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"Ready?" Akane asked.

Ranma nodded, but then remembered she was blindfolded. "Yep."

Akane threw the dart at the nearby wall with a map tacked to it.

Ranma peered at where it hit. "Kamakura?" He shrugged.

That was near Yokohama, and was not part of Tokyo. Good, she hadn't hit Shinjuku again. "Sounds good to me."

Life of Chaos
Volume 4: The New World
Chapter 1: Vision

By Lord Archive

Ranma 1/2 characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. Vision of Escaflowne belongs to Kazuki Akane, Hajime Yadate, Shoji Kawamri, and Bandai, and are also used without consent for entertainment purposes only.


Two intertwined flowers bloomed on war scorched ground. The sounds of battle in the distance grew ever closer.


Van Farnel wore the most regal outfit she had ever seen him in. He greeted his people who were in the castle courtyard. He was at first deadly serious, as if some threat was near. He then lightened up. He was happier than she could ever remember seeing him. He announced something that caused the people to cheer, and Van pointed at her.


A dragon of the Earth roared and let loose a howling wind onto Gaea.


Zaibach soldiers surrounded the camp. These were not normal troops. Their skill with a sword combined with greater number was even giving Van and Gaddeth trouble. She did not like how this was going, but she had to hope for the best.

Off to the side were two people she did not know yet. They appeared to be from Earth considering what they were wearing.

The girl with short raven hair was in sweatshirt and pants. She moved through a group of Zaibach soldiers and seemed to instinctively know how to dodge them. The girl's frustration was obviously growing since she wasn't getting a hit in. That she could face four soldiers armed with swords and not be hit herself was a feat that would seem impossible if not for the boy with her.

The pig-tailed boy wearing a red Chinese shirt and silk pants was fighting eight, er... make that six, Zaibach soldiers. He danced around them like they were standing still. He was knocking them unconscious with his superior skill.


Tears that seemed unending fell to the ground as old pain begat new pain.


The shadow cast on the wall was more than she wanted to know. She closed her eyes, as tears began to flow from them. She knew and yet did not know the two people whose shadow was cast on the wall. She could not bring herself to look to find out who they were.

While she could not see what was going on, she could still hear it. She could hear the girl struggling under the guy, but the girl didn't have the strength to stop him. The girl would not be able stop the guy as he penetrated her, violated her.


An image of an altar formed and then it was shattered. A silhouette appeared behind the now broken altar of a man and a woman once inseparably linked but now torn forever apart.


Farnelia stretched out before her. Many of the buildings stood strong and proud looking like they had never been destroyed. Other buildings were still under construction, a testament to the damage Zaibach had caused during the last war.

Time seemed to be healing those wounds. The streets of Farnelia teemed with people celebrating. White and gold streamers lined the sides of the city's main street. Some major event was going on and it brought a smile to her face.

An ominous shadow filled the sky as a Zaibach Battle Fortress let down its stealth mantel and attacked.


An image of man and woman overlaid. Different in gender, but in soul and mind, they were one and the same person. Or were they? Peering past the double image was another image, one of a cat.


The girl with red hair arrogantly stared down one of the Zaibach guymelefs, with another Alseids standing nearby. She wanted to scream at the girl to run.

The guymelef raised an arm and fire ignited from where the hand should be. Fiery death was unleashed as the flames arced towards the red head. However, they didn't quite reach her. Instead the fire began to flow around her and soon formed an inward spiral. Just before the flaming attack was about to strike her, the red-head shot her fist into the air.

The explosion was tremendous, as the fire became a burning tornado. The winds were so intense that both guymelefs were caught in its fierce grip. They spun haphazardly within the tornado until they were expelled violently into a nearby cliff.


A family photo with the members in silhouette. A few different hands held the picture as it was pulled and torn apart.


Ispano verses Ispano. Escaflowne was locked in a deadly duel against another Ispano guymelef. The battle was fierce and raged seemingly without end. Van was in Escaflowne, and there was something familiar about his opponent's techniques-- but she couldn't place them.


Every journey begins with a single step.


Her family and friends surrounded her as she stood at the shrine that was located behind her school. This was where she had left the first time. Now, it seemed she was going to Gaea again.

She glanced at her watch. It read, "Sat 14, 2:40pm." She then looked up and standing before her was the girl with short raven hair and the guy with a pig-tail. She approached them and heard herself saying, "We're needed elsewhere."

A blinding light engulfed them.


Hitomi sat up with a jolt. "I'm going back." Her whispered voice was filled with disbelief. It had been over a year since she left Gaea and Van. "I'm going back." She smiled at finally being able to truly see Van again, and not an astral image of him.

"I'M GOING BACK!!" Hitomi hoped out of bed and turned on the light. She grabbed her calendar and grinned. Saturday the fourteenth was only six days away! "It's only a week away, and I'll be GOING BACK!!!"

Hitomi hugged the calendar and spun in a circle, saying "I'm going back" like it was a mantra.

The door opened, and Mrs. Kanzaki peered into the room. "Hitomi, what's going on?"

"I'm going back, Mom. I'm going back to Gaea and Van!" Hitomi's smile had not been seen often in the past year, and now appeared to be making up for it. The smile she was wearing looked a bit demented.

"You're going back?" Mrs. Kanzaki asked to be sure.

Hitomi nodded fiercely and happily.

Mrs. Kanzaki was glad to see her daughter happy, but there was something she needed to know. "You're not coming home again, are you?"

Hitomi froze. "I... I don't think so.... I...." She found herself in tight hug.

"Do you know when you're leaving?" Mrs. Kanzaki couldn't fight the tears in her eyes.

"This Saturday," Hitomi reluctantly replied.

"Asking you to write home would be pointless, huh?" Mrs. Kanzaki tried to joke.

"I'll try to find some means of contacting you," Hitomi promised.

"I'll understand if you can't." Mrs. Kanzaki brushed aside some of her daughter's hair. "All that matters is your happiness. If you ever want to come home, I will always welcome you back."

Hitomi cried in her mother's arms. As she had given up Van a year ago to be with her family and her friends from Earth, now she was about to give them up for Van and her friends from Gaea. She didn't want to leave her family behind, but they belonged on Earth. It appeared that she did not belong here, but on Gaea.

Mrs. Kanzaki wiped the tears off her daughter's face. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Mom," Hitomi replied tearfully.

Mrs. Kanzaki sighed. "Try to get some sleep. You still have school tomorrow."

"School?" Hitomi blinked. She was literally going to be dropping off the face of the Earth in less than a week. What good would be the last week of school be? Well, she could see Yukari and Amano and tell them she was leaving. "I'll... try."

Mrs. Kanzaki forced a wry smile. "You might want to study up on politics and economics while you've got the chance. Goodnight."

"Ah, goodnight." Hitomi blinked again. Well, she was treated as a noble of the Farnelia court the last time she was on Gaea. She would probably still hold that position once she returned.

A tired voice entered her head. ~Hitomi?~

Hitomi grabbed a white feather that sat on her desk. "Van?"

~What got you so excited that you woke me up?~

"Um...." Hitomi fidgeted. "It's a secret. I'll tell you soon, but not yet."

~Why not?~

"It's a surprise," Hitomi replied with a grin.

~You know I hate surprises.~

"But you'll love this one. Trust me."

Hitomi could almost feel his smirk. ~I've always trusted you.~

"I doubt that." Hitomi sagged, feeling that Van was hurt by the remark.

~How long do I have to wait to find out?~

"Um... how long has it been since I left?" Hitomi asked.

~Almost three years, why?~

Hitomi frowned. "If time keeps that flow, you'll find out in less than three weeks."

Van's mental voice sighed. ~I guess I'll have to wait until then.~

Hitomi nodded. "Yes. But do me a favor and keep an eye on Zaibach."

~Zaibach? Why? Their country was left in ruin.~

"I don't think they were as bad off as we had thought...." Hitomi swallowed hard. "I had a vision about them."

~I'll have my men find out everything that they can about Zaibach. Any thing else about the vision?~ Van's mental voice was hopeful.

"That is the secret. You'll find out soon enough. I've got to try to get some sleep."

~As do I. Goodnight.~


The connection between them started to fade, but Hitomi still heard one last thing. ~I hope the secret is that she's coming back to me.~ She couldn't stop blushing.


Yukari fidgeted with her school dress. "My parents want to meet you."

"Oh?" Amano looked over at her. "I guess we have been dating for a long time."

Yukari nodded. "Yes, and they think we've gone farther than we have."

Amano shook his head. "I wouldn't do anything like that until you can join me at college."

Yukari nodded. "I think that's part of the point. They want some assurances that you won't seduce me and then leave me for some college girl."

Amano let out a long sigh. He didn't exactly like where this was going.


Amano turned to look at the girl running toward them at an amazing speed.

Yukari was shocked. It had been a long time since Hitomi greeted her like this.

Hitomi practically ran over her childhood friend, but caught her into a hug. "I'm going back, Yukari! I'm going back to Van!"

"You're going to that Gaea place?" Amano asked. Hitomi had told Yukari and him about some of what happened there. Though it had taken some work to get her to explain what exactly had happened to her. His memories of the day she left were still a jumbled mess. He could remember her disappearing at the shrine and at the race track, but there was no way that could've been possible.

Hitomi nodded.

Yukari tried to pry some breathing room from Hitomi. "When are you going?"

Hitomi grinned. "Saturday at 2:40pm. I want you both at the shrine so I can say good-bye to you then."

"When are you coming back?" Yukari asked.

Hitomi suddenly looked sadly at her childhood friend. "I... I won't be coming back this time. My place is on Gaea."

Yukari's lip quivered. "You're not coming back?"

Hitomi shook her head.

"Is there some way you could stay here?" Yukari asked.

"I...." Hitomi recalled the sensation she felt before the last image, that every journey began with a single step. "There is a way... I think." She could just not be at the shrine on Saturday. "But, I have to go. I have some very important things to do, and if I don't, Farnelia will fall and Van would die." The vision hadn't showed that, but it felt like the truth.

Yukari clutched her friend in a fierce embrace, tears pouring out of her eyes. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'll miss you, too," Hitomi returned.

Amano placed his hands on the girl's shoulders. "We'll all miss you, Hitomi."


"Studying on how to be a good queen?" Yukari smirked as she sat down across from her friend.

"What?!" Hitomi dropped the economics book she was reading and her face was bright red.

"Shhhhhhhh!" The librarian glared at the girls.

Hitomi placed the book over her head and slouched. "What are you talking about? I don't know if I'm going to marry Van."

Yukari whispered back, "You're suppose to be the one who can see the future. How can you NOT marry Van? Was it something in your vision?"

A broken altar, a couple once inseparable would be forever apart. "I... I don't know. The vision wasn't clear on that point. Some suggested it might happen, but another one makes me think that it won't."

Yukari folded his arms. "Well, if he doesn't marry you, I'll go up there and kick his ass."

Hitomi blinked. "How would you ever do that?"

"Don't bother me with the details. I'll find a way." Yukari started to giggle.

Hitomi followed suit. "You're becoming more like Amano-sempai."

"Yes. Date someone long enough, and that happens." Yukari sighed. "But he was never actually able to help you."

"Oh, he helped, just not in the way he wanted." Hitomi leaned closer to Yukari. "How have I become more like Van?"

"That's easy. You're way too serious most of the time. This morning was the first time I've seen you excited about anything since Gaea. Love sickness would only do so much."

"You're forgetting the war I was a part of." Hitomi shook her head. "But, you do have a point. I've used Van's means of coping with things."

Yukari nodded and then a brief silence fell on them. "You know, with my parents pressing me to bring Amano over to meet him-- I thought I was going to win our bet."

Hitomi blinked. "Bet?"

"The one who gets married first," Yukari reminded.

Hitomi blushed. "You're not bringing THAT back up again."

"Well, if Van lets you slip out of his fingers, there is always Allen," Yukari pointed out.

Hitomi frowned, but said nothing.


Hitomi walked slowly to school. This was going to be her last day of classes. In a little over thirty hours, she would be functionally dead to this world. She would be on a different world living a completely different life.

She hadn't even left yet and she was already longing for the things from this world; her family, her friends, a toilet that flushes, tampons. At least she could bring along the last item, but not enough to last more than a few months. She was going to be gone for the rest of her life, and there were some modern convinces she would rather not do without. Maybe she could 'invent' them on Gaea.

More than the modern convinces, Hitomi would miss her family. Even her little brother, who refused to believe that she was leaving for good. He just didn't understand.

Leaving was going to be hard. She knew it from experience. She had left Van to come home, to be with her family. She had come to regret that. She had gotten used to being away from her family, and could've coped with staying on Gaea. Being without Van was something she had not gotten used to. Maybe she would've if not for their connection.

There was one thing that concerned Hitomi. No one was pleading for her to stay; not her mother, grandmother, father, nor her friends. She doubted her brother would even if he understood that she was leaving. She didn't really understand it, since it felt like they didn't want her here.

"There you are."

Hitomi snapped out of her thoughts and blinked. "Yukari, why aren't you in your school uniform?"

"Because, we're playing hooky." Yukari smiled deviously. "Actually, Mom called in that I was sick so we could do some shopping."

"I thought we agreed to do that AFTER school, besides my Mom didn't call in for me."

Yukari shook her head. "You're leaving us tomorrow, so what's the point of school? If you need to return any library books, I'll do it Monday. Today is your last full day with us, and I'll make sure you go out with a bang! Now get out of that uniform, and we'll hit the stores!"


"Oh, this is perfect!" Yukari held up a white and blue party dress. "Now this is how you should meet your king."

Hitomi looked over the dress. It would be nice to have, but not for what Yukari suggested. "I'll be wearing my school uniform."

"What?!" Yukari dropped the dress, but caught it before it hit the floor. "Hitomi, you haven't seen Van in HOW long? He's a king, and you don't have school tomorrow. Why are you even bringing that god awful uniform with you? That makes no sense!"

"It's what I was wearing in the vision, and it's what I usually wore on Gaea. It's very important to me since it links me back to here, to you," Hitomi explained.

Yukari stared incomprehensibly at Hitomi. "Japanese, please; not fortune-teller-ese."

Hitomi blinked. "Huh?"

"Excuse me, is there something I can help you with?" a sales lady asked them.

Yukari blinked away her confusion. "Oh, yes. You can help this fashion victim. She's got a date with royalty tomorrow, and has no clue."

"Royalty?" the clerk chirped.

"Yukari, in case you've forgotten, Van is a WARRIOR king. He dresses more like a peasant, than some... high-class merchant. I don't need anything more!" Hitomi protested.

Yukari shook her head. "That's not the point. If you're going to win over the love of your prince charming, you're going to have to make sure he doesn't slip through YOUR fingers. Maybe that is what your vision was suggesting."

"That's not it!" Hitomi retorted.

Yukari took a step toward her friend. "You're leaving all of us tomorrow to be with him. Yet, you're not sure if you'll marry him because of one of your visions. Well, you better get sure that you'll marry him, or why leave us? If you're not going to be with him, then what's the point of all this? You said you have the power to mold Gaea with your wishes, then wish to be with Van. If you don't, then stay!" Yukari whirled around, and fought the tears in her eyes.

"Yukari... I'm sorry. I can't stay." Hitomi hugged her friend. "And, the reason I'm not sure if I'll end up with Van is that I will NOT wish for it. He has to want to be with me. I will not force him to love me. But I can't stay behind. He's going to need me as Zaibach is about to start another war. If something happens and we break up, if he marries someone else-- I'll still love him and will do anything I can to keep him safe. If I don't go, he could die and I won't let that happen."

"Can't you send someone else? Why do you have to go?" Yukari cried.

Tears poured out of Hitomi's eyes. "I know you don't want me to leave. My family probably doesn't want me to go either. But this is something I have to do. I have no choice in this, and neither does anyone else. I have to go, as my place in life is on Gaea."

The girls held each other as they cried.

Yukari pulled away and wiped away a few of her tears. "Okay, so you may not want to force Van to love you by wishing for it. But there are other ways to do it. Sure the first means, through his stomach, won't work, since he has royal chefs to do his cooking. However, the second is something you can use, sex appeal. Make him want to take you to his chambers and have his way with you."

Hitomi blushed. "Yukari, how can you suggest that?!"

"Well, because if I can get Amano-chan to do that, he'd have to marry me. Either that, or Daddy goes after him with the family sword," Yukari retorted.

"That's evil." Hitomi started to giggle. "Okay, maybe an outfit or two would be good. Besides, while Van avoids wearing regal clothes, it'd be nice to have something to wear to the royal functions."

"That's better." Yukari turned to where the saleslady had been, but saw no one there. She looked around and spotted her on the other side of the store. "Think we spooked her?"

Hitomi let out a laugh. "Probably."


Hitomi walked into the kitchen and was surprised to find out why the light was still on. "What are you doing up?"

Mrs. Kanzaki set down her cup of tea. "I should be asking you the same thing. You've got a big day tomorrow."

Hitomi forced a nervous laugh. "I know. I can't help but think about how everything will change for me."

"It's hard when you first move out of your parents' house. I remember how my mother calmly saw me off to college, like she knew I'd make it through everything," Mrs. Kanzaki recalled.

"Grandmother probably did know." Hitomi poured herself some water, trying not to look at her mother's pained face.

Mrs. Kanzaki sighed. "I never did develop that gift. I don't know if I could've or not. I didn't want it in fear of what it would show me."

"I can understand that. It's why I rarely did readings for myself." Hitomi sat down at the table.

"Have you done one recently?" Mrs. Kanzaki asked.

Hitomi shook her head. "I haven't done anyone's since Gaea."

Mrs. Kanzaki nodded. "You might be expected to do so when you go back."

"Van will make sure I won't have to do any readings unless I want to," Hitomi replied.

Mrs. Kanzaki sighed. "I wish I could meet him."

"You might be able to someday, especially if you wish hard enough," Hitomi commented.

Mrs. Kanzaki painfully laughed a little. "That's why you're leaving us."

Hitomi blinked. "Huh?"

Mrs. Kanzaki looked away from her daughter. "You've been wishing to go back since you've returned home."

Hitomi sighed. "I guess I have. It's hard to explain why, but...."

"This isn't your home anymore. It's on Gaea with Van," Mrs. Kanzaki answered for her.

"I wouldn't say that...." Hitomi trailed off.

"But it is the truth. After I left for college, my mother's house was hers-- not mine. When I stayed there, I was a visitor no matter how welcomed I was. My home was whatever dorm room the university tossed me into. When I came home after getting my degree, I had my old room back with all my stuff-- but it didn't feel like home anymore. I didn't get that feeling again until after I married your father and moved into this house," Mrs. Kanzaki explained.

Hitomi swirled what little water remained in glass. "I don't know what to say."

Mrs. Kanzaki shook her head. "You don't really have to say anything. I understand some of what you're feeling. I've gone through that before."

"But you haven't had to say good-bye like this," Hitomi squeaked.

Mrs. Kanzaki grabbed hold of her daughter. "I've left friends and family behind before, but not my child, my daughter." Tears began to leak out of her eyes. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too." Hitomi hugged her mother.


Two people got off a bus at their destination, Kamakura-- located near Yokohama.

"Well, this is it. What now?" Akane asked.

"Find a local shrine, of course," Ranma replied.

"Shouldn't be too hard to find," Akane remarked pointing at the tourist map she just noticed posted conveniently at the bus stop. "Which one?"

Ranma pressed his finger to the map. "That one."

"Why?" Akane questioned.

Ranma thumbed away from the map. "Because it's on top of that hill."

Akane groaned. "More training?"

"Of course, more training." Ranma tossed Akane all the bags they had. "You've got to run up all the steps while carrying those."

Akane scowled. "That's something you're father would do."

"Sure is, and it's highly effective. Now lets go." Ranma began down the street.

Akane slumped and jogged after her husband.


A quarter after two. In less than thirty minutes Hitomi's life here would end, and a new one would begin away from her family and friends.

An elderly woman smiled at her. "Dear, you must be sure of yourself in the coming days. Do not let anxiety grip you again. Be sure of what you want and grasp it. Always hope for the best."

Hitomi smiled at her grandmother. "I'll try, but I can't let go of all my worries."

"Nor should you. It is wise to worry a little, but it is futile, or even fatal, to let those worries control you." Yuri sighed. "Remember, love and wisdom should be the guide, not fear or anger. This is a lesson that sadly some will learn far too late."

Hitomi didn't like the sound of that. "Grandmother, have you seen my future?"

Yuri nodded sadly. "I have seen some of what might be and some of what must be. The future is not definite, and some things can be changed. You have made sure that would be the case. You do not have to follow what a vision tells you, as you can change it. But there may be some that you should not change, as dire results may occur. Do what you believe is right, and all will work out in the end."

"I hope so." Hitomi hugged her grandmother. "I'm going to miss you."

"And I'll miss you. But we shall talk again, but the phone bill will be a killer." Yuri smiled at her joke.

Hitomi hoped the 'killer' part was just a joke. "We'll be able to communicate?"

Yuri nodded. "Yes. But I do not know how or how often yet. It's almost time, and you've got more 'good-byes' to say. Take care of yourself, and try to help Van, Allen, Celena and everyone else. Good-bye."

"I will. Good-bye." Hitomi reluctantly pulled away from her grandmother and went over to Amano and Yukari.

Tears leaked from Yukari's eyes. "It's almost time."

Hitomi nodded. "I'll miss you, both of you. Too bad I'm going to miss your wedding. It's going to leave a lot of upset girls..." Hitomi glanced at Yukari. "...and a few guys."

Yukari hugged her best friend tightly. "You were supposed to be my maid of honor!"

Amano fidgeted with the collar on his shirt. "Well... that won't occur for some time yet. You might be able to make it if you come back."

"I won't be coming back. This isn't my home anymore, Gaea is. I might be able to come back for visits, but I can't promise anything," Hitomi replied.

"Please don't go," Yukari sniffed.

"I have to," Hitomi said firmly.

"I know." Yukari let go of her friend and wiped her eyes. "If you don't marry Van, I'll go up there and kick both of your asses. If it doesn't work out come back to us."

"Maybe." Hitomi smiled painfully at her friend. "Good-bye."

"Good-bye." Yukari reluctantly let go of her friend.

"Farewell." Amano held Yukari as Hitomi walked over to her family.

Mrs. Kanzaki wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Good luck and please be happy."

Hitomi nodded. "I will."

"Do you have everything?" Mrs. Kanzaki asked.

Hitomi let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes. I checked quite a few times."

"I'm always going to worry about you, even if I can't be part of your life," Mrs. Kanzaki said painfully.

Hitomi nodded. "I know. I'm going to miss you. Good-bye."

Mrs. Kanzaki let go of Hitomi. "Good-bye. I love you."

Hitomi gave her a quick hug. "I love you, too."

Mr. Kanzaki cleared his throat. "We're all going to miss you, dear. Um...." He wasn't entirely sure what to say. If the girls in the family were to be believed, he was about to lose his daughter. He didn't entirely believe the story about Hitomi going to Gaea. What he did know was that for the past year she had been a shell of her former self, and had only become alive again when she found out she was leaving. "Good luck, and don't forget that you can always come back to us. Um, good-bye."

Hitomi smiled sadly at him. "Good-bye. I love you, Dad."

Hitomi's father looked very uncomfortable. "Um, I love you, too."

Hitomi wanted to laugh or cry or both.

Her little brother, Mamuro, stood off to the side, arms folded. "I don't see why everyone is making a fuss. You're not going anywhere. That whole Gaea story was bull."

Hitomi shook her head. He may be only a couple years younger than her, but he was still a child since life had been rather kind to him. Unfortunately, when he realized that she was gone, he would probably take it badly. "I am going to be leaving soon. I'll miss you, and I do love you."

"You're not, I won't and I don't." Mamuro turned around and huffed.

Hitomi sighed sadly.

"It's almost time." Yuri was looking down the stairs and chuckled. A girl was hurling a back pack and a duffel bag at the guy with her.

"Good-bye, everyone." Hitomi walked over to her bags. She put on a back pack and tossed her strangely reliable duffel bag over her shoulder. She glanced at her watch, Sat 14, 2:40, and then looked up. Before her stood the guy and the girl from her dream. She walked forward, placed her hands on their shoulders. "We're needed elsewhere."

A blinding pillar of light formed and the trio shot through the heavens.

Yukari cried into Amano chest, while he held her.

Mrs. Kanzaki did the same with her husband.

Yuri waved good-bye.

Mamuro stared at the sky in horror. "She... she's really gone? She really went to Gaea? Hitomi...." He started to cry. "Hitomi, come back! You're not supposed to leave! Hitomi!"


Author's Notes:

If you think Hitomi's vision was too informative, I have news for you-- it's not. Hitomi was better able to understand it because she knew the background to Gaea, but she still doesn't have all the answers and is misinterpreting parts of it.

There are reasons for why some things were said or seen, and why other things were not. They shall be revealed in due time. The shattered altar does not refer to Akane, and the rape in the shadows does not involve Akane or Hitomi. Anything more I may not confirm or deny.

Hitomi's grandmother knows a LOT more than she's saying. One of my pre-reader's thought she was dead, but not only did I find evidence that she was still alive, I found out what her name was-- as well Hitomi's little brother.

Thanks to HPackrat, Michael Chase, and JJang for going over the original version of this.