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Life of Chaos

Chapter 2 - Endings And Beginnings

Journey Part 1 - New Beginnings

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.


"Ranma, what are you doing up here?" Akane asked.

"Avoiding Nabiki, same as you," Ranma replied with a nervous grin. "You should train more. You shouldn't have to use the balcony to jump up to the roof."

Akane pouted. "Well, we can fix that, can't we?"

Ranma nodded. "Are you sure about going?"

"Of course, I'm sure." Akane scowled. "Don't try to talk your way out of it."

Ranma looked away. "You already convinced me about that."

"What about what happens before we leave?" Akane asked nervously.

Ranma frowned. "Mom insists that we do that, too."

Akane sat next to her fiance. "Ranma, do you want to?"

"To what?" Ranma wondered.

Akane glared at him. "Do you want to do what happens before we leave?" Now that a pair of unwanted ears were at the house, namely Nabiki's, they made it a point to avoid certain words that would give away too much information. At least Soun and Genma were still at the bar.

Ranma sighed. "I'd rather wait. I think we're too young."

Akane looked put-upon. "Ranma, your Mom had you when she was younger than I am now."

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, and think how much she regrets it. Married to Pop and thanks to him she hardly even knows me."

Akane pouted. "Okay, maybe that wasn't the best example. But I think we can manage."

"We're making a rather big risk on something you _think_ we can do?" Ranma asked in incredulously.

"No!" Akane shook her head violently. "I'm positive we can do it."

"Whatever," Ranma grumbled. "Are you sure we need to do that though? Couldn't we wait until after the trip is over or something?"

"It will make things easier to deal with. Girls won't flirt with you if they know you're married. Besides, it gives everybody here time to get used to us being married before we ever see them. Hopefully, when we come back, they'll only be a little upset that we left but happier that we returned," Akane hoped.

"I _really_ doubt that." Ranma whapped her lightly on the hand. "You mentioned the m-word."

Akane reflexively pulled her hand closer to herself. She then glanced around to make sure no one was spying on them. "Sorry. But I know they'll be upset no matter what we do. I'd rather leave and be with you than wait and worry about someone trying to seduce you or get me out of the way. There is no easy solution to this."

Ranma nodded. "You got that right. Probably should stop talkin' about it, Nabiki is probably searching for us by now."

Akane moved closer to Ranma and both sat there silently for a while. Their minds were too preoccupied by the 'forbidden' subject of what they planned to do for them to think of something else to talk about. Twice they jumped off the roof and waited when Nabiki searched for them there. Once she left they immediately returned to where they had been sitting. They entered the house and prepared for bed when it began to rain.


"Akane?" Kasumi asked in surprise.

The youngest Tendo whirled around, hid a wrench behind her back, and looked at her eldest sister as if she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Kasumi pouted. "What are you doing?"

Akane gazed sheepishly at the ground. "Know how insane I said today was? This prevents the last of it."

"How will turning off the hot water help?" Kasumi wondered.

Akane fidgeted. "Well, I found out that Shampoo plans to visit Ranma and have her way with him. I'm shutting off the hot water to make sure she can't."

"Why would no hot water stop her?" Kasumi questioned.

"Well, the rain for one, and I already got Ranma to promise he'll sleep as a girl tonight," Akane pointed out.

"Oh." Kasumi looked carefully at her sister. "You're going to sleep in his room tonight to make sure anyway?"

Akane nodded.

Kasumi almost commented that it would not be appropriate, but knew it would fall on deaf ears. Besides, Akane was going to marry Ranma tomorrow. Not to mention that Genma and Nodoka would be sleeping there as well. "Well, goodnight. Do try to get some sleep."


Ranma was on edge. Too many things were happening too fast. By this time tomorrow he'd be married and sleeping somewhere far from here. Trying to get any sleep would be hard enough. Add Akane being in the same room was too much. He really wanted to sleep, tomorrow would be very busy and he'd need every ounce of sleep he could get.

But was he ready to be married? It would've been one thing if they were staying here, since they would have others to rely on. But Akane did not want to be here. She wanted to get as far away from her troubles as she could get. Ranma knew that was hopeless. Those troubles would eventually catch up and be much worse than before. He didn't know how to explain that to Akane. He hoped he was wrong and that when his suitor problems returned, they wouldn't be nearly as bad. Unfortunately, past experiences had proved otherwise.

Then again, those problems had been getting worse with them there. Things weren't calming down. Maybe the lack of his and Akane's presence would help make things easier to handle when they returned. Probably not, but one could hope.

Ranma turned over, trying to get more comfortable. There was still the issue of being married. He didn't have a clue what it meant to be a husband. As far as he was concerned, his parents weren't truly married. His mother barely tolerated his father, not to mention that his father spent twelve years away from home. He wondered why they haven't gotten a divorce, because he was certain his parent's relationship wasn't what it was like to be married. Ranma couldn't imagine being away from Akane for a month, and yet the twelve year separation spoke of many things, but none of it was his father's love for his mother.

Could Ranma be a good husband with Genma as an example? Well, maybe for what not to do. He would just have to figure things out on his own. Take things as they happen and adapt. That was how he had learned to deal with things, and it had worked most of the time. Ranma hoped he could be a good husband for Akane, she deserved that much.

Akane watched Ranma from the corner of the room as he lay in bed. She knew he was awake. She didn't say anything in hopes they could fall asleep. But sleep wouldn't come. Her nerves had been on end all day. The only time she had calmed down was shortly after Ranma agreed to leave with her and they had talked about plans of what to do. But those plans had ended up causing her more stress as she realized the extent of what they were doing.

In a few short hours Akane would be a Saotome and living with him as his wife in every sense of the word. They would be alone when facing any new troubles. There would be no Kasumi, Soun, Nodoka, Cologne, or even Genma to turn to for help. Were they really ready for that?

Akane sighed as she tried to make herself more comfortable. It didn't matter if they were ready. If she was going to be with Ranma, she couldn't be anywhere near home. After everything that happened since she met her fiance, being able to see him and yet not be able to truly touch him because of how others would react was not something she could live with. If she wanted to be his wife, they had to leave.

Besides, if they can't make it on their own, they could always come home. Hopefully that wouldn't ignite the third world war in the process.

Akane smiled as Ranma somehow had drifted to sleep. How he could sleep while listening to a snoring panda, she couldn't figure out. Well, it was a bit soothing in its continuous rhythm....

A moment later a cat was not pleased at what she had seen in the room. She tried to swear since her mission tonight had been for nothing.


The morning was full of preparations, but most of it done covertly. Both Ranma and Akane had woken up early and started to prepare for what looked like school. However, their school bags held important documentation and money. Things they would need to get an apartment and start working. Their backpacks were being set up for what looked like a camping trip. Ranma's included many of the supplies they would have normally used. Akane's was packed with more clothes and a couple personal items.

Genma approached his son, with a questioning look on his face. The morning had already started out strange with Kasumi fixing the hot water, but now his son was packing and he didn't remember planning any training trips. "Why are you packing, boy?"

Ranma stiffened and then gulped. "Akane's wants ta up her trainin' so I thought I'd take her on a little trip this weekend. Just wanted to make sure we had everything we'd need."

Genma grinned and nodded. Akane would have to get better if she ever wanted a chance to defend herself against Ranma's other suitors. Besides, a weekend alone for the engaged couple would be a good thing. Though, making sure there was only one tent or having a panda discreetly watch them would probably be a good idea. "That's the initiative, boy. Be sure to show her what real Saotome training is. But don't hurt her too much. Wouldn't want her to be too injured for any nightly activities." He laughed joyfully.

Ranma glared at his father, and splashed him with water. "Shut up, old man."

The panda promptly swatted at Ranma and the morning sparring match began.


Nabiki cursed her 'extended family.' She couldn't wait for college where she could move into a nice quite dorm and sleep the entire morning. Well, quiet in the later morning hours that is. She would be one of the noisemakers in the early morning. She dragged herself through the morning. Ranma, Akane, Kasumi and apparently Nodoka were nervous about something, but she would figure out what it was. It was just a matter of time. Time she didn't have enough of that morning to find out then. She promised herself that she would know what it was before the day was out.

Ranma and Akane relaxed a little when Nabiki left for school, but they still had problems with two overbearing fathers.

"Oh, Ranma, did you remember to pack any tampons into your schoolbag?" Nodoka asked with an unsettled voice.

Akane fell backwards.

Genma and Soun exchanged very nervous expressions.

A nervous sweat formed on Ranma's head. "Ah, no Mom...."

"Well, if you've been menstruating, you need something to collect the blood," Nodoka reminded.

"But Mom, I can't use those. Do you have any idea how much it'd hurt if I turned inta guy while I had one of them in me?" Ranma pointed out.

"Oh, you're right. I guess pads would be better for you." Nodoka raised a finger to her cheek. "But how could you get them to stay in place if you're wearing boxers. Maybe you should wear panties on those days."

"Mom!" Ranma shouted and then started laughing. The looked on his father's and Soun's faces were priceless. They would need to fix the wall fence as the two fathers had run straight through it in their haste to leave.

"That was fun." Nodoka joined her son in laughter.

Kasumi giggled into her hand.

Akane sat up and stared at Ranma. "That was just to get rid of them, right? You were only joking?"

"You haven't told her?" Nodoka asked, trying to regain her composure.

Ranma scratched the back of his head thinking of how to answer Akane. "Um, ah, we'd better finish packing and leave." He was out of the room before anyone could blink.

"Tell me he doesn't have periods," Akane demanded.

Kasumi and Nodoka exchanged glances and shook their heads.

"Akane, you're going to be married to him soon. You're going to find out a lot of secrets about him, some good and some bad. That is one you would've found out about eventually. It isn't really a big deal," Nodoka said calmly.

"Besides, it means he'll be able to understand you better," Kasumi added reassuringly.

Nodoka's face brightened a little. "But if that's something you want to get used to first, you can always stay a while longer."

"I guess it's not a big deal. It doesn't change anything." Akane stood up. "Do you have the suitcases?"

Nodoka sagged and nodded. The thought of, 'It would be better to see them off and stay in contact than to find out they had left during the night,' was the only thing keeping her moving. She might not be able to be with him, but she would still get to hear from him.


The waiting was getting to Ranma and Akane. It was affecting them more than what they were waiting for. Every minute they stayed here reduced the distance they could put between themselves and the trouble they were trying to leave behind. However, when Nodoka and Kasumi went to process some paperwork, they had done something neither Ranma or Akane had expected or thought about, exchanging clan properties.

The Saotome home would be transferred to Soun's name and the Tendo home and dojo would be transferred briefly to Genma and Nodoka, but then given to Ranma and Akane once their marriage became official. While that would incur some taxation, it wasn't nearly bad as if they sold the property outright or left the home as an inheritance. The only other option was to give Ranma and Akane both properties to avoid the taxation, but they could only give the homes to their children upon marriage. By exchanging properties first, Akane's dowry remained intact and Soun would still have something to give Kasumi or Nabiki once they married.

After what seemed an eternity of paper work to transfer the properties, only one document was left to be signed. Ranma and Akane stared dumbly at it for a minute. This one was more important than any other. Signing it changed everything. They would be married.

"You have to sign that before you can leave," Kasumi reminded them.

Ranma and Akane quickly placed their signatures and waited for something. They didn't know what. The clerk processed the documents and handed the couple a copy that officially declared them married. They looked at the paper and wondered in unison if that was really all there was to it. They thought there would be more to it. Some sense that they were different now. The fact that Akane was now a Saotome barely registered to them. They thought that with all the trouble they had gone through to get this far, that there would be some feeling of achievement. But it felt hollow to them, as if the paper meant nothing.

Kasumi and Nodoka hugged the newlywed couple. "Congratulations!"

"Why don't we have lunch to celebrate before you leave?" Nodoka suggested.

Akane was about to object, stating they had to leave; however, Ranma answered, "Sure!"


"What's wrong?" Nodoka asked.

"What do you mean?" replied the newlyweds. Akane picked at her lunch, while Ranma ate slowly.

"You both seem disappointed," Nodoka noted.

"Well... I thought there would be more to being married than some piece of paper," Akane answered.

Nodoka giggled. "Oh, there is more. That paper only makes it legal, it's what you feel for each other that makes it real. You'll realize soon enough that there are differences to your relationship now that you're married."

"Really?" Akane asked.

Nodoka nodded. "I'm sure you'll be amazed at the differences by tomorrow morning."

"If you say so." Ranma looked at his bowl of ramen, and then finished it in one gulp.

Akane hoped Nodoka was right. After all the things she had put up with, she thought there would be more to getting married- even without a ceremony. "We better get going."

"Good luck, both of you." Nodoka hugged them. "Don't be gone for too long. We'll miss you."

Tears streaked Kasumi's face when she also hugged them. "Goodbye. Write back often."

"We will," Akane said tearfully. "Goodbye. Tell Dad and everybody else, 'goodbye and I'll miss you.'"

"Bye." Ranma put on his backpack and picked up both suitcases and school bags.

Akane scowled at him while putting on her backpack. "Let me carry some of that."

"Don't worry about it." Ranma walked out of the restaurant.

"Ranma...." Akane chased after him.

"They'll never change," Nodoka mused.

"I certainly hope not," Kasumi replied. "I hope they will be fine."

"I'm sure they will be," Nodoka tried to assure herself as much as the young woman.


Author's Notes:

I am by no means an authority on Japanese property taxation laws. I do know that inheritance tax is outrageous with the only exclusion is the passing gifts to children during marriage. Also buying property is highly taxed. At least in this Ranma-verse's Japan, exchanging property will avoid certain taxes making it more economically possible for the Tendo family to still retain some property considering by the agreement Ranma gets the dojo and, by extension, the Tendo home when he marries Akane (Japanese laws probably frowns on splitting properties). If anyone has any accurate information in this regard, please let me know.