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Episode 92: The Stubborn Chikorita

A couple of days came and went since Sora and Kairi's first Tag-battle, and since then Kairi and her new Jigglypuff have been closer than ever. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine all make it towards a mountain covered in snow.

"Brr, it's so cold here," Sophocles said before he let out a sneeze. "I think I'm starting to catch a cold."

"And there's way," Kairi said pointing towards the source of the cold. "Look at that mountain." Sora, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine all turn to what she was pointing at.

"No wonder it's so cold out here," Kiawe said. "That mountain is completely covered in snow."

"I would call it a good place to celebrate Christmas," Sora said. "But I wonder if they let us go skiing."

"I think they might," Illima said.

"Leave me out of the skiing since I'm more of a hiker," Hapu said.

"It reminds me of Mount Lanakila on Ula'ula Island," Lillie said.

"Yeah, but smaller," Acerola said.

"And not as cold," Mallow said.

"And Mount Lanakila is pretty rough," Lana added.

"Yeah," Mina said.

"Let's make a stop towards the nearby Pokémon Center before we continue on. Our Pokémon could use a tune up," Sora suggested.

"That's a good idea, Sora," Lillie said. "Snowy, Ponyta, and Magearna could use a rest."

Kairi and the rest of the Alolan nine all agreed with that. Just when the group was about to set off Sora spotted something in the short distance. It was a Chikorita on the side of the road. The Chikorita was letting out a sweet smelling scent.

"Guys! Check it out!" Sora said getting his friend's attention.

"A Chikorita," Mallow beamed.

"Oh, she's so cute," Kairi said.

"Could it be a wild Chikorita?" Acerola asked.

"Most likely," Lillie said. "I read in a book that wild Chikorita enjoy doing some sunbathing. And doing so lets out a sweet smelling scent from the leaf on the top of its head."

"It kinda reminds me of Casey's Chikorita," Sophocles said.

"Me too," Hapu said.

Sora approaches the sunbathing Chikorita and she stirs awake at the sight of the incoming human. Chikorita rises up and spins the leaf on her head.

"You look like a tough one," Sora said. He takes out a Pokéball ready for a battle. "Then give me what you've got!" He threw the Pokéball. "Teddiursa! Go!" The Pokéball opens and lets out Teddiursa.

"Ursa, Teddiursa!"

"Teddiursa! Scratch! Let's go!" Sora ordered. Teddiursa charges towards Chikorita, and she charges in with her Tackle. Teddiursa swipes at Chikorita with his claw. "That's the way, Teddiursa!"

"Chiko!" Chikorita said as she sends out her Razor Leaf attack.

"She's attacking with Razor Leaf!" Kairi said.


"That isn't going to scare me away! Dodge it!" Sora called out. Teddiursa moves out of the way before the Razor Leaf could hit. "Scratch again!" Teddiursa swipes at Chikorita again and falls to the ground. "Looks softened enough." He pulls out a Pokéball and threw it. "You're as good as mine!" Chikorita blocks the Pokéball with her leaf sending ot back to Sora. "She's tougher than I thought." Chikorita attacks with Vine Whip. "Watch out, Teddiursa!" Sora called out. Teddiursa got hit by Chikorita's Vine Whip and falls to the ground beaten. Teddiursa then starts crying. Kairi went over to the little bear Pokémon.

"Are you okay, Teddiursa? Let me see your owie," Kairi said examining his head. "You're okay, you're okay." She places Togepi down and takes out a band-aid and places it on his head.

"You did a great job, Teddiursa. You should take a rest," Sora said calling Teddiursa back. He looks back to Chikorita ready for what Sora can throw at her. "You may have gotten lucky with Teddiursa, but your luck is about to run out." He took out another Pokéball and threw it. "Let's go, Heracross!" The Pokéball opens and lets out his Heracross. As soon as Heracross was brought out, he went to the nearest tree and started to drink the sap within the tree. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine all did an anime-style fall. "Heracross! Stop snacking and start attacking!" Heracross quickly got back into battle position.

"No surprises here," Kiawe deadpanned.

"As they say, you can take the Pokémon out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the Pokémon," Lana said.

"You took the words right out of my mouth, Lana," Illima said.


"Don't underestimate this one, Heracross. This Chikorita is a tough one," Sora warned. Heracross nodded. "Okay, Heracross! Move in with Tackle!" Heracross charged towards the small sauropod Pokémon with a full force of his body. Chikorita also charges with her Tackle attack. Heracross manages to land a hit on Chikorita. "That's great! Now horn in with your Horn Attack!" Heracross charges in to hit the Grass Type with his horn, but Chikorita quickly runs under the Hercules beetle Pokémon and wraps her Vine Whip around Heracross's horn.

"That Chikorita isn't fooling around," Lana said.

"Makes me glad that I didn't call dibs on it, because I don't think I could control it," Mallow said.

"And she's giving Heracross for a run for his money despite a Type disadvantage," Lillie said.

Heracross starts flying out of control when Chikorita is dragged along for the ride. They started to head right towards a mountain.

"This looks bad," Kairi said.

"They're going to crash right into that mountain!" Kiawe shouted as Heracross crashes his horn inside the mountain and slams Chikorita on the back. Sora gasps at the sight.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted as he ran towards his companion.

"Heracross!" Sora gasped as he, Kairi, and the Alolan nine ran towards Heracross and Chikorita. Heracross tries to pull his horn out of the mountain, but it was just no use. "You okay, Heracross?" Heracross couldn't turn around because of his horn situation, but he gave a thumbs up confirming that he's alright. "You did great, Heracross. Return." Sora manages to get Heracross out by calling him back inside the Pokéball. The group looks at the small leaf Pokémon very concerned.

"Chikorita's hurt," Hapu said.

"Chikori," Chikorita said as she struggles to get back up.

"After everytheverything she's been through, she still wants to battle?" Sora asked in disbelief.


"She could barely stand up," Kairi said. Chikorita falls back down in total exhaustion. Sora gently picks Chikorita up in his arms.

"She dosen't look so good," Kairi said.

"She must have used up all her energy," Illima said.

"We can't just leave her here," Mallow said.

"Mallow's right," Sora agreed. "We'll have to take her with us since we were on our way to the nearest Pokémon Center anyway."

"Right," Kairi and the Alolan nine agreed.



Team Rocket were watching the battle and they have a nasty plan to making Chikorita one of their own.

"That is one pretty tough Chikorita," Jessie said.

"A Pokémon like that is definitely Team Rocket material," James said.

"And we'll be an unstoppable team with a Chikorita like that!" Meowth added.

"So let's get to work!" Jessie proposed.

"Yeah!" Team Rocket heads in the opposite direction to put their plan into effect.

The group take off for the Pokémon Center unaware of a bunch of eyes peeking through the flora. It had been revealed that the eyes belongs to a pack of purple Pokémon that looks like a cross between a bat and a scorpion. The inside of their wings appear to be blue. Some of them had smaller stingers on their tails than the others. These Pokémon are known as Gligar. Leading the the pack is a much larger bat scorpion Pokémon but has fangs like a vampire bat and has a barbed stingers on their tails. And the wings looks pretty stiff. And this is Gligar's evolved form, Gliscor. The Gliscor grins at the sight.

"It looks like we just found ourselves some potential victims, everyone. What do you say we follow them and have a little fun?" - Gliscor subtitle.

All the Gligar all nodded, liking the idea. They all followed the group, but one seems to be dozing off. It wakes up and quickly follows its pack not wanting to be left behind.

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine were getting close to the Pokémon Center as Chikorita wakes up.

"Don't worry, Chikorita. We'll take good care of you!" Sora said assuringly. Chikorita bites Sora on the arm. "Ouch! Take it easy! I'm trying to help you out here!" The group made it inside the Pokémon Center unaware of the pack of Gligar following them. Gliscor smirked wickedly as they followed them to the Pokémon Center.

"So this is where those humans were heading. We can take them while their pants are down." - Gliscor subtitle.

Two more Gligar glide to the pack leader's side.

"Hey boss!" - Gligar 1 subtitle.

"What do you want?" - Gliscor subtitle.

"Two humans and a Meowth that speaks human were in the area and they said something about getting their hands on a Chikorita." - Gligar 2 subtitle.

"Well, we can't have that now, can we? Go and have some fun with them. And take some of the others with you." - Gliscor subtitle.

Some of the Gligar went of to attack Team Rocket; speaking of which, they managed to tie up and gag a couple of paramedics and steal their uniforms.

"Operation Chikorita capture is officially underway," Meowth said.

"Now let's get to it," Jessie said.

"Roger," James said starting the engine. Team Rocket drive off leaving the paramedics on the side of the road. They snicker as they were on their way to the Pokémon Center. "We're finally gonna make it to the big leagues!"

"We're finally gonna put that do-right goody two-shoes and his friends in their place!" Jessie said.

"I just hope nothing goes wrong this time," Meowth said.

"Don't jinx it, Meowth!" Jessie and James said to the cat Pokémon. Just then, a Gligar clings on the windshield. Team Rocket starts screaming. Gligar starts slobbering all over the windshield.

"What the?!" James exclaimed. James swerves the ambulance truck trying to get it off.

"Get it out of the way!" Jessie told him.

"I'm trying! I'm hoping that my driving will scare it off!" James said.

"Your driving scares me; but I don't know about that Gligar!" Meowth said. Gligar jumps off the truck. Team Rocket screams again as they crash into a tree. The airbag goes off suffocating them. Lucky, Meowth deflates the airbag with his claws. They got out of the truck and saw several more Gligar on the top of the truck.

"Just what was that about?" James asked.

"How dare you attack us out of nowhere like that!" Jessie hissed at the Pokémon.

"Gligar, Gligar, Gligar, Gligar, Gligar, Gar, Gli, Gligar, Gar, Gligar, Gar!" One of the Gligar said.

"What did that one say, Meowth?" Jessie asked.

"That Gligar said they can attack anybody they want, and if we don't like then we can get lost," Meowth translated.

"They can't do that to us and get away with it!" James said.

"We were supposed to be the villains here! And no Gligar are gonna steal our spotlight!" Jessie said taking out a Pokéball and threw it. "Arbok! Go!"

"Victreebel! Get in there!" James said throwing his Pokéball. As soon as Victreebel is let out, he began chewing on Jessie.

"James! Can't you control Victreebel?!" Jessie exclaimed while being chewed on.

"Victreebel! Use Vine Whip on those Gligar!" James ordered. Victreebel lets go of Jessie and attacks the Gligar with his vine. His vine misses them.

"Arbok! Poison Sting now!" Jessie ordered. Arbok fired Poison Sting right at the Gligar and the dodge the attack. They swoop down and start their assault on Team Rocket and their Pokémon. One of them clings onto Jessie's face. She starts running around in circles. "Get off of my fabulously sexy face, you little flying vermin!" The Gligar obliges her as the others rejoin with each other and fire their Poison Sting right at Team Rocket.

They dive down and swipe them with their claws sending Team Rocket flying right into the air.

"Our plan foiled before we could put it into effect!" James complained.

"And I was certain it'll be a winner too!" Jessie said. Wobbufett popped out of his Pokéball again.


"And where you when I needed you?!" Jessie hissed.

"I knew it was too good to be true," Meowth said.

"TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket said as they do the farther distance in the sky.

"Wobbu!" Wobbufett echoed.

The Gligar laughed.

"I think we proved our point!- Gligar 1 subtitle.

"Let's head back with the others." - Gligar 2 subtitle.

The attacking Gligar take their leave and rejoins the group.

Back at the Pokémon Center, Kairi had bandaged Sora's arm.

"Any better?" Kairi asked.

"As always, it's better with you around," Sora said. "And thanks."

"You're welcome," Kairi said. "That's what a girlfriend does for her boyfriend, right?" That made Sora smile. Just then Nurse Joy stepped out of the ER. Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine all went up to the young nurse. "How is Chikorita doing, Nurse Joy?"

"Chikorita is going to be just fine," Nurse Joy said smiling.

"That's a relief," Sora said.

"But, how is that arm of yours? Looks like Chikorita didn't cooperate," Nurse Joy said looking at Sora's bandaged arm. Sora looked at his arm and chuckled nervously.

"I took worse than a small bite," Sora said.

"Pika," Pikachu said.

"But, what's the deal with Chikorita?" Mallow asked. "I always thought they were pretty sweet and gentle."

"I was wondering about that myself," Lillie said. "Very different from what I read in books."

"I take it that not one of you is from around here?" Nurse Joy wondered. The group all nodded. "I'm not really surprised. People from the outside dosen't know how famous this place is for the local Chikorita."

"What do you mean?" Lana asked.

"The Chikorita here are very stubborn and they're battling bigger and stronger opponents even though they know they have no chance of winning," Nurse Joy explained.

"And that's when they end up here isn't it?" Kiawe asked.

"They keep battling until they can't battle anymore. It's actually very sad," Nurse Joy said.

Sora looked over to the Chikorita and smiled and remembered how hard this Chikorita battled against both Teddiursa and Heracross even though there was no chance of winning. He had to admit, he was very impressed by her determination. He remembered how determined his Bulbasaur was at protecting an entire village when he and Kairi were over at Melanie's village. He even remembered this determination when Bulbasaur helped battle all those Spearow and that Fearow sent by the two Pokémon hunters he rescued Kairi from.

"Well, you've gotta admire her spirit," Sora said.

Suddenly, a sound of breaking glass is heard from the front desk.

"What is that?!" Sophocles asked.

Everyone got their answer when a horde of Gligar are tearing the Pokémon Center apart.

"What the hell are they?" Kiawe asked.

"Those are Gligar!" Lillie said.

"Gligar?" Sora asked taking out his Pokédex.

Gligar, the Fly Scorpion Pokémon

Type: Ground/Flying

Gligar glides through the air without a sound as if it were sliding. This Pokémon hangs on to the face of its foe using its clawed hind legs and the large pincers on its forelegs, then injects the prey with its poison barb.

"Something else you wanna fill us in on?" Sora asked.

"All these Gligar are wild!" Nurse Joy said. "They're known to attack anyone and anything they see!" Nurse Joy said. "It has been a problem for a while now!"

"Let's clear them out!" Sora said taking out a Premiere Ball.

"Right!" Kairi said as she also took out Jigglypuff's Pokéball as did the Alolan nine. "Jigglypuff! Go!" She threw the Pokéball letting out her Jigglypuff.

Lillie threw her Pokéball, "Snowy! Go!"

Illima threw his Pokéball, "Go! Stantler!"

Mallow threw her Pokéball, "Tsareena! Go!"

Lana threw her Pokéball, "Go! Seaking!"

Kiawe threw his Pokéball, "Marowak! Go!"

Sophocles threw his Pokéball, "Join the battle, Vikavolt!"

Acerola threw her Pokéball, "Go! Mimikyu!"

Mina threw her Pokéball, "Shinnotic! Go!"

Hapu threw her Pokéball, "Mudsdale! Go!"

Sora threw his Premier Ball, "Go for it, Silvally!"

The group let out their Pokémon to battle the invading Gligar. Sora took out the Ice Memory and threw it at Silvally. "Since they're Ground and Flying Types, then let's make it a tad chilly for them!" Silvally turned into an Ice Type.

"Jigglypuff! Sing!" Kairi ordered. Jigglypuff sang a song as multicolored music notes all hit the invading Gligar. Some of them fell asleep while more kept coming. "Now use Double Slap!" Jigglypuff slapped the invading Gligar like crazy.

"Marowak! Shadow Bone!" Kiawe ordered as Marowak's bone emitted a shadowy aura and swung it at the fly scorpion Pokémon.

"Mimikyu! Play Rough!" Acerola ordered. Mimikyu leapt towards a bunch and pounded them in a dust cloud.

"Vikavolt! Vice Grip!" Sophocles ordered. Vikavolt manages to snatch a couple of Gligar in his manibles.

"Stantler! Use your antlers to create an illusion!" Illima called out. Stantler lets out a sweet smelling scent and the Gligar starts hallucinating seeing a huge herd of Stantler causing them to flee.

"Tsareena! Magical Leaf!" Mallow ordered. Tsareena lets out glowing multicolored leaves and they all hit the Gligar.

"Seaking! Use Waterfall!" Lana ordered as Seaking forms some water around her and charges into the Gligar.

"Mudsdale! Stomp!" Hapu ordered. Mudsdale stomps her hooves on the ground sending the Gligar back.

"Shiinotic! Dazzling Gleam!" Mina ordered. Shiinotic creates a a rainbow colored sphere around her body and slams into theinvaders.

"Snowy! Powder Snow!" Lillie ordered. Snowy fires a flurry of powdered snow right at the invading Gligar.

"Silvally! Multi-Attack!" Sora ordered. Silvally attacks several Gligar at once. That did heavy damage to them due to the Type its signature move is. More and more kept coming at them and they managed to deal with them.

Once everyone made it outside, they saw just how many Gligar there were; at least more than a dozen.

"There has to be way more than we can count," Lillie said.

"It reminds of the Grimer situation back at Gringey City," Lana shuddered at the memory.

"At least we'll deal with them now!" Sora said. Just then Gliscor lands in front of the group. "Whoa!"

"What is that thing?" Mallow asked.

"A humongous Gligar, maybe?" Kiawe guessed.

"No. It's Gligar's evolved form! It's a Gliscor!" Lillie explained. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the large Pokémon.

Gliscor, the Fang Scorpion Pokémon

The evolved from of Gligar

Type: Ground/Flying

It observes prey while hanging inverted from branches. When the chance presents itself, it swoops to the ground. Its flight is also soundless. It uses its lengthy tail to carry off its prey... Then its elongated fangs do the rest.

"I'm going to guess that's the ringleader," Acerola said.

"And you'd be right," Illima said. "Gligar and Gliscor hunt in packs. And this bunch is no exception."

"Also, the biggest ones usually leads," Lillie pointed out.

"Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Sora stated. "Silvally! Crush Claw on that Gliscor!" Silvally launched itself towards the Gliscor only to be knocked to the side by one its pincers.

"Silvally!" Sora gasped.

"Don't worry, Sora! We'll deal with him!" Kairi said. "Jigglypuff! Rollout!"

"Mudsdale! Move in for Mega Kick!" Hapu ordered.

"Seaking! Horn Attack!" Lana ordered.

"Marowak! Flame Wheel!" Kiawe ordered.

"Vikavolt! Vicegrip!" Sophocles ordered.

The five Pokémon moved in to deliver their attacks. Gliscor managed to mop the floor with them. Gliscor started with Jigglypuff just by swinging his tail sending her flying. Gliscor swats Marowak and Seaking with his pincers. Gliscor then grabs Mudsdale and tosses the horse Pokémon straight at Vikavolt.

"Jigglypuff!" Kairi gasped.

"Marowak!" Kiawe exclaimed.

"Mudsdale!" Hapu shouted.

"My Vikavolt!" Sophocles cried out.

"Seaking!" Lana shouted.

Gliscor didn't waste any time having to deal with Shiinotic, Tsareena, Stantler, Mimikyu, and Snowy. Gliscor had beaten them all like it was no probelm.

"That Gliscor is stronger than we thought," Acerola said.

"He has proven to be a force to be reckoned with," Hapu said.

"Yeah," Mina said.

"We can't throw in the towel yet!" Sora said. "We can take him down!"

"Sora's right! It's not over yet!" Kiawe said.

Sora, Kairi, and the Alolan nine were about try again only for a Razor Leaf to come out of nowhere. It strikes Gliscor right on the head. They all turned to see the source of the Razor Leaf. It came from Chikorita.

"Chiko!" Chikorita said spinning her leaf.

"You shouldn't be here, Chikorita! That Gliscor is too much for you!" Sora said. "Get back inside!"

"Chikor!" Chikorita said shaking her head.

"You wanna battle that Gliscor?" Sora asked confused.

"Chi!" Chikorita nodded. Before Sora could do anything, Chikorita charges at Gliscor with a Tackle and it hits the larger Pokémon right on the mark.

"SCOR!" Gliscor wheezed. Gliscor glared at the leaf Pokémon in a rage. The other Gligar wanted to get in on the action, but their leader tells them to stay back.

The two Pokémon stared into each other like a standoff. They waited for the other to make a move. When the opportunity came, Chikorita charges towards the Gliscor with another Tackle while Gliscor did the same. Gliscor starts up with his pincer emitted a dark aura.

"Gliscor is starting with Night Slash!" Sophocles said.

"Chikorita! Get out of there!" Sora called out. Chikorita refused to back down. Chikorita avoids Night Slash and sends out another Razor Leaf. Gliscor blocks it with his wings. And moves in a dive. Gliscor swings his tail and it manages to hit Chikorita right on the money. Chikorita then uses Vine Whip and wraps the attack around Gliscor's tail to bring it down. The fang scorpion Pokémon swings his tail and sends Chikorita flying. Gliscor swoops down and picks the leaf Pokémon with his pincer. Gliscor throws Chikorita down to the ground.

"Chikorita!" Kairi gasped.

"Toge!" Togepi covers his eyes.

Chikorita lands on the ground hard. Chikorita was pretty injured again, but she manages to get back on her feet. Gliscor saw the determination in Chikorita's eyes and liked it.

"Either you're very brave or you're just a complete fool! You can fight me to your heart's content, but you'll never be a match for me!" - Gliscor subtitle.

"I don't care what you say! I can take you down and I will! I won't be stomped to the ground by the likes of you! So, come on! Give me your best shot! Do your worst!" - Chikorita subtitle. Gliscor chuckles.

"Then you'll have my worst!" - Gliscor subtitle. The fang scorpion Pokémon slams his tail to the ground making some dirt debris. Chikorita was caught in the blast and fell to the side.

Chikorita could barely stand up as Gliscor came towards Chikorita raising his pincer to deliver the finishing blow. Chikorita couldn't do anything but watch the inevitable to happen. Unwilling to watch anymore, Sora rushes towards over to Chikorita to save her. Sora succeeded to reach Chikorita, but he takes the hit from Gliscor. Everyone was aghast by what they just saw; especially Kairi and Pikachu. They both ran to his side.

"SORA!" Kairi cried out.


Chikorita couldn't believe what she just saw. A human had risked his life for her after what she been through. Chikorita looked at the spikey-headed boy as he barley sat up.

"Ugh," Sora groaned. "I had taken worse hits than this."

"Sora!" Kairi cried as she took her boyfriend in her arms.

"Ow, ow, ow! Not too hard! That hurts!" Sora said. Kairi started to cry.

"Why did you have to scare me like that?" Kairi asked with her voice trembling.

"I'm sorry, Kairi," Sora said. "I did it to save Chikorita."

"That would have killed you! I will never be able to face your mom if I've lost you!" Kairi said teary eyed.

Chikorita watched the scene, and became even more determined than ever. Chikorita then started to give off a green glow in her body.

"What's happening to Chikorita now?" Lana asked.

"I think it's Overgrow," Mallow answered.

"Mallow's right," Lillie agreed. "Seeing what Sora did to save Chikorita must have triggered her ability. Her Grass Type attacks will increase in Power!"

Chikorita stares back at Gliscor and spins her leaf again. Chikorita charges at Gliscor again and sends out another Vine Whip attack. The attack was much stronger than before. Chikorita then sends out another Razor Leaf and it strikes Gliscor hard. He falls to the ground totally beaten. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine were all amazed by the sight. A small Chikorita has managed to take down a huge Pokémon like a Gliscor. The Gligar were also shocked by the sight. Gliscor gets back up and scowls at the group. He turns to Chikorita.

"I'll remember this you little runt! And if I were you, I'd watch my back!" - Gliscor subtitle.

Gliscor and the Gligar take off. All of them, but one have already been gone. This one was looking at Sora for some reason. It rejoined the pack not wanting to be left behind.

Mina had called out Clefairy to have her use Heal Pulse on Sora again. He was at one hundred percent.

"Much better," Sora said stretching his back. He looks at Chikorita and smiles. "And it looks like you're the hero here, Chikorita. You single-handedly took down a huge Gliscor despite the odds being against you."

"Chikor!" Chikorita beamed.

Everyone manages to have a look at the Pokémon Center and they didn't seem to that much damage to the place.

"The damage dosen't look all bad," Mallow said.

"How about we help fix the place before we take off?" Hapu suggested.

"That's not a bad idea," Kairi said. "I'm sure Nurse Joy will be very appreciative of our help."

"Yeah, let's get to work," Sora agreed.

Everyone manages to help out with the repairs as best they could. Nurse Joy was grateful for what the group had done to protect the place from the invading Gligar. They managed to get down with the repairs at the best of their abilities and decided to leave the rest for professionals. On the very next morning, Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, and the Alolan nine were all taking their leave.

"Thank you all for your help," Nurse Joy said gratefully. "You didn't have to all that."

"We know, but we couldn't leave it like this," Illima said.

"It's just our way for repaying you and your relatives for healing up our Pokémon," Lillie said.

"And that is very appreciated," Nurse Joy said.

"We have to be going now," Sora said. He looks down at Chikorita with a smile. "You try not to be stubborn, okay?"

"Chiko," Chikorita said sadly.

"Well, see ya," Sora said.

"Take care of yourselves," Nurse Joy said.

Chikorita runs over to Sora not wanting him to go without her.

"Chikorita? What's the matter?" Sora asked. Chikorita waves her leaf in face letting out a sweet smelling aroma.

"That smells really nice," Kairi said.

"Sure does," Sora said. Nurse Joy walks up to the group.

"I think Chikorita wants to come along with you and your friends," Nurse Joy said.

"Really?" Sora asked. Chikorita nuzzles Sora's leg.

"Really. Chikorita could use a trainer like you to teach her not to be so stubborn," Nurse Joy said.

"I think you're right," Sora said. He picks Chikorita up and holds her. "If this is what you want, then I can only say is, welcome aboard!" Chikorita kissed him on the cheek. He places Chikorita down so as Sora could take out a Pokéball. He throws it in the air and Chikorita jumps up. She pushes the button on the Pokéball and flows inside. Stars swirls around the Pokéball confirming the catch. Sora's Pokédex starts buzzing asking him if he wants to keep Chikorita on his team or send her to Professor Oak's lab. She sends Heracross over to Professor Oak's lab to keep Chikorita. "I promise to take very good care of Chikorita."

"I know you will, Sora," Nurse Joy said.

The group said their goodbyes to the nurse and continued on towards Violet City. But, unknown to the group, Gliscor and his Gligar pack are following the group. What kind of trouble do they have in store for our friends. Just wait and see!