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Episode 57: The Case of the K-9 Caper!

A couple of days later, the battle Sora had with Ash was still fresh in his mind. He couldn't help but feel the experience made him a little stronger.

By that time, Riku, Naminé, and Eevee took their leave of the group once again, and promised to meet up with them once Sora wins his seventh Badge.

Sora was once again approached by another challenger. It was against a tall man in a suit and top hat.

"So glad to have a friendly battle with you, my boy. Do not expect me to hold back my strength," the man said to Sora.

"I could say the same to you," Sora said to his opponent. "Every battle only makes me stronger! I'm going to prove that to you!"

"I like your spirit. By the way, my name is Reginald! Now you must return the introduction to me," the man said to Sora.

"My name is Sora Ketchum from Pallet Town," Sora said to Reginald.

"A pleasure, Sora," Reginald said taking out a Pokéball. "Now, Wartortle! Assit me!" Refinald threw his Pokéball letting out his Wartortle.

"Wartortle!" Wartortle said.

"Then let's see how you fare with my Warotortle! Let's go!" Sora said as he threw his Pokéball as his Wartortle came put and placed his Squirtle Squad sunglasses on.

"Wartortle!" Wartortle

"I must say, your Wartortle looks very fit; but it pales in the comparison to my Wartortle!" Reginald said.

"You shouldn't get ahead of yourself, dude! My Wartortle will prove himself against yours!" Sora said to him.

"I wish to see that with my own eyes," Reginald said. "Wartortle! Begin with Water Pulse!" Reginald's Wartortle formed a ball of water and threw it to Sora's Wartortle.

"Wartortle! Block it with Aqua Tail!" Sora ordered as his Wartortle blocked with Aqua Tail. The attack is sent into a tree making some pears fall out.

"I tip my hat to you, my boy," Reginald complimented. "Blocking my Wartortle's attack with your Wartortle's Aqua Tail is an impressive strategy. Now fire Ice Beam!" Reginald's Wartortle fired Ice Beam right at Sora's Wartortle.

"Dodge with Aqua Jet!" Sora ordered as his Wartortle launched himself straight up.

"Don't let it get away!" Reginald told his Wartortle as it moved the Ice Beam straight up. It freezes Aqua Jet. Wartortle was frozen inside and fell into the ground sticking up.

"Wartortle! Try to break out!" Sora called to his Wartortle. It was no use, Wartortle was frozen solid inside. "Wartortle!"

"It is no use, my young friend. That ice is too strong for your Wartortle to break free. But I shall oblige you, my boy. Now use Water Pulse again!" Reginald's Wartortle forms a ball of water once again and hurls it towards Sora's Wartortle; it shatters the ice and sends Sora's Wartortle flying in the air.

"Wartortle! Water Gun!" Sora ordered as his Wartortle fired Water Gun right at the opposing turtle Pokémon with a powerful blast of water. "Okay, now swing with Aqua Tail!" Sora's Wartortle swung at Reginald's Wartortle right to a tree. Reginald's Wartortle was knocked out. He looked right at Sora's Wartortle and he smiles as he calls his Wartortle back inside.

"You've battled well, my friend. You should have a long rest," Reginald said. "Very good, Sora. You have an excellent job raising your Wartortle. Now here is my next Pokémon! Magnezone! Assist me!" Reginald threw his Pokéball and it lets out a Pokémon that resembles a U.F.O. with two spherical formations protruding from each side of its body. Three horseshoe-shaped magnets also are attached to its body. The Pokémon also has two screws sticking out from its two spherical formations and a yellow antenna on top of its head. In the center of the Pokémon's body is a red-colored circle that functions as a third "eye". Sora pulled out his Pokédex on this Pokémon.

Magnezone, the Magnet Area Pokémon

The evolved form of Magneton

Type: Electric/Steel

Magneton evolved from exposure to a special magnetic field. The three units generate magnetism. Sometimes the magnetism emitted by Magnezone is too strong, making them attract each other so they cannot move.

"Magnemite's final evolved form. And since its a Steel Type, better use Incineroar against that Magnezone," Sora said in his thoughts. Sora spoke out loud, "Wartortle! Return!" Sora calls Wartortle back inside. He pulls put another Pokéball and threw it. "Incineroar! Let's go!" Incineroar lets out a loud roar upon entry.

"Oh-ho, a Fire Type against my Magnezone. Very clever. But it dosen't mean it'll win!" Reginald said. "Magnezone! Flash Cannon!" Magnezone fired Flash Cannon from the horseshoe magnets and headed towards Incineroar.

"Darkest Lariat!" Sora ordered as Incineroar's hands emitted yellow-orange fire and started spinning cutting through the Flash Cannon like it was nothing. Magnezone took some damage from the heel Pokémon's signature attack. "Now use Shadow Claw!" Incineroar swiped at the ufo like Pokémon with his shadowy claw.

"Magnezone! Zap Cannon!" Reginald ordered as Magnezone releases a yellow beam of electricity from its red pupil at Incineroar.

"Incineroar, dodge it!" Sora called out. Incineroar dodges the Zap Cannon. "Flamethrower!" Incineroar fires Flamethrower from his fiery belt. When the attack hits, Magnezone starts to turn red from the heat of his attack.

"Magnezone! Fire Flash Cannon!" Reginald ordered as Magnezone fired Flash Cannon straight at Incineroar.

"Flamethrower, now!" Sora called out as Incineroar delivered a powerful Flamethrower pushing Magnezone's Flash Cannon until it ceases hitting Magnezone right in its eye. Magnezone was down and out. Reginald waited for his Pokémon to cool down before he could call it back.

"Return, Magnezone," Reginald said calling Magnezone back. "That was a very impressive display, Sora. You have done a wonderful job raising your Pokémon. Now we shall see how handle this one. Drampa! Assist me!" He threw his Pokéball letting out a blue-green Pokémon similar to an oriental dragon. It has three light green dots on each side pink eyes with rounded, yellow eyebrows, a short mustache, and a small, white beard with a circular extension. On top of its head is a mop of white hair split into four rounded sections. Fluffy white fur drapes the lower half of its body and conceals its arms when they are tucked against its chest. Sora took out his Pokédex and scanned the dragon Pokémon.

Drampa, the Placid Pokémon

Type: Normal/Dragon

It has a compassionate personality, but if it is angered, it completely destroys its surroundings with its intense breath. Drampa is friendly to people and loves children most of all. It comes from deep in the mountains to play with children it likes in town and protect them from harm.

"That's a Pokémon I would feel safe to be around," Sora said.

"I agree. My Drampa has a heart of gold," Reginald said.

"Hey! I've seen that Pokémon before! Remember that one Lana?" Mallow asked her friend.

"How can I forget? Grandpa Forest was so very nice to us!" Lana said fondly.

"Grandpa Forest?" Kairi asked confused.

"A nickname they gave a wild Drampa when they were younger," Illima explained. "It was such a good story. He did help them when they were in trouble." Kairi held Togepi in her arms and she knew a Drampa would keep Togepi safe if she came across one.

"Okay, Incineroar, you had enough excercise for now," Sora said calling Incineroar back inside and pulls out another Pokéball. "Okay Brionne! Go for it!" The Pokéball opens and lets out Brionne. "Start up with Disarming Voice!" Brionne lets out her sound based attack hoping to do some heavy damage.

"Drampa! Use Twister!" Reginald ordered as Drampa flapped its fluffy arms letting out a purple twister heading to Brionne.

"Dodge with Aqua Jet!" Sora called out as Brionne launched herself in her watery attack. Aqua Jet didn't do much damage due to Drampa being a Dragon Type Pokémon.

"Now try Thunderbolt!" Reginald ordered as Drampa fired Thunderbolt heading towards Brionne.

"Block it with Ice Beam!" Sora called out as Brionne fired Ice Beam right at Drampa.

"Dragon Breath!" Reginald ordered as Drampa fired Dragon Breath to cancel out Ice Beam. Drampa's Dragon Breath proved to be too strong as it pushed Ice Beam back and hit Brionne.

"Brionne!" Sora gasped.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu also gasped.

Kairi and the Alolan nine were all shocked by the sight. Just when Drampa thought it won, Brionne started to evolve, surprising everyone. Brionne transformed into a white siren-like Pokémon. She has pink stars on the sides of her head connected to white pearls and a light blue fin. She has long flowing blueish hair with white pearls in it resembling hair bands. She has a pink nose, and blue eyes with white eyelashes. On her chest, there is a light blue fin wrapped around it. She also has a long blue tail with pink spikes, light blue fins, and a white fin at the very end.

"Whoa!" Sora said in awe pulling out his Pokédex.

Primarina, the Soloist Pokémon

The evolved form of Brionne

Type: Water/Fairy

For Primarina, every battle's a stage. Its singing and the dancing of its balloons will mesmerize the audience. With its mouth, it makes sonic waves that sound like beautiful singing. It uses the sonic waves to control its water balloons.

"Way to go, Primarina!" Sora beamed. "You evolved!"

"Primarina!" Primarina sang.

"Oh wow! She's beautiful!" Kairi beamed.

"Toge, Toge!" Togepi chirped.

"I am so jealous of Sora now! I want one!" Lana said staring at Sora's newly evolved Pokémon with her eyes all starry.

"I have got to hand it to you! Your Primarina is dazzling! But it won't win even after evolving! Drampa! Thunderbolt!" Reginald ordered as Dramps fired Thunderbolt right towards Primarina.

"Primarina! Sparkling Aria!" Sora called out as Primarina stands up on her tail and sings, forming an orb of water above her head. She then throws the orb at the opposing dragon Pokémon. It cuts through the attack and hits Drampa clean. "Now use Disarming Voice!" Primarina sends out her sound based attack right at Drampa; Sora and his friends saw how powerful it became after evolving. "Finish up with Ice Beam!" Primarina fires Ice Beam towards Drampa knocking it out. Reginald was very impressed by what he saw. He calls Drampa back.

"Well done, Sora. You should be proud! You have raised your Pokémon wonderfully!" Reginald said shaking Sora's hand.

"Thanks! You did too!" Sora said with a compliment. Reginald smiled and tipped his hat.

"I have most certainly enjoyed our battle! I look forward to when we meet again! Until then, do keep training hard! Farewell," Reginald said taking his leave for a nearby Pokémon Center.

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine continued on with their journey to reach Cinnabar Island for Sora's seventh Gym battle. They were going to find that tje forest isn't as peaceful as it appears to be.

"Stop thief!" Officer Jenny called out making the group stop.

"Thief? Where?" Lillie questioned.

"It has got to be Team Rocket up to their usual tricks again!" Hapu said.

"Them or Mad Ivan," Kiawe said.

Just then, a robber carrying a bag over his shoulder appears before the group armed with a gun.

"There he is!" Sora called out.

Kiawe's Marowak comes out of his Pokéball and he turns to be burglar. Marowak swings at the burglar with Shadow Bone. The burglar drops his gun.

"Marowak, stop!" Kiawe called out, but he didn't listen as the bone keeper Pokémon kept attack the burglar. Once he was beaten good a pack of Growlithe comes and surrounds the group. "There's a pack of Growlithe surrounding us."

"Nice puppies," Sora said nervously. Officer Jenny and a group of police officers came aiding to him.

"You okay?" Officer Jenny asked.

"Yeah, I think so," the burglar wheezed.

"Just what do you think you're doing interfering with us?" Officer Jenny snapped at the group.

"Take it easy! We didn't mean any harm!" Sora said.

"My Marowak did that on his own," Kiawe said. "My Marowak has an act of acting without thinking."

"Marowak," Marowak said.

"My Marowak came out of his own Pokéball and attacked that thief on his own and I tried to stop him," Kiawe said.

"He's telling the truth," the thief wheezed. "Wasn't their fault."

"Well he's not a thief; he's a police officer dressing up as a thief training our canine unit," Officer Jenny.

"Oh, so that's what it is," Sora said still nervous. "Such nice Growlithe. So very well trained." Sora attempted to pet one of them when it started growling at him.

"They're not going to bite, are they?" Sophocles asked nervously.

"Don't worry. The Growlithe will only attack if I order them to," Officer Jenny assured the group. She blew her whislte. "Growlithe! Line up!" The Growlithe all lined up in two rows. "These people are our new friends! Say hello!" The Growlithe all barked saying hello. The Group smiled knowing the Growlithe won't attack anyone of them.

They went with the police to rest up at the police academy. Officer Jenny asked them what brought the group down and they explained they were on their way to Cinnabar Island for Sora's next Gym challenge.

"So you're heading to Cinnabar Island. I hear the Gym Leader uses Fire Type Pokémon and he's a real hot contender," Officer Jenny said.

"At least I now know what I'll be up against," Sora said. He looked over to Kiawe. "But what was up with Marowak, Kiawe? I was always wondering why Marowak is the way he is."

"Marowak was always like that for as long as I knew him. I remember it like it was yesterday," Kiawe said.

(Flashback, one year ago)

"It began when we were having a field trip on Wela Volcano Park on Akala Island. It was on the annual Wela Fire Festival. It went on for over one-hundred years," Kiawe narrated. "With us was the Akala Island Kahuna Olivia," Kiawe narrated.

Riku and his classmates follow Professor Kukui as their on a field. The class was accompanied by a dark-skinned woman with dark brown eyes and black hair that reaches to her shoulders. She has pink crystal earrings, a crystal necklace and a crystal ring on her right hip. She also wore light pink lipstick. She wore a light pink midriff top and dark pink shorts with light pink sandal heels. She's also wearing many anklets around both ankles and equal amounts of bracelets on her left arm. That was indeed Olivia.

"By that time, his Incineroar was only a Litten and it was a short time after he caught him. And this is where the story really gets started," Kiawe narrated.

"Hey Riku. How would you like to make Litten stronger?" Kiawe asked his classmate.

"Sure thing, Kiawe. I only had Litten for a short time and he could use a strength build up. Right Litten?" Riku questioned his Litten.

"Meow!" Litten purred.

"Figured as much. This festival is right for you," Kiawe said.

Riku, Kiawe, Eevee, and Litten made it to be given the Wela Crown when they reach the front of the queue. Litten stands before Olivia holding a black crown with pinkish red jewels engraved onto it.

"Just as Olivia was about to give Litten the Wela Crown, Marowak stole the crown for himself. I had Turtonator battle against Marowak only to get beaten by him," Kiawe narrated.

(Back to the present)

"Marowak is even more stubborn than I thought," Sora said.

"How did you beat Marowak and win?" Kairi asked.

"It was through some training with Riku. He had his Eevee against Turtonator once he was healed. I realized I lost against Marowak because of his speed," Kiawe said. "Turtonator learned to use Shell Smash and I managed to win and caught Marowak."

"That's quite a story," Officer Jenny said. "But you realize that the officer training the Growlithe was armed right?"

"I do. That's why I was trying to call Marowak back, but I don't think Marowak is afraid of anything; except for water."

"Sounds like Marowak doesn't like to lose to anyone or to anything," Kairi said.

"Kiawe's Marowak has a flame not even water can extinguish," Illima said.

"I'm thinking my Growlithe should take part of it too! To see how police Pokémon operate," Sora said.

"I had a feeling you would say that," Acerola said.

Sora chuckled nervously as everybody started laughing.

"I had to give it a try, right?" Sora stated his point.

"That would normally be irregular, but since you said you have a Growlithe of your own, I can make an exception in your case, Sora," Officer Jenny said.

Just before everyone went to bed, Sora accessed his Pokédex and exchanged Lycanroc for his Growlithe for the training session the next day.

On the very next morning, Officer Jenny blows her whistle waking everyone up. Sora pretty much fell off the bunk bed.


"PIKA!" Pikachu also yelled.

Sora looked up to see Jenny with the whistle.

"Oh good, you're up. I hoped you slept well," Officer Jenny said.

"I did until you blew your whistle," Sora deadpanned.

"Standard procedure," Officer Jenny said.

"What time is it?" Sora asked looking at the clock. "It's four in the morning."

"Come on, raise and shine. It's time for your training session," Officer Jenny said.

"Okay, I'm up. I'm up," Sora said with a yawn.

"Sora," Kairi said sleepily.

"Go back to sleep, Kairi. You need this sleep even more than I do," Sora said.

"Can I get a goodnight kiss?" Kairi asked her boyfriend. "Please?" Kairi pleaded.

"Real quick," Sora said before he gave his girlfriend a quick kiss on the lips. He looked over to Pikachu "You should get back to sleep too."

Sora saw Pikachu was already asleep and he chuckled. The Alolan nine went back to sleep as well. Sora pulled out his Safari Ball and threw it to let out his Growlithe.

"We'll start up with the obstacle course," Officer Jenny said.

"Great!" Sora said. He looked to his Growlithe and petted him on the head. "Okay Growlithe, this is your chance to experience on how police Pokémon do things. Are you game?" Sora's Growlithe barked as he wagged his tail.

"Your Growlithe won't be the only one running because you have to run too, Sora," Officer Jenny said.

"Wait, what?" Sora asked surprised.

"The master won't be respected if the Pokémon does all the work; so I'll be running too, so let's get started, shall we, Sora?" Officer Jenny asked.

"Okay, you're on," Sora said with a smile.

The Alolan nine came outside to watch Sora's training session. The race has started as Sora, Officer Jenny and their Growlithe has started running and crawl under the wire net and climbing up a wall. Sora soon started to realize that he had biten off more than could chew. Kairi had woken up along with Pikachu and Togepi and saw Sora and his Growlithe go through the obstacle course.

As the day went on, Sora, Officer Jenny, and the Growlithe went through a series of training. Sora even dressed up as a burglar to train his Growlithe. Sora's Growlithe runs towards Sora and jumps on him only to lick his face. Kiawe, Sophocles, Mallow, and Hapu just chuckled at the sight.

"I wonder how Growlithe will fare if Sora was dressed as a girl scout," Sophocles joked.

"I'm sure will definitely get a lick out of that," Kiawe said trying to hold his laughter.

After a long day of training Sora ended up being pooped from all that exercise.

"Wow! Police work is much tougher than I thought," Sora said panting. "And I thought being a fireman was hard work."

"You were right about one thing; Your Growlithe did learn how the police works," Kairi said.

"Toge, Toge," Togepi chirped.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"Gotta hand it to you, Sora. You lasted longer than I thought you did," Officer Jenny said to Sora.

"Well, it's better than having to deal with Team Rocket again. But thinking about now, where are they?" Sora asked curiously.

Little does Sora know is Team Rocket had lost the trail once again. They blundered into a town not too far from them. James was all alone when he came across a stand with a man with short brown hair and black eyes. He also wore a white shirt and black pants with a white bandana on his head. He has a Magikarp in a fish tank.

"Hey you there!" The salesman called out to James. He turns to him and points to himself. "Yeah you! Come here!" The salesman gestured him to come.

"What do you want?" James asked.

"What I want is for you to have a look at this Magikarp I recently caught," he said pointing to this Magikarp.

"What makes this Magikarp so special? It looks just like just about any other Magikarp I have ever seen!" James said.

"To the untrained eye it does; but between you and me, this Magikarp lays golden eggs," the Magikarp salesman said. "I'm only telling you this, because I like your face!"

"Golden eggs?" James asked interested.

"Indeed, my friend! And each egg is worth a fortune! I tell you that you will be richest man in the world with this Magikarp," The Magikarp salesman said in a whisper.

James began daydreaming about being the wealthiest man that has ever lived. He imagined himself sitting in a big golden throne petting a Persian holding a glass oc bourbon surrounded by mountains of money. James laughed himself back to reality.

"HOW MUCH?! HOW MUCH?!" James exclaimed.

"It'll be a $1,000, but I'll throw in a guide for proper Magikarp care for $1,000 more!" The Magikarp salesman said.

"I'll take it! I'll take it!" James said paying the salesman the total amount.

"Best decision you have ever made, my friend! And I guarantee that you will not be sorry!" The Magikarp salesman calls the Magikarp in a golden Pokéball and hands it to him. James walks down the street whistling that he's in the money. He waited until James was completely out of sight as he chuckled to himself. "That was even easier than I thought! It'll be a cold day in hell before he gets anything out of that Magikarp!" The Salesman laughs some more hoping to have some other sap to con out of their money.

Back to the police academy, Sora went back to the room he was sleeping in before because of his soreness. Kairi walks in with a plate of pizza for him.

"I figure you might be hungry after that day of training," Kairi said.

"Thanks, after a long tiring day, I could use something to eat," Sora said taking a slice. "Especially since I didn't eat much today."

"Well, it wouldn't have been easy for you anyway," Kairi said. "But that's what you get for running your mouth off."

"Yeah, that's true. But at least Growlithe and I got some experience under our belts because of it," Sora said before he took a bite.

"That's also true also. But you did pretty well even you were going some speed bumps on the way," Kairi said.

"Name a few," Sora dared his girlfriend.

"Well there was the wall of the obstacle course; and when you dressed up as a thief when Growlithe ran up to lick your face; and when..." Kairi trailed off before Sora cut her off.

"Okay, okay. I don't need the whole list," Sora said.

"But shouldn't you join the others for dinner?" Sora asked.

"Just wanted to spend some time with you," Kairi said. "And Pikachu is looking after Togepi." Sora and Kairi ate their dinner. Just when Kairi was going to ask a question to Sora he trailed off to sleep. She just giggled and shook it off since she forgot what she was going to ask anyway. Kairi laid Sora down on the bed he's sitting on. She gave Sora a kiss on the forehead before she picked the plate up and went to return it. "So much for some alone time. But somethings can't be helped." She left the room to let Sora sleep.

Meanwhile over to Team Rocket...

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Jessie and Meowth both exclaimed.

"What's the big deal? The man who sold me this Magikarp said it'll make us rich!" James said.

"You blew all the cash we had just to buy some worthless fish?! How could you be so stupid?!" Jessie yelled at James.

"Yeah! We had plans for the money we stole!" Meowth said.

"Okay, what would any of you spent that money on? Hmm?" James countered.

His colleagues both froze when they knew he had them at that. Knowing Jessie, she would have blown it all on some makeup or some extremely valuable jewelry. And Meowth would have blown it all on some cat food, some catnip, or some cat toys.

On the very next morning, Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine set up to take their leave.

"Thanks so much for the experience, Officer Jenny," Sora said. "I think it made my Growlithe a tad stronger."

"At least you know it was quite an experience," Officer Jenny said smiling. "I do wish you luck for your Gym battle."

"Thanks! We'll be taking off," Sora said before he and his friends said their goodbyes to the canine unit. With the experience fresh in his mind, he called his Growlithe out of his Safari Ball. "How about we try some training to get you stronger?" Growlithe barked at that. "Great! Let's go!" Sora took off with Pikachu and Growlithe. "Okay, Growlithe! Flamethrower!" Growlithe fired a Flamethrower right at a huge rock. "Your Flamethrower has gotten stronger. Now try using Flame Charge!" Sora trained Growlithe for a few minutes before he and Pikachu went to rejoin the others. Just when they were returning back to camp, Sora tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground and one of his Fire Stones fell out of his backpack. Thining it was a new tot, Growlithe rushed over to fetch it back for Sora only to start evolving.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked.

"Growlithe?" Sora gasped in awe looking at his Growlithe evolving. Growlithe was now an Arcanine. Sora's newly evolved Arcanine gave off a powerful howl as he found it to be very majestic. "I guess I didn't need an answer from you after all, huh? Sora patted Arcaine. He climed onto Arcanine's back along with Pikachu. Kairi and the Alolan nine were pretty amazed by what happened.

"Your Growlithe evolved!" Kiawe said in amazement.

"Yeah, but it was by accident," Sora said.

"Accident or not, your new Arcanine is very beautiful," Mallow said.

"Yeah," Mina agreed.

"So, Kairi. Wanna take a ride with me?" Sora asked his girlfriend. Arcanine lowered himself so she could climb aboard. She held onto Sora pretty tight as Arcanine started to run around amazing everyone how graceful Sora's Arcanine is. Kiawe was extremely jealous over how Sora could have such a cool Pokémon.

"I want an Arcainine," Kiawe groaned.

"Don't run too rough. It won't be any good if Togepi fell off," Sora said as Arcanine barked.

Just when the group was getting ready to go, they came across six hooded figures and a Pikachu in front of them. Kairi looked at one of the female figures holding the Togepi in her arms.

"A Togepi?" Kairi questioned.

"Toge?" Togepi also asked.

"Okay, who are you?" Sora asked them.

"You should relax! We're not your enemies!" A familiar voice spoke out.

Sora blinked twice as he recognized the voice of one of the hooded figures.

"Wha?" Sora was getting confused; he wasn't the only one. Kairi and the Alolan nine heard it too.

"That couldn't be..." Lillie started.

All six of them removed their hoods and there were three Sora and Kairi definitely recognized. But there were just two he knew.

"Misty? Brock?!" Sora exclaimed in confusion. "What are you two doing here? Shouldn't you be at your Gyms? Since when did you get a Togepi, Misty? And Ash, what are you doing here?"

"It's really a long story, Sora," Ash said.

"Pikachu," Ash's Pikachu said.

"Before you get even more confused we should tell you we're not the Misty and Brock you know," Brock said.

"All six of us are from different worlds," Misty said.

"And I realize it's hard to believe, but it is true," Green said.

Sora and his friends all looked at the six visitors all wide-eyed not knowing how to take the bit of information they had been told. Red, Blue, Green, Ash, Misty, and Brock all had some explaining to do. But they wondered if they would believe any of it.