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(o O o O o) - - - - after a dream
( - - - ) - - - - Flashback
(u U u U u) - - - - scene change
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Blur Chapter 10:
`Content : A flower that blooms under the Moonlight'
“I ran too far…”
`Far enough for me to see you…'
“But I was always running away.”
`To where…?'
“Running towards that someone that I know will someday…”
`Yes, someday…'
`Right? Reidneir.'
(O o O o O)
Silver strands dripped with sweat as Ymira clutched her chest agonizingly. Every inch of her body shuddered as the slightest of wind caressed her form. It has been six days since Reidneir found her and for four nights, the same dream haunted her.
In that dream, everything was black. The voice of the black haired hunter echoed as another voice replied. Her head started to ache, an aching that was almost nullifying. Everything was fading away. Then she suddenly startled as another entity sat beside her.
It was Reidneir carrying a tray consisting of apples and a steaming hot cup of Coffee. He almost dropped the tray as he placed the tray on the bedside table.
“Good Morning! I brought you your breakfast. ”
Reidneir placed his hand on top of the assassins' head, ruffling her tangled hair. Ymira slapped his hand, glaring at her unwanted savior.
“Hey is this really how damsels in distress treat their knights in shinning armor nowadays?”
“You barely have any on.”
It has been like this every morning of her stay in Payon town. Whenever she will get mysterious, frivolous dreams and wake up, Reidneir in only his pants would either be there beside her serving their breakfast or just simply sitting beside her with his usual smirk as he tousled her hair.
She had only met Reidneir for a few days and yet his actions did not seem new to her. She was starting to forget. Forgetting who she was before she met him. And now she just needs `him' to remember…
“Say, how about we go to the Elders? You did mention the other day that you wanted to know more about this town.”
Ymira just nodded. Nothing was left to be done but just nod. There struck silence.
“We'll go after you've had your breakfast and taken a well deserved shower. I'll be waiting for you outside.”
The hunter just stole a glance at the assassin as he stood up and went out the door. Grabbing the knob, before closing it completely, he silently yet loud enough for her to hear, said,
“An acquaintance of mine once told me,
Nightmares can't touch you.”
`Nightmares can't touch you.'
“So, don't let them haunt you.”
`Don't let them haunt you.'
“Cheer up! Always smile that silly smile of yours. Ah, well then, Ill be waiting outside, call me if you need anything else.”
Shutting the door, he disappeared from sight. Ymira slid her feet into a pair of slippers that a certain person left for her the night before. Smoothing her fingers on the apple that he left, she lifted it and felt it touch the tip of her lower lip.
“I wonder which nightmare this `acquaintance of yours' is referring to…”
(u U u U u)
His lilac hair as well as his clothes was in disarray. It has been 4 days since he left Alberta and he was almost in Payon. The usual glistening gleam in his amethyst eyes was reduced to a dull purple shade that had lost all its luster. He hasn't been sleeping for four straight days as black shades appeared underneath his eyes. He was almost at his limit but his tired body cannot compare to what he was feeling by the second.
There was something that he needs to do. There was something that only he can do. That was to be with her at times when she would feel alone because it was at these times that she had nothing.
He promised himself that he would protect her no matter what. Make her feel like she is also a human being that can feel like anyone else.
But that was the only thing that he can do for her and nothing else.
`I'm not able to stop it.'
Repeating it every single time that she would be lost.
Repeating every single unique `thank you' she returns.
Repeating every single love he had given for her.
It was his mantra. It was something that he thought only he can do.
The mere thought of it being snatched away by someone else caused his heart to ache and his blood to boil with anger. He knew it was a bit selfish for him to think such. But if that selfishness will let his love reach her, then he would do it even if the whole world hates him in the end.
It was what he called `his love'.
`My unrequited love.'
Xirian continued his journey towards Payon, unaware of the eyes affixed on his worn out physique.
(u U u U u)
Reidneir waited outside his lodge. A lake, a forest, a nearby shrine and in the middle stood his humble abode that he himself is so proud of. He smiled to himself and added to his little perfect life fantasies that he had a gorgeous woman for company. But all dreams have nightmares as they say as a familiar foot kicked Reidneir off the little trunk that he was sitting on. It would've been alright if the ground was soil or grass, but sadly its nothing but a bed of pebbles.
“Ah, Itte-itte. Why'd you do that?”
“Stop fantasizing about how perfect your life is. It's not.”
Ymira stood in front of him with an irritated look on her face. Before Reidneir reacted on that harsh comment, his eyes were transfixed on the clothes she was wearing. A strapless one-piece sundress with an oriental dragon and a whole bunch of squares. He stood up and placed his fingers under his chin.
“Whoa, looks good! I never thought you'd wear it though.”
“You took every single clothing in the closet! This was even under the bed! What else was I to wear! “
“I was kind of expecting you'll come down and call me with only your towel actually.”
The kick from before became a somersault. He did thank God he dodged it.
“Haha, lets go to the temple now. What got you so fired up today anyway? Was my homemade breakfast that bad?”
He scratched his head as the assassin walked towards the city. Reidneir just followed the fuming girl towards Payon blabbering nonsense, trying to get into her nerves once again. For both of them, something did not seem right. Because that moment ended a long time ago in a series of unfortunate events.
(u U u U u)
“Payon's Great Temple is a sight to behold isn't it?”
Reidneir stared at the structure as if he hasn't seen it before then turned his head to the assassin whose face was in awe. Though in his trail of thoughts, her reaction reveals more than what it seems to be.
The temple's gate started to open by itself as if magic was acting upon it. Each door started to open in reaction to the other as Reidneir lead Ymira towards the main Altar.
Candles lit, paths revealed and voices echoed.
“It has been a while, Reidneir.”
Five elders sat in an orderly fashion in the corners of a big star. The eldest one greeted Ymira with a wrinkled smile and offered her and Reidneir a sit on the middle of the star. They stared deep into her green eyes that were just shimmering with anticipation.
“My, what a beautiful young girl. What is your name my dear?”
“Y-Ymira. Ymira Antartes.”
An old woman who looked like in her near century smiled a wrinkled smile and closely examined the girl that seemed more foreign that she looked.
“Ah! Antartes she says! Are you the late high priest Vulgate Antartes' sister?”
His name seemed to stay in her head. His name. She knew he is her brother but the name Vulgate Antartes was foreign to her ears.
The girl just nodded as a small commotion amongst the elders ensued.
“The heavens must be generous enough to enlighten the town of Payon with fortune. Dear child of God, please, ask us anything you would like to know about Payon.”
Her head was playing tricks with her mind. She thought that the voices she heard back then was from this room but it seems that she was wrong. They were still echoing, laughing, murmuring around her until names were spoken in a clear deep voice that also made her utter them.
“M-Moonlight Flower…and the Sohee.”
The ebony haired hunters' eyes grew wide for a second upon hearing the name. Pondering, pondering, that was what he did.
“So, you want to know the legend of the Moonlight Flower and Sohee?”
Ymira nodded and politely said yes.
“Quite an interesting story you have picked. Reidneir and his companions must have told you about the story but wasn't able to finish it.”
The oldest man, one of them five elders was getting ready to start telling the tale and everyone halted in whatever they were doing. He brought his wooden cane onto his lap and cleared his throat. The girl prepared.
“Once upon a time, in the province of Payon, when it was plagued by an unknown disease, a healthy baby girl was born into the Lifluere family. And they named her Myun Lifluere. Myun that means the `moon' in connection with Lifluere that meant `lighted flower' in the ancient Payon literature. She was a dazzling young girl in her early years and anyone that had laid their eyes on her are simply caught in her mystical goddess-like features.
Even if her God given beauty were enough for men to give up their lives for her, her very own existence posed as a threat to Payon's livelihood. Their livestock started dying, famine reaped the fields, people suffering under an unknown illness. As time passed by, people started to discover that the one that has been the cause of the unwanted disease was Myun. Afraid that she'll inflict anymore suffering amongst her loved ones, she fled to the Payon Cave and lived there.”
`No…it's wrong…you drove her out…'
“But one fateful evening, Myun heard the sound of a bell ringing in the deepest part of the Payon Cave. Allured by the soft chiming of the bell, she walked towards the sound. At the end of her search, she saw a beautiful woman ringing a few stringed bells in symphony.
Noticing Myun, who was dazzled by the music, she introduced herself as the nymph living inside Payon named `Sohee' and offered to teach the girl how to play the bells in one condition. Myun must help Sohee to be reborn as a child of a Payonese citizen. The unsuspecting girl agreed and Sohee taught her how to play the instrument and barely noticed the evil smile the Sohee had on her face…”
“Sohee has been reborn and Myun continued to live inside the Payon Cave and was known to be the flower that appears under the moonlight. As the years went by, Myun got addicted with her bells that she did not want anyone going near it, thus attacking the adventurers that came across her visage. It was then that the Sohee who had planned everything, sought revenge on the village as well as her past lover. Whenever a young girl in Payon will be born, an orchestrated bell symphony will be heard inside the Payon Cave as a requiem. After a few years, Sohee's mark on her chest that looks like a serpent appears on the eighteenth birthday of the child, signifying that that child is the reincarnation of the demon witch of Payon. It was said that only the lover or the fiancée of the reincarnated Sohee is the only one that can kill her so that her vengeful spirit will be appeased. Until now, Sohee's reincarnation has not yet reached resolution.”
`They're twisting everything…'
An old woman the seemed second in age to the oldest continued as the eldest one stopped.
“That is why to stop Sohee, when a girl reaches her eighteenth birth day, she is to be physically inspected for any marks that had appeared. If the girl appears to have Sohee's mark, she is to be killed outside Payon by her very own fiancée to prevent her from terrorizing Payon.”
Reidneir's eyes flickered with anger as the elders gave that strong statement. It was an absolute statement that still haunts him. A statement that made a big impact on him ever since that day.
Ymira just stared at the cold wooden floor, in her head, chanting, and uttering the word:
“It wasn't really a pretty story to begin with. It is, after all, the most tragic story linked to the most tragic tradition in Payon.”
“Yes, yes, why don't we tell you about the story of the greatest general? It is an enlightening story of bravery and…”
The elders' words just seemed to fade as she clearly remembers what happened on that day that came rushing to her in one lucid moment. She just raised her head and listened to the words of the elder that had no meaning left in them.
A fake smile. That was what she wore the whole time. The only one that noticed this facade was Reidneir who was focusing on an unnoticeable change in the way her eyes glistened. He just kept quiet. He was probably thinking too much but the fact that he feels like he knows this girl is something he just can't put aside.
This was a stranger. A stranger that is slowly tearing up his guilt. His guilt that can put anyone into shame. The shame of feeling the same sensations you gave to the person you had loved and feeling it towards a stranger.
Reidneir and Ymira spent almost half the day listening to the elders as they share the timeless tales of Payon. At the entrance to the Great Temple, they silently walked side by side as the hot air whirred the leaves from the trees.
“Reidneir. Was the story about the Moonlight Flower true?”
He was unsure what to answer to that simple question. In truth, he asked himself that on the day he was told that the most precious thing that had happened in his life turns out to be the reincarnation of the greatest threat to Payon. Closing his eyes and forcing his smile, he exuberantly spoke out.
“Of course it is! The elders themselves had told you!”
`Because, what the elders say are absolute.'
`If what they're saying turns out to be lies, it won't change the fact that I made the biggest mistake in my whole entire life.'
“The girl who is supposedly the reincarnation of Sohee, she must've been really unfortunate.”
`To be betrayed by the person that gave her hope to live…'
“Yes, she was.”
He can't utter anymore than that.
“Are you and this generations reincarnation of the Sohee got to be acquainted with each other?”
“You could say that. She was someone whom I came across in one of my travels.”
`I have no right to be her friend, let alone be that person that was supposed to…'
( - - - )
“Hey Seressa, do you remember that small lodge near Payon? I, uh, kind of bought it so that when the time when you turn eighteen we'll. We'll be living there after we get…married…or something like that…”
A reddish tomato color spread on the hunters face. He buried his face under his bangs, as the merchant girl sitting beside him was enthusiastically busy being shocked. It was an indirect proposal but a proposal it still was.
“Ah! Reidneir! This has got to be the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life!”
Embracing each other under the moonlight, they shared their…
( - - - )
As if she wasn't struck by any of his words that were like a sharp knife that was slicing and tearing up a piece of her soul, she simply walked beside him and concluded to herself.
`…Yes, she must have been really unfortunate.'
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