Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ First Meetings Part 1 ( Chapter 2 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 2 First Meetings Part 1

Mara slowly raised herself off the ground and onto her feet. As far as she
was concerned this day could not get any worse. It was bad enough that she had to
work with her erstwhile cousin, but now Kami-sama seem to be using her for
target practice. At least the little junk pile was down for the count as well.

The phone rings in the house and Belldandy goes inside to answer it,
already knowing who might be calling.

"Why are you here Mara?", asked a somewhat annoyed Urd.

"Now is that anyway to treat your favorite cousin?", Mara asked with her
eyes wide, trying to look innocent.

"Don't call me that?", Urd yelled.

"What you two old women are related?", Skuld said a little too loudly for
Mara's still ringing ears.

"Her mother Lilith, is my mother, Hild's, sister. So we are cousins.",
Urd said, much to her mortification.

"No wonder both of you are so much alike.", Skuld said to Urd and Mara.

"Such a little rude little girl you are. No matter, we have ways of
dealing with such rudeness where I come from.", Mara said as she advanced
toward Skuld, while holding a rather large bluish colored fireball in her
left hand.

"Stay back or I'll let you have it.", Skuld said as she pulled out
her trusty mallet.

Mara made her fireball disappear and grinned evilly at Skuld.

"Why that's an even better idea. Thanks for the idea squirt.", Mara
said as she pulled out a large wooden spatula, which resembled one carried
by a certain chef in Nerima.

Mara pulls out a large black marker and writes something on the spatula
and shows it to Urd who begins to snicker.

"What's so funny?", Skuld asks nervously, wondering why her dear sweet
old sister isn't fighting the nasty evil demon for her.

Mara spins the spatula and show the words written on it to Skuld.

"Board of Education for Skuld", Skuld reads the words out loud, before
her eyes suddenly go wide.

"You would dare", Skuld says while beginning to back up at a faster
and faster pace, while Mara follows.

"Belldandy help!!!", Skuld screams out, as Mara is chasing her around
the yard with her rather large wooden spatula. Urd, in typical sisterly concern,
is presently rolling on the ground trying to not laugh herself half to death.

"Oh Urd Kami-sama is on the phone and he wants to speak....to...you",
Belldandy manages to barely speak out as she watches her youngest sister
being chanced around the yard by Mara.

"Thanks Bell, I have it.", Urd says, as she takes the phone from

Urd listens quietly for a moment before suddenly yelling out, "Are you
out of your mind.", into the receiver of the phone.

This proved to not have the best of ideas as shortly thereafter another
large lightning bolt streaked down from the heavens and stuck a certain
Norse 'goddess of love'.

Skuld seeing her sister suddenly somewhat crispy on the ground stopped
short causing Mara to slam into her and fall on top of her.

"Oh My!", Belldandy said.

"Get off me you pervert!", Skuld yelled from underneath Mara.

"Oh please, as if I would even be interested in you. Even your little
robot has more curves than you do.", Mara said as climbed off of Skuld.

A short time later Urd woke up and found herself staring up at the living
room ceiling in the temple. As she sat up she noticed Skuld glaring at Mara and
Mara smirking back at Skuld. Belldandy was nearby looking at Urd with some

"Are you alright Urd?", Belldandy asked.

"I'll live Bell. I just have to remember not to yell at the Boss to his face
anymore.", Urd said.

"You yelled at Kami-sama!", Skuld practically screeched.

"Tsk.Tsk. Cousin, dear I am disappointed in you. Surely you know that you
never insult your superiors to their face. You do it behind their back. You
are not thinking clearly. It must be that goddess blood interfering with your
demon half.", Mara said with an evil grin on her face.

"So why are you here Mara?", Belldandy asked, hoping to get to the bottom
of the matter before any more fights or accidents broke out between her two
sisters of Mara.

"As hard as this maybe to believe Hild asked Kami-sama to help her track down
a run-away demon. One who's presence in Japan right now could lead to the repeal
of the doublet law. At least that is what Lilith told me. She didn't exactly go
into details.", Mara said to three now stunned goddesses.

"Now as for why Hild wanted Asgard to get involved, well.....she.... that
is she doesn't exactly trust me and wants to daughter to help out.", Mara
said in a disgusted tone of voice.

"Why did you call Urd your cousin?", Belldandy asked Mara.

"Because her mother, Hild is the sister of Lilith, who as you know is
H-sama's daughter and my mother.", Mara said.

"You are the princess's of hell daughter, and you are related to Urd?",
Skuld asked.

"Yes and you have no idea what it is like living with that woman
constantly staring over your shoulder. I swear she treats me like a little
fourth class demon at times.", Mara pouted.

"Hmmmmm, I always wondered why you two were so much alike, now I know.",
said Skuld with a smile on her face.

"We are not the same.", Mara and Urd said at the same time, causing Skuld
to fall over laughing.

"So who is this demon that we are supposed to capture?", Urd asked Mara.

"Lilith said the little creature's name was Xverfm, or something like that.
He used to be an incubus, that somehow collected enough power to become a fourth
class demon. So he shouldn't be much of...a....problem.", Mara managed to
say as she watched Urd began to glow blue and arcs of electricity began to
flow out from her in all directions.

"His name is Xverfm?", Urd asked in a cold, almost dead voice, that caused
Skuld to hide behind Belldandy and Mara to back away from the suddenly very
scary goddess in front of her.

"Not only is that bastard responsible for my granddaughter almost dieing,
but he caused me to break a very important promise long ago. When I see him
next I'll kill him. I'll rip his head off and shove up his..", Urd tried to
say as tears began to fall form her eyes, shocking everyone around her.

"Urd please stop.", Belldandy said, worried over her sister's sudden
psychotic behavior.

Mara felt a cold chill go though her. If what Urd said was true, then
the little demon had injured an agent of the heavens and if she should die,
the doublet system falls.

"If what you say is true, Urd, then we have to capture the little incubus
and prevent your granddaughter from dieing or we are all screwed.", Mara

Urd managed to calm down a little. Well at least electricity wasn't
arcing through the room anymore.

"I already have a plan which should save her, without any problems
hopefully. But I will need you to help with my plan.", Urd said to Mara.

"If you want me to help you with that, you will have to help me
with the little demon, without complaining, and I want to know how exactly
you came to have a granddaughter.", Mara said with a slight tinge of
jealousy in her voice, that only Belldandy seemed to notice.

"Alright, if that is what it takes, I will tell you how this all
started over 60 years ago.", Urd said.


(Flashback, Tokyo Japan, 1939)

On a small farm just outside of Tokyo a young boy, almost 11 years old
is checking on his family's meager crop growth this year. It not been a
good year so far. His father had been called away to fight some war going on
in Mainland China. Rumors were circulating that a small group of American
pilots were now helping the Chinese and Japan was in danger of losing to the
pilots in battle. The boy sighed and looked toward his house where his mother
and younger sister were busy with the daily chores.

He wished his father was still here. He didn't understand why his father
had to fight, especially since he was always told to avoid fighting unless
no other option was left. He couldn't remember anything about the Chinese
attacking his country, so why were they fighting. His aunt had even married a
Chinese man and was currrently living in mainland China.

When the fighting had first started, his mother told him to forget it
about and never mention her sister and her new husband in China. If word got
out about this, the family might be shunned by the neighbors, or worse
"investigated" by the government. People tended to disappear, his mother said
after these "investigations" were concluded.

It was nearing noon, so the boy started to head back toward the house
in order to get cleaned up for lunch. Once inside he was greeting by his

"Get cleaned up Hiroki, lunch will be ready in a few minutes.", the
boy's mother said.

"Mother, when will father be returning home?", the boy said as his
mother sighed in annoyance.

"Hiroki, how many times have we gone over this. Your father will return
when his duty to the army is finished.", she said.

"But you have never told me why he had to leave to begin with.", the
boy said, while wondering if his mother would actually explain something
to him for once.

"Hiroki, you know that our country is suffering from a shortage of many
goods and land enough for farming. Your father is helping us and the rest of
our countrymen by fighting to secure new lands and goods for ourselves.", the
women says with obvious pride.

"But what about the people who already live there. If we have to fight
them in order to take their lands, isn't that stealing?", the boy says in
confusion, oblivious to the fact that his mother seems to be turning a
fascinating shade of red due to her son's question.

"Hiroki Kurata, how dare you say such a thing! We are not a country
of thieves. We are fighting to protect and improve our way of life.", Mrs.
Kurata said.

"But, does that still make it right. After all Aunty and Uncle are over
there now. What if they are hurt of killed in any fighting.", Hiroki said.

"Do not talk back to me young man. You are far too young to understand what is
going on, and I told you never to mention your aunt and uncles again. She
disgraced our family by marrying that man.", Mrs. Kurata said excitedly.

Hiroki could only sigh and roll his eyes at his mother's stubbornness.
His aunt was the nicest woman he had even known. She even treated him better
than his own mother did most of the time. How could a person like that cause
his mother to shun her so?

He quickly finished his lunch and hurried back outside. As usual his
sister had taken their mother's side. The boy was so distracted with his thoughts
that he did not notice a flash of light nearby and the sounds of cursing that
soon followed.

Urd, goddess second class, and Norn of the past, was presently having a
very bad day. A massive outbreak of bugs had occurred in the world tree computer
and all simulations run had showed that this would lead to chaos on midgard
for the next several years. No one was quite sure how bad it would get, but
their were talks about it leading to another war, like the one that had
happened a little over 20 years ago when the computer was first being

She and her sister Skuld had tried to minimize the damage, but there
was a power surge and she soon found herself physically blown away from the
computer and deposited in some muddy field in the middle of nowhere.

Looking around she noticed a young boy about 100 meters away, who
appeared to be talking to himself. She might as well talk to the boy to
find out where she was. First though she might have to change her
appearance. She noticed the boy's manner of dress and Asian appearance and
made herself resemble a your girl of about 12 years old.

As Urd approached the boy she began to scan his aura. She caught glimpses
of sadness, pride, confusion, and traces of anger. Hardly any happiness.

"I wonder what is causing him to be so sad. I wonder if he could use a
friend. Besides Mara, I haven't had a friend since I was his age. Besides
he is kind of cute. Bet he will be a real stud in a few years.", Urd
thought to herself, before blushing at the boldness, even for her, of her

Hiroki was started out of his daydream when he heard a girl's voice
behind his loudly say, "Hey could you tell me where I am?"

As Hiroki turned quickly toward the voice he was stunned by what he
saw. A cute, no very cute girl about his age was standing near him. She looked
Japanese except for the fact that she had emerald green eyes and black hair
with silver streaks running through it. She was smiling at him and blushing
slightly. He knew it was wrong, but he could not help but stare at her.

Urd noticed the boy staring at her and could not help but tease the
boy a little.

"Well I know I am beautiful, but there is not need to stare that
much.", Urd said to the now blushing boy.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive my rudeness.", Hiroki said while bowing.

"Feh, no need to be so formal. If you want to apologize all you have
to do is answer a question for me.", Urd said.

"What's the question?", the boy said.

"Could you tell me where I am at the moment?", Urd said.

"Um...., well you are on my family's farm. Tokyo is about 20 miles to the
east of here.", Hiroki said.

"Tokyo... That's is Japan right?", Urd asked as Hiroki boggled at her
silly question.

"How could you not know that?", the boy asked in shock.

"Well you could say that I am not from around here?", Urd said with a
smile that had the poor boy blushing again.

"Mind if I ask you a question?", Hiroki said to Urd.

"What's the question?", Urd said.

"What is your name?", Hiroki said as Urd almost fell over in embarrassment.
How could she have forgotten to introduce herself.

"My name is Urd, Urd Omikami", Urd said, while hoping the last name she made
would satisfy the boy's curiosity.

"My name is Hiroki Kurata.", the boy said while bowing formally.

"There is no need to be so formal, after all we are friends", said in
a confident tone of voice.

"We just met. How can we be friends?", Hiroki asked.

"You mean you do not want to be my friend?", Urd sniffled while
pouting in a manner all "young" girls are experts at.

"I'm sorry, of course I'll be your friend, please don't cry.",
Hiroki managed to say to Urd, who was now smiling again.

"Heh, I'm so shameless.", she thought to herself.

"Well since we are now friends I can show the proper way that friends,
in my homeland, greet each other.", Urd said while developing Hiroki in a
full body hug.

Back at the Kurata home, Hiroki's little sister Kagomi was looking at the
back door when she saw that her older brother was talking to some foreign girl.
At least she though she was foreign. After all most girls do not have large
streaks of silver in their hair. She was further shocked when the girl hugged
her brother a few moments later. Mother would not like this. She always told them
to avoid foreigners, especially after aunty ran away with one. Yes mother must
know this, and if Hiroki got in trouble for it, well that was his fault.

Back in the field, Urd noticed that her new friend was not moving
for some reason.

"Now you can't possibly that shy can you?", Urd said to the presently
immobile Hiroki.

"Well then if that is the case, then there is only one way to wake
you up then.", Urd said as she smiled evilly at Hiroki who managed to
look nervous, even without moving.

Urd leaned over and gave Hiroki a gentle kiss on the cheek, which
not only served to wake the boy , but somehow also managed to cause him
to leap five feet up in the air in shock.

"Ah good, you are still alive. I was beginning to worry about
you.", Urd said to a still somewhat shocked Hiroki.

"You kissed me?!?", Hiroki managed to squeak out.

"You didn't like it?", Urd said teasingly.

"No, I mean yes, I mean....", Hiroki trailed off.

"Would you like me to do it again?", Urd asked, while starting to wonder
why she was being so agressive with a boy that she had just met.

Hiroki nodded in response.

As Urd approached Hiroki and bent down to kiss the shorter
boy's other cheek she heard a voice practically shriek out behind her say,
"Get away from my child you Gaijin whore!"

A little while earlier Mrs. Kurata was in her home when her daughter told
her the shocking news of what was going on outside in the field. Imagine the
nerve of her son, not only seeing a girl without her permission, but a
foreign one at that. She would not stand for it. It was bad enough her own
sister had to run off to marry on of "them", but she not allow her
family's honor to be sullied in such a fashion.

As she ran outside. The scene was even worse than she imagined. That
horrible foreign girl was trying to seduce her son. How could such a young
girl know about such things anyway. As she watched the girl try to kiss her
son again she shouted out for her to stop. She would teach the impudent
little girl a lesson.

After Urd heard someone shriek out behind her she felt someone grab her
roughly by the shoulder and spin her around. This did not please Urd one bit.
Admittedly she had not been down to earth in many years, and was unfamiliar with
the local customs, but she could see why someone had reason to treat her so

Urd knocked the woman's hand away, glared at her and said, "Why are
you trying to attack me? I have done nothing to warrant such attention."

"You will stay away from my son. I will not have another one of your
kind soil my family's line.", Mrs. Kurata.

"Mother that is enough! Urd has done nothing but act kindly toward me.",
Hiroki said while blushing a little.

"How dare you speak back to your mother. What has this little slut done
to you to cause you to defy me.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"You will not speak to me in that manner.", Urd said softly at first.

"I can understand if you are a little shocked at seeing us kissing
after just meeting but I meant no disrespect toward your son, but I will
not tolerate being call a 'slut' among other things, just because of your
petty minded prejudice.", Urd said as her voice raised higher and her eyes
because to glow blue with small arcs of electricity moving over them.

The woman took one look at the 'obviously' demonic girl in front of
her and ran off shrieking back to her house yelling something about Onis
invading the land.

Hiroki, who was standing behind Urd, could not see Urd's face and thus
did not understand why his mother had suddenly started babbling about Oni.
Maybe father's absence was starting to get to mother. He hoped not. Having
to watch his grandmother start to lose her touch with reality before she
died was bad enough. To have it happen to his mother, while she was still
young was very bad indeed.

Urd turned around to face Hiroki with a sad expression on her face.

"I am sorry that I have caused you trouble with your mother. I only
came to your home hoping someone could tell me where I was and maybe spend
some time making a friend.", Urd said.

"You don't have a lot of friends?", Hiroki asked Urd.

"I have one, but my sisters do not approve of her, so we do not see each
other that often. I wish I could see her more though.", Urd said.

"It sounds like we have the same problem. Mother never approves of
anyone I try to meet and your family seems to not like your friends as well.",
Hiroki said to Urd.

"I guess I should leave for now. Maybe I can see you again in a
couple of days. Maybe your mother will calm down by then.", Urd said.

"So I will get to see you again?", Hiroki said.

"Yes you will.", Urd said in a more cheerful tone of voice that she
was using before.

She began to walk away and just as she disappeared from sight, while
walking over a small knoll, she managed to regain her link with the world
and faded from sight in this world, only to reappear back in Asgard.

As Urd reappeared in the home she shared with her sisters, she began to feel
weak. Perhaps she should have waited a day before trying to teleport back to Asgard
without using a transport medium. She was still weak from being thrown to midgard
by the bug infection in the world tree computer.

She managed to make her way to the living room couch and lean back
before she fell asleep, drained by her recent ordeals.

Some time later, Urd wasn't sure how long, she awoke to find herself
looking up at her sisters, who had a very worried look on there faces.

"Are you alright Urd? Skuld and I have been looking for you for
hours. We were about to ask Kami-sama for help when we felt your presence
reappear back at home?", Belldandy said.

"I'm ok Bell', just a little tired. The power surge managed to send me to
Midgard and it took me a little while to get back.", Urd said sleepily.

As Belldandy was about to ask Urd if she needed anything, the phone
rang and Belldandy went to answer it, returning a few moments later with a
confused expression on her face.

"Is something wrong Belldandy?", Urd asked.

"Kami-sama was just on the phone. He wants to see you and discuss the
'little adventure' you had on Midgard.", Belldandy said to a now somewhat
nervous Urd.

"What did you do down there?", Skuld said in an accusatory tone of

"That's none of your concern, little sister.", Urd said as she sat up
on the couch and began to stretch.

"Well I suppose I shouldn't keep Kami-sama waiting.", Urd said as she
began to walk out of the room.

"Urd, nothing happened down on Midgard, did it. You are alright?",
Belldandy asked while placing her hand on Urd's shoulder.

"No need to worry Belldandy, Kami-sama probably just wants to see if I
am alright as well.", Urd said as she walked out of her house and over to
Kami-sama's office.

Urd stood nervously outside of Kami-sama's office. It seems that she had
spending a lot of time here recently due to certain indiscretions, but she
could not think of anything that she had done recently that would get her
"sent to the office".

As she was about to knock on the doors, they swung open by themselves
and a deep booming voice from within told her to enter.

"Did you want to see me father?", Urd asked.

"I heard that there was a problem earlier on and you ended up
being forced down into Midgard. You are not hurt are you my child.", Kami-sama
said to Urd.

"No father, it just took a little while to reestablish my link with
Asgard, before I could return.", Urd said.

"Well then that leaves us with one less problem to deal with.", Kami-
sama said to Urd.

"Are you talking about the bug infestation in Yggdrasil? Has it really
gotten that bad father?", Urd asked, with a worried expression on her face.

"Unfortunately it has become very serious. The recent outbreak will
cause much grief in Midgard for the next few years. I fear a new war will
break out that will dwarf previous wars. Because of this certain mortals will
have to be watched. They would have normally made great strides in improving
the lives of their fellow man, but because of this war their destinies will
be altered. I need you to watch one such mortal. Will you do this for me
daughter?", Kami-sama asked.

"Of course father. Who is this mortal.", Urd asked, while hoping that
this baby sitting assignment did not interfere with the time she planned to
spend with Hiroki.

"The mortal's name is Hiroki Kurata.", Kami-sama said while trying to
keep a smirk off his face as he watched his daughter's eyes open wide in

"That was the name of the boy I met when I crash landed in Midgard. He
was very nice to me.", Urd said very quietly while looking at the ground and
running her foot back and forth over it.

"What a strange coincidence.", Kami-sama remarked.

"Isn't it though.", Urd said sarcastically, while getting the feeling
that her trip to Midgard wasn't an accident after all.

On her home Urd was confused. Mortals and immortals did not usually get
together, even as friends very often. It tended to cause problems, usually of
a destructive nature. A demon might become curious and pay a visit. Some local
priest would sense something and usually declare the immortal a fraud and the
mortal a heretic. Nope, nothing but problems. So why change everything now, and
why does the chance to spend time around Hiroki seem so pleasing.

"He is just a young mortal and I am a goddess. I have lived for....err a
few years now. Maybe I do need a friend, who doesn't care if I am half
goddess and half demon.", Urd thought to herself.

When Urd returned home, her sisters were curious as to why Kami-sama
wanted to see her, but she couldn't say. Kami-sama had "asked" Urd not to give
any specifics on her mission, except to say that she was going to be spending
some time in Midgard, off and on for the next few years.

When Urd had asked Kami-sama why she had to keep her mission a secret,
earlier, he had mentioned something about not giving other goddesses ideas
before it was "meant to be" or some such drivel, in Urd's humble opinion.

"So when are you leaving again.", Skuld asked Urd.

"That anxious to get rid of me are you.", Urd said.

"Well things due tend to be quieter around here when you're gone",
Skuld said while smirking.

"Well then you will happy to know that I will be leaving in two days to
visit Midgard again.", Urd said.

Two days later Urd did indeed return to Midgard, unfortunately her
aiming , like last time was a little off and she landed face first in the
same field she did last time.

Hiroki heard a splash behind him and saw his new friend face down in the field.

He snickered and said, "Are you all right Urd?"

"I'm fine.", the '12 year old' Urd said.

"How did you manage to sneak up on me out in the middle of nowhere then
suddenly fall on your face.", Hiroki asked with a grin on his face.

"I can't tell you that.", Urd said.

"Why not?", Hiroki replied.

"Sore wa himitsu desu.", Urd said while winking with one index finger
poised on the edge of her mouth.


"Decided to join me down her.", Urd said to Hiroki, who was now down on the
ground with her and now just as muddy.

"Sigh.. Well I guess we had better get cleaned up. There is a river nearby
where we can get cleaned up.", Hiroki said to Urd as he helped her up off of
the ground.

On the way to the river, Urd found herself leaning against Hiroki. She
wasn't sure why, She wasn't usually this forward.... Well at least not often, but
something about him was different. She wasn't sure what but found herself
wanting to find out.

She didn't have time to think about her feelings for long, for as they
eared the river, Hiroki and Urd found themselves being encircled by five
older boys. Most appeared to be about 14, but the oldest, who appeared to be
their leader appeared to be about 16.

"Well, what do we have here, two muddy peasants.", the oldest boy said.

"What do you want Akito?", Hiroki almost sneered at the leader of the
group that had surrounded him and Urd.

"You will address me as Tendo-sempai as per the respect I am due as your
superior in every way.", Akito said arrogantly.

"Oh I am showing you the respect you deserve, Akito-chan.", Hiroki said
to Akito.

"You shall be punished for not knowing your place, but first I must
greet this lovely young lady.", Akito said as she took a longer look at Urd. A
look which appeared to be quite lustful and made Urd start to feel sick.

"I want nothing to do with you, pervert.", Urd said, while not believing
that he would make a pass at a girl who appeared so much younger than he.

"I see my dear you are not aware of whom you speak to. I am the scion of
a noble family with proud samurai lineage. You should feel proud to have the
attention of one such as I. After all, I could choose amongst a number of
young ladies.", Akito Tendo arrogantly said.

"Noble lineage, hah!. More likely you are just a perverted little boy
who has to try and seduce young girls, because no girl your own age wants to
have anything to do with you.", Urd said to a rapidly reddening Akito.

"Oh you have met him before.", Hiroki said to Urd as Akito seemed to be
now turning almost purple now.

"Very well then, I challenge your for your woman.", Akito said as Urd
fought down the urge to just fry the bastard where he stood.

"First of all, Urd is not "my woman". She is a friend. Second I would not
insult her honor, by fighting over her as if she were a prize at a carnival.",
Hiroki said to Akito.

"Then I shall just smite you for the enjoyment of it and when your woman
sees what a pathetic boy you are, she shall wish to be mine.", Akito said as
Urd began to turn green just thinking of doing anything with the little pervert.

"Defend yourself.", Akito yelled as he leapt toward the smaller Hiroki.

As Akito's foot neared Hiroki's face, Hiroki pivoted to the side while
wrapping his hands around Akito's outstretched leg and twisted. Akito rotated in
the air and landed on the ground on his head, causing no real damage.

Urd seeing the younger boy fighting off someone much larger than him tried
to move to interfere, but found herself surrounded by Akito's thugs instead.

"Now where do think you are going little girl.", one of the thugs said.

"Anywhere I want.", Urd said while landing a rather nasty roundhouse kick
to the boy's temple, sending him flying off into a nearby tree.

Two more boys charged Urd head on, but were surprised when she seemed to
disappear right in front of them. They were not even aware of Urd reappearing
right behind and tapping a pressure point on each of the boys' necks,
knocking them both unconscious.

The remain boy took one look at the vicious little girl in front of
him, who now even seemed to be glowing a little and took off screaming into
the woods.

At the sound of the other boys' screams Hiroki and Akito briefly stopped
to fight to look on in shock as a small girl knocked out 3 much larger boys.

"A veritable goddess. I must have her.", Akito said out loud, drawing an
almost terrifying glare from Urd.

"You have been hanging around that idiot Tagasuki Kuno too much
Akito-chan, you are starting to sound like him.", Hiroki said in a disgusted
tone of voice.

"Just for that you have forced me to use my ultimate technique. Behold
the mighty demon head.", Akito said as large illusion of what Urd guessed
the boy thought I demon should look like. She wasn't very impressed, and quite
to her shock neither was Hiroki.

"Oh please, you have been trying to scare me with that since I six. You
should know it doesn't work on me anymore.", Hiroki said and he walked through
the demon-head image and back-handed the larger boy across the face.

"Go home Akito, you are not wanted here.", Hiroki said.

"I would listen to him if I were you, unless you want to end up like your
friends.", Urd said, while turning toward Akito and letting the lightning flash
across her eyes, as she did to Hiroki's mother.

Akito began to back up slowly, before running off, abandoning his three
still unconscious underlings on the ground.

"Well that was fun. So do you want to get cleaned up now. I'll even help
you wash your back.", Urd grinned mischievously to an embarrassed Hiroki.

Walking back from the river, Hiroki was quite distracted. It was bad
enough that he had to wash up next to a girl [blush], but to have her wash his
back as well. Still it was nice in a way, but he did wonder where Urd had
to get the soap and towels from. He didn't remember seeing her carrying them
earlier. She had somehow even managed to get new clothes for them, since their
old ones were hopelessly dirty and torn.

"Maybe she is some sort of good luck spirit.", he thought before laughing
silently at such a silly thought.

When they reached Hiroki's home, his mother was waiting at the door and
it was obvious she was not thrilled to see her son with Urd.

"Hiroki, why are you with this gaijin again, and what happened to your
clothes. You were not behaving inappropriately were you.", Mrs. Kurata said
to her son.

"It's nice to see you again as well. Besides you have no reason to be
angry with your son. He has always been a perfect gentleman around me ,and
even defended my honor from a group of thugs. The new clothes are a gift
since his old ones were damaged in the fight with that perverted Tendo
boy.", Urd said.

"Hiroki you did not fight with Tendo-san again did you. I have told you that
it not honorable to fight a member of a noble family when one is of our
station.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"Our Station? What in the nine hells does that mean.", Urd thought
to herself.

"Mother, Urd and I were attacked without provocation. Akito is nothing
more than a bully. He even made quite rude and dishonorable comments to Urd.
He acted as if she was some sort of whore to be claimed. He even wanted to
fight me for her. I hardly see how someone like that is noble.", Hiroki
said, wondering how his mother and father could have such different attitudes
on life, yet still have gotten married.

"It has been my experience that the only difference between nobility
and the 'common folk' if the amount of inbreeding that goes on in the
family.", Urd said in a disgusted tone, while Hiroki's sister Kagomi giggled
in the background at that comment. She had to deal with Akito's little brother
at her school everyday and he was just as arrogant as his older brother.

"His family is still quite powerful young lady and could make things
quite difficult for us if they chose to.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"That won't happen mother, Akito's father knows that the boy is a
pervert, and definitely doesn't approve of his actions. He has told me that
himself.", Hiroki.

"You have spoken to Tendo-san?", Hiroki's mother said in shock.

"Yeah, he comes to our school quite often to teach Kendo to the older
students, he is quite kind to everyone, and doesn't try to act like he is
better than everyone.", Hiroki said.

"But, he is nobility, why would he spend time with common children at
your school.", Hiroki's mother said.

Urd was starting to wonder what was wrong with this woman, was she insane,
terminally insecure about her role in life, or did she like being
subservient to others. Some people were like that you know.

"Father and I have been trying to tell you that the old ways of the
nobility and the samurai are dead. Tendo-san does not agree with them and
has even spoken his disapproval of the military trying to bring back the
old ways.", Hiroki said.

"Still I do not approve of your fighting, or your associating with this
girl and I want you to stop.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"No I will not. There is nothing wrong with Urd. Father would approve of
her and aunty would as well. The only person who seems to not like her is you
I do not want to disobey you mother, but you have managed to chase away every
friend I have had for some reason or another.", Hiroki said as he walked past
his stunned mother into the house with Urd, who had a rather smug look on her

Several miles to the south a small disk of light appeared in a forest
near a small village. A small being stepped out of the portal smelling of
sulfur. It resembled a small imp or gargoyle from the old legends of the
area. As it began to move away from the portal its form seemed to change to
that of a very short old man with a small mustache. The old man pulled a large
sack out of nowhere and leaped off into the night with a war cry that seemed to
send shivers down the spines of all the women in the nearby village.

The 'old man' bounded into a nearby village licking his lips in
anticipation of all the lovely young ladies he would visit tonight when he sensed
a being suffering from great sadness and frustration.

"Ah what wondering feelings. Nothing like misery and pain to make a
this old man's night.", the old man said to himself.

Peering around a corner of a building the old man saw a teenage boy with a
look of dejection on his face. Curious to what was causing his misery and how
he could improve upon it, the old man bounded over to the boy.

"What happened to you boy? You look like you just lost your best
friend.", the old man said is his best compassionate voice.

Akito Tendo looked up from his pouting and saw a small and very old
man addressing him.

"You wish something of me honorable elder.", Akito said.

"Very impressive. You show manners toward your elders. You must have
a noble upbringing.", the old man said worming his way into the boy's

"It is good to see that some still recognize true nobility when they see
it, but to answer question, yes I am troubled by a recent event.", Akito said.

"Care to tell it to this traveling pilgrim. Perhaps I could help you
with your problem.", the old man said.

"You are a monk, well versed in combat perhaps. Yes.... Maybe you can
help me with a problem. In exchange I can provide food and shelter for you
while you stay in this humble village.", Akito said.

"That is very kind of you lad. I shall except your offer. But first I
have some errands to attend to. If you would care to meet with me in the
Sakura glade outside of village, in 4 hours, we can discuss this problem of
yours.", the old man smiled evilly, which was unfortunately not noticed by

Back at the Kurata farm, Urd had just left, saying that she must return
her family. Much to Hiroki's shock, she refused his offer of an escort, saying
that she would be in no danger, and did not want to trouble anyone.

After Urd had left Hiroki's mother ushered him into her room, saying that
she had something important to discuss with him. He reluctantly followed.

"Hiroki there is much we must discuss before you see that woman again. I
know you seem infatuated with her and think that I am being unreasonable, but
I have seen her type before.", Mrs. Kurata said.

Hiroki opened his mouth to replay, but was cut off by his mother.

"Some girls her age like to use their new found femininity to take
advantage of boys your age, either by teasing or other things. Since you are
not getting to that age where you might wish to return their affections there
are things that I must teach you.", Mrs.' Kurata said to a now very nervous

Some three hours later, they had finished their talk and Hiroki emerged
from his mother's room with a bright red face a shocked look on his face.

"Urd wants to do 'that' with me. That cant be right. Mother must be over
reacting. Sure we did kiss and she did seem to enjoy washing my back when
we were down by the river, but to do 'that'. I guess I could speak to her when
I see her again. I only hope she doesn't think that I am a pervert for
speaking about such things though.", Hiroki thought to himself.

As Hiroki was thinking about the talk that he had just had with his mother
Akito Tendo was approaching the isolated sakura glade outside of town, for his
meeting with the strange little monk. As he reached the center of the grove a
voice rang out.

"Ah good you are on time. Perhaps you might be worthy to learn a small
technique of mine, provided you uphold your end of the deal that we discussed
earlier.", the little man said.

"I can provide you with shelter and food for one week, if you can help
me with a little problem, but first I must know the name of the man that I am
dealing with.", Akito said.

"You can call me......Master Happosai, traveling monk ,scholar, and
and expert in all things arcane.", the little man smiled.

"I am not sure I wish to deal with one who can cast the dark arts.",
Akito said.

"I didn't say I was a mage, boy. I said I was familiar with them, and
have great experience fighting them.", Happosai said with a confident grin on
his face.

"Now why don't you tell me your name now lad, so that I might know
who I am dealing with.", Happosai said.

"My name is Akito Tendo, heir to a proud and noble samurai family and I seek
your aid in ridding this valley a foul little peasant who seeks to deny my noble
person access the silver haired goddess, who is often in the company of the
little peasant.", Akito said.

"Sigh, the boy is insane. Why do I always have to make deals with
idiots? Although his description of the girl does remind of dead old Hild-chan,
but I would have felt her presence, if she was here.", Happosai thought to
himself while shuddering slightly at what Hild would do to him if she caught

"Very well boy I will help you fight this 'foul peasant' for you by
giving you a few objects that are made in great secrecy in my order, but you
must promise never to reveal where you had gotten them.", Happosai lied with
a straight face.

"I will not reveal your secrets monk, if I am successful in defeating my
sworn enemy.", Akito said.

"Then look closely at what I have for you.", the monk said as he pulled
what looked like several small firecrackers from his gi.

"Surely you are not suggesting I use these toys against my enemy.",
Akito said in a disgusted tone of voice.

"Oh they are not toys, my boy. Now listen closely to what I am about
to tell you about how these little toys can destroy your enemy.", Happosai
said with an evil grin that sent shudders down the spine of Akito.

Back at the Kurata home, Hiroki's sister, Kagomi, was presently teasing
her older brother about his new girlfriend.

"So what did you and mom talk about in there for so long.", Kagomi
asked her brother.

"That's none of your business.", Hiroki said.

"It was about you kissing that girl wasn't it.", Kagomi said in a
sing-song voice.

"How did you know about that?", Hiroki said.

"I was the one who saw you and told mother.", Kagomi said while sticking
out her tongue at her brother.

"Why you little brat.", Hiroki said while advancing on his sister.

"You behave yourself or I'll tell mother you are being mean to me and you
know that mother likes me better.", Kagomi said in a taunting voice.

Hiroki glared at his little sister, causing her to move back. He then left
through the front door, slamming it on his way out, while wondering what else
could go wrong.

As he walked along the river bank near his home, Hiroki saw a familiar and
definitely unwelcome sight approaching him.

"I am not in the mood right now to play with your Akito-chan. Go Away.",
Hiroki said.

"Silence peasant, after tonight you will show me the respect that I
deserve and that silver-haired goddess of yours will know that I am the
superior man.", Akito said as he pulled what appeared to be several small
fire crackers from within his coat pocket.

Back in her home in Asgard, Urd felt a cold chill run down her
spine. She wasn't sure how, but she knew her friend was hurt and needed
her help. She wasn't about to abandon him. Without waiting to tell her
sisters where she was going Urd teleported back to midgard to a sight that
caused her blood to run cold.

A few moments earlier, back on midgard. Hiroki looked at Akito who was in
the process of lighting several small firecrackers and could not help but be

"So this is your great plan to show how superior you are. You really are
pathetic. You do realize that don't you.", Hiroki said to Akito.

Akito did not reply, much to Hiroki's surprise. Instead he threw
one of the small firecrackers at Hiroki, who moved a couple feet away. It
wasn't far enough. The little device exploded with a force that blew Hiroki
several feet through the air to land in the mud near Akito's feet.

"I see you now know your proper place. Simply turn over your silver
haired goddess and all will be forgiven.", Akito said.

Hiroki's reply was to roll over on to his back and bring his foot up
into Akito's crotch, hard.

With a high pitch squeak Akito fell over and curled into a little ball
before he fell unconscious.

"How pathetic. Well if I wish my free lodging for the week, I guess I
must destroy you myself.", Happosai said, while seeming to appear out of

"Who are you?", Hiroki said to the strange little man in front of him.

"Oh me, nobody special, merely a traveling monk.", Happosai send with an
evil grin on his face.

"You gave Akito those bombs didn't you. Figures the idiot never could
fight his own battles. So why are you helping him? You must realize he is
completely insane.", Hiroki said.

"We made a deal. Beyond that is not your concern. So be a good boy and stand
still so that I can destroy you.", Happosai said while suddenly lashing out with
a kick that sent Hiroki flying even farther than the previous explosion did.

As Happosai approached the fallen Hiroki the air began to hum and portal
that seemed to formed of electricity formed in the air. Out stepped Urd in her
adult form. Happosai stopped dead when he laid eyes on her.

"Hild-sama..no....", the little man said as he began to back away in
fear for his life.

Urd, sensing that Hiroki while hurt, is still alive, turns toward the
little man and says, "I smell a demon. You wouldn't be responsible for
hurting this boy would you.", Urd says with each word being said louder
than the previous.

"Please do not kill me Hild-sama. I didn't mean to steal your
lingerie, besides why do you care about this mortal.", Happosai babbled
out as quick as he could.

"I am not my mother, but when I am through with you, you will wish that
I was.", Urd said while snapping her fingers, which caused a golden colored
sphere to surround and enclose Happosai.

"I my not be able to destroy your form permanently, you little imp, but
I can make sure that you are put through hell before you are banished back
to where you belong.", Urd said as reddish black tendrils of plasma began to
move about the inside of the sphere, striking Happosai and causing him to
shriek out in torment.

"Now be gone with you.", Urd said, while banishing Happosai back to
hopefully an unpleasant welcome back in Niflheim.

Urd walked over to Hiroki and picked the smaller boy in her arms. She
laid back against a tree and placed Hiroki in her lap.

"I am sorry I must do this, but it is for the best for now.", Urd said
as she began to changed Hiroki's memory of the fight, so that he believed
that he and Akito had managed to knock each other out and to erase all
memories of the little man that he met.

"I promise you that I will never let any demon put you in such danger
again. I will protect you no matter what, even if I have to sacrifice myself
to do so.", Urd said somewhat surprised by the strength of he feelings for
the boy that she still barely knew.

"Maybe Kami-sama was right. You are special if you can get a 'selfish
old woman' such as myself to make such a promise.", Urd said as she kissed
Hiroki lightly on the cheek, then hugged him close while stroking his hair.
She then teleported him back to his home and tucked him into bed.

"Good night sweet prince.", Urd says, before leaving to rejoin her sisters
back in Asgard.

Meanwhile in Niflheim, a certain little demon is presently running for
his life as several other demons are presently trying to claim the bounty
that Hild has placed on his head.

"Curse you Hild, and curse that bitch of a daughter of yours. I swear
no matter how long it takes, I will find some way to punish you for what
you have done to me.", the little Incubus, Happosai, said as he
continued to run from his demonic pursuers.

Authors Note:

Well I had originally intended to covers Urd's relationship with
Hinako's grandfather in only in chapter, but as it turns out it will
take longer than that, possibly 1 or 2 more chapters. I will get back to
dealing with the Ranma cast in the present time, eventually, just not
quite yet. Then again, this is a cross over so characters from both
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