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Chapter 8 : Glass Music
Time seemed to stop like the water that seemed to stay still and yet continued to flow towards wherever the wind takes it. Leaves swirled randomly with the wind that seemed to give them momentary freedom in the air. Like the busy street life that always seems to bring about confusion in everything one does.
Glynna watched the falling rain from one of the window. She had just washed the tea set that she had gotten from Ymira's room. Still pondering on her thoughts about leaving Zephyr with Ymira made her feel uncomfortable.
The Alice did not want to see siblings fighting one another. It just, made her uncomfortable. Unknown to her she was too close to the side table of the sofa that she bumped into it making a music box fall.
Ping ping ping pum pum pum ping pum ping puum
The music box played the vibes that made the Alice look at the box. Images from the past rushed inside her as if it was parading in her mind just provoking her to remember them. She closed the music box, stopping the vibes that was heard from it.
“I'm watching Ragnarok the Animation far too much…”
Glynna placed the music box back on the side-table as neatly as possible taking a glance back and forth on it after she had stood up and walked towards her room.
Opening her door weakly, the window showed signs of the rampaging rain outside. She quietly stared at the moistened glass window fixing the curtains at its side.
Something caught the corner of her eye. It was a small photo album that contained 3 pictures. Glynna, Desverne, Gladston and Heimdall all together in one picture and was having their picnic in Amatsu. The other picture was Glynna, Desverne and Gladston with Desverne glaring at Gladston. Her red eyes turned mellow when she turned to the last picture. She rubbed her pointer on the small picture, smoothing the part of her sister, Desverne.
It was the only picture of them together. She was still in her usual uniform with a puffy apron while her sister wore a female merchant's outfit.
“It won't hurt to remember a few things now…”
“Hey sis, Heimdall and Gladston are all ready and set to go! You're the only one missing!”
Desverne opened the door with so much force that the door broke down. Stress marks popped on Glynna's head as she packs the lunch they we're going to bring. She focused her attention on the packed lunch instead of scolding her sister who was trying to hold the door back up.
“Right, I'm done!”
As soon as Desverne exclaimed, she raised both her hands above making the door fall once again on the floor now breaking itself in two. Glynna's sweat dropped.
The magician and the swordsman waited patiently outside along with the acolyte warper who was already yawning waiting for the two of them to arrive. Now that they were together the acolyte started to cast warp portal and succeeded.
After warping themselves to Amatsu, they found little Xirian waiting for them under a cherry blossom tree. The boy scurried to the group of first jobbers, shooting his head straight into the basket filled with food.
Almost everyone laughed except Xirian who was busy stuffing his face with the nicely done buns and rice poppers.
Her reminiscence was disturbed when Glynna heard a loud shout coming from Ymira's room and it was from the priest Zephyr.
She dashed to the said room in a hurry and bolted the door opening revealing a blood pool below the bed. Seeing Ymira recovering her usual self, Glynna rushed to Zephyr's aid as soon as Ymira released the handle of the knife that was still stuck on the priest's back.
“Ymira…you're awake…good…morning…”
Everything was not right in her eyes. Ymira pushed aside her unconscious brother and staggered towards the door with the unwanted tears falling in her eyes. Glynna tries to call out for Ymira and Zephyr but to no avail, her voice seemed to fade out.
In a flash Ymira used teleport on herself, vanishing into thin air.
Glynna focused her attention on the badly wounded priest who, in his right hand, held the pendant resembling that of the Selestia, the pendant Ymira wore on her neck. As if on cue, Heimdall appeared from the door. After seeing the blood bathed priest, he rushed to the priest side and used a first aid spell on the boy.
All the while Heimdall tends to the priests wounds, Glynna was covered in blood. The thick, wet, red substance that bathed her long ago. Her eyes were widely opened with disbelief. She, with a shocked look on her face continued to stare at the blood that were still veining its way down her arms.
Blood was visible on Glynna's hands. It fell, dripped and stained the broken glass slippers of her sister Desverne. Her sister laid there lifeless like a doll in front of the altar covered in a thick black substance.
Gladston crawled over to her sister's dead form in front of the altar as he too became translucent with the blood covering him. Heimdall grabbed Gladston's arm and pulled him towards a safe spot but Gladston declined his trouble to help. He quickly staggered back to Desverne's corpse and carried the dead merchant in his arms.
He charged at the falling bricks and cement towards the altar until pure smoke was seen in replace of the swordsman and the merchant. Glynna forcefully crawled towards the demolished altar as Heimdall tried hard to contain her in the Energy Shield he just put up.
The dark walls of Geffenia started to collapse. The wizard Heimdall pulled Glynna's hand in the nick of time before the whole wall collapsed on her. The Energy Shield was barely putting up to the cringing walls against them.
“I guess that should do it…Luckily the knife did not puncture any vital organs.”
Heimdall sat beside Zephyr after placing a wet cloth on a basin that was colored with a bright red color. Glynna stood there beside Heimdall staring at Zephyr's condition.
“Glynna, can you take this basin to the kitchen?”
He reached out the basin to Glynna who reached up to them quickly and quite nervously. Her uniform was still covered in blood stains.
“Glynna, I might be better if you go clean your self up first…I'll take care of him.”
Heimdall said in a low caring tone while he gave Glynna a smile. She gave him a small nod as she headed for the door. She could hear her heart beating fast and her head starting to hurt. The Alice almost dropped the basin but thank goodness she got a grip on it.
“Xirian…What will you do when you have finally found the girl of your dreams?”
Gladston asked his little brother while nibbling on the rice popper that was handed out by Glynna. All the meanwhile, Heimdall and Desverne played a card game called `War of the Angelings.”
“I will love her forever brother! I will never leave her!”
Little Xirian enthusiastically exclaimed as he gulped another one of the buns Glynna handed out to him. He turned to the basket and reached for another bun and started eating like crazy again. The amethyst hair colored boy reached for the apple juice and was happy obliterating the food inside the picnic basket.
“What if she is the one that leaves you?”
“…she won't…I won't let her leave me! I will give her lots and lots of chocolates so she won't leave me!”
“Now, now Xirian, no need to get all negative, she has a life too you know. And showering her with chocolates…man, you're weirder than Heimdall.”
“Hey, I heard that.”
“Gladston, now I wonder how you can ask him questions like those? He's still too young to understand those things.”
Desverne mocked the swordsman as she plopped the cards down and cackled evilly telling that it was a straight Royal Tristan Flush. Heimdall forced a smile on his face as Desverne pulled all his bet to her side.
“I lost again…”
Gladston patted Heimdall on his back as he encourages him to have fun.
“Don't worry about that Heimdall! You're finally going to be a wizard! Let's celebrate!”
“Yeah! And for Gladston to repeat the swordsman test!”
Gladston gritted his teeth to the merchant who stuck her tongue out to him, cackling evilly. The blonde haired swordsman took his two handed sword and challenged the merchant to a fight. With all glee, the merchant accepts his challenge and reveals a large mallet from behind her and started pummeling him endlessly.
Heimdall and Glynna now were the ones who were playing `The War of the Angelings.” And as usual, the little kid Xirian continued to eat his heart out.
+ - + - + - + - +
“Give me your hand Glynna…”
The swordsman reached out for Glynna's hand that was slightly raised. He kneeled in front of her and started making a proposal. From his pocket, he showed a nice looking old red music box and then opened it revealing an expensive looking gold ring.
“So what do you think? Do you think Desverne will like that kind of proposal or should I approach her more like with a…'Hey baby' expression?”
He stood up from his position once again and closed the music box. He scratched her head once again and waited for the reply of the Alice.
“Uh…yeah…I think she'll like that kind of proposal…”
“Really? Yeah! But when do you think is the right time to tell her?”
The swordsman got excitement etched on his face as he giggled lightly tugging on the red music box on his hand. Glynna just stared at the boy who was jumping around with excitement and expectance then changing her stare to the red music box on his hand.
Glynna woke up suddenly, feeling the wet warm water she was submerged in. The steam from the bath tub water made the whole bathroom murky and steamy. Bubbles were floating on the murky water of the tub.
“A dream?”
`My sister was the one he loved…not me. And my sister loved me so much that she even chose my happiness instead of hers. What was I thinking when I did that? I'm so selfish…'
`…Everything's going to be alright Glynna…'
`I hate myself…I did not even want her to love you…I've become so selfish…'
`Shh…It's over now…you should try to forget about it...Desverne will be much happier if you live your life right and be happy starting now…'
`Yes... maybe… That's why Desverne and I have always liked you Heimdall…You were always…the one to dry our tears away…”
She submerged herself deeper in the tub, submerging her head as well in the water. Drops of blood were still visible on the bath room floor, staining the clean white tiles of the room.
`Why now? … Why now?”
† - † - †
The wizard slowly damped the white cloth on Zephyr's forehead seeing the priest's face change into a painful expression. Closing the first aid kit beside him, he reached out to touch the face of the priest. He resembles Ymira perfectly well. With a smile on his face he wriggled to say…
“Ew…Did I just thought about that?”
† - † - †
Ymira walked blindly towards wherever direction. Amidst the bamboo trees, along the bushy shrubs, towards an unknown path, she continued to journey through an unknown territory to her. Before even leaving the place she was in after she had stabbed Zephyr, she got to change into her usual assassin attire.
The road seemed to endless when one looks at it in the far distance. As she got closer and closer to wherever her feet brought her, she felt her body becoming heavier and heavier until she finally fell on the grassy grounds in the forest. Regaining some of her strength back again, she manages to try and stand up on her feet again.
A floating ball of blue fire caught her attention as it closes in to attack her. Holding out her katar weakly, she successfully defeats one of the hitodama's that was to attack her. Unfortunately, 2 more hitodama's appeared from her side cornering her to a cliff.
“Mr. Eagle! Fly like the wind!”
Ymira faced the direction where the voice came with a weird phrase with it. A large eagle swooped down and attacked the hitodama's. In a flash, she found herself being carried of by a stranger who, along the with eagle's attack on the hitodama's, swooped her also.
Without seeing her savior's face, she fell unconscious.
Several moments later, the hunter reached an oriental modeled village that he called Payon while talking to one of the guards that was obviously guarding the city.
“Hey! That's one sexy girl there! Where'd you get a fox like her? Are you planning on selling her to the Blacksmith guild master? I heard he just arrived in town to look for new hotties.”
The Payonese soldier gave the hunter a sly smile and added a little nudge along with it. Hurrying along the bridge connecting to the village, he noticed a crowd forming in the town center and just ignored the commotion.
Heading straight to the left side of the village, he stopped in front of a well designed building with beautifully carved insignias with other intricate designs. The door opened automatically as if welcoming him and it was.
“Welcome back Reidneir!”
A well toned blacksmith exclaimed as he saw his guild mate enter the premises. He gives the hunter a huge bear hug but did not do it upon seeing the dangling assassin on his shoulders.
“Hey you got one so soon? Well that sure was fast.”
The ebony haired hunter pulled back the girl back in his arms before his friend got to touch her face. Sticking out his tongue to him, he ran around in circle as the blacksmith ran after him yelling `Let me touch her! Come on! Just a little touch!”
“This is my catch Kyu! Go away!”
With all the commotion, Ymira regained almost a bit of her strength and tries to struggle from her capturer. The blacksmith and hunter turned to look at her. With an almost evil but caring smile they both exclaimed.
“Hey you're awake!”
† - † - †
Gladston turned from page to page as he browses the contents of a certain ancient manuscript found in the Geffenia Library. Looking upon a noted tattered paper on the table, a catalyst resembling that of the Selestia was illustrated in the manuscript without any sufficient description but its name and the note that it is powerful enough to return the ones who had been lost long ago. He glanced over to the illustration and stared at it for a meantime before returning his attention to the manuscript that he was reading.
“With the power of Selestia I can retrieve her…”
Gladston held Desverne close to him, embracing her in front of the altar, staring at her dirtied face stained with blood and blank stare towards nothingness. She was, as dead as a doll. The place continued to collapse and collide with each wall. He embraced her tighter and shed his tears that fell on her blood tainted face.
“Forever till death…”
His red eyes caught up a movement coming from the Marionette who lit up the candles on the table. Noticing her master's change of attention to her, she faces him and asks him of his forgiveness.
“Sorry Master, I did not wish to disturb you.”
Apologetically bowing her head, she headed towards the creaking door to leave the premises in which her master is currently performing his silent reading. The doppelganger halted the marionette from leaving the room by kinetically closing the door leading outside.
“Desverne, would you like to dance?”
The man reached out his hand to the marionette as he kneeled in front of her gazing into her crimson blood orbs.
“I am yours to control Master.”
The doppelganger pulled back his hand from reaching out to her and stood up. He stepped closer towards the marionette who stared at her master with a lifeless blank look. Gladston smoothed her cold soft cheeks, rubbing them lightly while brushing off a few cobwebs that had fallen on her hair from the ancient ruins.
“But your heart is not mine to control.”
Fire started to melt the wax and burn the wick of the candles slowly, filling the room with a faint light. The doppelganger's eyes turned into a mellow serene crimson. Gently, he placed his other hand on the marionette's hip and to her back, pulling her close onto his translucent and cold body.
He gave her the sweetest smile he could give that made her stare at his face with a puzzled expression. Gladston brushed his lips on her cheeks, whispering in a pleading voice for her to mention his name.
Before she could finish the name Gladston, the doppelganger closed the gap between them as he softly pressed his moist lips against hers. Lovingly nibbling on her lips, he got his other hand hold her tighter, supporting her back. Desverne's eyes fell into a dazed state, still watching her master's calm and gentle face so close to her. His moist lips and his strong touch that warmed her with an ardent desire to love her. Finally, she closed her eyes, feeling them-selves blend into one.
She found her hands snaking onto her master's spine, slowly closing him in a strong and gentle embrace. A beautiful sound of their environment started to sculpt a wonderful orchestra. It became music to their ears. Serene, tranquil music played in the back ground. Chimes that seem to twinkle their moment together, seemed to sound throughout the room. Managing to break the kiss, she dared whisper to her master.
“Can I…dance with you?”
Gladston slowly released her for a little bit and held her other hand while his other hand was still on her hip. The marionette placed her hand on the hand of her partner as she rested her other on his shoulders.
Starting with a few small steps back and forth, they moved with the beating of their compromised music. The orchestra, producing a light and mysterious yet romantic atmosphere around them. It was pure fictional, the orchestra, but they still continue to dance to the strings of their own music.
The slow twirls that they made, the small steps that they take, and the slides that made them go around the room made the candle lights seem like twinkling stars in a dark cold place with the warm spirits that continue to dance in the middle. He tried to whisper the words he was meaning to say after all these years that they were locked in Geffenia.
His words were strained as they danced around the room. The dance turned into slow small steps as he reached in closely to embrace her as they continue to dance. The marionette just followed what her master did and continued to dance while feeling his warmth against her.
`I hope my actions, if not words, reach her heart instead…'
Life found its way into the dead city of Geffenia and it continued to dance in the center stage, shinning brightly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
There, finally done the eighth chapter! Thankfully I finished it in a day. And hopefully I did not bore you -.-
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Chapter 9 Preview:
`It's the hunter in Seressa's memories…Reidneir…'
The hunter handed her a set of clothes that, as to what he said was the traditional female clothing in Payon. Ymira stared at the strange clothes neatly folded in front of her as she slowly reached out to see it for herself.
Her eyes became button-like orbs as she blinked at something that one would take as suspicious. Reidneir's sweat dropped as he found himself below the evil cackles of the assassin.