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New Settlers
The next day, Motoko's little sister decided to take a little stroll around the forest. Somehow the habitat she sleeps under had grown attached to her, maybe it was the beauty of the woods that had lured her into it's natural lair, and consumed her little soul inside, and made her sweetly tainted to the other side.
So whilst then, she took a walk slowly through. But then, footsteps were heard. Little Kaya pricked up her head as she quickly heard the deep pounding footsteps of what sounds human; she bent her knees quickly and hid behind some bushes hurriedly. She took in silent breaths so she wouldn't get caught, yet the sounds increased her curiosity. So, she then gradually popped her head up and she saw what couldn't have happened once again.
“If Sasuke could be able to show himself today, you might get the chance of meeting him today.”
“Is he the guy with blue hair?”
“Don't tell him this but, he seems kind of…scary.” Motoko chuckled a little when she spoke.
“Once you get to know him…you'll see why.”
The pounding of feet running came down from a hill.
“I don't know why Sasuke's seems reluctant to see Kaya; she seems quite alright. What do you think San?” Motoko turned her head to her, but al what came out of her was a grunt. Ashitaka smiled out of cheerfulness, as he knew what she was trying to do.
Then, the sprinting of feet finally reached the group.
“Heeeey! Heeeeeeyyy!!” Little Kaya called out, when then Motoko walked up to her and looked down upon her.
“What is it Kaya?” She placed her hand on her shoulder as the small girl panted for breath, before looking up at Motoko.
“You guys have got to see this!”
Within the ruins of Irontown, came sprawling in and out, were humans. Men, women, even children, they each had some sort of luggage connected to their limbs as they carried them inside the broken walls. Some of the men were even working upon repairing the walls. The crowd seemed to be bustling like bees upon one large hive of honey, and the sound of chattering and hustling was quite a disturbance. Ashitaka, San, Motoko, Kaya, and Little Kaya were creeping behind some bushes to see what all of the commotion was about. And there they saw it, a new large group of humans that seemed to be settling into the spoils of Irontown.
“Goddamit!” San snarled viciously yet silently, as she drew out her knife slowly, but failed to do so as Ashitaka lowered her weapon.
“Wait San, we don't know what they're like yet.”
“He's right; we should meet up with them and see if they're ok.” But then a scoff came from behind them.
“I think that would be a waste of time.” Sasuke then came up from behind them.
“How do you know that? Have you seen them?”
“I don't need to see them Motoko, I can tell by the way they act.” Motoko gave him a bit of the cold shoulder and returned looking at them.
“Well, if no one's gonna see them, I will.” Kaya then leaped out from the bushes, with Ashitaka trying to fling her back.
“Kaya, come back!” But she refused to listen, as she continued to walk up to the thick line of humans heading into Irontown. Two men with sheathed swords stood by the broken gate, where then they saw a girl approach them. Kaya stopped and looked at the two enormous men; she gulped out of nervousness, but regained her confidence and stood up straight.
“My name is Kaya! How do you do?” She asked loudly as then she stuck out her hand for a shake. The two other men looked confused when they then looked at other.
“For goodness sake!” Ashitaka cursed lightly when he jumped out from his camouflage.
“Ashitaka come back! We don't know them!” San growled back. Sasuke sighed in the shadows as he lowered his head.
“I don't like this.” Motoko and Little Kaya refused what she heard and leaped out as well. “Does no one listen to me?” He snarled, and so he had no choice but to follow them.
“Kaya!” Ashitaka gasped as he walked up fiercely behind her, she immediately looked at the back and saw his stern face.
“Is this girl related to you?” One of the guards asked him.
“Yes, she's my sister. I'm sorry if we caused any intrusion.”
“Guards, who are you talking to?” Another male, but more firmer voice came from behind them. Ashitaka and Kaya pricked up their heads as they saw another man walk up towards him. He was wearing a teal colored kimono, with dirty cream trousers as his suede moccasins covered his feet. He was quite tall, about a tenth of meter higher than Ashitaka, his hair as ebony with fritters of brunette on some strands, his eyes were cocoa brown, when his skin was as white as snow, you could tell he's the sort of person you would call a `leader', because of the way he stood, his back was so straight, you can roll a coin down it and not let it slip. He may look quite solid and sternly built, but something told Ashitaka that he has sentiment.
“How may we help you?” His deep voice shook Kaya a little.
“We're…we're just here to…greet you.” Ashitaka's confidence trembled by a short percentage.
“Do you live here?”
“In the forest.”
“The forest? Goodness that's a bit sa-
He saw Ashitaka's impression like he could break out a snapping scene by the word savage. The truth was, it doesn't make anyone a savage due to what habitat they were brought in; they're still the same.
“I'm sorry…I shouldn't have thought like that.” Ashitaka loosened his eyebrows and brought his lips up to a fair smile.
“I understand; we have other friends who live with us as well.”
“Are they those girls over there?” Ashitaka and Kaya then looked behind them, as they saw Motoko and Little Kaya struggling to pull San over to him.
“Come on San! They don't look that bad!”
“I'm not going!” They all moved around quite violently, but when they reach up to less than a meter, San immediately looked away and folded her arms.
“You have to forgive her; she hates humans, dues to her experience with them, she only trusts us.”
“Oh I see, well, she won't see any trouble from us; I can guarantee that.” Ashitaka smiled, but San's stubbornness still ravages in her.
“There's supposed to be one more.” Motoko pointed out. “Where's Sasuke?”
“Behind you.” A whisper came from the back of her head.
“Sasuke don't scare me like that!” Motoko shot her head behind and tugged his kimono a little. His fringe was covering his face intentionally as the shadows shielded his eyes from the light.
“Is this another one?”
“The last one.” The leader then looked down and noticed his tiger stripes on his cheek. He gasped by the sight of them and wondered.
“Could he…be?” Sasuke gradually let one of his eyes show, as the pale blue color glowed from the shade into a sick watch.
Next thing the group knew, they were inside quite a large tent, which little cups of rice sak`e, neatly decorated in a miniature style for people to take one tiny sip from. San picked up her cup, and looked at it as if it was something she never seen before, they were all sat down in a row with the leader place himself in front of them.
“Let me introduce myself properly; my name is Kawada Nanahara, but please just call me Nanahara. I am a leader for a group of settlers from the capital town of Japan. We are here to explore the outside world on this earth, but we felt like now we need a place to finally inhabit, and live a new life here. Some of my people had only recently found this place last night, and it seemed to be abandoned…” Ashitaka, San and Motoko looked at each other in despair, but then resumed their listening to Nanahara. “…so we thought we could take this place. Our only intention is to live a new life, and not to start another war. We know bout the incident that happened here with the forest spirit.” San pricked her head up, but out of obstinacy she lowered her head back down once again, but then she heard Sasuke twitch his head a little as he groaned silently.
“Are you ok Sasuke?”
“I'm fine San.” He reassured her.
“So…we won't tamper with the forest in a destructive manner, and we won't harm any living creatures that live in there, even you people.” Ashitaka smiled and nodded his head.
But then Sasuke shot his body up and looked at Motoko.
“Motoko I need to talk you outside.”
“What? But why?”
“Just come outside with me please.” He snapped a little, as then Motoko rose up to her feet. The others looked at them both confused when they walked out from the tent. Sasuke clutched hold on one of Motoko's hand whilst he pulled her out into the open.
“Sasuke what's wrong?” she questioned him in a firm voice.
“Hang on, in a minute.” As they walked out, behind a few ingrown trees, secretly came out a few more husky men in baggy kimonos. One of them chatted to that group, as then they submissively walked behind them…as they sneered.