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Life of Chaos

Journey Part 1 - New Beginnings

Chapter 3 A New Home

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.


Akane followed Ranma as best she could. He was making their departure into a form of training. He had taken her backpack as well kept her other luggage and started running on the roof tops. She had to follow him, which was a lot easier said than done. She nearly missed making the jumps to the last two roofs.

"Come on, Akane, hurry up. You can move faster than that," Ranma taunted.

Akane want to strangle her husband, but he was right that this would reduce the number of people that would see them. Not many people would notice somebody running across the tops of houses. However, after over an hour of running she couldn't take it anymore. "I'm taking a break."

Ranma stopped and folded his arms irritably. "You're the one that was in the rush to leave."

Akane huffed. "I know, but I can't run like that."

"You should train more," Ranma chastised.

Akane scowled at him. "I would've if _somebody_ ever stopped teasing me about it and tried to help."

"That wasn't teasing, it was encouragement," Ranma retorted flatly.

Akane balled her fist. "Who gave you that idea?"

"Pop," Ranma replied simply.

Akane blinked. Genma usually did say things to get Ranma riled up and do what he wanted. Had her new husband been doing the same to her? "Well, not everybody can learn like that!"

"Why not?" Ranma questioned.

"Because some people don't take insults very well," Akane pointed out.

"You certainly can't." Ranma nodded.

Akane growled. "I don't want to fight you today."

Ranma shrugged. "Ready yet?"

"Give me a couple more minutes." Akane stretched out and then sat up straight. "Do you see that?"

"What?" Ranma looked around.

"That sign in front of that apartment complex." Akane pointed.

Ranma shrugged. "What about it?"

"See the rent amount?" Akane asked.

"Five thousand yen a month?" Ranma scratched his head. "That sounds a bit too cheap."

Akane nodded. "Well, yeah. But we should check it out."

Ranma frowned. "I thought you want to get far away from Furinkan. We're only on the other side of the ward."

"They'd never think we'd be this close to them. Kind of like hiding under their noses. Besides, while we may have some money, we'll need make that last as long as possible," Akane rationalized.

Ranma shrugged. "If you say so."

They hopped down to the street and approached the apartments. A man was standing by the sign saw them approaching. "Are you two interested in an apartment?"

The couple nodded.

"I bet you want to see it first, considering the deal we're offering for it," the man guessed.

"Yes," Akane answered.

"Right this way." The man led them up a few flights of stairs and opened the door.

Ranma noticed there were cracks in the wall in the neighboring apartment, but there were none on the one they were being shown.

"Wow!" Akane looked at the furnished apartment. Everything looked too good to be true. There could be no way this apartment could go for that low amount.

"Why is the place so cheap?" Ranma asked suspiciously.

"It's a special promotion offer to drum up business. Five thousand a month for the first three months and then fifty thousand yen after that."

"We won't be staying here for more than a couple months at most." Akane frowned. "We're on our honeymoon and we plan to tour all of Japan."

"Well, congratulations! And don't worry about that. The owners are so sure about how good the apartments are, you can back out of the lease at any time for only ten thousand yen plus any other expenses incurred." The man walked over to the wall. "And there's something about this apartment that newlyweds are sure to enjoy." He punched the wall hard. "The walls are very sound absorbent. You can make as much noise here as you want and your neighbors will only hear if both you and the neighbors leave the windows open."

Ranma rubbed his chin. "Akane, this seems to be too good."

"I know, but we can't pass it up," Akane returned.

"So, you'll take it?" the man asked hopefully.

"Can I see the contract first?" Akane asked.

"Sure." The man's smile became less pronounced.

Akane spent several minutes reading it. Everything seemed to be in order with the odd exception that they would have to pay for any damages incurred by heavy machinery. "We'll take it."

The man clapped his hands together. "Excellent. Let's go to the office and I'll get everything set up so you can move in immediately."


"Think we got enough?" Ranma asked, carrying three grocery bags.

"With your appetite, this should last a couple days." Akane placed one of the two bags she was holding onto the ground and went to unlock the door to their new apartment.

The newlyweds both jerked and turned seeing someone with long purple hair standing in the hall. "Hi! Are you new neighbors? You can call me Nuku-Nuku."

Akane relaxed a little, it wasn't Shampoo but the girl had the body of a bimbo. "Yes. I'm Ten... er, I mean Saotome Akane. This is my husband, Ranma." She then noticed that Ranma's knees were shaking and was staring at the girl. "Something wrong?"

"N-nothing wrong. Hi." Ranma then rushed through the door as soon as Akane opened it.

Nuku-Nuku looked confused. "Why he run?"

"I'm not sure. He isn't normally that rude. Well, it's nice to meet you. I'll talk to you some other time, I've got to make dinner," Akane promised.

Nuku-Nuku nodded. "Yes. Is about time I made dinner for Ryonosuke and Papa. Bye." She bounced into the neighboring apartment.

Akane picked up her grocery bag and entered the apartment. She might not be Shampoo, but she certainly acted like her. It had better not be because he's attracted to the girl and ran to avoid getting her upset.

"I-is she gone?" Ranma asked.

"Yes. What is wrong with you?" Akane asked sharply.

"I don't know. When I saw her I couldn't stop thinking of c-cats. I don't know why." Ranma shuddered.

Akane blinked. "Um, what should I make for dinner?"

"Curry!" Ranma immediately replied.

Akane sighed. He would answer with the one meal she had cooked correctly.


Ranma yawned. Today had been a long day, especially after getting so little sleep the night before. From getting married, to running across town, moving into a new apartment, grocery shopping, and eating very bland curry; he was ready to fall asleep standing. "I think I'll turn in now. Goodnight."

"What?!" Akane screeched, nearly dropping the dish she was drying.

"I'm tired and I'm going to sleep." Ranma pulled off his shirt.

"You just don't go to sleep on your wedding night!" Akane couldn't believe him. She had spent all evening thinking about how the night was supposed to end. She didn't want her wedding night to end by just 'going to sleep.'

"You don't?" Ranma asked, puzzled. He removed his pants, leaving him in his normal summer sleep-wear, a muscle T-shirt and boxers.

Akane set down the dish and towel and approached her husband. "Sleep is one of the last things you do on your wedding night."

Ranma nodded. "Well, yeah. It's been a long day, and I want to go to sleep. What else are we supposed to do."

"We're supposed to have sex," Akane told him seriously.

Ranma's jaw crashed through the floor. "WHAT?!"

Akane's fists clenched. "What do you mean, 'what?' We're married now, so we're supposed to sleep together, especially tonight!"

"Are you sure?" Ranma took a step back.

Akane glared. "Positive." She grabbed Ranma into a fierce kiss and then pulled down his boxers.

Ranma was stunned beyond thought about what Akane was doing. He truthfully had not considered doing this yet, but his wife was insistent despite that she used to call him pervert. As the shock of her actions wore off, other sensations built up. It wasn't long before they were married in every sense of the word.


Akane sighed, looking at her sleeping husband's face. Now she felt married. What they shared was something beyond what words could describe. It made all her numerous dreams of being with Ranma pale in comparison. She was a little surprised she had to take the initiative in making love. He was the pervert with all the girls around him.


Ranma awoke and stiffened as he noted not only was he naked, but that there was clearly a naked girl on top of him and in an unfamiliar room. He then relaxed a little remembering the past two days.

Akane yawned and then blinked at him. She then smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "Morning."

"Ah, mornin'..." Ranma returned, thankful that Akane didn't forget what she had done last night. He then squeaked as her hand went below his waist.

"Something wrong?" Akane wondered at his reaction.

Ranma began to sweat nervously. "No... Just surprised. Didn't think you'd be... so eager."

Akane pouted at him. "It's only normal for married couples to have sex. Besides, with all that trouble we've had with girls chasing you, well..."

"You wanted to stake your claim," Ranma mussed with a little bitterness.

"Anything wrong with wanting to truly be married?" Akane demanded.

"You were certainly upset at Shampoo for trying," Ranma retorted.

Akane growled. "You were MY fiance! Not hers."

Ranma poked her in the chest. "Not by her laws."

Akane scowled. "Would you rather be with... HER?"

"Of course not. I'm here with you, aren't I?" Ranma returned.

"Then what's the problem?" Akane demanded.

"All those times you've called me a pervert and you were the one to strip me naked," Ranma shot at her. "I expected that from Shampoo or Ukyou, not you."

"You were the one with all the girls and was sneaking into my room and all that other perverted shit," Akane retorted with a huff.

"Didn't want the other girls and I had good reasons for that other crap, none of which had anything perverted to do with you or anyone else," Ranma returned.

"Oh, please. I know I over reacted a few times, but flaunting YOUR tits to get extra ice cream is perverted. Doesn't matter if you have no intention of doing anything with the guy, you were still intentionally making him horny just to get more food," Akane countered.

Ranma opened his mouth and nothing came out.

Akane sat up and folded her arms defiantly. "Now why are you trying to start a fight on our honeymoon?"

Ranma closed his mouth and looked away. "Not going to say it."

Akane blinked. "Why not?"

"'Cause I'd sound like a girl," Ranma muttered out.

"Do you want me to splash you?" Akane hissed.

"No..." Ranma trailed off.

"Then spill it," Akane demanded.

"I thought you were different," Ranma told her.

"What do you mean?" Akane pressed.

"Shampoo, Kodachi, and even Ukyou kept fighting over me. Never asking me what I wanted. They wouldn't have wasted time to claim me," Ranma weakly explained.

Akane blinked. "I don't understand."

"You think guys are perverts because all they see girls as someone to fuck, right?" Ranma asked her seriously.

Akane nodded. "Of course."

"Isn't that what you and the other girls have been doing? Fighting for the right to fuck me?" Ranma shot at her.

"No! It's not the same!" Akane protested.

"Isn't it?" Ranma pressed.

Akane frowned and looked down. "Guys want a girl to fuck and forget. Girls want a guy who'll be with them always. We didn't want you for some stupid fling, we wanted you, all of you."

Ranma poked her nose. "So you did view me as a piece of meat."

"Husband, father of my children, a partner for life," Akane retorted.

"What do you call last night?" Ranma pressed.

"How do you think you'll be the father of my children?" Akane defended.

"Isn't that something we should wait on? If you get pregnant soon, we certainly won't be able to go back home. We'd have to go into hiding," Ranma pointed out. "They'd try to kill you."

"Would that be so bad?" Akane wondered. "Our own little home away from everything."

"Unless there's a problem with giving birth and we need a doctor," Ranma returned. "Probably be better off hiding in America."

Akane smirked. "See. We can work it out. I certainly didn't think you'd be the one having issues with sex."

Ranma blushed a little. "I don't really have an issue. Just thought we'd take more time, that's all. Wait for it when it felt right, not because it's expected."

Akane leaned forward. "You don't?"

"Nope." Ranma kissed her. After last night there wasn't any point to holding back any more.

Akane was enjoying the passionate kiss. It felt like her world exploded, her body burning hot and then she was floating on air.

Wait, that was her apartment that exploded and was now on fire and she was falling. Akane clutched onto Ranma desperately as he took the brunt of the landing, legs shaking from impacting the ground. Their now tattered blanket slowly floated down after them, giving them a small amount of decency.

The newlywed couple looked up as an attack helicopter fired again at the apartment complex. There was some shouting between whoever was in the helicopter and the girl next door.

"With them around, who needs alarm clocks?" a man commented, seemingly more interested in the aerial battle overhead than the mostly naked couple.

Akane blinked. "Wait? This happens EVERY DAY?"

"Pretty much." The man shrugged.

The girl next door was now riding a bike at an insane speed with a little boy hanging on to the back. The helicopter turned and gave chase.

"No wonder the apartment was so cheap," Ranma groaned.

"We're not covered for those damages," Akane added with dread.

"Send the bill to Mishima Heavy Industries," the man advised. "You might get lucky and they'll repair it, again."


Author's Notes:

The last scene has never been posted before and was written mostly to give Ranma's view of things. The scene was always planned, I just never wrote it down before as it was intended to be the opening to chapter four.

From here on out, each location Ranma and Akane went to would be to a different anime/manga series. For part one it was going to be All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku, which belongs to Yuzo Takada and was used without consent, all rights reserved.

The general plot was Ranma and Akane trying to get use to the changes in their life while dealing with the backwash of Nuku Nuku's adventure of trying to get Ryonosuke's family back together. Not to mention get Mishima Heavy Industries to pay for damages to their uninsured apartment from their repeated attempts to defeat Nuku Nuku. Part one was to end with Nabiki accidentally bumping into Akane while shopping.

I do have a couple more chapters for Journey done, and will post those next. As for other locations they were supposed to go to:

"Ranma, have you seen my pet?" Kuzuhara lifted the couch to look under it.


"Why did I get assigned to this back-water planet to protect nobody nobles?" Kyone whined. "Nothing would ever happen here and I have to put up with that vacuum-head, Mihoshi."

Washu just couldn't stop laughing.


Rumble fell off Kazuma's back as he stood up in the crater that was the front yard of his school. "Hazumi-sama, you are the goddess of friendly fire! Let me worship you!" He bowed to her. "Grant this lowly worshiper a blessing from your lips."

Hazumi blushed in embarrassment. "How dare you say that?! I thought I just killed all of you!" She used her wooden sword as a golf club and rocketed him off into the distance.

"Wish I was dead," Shampoo moaned.


"I love you!" female Ranma cried out.

The most handsome man smiled gently at her. "But, Ranma, you have sworn your heart eternally to another. This is but a passing flame and you should let it be extinguished before you are tempted to break your vows of marriage."

"Who cares about Akane? She wants a divorce." Ranma's knees felt weak just seeing the way Junta was smiling at her. She wasn't about to tell him that Akane was dumping her for him. If Akane wanted to fight her over a guy, she wasn't about to lose.

[A little later]
Ranma felt hot water splash on him. Thoughts of what he had just said made him want to throw up. He tried to forget about it and looked at the girl with the teakettle. "Who are you?"

A woman in weird plastic clothes folded her arms. "Someone who's trying to save her sweet-sweet home."


"Who are you again?" Shinnosuke asked.

"Kusanagi." His eye twitched.

"Don't let that get to ya. He's got a memory like a steel sieve," Ranma said.


"How does this work again?" Gourry wondered.

Akane growled in frustration, but was silenced by a red-head who replied, "Forget about how it works, and just accept that it does work, okay?"

Gourry squinted at the box displaying moving pictures. "If you say so, Lina."


In order of the scene snippets, the anime that I had planned to use:

Yu Yu Hakusho With Yusuke being an old friend of Ranma's, who was the first person Ranma tried to teach how to fight. Kuzuhara's beloved pet is, of course, a cat. Set before the Dark Tournament. This was to be their second stop.

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki OAV series with some Tenchi TV influence by adding Kyone More random troubles this time involving space travel and Jurai nobility. Ranma is NOT related to Tenchi in any way, shape or form. Washuu was the reason Ranma meets Tenchi, because of how freaking weird his biological signatures are she went to investigate him. Likely was to be part five or six.

Combustible Campus Guardress Set before the series when everyone in that town started to develop special powers. Would occur after Tenchi Muyo.

DNA^2 manga Ranma and Akane get to meet a true mega-playboy. Someone whose charms and pheromones could make even female Ranma want to jump his body. Using manga version as it is closer in flavor to Ranma 1/2 including use of chi attacks.

Blue Seed Ranma and Akane return to Ryugenzawa where giant plant monsters are awakening, threatening Japan and the world once more.

The Slayers Lina Inverse has been summoned to Earth, all you can eat buffets immediately go bankrupt. Ranma had to find a means to send this force of nature back home. If I ever get back into writing this series, this part would be the least likely to be written.

Not mentioned above is what would've been Part 4 - Escaflowne, which has a few chapters written for it and an extensive outline which will be posted.