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Chapter Four: Chances
After some immersuable amount of time, though she didn't think it'd been too long, Lady Eboshi awoke to the sound of someone knocking tentivly on her door. Ah, that would be Gonza. He was so aweful when it came to hiding concern.
There was something going on outside, she noticed. Small flocks of people were migrating in the general direction of the front gate. Not everyone, nothing was probably burning or anything like that, but still. She supposed she ought to try and take an interest.
She opened the door just as Gonza was about to knock again. He jumped, and bowed hurriedly. "What's going on out there?" she asked, managing a thin smile.
"Ashitaka has returned, my lady!"
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Eboshi wondered, as she walked swiftly through the streets, what she would do if he had San with him. Of course he would; after all, she just didn't see how anything could have gone wrong. Would she be able to look the girl in the eye? Would San see how much she hated her?
What an ugly creature she was at heart. She had heard once that sometimes if you love someone, you have to let them go. She understood that, but it didn't make it any easier.
When she arrived at the front gate, there was a small, mostly female crowd blocking the way. From somewhere inside there came an overwhelmed-sounding voice, saying, "Please, let me by. I'll speak with you all in the morning, but I really need to go home. Excuse me..."
"Everyone, please go back to your work," she said clearly, making some of the girls in front of her jump. "I'm sure Prince Ashitaka is very tired right now; you can see him later."
There was a chorus of, "Oh, all right m'lady," and the crowd began to gradually disperse. And then it was just her and Ashitaka standing in the middle of the street.
It was wonderful to have him back. There were no words for how wonderful it was. It was making a mess of her head. Maybe that was why she said, even though, judging from his expression, it was quiet possibly the worst thing to say at the moment, "Where is San?"
He didn't meet her eyes. "She didn't want to come in. She's outside somewhere." It was true enough. And he started off in the direction of his house.
She wanted to follow, except she wouldn't have known what to say. Should she be overjoyed? This was the second chance she'd been wishing for. But the look on his face - she was really beginning to hate that girl...
Xoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooX
And now she had discovered a distraction worse than sleeping. She really wanted to think of a good way to make him feel better, and just possibly forget about that girl, which was frusterating bacause she'd never been very good at comforting people.
As soon as she had finished her dinner, with the sun still setting in the hills, she went to his house and rapped sharply on the door. "Ashitaka! Open up!"
There was a very long silence, so long that she was beginning to wonder whether she'd been ignored entierly, when he opened the door. He stared at the wooden practice sword in her hand for a moment as if she was holding a snake, and then smiled weakly. "I'm sorry, my lady, but I'm really tired tonight..."
"Nonsense," she said briskly, even as she was noticing that this was how she'd been acting. Well, that was different, because, because she hadn't had anyone to talk some sense into her. "You've had all day to rest. And anyway, they say that when you feel the least in the mood to excersize is probably when you need to the most." She grinned at him. "You owe me seven practice sessons."
He gaped at her for a moment. And then he resignedly went inside again and got his practice sword.
She was frankly astounded. The boy seemed to be using about half his brain. If this had been a real sword fight he would have lost all his limbs several times over, not to mention his head once or twice. It was shocking. Was this what happened to people when they were rejected by the one they loved? Well, she'd just have to be sure that didn't happen to either of them again.
Finally she releaved him of his sword, and the force of the blow sent it flying and threw him to the ground. She had to cover her face to hide the fact that she was about to burst out laughing, standing over him. He looked so stunned. "Here," she said, leaning her sword on a wall and offering him a hand. He blinked owlishly at her before taking it.
"You should go inside and get some sleep," she said kindly. "But tomorrow, would you like to eat lunch with me? I'd like to talk to you." He smiled a little again and accepted, and they said goodnight, and she found she didn't feel bad about it at all.
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