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Life of Chaos

Prologue - An Insane Day

Chapter 8 - All Things Must End

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.


Akane had left gym to go to the nurses' station. The injuries weren't serious, but it got her away Ranma's other suitors. She felt a bit better after a nurse helped her with her the minor burns she had received.

Akane had tried to forget gym happened. It used to be her favorite class, but she would hate the class if she had to put up with her classmates and that teacher. Her fist clenched as she remembered Ranma allowing Shampoo to hug him. After what happened in Jusendo and the attempted wedding, she thought he would have put a stop to it. But he showed no sign he was going to stop his Casanova ways.

By the time Akane returned to gym, there was only a few minutes left, so there was no point for her to join it. She just went into the locker room and changed back into her school uniform. Just as she finished, her classmates started to enter the room.

"I can't believe they'd do that," Yuka said.

"Believe it. Boys are perverts and that just proves it," Ryunami replied. "Imagine, challenging each other to see who'd score first."

Shampoo smirked. "Have to make sure Ranma wins."

Akane's hair frizzed and she stared at the wall in shock. Score first? Ranma win? They can't be talking about THAT.

Ryunami held her tongue. Upsetting Shampoo would be detrimental to her health.

"How are you going to do that?" Yuka asked.

Shampoo smiled smugly. "Simple, visit husband tonight and finally complete marriage."

"Complete marriage?" Ryunami asked.

"Not yet make love to husband. Ranma not been ready. If make challenge, then must be ready now." Shampoo nodded confidently at her logic.

"What are you going to do about Mousse?" Yuka asked. "He's sure to try and win by having sex with you."

Shampoo laughed. "If stupid duck kiss me, make delicious roast duck. Try anything more, Mousse find out what living hell really means."

"What do you think Ryoga's chances are?" Ryunami asked.

"Don't know," Shampoo replied.

Akari walked into the locker room at that moment.

"How long do you think it'll be before Mr. Strike gets fired?" Ryunami asked.

Shampoo blinked at the abrupt change of subject.

Yuka had noticed Akari and understood Ryunami didn't want her to know about the challenge, which they had found out from Hiroshi. She decided to go along with Seiki. "From this school? Principal Kuno is probably trying to give him tenure."

Akane walked out of the locker room with a dazed look on her face. She couldn't figure out how Ranma, Mousse, and Ryoga got into THAT kind of challenge. She had accused Ranma of being a pervert, but this was a new level. She somehow couldn't see Ranma doing that. Steal panties, peep at her and flirt with an excessive number of girls, yes. Force himself on her, maybe. Challenge Mousse and Ryoga to a sex contest, no. It just didn't seem right.

Shampoo scowled when she noticed Akane, wondering how much she had heard. If Akane helped Ranma win by sleeping with him, her laws would not back her marriage to him. True, she could still pursue a relationship, but she would've already been dishonored for losing her husband, even if it were for only a moment.


The students were very restless as they sat down to their final class of the day, chemistry. An elderly man walked into the room and dropped his books heavily onto the teacher's desk to get their attention.

"Good afternoon, class. My name is Itou. I don't care what the other teachers let you get away with. I will not tolerate any misbehavior. I may not be able to challenge any of you physically, but I don't need to. You see, I control whether you pass or fail this course. I'd be happy to see you here during school breaks for make-up classes. I get paid more that way." Itou then pulled out a piece of paper that looked like a Furinkan report card. "Mess around in my class and I'll deduct points from your grades. Wreck my lab and you will fail. Pay attention to class and your grades won't go up in flames." He pulled out a match and set the paper on fire. It began to burn in a pale green color. "Any questions?"

Most of the students shook their heads no.

Konatsu raised his hand while staring intently at the burning paper. "How did you get it to burn like that?"

Itou smiled and began class by explaining how he specially treated the paper to produce a green flame.


The final bell rang and the class began to pack up.

"Sit down!" Itou barked. "Your assignment tonight is to read chapter one and do the exercises on page thirty. Now you may leave."

Shampoo wrapped her arms around Ranma with a grip like a python's. "Wish Shampoo luck in fight?"

Ranma froze up from feeling Shampoo's chest pressed into his back and from knowing Akane was only a few feet away. "Luck? Ah, sure."

Shampoo smiled and used all her speed she could muster to turn Ranma's head and kissed him. She then looked smugly at Akane and mouthed, "Husband is mine tonight."

Akane's hair stood on end. The air around her began to crackle with energy.

Shampoo looked behind her and saw that Konatsu wasn't there. She scowled and left to find him.

Ranma slowly came to his senses. He really needed to figure out how to deal with Shampoo. He snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed a blue glow. "Oh, no."

"You pervert!" Akane yelled, punching him out of the school and he arced into the school wall fence.

"At least it wasn't the pool," Ranma moaned. He pried himself out of the wall and leapt his way back into the classroom. He frowned, noticing Akane had already left. He grabbed his stuff and went to find her.

Ranma made his way to the shoe lockers. He first checked Akane's and saw her shoes were still there, along with a couple love notes. He removed the notes and crumpled them up. He then went to his shoe locker and watched in shock as letters poured out. He started to pick them up when several girls surrounded him, asking him various questions.

"What's your name?" "Free Saturday night?" "What's your phone number?" "My parents won't be home this weekend." "Want to do something with me?"

Ranma backed away from the girls, the letters falling from his arms. He tried to say something and saw Akane out of the corner of his eye. She was refusing to look at him, and Ranma could tell she was beyond upset.

Akane quickly grabbed her shoes and ran out of the school. Tears fighting to break free of her eyes.

"Damn it," Ranma mumbled. He dropped the remaining letters and quickly changed his shoes. He then rushed after Akane.

The girls glared at him for brushing them off like that.


"Ayashi, can I ask you a question?" Mariko asked. "Do you find Kuno attractive?"

Ayashi took a step back. "Ah, no."

"Oh, you don't have to lie because I'm interested in Kuno. I won't beat you up for liking him." If you steal him, that's entirely different, Mariko mentally added.

Ayashi shook her head. "Really. I don't like him."

"You don't like him when he's so strong and handsome? He's even rich." Mariko waved off the girl's comments. "Wouldn't you like to have sex with Kuno?"

Ayashi's eyes widen to the point they nearly popped out of her head. "No!"

"Sure you would. I can see it in your eyes that you're surprised that I guessed correctly. But I'm sure he won't go for it unless it's a three-some. While I'd love to have sex with him, he won't go for it since it would be just me. But if we go to him together, he's sure to agree," Mariko pressed.

Ayashi had backed away from Mariko until she was against the wall. She eyed the window carefully, debating on how much it would hurt to jump. She tried to figure out what to say to get rid of the cheerleader.

"Ayashi!" Rumiko called out. "Why are you still here? We need to get supplies to clean the classroom."

"Oh, yes. Must get going and clean. Bye." Ayashi bolted from the room dragging Rumiko with her. "Why didn't you try to help me sooner?"

Rumiko giggled. "Sorry, but it was kind of fun watching you get flustered like that."

Ayashi scowled. "Meanie."

Kodachi walked over to Mariko. "Interesting idea on how to get my brother. It just might work. However, your tactics in getting Wataru to help you has likely scared her off. I've learned the hard way that the heavy handed approach doesn't work."

"How should I go about this, Kodachi-sama?" Mariko asked.

"First, we need information and I know who we should ask," Kodachi intoned.

Ryunami smiled. It was time for business.

Kodachi guided Mariko out of the room. "You do have money on you. You're going to need it."

Ryunami's eyes flattened. They were going to Nabiki? Why? She had more connections that Tendo does. She could give them everything that girl could and do it for less. Why does Nabiki get more business than her?


"Shampoo thought stupid ninja-boy had some intelligence and run away." The Amazon brandished two bonbori and was poised to strike with righteous feminine wrath.

"You challenged me to a fight, and I owe you for what I did to your hair. If it is a fight you want as compensation, I can do that. Though, I don't think that would be enough," Konatsu replied. He stood straight, hands held tightly to his body seemingly ready to strike like a viper.

Shampoo scowled at the boy. If he had the speed to back up his stance, he would be trouble. But he'd have to be as fast as Ranma to have a chance of winning. "Will be satisfied with just fight." She charged the ninja.

Konatsu caught one of the bonbori with a barbecue fork. He frowned at the reminder of how the salesman had convinced him to purchase culinary devices that served no purpose at an okonomiyaki restaurant. He twisted the fork and forced it and the bonbori towards the ground. The handle cracked as Konatsu used the leverage from the barbecue fork to break it, destroying the utensil in the process.

Shampoo swung the other bonbori and struck Konatsu in the back of the head. She smirked as he tumbled away from the blow, but then she felt a firm tug on her weapon. The ninja had grabbed the weapon's head with his feet and wrenched it out of her hands.

Konatsu kicked the bonbori away. He hadn't had any practice with that kind of weapon and he doubted his opponent would give him the chance to learn it. He waited for Shampoo to make the next move.

Shampoo stared at her hands for a brief moment. The stupid ninja wasn't a want-to-be, he was a skilled fighter. Her great-grandmother had warned her about underestimating opponents, and this guy certainly didn't appear to have any strength. She flattened her gaze and tossed away her broken weapon handle. She would have to get serious to defeat him.

Ranma stopped running after Akane when he saw Konatsu and Shampoo face off and attack each other. She landed one hit, while he struck back four times. Konatsu got into a fight with Shampoo?! If he won, the ninja would have to marry Shampoo... His eyes widened. She would be out of his hair, but then he would have to think of another way to deal with Ukyou... Damn. He stood indecisively for a moment. Either way was a problem.

"Konatsu, throw the fight!" Ranma screamed. "If you win, you have to marry her!"

"What?!" Konatsu squeaked in surprise.

Shampoo took advantage of her opponent's distraction and punched him in the head. "Husband butt out!"

Konatsu jumped around the schoolyard trying to avoid Shampoo's angry assault.

"She's an Amazon. By her laws, she has ta marry any guy that beats her," Ranma called out.

"Is this true?" Konatsu asked his opponent.

"Only if outsider and have no husband, since I have Ranma as husband-- is no problem." Shampoo was getting even more irritated with him. She couldn't land a single blow with him dodging like that.

Is big problem. Konatsu knew how Ranma felt about Akane and doubted he harbored similar feelings for Shampoo. He didn't want to take a chance that defeating her would make him her husband once it was clear that Ranma was going to marry Akane. He tried to think of what to do. He then noticed the school swimming pool, and got an idea.

Shampoo lunged for the ninja, hoping to snare him in a hold. She cursed as he dodged to the side and then felt him grab her shoulders. The ninja then used her momentum to send her in a throw. "Shit!" Shampoo called out in Chinese seeing where she would land.

Konatsu was amazed to see his opponent dissolve into the water of the pool. He then noticed that the clothes were moving, and grabbed them. He pulled out the struggling cat and looked at her in surprise. "She has a Jusenkyo curse? How many are there?"

Ranma was looking away from Konatsu. "A few."

Konatsu shrugged and turned his attention to the cat. "We'll call this a draw, if that's all right with you?"

Shampoo replied by trying to scratch his face.

Konatsu set Shampoo onto the ground and walked over to Ranma.

"Oh, my Shampoo. To be humiliated like that must be terrible." Mousse hugged her wet clothing to his face.

Shampoo scowled and clawed his ankle.

Mousse yelped, hopped once, and fell into the pool.

The cat looked like she was laughing.

"Any other surprises I should know about this school, Ranma?" Konatsu asked.

Ranma kicked a pebble over the school. It'd probably be a good idea to let Akane calm down a bit before going home. He started walking out of the schoolyard. "Well, I've had my share of surprises today too. Anyway, know about Principal Kuno?" He thumbed the statue of the principal at the gate.

Konatsu shook his head. "Only Kuno I know are the two in our class."

"Well, their father is the principal. Though as far as I've seen, Kuno gets the same attention I do from him. All bad. He'd love to give you a haircut and is into anything Hawaiian. Oh, and watch out for his pineapple bombs." Ranma scratched his head. "You know. I'm surprised I didn't see him today."

"Perhaps he was busy. It is the first day of school," Konatsu guessed.

Ranma shook his head. "Nah. I'd have thought he'd give us extra attention because of that. Must be that he's planning something. Anyway, Konatsu, why didja get inta a fight with Shampoo?"

Konatsu blushed demurely. "I accidentally cut her hair while trying to scare that boy who sits next to Ukyou."

Ranma slapped his forehead. "That was stupid. She's bound to give you the kiss of death."

"Kiss of death?" Konatsu squeaked. "That wouldn't be a kiss on the cheek, would it?"

Ranma moaned. "Idiot. She's vowed to hunt you down and kill you."

Konatsu sagged. "I take it there will be a rematch, and I can't win since you have no intention of marrying her."

"Since it's her hair, probably a couple more times. I suggest you avoid her, don't remind her about the hair, and don't do anything that'll piss her off. Doubt she'll kill you, but don't push her to the point that she'll try," Ranma advised.

"How do I do that?" Konatsu wondered.

Ranma shrugged. "Haven't figured that out for myself, how am I suppose to help you? Besides, you should have better ideas than I would, you use to think you were a girl."

Konatsu tugged at his uniform collar a little. "I'll try not to upset her."


"Congratulations, Yuka. Here's you're prize and the bonus for guessing the exact number of people and animals knocked unconscious this morning," Nabiki forced herself to say with a smile. The bonus had increased the number of bets but, with Yuka winning it, her profits had been cut.

Yuka counted the money with a large grin plastered on her face. Apparently, Nabiki's betting pool this morning had been very busy. She could hardly believe all the money she had won.

Sayuri looked at her friend, hoping Yuka would send some of that money her way.

"I was so close," Daisuke moaned. "I could taste the money."

Hiroshi looked disgusted. "Man, I don't want to know what you eat."

"Money has a lovely taste," Nabiki said casually. "Oh, Yuka, I've heard from Akane about how you want to go to the Tsunami dance club."

Yuka clenched the money tightly. "Well, yes, but I haven't been able to go. The lines are always too long, and by the time I could get in, I would have to go home."

"What would you say if I could get you in the club?" Nabiki offered.

Yuka frowned. "How much?"

Nabiki smiled. "Entry fee and a few drinks there."

Yuka looked at Sayuri who nodded. It didn't seem like a bad idea. "Okay. This Saturday?"

"That'll be fine. We'll work out details later. I've got other business to attend to." Nabiki would've set the time and place then, but Mariko was waving a couple thousand yen at her.

"Hello, Tendo," Kodachi greeted. "Mariko, here, would like some information on my brother."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. "Oh? What kind of information?"

"I want to know how to attract him," Mariko pleaded.

"Attract him? You want Kuno-baby?" Nabiki asked puzzled.

"Kuno-b-baby?! Do you want him for yourself?" Mariko demanded.

Nabiki laughed. "No. That's just a nickname I've used since junior high for him. I still use it because it annoys him. Anyway, you want Kuno to chase after you. Well, two thousand yen first."

Mariko handed most of her money over to Nabiki.

"If you want him to start chasing after you, challenge him to a fight and beat him," Nabiki told her seriously.

Mariko's eyes went wide in shock. "What?!"

Nabiki smirked. "Kuno has a complex about being the best. He doesn't believe anyone can fairly beat him. If a guy defeats him, the guy cheated by some means and Kuno will want a rematch to prove he's better. Now if a girl beats Kuno, he thinks she must be a goddess since most girls are to nice to cheat."

Kodachi nodded. "That would explain why he chases after that wretched Tendo girl and that vile pig-tailed girl." She then glanced over to Nabiki. "I hope you don't take offense."

"None taken; however, five hundred yen or those two will hear about this." Nabiki held out her hand.

Kodachi scowled. "Why should I pay? They know how I feel about them."

"True, but they don't know that I'm helping Mariko. If they find out, they may up their pursuit of your brother, particularly the pig-tailed girl. Can you imagine her as part of your family?" Nabiki suppressed her grin while counting her newly acquired money.

Mariko twiddled her fingers. "So, if I'm to win Kuno's h-e-a-r-t, I must first d-e-f-e-a-t him?"

Nabiki nodded. "It's the only way I've seen him get interested in anybody."

"But I can't hurt him!" Mariko protested.

Nabiki shrugged. "Then I guess you don't want him enough."


Author's Notes:

Itou: to dislike; to hate; to grudge (doing); to spare (oneself); to be weary of; to take (good) care of