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Episode 28: Bully For Sora

A day has passed since Sora has earned his fifth Gym Badge and ventured into the Safari Zone, so he started his Pokémon training. He wanted to test the strength of his new Tauros. This time it was against Mallow. Kairi along with Pikachu on her lap and the rest of the Alolan nine watched the match.

"Okay Sora," Mallow said. "Your Tauros against my Tsareena," she said holding her Pokéball.

"You're on," Sora said taking out his Safari Ball.

Both trainers threw their Pokéballs letting their Pokémon out. The bull Pokémon snorted as he got ready for battle. Sora wanted to get a little information on one of the latest Pokémon he caught while in the Safari Zone. And he was curious about Tsareena as well.

Tauros, the Wild Bull Pokémon

Type: Normal

This Pokémon is not satisfied unless it is rampaging at all times. If there is no opponent for Tauros to battle, it will charge at thick trees and knock them down to calm itself.

"And that's no bull," Sora joked. "How about Tsareena?" He pointed his Pokédex at Tsareena to get some information.

Tsareena, the Fruit Pokémon

The evolved form of Steenee

Type: Grass

Its long, striking legs aren't just for show but to be used to kick with skill. In victory, it shows off by kicking the defeated, laughing boisterously. Tsareena is a Pokémon known for the beauty of its well-shaped legs, it sometimes appears as a mascot in advertisements for beauty salons.

"I'm ready when you are, Mallow!" Sora said putting his Pokédex away.

"Then let's get started," Mallow said. "Tsareena! Magical Leaf!" Tsareena started by letting out glowing leaves and sending the attack over to Tauros.

"Tauros! Charge in with Horn Attack!" Sora oredered.

"Moo!" Tauros bellowed.

Tauros charged through the leaves like it was nothing.

"Dodge it and use Stomp!" Mallow called out as Tsareena jumped and stomped onto Tauros's back.

"Headbutt!" Sora ordered as he shook Tsareena off his back and rammed his head right into Tsareena. "Now use Iron Head!" Tauros charged as his head giving a metallic shine. When Tauros's Iron Head hit Tsareena flinched waving her arms.

"Not bad, Sora!" Mallow said. "Try to stand up to this! Double Slap! Follow by Trop Kick!" Tsareena slapped Tauros in two's three times in a row. Tsareena's left leg glowed a tropical green and landed a kick on Tauros's side.

"Shake it off, Tauros!" Sora said. "Earthquake!" Tauros rammed his hooves on the ground causing it to shake. Everyone tried to keep their balance. "One more Horn Attack!" Tauros charged at Tsareena and tossed her in the air with the full might of his horns.

Mallow went up to Tsareena helping her up.

"You okay?" Mallow asked.

"Reena," Tsareena answered sadly.

"Don't worry about it," Mallow said. "You did great." She took out Tsareena's Pokéball drawing her back inside. "I gotta hand it to you, Sora. Your Tauros is tougher than I thought. And I already knew he's tough."

"Thanks, Mallow," Sora said shaking her hand. "Tsareena did a great job too."

With practice over and done with, Sora decided to ride on Tauros's back for a while.

"This is pretty easy once you get the hang of it," Sora said.

"And it took just a few hours for you to get it right," Hapu said riding on Mudsdale.

What happened was after Sora switched Pokémon with his Pokédex, Hapu decided to teach Sora to ride on his Pokémon. Sora did like the idea at first, but he found it wasn't as easy as he thought. Tauros managed to buck Sora off if his back. It turns out Tauros didn't completely trust Sora at first. It took him a few hours to win Tauros over.

"I'm not gonna lie, I did have a hard time," Sora said. "And I still have a few sprangs to prove it." Sora chuckled. "But at least Tauros and I worked on it. Right Tauros?"

"Moo!" Tauros agreed.

Kairi looked up at Sora riding the bovine Pokémon like it was a horse. Kairi began to fantasize about Sora being dressed in silver armor and a big red cape riding on his Tauros. Kairi's face started to flush red at the thought. Sora looked over to her.

"You okay, Kairi?" Sora asked her.

Kairi shook off the fantasy and snapped to reality.

"I'm fine," Kairi stated. "Why wouldn't I be?" Kairi looked away still blushing. The girls of the Alolan nine looked upon themselves as they snickered and and while Sophocles did his best to contain his chuckles.

Then suddenly, a boy not too far from the group was trying his luck by catching his first Pokémon. He spotted a Pidgey digging the earth and eating an earthworm it had caught. The boy threw the rock way too hard and passes the Pidgey causing it to fly away. But the group were passing by when the rock hits Tauros on the flank. This causes Tauros to go beserk as he lifted into the air. Sora held on so that he wouldn't fall off.

"Hey Tauros! What's gotten into you?!" Sora exclaimed. Tauros lowered down and started to run. "Hey! Wait! Stop! Take it easy!" Tauros plowed through the bushes.

"Sora!" Kairi called out.

"Pika Pi!" Pikachu also called out.

"What just happened?" Lana asked.

"I don't know," Illima said. "Tauros was just fine a moment ago."

"We better go after him before something bad happens!" Kairi said. The Alolan nine nodded as they agreed. Hapu held out her hand to Kairi.

"Climb aboard!" Hapu said. Kairi took her hand and climbed up on Mudsdale's back. Pikachu jumped up to Kairi. "Hang on tight!" Kairi and Pikachu did exactly that when Mudsdale started to run fast following Tauros's trail.

The rest of the Alolan nine started to follow their friends not wanting anything bad to happen to them.

Elsewhere, Team Rocket is coming up with a plan to capture Pikachu they start building up a machine to do it.

"This plan is more ingenious than the last one!" Jessie said.

"A plan so brilliant it even puts the most intelligent person on earth to shame," James added.

"And I supposed that none of you are concerned about the amounts of money we put into building this thing," Meowth deadpanned.

"And all it costed us was James's entire bottle cap collection!" Jessie stated.

"The bottle cap collection that took me years to collect," James moaned before Jessie smacked at the side of the head.

"Stop your complaining!" Jessie snarled. "It'll be worth it when we give Pikachu to the boss!" She looks over to Meowth. "Got the remote ready?"

"Ready as ever!" Meowth said holding it out. "Huh?" Meowth got wide-eyed at something coming fast in the distance. "Hey what's that?"

Jessie and James both turned to see what Meowth was looking at. Sora was holding onto Tauros as best as he could not wanting to go flying in the air. Before they could get a good look, Tauros rams through Team Rocket trampling them and destroying the remote control. Without the remote, the machine itself began vibrating at a violent rate until it exploded sending Team Rocket flying.

"No fair!" Jessie whined. "Our plan was foiled before it even started!"

"And we traded my precious bottle cap collection for nothing!" James contributed.

"And it was just perfect too!" Meowth finished.

"IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket go flying into the sky. A star twinkles in the distance. Mudsdale goes pass the machine's wreckage ignoring it completely.

The rest of the Alolan nine trailed behind the two girls also ignoring the wrecked machine as well.

Further over a farm land, two people, a young man with brown hair and green eyes and wearing a stetson hat is sitting on a picnic blanket with a young woman wearing a blue buttoned shirt. Her hair is in curls and she has blue eyes.

"Happy anniversary, hun," the young man said in a southern accent. "Today makes twelve years since we met."

"And ah'll will never forget it," the young woman said also with a southern accent. "It's also the day before we tie the knot." She leaned in for a kiss. He returned the kiss; running his hand through her hair. They stopped kissing to catch their breath.

The two lovebirds were about to get intimate when they heard a loud yell coming in the distance. They looked to see a spikey-haired boy on the back of a Tauros running wild in the field.

"What in the tarnation?!" The farmer man exclaimed.

"He looks like he's in trouble, hun!" The farmer woman said.

"Ah'll take care of it," the young farmer took out two Pokéballs and throws them in the air. "Machop! Machoke! Go!"

The Pokéballs opens as they let out two bipedal Pokémon. One was small bluish-gray Pokémon with large arm muscles. It has three brownridges on its head, rib-like protrusions on its sides, has a tail. The other one was taller and more muscular with exposed veins on its arms and has black markings resembling briefs and is wearing a golden yellow belt with the letter "P" on the center. And it has the same rib-like protrusions as the smaller one and its face is reptile-like.

"Machop!" Machop said, flexing its arms.

"Machoke!" Machoke added also flexing its arms.

"Machop ya'll save that kid! And Machoke, ya'll grab that Tauros by the horns!" The farmer instructed.

Both Pokémon went off to do as the young farmer said. Machop jumped onto Tauros's back and grabbed him just before Machoke grabbed Tauros by the horns and drove it to the ground. The young couple ran towards Machop carrying Sora.

"Are y'all alright?" The farmer woman asked.

"I'm fine," Sora said in a daze. "Not sure what happened to cause it." He turned to Tauros to see that he was brought down. "You okay, Tauros?"

"Moo," Tauros answered in a daze.

"Is that your Tauros?" The farmer woman asked.

"Yeah," Sora answered. "Caught him just recently."

Mudsdale whinny is heard when Kairi, Pikachu, and Hapu came riding in.

"Sora!" Kairi called as she got off of Mudsdale. She and Pikachu came running towards him.

"Are you okay?!" Kairi asked.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said.

Sora weakly got up before falling on his back.

"At least I now know Tauros is just as fast as he is strong," Sora said. Hapu walks up to him.

"He's fine," Hapu deadpanned.

It didn't take long before the rest of the Alolan nine rushed to the scene.

"Thank goodness you're okay," Lillie panted.

"What exactly happened to make Tauros run like that?" Lana asked.

"I don't know," Sora said slowly getting back up. "One minute I was riding on Tauros like it was no problem. And the next, Tauros goes crazy."

Tauros walked up to the group panting from the running he did.

"Moo." Sora pulls his Safari Ball and points it at Tauros.

"You should rest up after all the running you did," Sora said calling Tauros back. He turned to the couple. "Anyway, thanks for the save."

"Don't mention it," The farmer man said. "Mah name is Johnny and this is mah fiancee Belle."

"Hello," she greeted.

"Well I'm Sora," he introduced. "The two girls who came running in are friends of mine. The girl with short hair is Kairi and the other one with the Mudsdale is Hapu. And the rest are Lillie, Kiawe, Sophocles, Mallow, Lana, Illima, Mina, and Acerola," Sora said pointing to the rest.

"Nice to meet all y'all," Johnny said. Johnny turned to Machop and Machoke. "Why don't ya say hello?"

"Machop!" Machop greeted.

"Machoke!" Machoke greeted.

Sora looked at the two Pokémon as he pulled out his Pokédex and scanned them.

Machop, the Superpower Pokémon

Type: Fighting

Machop's muscles are special—they never get sore no matter how much they are used in exercise. This Pokémon has sufficient power to hurl a hundred adult humans.

Machoke, the Superpower Pokémon

The evolved form of Machop

Type: Fighting

Machoke undertakes bodybuilding every day even as it helps people with tough, physically demanding labor. On its days off, this Pokémon heads to the fields and mountains to exercise and train.

"Once again, we meet someone with an evolution line," Sora said putting his Pokédex away. "Thanks for helping and stopping Tauros." Machop and Machoke smiled as they nodded.

"Y'all sure are a mess," Belle said looking at the floral debris in his hair and on his clothes. "We should have ya cleaned up."

Johnny and Belle led the group towards their farmhouse. Inside there was a Growlithe wearing a pink bow sleeping on the couch. The Pokémon's ears perked up when its masters return.

"Down girl," Johnny said when their Growlithe jumped up. Johnny started to pet Growlithe as she started to lick his face. Belle led Sora up stairs towards the bathroom to which she has prepared his bath.

Belle took Sora's dirty clothes and started the laundry as he entered the bath. Once Sora was finished, he put on the clean clothes that was provided to him while his was drying. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of blue overalls. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine got a tour of the farm and was amazed by the number of Tauros and two firey equine Pokémon.

"And over is where we have our own Tauros," Johnny said. "And over there is where we keep our Ponyta and Rapidash.

Sora took out his Pokédex and scanned the two horse Pokémon they were watching.

Ponyta, the Fire Horse Pokémon

Type: Fire

Ponyta is very weak at birth. It can barely stand up. This Pokémon becomes stronger by stumbling and falling to keep up with its parent. Ponyta will start galloping on its own once it gets strong enough.

Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon

The evolved form of Ponyta

Type: Fire

Rapidash usually can be seen casually cantering in the fields and plains. However, when this Pokémon turns serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops its way up to 150 mph.

"Whoa," Sora said in a low tone.

"Beautiful," Kairi said. "This is the first time I have ever seen this many Ponyta and Rapidash."

"This is the first time I have ever seen any in my life," Kiawe said. "Their manes are even more beautiful than I thought."

"You mean there aren't any Ponyta or Rapidash where y'all are from?" Belle asked.

"Not really," Kiawe said. "But I have always wanted to see one of them."

"Kiawe is from Alola," Kairi explained. "It's the same for Hapu and everyone else. Sora is from Pallet Town and I came from Viridian City."

"Is that so?" Johnny asked. Everyone nodded. "Just where are ya heading anyway?"

"We're on our way to Saffron City," Sora answered. "I'm heading there for a Gym battle for my sixth win."

"Y'all are collecting badges, huh?" Johnny questioned. "Ah take ya gonna enter the Pokémon League?"

Just as the group were talking, a Ponyta took a look at Lillie. Ponyta whinnies as it cantered its way towards her. The Ponyta smiles at her it starts to nuzzle her.

"Hello," Lillie said petting the pony Pokémon. Ponyta started to lick Lillie's hand as it started to like Lillie's touch.

"Looks like that little one likes ya, Lillie," Belle said smiling.

"I agree," Illima said.

The Ponyta turns as one of the Rapidash calls the little Ponyta to its side. The group had to assume that's its parent. The Ponyta returns to the Rapidash along with the others. The farmers led the group to the barn where they saw a bunch of pink cow-like Pokémon.

"And here's our our barn," Belle said. "Our Miltank produces the milk and we sell them to the locallocal market. Sora took out his Pokédex once again to scan the Miltank.

Miltank, the Milk Cow Pokémon

Type: Normal

Miltank gives over five gallons of milk on a daily basis. Its sweet milk is enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. People who can't drink milk turn it into yogurt and eat it instead.

"This brings back memories," Kiawe said. He remembered his younger days when he helped his mom and dad deliver Moomoo Milk to the stores all over the Alola region. He even helped his grandfather make some deliveries by flight with his grandfather's Charizard. Kiawe was pretty close to his grandfather. Kiawe remembered how sad he was when his grandfather passed away.

But before he passed on, Kiwae inherited his Charizard. Charizard has been a reliable friend and ride Pokémon ever since.

Sora and his friends joined Johnny and Belle for some lunch of her home made roast beef sandwiches. They had to admit that it was pretty good.

Belle brought Sora's clothes as they dried off. Sora took off his temporary clothes and switched into his own. Johnny approached Sora once he stepped out.

"Oh hey Johnny," Sora said.

"Howdy Sora," Johnny said. "There's something Ah wanna to speak to ya about," he said.

"Sure thing," Sora said. "What is it you wanna talk about?"

"Well what Ah wanna to talk about is how good you are in a Pokémon battle," Johnny said.

"Well I'm pretty good. I won five Gym Badges as you know," Sora said showing Johnny his badges.

"Ya have to be pretty good to win them badges," Johnny said. "So Ah wanna see it when we battle. What y'all say?" Sora grinned as he took Johnny by the hand and shook it.

"You got yourself a challenge," Sora said accepting the challenge. "How do you wanna go at it?"

"Let's make it a double battle," Johnny proposed. "Mah Machop and Machoke against yer Pikachu and Tauros!"

Sora grinned as he felt confident.

"You're on partner," Sora said.

The two trainers stepped outside to the battlefield on the farm. Belle along with the rest of the guests were watching the battle about to start. Sora and Johnny already had their chosen Pokémon already in place.

"This'll be intense," Sophocles said.

'I'll say," Lana said. "Tauros is going to have a hard time since both are Fighting Types."

"That is true," Illima stated.

The Ponyta looked over from the fench of the pin watching the battle about to start.

"Y'all can have the first move," Johnny said.

"Thanks! Pikachu! Tauros! Quick Attack on Machop! Horn Attack on Machoke!" Sora oredered as Sora's two Pokémon ran towards their opponents.

"Machop and Machoke, ya dodge those!" Johnny called. Both Fighting Types moved out of the way. "Machop, ya use Karate Chop on Pikachu! Machoke, use Dynamic Punch on Tauros!" Machop obeyed by giving Pikachu a powerful chop and Machoke moved in started to launch a powerful punch towards Tauros.

"Tauros, charge in with Iron Head!" Tauros obyed charging towards the muscular Pokémon. Machoke's Dynamic Punch missed as Machoke got hit with a devastating blow. "Now use Horn Attack!" Tauros gave Machoke a big toss sending it flying as it fell on its back. "Okay, Pikachu! Use Electro Ball on Machop!"

"Pika!" Pikachu swung his tail as creating Electro Ball and sending it towards Machop.

"Bullet Punch, Machop!" Johnny called. Machop ran towards Pikachu and gave him a fast punch. "Yer turn, Machoke! Karate Chop on Pikachu!" Machoke swung its arm right at Pikachu, hitting Pikachu with full force.

"Pikachu! Jump onto Tauros's back!" Sora called to Pikachu.

"Pika!" Pikachu jumps to Tauros's back.

Everyone was wondering what he was planning to do.

"Okay Tauros! Earthquake!" Sora oredered. Tauros lifted his upper body and slammed his hooves into the earth causing the ground to shake. Machop and Machoke fell to the ground feeling the shaking of the ground. Kairi, Belle, and the Alolan nine tried to keep their balance.

"I get it!" Kairi said. "Earthquake causes damage to other Pokémon in the field. That's why he told Pikachu to get on Tauros."

"Jump off of Tauros and swing in with Iron Tail on Machoke!" Sora oredered. Pikachu swung at Machoke hitting it by the side of the head. "And you use Headbutt on Machop!" Tauros rammed his head against Machop hitting it hard.

"Shake it off the both of ya," Johnny said. "Machop, ya use Bullet Punch on that Pikachu!"

Machop runs towards Pikachu. Sora has to make a move of his own.

"Pikachu!" Sora called. "Use Iron Tail!"

"Pika!" Pikachu yelled while running straight at Machop.

The two attacks collided with one another creating an enormous dust cloud. Both trainers waited anxiously for the cloud to clear. Belle, Kairi, and the Alolan nine waited for it to clear to see which one was still standing. When it did, both Pikachu and Machop were knocked out.

"Pikachu!" Sora said running towards Pikachu.

"Machop!" Johnny called out also running up to Machop.

Both Sora and Johnny picked up their fallen Pokémon.

"You okay, Pikachu?" Sora asked

"Pika," Pikachu said.

"You did great," Sora said taking Pikachu to Kairi to hold him.

"Ya fought hard there, Machop," Johnny said calling Machop to its Pokéball. "Ya did great job, Sora! Wanna finish this?"

"You know it," Sora said. "How about you, Tauros?"

"Moo!" Tauros bellowed.

"Glad to hear it!" Johnny said. "Machoke! Give it everything ya got!"

"Machoke!" Machoke flexed its muscles.

Over to Belle and her guests.

"Ah hafta admit, this is the first time Ah've seen him this excited for a battle in a long time," Belle said.

"You should seen him during his recent Gym battle," Kiawe said. "Koga gave it everything he had and Sora still beat him."

Belle didn't doubt it since watching the battle. She looked over to Kairi holding Pikachu. She leaned over to Hapu and whispered into her ear.

"Is there something going between her and Sora?" Belle asked.

"Sure is," Hapu whispered back. "They kept saying that their just friends, but I think they're more than friends." Hapu chuckled under her breath.

Back to the battle, both Tauros and Machoke stared into each other like it was a standoff. One was waiting for the other to make a move. Sweat ran down Johnny's cheek and Sora breathed soundly. Tauros snorted as he pawed his hooves on the ground. The decision was made.

"Tauros! Horn Attack!" Sora called.

"Machoke! Dynamic Punch!" Johnny called.

Both Pokémon ran towards each other with their attacks. Both moves collided casuing them to push into each other. Both Pokémon were taken back.

"Iron Head!" Sora ordered as Tauros ran towards Machoke again.

"Bulk Up and follow with Karate Chop!" Johnny called. Machoke flexed his muscles as they got thick and ran towards the bovine Pokémon with its hand ready to chop Tauros.

The attacks were close to a collision once again, but this time Tauros just stopped in this tracks and drove his head under Machoke and gave it a powerful toss. It was time to end it.

"Give it one last Earthquake!" Sora ordered as Tauros slammed his hooves into the earth once again. Machoke couldn't get up in time as he's caught in the Earthquake. Machoke was knocked out good. "Way to go, Tauros!"

"Moo!" Tauros bellowed.

Johnny and Belle went over to Machoke and helped the muscular Pokémon on its feet.

"Ya alright, Machoke?" Belle asked.

"Choke," Machoke said sadly.

"Don't ya worry 'bout it," Johnny said. "Y'all are always a winner to me and Belle. And that goes fer Machop too."

That made Machoke feel better as he smiled. Johnny walked up to Sora and shook his hand.

"Thanks fer that battle, Sora," Johnny said smiling. "Ya'll are one tough trainer."

"Thanks," Sora said shaking his hand. "You put up a good fight too."

"Ah was wondering if all of y'all would like to tend my our wedding before ya take off."

"Sure thing," Sora said. "It wouldn't be right to turn down an invitation." Sora smiled. Johnny rubbed his head. "When's the wedding, exactly?"

"It's tomorrow," he answered. "Sorry that it's last minute."

Ponyta who watched the battle closley became excited. The little horse Pokémon whinnies as it ran all through the pin. The other Ponyta watched on as they watched that one gallop around.

Unknown to the anyone, two rustlers riding on Dodrio looked at the Tauros and the equine Pokémon in their pins. One wore a black stetson hat with a red beard, and has an eye patch on his left eye while the other was a little younger than the first, and he had black hair along with his black mustache. He has a scar on the right side of his head and is missing his right ear.

"Tauros, Ponyta, and Rapidash," the rustler with the red beard said. "Just imagine what kind of money we can make from selling those Pokémon."

Belle got to work on cooking on meal along with Mallow and Kairi helping out with the beef stew. And on the side was the softest bisguits that any of them ever sank their teeth into and the most sweetest corn on the cob. The kids went to bed with such full bellies. They all fell to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

In the middle of the night, it was about three in the morning when their Growlithe sniffed the air and started growling. This woke up Sora as he looked over to the puppy Pokémon.

"What's all the growling about?" Sora asked. "The sun isn't even up ye-" Sora's sentence was cut short when he saw what was going on. He saw the Tauros, Ponyta, and Rapidash being rounded up. "EVERYONE WAKE UP!" Kairi, Pikachu, the Alolan nine, and the bride and groom to be all woke up to Sora's loud yell. "We've got trouble outside!"

Everyone looked out the window and saw what he meant.

"Oh no!" Johnny exclaimed. "They're stealing our Pokémon!"

"We've got to do something!" Belle said.

"Yer right," Johnny said grabbing an Ultra Ball from his top drawer. "We've got work to do."

Sora and the group wondered what kind of Pokémon he's got in the Ultra Ball. They all rushed outside and saw the rustlers. The Ponyta from before tried to make a break for it when the Dodrio moved in with a peck. But the parent Rapidash charged at the Dodrio in a blazing fury. Another Dodrio charged at the Rapidash, knocking it to the ground. Ponyta stood there scared when the Dodrio was about to give Rapidash another peck when suddenly...

"Snowy! Ice Beam!" Lillie ordered. Snowy started to fire Ice Beam at the Dodrio. One one the rustlers saw what was happening.

"Stop what you're doing!" Hapu called. They all turned to see the group glaring at them. Sora and the Alolan nine had their Pokémon called out. Tauros, Bellsprout, Shellder, Marowak, Magnemite, Clefairy, Mudsdale, Bewear, Mimikyu, and of course Snowy.

"What do y'all are doing stealing our Pokémon?" Johnny demanded.

"We make money selling equine and bovine Pokémon on the black market!" The red bearded rustler said. "And that Tauros and that other one will make good additions."

"The only way you'll get them is when you battle us!" Sora proclaimed.

"Ah agree," Johnny said throwing the Ultra Ball. "Machamp! Go!" The Ultra Ball let's out a bipedal Pokémon with four arms. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the new Pokémon.

Machamp, the Superpower Pokémon

The evolved form of Machoke

Type: Fighting

Machamp is known as the Pokémon that has mastered every kind of martial arts. If it grabs hold of the foe with its four arms, the battle is all but over. The hapless foe is thrown far over the horizon.

"And Machamp makes three," Sora said putting his Pokédex away. "Okay Tauros! Iron Head!"

"Snowy! Powder Snow!"

"Bewaer! Focus Blast!"

"Marowak! Flame Wheel!"

"Bellsprout! Vine Whip!"

"Shellder! Razor Shell!"

"Magnemite! Thunderbolt!"

"Clefairy! Moonblast!"

"Mimikyu! Play Rough!"

"Mudsdale! Mega Kick!"

"Machamp! Rock Slide!"

All of their Pokémon battled the Dodrio flock like crazy. The rustlers gave the threethree-headed Pokémon to attack, but they were too strong despite being out numbered. But one Dodrio manged to beat all of them along with Johnny's Machamp. Sora's Tauros still stood his ground against the last Dodrio. Ponyta watched as Tauros did his best, but was being beaten bad. So Ponyta stomped its hooves on tje ground and charged at the Dodrio with a furious flaming charge.

The Dodrio was fell to its side before getting back up on its feet. Dodrio ran towards Ponyta only for Tauros to ram into Dodrio again. Ponyta let out a powerful Fire Spin attack followed by a strong Double Kick. The last Dodrio was sent back to the rustlers. Sora had to give the word.

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" Sora said giving Pikachu a toss in the air. Pikachu hurls into the air doing a roll.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu sends a strong Thunderbolt at the bad guys before running away like the cowards that they were.

"And don't come back!" Sora called out to them. With that done, all the Tauros and the horse Pokémon were led intonthe pins, except for one who nuzzles Lillie.

"Shouldn't you be with your family and friends?" Lillie asked.

"Ah think that Ponyta wants to be with you, Lillie," Belle said.

"She's right," Kairi said. "She saw how brave you were and she wants to be brave too."

"Is that what you really want?" Lillie asked. Ponyta whinnies to confirm it. Lillie smiled. "Okay." Lillie took out a Pokéball and held it to her. "I'll let you be with me." Ponyta took one last look at the Rapidash. Rapidash nods telling her that it's okay. Ponyta taps the button of the Pokéball with her muzzle as she flows inside. Stars swirls the Pokéball confirming the catch. She looks at the two farmers "I promise you I'll take very good care of Ponyta."

"Ah already know ya will," Johnny said.

"But we will miss her," Belle added.

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, the Alolan nine alongwith the rest of their Pokémon helped with the wedding prepartions around the barn. It was a small gathering just friends and family. Sora and the boys all wore tuxedos and Sora had his hair combed. The girls all wore similar pink dresses. Kairi especially looked beautiful to him.

The time had come for the ceremony to start as they found that it was a small gathering of family and friends. Sora was given the honor of being the ring bearer.

Johnny waited on the ailse as he saw his bride walk the aisle with her father giving her away. She stood in place as the minister began the wedding.

"Dearly beloved," the minister said. "We are gathered here today to bare witness to blessed union of love. And it is on this day before the sight of family and friends; old and new. If there is any reason why this couple should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." No word came from inside the barn. The only sound that could be heard was the sounds of soft sobbing. "Now, do you Jonathon take this woman to be your beloved wife, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health til death do you part?"

"I do," Johnny simply answered.

"Do you Belle take this man, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health til death do you part?" The minister asked.

"I do," Belle simply answered.

"Shall we have the rings?" That was Sora's cue, he held the pillow holding the rings as the bride and groom placed the rings on their ring fingers. "And by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you to be man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Johnny lifted Belle's wedding veil and kissed her with so much passion as everyone cheered and applauded for the newly weds. The reception had good food to eat and romantic music playing. Sora approached Kairi.

"Hey Kairi," Sora said blushing.

"Yes Sora?" Kairi asked.

"I was wondering if you would like to dance," Sora offered holding out his hand.

"I would love to," Kairi accepted taking his hand. Pikachu and the Alolan nine watched Sora and Kairi dance together. They all smiled as they watched. A lot of eyes was on the two of them, especially the bride and groom.

"I've got tell you, I never did this before," Sora admitted.

"Me neither," Kairi said. "But you do look handsome in that tux."

"Well you look pretty in that dress. You look like a princess," Sora complemented. Kairi blushed at the complement.

With the wedding reception over and done with, Sora and his friends continued on with their journey. But before they left, Johnny and Belle had them in a group photo to show their kids of the Pokémon trainers who had helped them save their Tauros, Ponyta, and Rapidash. And for a wedding they won't forget.

I was originally planning to let Kiawe catch Ponyta, but I figured that Lillie should get this one. And the next one shall be when Sora does get a Ghost Type Pokémon for his battle against Sabrina. So that's all for right now.