Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Forbidden love2 ❯ Pure Love ( Chapter 1 )

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-The girl I want is…Ahiru, what's wrong? - Fakir asked.
-I..I..I..Can´t breathe. This dress is…too tight. - Ahiru was completely red, her dress was very tight, and she was cursing Rue for making her using that kind of clothes.
-Just stay calm, I will call Rue.
-No. I can't take it anymore. - she was almost fainting.
-I got it! Please don't hate me Ahiru. - He said starting to become very red.
-Because of this. - Fakir last words put Ahiru very curious and when notice his hands were in her dress (ok ok, next to her chest) and with all of his force he tore the dress (I think is like that).
-I'm sorry Ahiru, I shouldn't….
-Fakir, it's ok. I mean, thanks to you I can breathe again. Thank you.- She said with a big smile, but couldn't stop blushing, after all she was almost naked.
-You need to get dressed.
-I know. But I can't go to the ball room like this. - She said blushing even more.
-Well, come to my house. I give you one of my clothes.
-Really? Thank you. You are really a gentleman.
-Thank you.
Fakir's house.
-Come in. Is nothing special. Is little and doesn't have the luxury of a palace, but… - Fakir was cut of by Ahiru.
-Is perfect! - She said with her eyes sparkling.
-What? - He didn't believe it. A princess told his house was perfect? She was really special.
-It's perfect. Is comfortable and invites everyone to stay here. And look, so many books. You must have read more books that Mytho and the all kingdom together.
-Well, thank you. I will pick some clothes. Pretend is your home. - Fakir said living the room.
“I love this house.” She thought. She was walking in the room and saw some papers. “Hello! What have we here? I know, is wrong but the temptation his bigger! Sorry Fakir.” She said with a smile in her face and started to read. For her surprise in those papers were poems. Not normal poems, but poems of her to her (well duh! I'm not going to write the poem because I don't have that imagination. Sorry).
“oh my god.” She thought but didn't finish her thought because Fakir enter the room.
-Here. Is just a shirt and a pair of pants, nothing with luxury but will serve for today. - He said giving her the clothes.
-Thank you so much. Can I go change?
-Sure. You can change in my room.
-Ok. - Ahiru left the room blushing like mad.
Fakir was alone in the room and thought about Ahiru and their times together. People could think they were a couple. “we are always together. My god! I lover her so much, and I was almost telling her if wasn't her dress. Well, I'm a man, I couldn't resist…Fakir wake up! Don't think of Ahiru in that way.”
-Fakir, are you all right? - He heard.
-Yes, I'm fine. - He told her looking to her polls of blue.
-Good. Er…Fakir, you didn't finish telling me how was the girl you want. - She said at the same time she set down.
-Right! The girl I want… - He said very nervous but at the same time approaching his face to her.
-Yes… - She said putting her face next to his.
-Yes…( so close!)
-It's you. I don't what any odder girl.
-And you? If you don't what Mytho how do you what? - He asked fearing her answer, but not moving his face from her.
-I what you. Since the first moment I saw you. - With this words Fakir felt encouraged and kiss Ahiru deeply which she answered with pleasured. After a long time of kissing they let go and looked to each odder eyes.
-So… - Ahiru started.
-So? - Fakir repeated.
-What's next? I mean, I'm engaged with a man I don't love.
-You are a princess and I'm a knight.
-But I love you.
-I love you too my princess, but life is unfair. - Fakir told her passing his hand on her gentle face.
-But Fakir… - She was cut of by Fakir's lips on hers.
-It's ok. I will find a way to be with you.
-Anyways, we have more than three months for us before the wedding. - He said smiling.
-That's true. - She said hugging him very thigh.
-don't worry. Everything is ok. - He said kissing her forehead. They stay like that for hours until Ahiru remember she needed to go to the palace.
-Fakir, Fakir. - She didn't what wake him but she needed to, because he was the only one that known the way back there.
-I need to go back to the palace. - She said getting of his embrace.
-Dam! I forgot that.
-Let's go.
They left the house and arrived the castle very fast. Ahiru enter the castle very saliency and Fakir followed her.
When she was in the door of her room, she said good bye to her love.
-Fakir I need to go.
-I know but I just what one thing.
-What is it?
-A kiss.
-Oh Fakir - She put her arms in his neck and gave him a very quick but field with love kiss.
-See you later.
-See you.
She enter the room and felt in her bed with the most beautiful smile in her face and hoping to dream about the day she got.
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