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- Ascension -

- By Brian -

+ Chapter Three: Revelation +

The male scoffed as his female companion's request. "I don't think that would be a very good idea, Rose…we could get caught…"

"Oh, dear…you're so stiff about intimacy sometimes…" she replied blandly, her sultry smile replaced with a pout, "Sometimes I wonder why I married you in the first place…"

"But dear, today's a very important day, remember?" he replied in a distracted tone, busily typing at a computer terminal, "We've got to make sure everything goes according to plan…otherwise grave things might happen…"

"Like what?" she asked casually, twirling around in her chair like how a child would, despite the fact that she was a highly respected scientist, "It's not like anything bad will happen…"

The clicking sounds of typing stopped, and he faced her with a grim expression. "Well, you and I might not be married anymore, for one thing. I don't want to lose you, when it happens…that's why I'm making sure all the calculations are correct…'"

Her face softened, and her eyes became wide with fear at the very thought. "I…I'm sorry dear. I didn't think that you'd be doing all of that work just to make sure that we…don't get separated."

"Everything I do…I do for you, Rose Waterflower…" he said quietly, his eyes admiring her beautiful face and fiery red hair, "You're my everything…without you, I'm nothing…"

Rose's eyes started to glisten, and she embraced him, not caring if any of the other researchers saw them. "Now I remember why I married you, Jack Waterflower…you've got that funny way with words that make me feel like I'm something important…"

"Is that the only reason, Mrs. Waterflower?" replied Jack, winking suggestively.

"Well, Mr. Waterflower…" she whispered happily, "Your last name sure looks better on me then it does on you…"

* * *

"Commander?" asked a huge figure, dressed in a lab coat and sandals, "Can I…have a word with you?"

She examined him for a moment, before motioning for him to sit down. "What do you want to discuss with me, Dr. Birch?"

He rubbed the back of his head nervously. "I…I'm having some second thoughts about the project."

"What do you mean?"

"Well…I don't…I don't think we should be playing God, you know? What if something goes wrong? What if our calculations are off, as many of us have feared? What if…what if the world is destroyed, because of what we are going to do?" he said, his voice filled with concern.

She stared at him, a long, piercing gaze that made him want to run, run as far away as he could; he had heard of people voicing their opinions on the project, and rumors spread around, saying that she dealt with those people in harsh and brutal ways. He was a large man, bigger then anyone else working on Project D, but he was gentle, and never tried to use his size to intimidate people; just being in the same room with the commander made him terrified.

He flinched as she suddenly stood up, wondering if she was going to reach for a gun or weapon of some kind. Instead, she had simply turned around, with her back facing him.

"Tell me, Dr. Birch…how has the 'Night' affected you, personally?"

He was not expecting this at all, and it showed as he stuttered for a few seconds. "Well, ma'am…I…I…"

"Your son, Brendan…how is he doing right now?"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Is…is that a threat, ma'am…?"

"No, Dr. Birch. You'll know when it is. Now…answer the question."

"He's…doing fine. Why do you want to know?"

She turned around to face him, her features void of any emotion. "War will be coming soon, if Project D is not initiated today."

"What does that have to do with my son?"

"Ever since 'Night' began he's been sick, am I correct?"

"Right…" he answered, unsure of where this conversation was going.

"It's because he hasn't been getting enough nutrients, right? The produce made using pseudo-solar energy isn't good enough…it's nothing compared to real sunlight."

He lowered his head and closed his eyes. "Yes…he's very sick right now, actually…I…I don't know what to do."

"And that frustrates you, since you are one of the world's greatest minds?"

"Yes…everyday I feel more useless…because I have to watch him suffer needlessly…"

"Dr. Birch…like I mentioned before…war is coming. Your son Brendan…no matter how sick he may be, will be drafted into the army, and he will be killed in a pointless battle over practically nothing." she said calmly, returning to her large, leather seat.

His head remain lowered, realizing that she was right. If he didn't help with Project D, then his son would die, instead of what would happen if Project D were to be initiated.

"You…you're right, commander. I'm sorry…I just…I had thought that Project D might not be beneficial to mankind-"

She cut him off. "It will be, Dr. Birch. Just think about it…no more wars…no more 'Night'…we will be able to fix all of our mistakes, and bring humanity into a new age of enlightenment-"

"Even though we'll never get to see it…I mean, we will, but not…us."

"It is worth it, don't you agree?"

"As long as I get to see my son healthy again…then it's worth it. Thank you for your time, Commander Ketchum." he said, bowing before turning around and walking out of her spacious office.

Commander Delia Ketchum allowed herself a small smile, confident in the knowledge that Project D would commence, after years upon years of research and calculating.


* * *

She felt so foolish. Of course he would end up with his first love…

Her boyfriend's Pikachu had woken up her, and since she couldn't get back to sleep, so she had gone downstairs to get something to eat when she had seen them together. The red-haired girl was laughing, while her dripping-wet boyfriend had a Surskit on his face. Soon after that she secretly followed them, until they came to stop near a small lake…

Her little brother must've been laughing right now. It didn't matter that he was in Petalburg City at the moment…she just knew for a fact that he must've been laughing his head off.

She had to run faster…the further away, the better.

Her little brother had told her that it was a mistake to like Ash. Her brother had said that Ash was too dense and a horrible pokémon trainer…he had said that it would only end up badly between her and Ash, because she was the other girl in his life, and that she was not as pretty as Misty.

She was still running, with no place in particular to go to.

Her father must be shaking his head right now. He must have been so disappointed in his only daughter, the daughter who he had placed all his hopes and dreams on. She knew, deep in her heart, that her father would have been much happier if she was a boy, instead of the tomboy that she tried her best to be.

She didn't like running away…she didn't want to run away. But she had to…it was the only thing she could do.

Her friend Wally must've been grinning ear to ear, wherever he was. He had had the biggest crush on her since the day she had moved to Petalburg City, and she could've sworn that he had tried to propose to her on at least three separate occasions. He was sort of frail and sickly back then, which made her feel bad for him, but now it looked like things had come full circle.

She felt sick and tired…her throat felt raw…and her lungs burned, as if they were on fire…

Her mother told her that love was something that was built on trust and friendship.

She wanted to trust Ash…

Her father taught how to be tough and not let your emotions get the better of you. You had to maintain balance in your life, before you could pursue other things.

She fell to the ground, not seeing the rock fast enough in time. She groaned in pain, half from the fall and half from her exhausted lungs, and lifted her head up to see where she was. A few yards away she could make out a small house, with a white picket fence and well-kept garden…

That was Ash's house.

"Perfect…" she muttered under her breath, before feeling a wave of fatigue starting to wash over her.

The last thing she thought of before slipping into unconsciousness was Ash, and how happy he must be, now that the love of his life had returned for good.

* * *

Professor Oak was an all around nice sort of guy, at least to Brock. The guy had always been so supportive of Ash, despite the fact that Ash's rival had once been Gary Oak. He never knew why exactly, considering the circumstances, but it didn't matter; it was not his place to ask.

He sighed as he saw the familiar lab in full view. Professor Oak, despite his absented minded nature, had a knack for knowing exactly what was wrong. Perhaps it was because of having to observe pokémon behavior all his life, or maybe he was psychic…but either way, Professor Oak must've known why he had been acting so funny when he had arrived in Pallet after the Orange League games were over.

Of course, Brock wasn't angry with the Professor…he just didn't know what to say, or how to describe what he went through.

How could anyone describe Hell? he mused darkly, his pace quickening, despite his anxiety.

Professor Oak is going to ask me how I'm doing, I bet. He'll make small talk about the weather, and how healthy Steelix looks. Then somehow the conversation will wander back to why I freaked out every time Professor Iv-her name was mentioned…

Without realizing it he was already on the front steps leading to the laboratory. He sighed once more, before ringing the bell, which would most likely wake up the professor in case he was still asleep.

* * *

"Hello, father. Pleasant morning, isn't it?" she remarked, causing her father to blink in confusion. He had been cooking breakfast for his little girl, who had been sitting at the table quietly, and well…everything had seemed perfectly normal. However, when he had turned around to ask her what type of eggs she wanted, he had found a teenage girl sitting in her place, looking back at him with innocent eyes.

Professor Spencer Hale, who was still dressed in his morning robe, widened his eyes in horror. "What have you done with my little girl? Molly? Where are you Molly?"

She giggled at him. "You don't have to be so dramatic, daddy. It's just me, your nine-year-old daughter Molly!"

"But how can I tell the difference? The girl I see before me is mature and well mannered, unlike my own daughter…" he said with mock-sadness in his tone.

A bright flash filled the room, and right before his eyes his daughter had reverted back to her nine-year-old self.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to use your powers around the mansion? We still haven't been able to figure out why the Unown are still with you, or why they aren't causing any harm…" he said in a concerned voice.

She smiled at him knowingly. "Don't worry, daddy. The Unown are my friends. They helped me when I was sad, and they brought back you and mommy. They didn't know what they were doing when all that crystal started popping up…they said they were very sorry about that."

"But Molly…"

"They said that I have a very important purpose in what will come. That's why they are still with me."

Spencer immediately hushed, shocked to hear something so serious coming from his daughter.

"They say that I have to go help the Chosen One when the time is right. Something very important is going to happen."

He dropped the spatula he had been using to cook the eggs, his mouth wide open, yet no words would come out. Didn't Delia tell me that Ash was…?

"I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, exactly. But don't worry daddy!" she said with a cheerful grin, "Everything's going to be just fine!"

* * *

"Gardevoir! What are you doing girl?" Wally shouted frantically, watching helplessly as it used Psychic on his Delcatty, knocking it out instantly.

["I have to help you."]

Wally froze. Was his Gardevoir talking to him? He thought that pokémon could only say their names…but then again, she was a psychic type, and a powerful one at that.

"Help me with what? I'm not sick and frail anymore…" he said, pounding his chest to emphasize his point, "I feel much better now that I'm a pokémon trainer!"

["You don't understand, master."]

"No…I don't I understand. What's with you? How come you aren't listening to me?"

["I apologize, master. But I have to do what must be done. I cannot lose you."]

"What must be done? Lose me? Gardevoir…what's going on?"

["You cannot, nor will you understand. I do not like what I am going to do, but it is for your own good."]

"Gardevoir! I can take care of myself…I don't need you making decisions for me, especially if they involve you wigging out on me!"

["I will not fail, master. Don't worry. I will return soon, and then we won't have to worry about being separated."]

"But…I don't understand! What are you going to do?"

["The Chosen One…I have to find him, before it is too late. I will see you soon, master."]

Before Wally could wonder what she meant she disappeared in a flash of blinding bright light.

"She used Teleport…but where is she going…?" he said helplessly, wondering if he'd ever see her again.

* * *

"And so then this trainer comes along…he was like, from Johto or something…and he has this insane notion that if he used a fire pokémon he could evaporate the water out of my pokémon," she said, grinning from ear to ear, "You should've seen the look on his face when he lost in less then a minute, it was so sad…."

He smiled at the imagery. "That sounds kind of like me…I mean, the old me, you know?"

"Oh really? You mean you aren't sending poor Bayleef against Scizors anymore?"

He blushed and looked away, suddenly finding the sky very interesting. "Um…maybe…occasionally…but Bayleef is really strong…?"

"Riiight. You know, Ash…one of these days you're gonna have to learn what types are strong against what…" she said, shaking her head in disapproval.

"All I need to win is friendship and heart, Misty!" he exclaimed proudly, "After all, it's what has gotten me through the Kanto, Orange, Johto, and Hoenn Leagues!"

She smiled at him. "Well…you do have a point…sort of. I'm really happy that you managed to place fourth in the Hoenn League…I only wish I could've been there in person to cheer you on, instead of watching it on TV…"

"Hey, don't worry about it. I knew you were cheering me on, even though you were hundreds of miles away."

"But Ash…I could've closed the gym and flown over there, so that I could-"

"So that you could cheer me on, at the cost of disappointing a few eager trainers who wanted to battle the great Cerulean Gym Leader?" he said, crossing his arms.

"I guess…you have a point there, Ash." she replied with a wry smile, "It looks like your arguing skills have improved dramatically since the last time I've seen you. What happened to my sweet, dense Ash?"

He blushed awkwardly at that, wondering when he had become "hers". "I…um…well…the thing is…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence, however, as a huge orange tinted blur zoomed past them, leaving a sonic boom in its wake.

Misty, who had managed to duck to the ground in time, looked around in a daze as she slowly stood up. "Did…was that…a Dragonite?"

"Wait a minute…wasn't it heading towards…oh no! Misty…it was heading towards Pallet Town!" cried Ash frantically, his mind working fervently on remembering anyone who might've held a grudge against him, besides Team Rocket.

"What are we going to do, Ash? We can't get there in time…at least not on foot…" she said.

"Then we'll have to chase after it! Go Charizard!" he exclaimed, throwing out a red-and-white ball into the air.

Ash had drawn out his fire/flying pokémon, and soon they were riding on its back as it raced after the Dragonite, all of them hoping that they weren't too late…

* * *

Almost there…

It's been so long…

Since I've been…home.

- To Be Continued. -

Author's Notes:

Did anyone get the Jack and Rose Waterflower thing? If not…well…it'll be explained in future chapters. I got my inspiration for the names from the movie Titanic and the game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. If you didn't know, the Jack and Rose in both those stories are tragic couples, and if you've read my stories about Misty's family…then well, you might already know some details. Maybe.

Professor Birch is huge in the anime. He's like…a giant or something. He towers over Ash and May, and he's wide but not wide as in fat, you know what I mean? Oh yeah, and his son is Brendan…since May's dad is Norman. That's how the game works.

May is a strong character, and she won't be moping around for long. She and Misty have a big part in this story, much bigger then you'd expect. The little brother she mentions is Masato (who I left in Petalburg City with Norman, since I have no idea what his English name is).

Molly Hale is from the third pokémon movie, and let's just say that the Unown haven't left her alone just yet. She also has a big part to play, as shown by her statements.

Wally captures a Ralts in the game as his first pokémon in the beginning of the game, and it becomes a high level Gardevoir when you meet him in Ever Grande City's Victory Road.

Green (Julia) is in the manga, although she's gone through a change since this is an anime version of her. I gave her the name Julia simply because the manga only refers to her as Green. By the way…she still has Jigglypuff, and they were both featured briefly in the manga Pokémon Adventures: Yellow Caballero: ~Pikachu's New Partner~ and ~The Ice Cage~…at least, those two are the only ones I've read where I've seen them make an appearance. I need to find more issues. If anyone has or knows a website with pictures of Green, please feel free to tell me in a review or email.

In response to the question about Gold/Silver/Crystal characters: I don't think I'll be adding them in the story, although they might get a cameo…maybe.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, and sorry for being a little late on this chapter. I hope all of you reading this will tell me what you think of the story so far, since I appreciate what you guys have to say.

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