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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

I do not own or have ever claimed to own Ramna, the story and it characters are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Bow down before her if you ever have the Chance.
This fan fiction is being done to take a break from my others, I hope you enjoy it.....
It was one of those days that Ranma Saotome loved to hate, because of course it was raining outside and he was stuck inside with nothing to do. At this moment he was flipping through the channels on the TV, as Mr. Tendo and his father played a new game in their usual corner of the tea room. Suddenly their game came to an end as Gemna made his final move.
“Waaaa….. You sunk my battle ship” Mr. Tendo said before breaking into one of his usual trademark cry's (Number 122 my best friend beat me at a child game). The sudden outburst of the water works caused Gemna to jump back out of the reach of the tears his friend was producing.
“Watch the water works Tendo old friend” Gemna said as he tired to calm down, he hated being so paranoid about getting wet. This had of course got a grin from Ranma as he watch the two of them carry on in their usual charade before him. It wasn't long before the game had been restarted and Ranma had finally found something he could stand watching on the television. It was about half an hour later when the screen door way to the hall open and Kasumi stood there with a strange look on her face. Soun looked up from where he was sitting; he was also keeping an eye on his friend. Well aware of what his old friend Gemna would do to ensure he won the game.
“What is it? Kasumi dear” he asked looking at the worried look on her face.
“We have a visitor who wishes to speak to mister Saotome, father” she replied to the two fathers.
“A visitor?” Gemna spoke out; this head scarf suddenly grew tighter fearing it might be his wife making another surprised visit to the Tendo Dojo.
“A mister Santo, he claims to be a private investigator” Kasumi replied to him, Ranma started to glare at his father.
“Yo Pops what you done now?” he asked, his father meanwhile started to sweat drop at the sound of a Private investigator checking up on him.
“I have no idea what you mean Boy” Gemna argued back at his son, he was clearly confused there was only one or two more Fiancée he was worried about and they knew were he was, maybe a debt collector? But why send a Private investigator instead, it would only warn him.
“Your have to excuse me” said a male voice behind Kasumi, who stepped out of the way to relieve a young man aged around 25 “What I come to speak to Mister Gemna Saotome about is private and very important matter relating to him and I must speak to him as soon as possible” the man said producing a folder from his briefcase.
Mister Santo placed the folder in front of himself as he faced Gemna Saotome, in between the two of them stood the tea room table. The tea table was being used by Kasumi, who was making some hot tea for the two of them.
“The reason I am here Mister Saotome is over a very important matter” the young and inexperienced investigator started to explain to them. Gemna nodded as he accepted a cup from Kasumi, meanwhile Ranma was sitting off to one side watching quietly from the couch. He decided to stay behind because he was sure that what was going to be talked about, might affect him as well.
“Okay Mister Saotome, let me get down to the point any way, I am here because of someone” Santo began to explain “Does the name Atsuko Mizuno mean anything to you?” Ranma watched as Gemna tilted his head back and forth as he tired to remember the name, then with out a sound he stopped. Looking up towards the young investigator he nodded.
“Yes the name rings a bell, but may I ask what has this got to do with me? I haven't seen Atsuko in about 16 or 17 years?” Ranma who was listening to the conversation, suddenly felt very relieved, `lest it not another Fiancée' he thought, as he looked at his father.
“It is about her daughter” suddenly Ranma felt a sudden chill run right down his spine, thinking how wrong he might have been a few seconds before.
“Daughter?” Gemna spoke out loud, because he was now downright confused, he didn't know that Atsuko had a daughter. But what had it to do with him, they had only dated for a couple of years before he had met Nodoka and married her.
“Yes but it also sadden me that I must also me the bear of bad news as
well” Mr Santo continued “You see Miss Mizuno is suffering from the last stages of a rare blood disorder, I'm afraid that she's only got a week or two to live at best” after those last few words by Mr Santo, Gemna started to contemplate as he looked at the tea cup in his large hand as he began to think about memories long ago.
“I see but why now? Why does she seek me out at all?” Gemna asked before he took a long hard sip of the tea he had been holding. Mister Santo looked down at the folder that he had brought along with him before he spoke.
“It wasn't Miss Mizuno who had me track you down, it actually Social Services who had me track you down” this statement brought a couple of raised eyebrows at him.
“Social services?”
“The reason they hired me, was the fact that Miss Mizuno place you as her daughter father on the birth certificate, you are the father of Ami Mizuno” as the last sentence came out, he was hit in the face by a foam froth of tea as Gemna spurted out in surprise and shock. Meanwhile Ranma did something that wasn't in his usual book of tricks, he spoke the words usual assoated with another character.
“Oh my” right before he fainted.
Well people this at the moment is a one-shot, depending on how well it's liked can ensure if it continues.