Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Past Adventures and Dinner with Friends ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: Past Adventures and Dinner with Friends.

Misty was the last to sit on the couch carrying the bowl of chips. She sat and snuggled up to Ash on the loveseat after putting the chips on the coffee table. Rudy started the conversation. “ Well I know Ash won the Orange Cup, but what happened next?” “Well, after winning the Cup, I went home to Pallet Town. After meeting up with Brock, the three of us went to Johto. Over the year we were there, I won eight badges and was in the top eight in the Silver Conference. We caught some new Pokemon while we were there. I still have the Phanpy, sorry Donphan, I caught with me now. The rest I caught are a Professor Oak’s lab right now.” Rudy listened as Ash told all the tales of his adventures in Johto. “After everything was over and we were on our way home, Misty had to leave.” “What? Why?” Rudy interrupted. “ My sisters had won a world cruise and they needed me back to run the gym. I didn’t want to go but I had to.” Misty replied.

Ash continued his story. “ The same day Brock also left. He wanted to visit his family. About a week later, I left for Hoenn. When I got there, May started traveling with me. Max joined us soon after and Brock eventually met up with us. I won my eight badges and was top eight of the Hoenn league. May won her contests and was in the top 8 of the Slateport Grand Festival.” Ash continued to tell more of his stories of Hoenn. As he was about to start telling him about Shinou when Misty interrupted him. “Ash! It’s 5:30! We have to meet Jessie and James at the restaurant in an half hour.” Ash gasped and told Rudy “ Sorry, but we’re going to have to stop again. Like she said we have to meet them in an half hour and we need to get ready.” “No problem. Kasumi is off tomorrow, so let’s all go to the beach. You guys can continue your story there.” Rudy replied. “That sounds like fun, Rudy. Ash and I would love to go with you, right Ash?” “Sure, that sounds like a good idea.” They walked Rudy to the door and said goodnight to him.

“Hey Misty. The restaurant were going to with Jessie and James, is it dressy or is it casual?” “ It’s not fancy but it’s not fast food either.” They went to change. Misty took off her red suspenders, jean shorts, and yellow tank top. She replaced it with a hot pink tank top and a calf length black skirt. She remembered when she had met up with Ash before the whole thing with Jessie, James , and Team Rocket. He made a comment about how her new outfit didn’t suit her. A few days after everything had calmed down, she had come down the stairs of Ash’s house in her current outfit. His expression had said it all. Even though back then he had no idea of what his feelings for her actually were, he had stared at her as she came down the rest of the stairs just like he had stared at her that night on the ship on their way to Pummelo Island a couple of nights ago. Misty was shocked back to reality by a knock on the door. “Misty, are you ready? We only have ten minutes to get there.” She took one last look in the mirror near the door and opened it. Ash grabbed his wallet and Misty grabbed her purse and left with Pikachu and Azurill following close behind.

They made it to the lobby and walked across it to the door. The restaurant was called Golduck’s Grotto. Jessie and James stood outside waiting for the other couple. They were talking to Meowth as they walked up. Pikachu jumped off Ash’s shoulder and shook hands with Meowth. They all walked into the restaurant. James went up to the hostess and said “ James, party of four with four Pokemon.” “Ah! You put this reservation in this afternoon. Follow me, your table’s this way.” The hostess grabbed four adult menus and one Pokemon’s menu. After she sat them, she added “ Your waiter will be with you in just a moment. We are a little busy right now, especially with all the people here for the anniversary parade and ball. Enjoy!” They all said their thanks and looked at their menus.

They all looked up from their menus to see their waiter coming towards them. “ Hello, I’m Chris and I’ll be your server this evening. Our specials today are our Shrimp Alfredo and Teriyaki Tuna. Also, our soup of the day is Clam Chowder. Are you ready to order?” “ Yeah, we are.” said Jessie. They all gave their orders and after telling them he would be right back with their drinks, Chris left. James got the conversation going. “ Well how is it you guys got so close?” Ash and Misty blushed as they talked about what had happened on the ship. They had just finished telling them about what had happened in the room a few hours ago when Chris had come with their drinks.

As Jessie listened to Ash and James talk and stirred her Strawberry Daiquiri, she couldn’t help but notice how Misty was staring at her engagement ring and wedding band. She smiled as she thought back on how the wedding came to be. After everything that had happened, James and her were settling down in Pallet Town. Until they had a house of their own they were staying at Professor Oak’s lab where James had been given a job helping the Professor and Tracey take care of the Pokemon. Jessie and James occasionally talked about having a small ceremony in a park, but they had never followed through on it. Misty and Mrs. Ketchum had taken her shopping with them on several occasions. Their outings always had them end up at the bridal shop. The three constantly joked about these lavish weddings they would have one day. One dress had always caught her eye in the shop. It was a sleeveless, long white gown. She liked it because unlike most of the dresses it looked more like a cocktail dress than a wedding dress. There were beads and sequins sown in everywhere. She didn’t know it, but two sets of eyes were on her every time she stared at the dress.

The next time they had gone shopping together the dress was gone. She was devastated. She was going to tell James about the dress and talk about the wedding again. For the next few weeks, she had started to notice that everyone was being very secretive. Every time she tried to ask what was going on, they would change the subject. About 5 weeks after the dress was gone, James would no longer let her visit him at the section of the lab he worked in. She was upset that she couldn’t visit with all the Skitty he worked with.

About a week later, Jessie woke up to find a note on James’ pillow. It read:


I had to work early this morning. Wait for Misty before coming over. She has something to give you.


She looked at the note in confusion, shrugged her shoulders and went to watch TV. Still confused by the fact no one at all was around, at 10 am the door bell rang and she went to answer it. Outside was Misty, holding a garment bag and a small suitcase. “Are you here to spend a few days, Misty?” She asked knowing that with her sisters home she constantly took small 2 or 3 day trips to Pallet Town for a small vacation. After they went back into the house, Misty replied “ No. I’m here for your special day.”. She looked confused until Misty unzipped the garment bag. Inside was the dress she had been staring at for months. “W-W-What’s going on?” She stuttered. Misty smiled and said “Your wedding day of course! In a hour, you are walking down the aisle.” Suddenly she realized what had been happening for the past month and a half: they were planning her wedding for her. She hugged Misty and said “ Oh! Thank you so much!” “ Well, you actually have James to thank for all this. He planned all of this. All we had to do is find your dress, but you made that very easy for us.”

After letting Misty go, they went to her bedroom to get ready. An hour later they left and walked to the Skitty Sanctuary section of the lab. Her favorite section was beautifully decorated with pink roses. They set up a couple of rows of chairs (since it was such a small ceremony), each of them decorated with more roses and pink and purple satin ribbons. In front of the chairs, their was a white wedding arch decorated with more roses and more pink and purple ribbons. James stood under the arch with Ash and Brock standing with him. She stared at the scene until Misty placed a bouquet in her hand. The bouquet had purple roses and more of the pink roses. Just then music started and she watched as Pikachu did his job as a ring bearer and her Skitty used her tail to do her job as a flower girl. Misty went next as her bridesmaid, dressed in a pink long, sleeveless satin dress. She was about to go herself when she was tapped on her shoulder. “Where do you think your going? Don’t you need someone to give you away?” She turned and gasped when she saw her father standing behind her. This was Ash and Misty’s wedding present to the couple. With his journeys and her connections they found her father in Hokkaido. Her father had lost contact with her and her mother after her mother died and she left home to become a trainer.

He hooked his arm around hers and pulled her veil over her face. Smiling and almost in tears, she let him walk her down the aisle. She could see all of her friends in the seats. He gave her away and sat down next to Mrs. Ketchum. The ceremony was perfect. At the end, James gave her such a kiss it made everyone blush. Afterwards, they cleared away the arch and set up the reception. The food was delicious. Instead of a band or DJ they had decided just to make Cds of all of the couples favorite songs. They danced for a while. The new couple then cut the cake. They all had dessert and then danced some more. At about 11, everyone was about to leave when Professor Oak stopped them all. He stepped up to the newlyweds and handed them a key. They looked at him confused. The Professor got everyone to follow him as he made his way to the back of the lab. When they got to the edge of the property, everyone saw a house a few feet from the fence that now had a small gate in it. “ This house is yours. Congratulations on your wedding.” Jessie hugged him and thanked him. Everyone left and they went into their new house which , to their surprise, was fully furnished and all of their belongings were brought over.

Jessie was brought out of her memory when her Shrimp Alfredo was put in front of her. She was thankful no one knew she had zoned out. They finished their dinner and after having dessert and coffee, they paid their bill. They walked back to the hotel and parted ways in the lobby with promises to meet again in a couple of days to sightsee the island with each other. Ash and Misty went back to the room and after changing into their pajamas, they set the alarm for 9 am in order to meet Rudy and Kasumi at the beach by 11. They put the Pokemon to bed, gave each other a kiss goodnight and held each other until they fell asleep. Ash stayed awake for a couple of minutes after Misty fell asleep. He unconsciously rubbed the base of her left ring finger as he covered his hand with hers. His last thought before he fell asleep was: I wonder if she’d be with me like this forever.