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Chapter 9 : Water
A whirlpool of blood was dripping on the floor. Zephyr's body continued to bleed as he forced himself out of the Alice's who were restraining him on the bed. He kept shouting and shouting his sister's name but not voice came out from him. The Alice's restrained him some more until he was lying on the bed. A loud thunderclap boomed the dark sky as the rain continued to pour down like water falls.
“Ymira! Ymira!”
He just shouted and shouted again and again as if his life depended on it. And it was. His moving and wriggling only made his wound bleed faster and bigger. Heimdall moved in and examined Zephyr's wound as the frantic Alice's and Glynna tried hard to hold him in place. Some just stood there holding either a clean water filled basin or a basin drenched in the priests blood.
“I told you not to go near her you idiot…”
Suddenly, all became white and after a while, he saw himself cradling Ymira in his arms, holding her gently in an embrace. Smile crept onto his face until a swift chilling pain rushed to him. Still carrying that smile on his face, he managed to face his sister and utter a few words.
“Ymira…You're awake…Good…Morning…”
As swift as that event he saw his sister walking far off into the distance where she was out of his reach. She held both his hands and arms up towards her, running, panting after her. He started shouting again, but his voice never did come out. It hurt his throat and so did his heart. It ached helplessly but he continued to shout, calling her name.
There was a loud thud as if someone had fallen. Zephyr woke up and found him-self lying on his bed panting. He gasped for air then another, clutching the white covers of the mattress. The rain was still pouring with the sun light at its peak. His eyes ached from seeing, meeting the sun-lights' greeting rays passing through the window on the right and it was that time that he saw a hand reaching out from below the bed. It was definitely Heimdalls.
“Ow, don't shout out loud like that all of a sudden…Oh hey! Good morning Princess. Seems like you're better already! I wonder if you're fever has gotten down.”
Heimdall's hand found its way on Zephyr's forehead, and then nodded. The priest furiously blushed and looked away as Heimdall pulled back his hand slowly. The wizard also noticed Zephyrs eyes that shot back at him with wanting to ask what happened to Ymira. Heimdall grabbed himself his chair, his book and his teacup and continued reading the book. Zephyr then broke the silence.
Heimdall placed his teacup down including his book on the table then fixed his reading glasses on the table, clasping his hands together afterwards. His eyes met the priests' eyes with great seriousness. Zephyr looked at him with the same look of great seriousness on his eyes as well.
“I think I know where we're getting to…”
Heimdall cleared up his throat and twitched his fingers a little.
“Zephyr…I don't date men…sorry.”
Stress mark pops out of Zephyr's forehead. He quickly threw the nearby vase at Heimdall's face with no hesitation and continued to throw things at him, forgetting about his wound. Heimdall just laughed and laughed al the way through dodging the stuff that came charging at him.
“Goddamn you Heimdall! I am not gay!”
Heimdall grabbed the nearby table and used it to shield himself from Zephyrs attack never stopping his continuous laughter. He even added another line to add to the priests stress marks.
“What you're not? And I thought you were homosexual…I was even planning on inviting a few GUY friends over! Ha-ha!”
“What made you think that you gutless Bastard!”
“Come on! I know that look! It was the look of passion, lust, love and wanting! That same look you gave Ymira when you two were...”
Heimdall intended to not finish his question and just reenacted what he was trying to say. He hugged himself, kissing the air mockingly, trying to insult the priest while controlling his laughter.
“You perverted cow! You were watching us?!”
And finally, something hit Heimdalls head that was followed by the drawers, the tables and the chairs. The priest's wound caught up to him when he had none to throw at the wizard. He panted and panted more as he clutched his bleeding bandaged wound. Heimdall casually walked up to him to get a closer look at his wound.
“This is what you get for thrashing this room.”
The chocolate topped wizard patted his wound continuously with great force almost sending Zephyr faint in pain. Heimdall carefully took of the stained bandages and started wrapping new clean ones.
“Heimdall, does Ymira hate me that much?”
“You're a priest, a high priest with no uniform at fact, cant you heal yourself.” Heimdall just smiled at him. Amused.
“Tell me Heimdall, why won't you just heal me. After all you are the Dark-Ow! Dammit! Why'd you do that?!“
Before he could finish his sentence, Heimdall had already finished bandaging his wound and gave it a painful slap to keep him quiet. Standing up, he pulled the table and its chair with it, reaching out for his book and his glasses. He dusts off the book and tidied up the table. He took his glasses and wore them, still holding them in place he suddenly faced Zephyr.
“So, did you have a nice dream?”
“Shut up and stop avoiding my questions!”
The wizard looked up and his eyes widened.
“Oh look! It's a bird!”
“You sick…”
“Wait! Someone wants to use my body…”
“…who would even want to…?”
Heimdall pointed both his fingers to his forehead and started to look like he's meditating. The priest just sat there on the bed and wished that Heimdall should just die with a headache. All of a sudden, Heimdall spoke.
“Zephyr…It has been a long time…”
Zephyr stared at the choco head man. Heimdall had a sad smile on his face as he turned to Zephyr grasping the priests' shoulders.
“I'm Cinnamon…you're dead rabbit…”
“Cinnamon? You've come back!” His eyes widened and were obviously riding this obvious joke.
When Zephyr was almost going to hug his `dead rabbit', Heimdall started laughing hysterically. He just continued to laugh and laugh as Zephyr reached out for his mace.
“Good Morning!”
A jolly face exclaimed right in front of her as she opened her eyes. She could have sworn she leapt from her bed at that moment. The black haired hunter gave a short snicker and stretched his hand out to her. Ymira glared at the hand with suspicion.
“Hello. My names Reidneir. You know you had been asleep for almost a day now, man. Oh yeah if you're trying to stand up, pull up the covers. Not that I mind of course.”
“I'm, Ymira…”
`It's the hunter in Seressa's memories…Reidneir…'
Before what he said was sinking inside her head, she notices herself standing right in front of him, naked! Reidneir's face was stuck to normal as he browsed her fine figure laughing was trying to grab the white covers of the bed. Ymira's face was flushed with a bright red color then suddenly exclaimed.
“You perverted little horn-dog!”
Reidneir's head twitched to the side after receiving Ymira's death slap right on the face. The hunter placed his hand to his cheek and rubbed it gently, staring in shock at what the assassin girl just did to him but was more at thought at what she said to him. Ymira stood there; still face flushed and was followed by a headlock and a huge uppercut. Reidneir tipped and swirled as he received her devastating blows. Regaining his stature he rubbed his painful spots again and dodged Ymira's next attack.
“WH…hey! Violent girl! Stop that!”
`What am I doing?'
Ymira stopped at her attack and pulled her hand away from Reidneir. She immediately bowed down her head for apology. The black haired hunter stood up and smiled at her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“He-he, that's okay. I get that a lot.”
Ymira just raised her head up to meet his face. Fortunately for Reidneir, their faces were just millimeters apart. Holy cow, the gods do smile upon him…maybe. He stood up again and went towards to what it seemed like a closet that looks like a pumpkin. After rummaging the contents of the closet, he walked towards Ymira.
“It might be a little conservative for you, judging by your clothes but many girls wear this in Payon. It's a traditional fem wear.”
The hunter handed her a set of clothes that, as to what he said was the traditional female clothing in Payon. Ymira stared at the strange clothes neatly folded in front of her as she slowly reached out to see it for herself. They were of black color, with red silky satin sheets and a long wide ribbon. Examining the strange outfit now on her hands, she saw something that shouldn't be there.
Her eyes became button-like orbs as she blinked at something that one would take as suspicious. Reidneir's sweat dropped as he found himself below the evil cackles of the assassin. She unfolded the garment and showed Reidneir several cuts and holes on the dress. It was a definite striperella kind of dress more of like lingerie. Reidneir sweat dropped for his plan has been foiled even before she put it on.
“Oh-ho! W-Why look at that! I must've grabbed the wrong set of clothes.”
He snatched the garments and quickly replaced them with brand new ones from the closet. Finally she was wearing something decent. A violet colored kimono like robe with a yellow sash. Reidneir even added a little nicely decorated red strings for her hair to be neatly tied above her. Walking towards the mirror, she just stared there in awe of how cute she is. While doing this little appreciating thing she was doing, she noticed Reidneir having a sad smile on his face as he looked directly at her.
“You know you remind me of someone I know.”
She thought. She knows well that this is the man that killed Seressa. But he seemed different to what she had in mind. Compared to what she thought of him as a cold heartless man with no compassion or whatever, he was kind, silly and friendly. And a perverted brat he is too. Before she could even respond to what he just said, he added.
“Never mind what I just said. Say, How's about we go out? I could show you around here in Payon.”
Reidneir opened the door and led Ymira out. There were a lot of Hunters and Blacksmiths loitering around, here and there, all with their own gals beside them. She glanced at Reidneir who quickly grabbed her hand and ran towards the nearest door. She was more amazed by the number of people in front of her. It was a bar filled with people. It was a bar filled with…holy cow…prostitutes?
Male blacksmiths, Hunters, Snipers, toast and cheered altogether, laughing, drinking and being merry. They were shouting, whistling, singing all throughout. Many talked about the recent boom in their business with the blacksmiths while some of the got down and dirty with the Payonese Dancers and Gypsies on the tables and in dark corners of the bar. Several of the hunters were young but had a well built physique to make up for it. Most of the blacksmiths looked sloppy and tends to reek of alcohol but at least a certain blacksmith doesn't…at least!
“Hey Reid! Oh, cool, the babe's awake!”
A blonde blacksmith, Kyu, exclaimed as he saw Ymira tugging onto Reidneir's jacket. He reached out his hand and introduced himself.
“My name is Kyu! Nice to meet you! I'm Reidneir's fiancé!”
A big hard bump on the head hit Kyu and Reidneir added more to it.
“Don't try and make a fool out of us Kyu.”
Kyu just laughed still stretching his hand out to Ymira, waiting for a handshake. Luckily for him, Ymira shook his hands and introduced herself to him as well. Now that struck Reidneir. He slowly looked at his hand, wondering if something is wrong with his hand since Ymira did not shake his hand a while ago. Anyway, he just kept that one to himself.
“So, having fun Kyu?”
Kyu shook his head and raised his hand halfway through. He looks displeased that's for sure.
“It's boring Reid! Are you going off somewhere? Let me come, man!”
This blacksmith knew how to be persistent. As Reidneir shook his head and walked away with Ymira, he suddenly tugged, hugged and embraced Reidneir's leg, never letting him go. He even whined about cleaning the bathroom and the chores the other blacksmiths make him do. Much to his delight, Reidneir finally agreed, even knowing how childish this mature looking blacksmith tends to be.
They toured her to every single place, one by one. Starting from the bar towards the arena next to the juice merchant they went to the entrance to the Archers Village. All throughout the tour, Ymira noticed how very oriental and traditional the Payonese people must be. They were indeed very much in touch with the nature. It wasn't quite a long walk from the bar to the Archers Village. In fact it was just minutes away.
Reidneir glanced at Kyu who was being surprisingly quiet. Never minding that again, he looked at Ymira who seemed to be so caught up in what she was seeing. This place was so much different from Al de Baran, Alberta, Izlude and Prontera. It seemed alike with Morroc though she really can't figure what their similarities are. She noticed something in the corner of her eye though.
“A cave?”
Reidneir, being a tour guide and all cleared up his throat and started explaining. Kyu just listened quietly and so did Ymira.
“This is Payon Cave. It has been here for almost a millennium already. That cave had always been infested with the undead and demons. And the worst of them all is the Moonlight Flower along with that treacherous Sohee.”
Kyu can feel the anger in his tone and the anger in his eyes as Reidneir faced the damned cave. He just continued explaining to Ymira with a smile on his face full of jolly bees.
“Payon cave have this legend you see, it started long ago in the middle of the Dark Lords Reign. Its better that you hear about the legend from the elders themselves if you want to know the whole story. Anyway! That building over there is where the Archers train their archery skills…”
Kyu continued talking, unfortunately, no one was paying any attention to whatever he was saying. Ymira stared at the cave and so did Reidneir. They were on it for a while until they saw something move from the inside. Reidneir upon seeing this, started to charge at the cave but to no avail he was stopped by Ymira.
“Let me go! I have to kill that demon witch!”
“No! Don't hurt her!”
At that point Ymira had no idea what she was talking about. But even so, Reidneir looked at her with some sort of interest and at the same time wonder.
`Why is this girl so similar to her?'
“I…just don't go there…it's dangerous.”
`If she keeps this up…I will…'
Reidneir slowly placed and snaked his hands on Ymira and embraced her. She was filled with surprise. Why was he? And she knew as he suddenly spoke.
“Where is she now Glynna?”
“In Payon maybe…”
The Alice stood behind Xirian as he rubbed his hand on the moist surface of the window. It was still raining, and it never did stop not even for a moment. Even if it was really bright, the water kept pouring.
“Sir Xirian, you know better that she might not be the same Ymira after I've told you what happened to Seressa. So why do you continue this?”
With a swish of his cape he turned around and went pass Glynna with a blank expression on his face. He grabbed the door knob and opened it without walking to exit.
“Ymira is like…water…an entity with no form. She is a clear embodiment of a human with no soul. I've seen her change too many times. It was like knowing a person I love for a long time only to know that she isn't the same person that I have known and loved.”
She just stood there and listened quietly waiting for his answer.
“Because I love her the way she is…need I say more?”
With that he exited through the door, closing it shut.

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Chapter 10 Preview:
Five elders sat in an orderly fashion in the corners of a big star. The eldest one greeted Ymira with a wrinkled smile and offered her and Reidneir a sit on the middle of the star. They stared deep into her green eyes.
“So, you want to know the legend of the Moonlight Flower?”
Ymira nodded and politely said yes.
“Once upon a time, in the province of Payon, a healthy baby girl was born into the Lifluere family. And they named her Myun Lifluere…”