Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ My brother is WHAT?! ( Chapter 4 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Season 1, episode 24.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Dear Diary
Chapter 4: My brother is WHAT?!
LOG #265
I have a new cast again. I went for a check up yesterday. My bone is healing pretty well and Doctor Stein thinks I might get my cast completely off a week earlier than expected, which is pretty good since I'm getting bored. I want to practice my karate and my weapon routine.
And now, I suspect my brother to have a crush on Kimberly. I mean, why would he accept to help her to make that model for the parade? A float with a lot of flowers on it. Yep, Tommy is defiantly crushing over her.
Also, he has been teasing me about Jason. I do not have a crush on Jason Lee Scott!!! I find him cute, that's all, but I don't have a crush! Beside, he's my brother's best friend! It's an unwritten rule that you don't date the best friend of your sibling.
Just hope Tommy would stop with the teasing...
Jaden had hung out with Jason after school. He wanted to hang out with her a little. They were soon joined by Trini, Zack and Billy. They decided to go and help Kimberly and Tommy on the float model. As they arrived, they saw Putties fighting the other two, but before they could fight them, they disappeared.
“Don't come back clay brains,” said Jason.
They heard light sobbing and they turned around. Kimberly was sitting on the floor, gathering what was left of her float model. The Putties had completely destroyed the model she had work so hard on. She looked at them.
“Look at my model,” she started.
“Man...” said Zack. “They really demolished it.”
“Without the model, they can't make the full size float,” added Kimberly, in tears. “It won't be able to be in the parade.”
“Oh Kim,” said Trini, sitting beside Kimberly. “Cheer up. They'll be other parades you can design the floats for.”
“Yea, but Rita would probably wreck them too,” added Kimberly.
Jaden stared at the wreck, but something bothered him. Why would Rita, the enemy of the Power Rangers, would damage a float model? Kimberly wasn't a Power Ranger as far as she knew, so this random attack didn't make sense.
They all looked at the broken pieces and tried to figure what to do. “Perhaps we could reconstruct it,” suggested Billy.
“We won't have enough time,” said a teary Kimberly.
“We can help you to build a new one,” said Tommy, trying to comfort Kimberly.
“Yea,” added Trini.
Kimberly just shook her head, not even stopping her tars. “There's no way we could get new flowers in time,” said Kimberly. “This model is due today.”
Kimberly got up, with the help of Trini and Tommy. She went to sit by the bar. They all looked at each other.
“This Rita is a real witch,” said Jason.
All of them nodded. For Jaden, it still didn't make sense that someone would do such a thing so randomly. They all started to gather the pieces of the model and put them in a bag. While gathering them, Tommy helped his sister.
“Jaden, I have a plan...” started Tommy.
“You are going to reconstruct the model on your own and present it before the deadline,” said Jaden, knowing him way too well.
“Yea,” added Tommy. “Are you going to help me?”
“Sure,” replied Jaden. “Might as well. If we're two on this, it's gonna take no time.”
They finished cleaning up the mess that the Putties created, putting the pieces in a garbage bag. Trini suggested that they take Kimberly for lunch to cheer her up, which Billy agreed to.
“That's all the pieces we could locate,” said Billy.
“Yea,” added Zack. “What a bummer...”
“You can say that again...” said Jaden, putting one of the pieces in the bag.
“You know Kimberly had her heart set to have a float in the parade,” added Jason.
“I wish there's something we could do,” said Trini, sad for her friend.
“I got an idea,” started Tommy, grinning. “Jaden and I will deal with it later.”
“We got to go,” added Jaden, grinning just like her brother.
Tommy grabbed the garbage bag with all the model pieces in it. From Jason's point of you, he got the feeling that the Olivers had a plan. Both Oliver siblings were about to leave when Tommy went to see Kimberly first.
“Are you gonna be okay?” asked Tommy.
“Yea,” replied Kimberly, sitting up. “I'll be fine.”
“The guys want to take you out for lunch,” started Tommy. “But Jaden and I got to go and take care of something.”
“Can we drop this at your house?” asked Jaden, worried.
“No,” replied Kimberly. “Just toss it. I don't need it around to remind me of the parade.”
“Yea... Okay,” said Tommy. “Catch you later.”
“See you later,” added Jaden.
“Bye you two,” said Kimberly, still fairly depressed.
Tommy grabbed the bag and both sibling left. When they reached Tommy's car, Jaden just grin. Kimberly was going to be so surprised when she finds out about what Tommy was about to do.
“If she only knew...” said Jaden.
“She won't have any idea until she actually sees the parade,” added Tommy, closing the back seat door. “I think she deserves this surprise.”
“Sure...” said Jaden. “It doesn't have to do with your crush on her.”
“Says the one who hung out all alone with Jason this afternoon,” teased Tommy.
“Hey! It's an unwritten rule that siblings don't date their siblings' best friend!” replied Jaden.
“If you say so,” said Tommy, getting in the car.
They left the Youth Center's parking lot and headed to their house. The ride was made in silence, Jaden ignoring her brother. When they reached it, they gathered the bag and went directly to the family workshop. They emptied the garbage bag carefully, putting all the pieces on the table and get all the instrument they were going to need to reconstruct the model. They started the reconstruction when Jaden decided they might need some snacks and drinks since it was going to be a long day.
Jaden brought the drinks and the snacks when she heard Tommy's new watch beeping. She carefully opened the door.
“Tommy,” said the voice in Tommy's watch. “The Power Rangers need your help in Angel Grove's park.”
“Right,” replied Tommy, getting up.
He quickly morphed and teleported, never aware that Jaden had witness the entire scene. She fully opened the door and entered the room to put the juice and snacks on the table.
“No way...” she said. She left for her room quickly.
LOG #266
WHAT THE HECK?! Tommy is the GREEN RANGER!! I just saw... Oh man! I don't know how to descript this! He just transformed and disappeared in front of me. I mean...
And this could explain a lot. I mean, there's too much that can explain. Tommy was mean when the Green Ranger was evil.
But still... OH! MY! GOD!
I have to talk with Tommy about this. But how do I confront him about this? There's obviously some reason why he kept the secret...
Jaden looked at her screen. This was too big to not to confront Tommy about it. She knew he probably had a good reason, but she wanted to know why. She wanted some kind of explanation for all of this.
She got up and went downstairs. She saw her mother watching the news channel. Again, they were talking about the Power Rangers. Helena seemed worried.
“Mom?” asked Jaden. “What's going on?”
“Another attack in the city,” replied Helena. “They're facing a flower monster this time.”
“I see...” said Jaden.
“I wonder who they are,” added Helena. “If they have families and all...”
Jaden was about to say that Tommy was among them but stopped; she realized that if she said that, this would have consequences. Tommy probably had a good reason for not telling anyone and if she revealed this to her mother, she could break Tommy's trust and he probably would be mad at her. She decided she would keep silence over this.
“Jaden?” asked Helena.
“Uh? You are saying?” replied Jaden.
“You're okay?” asked Mrs Oliver.
“I'm fine mom!” replied Jaden. “I'm gonna go check on Tommy and do some homework.”
Jaden left the living room and went back to her room. She might as well work on her homework now.
* Later *
Jaden had finished her homework and decided to check if Tommy was back. She quietly came next the workshop's door and carefully opened the door. She saw Tommy working with the help of a weird robot. The robot seemed to be clumsy because Tommy was discouraged at it. The robot had his hand clued to the clue bottle. It was now or never to find what was really going on. She quietly entered the room to find another clue bottle. She found it quickly and walked toward Tommy.
“You might need this Tom,” said Jaden, giving the other clue bottle.
“Thanks sis,” replied Tommy, realizing too late that he was busted. “JADEN!”
“I can tell that this robot is not one of Billy's inventions,” said Jaden, serious. “So, you want to tell me what's going on or do I have to say what I think it's going on?”
“What do you mean?” asked Tommy, very nervous.
“What I mean is that when I came back to get the snacks, you, without realizing it, answered your watch, got up and transformed into the Green Ranger before disappearing,” replied Jaden. “And don't say I'm wrong because this robot is obviously not Billy's and it's too intelligent to be a regular robot either.”
“Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye! I'm sorry Tommy! I didn't mean to put you in trouble!” said Alpha.
“It's okay Alpha...” replied Tommy defeated. “What should we do?”
“Well, there's one option,” replied Alpha. “We have to go see Zordon and see what can be done.”
She was about to ask who was Zordon when Tommy grabbed her by the right wrist, pulling her close and teleported. Jaden was blinded for a few seconds before realizing that she was defiantly not home.
“What the!!!” she said.
“Sorry sis...” replied Tommy. “It had to be done...”
Jaden just nodded; she never realized she had to step in the headquarters of the Power Rangers to meet whoever was giving the orders to them.
“Zordon,” said Alpha. “We have a small problem.”
“My little sister found out about me being a Power Ranger by accident,” added Tommy.
“I see,” said Zordon, looking at the young lady. “Welcome to the Command Center Jaden.”
“Thanks...” replied Jaden, a little overwhelmed.
“Now, I would like to know how you found out about Tommy being the Green Ranger,” asked Zordon.
Jaden told the entire event and what happen up to the point she found Alpha helping Tommy with the model. She didn't leave any details, not even the conversation she had with her mother and the fact she did kept the secret of Tommy's identity.
“That's pretty much it,” conclude Jaden. “I found out by accident and Tommy was not aware I saw him until I confronted him a few minutes ago. I know Tommy would never say a word about it, especially if it was this big.”
“You did well Tommy to come to see me the moment you found out,” finally said Zordon. “And you did well too Jaden. By not telling your brother's identity, you have proven to be able to keep secrets and earned our trust.”
“What's going to happen?” asked Tommy.
“Alpha,” said Zordon. “Contact the other rangers. They need to find out about this and to hear my about my decision.”
“Right away Zordon!” replied Alpha.
Jaden went next to her brother; she felt pretty bad that she had to confront him about being a ranger, but it had to be done as quickly has possible. They seemed to have waited hours for the others to answer and teleported in. When they arrived, Jaden was surprised; Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy and Zack were standing there, looking at Zordon, wondering what was going one. Jaden felt a little hurt; was she really the fifth wheel and the little kid that everyone had to protect from everything, even something that important? She just shook her head, not wanting to even think about that. Tommy, seeing that Jaden seemed down, put his hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed it. She putted her hand on his, telling him she appreciated his gesture.
“What's going on Zordon?” asked Jason.
“Rangers,” started Zordon. “An unexpected event has happen. Someone that is close to you has found out about you identity.”
“What?” said Zack.
“How could this happen?” added Trini. “We are all very careful when we teleport or morph!”
“It was an accident... And it kind of make sense now,” said Jaden.
They all turned around and they saw Jaden, next to Tommy, looking at them. They were all wondering the same thing; how did she find out and did Tommy revealed their identity to her?
“Rangers, Jaden has found out by accident while I called Tommy to help you against Spit Flower,” said Zordon. “Tommy is not to blame. Both have done well given the situation; Tommy has come to me the moment he found out and Jaden has not revealed your secret when an opportunity presented itself to her.”
“You guys have to know,” started Jaden. “I would never betray you guys. I knew this is very important to you guys. And Tommy would never say a word either. I just walked on him while Zordon called him to help you and he transformed. He was not aware I was there when it happen. Tommy is not to blame on this. And... And when mom talked about the Power Rangers having families, I kept my mouth shout about Tommy being one. I knew that if I said something, I would loose Tommy's trust and you guys too.”
The other rangers all looked at each other; they could tell that Jaden was telling the truth and that she was feeling bad to put everyone in such bind. She was obviously nervous about this all situation. Zordon must have already figure a solution about this too.
“Rangers,” said Zordon. “I have heard the entire tell. I believe that Jaden has earned our trust to not reveal your identity.”
“Than what will happen?” asked Jason.
“First, please step forward Jaden,” said Zordon.
Jaden looked at Tommy and he nodded. She got up and went in the middle, in front of Zordon. She was nervous.
“Jaden, you have proven to be trust-worthy,” said Zordon. “But, I will have to ask you to swear to not reveal the identity of the Power Rangers.”
“You have my word Zordon,” replied Jaden. “I will never reveal their identity.”
“Thank you,” said Zordon. “I'm sure that you will be able to help the Rangers in your own way.”
“I will,” replied Jaden, relieved. “If it's covering for them, I don't mind but...”
“But what?” asked Alpha.
“Is there something I can do here?” replied Jaden, hoping she could help in another way. “I mean, I'm sure I could be useful here, in the Command Center. I'm pretty good with computers and all.”
Tommy figured his sister out; she wanted to help them anyway she could. She was not going to stay inactive while they risk their lives; she wanted to help, even if it meant to be in the Command Center and help Alpha. She was not going to content herself with a cover job.
“What do you think you guys?” asked Tommy.
“I'm okay with this,” said Jason. “You guys?”
“I'm positive that Jaden can help us in the Command Center,” added Billy.
“I agree with Billy,” said Trini. “I'm sure she'll do a great job.”
“Fine with me,” replied Zack.
“It's okay with me too,” said Kimberly. “Beside, now we don't have to make up some excuse to Jaden.”
“About that...” started Jaden.
“We're really sorry Jaden,” said Kimberly. “We couldn't tell you about being Power Rangers.”
“It's okay,” interrupted Jaden. “I'm guessing it's a rule.”
They all nodded. They had the feeling that Jaden was not happy about being left in the dark, but she understood.
“What about it Zordon?” asked Tommy.
“Very well,” answered Zordon. “For now on, Jaden will be part of the team as the technical advisor. You are the exception to the rule; you are the only human without a power coin to enter this Command Center. You will be under the same rules at the rangers: You will not use your privilege knowledge for your own personal gain or to escalate a fight. You will not reveal the identity of the Power Rangers. If you do not respect those rules, you will loose your privilege.”
“I understand Zordon,” said Jaden. “I won't disappoint you!”
“There you go Jaden,” said Billy.
Jaden turned around and saw what Billy was holding; a small box holding a watch just like her brother. It was the same color that her brother; green. She thanked Billy and took the small box.
“Well,” said Jason. “That means your part of the team now.”
“You better believe it,” added Jaden. “Does that mean I can fight when putties show up?”
“Don't push it Jaden,” warned Tommy.
“We'll see after your cast is off,” added Jason. He knew this wasn't going make his friend happy.
“Okay...” said Jaden.
After a few minutes talking about the new situations, they all left. Tommy and Jaden decided to finish up their little secret project.
* Next day *
When the Oliver siblings arrived with Kimberly at the Youth Center, the entire gang were already there, watching the parade on TV. Kimberly was a little upset about it. She had told she didn't wanted watched the parade, but both Oliver siblings smiled at each other before Jaden sat next to Jason and Tommy beside Kimberly.
“But you have too,” said Tommy.
Kimberly just stared at him, wondering why Tommy said that. Everything was going according to plan; Kimberly was upset, until she saw her float on TV.
“Is that my float?” she asked.
“Tommy and Jaden put it back together in time,” added Trini.
She turned around and looked at Tommy before hugging him. “Thank you Tommy!” said Kimberly.
Tommy returned the hug and was obviously very happy. Jaden just smirked at her brother, knowing why he did it. She didn't expect Kimberly to turn and hug her too. “Thank you Jaden!” she added.
“You're welcome,” replied Jaden.
Suddenly, Bulk and Skull appeared in the door step of the Juice bar, all bandaged up. “Hey Babe, what about a hug too?” said Skull to Kimberly.
The group all turned around and looked at them. Trini and Billy decided to observe the situation, Kimberly just wasn't very happy with them interrupting her moment, Jaden was more willing to do something mean to them but stopped herself, Jason and Tommy got up, ready to put the poor boys out of their misery. But it was Zack that managed to get the two bullies to leave with a magic trick; he made flowers appeared out of nowhere, scaring the two of them out of the building. They all laughed and continued to watch the parade.
To be continued
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