said.

"Who the hell are you?" Riku asked unamused.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"

Riku and Eevee just stood there for a moment before they just walked the other way.

"If this is your idea of a joke, I don't think that it's a good one," Riku said.

"Eev," Eevee agreed.

Team Rocket did an anime-style fall as Jessie was infuriated by Riku's remark.

"How dare you just ignore us and walk away, you little brat!" Jessie yelled after him!

"You should show some respect for Team Rocket!" James said.

"The top cats of Kanto!" Meowth added.

"Ekanssss!" Ekans hissed.

"Koffing!" Koffing added.

"I don't know of any Team Rocket," Riku said. They just gasped at what the silver-haired boy said. "I only heard of Team Skull, but that's it. And I took them down!"

"Well, they sound like their just a bunch of amateurs compared to us!" James said.

"Actually they were just a bunch of punk clowns just like you guys," Riku scoffed. That caused Jessie to growl at his comment. "Team Rocket just sounds like a stupid idea for an organization."

"You little son of a-" Jessie snarled about to thrash Riku.

James and Meowth grabbed her holding her back.

"Easy Jessie!" Meowth said.

"We should Ekans and Koffing deal with it," James said.

"Fine," Jessie said. "We'll show that twerp not to disrespect Team Rocket and take his Eevee! Ekans go get it!"

"You move in too, Koffing!" James ordered.

Ekans and Koffing charged right towards Eevee. Riku took out a Pokéball and threw it.

"Lycanroc! Go!" Riku shouted as it lets Lycanroc out of the Pokéball. Ekans and Koffing stops in their tracks as they're suddenly scared of this new Pokémon in front of them. Ekans and Koffing retreats back to their trainers shaking like crazy.

"What is the matter with you?" Jessie asked.

"Get in there and fight!" James said.

"Ekanssss! Ekanssss, Ekanssss," Ekans shook its head.

"Koffing, Koffing," Koffing added.

"Meowth! What are they saying?" Jessie asked.

"They said that they don't want to battle because that Pokémon there is too scary," Meowth translated. Ekans sucks on its rattle like a baby on his thumb.

"I don't care if its the boogeyman," Jessie said picking up Ekans. "Get in there and battle!"

"You too!" James said picking up Koffing.

They threw the two Poison Types right towards Lycanroc.

"Crush Claw!" Riku ordered as Lycanroc swung its claw right at Ekans and Koffing back at Jessie and James. Meowth was about to take their place for it.

"Okay wolfie," Meowth said. "Get ready to for a trip to Painville." Lycanroc just barked at that. "Yeah I'm going to put you there! Who else?"

"Rock Slide," Riku ordered. Lycanroc hurls large boulders right at Meowth sending him right towards Team Rocket sending them flying in the air.

"IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket flies off into the sky a star twinkles.

"That wasn't something I was expecting," Riku said. "But, at least it wasn't boring."

"Vee," Eevee agreed.

"Of course, it wasn't the first time someone had you in their sights," Riku said. "You remember, buddy?"

"Eevee," Eevee nodded.


We look back into Riku's past as Riku had just recieved Eevee as his starter Pokémon. Riku and Eevee have been walking down the streets of Hau'oli City, a town located on Mele Mele Island. Just as Riku and Eevee was about to leave the city, they were quickly surrounded by a group of people wearing clothes that looked like that they were made and owned by them. The clothes are mainly black, with a skull helmet and their emblem hanging from a necklace/chain. One of the male grunts had blue hair and one of the female grunts had pink hair.

"And who are you supposed to be?" Riku asked. One of them walked up to him and it it was a style of a wannabe rapper.

"We're Team Skull," one of the male grunts said. "We're the badass gang of Alola."

"We do whatever we feel like," another male grunt said. "And we feel like doing is taking that Eevee off your hands."

"No way!" Riku snapped at them. "Eevee is my Pokémon! Go find your own!"

"After we get that Eevee," the first Team Skull grunt said. He took out a Pokéball and threw it in the air. "Yungoos! Go!"

The Pokéball lets out a brown mongoose-like Pokémon with lawnmower teeth, a pink nose and a yellow stripe going all straight on its back to the tail going on its underbelly.

"Eevee! Let's do this!" Riku declared.

"Eevee!" Eevee agreed.

"Tackle!" Riku ordered as Eevee ran towards Yungoos with full force.

"You use Tackle too!" the first grunt ordered.

Both Normal Types rammed into each other, not one besting the other. They held on until they were both sent back.

"Quick Attack!" Riku called out. Eevee quickly regained his balance and ran towards his opponent hitting Yungoos hard.

"Bite!" the Skull grunt yelled out. Yungoos went towards Eevee with a full intent of biting Eevee. Eevee dodged and fired a barrage of stars right at Yungoos. This surprised even Riku to see that Eevee has used Swift for the first time. Yungoos is sent back into the first Skull grunt.

"Yungoos," the Skull grunt said. He called Yungoos back into its Pokéball and ran off with the rest. "You got lucky you little, punk ass!"

"We'll remember this!" one of the female grunts called out.

Riku picked up Eevee and smiled.

"You did great, Eevee," Riku said. "We'll be an unbeatable team."

"Eevee," Eevee beamed.

(Back to the present)

He, Eevee and Lycanroc were enjoying their lunch together.

"We even met Lycanroc after that," Riku remembered turning to Lycanroc. "I bet you remember our first meeting." Lycanroc barked as it nodded.


It was night, Riku and Eevee came across a wild Rockruff. Eevee managed to have Rockruff on the ropes.

"Great job, Eevee," Riku said taking out a Pokéball. "Now that it's weakened. Time to catch it!" Riku threw the Pokéball at the wild Rockruff taking it inside. The Pokéball wobbles around for a bit until stars swirls around the Pokéball confirming the catch. Once that was done, Riku threw the Pokéball to let his new Rockruff out. Riku tried to pick Rockruff up only for Rockruff to jump up and bite him in the right shoulder. "OUCH!" Riku placed his hand over the wound to apply pressure on his wound. Eevee ran to his side concerned. "It's okay, Eevee," Riku said assuring Eevee. He looked over to Rockruff still glaring and growling at him. "That was a pretty good bite. I know you'll go places with me." Riku called Rockruff back into the Pokéball.

He returned home, his mother applying first aid on his wound. She was pretty upset about Rockruff just bit him even after catching it. Riku's classmates were even shocked at how Riku didn't release Rockruff for that. Riku managed to win the puppy Pokémon over within a matter of days. Rockruff would even jump into Riku's arms and lick the spot where it bit him, showing him how sorry Rockruff is.

(Back to the present)

Riku, Eevee, and Lycanroc had finished their lunch and continued on.

"What I won't forget is when you evolved when we were up against Plumeria," Riku remembered. "That even took me by surprise."


It was night as the members of Team Skull attacked Riku's home. Among them was a young woman with golden-yellow eyes and pink hair with yellow highlights. She wears a black sleeveless tank top with an X pattern under it, black, baggy pants with white zigzag patterns, and grey sneakers. She also wore a black bracelet on her left arm, a grey locket with the Team Skull logo, and a pink Skull tattoo on her belly.

"That's him, big sister Plumeria!" one of the male grunts shouted. "That's the punk who made fools out of us!"

Plumeria just looked at him and his Pokémon. She saw that Eevee has the same hairstyle as his trainer and Rockruff was growling viciously at the intruders. She looks at him sternly as he did her.

"How dare you beat my little dummies, like that!" Plumeria snarled at him.

"Your little dummies were the ones who started it," Riku snapped back. "They wanted to snatch my Eevee! So I told them to get their own!"

"You'll pay for what you did!" Plumeria said taking out her Pokéball. "Your Eevee is coming with us if you lose! And that Rockruff as well!" Plumeria threw the Pokéball in the air. "Salazzle! Go!" the Pokéball opens to unleash a Pokémon that is similar to Salandit, but larger and a slender body. It is colored black and purple, except for a pair of pink markings on its chest. Its hands and feet have five fingers and toes each, and a pair of long ribbon-like appendages emerge from its back. Riku was about to send in Eevee when Rockruff rushed in instead. Rockruff charged at Salazzle only to make Plumeria frown. "Dragon Claw," Plumeria said as Salazzle's claw glowed a different shade of purple swiping at Rockruff.

"Rockruff!" Riku called out. Rockruff got back up and growled even more viciously. He knew that Rockruff was getting a tad more aggressive lately; more so than usual. Rockruff charged at Salazzle again only for the large lizard Pokémon to swipe at Rockruff with its tail. Rockruff was knocked back again. Rockruff slowly gets back on its feet as its eyes started to glow red. Rockruff starts to howl as Rockruff gave off a red glow. "Rockruff! You're evolving!" Riku said surprised. Rockruff stood on its hind legs and let out a powerful howl as Rockruff was now Lycanroc Midnight Form.

Riku, his mother, and the Team Skull grunts were surprised by this new evolution. Plumeria wasn't intimidated and neither was Salazzle.

"Dragon Claw again!" Plumeria ordered as Salazzle ran towards Lycanroc; just before Salazzle could hit its target, Lycanroc blocked with its forelegs and sent Salazzle back.

"Did you see that?!" one of the Team Skull grunts asked.

"That Lycanroc used Counter!" another said.

"It don't matter what moves it knows!" another grunt said. "Big sister is going to put that punk in his place!"

"Flame Burst!" Plumeria ordered. Salazzle formed Flame Burst and fired it at Lycanroc only for the wolf Pokémon to dodge the move and knock it out with one swipe of its claw. Salazzle fell to the ground beaten.

None of the Team Skull members couldn't believe what they saw. Plumeria had lost.

"Big sister lost!" the grunts all said at once.

"This isn't over," Plumeria said calling Salazzle back. "You may have beaten Team Skull for now, but we'll be back!" She turned to the grunts. "Let's go!" She got on her motorcycle and drive off ahead of the grunts. The grunts got on theirs and drove off after her.

Lycanroc walked over to Riku. Riku just smiled as Lycanroc licked his face. Riku's mother was even proud. She hugged her son and his newly evolved Pokémon.

(Back to the present)

"I was just glad mom was finally able to open up to you even after what you did," Riku said.

"Eevee, Eev, Eevee, Vee," Eevee added.

Lycanroc smiled at that.

The three of them continued on with their own journey.

Over to Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine, Cornelius decided to join them for a short while. Cornelius was pretty surprised to hear about how Sora saved Kairi's life from Pokémon hunters. One afternoon a few days later, Cornelius looked over to Sora and was pretty impressed by how well he handled his Pokémon.

"Hey Sora," Cornelius said.

"Yeah?" Sora responded.

"I was wondering if you would like to have a battle with me." Cornelius said. "I wanna see how good you are."

"Sure thing," Sora said smiling. "Just because that we're friends now dosen't mean that I'm gonna go easy on you."

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Cornelius said.

"How do you wanna do this?" Sora asked.

"Let's make it a double battle," Cornelius said.

"Good idea," Sora said.

The two trainers got ready for battle. Kairi and the Alolan nine decided to watch the upcoming battle. Sora was going with Pikachu and Rockruff, while Cornelius was going with his Lycanroc. He pulled another Pokéball and threw it. "Farfetch'd! Go!" The Pokéball lets out a brown duck-like Pokémon with a black marking on its forehead and holding a leek stalk. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and pointed at the duck.

Farfetch'd, the Wild Duck Pokémon

Type: Normal/Flying

Farfetch'd is always seen with a stalk from a plant of some sort. Apparently, there are good stalks and bad stalks. This Pokémon has been known to fight with others over stalks.

"Now that's just farfetched!" Sora joked. "I'm ready when you are!"

"I'm all set!" Cornelius said. "Lycanroc! Start up with Crunch on Rockruff! Farfetch'd! You use Slash on Pikachu!" Lycanroc charged at Rockruff about to take the puppy Pokémon in her jaws. Farfetch'd swung the stalk right at Pikachu hoping to land a critical hit.

"Pikachu! Rockruff! Dodge!" Sora called to them. Pikachu and Rockruff ran passed the two opposing Pokémon. "Pikachu, you use Thunderbolt on Farfetch'd and Rockruff, you use Rock Throw on Lycanroc!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu fired Thunderbolt at Farfetch'd, hitting the duck Pokémon on target. Rockruff formed rocks around his tail and hurls them at Lycanroc.

"Accelerock!" Cornelius ordered. Lycanroc ran with incredible speed. Sora was amazed at how easily the female wolf Pokémon was able to dodge with ease. The move hits Rockruff hard. Farfetch'd got back up. "Okay Farfetch'd, use Cut!" Farfetch'd swung the stalk at Pikachu.

"Block with Iron Tail!" Sora called.

"Pika!" Pikachu clashed his tail against Farfetch'd's stalk like two swords clashing. Both held their ground, but Farfetch'd managed to push Pikachu back. Sora had to act fast.

"Thunderbolt again!" Sora ordered.

"PIKACHU!" Pikachu shocked Farfetch'd good. Because that the move was super-effective Farfetch'd was beaten.

"Return, Farfetch'd!" Cornelius said calling Farfetch'd back. "Not bad Sora! You raised your Pikachu well!"

"You too!" Sora said.

Kairi cheered on while the Alolan nine watched on. Over to Rockruff, they noticed how Rockruff is acting. Rockruff charged over to Lycanroc and bit her on the leg.

"Lycanroc!" Cornelius gasped. Sora ran towards Rockruff and picked grabbed him by the torso.

"Hey Rockruff, stop that!" Sora said. Rockruff lets go of Lycanroc and bit Sora on the arm. "OW!" Sora yelled dropping Rockruff. Sora placed his hand on the spot where Rockruff bit him, bleeding.

"Sora!" Kairi gasped running to Sora. The Alolan nine gathered around him concerned for their friend. Rockruff realized what he did and felt bad for it. "How deep is it?" Kairi asked.

"I'm okay," Sora said. "It's nothing."

"No it's not nothing!" Kairi argued. "Let me see." Kairi saw that the bite wasn't deep. She lead Sora towards her backpack and applied the first aid kit to him. She cleaned his wound and bandaged his arm. Rockruff went up Sora licking and nuzzling his hand showing his trainer how sorry he is. Sora patted Rockruff on the head.

"It's okay, Rockruff. I know you didn't mean it," Sora said. Rockruff looked over to Kairi and she held out her hand letting him that she forgives him.

Cornelius even ran up to them.

"You okay, Sora?" Cornelius asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," Sora said.

"Well, I did warn you what would happen," Cornelius said. "Your Rockruff must be close to evolving. You think we should continue?"

"Sure thing," Sora answered. "One-on-one."

"You shouldn't push yourself too hard," Kairi told him.

"It's just a small flesh wound," Sora told Kairi. "That won't keep me down!" Rockruff barks in agreement. "That's it!"

Kairi shook her head at his antics.

"Okay you win," Kairi said. "Just don't come crying to me if Rockruff bites you again."

The battle was on again. Sora withdrew Pikachu from the battle. Pikachu is sitting on Kairi's lap and the Alolan nine sits besides her.

"Okay Lycanroc!" Cornelius started. "Accelerock!" Lycanroc ran towards Rockruff with such speed.

"Dodge it!" Sora ordered. Rockruff jumps out of the way in time. "Rock Throw!" Rockruff forms rocks around it and sends them towards Lycanroc.

"Block that with your own Rock Throw!" Cornelius ordered. Lycanroc formed her own Rock Throw and counteracted Rockruff's attack.

Riku, Eevee and his Lycanroc stopped as they witnessed the battle afoot. Riku instantly recognized the Rockruff he saw. He knew that Sora must have caught it afterwards. He watched the battle intensely. But he saw how Rockruff was getting aggressive with his attacks. Riku saw this before.

"Use Crunch now!" Lycanroc lunged at Rockruff taking it in her jaws. Rockruff wiggled out.

"You use Bite!" Sora ordered as Rockruff went over to Lycanroc's tail and bit her there.

"Lycanroc! Shake it off!" Cornelius called out. Lycanroc tried to shake Rockruff off, but he didn't let go. "RockThrow!" Lycanroc formed rocks all round and sent them down. Rockruff lets go before the attack could hit her. The rocks coming raining down hitting Lycanroc.

"Finish up with another Rock Throw!" Sora called out. Rockruff hurls Rock Throw right at Lycanroc finishing her off. Lycanroc was down. Cornelius clearly lost the battle. He smiled and walked over to his Lycanroc.

"You okay?" Cornelius asked. Lycanroc barks sadly to her trainer. "Don't worry. You gave it your all." He pulled out some Super Potion and sprayed it on her. Once Lycanroc was healed up, they walked over to Sora and shook his hand. "That was a good battle. You're even better than I thought."

"Thanks Cornelius," Sora said shaking his hand. "The way you handled your Lycanroc was awesome." Sora looked over to Rockruff and wagging his tail.

Everyone went over to Sora to congratulate him when Lana noticed Riku and two of his Pokémon in the distance.

"Look!" Lana said pointing at him "It's Riku!"

Everyone looked and saw them walk up to the group. Riku looked over towards and Sora and smiled.

"You did better than when we battled," Riku said.

"Nice to see you too," Sora said sarcastically.

Riku looked down towards Rockruff looking over at Riku's Lycanroc looking feral.

"Your Rockruff put up such a good fight," Riku said. Riku turned to Cornelius and his Lycanroc. "And you did pretty good yourself."

"Thanks," Cornelius said. "The name's Cornelius."

Cornelius took out his hand.

"Riku," Riku said taking Cornelius's hand. In a half hour later, Riku joins the group for dinner. Riku was pretty amazed at how Sora managed to win his fourth Gym badge. And how he came across all three Alolan starters. Riku's Pokémon even joined in on the Pokémon food that Kairi had made. Riku took a bite at the stew that Kairi had made and his tastebuds started dancing. "Whoa! This is good!"

"Thanks Riku," Kairi said. She smiled to see the silver-haired boy enjoy the stew.

"She's quite a cook," Sophocles said. "Just as good as my mom's!"

"Same here!" Lana commented.

Riku looks over to Sora see how he's enjoying every bite of the stew. Riku smirked at the goofy expression he makes from it. He glanced over towards Eevee and saw how close he grew to Pikachu after meeting him once.

A little while after the meal, the group was cleaning up as Rockruff started to wonder off. Pikachu and Eevee saw what was up and went towards their trainers.

"Pika! Pika, Pika!"

"Eevee, Eevee, Eevee!"

"Pikachu?" Sora asked.

"What's wrong, Eevee?" Riku asked.

"Pika, Pika, Pika," Pikachu said stretching his face to look like Rockruff's and pointed in the direction where Rockruff had gone.

"What?!" Sora exclaimed as he looked only seeing Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Zubat; but not Rockruff. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong?" Kairi asked in concern.

"Rockruff wondered off somewhere!" Sora said frantically.

"Pikachu and Eevee saw it go off somewhere," Riku added.

"Oh great," Kairi moaned.

"What's going on?" Cornelius asked walking to the three of them.

"It's Sora's Rockruff," Kairi said. "He went in that direction."

"We better find it before something happens," Cornelius said. He whislted calling his Lycanroc. "You go on ahead and look for Rockruff. Howl if you find anything."

His Lycanroc barked as she went on ahead. Riku gestured his Lycanroc over to him.

"You help out too," Riku instructed. "You let out a loud howl when you do."

Riku's Lycanroc did that following the Midday Lycanroc. Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Cornelius along with Pikachu and Eevee started their search leaving the Alolan nine alone. They didn't notice that the four had left; not until Mallow saw them gone.

"Where did they go?" Mallow asked.

"I don't know," Mina said lazily.

"You don't think maybe Sora and Kairi wanted some alone time?" Kiawe asked in a grin.

"Cut it out, Kiawe," Lana chided him. "Riku and Cornelius are gone too."

"Along with Pikachu and Eevee," Hapu pointed out.

"And Rockruff isn't here either," Acerola said.

"You're right," Mallow said. "Bulbasaur, Zubat, Squirtle, and Charmander are still here."

"They must have gone to look for Rockruff," Lillie said.

"You think that we should go after them?" Hapu asked.

"Better not," Kiawe said. "We should finish cleaning up. Sora and Riku can take care of themselves."

The rest of Riku's old classmates agreed to that.

Over to Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Cornelius. They've been searching for what seems to be hours. No sign of Rockruff was anywhere.

Over to Rockruff. Rockruff stopped sniffing some trees a bit. Unaware that a flock of Spearow was surrounding the unsuspecting puppy Pokémon. The Spearow launched their attack only for Rockruff to fight back with Rock Throw. Rockruff even bit some the Spearow causing them to fly away in terror. The two Lycanroc sniffed the soil following Rockruff's trail. They looked up as they heard squawking from up above. The Spearow were flying away in panic. Over to Rockruff, he heard a Rattata scream in terror as a Pinsir took some apples from them. Rockruff lunges into the stag beetle Pokémon, biting it on the leg. Pinsir kicked Rockruff off. Pinsir was about to grab Rockruff with its Pinsirs when Riku's Lycanroc gave Pinsir a forceful push. Pinsir was about to get back up when Cornelius's Lycanroc headbutted the bug Pokémon. Pinsir looked back and saw the wolf Pokémon snarl at the bug Pokémon. Pinsir got scared and ran off not wanting to find out what they'd do to it.

Before Rockruff could wonder what they were doing, the Rattata called up Rockruff and thanked him for helping them. Rockruff barked as he smiled. Rockruff used Rock Throw on the apple tree, knocking the apples fron the tree. Soon after, the Rattata began eating the apples. Rockruff even joined in. The Rattata even rolled a couple towards the two Lycanroc. Cornelius's Lycanroc smiled and took a bite of the apples generously offred. Riku's Lycanroc picked up the apple taking a bite.

With that done, Rockruff preceded to move on saying goodbye to the Rattata. They waved at Rockruff thanking him for what he did. The two Lycanroc followed Rockruff wanting to see where he was going. Once he got far enough, Rockruff looked at the sun setting in the distance. It didn't take long for the four humans and the two Pokémon to catch up.

"There they are!" Sora said. "What are they doing?" Sora asked. He was about to run up to Rockruff when Riku stopped him.

"This is what Rockruff was up to," Riku said.

Sora was going to ask what he meant when he looked over to Rockruff. Rockruff's eyes started to glow green to match the setting sun. Rockruff along the two Lycanroc started howling.

"Rockruff," Sora paused.

"Look at the sun," Kairi said.

"No it can't be," Riku said in disbelief.

Sora, Kairi, and Cornelius looked at Riku.

"What couldn't be?" Cornelius asked.

"It's the Green Flash," Riku said. "I've heard a legend that very special Rockruff is to evolve into a special kind of Lycanroc. Legend has it that this Rockruff is to have a special kind of trainer in order to Rockruff to evolve into it. I have always thought it wasn't true."

Sora, Kairi, and Cornelius looked over to the three Pokémon as they howled at the Green Flash. Rockruff's body gave off a green glow. Rockruff was starting to evolve. Sora and Kairi were shocked at the sight while Cornelius looked on with interest.

Rockruff evolved into a new form of Lycanroc. This new Lycanroc looked close to the Midday Form, but has orange fur and the same rune on the back of its neck like the Midnight Form. Sora's newly evolved Lycanroc gave off a powerful howl. Sora and Kairi were amazed by this.

"Lycanroc!" Sora called out him. The three Lycanroc stopped howling as they saw their trainers. Sora's new Lycanroc ran towards his trainer and jumped onto him. "You evolved! I'm so proud of you!" With that, Sora's Lycanroc licked his face. Sora laughed from the licks. Kairi was happy for him and Lycanroc. "So Riku," Sora said. "What form would you call this one?"

"Like I said, I only heard it in a legend," Riku said. "But I think it's called a Dusk Form."

"Dusk Form, huh?" Sora said. "Wait till the guys sees this!"

"Pi, Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

Sora called his Lycanroc back into his Pokéball wanting the others to be in for a very big surprise. When they arrived back at camp.

"Did you find Rockruff?" Lillie was the first to speak.

"Yes I did," Sora answered grinning. "And more." Sora threw the Pokéball letting out his newly evolved Dusk Form Lycanroc. The Alolan nine were definitely surprised just as Sora predicted.

"Holy crap!" Kiawe said in a shock.

"No way that is real!" Hapu said.

"It is!" Acerola said. "It really is!"

"A Lycanroc?" Lana asked tilting her head.

"But it's not the Midday or Midnight Form!" Lillie pointed out. "It's the legendary Dusk Form! Sora's Rockruff must be something speacial!"

"That took me by surprise as well," Cornelius said. "This is the first that I had ever heard about it. But I did say that his Lycanroc will be an amazing one; but I didn't think that it'll be THIS amazing!"

Even Sora's other Pokémon were surprised by this. Sora's Lycanroc looked at them and let them know that it's him. They were pretty happy for this new evolution.

The next morning.

"Well that was pretty eventful," Sora said.

"Sure was," Riku said.

"I'm sure I'll meet you guys again in the future," Cornelius said.

"Yeah," Sora said. "I'm looking forward to when we battle again!"

"And I'm going to win the next one!" Cornelius said.

"Just keep getting stronger when we battle next time, Sora," Riku said.

"And you can bet on that," Sora said.

"Just don't get carried away though," Kairi said.

"Oh by the way," Riku said looking at Lillie. "Gladion wanted me to give this to you." Riku handed Lillie an envelope with her name engraved on it.

"My brother is here?" Lillie exclaimed in surprise.

"You have a brother?" Kairi asked.

"Y-Yeah," Lillie nodded. "I just never mentioned him."

The group said their goodbyes as they went their separate ways. The group made a stop over a nearby Pokémon Center when Lillie opened the envelope and read its content.

Dear Lillie,

I had just heard you were here in Kanto along with the others to see Riku. I'm here as well. As you may have already guessed, I'm starting my own journey. I came a long way since Team Skull had disbanded. Mother is doing well for herself. She and dad had just got back together. I have a photo to prove it. Mother wanted me to tell you she's mighty proud of you since you got over your fear of making contact with Pokémon since the incident with an Ultra Beast. And she loves very much you. And father wanted me to tell you he's very sorry that he wasn't there for most of our lives. And I wanted to say I'm sorry that I wasn't much of a big brother to you. You should I already know that I care about you deeply.

Love your big brother,


Tears came from Lillie's eyes as she looked at the photo of her mother, a woman with blonde hair with silver streaks and green eyes. She wears a white dress with a diamond badge on it, black and white leggings, and boots of the same color, with green soles. Her boots have a medium-height yellow heel to them. And her father, a man with blonde hair wearing a white suit. She was happy to hear the rumors of her father's demise wasn't true.

"Thank you, Gladion," Lillie said to herself. "You have no idea what this means to me."

Over to Sora. He makes contact with Professor Oak, when he notices bubbles in the background.

"Ah, Sora my boy," the professor greeted. "It's good to hear from you again!"

"You too, professor," Sora smiled. "Looks like that Popplio's throwing a party in the background."

"That is one way of putting it," the professor said. "But I am wondering what is the purpose of your call."

"Well I have a strong feeling that you wouldn't believe what I am about to show you," Sora said pulling out Lycanroc's Pokéball. Sora lets Lycanroc out to show Professor Oak. He almost jumped up in the air at the sight of this new Pokémon.

"Oh my!" Professor Oak gasped. "That is an interesting looking Lycanroc you have there! I can see that it evolving into just the Midday and Midnight forms are slightly exaggerated. Even Gary dosen't have anything like that. Or any Pokémon from Alola."

Sora smirked at that saying that he's getting Pokémon that seems to even rarer to have in Kanto than his rival Gary.

"Is that a fact?" Sora said faking surprise.

"I must say that I am mighty impressed by this turn of events," Professor Oak said. "Just how did you come across this?"

"Well, there's a trainer from the Alola region named Riku," Sora said. "He has a Midnight Form Lycanroc and an Eevee. Rockruff evolved when the sun setting started to glow green. Kairi and I were completely surprised by that. Riku said it's called a Dusk Form."

"Dusk Form Lycanroc," Professor Oak said stroking his chin. "That must be quite a find."

"Yeah it is," Sora said. "But Riku said that this form of Lycanroc can only happen to a special kind of Rockruff. So I was wondering if you would know anything about that."

"Well, I'm sad to say that this is the first that I had ever heard about it," Professor Oak said. "But I have a cousin who happens to live in the Alola region. I'm sure that he may know more than I would. And I would be happy to contact him on your behalf if you'd like."

"That'll be great, professor," Sora said. "And thanks."

"Oh no, thank you, Sora," Professor Oak said. "For bringing this to my attention. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again." Professor Oak said.

Sora and the professor hung up as he joined the others for lunch.

Over to Team Rocket, the were walking down the road feeling flabbergasted. James made a sudden stop when he spotted a Weepinbell on the side of the road. James's eyes sparkled when he looked at the fly catcher Pokémon.

"It's a Weepinbell!" James beamed. "And I want one!" James took out a Pokéball and threw it at Weepinbell. The Pokéball wobbles around before stars swirls around the Pokéball confirming the catch. "Yes! I got me a Weepinbell!"

"Good for you, James," Jessie deadpanned.

"We need to get back on the trail to nab Pikachu," Meowth said.

"How right you are," Jessie said. "And we better come up with one soon."

"I just hope that we don't get cut out again," James said.

Sora's Rockruff has evolved into the Dusk Lycanroc. I bet you're wondering how far this'll go. And what sinister plan does Team Rocket have in store for our heroes. Just wait and see. That's the end for now.