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Episode 60: Red Hot Battle

Sora and his friends had left the Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center and began their search for the Cinnabar Island Gym; and at the same time, do a little sight seeing as well.

"It's actually a very nice place," Aqua said.

"Yeah it is," Kiawe said. "I heard some talk about the volcano of Cinnabar Island being an active volcano even up to this date."

"You're right about that, Kiawe. The island's volcano has been a popular tourst attraction for many years," Terra said.

"So what's the 411 on the Gym Leader here?" Sora asked.

"If I remember right, I think his name is Blaine; not only he's the local Gym Leader, but he's also a scientist," Terra explained. "They say he is known as the Hotheaded Quiz Master."

"That sounds appropriate," Illima said.

"It is when he tests out his challenger's knowledge on their journey," Aqua said.

"Sounds like you won't be to take him as easy as you thought," Mallow said.

"I guess you're right," Sora said. "But I won't let that stop me; not after coming this far! My hard work will pay off!"

"That's the way, Sora!" Lana said.

"You have a series of battles behind you to prove that!" Hapu said.

"I know you can pull through when you put your head in the game," Kiawe said.

"Yeah. You're right," Sora said. "Let's go." Sora and his friends made their way to the Cinnabar Island Gym; but there was something up. "What do you mean the Gym Leader isn't here? Where could he be?"

"He's over at the laboratory. He said he was meeting with an old friend there. You might find him there," the Gym staff member said. "The lab should be down there." He points to his right.

"Thanks for the info," Sora said as he and his friends set off to find the lab and challenge Blaine for the battle he came for.

As the group were making their way to the local lab, they were unaware of a certain pink Pokémon with a microphone following them.

"Jigglypuff! Jiggly, Jiggly, Jiggly, Jigglypuff!"

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all looked around trying to find the lab Blaine had went to.

Over to the local laboratory, there happens to be a bald-headed elderly man with a white mustache wearing a black shirt under a white lab coat, a red tie with an orange tip resembling fire, brown pants, and black shoes. He and some other scientists have gathered some fossilized Pokémon fossils, a Kabuto, a couple of Omanyte, an Omastar, and a Kabutops.

Along with him is Mr. Fuji who had came to Cinnabar Island for a visit. The old scientist turned to see the visitor and smiled.

"Fuji, old friend! It's been a long time!" The scientist said smiling.

"Too long, Blaine! I can see that you're never too busy being a scientist as well as a Gym Leader," Mr. Fuji said.

"And I can see being a Pokémon caretaker isn't too much trouble for you, Fuji. In fact, I'm glad you came here for a visit! Because I made a device that can resurrect prehistoric Pokémon!" Blaine said. "Just imagine! Prehistoric Pokémon living in our world once again!"

"That is a sight to beheld, Blaine. Is this why you called me over?" Mr. Fuji asked. Blaine paused and looked at his friend.

"Not really. There is a reason why I did call you here; but we can't talk here. Let's go somewhere a little more private," Blaine said. Mr. Fuji nodded as he understood what he meant. Blaine and Mr. Fuji had left the restoration lab and headed into a private room making sure no one was listening or spying on them.

"What could be so important that it had to be in person? You never do so without a reason," Mr. Fuji pointed out.

"You heard the rumors didn't you?" Blaine asked.

"What rumors? What are you talking about?" Mr. Fuji asked back.

"You remember about our little project, right?" Blaine questioned. Mr. Fuji was about ask what he meant when it suddenly hit him. Mr. Fuji gasped at the thought. "Yeah. That project."

Mr. Fuji sighed, "You don't supposed it could be still alive, do you? Even after all these years?!"

"I don't want to believe it either, Fuji; but I'm afraid there's no other Pokémon that matches the general description," Blaine said pulling put an old folder and opens it to reveal some paperwork. One has a design of a a bipedal feline-like Pokémon. It is human-like in appearance it has a large tail and three fingers on each hand.

"Mewtwo," Blaine and Mr. Fuji both said at once.

They both remembered when they began creating this Pokémon. They had dreamed of creating a Pokémon that seem to be sentient and intelligent. To do so, they came across a temple of in a deep jungle in which paid tribute to a small cat-like Pokémon with a long thin tail and three toes on each foot. It also has three fingers on each hand. They had come across a small eyelash and they used it to create a brand new Pokémon from this Pokémon's DNA.

"Who would have thought it could have such consequences?" Mr. Fuji sighed.

"That wasn't your fault, Fuji. I was the one who pushed you into it. When we modified Mew's DNA, it made Mewtwo into the Pokémon it is now," Blaine said.

"I know. But still, it was a mistake we should have never have made," Mr. Fuji said.

(Flashback, twenty years ago)

In a laboratory, Mewtwo who is white in appearance and has a purple tail is seen in an inner tube. Mr. Fuji and Blaine were younger in those those days. By that time, Blaine was losing his hair and Mr. Fuji's hair was graying.

"Dr. Fuji! Dr. Blaine! Look at this!" A female scientist called out.

"What is it?" Dr. Fuji asked.

"Its brainwaves are become rapidly active!" The scientist said. The scientists began to some scanning on Mewtwo when the Pokémon used its Psychic powers to break itself out.

"Oh no, it's loose! Get the restraints!" Another scientist called out.

"No!" Dr. Fuji said. "I want to see its Psychic powers."

"Psychic... powers?" Mewtwo asked in a male voice.

"Yes. My name is Fuji, and I am the one who have given you life. You are a creature called a Pokémon. And that Pokémon there on the wall is Mew; the rarest of all Pokémon. And its DNA was used to create you: Mewtwo."

"Mewtwo? Am I just a copy? Just a new shadow?" Mewtwo asked.

"Your intelligence is astounding. You are able to understand human speech. But further testing is required to see how intelligent you are," Dr. Fuji said. Blaine takes out some cards to test its intellect.

"Now, Mewtwo. Can you tell me what this is?" Blaine asked holding a card with a blue circle.

"A circle," Mewtwo answered. Blaine smiles as he puts the card on the back of the others.

"Very good. Now can you tell me what this is?" Blaine holds up a card with a yellow star.

"A star," Mewtwo answered and Blaine smiled some more.

"That's very good! Very, very good!" Blaine beamed. Over the course of a few days, Mewtwo was able to get simple things down from shapes to mathematics, science, history, and so on. It turns out Mewtwo was even more intelligent than expected. But for some reason, Mewtwo began to some signs of aggression and lashed out at the scientists. Mr. Fuji and Blaine were the only ones who had survived and Mewtwo had escaped destroying the lab.

Neither of Blaine nor Mr. Fuji could understand why it lashed out the way it did. Could it be that they had neglected to give Mewtwo a compassionate heart like its original host or it was becoming too powerful and too dangerous to be handled.

"What have I done?! What have I done?! How could this have happened?! How could I have neglected that it lacked the simplest hint of compassion?!" Dr. Fuji exclaimed. Blaine went to his friend's side.

"Don't blame yourself, Fuji. It wasn't your fault! There was no way you could have known what would happen. There are things that cannot be controlled," Blaine said.

"I was a fool to think I could create such a Pokémon. Its powers had grown rapidly within the passing days. Mewtwo was a mistake I should never have attempted," Dr. Fuji said.

(Back to the present)

"Twenty years had passed since that horrifying experience. So many lives were lost on that eventful day," Mr. Fuji said.

"I understand your pain, Fuji. I would be lying if I said if didn't bother me as much," Blaine said.

"Where did the sighting take place?" Mr. Fuji asked.

"Rumors are flying that it was sighted at a cave just located in Cerulean City. There some talk about some trainers had made some attempts to catch Mewtwo, but none had succeeded. There's also talk that there are some other wild Pokémon that dwells there. I don't want to believe it, but I would have to say that Mewtwo may have been building an army throughout the years," Blaine said.

"And that was I was afraid of. It will only be a matter of time before Mewtwo makes its move against humanity," Mr. Fuji said in fear. Just when Blaine was about to comfort his friend, a teenage girl in a lab coat came in.

"Excuse me, Mr. Blaine. I'm sorry for barging in without knocking, but it couldn't wait," the girl said.

"Don't worry about a thing. We were just catching up," Blaine spoke the half-truth, not wanting to reveal more. "So what is it?"

"Well, there's a kid here who said he's looking for you. He happens to be a Pokémon trainer. And he says he's challenging you to a Gym battle," the girl said.

"Well it looks like we'll have to talk more later, Fuji," Blaine said.

"It was nice chatting with you, Blaine. We could talk more after your battle," Mr. Fuji said.

"Well, can you tell me this kid's name?" Blaine asked the girl.

"He said his name is Sora Ketchum from Pallet Town," the girl answered. "He's wearing some baggy clothing and has brown spikey hair and has a crown necklace. He also has a Pikachu with him."

"Did you say Sora Ketchum?" Mr. Fuji asked.

"Um, yes?" The girl answered.

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua were waiting in the lab's lobby for Blaine to make himself known when the girl led the two men to the kids waiting for them. Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine all recognized the man next to Blaine.

"Mr. Fuji?!" Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine all questioned.

"Pika?" Pikachu was just as confused.

"Hello there, kids! It's been so long," Mr. Fuji said smiling.

"What are you doing here on Cinnabar Island?" Lillie asked.

"Shouldn't you be in Lavender Town running the Pokémon House?" Sophocles asked.

"Reina is running things there in my absence," Mr. Fuji answered.

"And how is Cubone doing these days?" Kairi asked.

"Cubone is doing wonderfully. He has opened up to others more and more all thanks to all of you," Mr. Fuji said smiling. He noticed the baby Pokémon in Kairi's arms. "And who do we have here?"

"This is Togepi. Sora and I found him when he was just an egg," Kairi said holding Togepi to Mr. Fuji. "Say hello, Togepi."

"Pi, Toge."

Mr Fuji smiled as he chuckled, "You did a great job raising this little one." He looks over to Sora still smiling. "And I trust you have been victorious over the Celadon City Gym Leader, Sora?"

"Yeah. And a few more Gym Leaders along the way," Sora said.

"That's good to know that you have done so well," Mr. Fuji said. He looked over to the three other kids with them. "And who are your friends?"

"My name is Terra."

"And I'm Aqua."

"And my name is Ventus! But everyone calls me Ven!" Ventus said.

"He's Sora's younger cousin," Acerola said.

"How nice!" Mr. Fuji said, smiling.

"So you kids are the ones who helped out Fuji and gave that Team Rocket what for in the Pokémon Tower! I heard all about you from that letter he sent me!" Blaine pointed out. "I should be grateful for you helping out my friend like that." Sora looked over to Blaine.

"Let me guess; you're Blaine, the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader, right?" Sora asked.

"I am. And I take it that you came here for a battle right?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah, that's right!" Sora answered.

"Well, as a Gym Leader I cannot turn down a challenge; so I accept," Blaine said. "Let's all head to the Gym right away!" As everyone was heading to the Gym, Mr. Fuji explained to the kids on how he and Blaine know each other so well. They explained that they used to work together as friends and colleagues. Everyone made it to the Gym and they saw how the disigns were suited for a Gym Leader who uses Fire Types. "Before we have our battle; I will be testing you on your knowledge of Pokémon! Are you ready, Sora?"

"I'm more than ready!" Sora answered. "I'm ready for anything you can throw at me!"

"I like your attitude, sonny! But before we begin, I will explain the three rules of my quiz! Rule number 1! I will be asking you five questions and you have to answer the question presented to you on your own! That means no coaching from the peanut gallery!" Blaine looks over to his friends as they all understood the rule well. "Number 2! There will be no cheating! That means no Pokédex for answers. And Number 3! Every correct answer will earn you one point! The more correct answers you have, you the higher your chances for that battle! But if you get more incorrect answers, you will be disqualified from the match! You understand?"

"Yeah I do! Let's get the show on the road!" Sora said.

"I can see how eager we are! Now let the show begin!" Blaine pushed a button as steam shoots out. "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Quiz Challenge! Today's lucky contestant is Sora all the way from the little town of Pallet! Sora is a young Pokémon trainer who had earned six Gym Badges and has challenged the Cinnabar Gym for his Seventh! I had already explained the rules to you; but shall we have a refresh of the rules or do you wish to get started!"

"I'm ready when you are!" Sora said.

"Then let us, begin!" Blaine said as he pushed another button and a booth appears to Sora. "Now here is the very first question!" A screen lowers down as Ekans, Arbok, and Onix are displayed on the screen. "Ekans can evolve into one of these two Pokémon here. Which one is?" Sora already knew the answer as he chuckled.

"That one is a no brainer! Ekans evolves into an Arbok," Sora answered.

"That your final answer?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah," Sora bluntly said. Dings are heard from all around.

"That is correct! And for every correct answer, you have earned one point! Moving on to the second question!" The screen switches to an image of Eevee, Pikachu, and Elekid. "Which one of these three Pokémon does not evolve by use of a Thunder Stone?"

"That would have to be Elekid," Sora answered as dings are heard once again.

"That is correctamundo! Now we're on to the third question!" Blaine switches the screen and it shows an image of Bulbasaur, Tangela, and Gloom. "Which one of these three Grass Type Pokémon is a pure Grass Type?"

"The pure Grass Type is Tangela! Bulbasaur and Gloom are Grass and Poison," Sora answered as dings blare off once more.

"You are on fire, Sora! Now let's see how hot you're gonna get!" The image switches to the word Steel appearing on screen along with the words Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Fire. "Which one of these Types is not weak against Steel Type attacks?"

"That one is Fire. Steel Type Pokémon are weak against Fire Type Pokémon," Sora said with dings going off.

"You are really hot stuff! Sounds to me like you did your homework. But let's see how well it gets you with the final question!" Blaine said as the screen displays the word Tomb Stone appears along with the words Dark, Rock, Ghost, and None. "Which one of these Types is affiliated with the attack known as 'Tomb Stone?'" Sora definitely had this in the bag now.

"Trick question! There's no such attack. So I would have to go with none," Sora had answered the final question as steam starts shooting out with dings going off once again. Blaine claps his hands.

"Congratulations, Sora! You have answered every answer correctly! I have to come up with harder ones since those were pretty obvious," Blaine said. "And as promised you get to have your battle with me! We will begin when our judge takes his position!" That was Mr. Fuji's cue.

"The battle between Blaine, the Gym Leader and Sora the challenger is about to begin! Both trainers will be using five Pokémon each! Only the challenger is allowed to make substitutions! The battle will be over when all five of either trainer's Pokémon are unable to battle! Now begin!" Blaine takes out a Pokéball.

"Now for my first Pokémon, I choose Flareon!" Blaine threw his Pokéball letting out his Flareon.

"Okay, then My first Pokémon is going to be Rhyhorn!" Sora threw his Safari Ball as it lets out his Rhyhorn.

"So, Sora's starting with Rhyhorn. That's a very smart move on Sora's part," Terra said.

"Agreed. Rhyhorn is a wise choice, but I do not doubt Blaine has ways of dealing with Sora's Rhyhorn," Illima said.

"Starting up with a Ground and Rock Type, huh? You came fully prepared. But will it be enough to put out my fire? Flareon! Use Double Kick!" Blaine ordered as Flareon began coming towards Rhyhorn to deliver a kick attack.

"Rhyhorn! Charge in with Horn Drill!" Sora ordered as Rhyhorn ran towards Flareon with his horn spinning like a drill. Flareon landed a couple of kicks on the rhino Pokémon causing some heavy damage. "Try again with Rock Slide!" Rhyhorn formed some rocks around him and sent them to Flareon.

"Flareon! Dodge it with Dig!" Blaine called out as Flareon started to dig under ground.

"That must be how Blaine deals with Rock Types," Hapu said.

"Yeah," Mina agreed.

"Sora is going to have a hard time with that one," Lana said.

"Wonder how is he going to turn that around," Aqua said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"Togepi," Togepi chirped.

Kairi and Ventus watched on having faith in Sora.

"Rhyhorn, wait for Flareon to jump out!" Sora called out as Rhyhorn looked around. Rhyhorn suddenly felt the ground move from underneath and tried to move to get hit. "Now use Earth Power!" Rhyhorn glowed golden yellow and slammed on the ground as cracks appeared heading to Flareon. Flareon got hit once the cracks reached underneath. "Now use Rock Slide!" Rhyhorn hurled some rocks right at the fire Eeveeloution.

"Flareon! Evade it!" Blaine called out. Flareon tried to do it, but the rocks were coming too fast. The rocks hit Flareon getting it caught in the rocks being unable to move or dig. "Oh no!"

"Oh yes! Rhyhorn! Earth Power again!" Sora ordered as Rhyhorn glowed golden yellow again and slammed on the ground. Flareon got sent flying. "Now finish up with on more Rock Slide!" Rhyhorn sent his Rock Slide to Flareon knocking the flame Pokémon out.

"Flareon is unable to battle! Rhyhorn wins!" Mr. Fuji announced. Rhyhorn let out a triumphantly roar.

"Yeah! Way to go, Rhyhorn!" Ventus exclaimed.

"That was something!" Kiawe said.

"Stopping Flareon from using Dig by trapping it between Rock Slide," Mallow said.

"Sora must have figured that out and went for it," Lillie said.

As Blaine calls Flareon back, Rhyhorn started to evolve shocking the spectators. Rhyhorn was now a Rhydon. Everyone gasped at the sight. Sora especially was proud of Rhyhorn's sudden evolution.

"Rhyhorn had evolved into a Rhydon!" Kairi said.

"Togepi!" Togepi chirped

"Gotta admit, I didn't see that coming," Acerola said.

"Now I wonder what's Blaine's next move," Terra said.

"So, your Rhyhorn evolved! Will it be enough to stop this one?" Blaine asked pulling out another Pokéball. "Ninetales! Go!" Blaine threw his Pokéball letting out a Ninetales.

"Rhydon, you still good to go?" Sora asked as Rhydon nodded. "Great! Now use Earth Power!" Rhydon glowed golden yellow and slammed on the ground with his hand. The cracks on the ground makes their way to the fox Pokémon.

"Ninetales! Dodge and use Sunny Day!" Blaine called out as the battlefield suddenly got bright. "Now fire Solar Beam!" Ninetales fired Solar Beam right at Rhydon causing heavy damage. Rhydon was knocked out.

"Rhydon is unable to battle! Ninetales wins!" Mr. Fuji announced.

Sora calls Rhydon back to his Safari Ball and smiled.

"You battled hard, Rhydon. You should have a good rest," Sora said putting his Safari Ball away pulling out a Pokéball and threw it. "Lycanroc! Go!" Sora threw his Pokéball letting out his Lycanroc.

"That is an interesting Lycanroc, Sora. Let's see how well it does against my Ninetales. Okay, Ninetales! Solar Beam again!" Ninetales fired Solar Beam right at the wolf Pokémon.

"Dodge it!" Sora called out as Lycanroc moved before the attack could hit. "Now use Rock Throw!" Lycanroc fired Rock Throw right at the fox Pokémon.

"Ninetales! Dodge it!" Blaine ordered as Ninetales dodged the rocks. "Now use Flamethrower!" Ninetales fired Flamethrower at Lycanroc.

"Lycanroc! Dodge and use Crunch!" Sora ordered as Lycanroc leapt towards Nintales's leg. "Now use Accelerock!" Lycanroc rushed to Ninetales. The fox Pokémon managed to stand back up. "Now use Rock Throw again!" Lycanroc hurled rocks right at Ninetales knocking it out.

"Ninetales is unable to battle! Lycanroc wins!" Mr. Fuji announced.

Blaine calls Ninetales back and smiles at his challenger.

"Not bad, Sora! I can see why you took down Team Rocket and helped Fuji! Now here's my next Pokémon! Rapidash! Go!" Blaine takes out another Pokéball and threw it letting out a Rapidash. The fire horse Pokémon whinnies upon entry.

"So his next Pokémon is a Rapidash. And it looks pretty strong," Acerola said.

"Yeah it does," Lana said.

"You think Sora is going to call Lycanroc back or is he going to use one of his Water Types?" Aqua asked.

"We'll just have to wait and see," Sophocles said.

Sora noticed how tired Lycanroc got just from using those attacks. He calls Lycanroc back inside and pulls put another Pokéball.

"Okay, Lapras! It's your turn!" Sora said as he threw it letting out his Lapras.

"So, it's a Lapras you're throwing at me now! Smart move on your part there, son! Rapidash! Use High Horsepower!" Blaine ordered as Rapidash charged right at the transport Pokémon with tremendous speed.

"Lapras! Body Slam!" Sora called out as Lapras slammed her body right to Rapidash before it could land a hit. Lapras got up as Rapidash slowly got up. "Okay, now use Ice Beam!" Lapras fired Ice Beam right at the fire horse Pokémon. Blaine just smirked.

"You must be off your element, kid! Ice won't do much against my Rapidash! Block that with Fire Blast!" Blaine called out as Rapidash sent out Fire Blast towards Lapras, cutting through the attack.

"Lapras! Use Surf now!" Sora called out as Lapras formed some water and rode the surf heading towards Blaine's Rapidash.

"Rapidash! Try to dodge it!" Blaine called out as Rapidash galloped towards one of the walls and jumped to avoid the attack. The attack had completely missed its target. "Now use Flame Charge!" Rapidash stomped its forelegs and charged towards Lapras.

"Lapras! Water Gun!" Sora ordered as Lapras fired Water Gun. Lapras's attack just missed as Rapidash charged straight to Lapras, hitting her good. "Now use Body Slam again!" Lapras slammed her body as Rapidash just jumped out of the way.

Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all watched as the battle rages on.

"That Rapidash is way too fast!" Aqua exclaimed.

"Looks like Sora is having a hard time against Rapidash's speed," Mallow said.

"Especially after using Flame Charge," Lillie pointed out.

"Sora better think of a plan and fast," Sophocles said.

"He'll think of one! Sora has to!" Ventus said.

"Yeah! That's telling them, Ven!" Kairi said.

"Now use Wild Charge!" Rapidash runs at Lapras. Its body then becomes surrounded by yellow electricity, and it tackles into Lapras, causing heavy damage giving Rapidash recoil damage. Lapras was knocked out.

"Lapras is unable to battle! Rapidash wins!" Mr. Fuji announced.

"So Wild Charge must be how Blaine deals with Water Types," Illima said.

"I knew Blaine is tough, but he's tougher than I thought," Terra said.

"And if we know Sora and we do, he's not going to throw in the towel just yet," Acerola said.

"No he won't," Kairi added.

"Togepi!" Togepi chirped.

Sora calls Lapras back and looks at Blaine's Rapidash and saw how exhausted it got from that intense battle. He had to fight speed with speed.

"Okay, Lycanroc! Back to action!" Sora said taking out Lycanroc's Pokéball and threw it. The Pokéball lets out his Lycanroc again.

"So it's Lycanroc again, is it? And what plan to you have for me now?" Blaine asked smugly. Sora was just as smug.

"You'll see, old man! Lycanroc! Use Accelerock!" Sora ordered as Lycanroc charged towards Rapidash.

"Well two can play this speed game! Rapidash! Flame Charge!" Blaine ordered as Rapidash charged right at Lycanroc with fiery speed. When the two attacks collided, both were sent back. "Wild Charge!" Rapidash charged right at the wolf Pokémon with electricity coming out its body.

"Rock Throw!" Sora called out as Lycanroc hurled the rocks right at the equine Pokémon. With more rocks on the battlefield, it became more difficult to keep Rapidash's speed up. "Now use Accelerock!" Lycanroc charged right into Rapidash, knocking it out.

"Rapidash is unable to battle! Lycanroc wins!" Mr. Fuji announced as Lycanroc howls in victory.

"Yeah! Way to go, Sora! Yes!" Sora's girlfriend and cousin cheered on.

"Three down, two to go," Kiawe stated.

"Sora's opponents are getting stronger and stronger," Mallow said as Mina nodded.

"And so are Sora's Pokémon," Illima said.

"Pikchu," Pikachu nodded.

Blaine calls back his Rapidash and grins as he takes out another Pokéball.

"Clever of you to trump speed with speed. But this one won't be so easy! Magmortar! Go!" Blaine throws his Pokéball and it lets out a Pokémon that looks a lot likeMagmar, but with bigger, rounder and more developed cannons on the ends of its arms. It has two huge flame-like shoulder pads that resemble fire. It also has a duck-like bill, except it is wider and shorter than Magmar' Pokémon also has five black rings/streaks that are around its body. It has two on its legs, one below the neck, and two black rings on its Pokémon has claws at the end of its hand cannons that most likely retract when it is battling. It has two claw toes on each foot. Sora took out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon in front of him.

Magmortar, the Blast Pokémon

The evolved form of Magmar

Type: Fire

There are still quite a few factories that rely on the flames provided by Magmortar to process metals. Magmortar takes down its enemies by shooting fireballs from its arms, which burn them to a blackened crisp. It avoids this method when hunting prey.

"Definitely deserves to be called the Blast Pokémon since it has those cannons on its arms," Sora said putting his Pokédex away. He pulls out his Pokéball and calls Lycanroc back and pulls out another Pokéball and threw it. "Primarina! Go!" The Pokéball opens and lets out his Primarina flips her hair upon entry. Aqua was in awe at the sight of this new Pokémon.

"Wasn't that Popplio?" Aqua asked.

"It was Popplio until she evolved," Kairi answered.

"I am so jealous of Sora. He has such a beautiful Pokémon with him," Aqua said.

"You're not the only one, Aqua," Lana said as she pouted.

"So it's another Water Type. Better see if your Primarina is in its prime," Blaine joked making Sora chuckle.

"Hey, that was a good one! And you're about to get your answer! Primarina! Use Sparkling Aria!" Sora ordered as Primarina forms her water attack as she sang. She sends the orb of water right at the fire Pokémon.

"Magmortar! Lava Plume!" Blaine ordered as Magmortar causes an explosion around it, creating a mix of smog and fire to cover the area and hits Primarina with flames cancelling out the attack.

"Primarina! Use Aqua Jet!" Sora called out as Primarina launched herself right at Magmortar.

"Magmortar! Use Thunder Punch!" Blaine called out as Magmortar threw an electrifying punch right at Primarina. "Now use Thunderbolt!" Magmortar fires Thunderbolt from its arm cannons heading straight to Primarina.

"Dodge with Aqua Jet!" Sora called out as Primarina launched herself like a torpedo making the attack miss. Magmortar got struck by the attack pretty hard.

"Magmortar! Use Heat Wave!" Blaine ordered as Magmortar points its arm cannons right at Primarina and fires then releases a round orange flameright at Primarina.

"Use Disarming Voice!" Sora ordered as Primarina unleashes her sound attack, cutting through the flame. "Now use one more Aqua Jet!" Primarina launches herself right at Magmortar, but Blaine wasn't finished yet.

"Use Thunder Punch!" Blaine ordered as Magmortar rushes to Primarina hoping to finish her off. The two attacks collided with each other and it causes an explosion. Both Primarina and Magmortar were knocked out.

"Magmortar and Primarina are both unable to battle! This round is a draw!" Mr. Fuji announced.

"Sora has two left while Blaine just has one," Ventus said. "This battle is so exciting!"

"Yeah," Mina said.

"I can bet Blaine has saved the best for the last; whatever it is," Hapu said.

Sora and Blaine called their Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs and smiled at one another.

"Well, this is unexpected. You're down to two and I'm down to one. But don't think that you will be able to take my last Pokémon down so easily," Blaine said.

"I'm ready for whatever you can throw at me, Blaine!" Sora said.

"I don't doubt it! Now, Arcanine! Go!" Blaine said as he took out his last Pokéball and threw it letting out his Arcanine.

"So, that's Blaine's last Pokémon. Wonder if Sora can bring down that powerhouse," Sophocles said.

"That Arcanine looks strong alright. Just hope Sora can keep his cool," Terra said. Sora took out Lycanroc's Pokéball and he figured Lycanroc was pooped with his battles with Ninetales and Rapidash, but he had to tire out Blaine's Arcanine a bit.

"Okay, Lycanroc! Back to action!" Sora said throwing his Pokéball letting out Lycanroc. Lycanroc panted as he entered the battle once again. "Okay Lycanroc! Accelerock!" Lycanroc charged towards the larger canine Pokémon with top speed.

"Arcanine! Extreme Speed!" Blaine ordered as Arcanine rushed to Lycanroc with furious speed. "Now use Fire Flast!" Arcanine fired Fire Blast right at the wolf Pokémon causing an explosion. Everyone covered their eyes and mouths not to breath in the smoke. Once the smoke cleared, Lycanroc had been knocked out.

"Lycanroc is unable to battle! Arcanine wins!" Mr. Fuji announced.

"Both now has one Pokémon each," Kairi said holding Togepi tightly in her arms.



"Sora can beat it! I know he can!" Ventus said rooting for his cousin. Sora took out his Pokéball and threw it.

"I'm counting on you, Blastoise!" Sora shouted as the Pokéball lets out Blastoise.

"Blast!" Blastoise shouted as he brought out his cannons.

"Not surprising that you had another Water Type Pokémon standing by, Sora. But your Blastoise is going to make a big splash just like your other two Water Types," Blaine said.

"Not if your Arcanine makes a splash first!" Sora countered. "Blastoise! Aqua Jet!"

"Blastoise!" Blastoise launched himself towards Arcanine like a torpedo.

"Arcanine! Extreme Speed!" Blaine shouted as Arcanine rushed to Blastoise. The two attacks hit one another only to be taken back. "Use Fire Blast!" Arcanine launched Fire Blast right towards Blastoise. Sora had to think fast.

"Fire Hydro Pump!" Sora ordered. Blastoise fired Hydro Pump from his cannons putting out the fire attack. "Now use Flash Cannon!" Blastoise fired a white beam of energy right towards Arcanine. The attack does hit sending the canine Pokémon back.

"Arcanine! Thunder Fang!" Blaine ordered as Arcanine lunged at Blastoise with its jaws emitting electricity. Blastoise tried to moved only to have his arm bitten.

"Hydro Pump!" Sora ordered as Blastoise fired water from his cannon once again. "Now use Water Pulse!" Blastoise formed a huge ball of water and hurled it right to Arcanine.

"Arcanine! Use another Thunder Fang!" Blaine called out. Arcanine got dizzy from the attack and ran into wall because of its confusion.

"What just happened?" Ventus asked.

"Arcanine is totally confused," Mina said.

"Water Pulse can make that happen when it hits," Lana said.

"And now Sora can take advantage of Arcanine's confusion," Illima said.

"Okay Blastoise! Hydro Pump again!" Sora ordered as Blastoise fired his Hydro Pump right at Arcanine. Arcanine then started to run around in circles.

"Arcanine! Snap out of it!" Blaine called out.

"Now wrap this up with Aqua Jet!" Sora ordered as Blastoise launched himself to Arcanine giving it a very, very good hit. Everyone waited with anticipation seeing if it was enough to take Arcanine down. It tried to get up, but had trouble doing so. Arcanine fell back down knocked out.

"Arcanine is unable to battle! Blastoise wins! The victor is Sora Ketchum from Pallet Town!" Mr. Fuji announced. Blaine was at a total loss of words.

"I can't believe it. I actually lost to that kid," Blaine said falling on his knees. He didn't know how to take it, but he ended up smiling and he stood back on his feet.

"Way to go, Sora!" Sophocles said.

"I knew you could do it!" Ventus said.


"I was at the edge of my seat!" Mallow said.

"Me too!" Lillie added.

Blaine and Mr. Fuji both smiled as they knew what came next. The Cinnabar Island Gym Leader approached Sora with a smile.

"Congratulations, Sora. In all my years as Gym Leader, I had never enjoyed a battle such as this one! And after that display of power you had just shown me, you deserve to win! And so it pleases me to reward you with this!" Blaine said taking out a red badge shaped like a flame with a small pink diamond in the center out of his pocket. "You have truly earned the Volcano Badge!"

"Thanks, Blaine," Sora said taking the badge from him.

"Oh no, thank you. I enjoyed our battle very much! And now you have seven Gym Badges in your possession," Blaine said. "The next Gym is located in Viridian City."

"Viridian City? I didn't know that," Sora turned to his girlfriend. " Why didn't you tell me about that."

"I was too concerned about Pikachu that it completely slipped my mind," Kairi admitted. "Sorry."

"That's okay. Just gotta train for my next Gym match before we head there!" Sora said.

"And here's a bit of news I think you should know," Mr. Fuji said to him. "I had recently heard that the Viridian City Gym has a new Gym Leader. He just gotten the job just recently after the previous Gym Leader had just resigned."

"A new Gym Leader?" Sora questioned.

"That is quite a shock to us," Terra said.

"You wouldn't happen to know this new Gym Leader's name?" Ventus asked.

"I'm afraid not; but even if I did, I wouldn't tell you out of respect," Blaine explained.

"Well whoever it is, I hope he or she is game!" Sora said smiling.

Meanwhile in Viridian City, the doors of the Gym opens to reveal a boy with brown eyes brown eyes, light skin, dark eyebrows, and spiky, blond hair. He wears baggy, camouflage-print capris pants, a short, sleeveless, grey vest, and a black muscle shirt decorated with a white, crudely-drawn skull and crossbones. His shoes are the same camouflage pattern as his pants, but also sport white tips, grey soles, and each has two intersecting, black belts in place of laces. He also wore a white necklace with a yellow "X" charm on it and a brown bracelet on his left wrist with several silver pins in it.

"Man, being a Gym Leader is tougher than I thought," the boy groaned.

"Well you were the one who said it would be a piece of cake," a girl said. She has bright green eyes, soft peach-colored skin, and brown hair. Her hair sticks out on the sides and two strands of hair fall from either side of her head, just long enough to drape over her shoulders. Her clothing has a Summer feel to it, consisting of an orange tank-top with a white floral design at the bottom, khaki-colored capri pants, and orange socks with white hems. She also wears cream, black and yellow shoes with black laces. She also wore a beaded, sky blue bracelet on her right wrist and a black necklace decorated with a spherical, sky blue charm. "You never think before you act, Hayner."

"Give me a break, Ollete!" Hayner hissed. "I just thought being a Gym Leader gave me a chance to beat some Pokémon trainers coming by here."

"And we tried to tell you it didn't work that way," another boy spoke up. He appears to be a rather heavy-set boy with light skin, brown eyes, and black hair and eyebrows. He holds his hair up using a black headband with grey lining. He wears a long-sleeved, white shirt with dark cuffs underneath a red jersey with black and white lining. The jersey sports a black silhouette of a seemingly skeletal dog with three bones above it.

"Well you should have told me before I took this stupid job, Pence," Hayner said. "I mean that last trainer who came here; that Gary kid was so full of himself. More so than a Snorlax."

Pence and Olette laughed as they comforted their friend.

"C'mon Hayner. Let's go get some ice cream. That should make you feel better," Pence said.

"But as soon as we get your Pokémon checked in," Olette said.

"Okay 'Mom', I'll do that," Hayner deadpanned as the Pokémon from the temple tablet appears from above. It was pink and had blue eyes and orange patches at the bottom of the feet. It was indeed the legendary Pokémon Mew.

"It must be nice. Being able to be with friends such as them," Mew said. Mew flew in the air not being seen by anyone.

Meanwhile back on Cinnabar Island, Sora had checked his Pokémon into the Pokémon Center to have them healed up.

"Man that battle was way tougher than I thought," Sora said rejoining his friends.

"Yeah. And you were right about that. But it was really fun to watch," Ventus said.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Sora said rubbing his cousin's head.

"Now you only need one more to enter the Pokémon League," Terra said.

"And you know it won't be easy despite the new Gym Leader," Aqua added.

"Yeah I do. But we can hang around the island before we head to the mainland," Sora said. Kairi, Pikachu, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all agreed to that when suddenly, Jigglypuff had appeared right in front of them.

"Hey! A Jigglypuff!" Ventus beamed.

"What is it doing out here?" Terra asked.

Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine all knew that Jigglypuff well since she had that microphone in her hand. Jigglypuff started singing making everyone fall right to sleep. Jigglypuff stopped singing and saw her audience asleep.

"Jiggly!" Jigglypuff huffed up in anger and removed the top and scribbled on their faces. The balloon Pokémon scribbled in the order of Ventus, Sora, Kiawe, Mina, Hapu, Mallow, Terra, Aqua, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, Sophocles, Lana, Illima, Acerola, and Lillie. "Puff!"

It didn't take long before everyone woke up and saw the scribbles on their faces. Ventus just laughed at the doodles.

"What's that Jigglypuff's problem?" Terra asked not understanding why Jigglypuff just drew on everyone's faces.

"Jigglypuff thinks she's a star, so she's been looking for someone to sing for. And when you fall asleep when she sings; Jigglypuff gets huffy," Sora explained as he also joked.

"So that Jigglypuff is looking for audience that won't fall asleep while singing. That is a problem," Aqua said.

Everyone cleaned their faces off and hit the beach. They spent the rest of the day having some fun in the sun before they returned to the Pokémon Center to rest up. Sora had retrieved his Pokémon from Nurse Joy and accessed his Pokédex and exchaned Primarina, Lycanroc, Rhydon, and Lapras for Charizard, Venusaur, Dratini, and Jangmo-o.

On the very next morning, they made their way to a ship to take them to the mainland and they had arrived in Vermilion City.

"This brings back memories, dosen't it?" Sora asked his girlfriend.

"Yes it does," Kairi said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"Let's get some training done before we head back to Viridian City shall we?" Sora asked and they all agreed to that.

Elsewhere, Red, Blue, Green, Ash, Misty, and Brock continued for their search for Salnius and they still had no luck.

"Well this is a whole lotta nothing," Blue deadpanned.

"We have to keep looking. He's not going to just show up!" Green said.

"Yes I can!" Salnius called from behind. The six trainers turned to see the man they're pursuing behind them along with Jout. "And I knew it was a matter of time you'd show up!" The six trainers took off their hoods and took out their Pokéballs. Salnius just chuckled evilly as his shadow had stretched and rose up to form a Moltres. "Think you're a match against my Shadow Pokémon?"

"Just battle us and find out!" Ash called out to him.

I'll bet there were some of the things you weren't expecting, like Hayner being the Gym Leader of the Viridian City Gym. Now that Sora has seven Gym Badges under his belt, he only needs one more to enter the Pokémon League. Also what about Red, Ash, and their friends? Will they be able to fight of the evil Shadow Empire by themselves or will they have to come to Sora and his friends for their aid? Just wait and find out.