Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Hotels and Familiar Faces ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Hotels and Familiar Faces

As they drove to the The Dragonite Hotel, Rudy talked about the ball. They had found out that all the gym leaders from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Hokkaido, Shibuya, Edo, and Shinjuku regions would all be there as well as the Orange Crew. Ash was happy about this since he had gone to all those regions. Just as he was about to tell them more, they reached the hotel. Ash and Misty stared in awe at the hotel. They were sure it was 5 star. Ash pulled Rudy aside and whispered “ I may have won a lot of battles, but even I don’t have the money for this place.” Rudy chuckled and replied “ Don’t worry. The Pokemon League is picking up the tab since she’s a gym leader and you’ve won the Orange Cup.” Ash nodded and rejoined Misty.

They went to the front desk and the woman behind the desk looked up “ Rudy ! You’re back!” she exclaimed.” I was only gone for a day, Kasumi. Ash, Misty , this is Kasumi, my fiancée.” “ Nice to meet you.” Misty replied. “Hey hon, are these the people you told me about.” “ Yeah, Kasumi. There’s one thing though. I originally booked them two single rooms, but now they only need one double.” “Oh dear! That’s a problem. There aren’t anymore doubles left because of the ball. We also accidentally double booked their rooms. We just found out this morning and the other guests are already here so we gave them the room. The only room left is the penthouse suite.” Rudy thought about it for a minute. “ Well since I’m staying with you Kasumi, I don’t need a room. So, it should be fine with the League if you guys took the suite. The cost of the three original rooms should be about the cost of the suite, right Kasumi.” “Actually, the three rooms cost more than the suite.” she replied. “Well, that’s settled. Let’s go up to the room so we can catch up. See you when you get off, Kasumi. We’re going out for dinner right, Hon?” “ Yeah. See you at 5.”

As they made their way across the lobby towards the elevator they bumped into two people. They got angry until they saw who it was: Jessie and James. Misty shouted “Jessie! It’s been so long!” They hugged and Ash shook James’ hand. As Jessie and James told them they were here for the ball since they had taken over the Viridian gym when Agatha had taken her place with the Elite Four, Ash remembered what had made them such good friends.

Ash had been walking home after being in the top 4 of the Shibuya Conference. As Brock and him were reaching the intersection that would break up the duo, Brock heading home before meeting up with Ash in Pallet Town to start making their way to Edo, they ran into Misty. She had been on her way to visit with Mrs. Ketchum. After catching up, Brock went home, leaving the couple. As they got about halfway to Pallet Town three figures emerged from the woods. Ash looked at the group coming towards them gasping at their disheveled looks. As Ash and Misty went to them they were surprised when they realized it was Jessie, James, and Meowth. They ran to them concerned. Ash hadn’t seen them in a while and he had figured that Giovanni had finally just given them a new mission. When the group realized just who they had ran into, Jessie threw herself into Misty sobbing.

“What’s wrong, Jessie?” Misty asked rubbing her back. Jessie explained what had happened. James looked on sadly as through sobs Jessie told Misty and Ash how over the years the two had fallen in love. When James finally proposed, Jessie accepted quickly knowing that there were many married couples in Team Rocket that were partners. About 5 days ago, Giovanni had pulled them in his office and told them he was sick of their failures and was breaking them up and giving them new partners. When they refused to split, Giovanni tried to physically separate them with guards. After defeating the guards, they ran from the office. They had been running for their lives ever since. Ash and Misty vowed to protect them and brought them to Ash’s house.

After calming down, washing up and eating, at the trio’s okay, they called the police. After talking with Officer Jenny, they agreed to tell the police everything they knew in exchange for freedom and protection. Everyone worked together to bring down Team Rocket. Jessie and James used themselves as decoys to lure out Giovanni. They sat at an outdoor café with Ash, Misty and the rest of the police force nearby. Just as planned two Rocket grunts took Jessie and James back to Giovanni. Everyone else followed. They surrounded the office and waited for the signal from the three ex- Rockets. They had been wired so everything could be put on tape. After a few minutes, they had heard a gunshot through the wire and stormed the office. Thankfully, Giovanni missed and had only hit a vase. Being surrounded by 20 Growlithes and Officer Jennys he surrendered. They eventually caught , with Jessie and James’ help, every member of the now no more Team Rocket. Giovanni and several higher ups were sentenced to a lifetime prison without parole. Every other member got prison sentences based on what they had done. Jessie and James’ proudest moment was when they saw Butch and Cassidy being led out in handcuffs. It had taken some time to get over everything , especially when during the trial it had been discovered that Giovanni had been the one to send Jessie’s mother on a mission that he knew she had a ghost of a chance to come back from.

Eventually, things calmed down. They came with Ash to Edo and did pretty well for themselves. James won his eight badges and was in the top 16 of the Edo Championships. Jessie became a coordinator and won her four ribbons and after coming back to Kanto, made the top 16 at the Grand Festival. They eventually settled down in Pallet Town. Misty shaking his shoulders brought Ash back to reality. “Hey Ash! Did you hear what I asked you?” Embarrassed, he scratched the back of his head and said “ No. I wasn’t listening.” Misty sighed and repeated “Do you want to have dinner with Jessie and James?” “Oh, sure. About 6 okay?” They agreed and went their separate ways.

They got to their room and used the key card to open the door. As it opened, they were in shock. The room was huge. The room they were now in was a living room with a large flat screen TV on one side of the room. There was a sunken in seating area with a couch , loveseat and coffee table in the middle of the room. Off to the right was a huge bedroom. It had a king sized four poster bed with a red comforter. There was a large dresser and vanity near the door. Across from the room from the bed, was a door that led to a large bathroom. There were two sinks, a shower and ,in the middle of the room, a large tub that was made to look like a hot spring . They made their way back out to the living room where Rudy still stood. They were about to say something when they saw the window. The wall was one big window and in the middle was a set of doors that led to a balcony. The view was amazing. The suite faced the ocean and ,being on the top floor, could see for miles. Rudy watched as Ash put his arm around Misty’s waist from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. As Rudy left, putting a note on the coffee table and collecting Pikachu and Azurill, he thought ‘ Best thing she ever did was fishing him out of that river.’

After a few minutes, Ash not feeling Pikachu’s weight on his shoulder, let go of Misty and began to look for Rudy. Ash letting go made Misty realize that Azurill was gone. She panicked until Ash quieted her after finding Rudy’s note.


Don’t worry about Pikachu and Azurill. I’m watching them for you guys. I’ll be back at four to catch up with you. You two just enjoy the room and some alone time. Try to keep it down won’t you.


Ash’s face turned beet red at Rudy’s last line. Misty came over and before he could snatch it away from her, she had read it. Misty reacted the same way Ash did to Rudy’s last line. Ever since that night on the ship that they had slept in each other’s embrace, he had wanted more, but didn’t want to rush her. He didn’t know it but Misty had felt the same. He waited for her to make the first move and move she did. She turned him around and kissed him passionately. The note fell to the ground as they moved to the couch.

Some time later, she went to the small kitchenette on the left side of the room to get a glass of water wearing nothing but Ash’s black dress shirt. She remembered how he had started wearing them with a pair of nice pants about a year ago, in an attempt to look more grownup, instead of his usual attire. She looked at the clock and realized it was now 3:50. She freaked and ran to Ash to wake him. After waking they rushed to get dressed and at the stroke of four the doorbell rang. They opened the door and after a moment Rudy laughed. “Look what I started. I only meant to tease you. Oh, by the way you may want to brush your hair.” Ash and Misty looked at each other and gasped, Misty’s ponytail was now loosely down by her neck with her hair tie holding on for dear life. Ash’s normally wild hair was even worse than usual. After brushing their hair and getting some drinks they gave Pikachu and Azurill a ball to play with and sat down to catch up with Rudy.