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- Ascension -

- By Brian -

+ Chapter Four: Reunion +

"Working on another one of your perverted experiments, Dr. Elm?" she remarked, looking at the two large tubes in the room with interest.

He looked back at her with a deathly glare. "This is a part of Project D, Dr. Ivy, but you probably wouldn't know that anyways, since you and Dr. Oak seem to indulge yourselves in your own little games quite often…"

She grinned, not at all offended like he thought she would be. "You're just jealous that you can't get a real woman…"

"What are you trying to imply?" he said through clenched teeth.

"I'm saying that the only women that you'll ever go near," she pointed to the large glass tubes in the middle of the room, "are the ones that you're creating in this very lab. Don't you think that's just…sad?"

He growled at her. "Those girls in there…they are part of Project D. I don't like what you are trying to insinuate, so I'd suggest you leave, unless you want me to-"

"No need, Dr. Elm. I was about to let myself out anyways," she said in a bored tone, turning around and walking towards the entrance, "I'm sure you'd love some alone time with your girls."

She was gone before he could reply, but it was better that way. He didn't want to lose his temper and strangle her…he had other, more important things to concentrate on at the moment.

Today's the day… Elm thought to himself, as he gazed upon the two glass tubes in the center of the room, the first one containing a pink-haired girl, while the second one contained an azure-haired girl.

"My wonderful daughters…you two will help lead us into the future…" he said, his voice filled with pride as he gazed upon the two girls.

* * *

"That thing is fast…too fast…" mumbled Ash, barely able to make out the Dragonite that was racing ahead of them, as well as the trainer that was riding on top of it.

It could be something sent from Team Rocket…but why would a person be on it? Why go to Pallet Town? No one rides a Dragonite into Pallet without wanting to do some serious damage…and since I've caused plenty of damage to Team Rocket…then…that means…no!

All the people I care about are there!

Mom…Professor Oak…Brock…Tracey…Gary…


May…I hope you're safe right now…I wouldn't want anything to happen to you…I-

"Ash! It's heading right for Professor Oak's laboratory!" Misty cried out, pointing towards the orange-skinned dragon, which had started to nosedive towards the town's only laboratory.

"Come on Charizard, we've got to catch up to that Dragonite!"

Charizard nodded its head, before swiftly diving in after the Dragonite as fast as it could without throwing off its passengers.

* * *

"Sorry for not answering the door sooner, Brock, but I…overslept." Professor Oak yawned, enjoying the rays of sunshine beating down on him. "What wonderful weather we're having, don't you think so?"

"It's no trouble Professor Oak, I didn't wait too long." replied Brock, raising an eyebrow.

A smile lit up Professor Oak's face as he rubbed his hands in anticipation. "Well then, let's get right down do it, shall we? Why don't we take a good look at your Steelix?"

"Go Steelix!" Brock threw a pokéball in the air, causing his large steel-type pokémon to appear in a flash of bright light.

The huge steel snake roared proudly, happy to show off it's new, more powerful form.

"What do you think?" Brock asked, although he had a feeling that Professor Oak was going to bring up the subject of…her.

"Your Steelix looks very healthy, and lot happier then the last time I examined him." said Professor Oak, rubbing the steel plated pokémon affectionately. "I recommend you keep Steelix away from staying in the water for long periods of time, because it'll rust him pretty badly. You might also want to change its food to a bigger serving, since Steelix tend to eat quite a lot more."

Steelix roared in agreement, obviously happy that its master's friend suggested that more food be given.

"Thanks for the advice Professor Oak." the squinty-eyed teenager said, as he recalled his Steelix back into it's ball. "I guess I should be going now, mom and dad asked if I could drop by Pewter City today and-"

"Didn't you say your mom was dead?" asked the older man in bewilderment.

Brock blinked. "I said that? I don't remember saying that…"

"Actually, I think Professor Ivy mentioned that awhile back." replied Oak, putting his hand to his chin. "So what did happen then?"

Brock shuddered at the mention of…her name…but quickly regained his composure. "Well…my dad left the family to become a pokémon master, which left my mom and the kids without someone to take care of them. She couldn't handle it either, so she left too, leaving me to take care of them…"

"And now she's back?"

"Yeah…she came home a year ago, about the time Ash was starting out in Hoenn. I find out when I saw the Pewter City Gym painted in pastel colors and a bunch of water pokémon swimming around in an indoor swimming pool. My dad was freaked out, because he couldn't open the gym under such unusual conditions."

"What about the fact that his wife had returned? Shouldn't he have been more concerned about that?"

"Err…that's hard to explain. My mom and dad haven't always seen eye to eye, especially when you factor in their choice of pokémon; dad uses rock types, while mom seems to have a thing for water types. They both seemed to have a knack for leaving behind the family …" Brock added painfully, still wondering why his mom and dad had left all those years ago.

Professor Oak rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "That's kind of like you and Misty, eh?"

Brock blinked in surprise, not expecting that at all. "Huh?"

"Well, you used to specialize in rock types, while Misty seemed to love water types. Both of you left Ash at one point, and both of you consider Ash to be like family. Sorry for being so introspective, but I just…thought it seemed quite interesting." remarked the professor casually, as if his comments didn't matter at all.

The teenager blinked once more before continuing with his story. "Anyways…mom defeated dad in a pokémon battle, and that somehow sparked their relationship all over again. Right now they're training my ten year old brother to be the next gym leader…"

"The heat of being in battle must've rekindled the heat of their romance!" Professor Oak joked, although Brock tried his best not to groan in embarrassment.

"Uh, right. Anyways, I'm wondering if you could also check out my Ludicolo and Marshstomp-"

"Water types? I thought you took after your father? And isn't that Misty's specialty?"

"Since Pewter City is now a rock and water gym I thought I should go with the flow, you know?" said Brock, outwardly cringing at his attempt to rhyme.

Professor Oak smiled cheerfully. "Well then, I'd be more than happy to take a look at them Brock, as soon as you let me ask you one question…."

"Sure Professor, what is it-"

Professor Oak looked away for a second, his face suddenly going from a cheerful smile to a grim expression, before turning his head to face Brock. "Brock…I want you to tell me what happened back on Valencia Island."

* * *

"Misdreavus! Mis…Misdrevous…!" ["I…I can feel it…!"] wailed the female ghost.

"Missy…what's wrong…?" Marina said, holding her ghost pokémon tightly to her chest, "Please…please tell me what's wrong…"

Kenta and his Typlosion looked on in worry, wondering if their battle had hurt the ghost pokémon somehow. "Is she going to be okay? Typlosion here didn't mean to singe her that badly…"

Marina tried her best to smile at her friend, even though she wasn't sure what was wrong with her pokémon. They had been having a friendly battle only moments earlier, and she hadn't been able to tell her Misdreavus to dodge in time. This was all her fault…if only she hadn't been so distracted by…

Kenta offered one of his potions to Marina. "Take this…maybe it'll help…?"

"Misdreavus!" ["You can't hear me…but try to understand master…please!"] cried out the ghost pokémon to no avail.

She took the bottle and poured it on her Misdreavus, only to have the pokémon cry out in even more pain then before. Marina felt like she was about to cry, but that wouldn't do her pokémon any good, nor would it be wise to show weakness in front of Kenta, who she harbored a small crush on.

"Oh Kenta…what do you think is wrong with her? Your Typlosion's Flamethrower couldn't have caused this much pain on her…" she said in a quiet whisper, unable to take the pitiful wails and cries from her pokémon.

"I…I don't know what to do, Crystal…" he replied sadly, using her nickname as a term of endearment, since they had known each other since birth.

"Missy…Misdreavus…" ["The end is coming! The end is coming!"] screamed the Misdreavus.

"Oh Gold…she's in so much pain…" she said, while pulling out a pokéball from her belt and releasing the pokémon inside, which was a Jigglypuff.

"What…what are you going to do…?" Kenta asked quietly, hoping that his friend wasn't going to-

"Use your Sing attack on Missy…" she said while tossing a pair of earplugs to her friend after putting on her own, "Hurry Pink…"


Kenta let out a sigh of relief as the pink balloon pokémon sang the ghost pokémon to sleep, where it would feel no pain whatsoever. All they had to do now was find the nearest pokémon center to heal Misdreavus and everything would be okay again, and they could go on traveling and battling like they normally did.

Good thing that it was nothing too serious…he thought, as he offered a hand to Marina, who was cradling the sleeping ghost in her arms.

* * *

She could sense him. The Chosen One was close. Very close…

Gardevoir let itself smile as it hid itself, waiting for its prey to come. It was not inherently evil, nor was it doing this for sadistic pleasure. No…this was for a much greater purpose…

This was all for her trainer Wally…the frail and sickly boy who had raised it from a tiny and shy Ralts into an immensely powerful Gardevoir. Its mother, a Gardevoir, and its father, an Alakazam, had abandoned it at a very young age, leaving it to fend for itself amongst a horde of Zigzagoons, Poochyenas, and the occasional Pelipper. If it hadn't been for Wally catching it when he did, it probably would not have survived much longer…

In other words, it going to owe back its trainer for everything…all the love and support and kind words…all of that would be repaid once it was done with its task, even if it didn't usually approve of such things.

It smiled once more as it saw two flying pokémon descending towards the ground, one of them carrying the Chosen One…

["It is time…"]

* * *

The room was dark, but he was used to the dark by now. The darkness didn't scare him, nor was he afraid of what could be lurking in the dark.

Fear was for the weak, a close friend had once told him. At the time it sounded like a pessimistic statement, but now…

He went over to his desk and sat down, not bothering to turn on the lamp; he had all the light he needed. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a small picture frame, his hand shaking as he set it upon the table.

The picture that lay in the frame was still in good condition, having not been handled with in years. He could still see the happiness, innocence, love, and ignorance in their faces.

His three daughters stood in the front of the picture, their smiles as bright as their spirits, while he and his wife were in the back, both of them holding the youngest addition to their family.

Out of all of them, the youngest was his favorite. She looked just like her mother, especially as she got older…

"Rose…" he whispered to the frame. "Why…why did you die? It wasn't supposed to be like this…"

Jack lay the picture frame face down, unable to look at their faces anymore as he started to change into his uniform, which signified his rank as the supreme leader…

Soon…we'll all be together again.

* * *

"They've touched the ground…" said Misty. "What are they going to do?"

"I don't know…"

Ash's Charizard let out a roar as it landed on the ground a few yards away from the Dragonite, ready to fight as soon as its master commanded it to.

What are they doing? Why are they just standing there? What are they waiting for? Why is his back turned?

"What do you want?" shouted Ash, taking out two more pokéballs since his most powerful pokémon was still at home with May. "Are you from Team Rocket? If you are, you're in for a lot of trouble because I placed fourth in the Hoenn League Tournament-"

The words died in his mouth as the mysterious figure turned around, revealing that the person wasn't a guy at all, but a girl around Ash's age…with emerald eyes…?

"Green…?" he managed to mutter out, and her response was a small smile and a nod.

* * *

She had to keep on running…no matter what, she had to keep on running…

Why are they after me?

The four of them were dressed in uniforms she had never seen before…they definitely weren't from Team Rocket…

Why did I do to them?

She had to keep on running…she could tell they were not friendly from the moment she stepped into her house and found them there, waiting for her…

I'm supposed to be a hero…I helped saved the world!

There was no one she could go to…she had made the mistake of running to the beach, which stretched for miles…

I don't want to die…I'm not supposed to die!

The only weapon she had against them was destroyed…they had found the musical instrument and destroyed it with a sickening crack…

I'll never be able to call upon it again…I won't ever get to play that sweet melody again…

Before she had met the Chosen One she didn't believe in the legends…she thought they were all just a load of crap…

If only you were here now, Ash…

Fatigue was starting to wear her down…she felt like she had been running forever…

I hope you're not going to suffer the same as me…

She couldn't keep going…she didn't have enough time…

Misty once told me that you were never going to be alone, because you have her with you…

She tripped, quickly falling face first into the sand, her pursuers quickly picking up their pace…

I hope she'll be able to protect you…I hope you'll remember me…

Melody managed to pick herself up from the sand, only to get kicked in the ribs by another one of them.

"You're not going anywhere..." one of them said, and she wanted to scream and shout, but she didn't have the strength to do either of those things.

"What…what are you going to do?" she asked quietly, not wanting to give them the pleasure of seeing her defeated expression…

She felt cold metal steel press against her temple, causing her to shiver with fear; she was going to die.

"You should consider yourself lucky, the leader of Team Aqua himself ordered this hit on you…you must be really important or something…" said another voice, this time female.

Melody remembered a dream she had a few nights ago…she could see two titans fighting, more viciously then anything the legendary birds had done…every time the two titans clashed the world shook and shivered, as if it was coming to an end…

She had thought it was only a dream, but now she realized that it was a premonition of things to come…

"Any last words, bitch?"

Melody fought back the urge to cry. "Go to hell-"


There was silence as she fell to the soft sand with a quiet thud, her essence slowly draining from her as the four Team Aqua members left the scene.

- To Be Continued. -

Author's Notes:

Pretty morbid way to finish off this chapter, don't you think?

For those people who don't know, Melody was the one who helped Ash in the second movie.

The two girls mentioned in the first section with Professor Elm are pretty easy to figure out, so I won't bother mentioning who they are.

Brock catches a Lotad (which evolves into Ludicolo) and a Mudkip (which evolves into Marshstomp, then Swampert) while in Hoenn, and he does so because the gym in the anime is now a Rock and Water Gym. For those who don't know, Brock's mother didn't die in the Japanese version of the show, she merely ran away just like her husband. She returns in the episode "Brock! Save Pewter Gym!" and decides to redecorate the gym in pastel blue colors, along with an indoor swimming pool. His mom and dad make up, by the way, which means that Brock has his whole family back together. Basically, the whole section with Brock and Professor Oak talking is all true; the only thing made up is Professor Oak's responses, since this is a work of fiction.

I tend to believe that Ghosts, Psychics, and Darks all have some sort of psychic ability, which is why Marina's Misdreavus is freaking out so badly, even though the action is taking place hundreds of miles away. So yeah…Marina (Crystal) and Kenta (Gold) got to have a cameo, even though I wish I could've given them their English names (which are nonexistent).

Dragonite's are one of the fastest flyers in the anime, hence why it was able to get to Pallet so quickly.

Don't worry, May, Gary and Tracey, and Team Rocket will all make appearances in the next chapter, and there's going to be some more battling and more interaction with Ash/May/Misty.

In response to some of your questions:

Molly's actually seven when Ash and company first met her, and it's been two years since the Unown Incident.

There's an online Pokédex at http://www.pokefor.tk/.

The person talking at the end of Chapter Three was Green, not her Dragonite.

Duplica might make an appearance…

Yes, I love the dark and twisted ones too.

The "Night" is explained in chapters one and two. It was caused by a huge amount of pollution, enough to block out the sun.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, I'm really surprised that this story has gotten so much of it. I'm hoping that all of you people will keep on reviewing, since I love hearing what you guys think about this story.

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