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O Sister, Where Art Thou?

Chapter one

It had been a somber ride over to Juuban General hospital in the taxi For Ranma and Gemna Saotome, Ranma didn’t pay much attention to the building that passed by the car and he rode along in silent. It had been over two days, since they had learned the news of Gemna's adulatory. Ranma was still finding it hard to believe, that out there he had a half sister.
“So pop’s what are you going to talk about?” he glanced over to his father on the other side of the cab.
“I don’t know boy, I don’t know” he said somberly as the taxi pulled into the front of the hospital entrance. Ranma handed the driver some Yen bill’s as payment for the fare as his father made a mad dash from the taxi to under the entrance canopy to try and escape the rain that had been raining since the taxi had driven into the district of Juuban. Ranma grinned as he watches his father turned Panda stand there arguing with a security guard with Panda signs to let him by. But the guard wasn’t having any of it and denied Mister Saotome into the hospital in his currant form. He was currently barking orders into his radio; he couldn’t quite see how a panda should be here.
“This is Yoshiro, I’m at the main entrance and I need backup. I got a wild panda out here, trying to get in” Ranma-Chan walked up from the car smiling as she brushed her wet hair away from her face and a thermo flask of hot water rocking in her arms. She or he knew something like this might have happen so Ranma came prepared for it.
“Hey pops Catch” Ranma-Chan shouted as she chucked the thermos towards him, before turning toward the hospital guard and bowed before “Please excuse my father, while on a long training trip, he picked a curse which turns him into a panda” The guard looked at Ranma-Chan with a look of disbelief. He was about to say ‘Yer right and I’m the Emperor of Japan” but before he could speak he found himself staring at a large man in a very damp Training Gi. Yoshiro shook his head, pinched himself and did a double take before he simple fainted from the shock. Ranma-Chan held a little smirk on her lips as she looked down at the guard, it was so simple to get out of scrapes like this. But then there where the other times that she wasn’t so lucky, she thank her lucky stars that this was one of those simple times, when some thing this important was happening.
“Come on boy” muttered Gemna as he dropped the thermos on the ground. Ranma-Chan looked up and suddenly fumed at the sight of the thermos.
“Hey you big lug, you didn’t have to use ALL the hot water” Ranma-Chan shouted as she dropped kick her father in the back of the head. Gemna looked at his child with an emotionless look on his face, something that Ranma hadn’t seen before. Ever since Mister Santo explained what had happen to his father, Gemna had seemed like a changed man. They both walked into the hospital in the utmost silence, it was there they met up with Mister Santo who was sitting off to one side of the waiting room.
“Arr Mister Saotome, I see you arrived with no troubles?” Santo asked as he saw the two martial artists arrive “Hello and who might you be Miss?” he asked, not knowing about Ranma's female cruse.
“Oh this is my niece, Ranko” Gemna said before Ranma could state otherwise. This left Ranma-Chan a little flumed at her father, but there wasn’t anything she could do now without causing more confuse meant. So she decided to keep her mouth shut for once and continues this charade with her father.
After a brisk ride up on the lift, Ranma-Chan found herself and her father with-in walking distance of one person, who was going to change their future forever.
But the girl in question was complete unaware of their visits, as she ate her lunch in the hospital canteen with one of her closest friend.
“Say Ami, why did your mum, order to stay out of her room this afternoon?” asked Usagi Tsukino as she dug into a second helping of Hospital Jell-O, while Ami was playing with her food. The dark blue haired Scout of Mercury looked up from the plate on which she had been moving the food around with her fork. It took her awhile before she answered Usagi question.
“She said she had to deal with something important and didn’t want to worry about it” she sighed as she pushed the plate away, she wasn’t hungry anymore. She really had been hungry any more as she slowly watched her mother away. What was a child suppose to do in a situation like this? She wanted to spend every single minute she could with her mother. But for some strange reason her mother had flatly denied her to stay with her this afternoon, it had upset her when he mother told her. ‘What was so important that she couldn’t be included in” she wondered, looking down at the plate.

“Okay boy, I want you to remain quiet in there, got me?” Gemna muttered under his breath as they followed Mister Santo into the ward.
“Sure pop” Ranma-Chan whispered back as she followed her father reluctantly behind him. Mr Santo led them along the hall until they reach a single room, out side they where met by an old and white hair doctor by the name of Shiina.
“Good Afternoon Mr Saotome, I am Atsuko Physician” the old man started to explain “you are currently aware of her condition are you not?” he asked them, a simple nod from Gemna was all he needed as an answer. “Well I’m afraid her condition is worsening and at best she got a few days. Now before I let you go in to see her, I want you to know to go easy with her. She is very weak and if you upset her in any way I will have you removed Have you got me? I known Atsuko since she was an intern under my guidance and I will be keeping an eye on you Mister Saotome” and with that the good doctor left on his rounds.
Slowly but surely Gemna had managed to work up the courage to enter the room before him. He would at this very moment rather be facing the wrath of the master, then having to deal with the woman he left long ago. The door looked silently on its hinges, and Gemna stepped into the hospital room. It was like any other hospital room he had seen before, but it was the woman lying on the hospital bed that stood out. ‘Atsuko’ he thought as he saw her for the first time in over sixteen years, he had known her for many of his childhood years. Now to see her like this brought tears to this martial artist eyes.
“Gemna is that you?” the voice he knew sounded hallow, not like how it use to sound like when it belong to a 21 year old woman he dated.
“Yes Atsuko-Chan it’s me” Gemna answered as he stepped forward towards the bed and stared deeply at Atsuko, as she lay there in her hospital bed. Wires and tubes ran from her arms and chest to machines beside her. Atsuko looked up from where she lay and stared at Gemna.
“Oh Gemna, you've aged terribly *Chough*” Atsuko managed to mutter weakly from her bed with a cough. Gemna just stood there, as Ranma-Chan smirked at Atsuko’s remark.
“I’mm….” Gemna started to mumble “I’m so Sorry Atsuko-Chan, if only I had known” he said as he bent down on his knees and bowed before the bed. Ranma-Chan who was watching was in a state of shock, never as long as he could remember had he seen his father act like this.
“Gemna…..” a slight cough could be heard as the prone woman tired to speak “Gemna Saotome, you old fool would you get up please” she said as she tired to smile at him “I forgave you long ago” Gemna tilted his head upright as looked at Atsuko.
“I see… but may I ask why you have brought me here? Surly she has other family that could take better care of her?” Ranma-Chan grinned as she heard her father, ‘Yep that Pops alright, trying to flog his own child off into someone else care’ she thought as she watched from the back of the hospital. The mother of Ami, looked up from she was lying on the bed and thought about what she was going to say before she spoke.
“The reason is that I’m worried about Ami-Chan *Chough* there seems to be things as an outside force *Chough* as work, I need you to *Chough* take care good care of her Gemna, Promise me that you will keep a good eye on her and that she stay safe” Atsuko broke into a chough fit as tired to breath, Just then Doctor Shiina walked in. A look of horror on his face, he rushed over to his patient side and began to access her.
“NURSE!” he shouted and a young male nurse appeared at the door of the room “I need a medical Team Now!”
“Yes Doctor” the nurse answered before rushing off to get the Doctor help. Then Doctor Shiina looked at Mr Santo who had been standing off in one of the Corner.
“SANTO you know where the Canteen is?” he asked flashing a brief glance his way between check Atsuko vitals.
“Yes” Santo answered
“Then please go and get Miss Ami, that’s where she should be!” it was only then as those words left Doctor Shiina mouth did Ranma fully understand the urgency of the situation at this time. So did Mr Santo for his part as he rushed out of the room, meanwhile Ranma attention drifted back to the hospital bed, when his father had gone.
“Doctor what’s happening?” Gemna asked looking at Atsuko, who was still in a very bad coughing fit.
“She’s dying” was all Shiina did to answer him, as Atsuko started to cough up blood. Suddenly the room was filled up with more medical people that Ranma could imagine as he was pinned against the back wall.
“MOTHER” she heard someone scream as they rushed into the room, Ranma looked to see a young girl fight her way through the crowd of medical people to get to her mothers side.
“Oh *Cough* my Ami-Chan *Chough* there’s some one *Cough* I like you too *Chough* meet” she dying woman took her Childs had and place it into a Martial artist hand “*Chough* Meet you Father Ami *Chough*” then suddenly a smile crossed Atsuko face as her eyes closed for the last time, then the last breath escaped her body as the bedside Monitor started to –Bleep- out loud.
“MOTHER!” Ami screamed as she grabbed hold of her mother and buried her face into her mother chest, tears streaming down her face.

To be continued;

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