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Life of Chaos

Prologue - An Insane Day

Chapter 9 - The End Of A Long Day

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.


Akane stormed into her house, quickly changed and went into the dojo. This wasn't unusual behavior, and those at the Tendo home understood that Akane was very upset. Kasumi and Nodoka did find it troubling, but neither knew how to deal an irate teenaged girl. They left her be, hoping she'd be able to calm herself down.


"Who knew Shampoo could turn into a cute animal like Charlotte?" Azusa asked.

Mikado had been trying to ignore her. He hated that his father was forcing him to walk Azusa to and from school. "Don't try to make her your pet, she'd probably kill you."

Azusa pouted. "True. She does have an ugly personality."

"I wouldn't say that. You know, she's got a great body," Mikado pointed out.

"Wasn't it because of similar comments that got you in trouble with Lady Kodachi?" Azusa retorted.

"Don't use a term of respect for her," Mikado demanded.

Azusa frowned. "Why not? She is of noble blood, like us, and does deserve some respect. Which I must say, you did a good job of alienating her and everybody else today. Your good looks and family only go so far."

Mikado waved off her comment. "It was just Kodachi, and she doesn't know how to take sincere flattery."

Azusa laughed. "Sincere flattery? If you call that flattery, it's no wonder you've never gotten more than a kiss from a girl."

"My first time will be a momentous event, and it will be to a very important girl," Mikado promised.

Azusa giggled dementedly. "You mean that buxom from our final skating match?"

Mikado nodded. "I've considered her."

Azusa smirked. "You drove her into being a lesbian, and she's probably that Tendo girl's lover."

"That's a lie." Mikado glared at her angrily.

"Well, I don't know if you're why she doesn't like guys, but she admitted she was a lesbian this morning, then there were some perverted comments from a couple guys about how Akane would wake her up, and at gym all the girls were talking about how Akane is bi-sexual," Azusa informed with a smirk.

Mikado glared at her. "You shouldn't listen to rumors. They'll fill that empty head of yours with nonsense."

Azusa scowled and him and then her face brighten immensely. "Joanne!" She rushed over and hugged a raccoon statue. "Joanne, I found you!"

"Oh, no. Me and my big mouth," Mikado moaned.

The sales clerk sweated nervously seeing the high school girl hugging his statue. He hated this afternoon job, but he needed the money to pay for his classes at the university. "Listen miss you can't just take that."

"But it's Joanne. My precious Joanne." Azusa pouted at the salesman.

The guy looked dumbly at the cute girl and was trying to figure out what to say.

Mikado shook his head and sighed. "How much is it?"

"Eighteen hundred yen," the clerk replied.

Mikado fished the money out his wallet and tossed it at the clerk.

Azusa frowned a little and walked away. The salesclerk was very cute.

"Happy now?" Mikado asked angrily. "I wish you would stop that stupid cute act."

"What act?" Azusa questioned.

"Whatever. Can we hurry home?" Mikado knew Azusa better than her own parents. She wasn't nearly as bad a kleptomaniac as most people thought. Sure, there were times that she would latch on to something, like 'Charlotte,' and claim it as hers, but that wasn't always the case. He doubted she had found the raccoon statue cute, but had gone into that act because she was upset at him and the salesclerk had some good looks. Of course, even if was a just an act, he understood that she wasn't going to let him know that.


"Hi, Ranchan, Konatsu," Ukyou greeted.

"Hello, Ukyou." Konatsu bowed to her and rushed to his room to change for work.

"Hi." Ranma was a little surprised at Ukyou's chef's outfit. It was sleeveless, showed a bit of cleavage, and a lot more feminine that her old one. "What's with the clothes?"

Ukyou shifted uneasily and blushed. "Just trying a new look."

Ranma shrugged and sat down.

Ukyou quickly prepared some okonomiyaki for him. "How was your day?"

"A bit exciting," Ranma replied.

"What happened?" Ukyou pressed.

"Oh, I'd say a week's worth of stuff crammed into one day," Ranma complained.

Ukyou sighed and finished making his meal. You'd think with the amount of time that he spent at her restaurant eating, he'd confide something to her-- even if it was just the events of the day. She shook her head. Ranma was just a private person who didn't like to talk about his troubles.

Konatsu returned in a new waiter's outfit which, considering his and Ukyou's current choices of clothing, didn't surprise Ranma. Kenzan immediately began to clean the dining area.

"Konatsu, how was your day at school?" Ukyou asked.

"Quite an adventure," Konatsu replied. "Remember that flashy trick I did before you left?"

Ukyou nodded.

"Well, it seems I accidentally cut part of Shampoo's hair off when I did that," Konatsu informed sheepishly.

Ukyou gasped. "You didn't?!"

"I'm afraid I did," Konatsu answered with a bowed head. "She challenged me to a fight after school. I was winning when Ranma warned me that defeating her might get me married to her, so I threw her into the swimming pool and declared it a draw. Did you know she has a Jusenkyo curse?"

"Yeah, I know." Ukyou shook her head. She felt a little disappointed she hadn't lost a rival, but was also a bit relieved that he didn't win. "Anything else?"

"Well, there was a commotion at the end of gym concerning the girls' gym teacher. Seems he was using explosive in the balls. Ranma wasn't too happy when we found out and knocked the teacher unconscious," Konatsu told her.

"You beat up a teacher?" Ukyou asked Ranma.

"After what he did? You bet. He knocked Akane out cold, threw one of those balls at Akari, and you can't forget there are some normal girls in our class," Ranma answered sharply.

"Glad I don't have gym. How is Akane?" Ukyou wondered.

"Okay, I guess. Haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. She's been pissed since gym though." Ranma let out a long breath. "Ah, I should be getting back home. Want to practice a little before dinner. See you later."

"Bye." Ukyou turned to her employee. "All right, Konatsu, tell me everything that happened today."


"Kurenai Tsubasa, what is the meaning of you skipping your afternoon classes? After all the work I went through to get you transferred there, and this is how you repay me?" Mrs. Kurenai yelled at her son.

Tsubasa could only stare at the floor as his mother scolded him. He had wanted to be near his beloved Ukyou, but not if everyday at Furinkan was like it had been today.

"What do you have to say about this?" Mrs. Kurenai demanded.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think the school was insane. A Lovecraft monster was practicing martial arts in the swimming pool. One of my teachers is a vampire, and I have her for three classes. There's a guy who attacked me with fire and wind for trying to pass a note to Ukyou," Tsubasa defended.

Mrs. Kurenai glared at her son. "First cross-dressing and now you're either lying or using drugs? Tsubasa, until you clean up your act, I can't love you."

Tsubasa waved his arms. "B-but Mom! I didn't do any drugs and I'm not lying. It really did happen."

Mrs. Kurenai slapped her son. "Not another word. You will go to school, you will perform well, and you will stop telling me of all this nonsense. Is that understood?"

Tsubasa gulped. "Yes, Mom."


"How was school today, Yuka?" Mrs. Masaki asked her daughter.

"Very exciting. The girl's gym coach had us play dodge ball with explosives inside them. After Akane got knocked unconscious a second time, Ranma found out and beat him up. Oh, many of the girls now consider Ranma fair game for dating, but I know he'll be married to Akane soon. The rumor of Akane being bi-sexual is back, but this time I think it'll stick as perceived truth as Akane did little to dissuade it and one of the new girls at school, Akari, gave a good reason why Akane would like girls. I mean, Ranma has that curse that changes him into a girl, and it might be tempting to 'try her out.' Oh, Akari has moved in with Ryoga at his house. Ryoga's Uncle Dan is our new math teacher, and he's also a Street Fighter. Dan fought another new student, Kumon, and defeated him. If Kumon had a little more skill or used the moves Ranma wouldn't let him he might've won...."

Yuka continued to rattle off the day's events, but Mrs. Masaki had tuned her out. Yuka had such a vivid imagination since there was no way all that stuff could have happened. It seems that she was no longer limiting her fantasized story to just Ranma, Akane and a few others, but her entire class as well. Next she'd be saying things about Sayuri being able to do unbelievable things. Mrs. Masaki would be more worried if he imagination interfered with Yuka's schoolwork, but it didn't. Besides, telling stories like those would be great to use to put Yuka's children to sleep. Perhaps she could even make money off it by writing manga or something.


"Tendo Nabiki, I would have words with you," Kuno intoned.

Nabiki was about to leave Furinkan, but if Kuno wanted to give her more business, going home could wait. "What do you want?"

"I need to do something about Konjo Mariko," Kuno told her.

Nabiki smirked. "Oh? Like what? How to ask her on a date?"

Kuno shuddered. "Are you daft? She is not one of my beloveds, and she is far too annoying for my tastes."

Nabiki blinked. "So what do you want me to do about it?"

"Find a means to deal with her," Kuno demanded.

Nabiki though for a moment. "You know I do better thinking over food."

Kuno slouched. Talking with Nabiki always lifted the weight off his feet, by removing all the heavy cash from him.

Nabiki smiled as she led Kuno to her favorite restaurant. She could make a lot of money by helping Mariko while at the same time being paid to sabotage any attempts. This could be a lot of fun.

Nabiki would have to call home to tell Kasumi that she wouldn't be home for dinner. This talk with Kuno should be long enough to satisfy her appetite.


Shampoo stomped into the Nekohanten. The only way she could redeem today was by completing her marriage to Ranma. School had been unbearable. Konatsu had humiliated her not once, but twice. He would have to pay dearly. At least he declared their fight a draw, since she didn't want any complications with her marriage to Ranma.

Mousse followed her, a bit battered. He could die a happy man at the moment though. When he had poured hot water on Shampoo while she was a cat, she didn't have any clothes on. He got a good close up look at certain parts of her body he would gladly take any amount of thrashing to see.

The Amazon matriarch glared at them from the kitchen. "Where have you two been? School let out over an hour ago. You're suppose to get here immediately after classes end."

"Sorry, Great-grandmother. No easy to turn back into human with no clothes," Shampoo apologized.

Cologne shook her head. "I take it with that grin on Mr. Part-time, he got a good look."

Shampoo growled at the reminder, wheeled around and punched Mousse across the street.

Cologne's eyes widen as she saw why Shampoo was wearing a pony-tail. "What happened to your hair?!"

"Stupid ninja-boy cut it," Shampoo spat.

Cologne raised an eye brow. "Does he still breathe?"

Shampoo's scowl hardened. "Unfortunately."

"Come over here and explain what happened, while I fix your hair," Cologne told her.

Shampoo nodded and went into the kitchen. She hated the sound of every snip of the scissors. Her hair was beautifully long. The idea of having short hair was repulsive, but there was nothing she could do.

While Shampoo's hair was being cut, she explained how her hair had been cut and some of what happened in the subsequent fight.

"So, the boy is skilled," Cologne said, finishing the last couple trims.

Shampoo made a disgusted sound. "Ninja-boy have some ability, but will beat him next time for sure."

"Um, Shampoo, are you sure you want to try that?" Mousse asked nervously. "I mean, Saotome did tell him to throw the fight."

"Son-in-law did that?" Cologne asked in surprise. "Well, well. That is interesting. How good is this ninja-boy?"

Mousse's fist clenched. "He was playing with Shampoo like she was an amateur. He disarmed her with his first two moves, and later was dodging every strike she made. He then copied a throw Hibiki's new girlfriend used in a fight at lunch. For doing that, I should hurt him severely."

Cologne chuckled dryly. "My, my, Shampoo. You do know how to find strong men."

"Ninja-boy not strong! I can defeat him," Shampoo protested.

"Oh, really?" Cologne raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to risk being married to him if son-in-law decides to run off with another girl?"

"Husband no do that! Ranma..." Shampoo eyed Mousse. "...no love anyone else." She watched as Mousse snarled impotently. Can't let duck-boy know about being with Ranma tonight. He would get in the way, and she woouldn't let anything spoil it.

"Shampoo, why do you persist after Ranma? You know he loves Akane. There's...." Mousse was interrupted as he was slammed into the wall.

Cologne sighed, knowing Shampoo was planning something. The girl was too stubborn for her own good. The sooner she realized that Ranma would never be hers the better. However, that was something Shampoo needed to learn on her own. After all, life was the best teacher, even if the lessons were often very harsh.

"Finished?" Shampoo asked, pointing to her hair.

Cologne nodded, handing her a mirror.

Shampoo grimaced as a tear streaked down her check. Her hair only reached down to her shoulder blades. The mirror handle broke in her fist. She didn't care how she did it. The asshole dies.


Nabiki arrived home after her family finished dinner, and went into the kitchen. Akane had been saying something, but stopped cold and grew nervous when Nabiki entered and asked, "Any phone calls or mail?"

Kasumi nodded more times than she needed. "There is a letter from Mr. Fujita on your desk."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. Something was up. Plots to figure out what ended when Akane rushed out of the room saying something about homework. Nabiki shrugged, knowing she'd find out eventually. The letter could wait until later.

The middle Tendo daughter went into the main room to work on her homework. When she first walked into the room, she could swear Ranma was in there. A strong breeze coming from the room indicated to her that he had been there and that he was avoiding her.

Looking all over the house, Nabiki couldn't find either Ranma or Akane now. They had disappeared on her. Something was up, and Kasumi knew what it was.

Nabiki asked her older sister various questions, and was becoming increasingly upset at being ignored. "Do you know where Ranma or Akane are?" would not be answered. "Can I have a soda?" was answered with the a of soda pop.

Nabiki growled in frustration, and left. Only when everyone was turning in for bed did she see Ranma in female form and Akane. They were going into his room, dressed for bed. "What are you two doing?" Nabiki asked suspiciously.

"Shampoo is planning on visiting Casanova, here, tonight. I'm making sure nothing happens," Akane answered sharply.

"Is that why he's a girl?" Nabiki guessed.

"More insurance," Ranma replied simply. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Nabiki stood at the door for a while, but if either Ranma or Akane said anything, the snoring panda was drowning it out. Ten minutes later, she checked to see where they were sleeping.

Two pairs of angry eyes from two very different locations glared at her.

Nabiki returned to her room and put the camera away. Trying to get a picture would be fruitless if they were awake. Besides, it offered little gain for her since they weren't sleeping in the same bed. She slipped into bed, hoping for better luck next time.


Akari finished humming as she put away the last of the dishes. She didn't mind doing the housework for Ryoga, it kind of made her feel married to him. Her hand caressed the kitchen counter and thought about how she could get used to living in a house like this. She preferred her farm, but knew Ryoga didn't. While she might not be able to raise her sumo-pigs here, she could have a family.

Akari sighed as she made her way to the changing room, taking the time to pet one of Shirokuro's puppies. She undressed completely save her panties and put on an oversized T-shirt she got from the ninety-two sumo-pig championships, which Katsunishiki won.

Ryoga noticed her coming out of the changing room. He had been a bit surprised the first time he had seen what she wore to bed. She looked cute and kind of sexy in that T-shirt, even if it had two oversized pigs emblazoned on it.

"A kiss goodnight?" Akari asked hopefully.

Ryoga blushed and stammered, but his nod was all Akari was looking for. She reached up and kissed him passionately. Ryoga didn't know if he could ever get used to feeling like this.

Akari decided to up the kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth. It felt strange, but good as his tongue wrestled with hers. She was surprised to feel Ryoga grab her shirt and start lifting it.

Ryoga was really into the kiss, not believing what Akari was doing with her tongue. Yet, it seemed right. He was startled when Akari pull away from him. He then stared dumbly at what his hands had done. His mind locked up as his arms lifted a little more and Akari lower herself. He now held the empty shirt and Akari stood before him clad only in her panties.

Akari smiled at Ryoga and guided him into his room.


A puppy looked questioningly at the door to his master's room. There were some strange sounds coming from it. He looked to his mother hoping she could explain.

Shirokuro looked down at her son, uncertain what to do. She knew what those sounds were, and tried to think of what to say. She then shook her head at her son, he was still too young to know.

The puppy sighed and lay down. He hated being too young.


Shampoo in feline form hissed as she entered the Tendo home. Of course even after putting the duck into his cage and sneaking past Cologne, something had to go wrong and in this case it was rain. But that had never been a problem here. Hot water was easily accessible due to the demand for it.

Shampoo first went to the bathing room. After a few tries, the Amazon cat turned on the shower's hot water, seeing none already available. After two minutes, she yowled in frustration as the water never heated up. Failing to be discouraged, Shampoo let the shower run while she went to the kitchen. She hissed at the lack of any prepared water.

Akane, Shampoo was certain, was behind the lack of hot water. She prowled her way upstairs checking everywhere for any hot water. She entered Ranma's room and then tried to swear. Her beloved was a girl. She then noticed Akane asleep in the corner of the room and that both of Ranma's parents were also sleeping in the room.

The cat yowled angrily and left. No hot water, female Ranma, and too many potential meddlers didn't speak well for success. She'd have to try again later.


Author's Notes:

The End of Prologue.

I base characterizations primarily off the manga. While Azusa is clearly a overly cute kleptomaniac in the anime, in the manga she's only shown to have stolen two things: P-Chan, a cute animal, and a blanket with a cute bird embroidered on it, which happened to cover Mikado who Azusa was not happy with at the time. So, I'm playing around with Azusa's inclination to steal cute things.

One of the harshest punishments a Japanese mother can give her child is 'removing her love.' By saying "I don't love you anymore," a mother has basically grounded her child. The child would not be allowed to participate in any family function and sometimes the mother will barely recognize that the child exists. The emphasis on keeping your mother's love is strong and goes as far as if a man has to chose between obeying his mother or his wife, his mother will win every time even if the man does not agree with his mother.

Akane has used a variation of 'removing my love' punishment on Ranma when she said, 'We're no longer engaged.' Akane doesn't have the right to declare it void, only to transfer it to Nabiki or Kasumi if they are willing. Only the Tendo clan head, Saotome clan head, Genma and Soun have the right to end engagement.