Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Princess Tutu: Dirty Dancing ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Ahiru was on a small room from the hotel, putt some music and started dancing in front of the mirror.
She was trying to copy the moves saw but she looked like a clown doing them; she moved her hips but looked like a wood board. Then she started moving her shoulders and then her arms like she was swimming; what she didn't noticed was that Fakir had entered the room with her book bag and was seeing everything and started smiling to her moves but then he looked outside and then to her and started to “feel the music”; she putted herself in a framed that she learned when she was younger and started dancing and when she gave a small spin she saw Fakir.
-Oh god. - She said noticing he was looking to her so called dancing.
-It was a good thing that I had all this boring American books with me. They realized that I couldn't be a revolutionary.
-I don't understand. They were just singing.
-There's nothing as just singing around here anymore. - Said Fakir almost whispering to her. She nodded and looked to the ground not liking his answer. - You know…You're a pretty good dancer. - He said with a smile making her smile as well and started laughing.
-I was terrible. - She said continuing laughing and he looked at her and laughed as well.
-Yeah, you were terrible, yeah. - He said and both smiled at each other. - But for an American you move well.
-Oh thanks! - She said pretending she was flattered by his observation. She turned around and looked back to the mirror; he noticed and went next to her.
-Why do you look in the mirror? - He asked next to her.
-I was trying to remember the steps I saw. - She smiled at him still looking at the mirror.
-What has looking to do with it? Just feel the music. - He said looking to her. - You should see for yourself. - And she turned her face to him. - The real dancers are in “La Rosa Negra” on Saturday night. - They both smiled at each other but then Ahiru remembered something.
-I can't. I got invited to this country club thing. - Ahiru tried her best not to face his green eyes.
-Hey that was fast… - He smiled. - That's why you want to learn Cuban dancing? Just to impress your date?
-No I wanted to… - She said loosing her smile.
-Don't worry. They won't dance like that at the club. Just learn the foxtrot. - He said with a joking tone on his voice and he left her alone so he could return to his job.
-I already now the foxtrot. - She said with a strange tone on her face not knowing what to say.
Ahiru was on the terrace looking at James leaving the pool and drying his hair until her mother arrived next to her.
-Don't we need to go shopping? - Asked her mother with a smile on her face making Ahiru blush a little. - Just thought you were going to the country club Saturday night.
-Oh you just thought? - Asked Ahiru with a smile.
-Mrs. Phelps took me to lunch.
-You two aren't planning an arranged marriage are you?
-No, I should've thought of that. He's so cute. - Said her mother drinking a bit of her drink making Ahiru look to her book with a small smile; then she looked back to James but then her look started looking for Fakir and when she found him she couldn't stop looking.
-Yolanda? - She asked to the maid of the hotel.
-Is this square? - She asked with a green dress in front of her looking at the mirror.
-“Square?” - Yolanda didn't understand anything.
-Yeah, you know, like a square.
-Is this square good or bad?
-It's bad… - Said Ahiru with a strange look on her face.
-Si…It is square.
-Oh god… - Yolanda pulled Ahiru from her room and went with her to her room saying that she had the perfect dress to her. - I don't know…You're smaller that me, your dresses will be… - Ahiru opened her eyes wildly not finishing her sentence seeing the red dress Yolanda was showing; it was so revealing.
-You're joking!
-Why? It is square?
-Deftly not. - Said Ahiru almost falling on the ground.
-It's not fair! - Screamed Susie closing the door from hers and Ahiru room. - All my friends are going, so why would you go and I can't?
-I'm older than you.
-Such a waist. You even don't know how to have fun. - Said Susie falling on the bed leaving Ahiru with a smile on her face getting ready for her date.
Night time…
Ahiru arrived to the country club with her dad and started looking around and saw all girls with “square” dresses, making her grab her jacket even more. She looked inside and saw Eve looking at her and started to smile.
-Are you sure you don't want me to stay? - Asked her dad and started dancing next to her.
-Dad, don't! - She told him, trying her best to stay calm and not to be embarrassed and Eve and her friends started laughing about her and her dad.
-Ok, bye. - He was preparing to go but first he was going to kiss her cheek like normal parents do to their little girls but she stopped him with noises not allowing him to continue. He took his cigar and left her all alone. - Be careful.
She entered on the country club putting her blue jacket even closer to her body not wanting to show her dress to the other people but she got some courage and took the jacket and Eve looked at her with a joking look; not only Eve but everyone that saw her stood with their mouths open.
-Polly. - Called Eve. Polly looked at Ahiru and started laughing and didn't hide it from her making Ahiru look at them with her blue eyes and started walking backwards.
-My god, what did she do? Painted on? - Asked Eve. Ahiru continued walking until James started calling her and started running next to her.
-Señorita. - Called James making Ahiru stop and looked at him a little embarrassed. He looked at her and stood there impressed making her smile.
-I don't know… - She said looking away.
-Oh, I know. - James finished and she looked at him with a smile on her face. The music stopped and a man started talking about a contest on the Palace but didn't relaxed Ahiru. - Did you ever been in the Palace? - Asked James but she didn't respond; instead she continued listening to the man talking about the Latin ball room dancing that was about to happen in Christmas eve. - I have to take you there. - Said James and took Ahiru to the dance floor making Eve really angry about him, about everything that was happening right now.
A ballad started playing and James pulled Ahiru a little closer to him making her a little uncomfortable but wasn't a big deal for her.
-You feel really good. - He said making her smile a little shy. - I'm making you nervous?
-Well you make me a little nervous. - He told her trying to make her a little more relax. - But don't tell anyone, it will ruin my reputation. - And she started laughing with amusement not bothering the looks everyone was giving. Eve tried to be superior to Ahiru and started talking pretending that everything was ok for her.
-Listen, later we are going to Polly's for a mojito party.
-Oh yeah? - Asked James not looking to the blond girl.
-Her parents are out of town again.
-What you think? - Asked James to Ahiru and both stopped dancing. - Steph makes a wicked mojito.
-I don't know… - Started Ahiru unsure of what she should do.
-I'm sure that we can find someone that can make you a Shirley Temple. - Said Eve making her best to make Ahiru feel bad.
-Actually…James and I are going to a Cuban club. - Said Ahiru looking at James.
-Where? - Eve found that a real impossible to believe almost laughing from her comment.
-“La Rosa Negra.” - Said Ahiru all confident and Eve looked at James that at first didn't know what to say but then he found some words.
-Yeah…We are going to the “La Rosa Negra.”
When they arrived to the club they noticed something completely different from this club to the country club; when the other the music was all movement, this was a little slower, more passionate and when it came to the dance you couldn't see the space between them and the man where grabbing the woman in a way that seemed they were making love.
Ahiru looked at them dancing and was marvellous with such kind of dance; she never saw anything like that.
-Look the way they feel the music. - She said to James but didn't stop looking to the dancers.
-They're feeling it alright. - Said James feeling a little uncomfortable; even people that were seating they were dancing; this was crazy, at least for him. - I'll get us some drinks. - James told her but she seemed not to listen to him; everyone was sweating, dancing…She continued looking until she saw a familiar face: Fakir. She never thought he could dance like that. She continued looking at his dance, more precisely to him until he saw her and stopped dancing with his partner at the time and went next to her.
-You look so Cuban! - He said with a smile.
-So do you! - She couldn't stop smiling at Fakir. James saw it and didn't found it so pleasant like they did so he went next to her.
Fakir looked at him and smiled.
-Hi, I'm Fakir!
-James Phelps. - They both shacked hands but James didn't smiled; to be true he was far from smiling.
-Yes, I know you. So the country club wasn't all you expected? - Asked Fakir to Ahiru making her smile but before she could answer James took her turn.
-We thought we could expend our horizons a little bit.
-Oh you mean, experience the real Havana? - The music started again and Fakir smile went wider. - Do you mind if I dance with your date?
-You have to ask her. - James said to him, expecting Ahiru to say no but the answer was completely different leaving him really frustrated.
-OK! - Said Ahiru giving James her jacket and went to the dance floor with Fakir not even thinking about James.
They went to the dance floor (I don't know if you know the song Represent Cuba from Orishas but if you do it's the music that it's on!) and Ahiru smiled went wider.
-Shall we give your boyfriend a show? - Whispered Fakir to her ear making her loose her smile and looked to his eyes.
-He's not my boyfriend. - She said making him smile even more. When they stopped walking to dance she putted herself on the frame she learn with her parents and Fakir looked at her not understanding what she was trying to do; so he pulled her arms down and started making movements for her to relax her arms.
He started with the basic and she did a weird face to it and he smiled even more, then he took her arms and putted them around his neck and took her waist on his arms making her smile.
When they were still dancing Fakir looked at James and maked a face of triumph and James couldn't believe he was seeing something like that.
-Loose your date? - Asked a woman behind him and when he looked in front he saw three men looking at him.
-Must be the Yankee dancing with my brother. Good for you to bring you girlfriend to Havana when you still have the chance.
-Why? You're throw us the gringos out? - James started smiling but then noticed the other men weren't laughing.
-That's right! So keep smiling! - Said a second man and all started laughing except for James. He looked again to the dance floor and saw they were getting really close and then the music stopped and everyone clapped.
An instrumental music started and a couple entered on the dance floor and everyone stooped dancing.
-Raul and Esmeralda, king and queen of “La Rosa Negra.” - Said Fakir explaining to Ahiru that was fascinated about the dance. - When they dance the floor is theirs. Ahiru thought that was wonderful and thought that she wished she could dance like that. She looked at Fakir that started pulling her next to James.
-You're a good dancer as he is. - She told him making him laugh. He got next to James and to the other men that surrounded him.
-Ahiru, this is my brother Carlos. - Fakir introduced. - Arturo and Miguel.
-Holla. - Said Ahiru smiling to them still hand in hand with Fakir not even noticing it.
-We were just talking politic. - Said James with a smile on his face for her.
-Oh really? My brother loves talking. - Said Fakir with a innocent smile on his face but Carlos managed to brake his smile.
-Fakir doesn't like to talk politics. After all, the revolution would stop his work of kissing your asses. - Said Carlos and Ahiru lost her smile with his argument; she didn't like it one bit but didn't said anything.
-Where's the revolution tonight? On the dance floor? - Fakir really lost his smile and started to confront his older brother.
-While you boys kiss and make up, we'll get some fresh hair. - Said James taking Ahiru's jacket and took her hand to go outside, leaving the confusion that was already there. - Let's go. - He said and left with Ahiru.
She entered James car and waited for him to enter as well. When he did she looked at him and smiled like him.
-I was enjoying the dancing. - She told him with a sweet smile on her face.
-You were very hot. - He said to her and she looked down and smiled not being accustomed with something like that. She looked back at him and saw him locking the doors and she didn't understood why he was doing that. - It's not the safest part of town. - He told her with a smile.
James got closer to her and started kissing her neck and she tried her best to make him stop but he didn't making her really uncomfortable.
-Take me home, please. - She asked him but he didn't stop. - Stop it. Get of!
-You didn't say no to him. - Said James and tried to kiss her again but this time she fought back so he ripped her dress and she slapped his face and left the car really fast returning to the club. - Ahiru, get back on the dam car, I take you home. - He screamed but she didn't walk back.
She entered the club and was looking for Fakir but couldn't see him but he saw her so he went next to her with a smile but when he saw her dress he lost completely his smile and looked back seeing if he could find James.
-Where's he?
-He's gone, he's gone. I'm fine. - Ahiru tried her best to stop Fakir but the more he looked to her dress the more worried he stayed about her. - My dad works for his dad. I just want forget about it. - For Fakir that was the worst thing a man could do to a woman but he didn't want to leave her alone to find that bastard.
-Don't worry. I'll take you home. - He took her hand and she smiled a little and left the club with him.
They were walking on the beach and he had lent her his jacket not wanting her to get cold.
-I should've seeing coming. I guess I'm not ousted to…
-Bastards? - Asked Fakir interrupting her speech making her smile.
-What? You never had a boyfriend in America?
-No…I like this one guy but didn't work out.
-Why not?
-He didn't know I existed. - She smiled to him and he did it as well.
-Oh yeah. That can be a problem. This is far I go. - Fakir stopped walking and looked at Ahiru that smiled as well but looked at him with a look that didn't understood why. - The staff it's not supposed to meat with guests. Took me a long time to find this job.
-You would be in trouble just for walking me there? - What they didn't know was that Susie and Eve were listening to everything and Susie saw them and felt really embarrassed.
-It's ridiculous. - Ahiru hated this kind of rules, for her everyone was the same it didn't matter the job they had.
He looked at her for a couple of seconds without speaking and when he was about to talk he gave her his hand to shake and she looked at him and gave him his hand to shake it with a smile; but at first she looked at him with an awkward look making him really serious.
-Thanks for walking me home. - She gave him her best smile and he did the same to her.
-I'm sorry your evening was…so difficult.
-Not all of it was. - She told him telling him that the part of dancing with him was really good. He continued looking at her and she understood that he wanted his jacket.
She noticed it and took it and gave him; when she took his jacket and returned it to him and he got her dress better and she entered to the hotel, he still looking at her and Susie couldn't believe she had just saw this scene.
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