Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ First Meetings Part 2 ( Chapter 3 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 3 First Meetings Part 2

Hiroki awoke early the next morning, to the sounds of his sister screaming
at him to get up or be late for school.

"Oww! I think my whole body hurts. What was that idiot Akito doing with
those bombs anyway. At least I didn't lose, but I would have preferred to not
get knocked out with him. ", Hiroki thought to himself, unaware of what really
happened due to his memory being altered.

"I'm glad Urd wasn't there. I wouldn't want to see her hurt.", Hiroki thought
with a smile beginning to grow on his face.

"You're thinking about something naughty aren't you.", Hiroki's sister
Kagomi said while walking in the room.

"You are supposed to knock before you enter my room, you little Oni.",
Hiroki said to Kagomi.

"The door was already open, and mother sent me to make sure that you get
your lazy butt out of bed. So what are you going to name the baby?", Kagomi
asked Hiroki.

"Baby!?! What are you talking about?", Hiroki asked.

"Well, you kissed that gaijin girl, didn't you?", Kagomi asked.

"Yeah, so what does that have to do with it?", Hiroki asked.

"Everyone knows you have a baby when a boy kisses a girl.", Kagomi
said with a smirk on her face.

"Where did you here that from, one of your stupid little friends?",
Hiroki said to Kagomi.

"Myami, is not stupid, she is almost 10 and very smart.", Kagomi said.

"Not that smart, if that is what she told you.", Hiroki said.

"Well then, how do you make a baby then.", Kagomi asked.

"Ask mom, I am sure she will enjoy answering that question.",
Hiroki said to Kagomi.

Kagomi left the room and a few moments later a loud "What did you say!",
was heard from another part of the house. Hiroki could only laugh in

"Maybe I'll go take a look and see how shocked mother is by Kagomi's
question.", Hiroki thought to himself.

After a somewhat tense breakfast, Hiroki left for school, way ahead of
his sister, who was still bothering their poor shell-shocked mother.

Halfway to school, Hiroki saw a very familiar face, who appeared to be
waiting by the side of the road for someone.

"Hey handsome, going my way.", Urd said to a blushing Hiroki.

"Urd, what are you doing here and wearing that.", Hiroki said, while
wondering why Urd was wearing the girls uniform for his school. She did look
good in it though, especially give the modifications she made to it. He had
never seen a girl in a skirt that only reached to mid thigh before.

"I have some good news, father says he approves of us seeing each other
and even allowed me to attend this school, instead of the private tutors that
I usually have. So we now see more of each other, and maybe you can introduce
me to some of your friends.", Urd said, while taking hold of Hiroki's arm.

As they approached the school, Hiroki noticed that several of the students
were openly staring at Urd and many of those were being quite rude toward Urd,
because of what she was wearing. He wasn't surprised. Her 'modifications' to
her uniform were quite scandalous, considering all of the other girls' skirts
were well below their knees.

Urd, also appearing to be quite well developed for a 12 year old and
Akito noticed more than a few jealous stares from many male students as he
walked up to the school with Urd on his arm.

Up in a classroom facing the entrance to the school, two 10 year old
girls were looking out the window, watching their fellow students walk by,
or rather one was watching people go by, the other was just staring out into
space with a silly grin on her face.

"Really Kozue, can you stop that? You are embarrassing me with that
silly expression.", one of the 10 year olds said to the other.

"Huh... Did you say something Mitsuki?", Kozue said.

"Yes, I said stop staring like that you are embarrassing.", Mitsuki
said to Kozue

"I can't help it, every time I think of him it happens.", Kozue.

"Give it up, he is older than you and definitely not interested. He has
told you so many times before.", Mitsuki said.

"He is just confused. Besides how can he turn down such a wonderful
girl as me. I'm young, sweet, come from a wealthy family. Why I'm almost
perfect.", Kozue said.

"Not to mention demure and modest as well.", Mitsuki said.

"Self-confidence is a good thing. If you want something in this life
you have to go get it and hold on with both hands. Besides I know he doesn't
have a girlfriend yet.", Kozue said.

"Yeah, that's true. I don't think anyone has ever seen him with a girl, still
I doubt that he is.....Oh WOW who is that?", Mitsuki said while pointing out the
window at a certain couple, who were now walking into the school's gate.

Kozue looked out the window at what her friend was pointing at and her mouth
dropped open in shock. The object of her affection, one Hiroki Kurata was
walking into the school with a girl on his arm.

"So he doesn't have a girlfriend huh?", Mitsuki snickered before
noticing the sad look on her friend's face.

"I'm sorry Kozue, I didn't mean to upset you.", Mitsuki.

"Look at how that girl is dressed and how she is throwing herself at
Hiroki-kun. Doesn't she have any shame? He can not possibly like a girl who
acts like that.", Kozue said.

"He doesn't seem too upset to me.", Mitsuki said.

"He is just in shock, but don't worry I'll save you from that hussy
Hiroki-kun.", Kozue said while striking what she thought was a righteous

"Well this should be interesting.", Mitsuki said as she watched her
friend race out of the room to 'save' the object of her affections.

Down in the courtyard Hiroki found himself surrounded by many of the
students for some reason, many of which were female. Many of the students
were curious about who the girl on his arm was and whether or not she
was available, despite the fact that Urd still held Hiroki's arm against
her chest.

"Why do so many of the girls seem to be interested in talking to me
now, they always ignored me before.", Hiroki whispered to Urd as they
began to move away from the crowd.

"That's easy. When a girl sees a boy with another girl, particularly an
attractive one such as myself, she has proof that the boy is desirable in
some way or another. If a girl though, always sees a boy by himself, then
she may start to think that there is something wrong with him.", Urd said.

"But what if he is just shy, or doesn't have that many friends?",
Hiroki asked Urd.

"I didn't say it was a fair way to judge someone, but that is just the
way many girls and some older women think. Too bad though, because it is
usually the quiet or shy guys that make the sweetest and most devoted
boyfriends, vs. the arrogant loud type, like your 'friend' Akito.", Urd said
to Hiroki.

"I don't think I would ever call him a friend.", Hiroki said.

"Hiroki-kun!", a voice shouted out, causing Hiroki to sigh.

Urd turned toward the sound of the voice and saw a very excited ten year
old girl rapidly running toward she and Hiroki. A few seconds later the little
girl was tightly glomped onto Hiroki's other arm, much to his annoyance.

"Who are you and what are you doing with my Hiroki-kun?", Kozue said
excitedly to Urd.

"Why Hiroki dear, I didn't know you like younger women.", Urd

"Kozue, get off. I am not your 'Hiroki-kun'.", Hiroki said to
Kozue as he tried to shake to the little 'octopus' off his arm.

"You are just saying that because this big breasted.....girl has
you confused for some reason, or you would realize that we are meant to be
together.", Kozue said to Hiroki.

"So Hiro-chan, who is this competition for my affections toward you.",
Urd said, in a silky voice why pulling Hiroki's arm tighter between her
breasts, causing Hiroki and squeak and Kozue to turn almost purple with

"Stop that you hussy. I won't have you do such naughty things to him. If you
do not leave him alone, I will punish you.", Kozue said while trying to sound
somewhat imposing.

Trying very hard not to laugh Urd said, "You sound just like that idiot
Akito Tendo, my wonderful Hiroki beat the other day.", Urd said.

"Yeah!!!! You beat up my idiot brother again.", Kozue cheered.

"Brother!?!", Urd said while looking somewhat sick.

"I am afraid so. Urd let me introduce you to Kozue Tendo, sister of
the idiot you mentioned earlier.", Hiroki said.

"You forgot to mention that I am your best friend and fiancee' as
well.", Kozue said, while looking at Hiroki with hearts in her eyes.

"You have a fiancee?", Urd asked.

"No I do not.", Hiroki said to Urd.

"Kozue you should stop telling people that. You know how it gives them the
wrong idea. I don't even want to think about what would happen if my mother
heard of such a rumor and believed it.", Hiroki said to Kozue.

"I'm sorry, but I wouldn't mind it if it were true.", Kozue said with a
sad tone in her voice.

"I know, but we are friends alright, nothing more.", Hiroki said as he
finally managed to remove Kozue from his arm.

"Now why don't you get to class. I'll see you at lunch as usual,
alright.", Hiroki said to Kozue.

"Alright, see you then...dear.", Kozue giggled as she ran off.

"You have lunch with her?", Urd asked somewhat surprised.

"Everyday.", Hiroki replied.

"Why would you if she is such as pest toward you.", Urd said.

"Because, besides myself she only has one other friend, and they
have different schedules so they can eat together during lunch very often.
No one should have to spend lunch eating by themselves. That's just not
right.", Hiroki said to Urd who smiled at him.

"You are just too nice for your own good Hiro-chan.", Urd said
while pinching his cheek as they walked into the school building together.

By 2nd period, Urd was already bored and in danger of falling asleep

"How do these people actually expect their children to learn
anything if all they teach them to do is memorize facts from a book. They
place more emphasis on following directions than learning to think for
one's self.", Urd thought to herself.

As she looked around the room Urd noticed that several students seemed
to be having trouble keeping up with the lesson, but instead of speaking out
and interrupting the flow of the class, heaven forbid, they kept silent and
seemed to grow more confused as time went by.

"This is stupid.", Urd accidentally said allowed.

The teacher looked up from the book and said, "Is there something
wrong Miss Omikami?"

"Several things.", Urd snorted. "First of all, how you expect anyone
to learn if all you do is read to them and expect them to memorize a bunch
of worthless historical facts. Second you seem completely oblivious to the
fact that several of the students are having trouble keeping up with the
lesson such as it is. Do you care more about just getting through the
material than helping the students?", Urd said in a challenging voice.

"I suppose you can do better?", the teacher arrogantly said.

"Much better.", Urd said.

"Then please enlighten us with your 'wisdom'.", the teacher said.

For the rest of the hour, Urd did just that. Having lived though much
of what was being discussed, and having an active link to the world tree
computer gave her knowledge that no teacher in the school had. Her flair
for describing the past in a dramatic sense also had the students
attention riveted to her instruction. By the end of the hour, she even
managed to help a couple of the students catch up a little, but she would
need to work with them for the next couple of days.

"I wonder if they wouldn't mind being tutored.", Urd thought with
some surprise at much she enjoyed teaching and helping the other students.

By the end of the hour the teach was both shocked and outraged. How
dare this little half-gajin, by the look of her' dare contradict his lessons.
Never mind the fact that he did dare her to teach, that was beside the point.

When the bell rang, signifying time for the teachers to change
classrooms Urd smirked at the teacher and said, "If you need any help
tomorrow I am available."

The teacher only grunted in response and stormed out of the classroom.

"How did you do that?", One girl asked.

"Do what?", Urd replied.

"Stand up to the teachers. No one even talks back to them, even if they
feel that something is wrong.", the girl replied.

"You never be afraid to ask questions, and you should never assume that
just because someone is in a position of authority over you that they deserve
respect. Attitudes like that only cause some people to be taken advantage of
by arrogant fools.", Urd said as the class stared at her of saying such
shocking things.

"Your girlfriend is something else.", one the boys sitting next to
Hiroki said..

"She definitely is not like all the other girls.", Hiroki said as he
looked at Urd in a mixture of awe and affection.

"Before the next instructor cam in Urd sat down next to Hiroki and
said, "So how did I do."

"You were amazing. You even taught Sato-san something, and I didn't
think anyone could make that guy learn. But I fear that you made an enemy
out of the teacher. I don't think he appreciated you showing him up in
class.", Hiroki said.

"He's nothing. If worse comes to worse, I am sure father can arrange
for him to teach at a new school.", Urd said, while up in Asgard Kami-sama
could only roll his eyes at his daughter's bravado and hubris.

At lunch Kozue raced to the tree where she usually ate lunch with
Hiroki, but stopped short once she caught sight of Urd, sitting on the
lap of her Hiroki. The poor boy seemed to be in shock, and she was even
trying to feed him. who does that girl think she is.

Kozue was about to yell at the little hussy when she heard
Hiroki laugh at Urd's antics and even smile at her. He didn't seem
upset. Maybe her friend Mitsuki was right. Maybe he did like the little
gaijin. But what about her. Who was she supposed to be with. She only
wanted to be Hiroki. She started to turn away, a tear slowing moving
down her cheek when she heard a voice call out from behind her.

Hiroki was enjoying his lunch with Urd, even if she did tend to be a
little bit more forward than he liked, but she seemed to be enjoying herself,
so he decided not to say anything unless she became too forward. He looked up
from eating his lunch and noticed Kozue just standing there looking at him.

He was about to call out to her, when he noticed what appeared to be a
tear running down her cheek.

"Why is she crying?", he thought to herself.

As she started to turn around and walk away Urd whispered to him, "Go
get her and bring her back. All of us need to talk."

Hiroki was about to ask about what they need to talk about when Urd
pulled him off the ground and pushed him toward Kozue.

"Kozue, what is wrong.", Hiroki asked when he was just a couple feet
behind Kozue.

Kozue turned around and Hiroki could see that she definitely had a
few tears on her cheek.

"Are you all right?", Hiroki said as he put a hand on Kozue's

"I guess we won't being eating lunch together anymore since you
have Urd. I didn't believe Mitsuki earlier when she said that you and
Urd seemed to be close. I guess I was wrong. I won't disturb you
any longer.", Kozue said sadly.

Hiroki smiled at her as he wiped a couple of tears off her face and
said, "You don't have to do that. Urd and I are a couple now I guess, but
that doesn't mean that I want to stop being your friend and eating lunch
with you. I would miss you at lunch if didn't come around any more."

Kozue's mood seemed to change quite rapidly, much to Hiroki's
shock and he soon found himself glomped onto by the hyper little girl,
much to his confusion.

Urd could only watch the scene taking place in amusement. The poor
boy didn't even seem to realize how much his words were affecting
the girl. She would probably be even more attached to him as time went
by, if he doesn't lay down some ground rules fast.

Hiroki lead Kozue over to the tree where Urd was eating. Kozue now
seemed more embarrassed, instead of sad at what had just happened.

"Would you mind if I eat lunch with you?", Kozue said to Urd.

"I don't mind, and I know Hiroki doesn't mind either. We should talk
about a few things though, if we are to see each other every day.", Urd said.

"I think I know what you are going to say, and I will try not to be so
rude of jealous toward you in the future, but I am not giving up on Hiroki so
easily though.", Kozue said while causing Urd to sigh and Hiroki to
face fault.

"I know I seem like a silly little girl to you, but I do love him and
always will. He was so brave when we first met. I will never forget what he
did for me.", Kozue said with stars in her eyes.

"How did you first meet?", Urd as Kozue.

"We met last year. I asked father to transfer me to this school, since
I had grown tired of the private tutors he had hired. I wanted to be around
boys and girls my own age, but their were problems. My foolish brother kept
showing up at this school and bullied and threatened any boy who tried to
talk to me. After that no boy came near me, and even worse many of the girls
who 'boyfriends' were threatened or hurt somehow blamed me.", Kozue said.

"One day they decided to get even and pulled out to a field far behind
the school and began to hit me.", Kozue said sadly as Urd gasped in shock.

"A little while later, I am not sure how much time had passed, but just
as one girl was about to start kicking me I heard a boy's voice cry out
for everyone to stop. Many of the girls were shocked at being discovered and
ran off. They didn't want to get in trouble I guess. Hiroki had to physically
almost pry one girl off of me. She was angry since my idiot brother almost put
her brother in the hospital.", Kozue said as Hiroki shivered as he remembered
that day.

"Hiroki picked me up in his arms and carried me back to the school
as I cried into his shoulder. He was so gentle and tried to comfort me as we
were walking back. When he left me at the nurse's office I knew that I had found
someone to love.", Kozue said while blushing.

"So you were saved by a 'handsome prince'?", Urd said much to
Hiroki's embarrassment.

"Yes! Now do you understand why I care so much for him.", Kozue said.

"I do, but you must understand how Hiroki feels about you and how he
feels about me." Urd said.

Hiroki at this point was becoming somewhat nervous. He had hoped that it
wouldn't be that hard to talk Kozue out of being so affectionate toward him. He
did save her, but that shouldn't have caused her to be so fixated on him,
could it? Like most boys his age and some a lot older he still was confused by
why girls were and were not attracted to some boys.

"Maybe she will lose interest in time.", he thought to himself. He really
didn't believe she would at the moment, but he could hope right?

After lunch was Hiroki's favorite time of the day, Kendo class. He enjoyed
the tutoring provided by Tendo-san. He thought, often of how such a man could
have such an idiot for a son.

Perhaps it was due to the influences of the Kuno clan. They maybe wealthy,
but everyone knew how they actually made their money. It was amazing that they had
not been executed for their crimes, but Hiroki guessed that the money they made
from their opium trade went a long way to pay off certain officials, who would look
the other way.

As he was lost in thought, Hiroki did not notice, until it was too late,
someone sneaking up behind him and wrapping their arms around him.

See the kendo armor on the person's arms, Hiroki thought it was one of
his classmates trying to grapple him to the ground. He was about to try and
reverse whatever trick they were trying to pull when he felt the person behind
him kiss him on the back of the neck.

"What the @$$@#???", he thought as the person behind him began to
laugh with a definite female voice.

"You need more practice Hiro-chan. It was too easy to sneak up on
you.", the person said as Hiroki spun around and noticed that it was Urd
who had snuck up on him and was, for some reason, wearing kendo armor.

"Urd why are you hearing wearing that armor?", Hiroki asked, while still
being somewhat disoriented over the shock of the kiss.

"I'm here to take the class with you of course.", Urd said.

"But your a girl.", Hiroki said.

"You finally noticed.", Urd said with an with a Cheshire cat grin, as
she put her arms around him again.

"But girls aren't allowed in the same kendo classes as the boys.",
Hiroki said.

"Bah, that's just because they are afraid of losing to the girls. You
might be surprised how well we can do if you put our minds to it.", Urd said
to a somewhat exasperated Hiroki.

"You should listen to your girlfriend Hiroki-san, she sounds quite wise.",
a new voice spoke out from behind the couple.

Turning around Urd saw a man in his early 40's with a large brown
mustache and a big grin on his face. He was wearing a kendo uniform and
seemed quite amused by the way she was hanging onto Hiroki.

"Tendo-sensei!", Hiroki squeaked in surprise.

"Nice to see you again Hiroki-san.", Mr. Tendo said to Hiroki.

"Well now, who do we have here.", Mr. Tendo said as he looked at Urd.

"Could you be the 'Silver-Haired-Goddess', my idiot son has been
constantly talking about for the past day?", Mr. Tendo said as he noticed that
Urd wince at the mention of that name.

"Has my son done anything improper young lady. You seemed somewhat upset
by that name?", Mr. Tendo asked Urd.

Both Urd and Hiroki told Mr. Tendo about Akito's actions the previous
day, or at least what Hiroki remembered of that day.

As they finished their story Mr. Tendo could only shake his head in
shame at the actions of his dishonorable son.

"Please accept my apologies about how my son treated the both of you.
He will be punished. You have my word on that. I will also be by to see
your families to apologize to them.", Mr. Tendo said.

"You don't need to do that sensei.", Hiroki said.

"Nonsense my boy. Besides I have always wanted to meet the family
of one of my favorite students.

"My family is presently away and won't be back for quite a while.",
Urd said hoping that the man would accept her excuse.

"You do not live by yourself I hope. You are far too young for that.",
Mr. Tendo said to Urd.

"Oh no, my sisters and I live with....our family servants, and father doesn't
like guests to show up when he and mother aren't there.", Urd said.

"Very well, but when your parents return I will want to speak to them.",
Mr. Tendo said.

"So shall we begin class now.", Mr. Tendo said as he began to walk toward
the gym.

"But what about Urd being in the class.", Hiroki said.

"She is more than welcome to join us, unless you are afraid that you might
lose, as the young lady said earlier.", Mr. Tendo said with a grin on his face.

After class everyone was quite impressed with Urd's abilities. She had
managed to defeat all who challenged her. Even the instructor had only managed
to score one hit against her.

"I must say that I am quite impressed with your skills my dear. Did your
father train you?", Mr. Tendo asked Urd.

"No, my mother saw to most of my training. Father was busy running his
'business' most of the time.", Urd said.

"Well she did an excellent job. You should take some lessons from her
Hiroki. After all I can not be around all the time to instruct you.", Mr.
Tendo said.

"I'll consider that sir.", Hiroki said.

"Good, now how about tomorrow after your school is out I pay a visit to
your family.", Mr. Tendo said.

"I don't see a problem with that. I'll tell mother that you are coming.",
Hiroki said while worrying about how that meeting would turn out.

Urd, seeing the worried look on Hiroki's face said, "Don't worry Hiro-chan
I'm sure your mother won't embarrass you too much." Then she reached out and
tickled him in the side causing him giggle, much to his embarrassment.

"Would be nice to be that young again.", Mr. Tendo thought as he watched
the antics of the two young 'friends'.

Urd followed Hiroki back to his home after school, curious to how his mother
would react to the news that she would have a certain guest in her home

"Mother, Mr. Tendo and I believe Kozue and Akito, his children, will be
coming over for dinner tomorrow.", Hiroki asked his mother while berating himself
for not thinking of a more subtle way to break the news to his excitable mother.

"What!!!", Mrs. Kurata shrieked out. "Tendo-san is coming here?. How could
you give me so little warning. There is so much to prepare for one of his
station....", Mrs. Kurata continued to prattle on Hiroki sighed and Urd
giggled at her antics.

"Mother there is no need to get so excited. I don't even know if he
intends to stay long. I think he is just coming over to apologize for his son's
actions toward Urd and I the other day.", Hiroki said.

"Don't be ridiculous child. One his ancestry does not apologize to one
of 'us'. He will more than likely ask you to apologize for insulting his son.",
Mrs. Kurata said in all seriousness.

"Are you going to be in for a shock.", Urd snickered as Mrs. Kurata
spun around and glared at Urd.

"You will not be here tomorrow girl. I do not want to insult Tendo-san
by having a little gaijin like you here when he honors us with his
presence.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"Mother, Mr. Tendo has already met Urd, and she has made a rather favorable
impression on him.", Hiroki said.

"Especially, since I so able to beat him every time during the kendo
matches at school.", Urd said in all lack of modesty.

"I find it hard to believe that the school would allow someone like her
to participate in a mans' sport.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"Mr. Tendo insisted on it, when the other instructors complained. You
still haven't realized mother that you are the only one that keeps holding on
to these outdated 'samurai traditions'. I wish father and aunty were still here.
I wonder where they are right now. I hope that they are alright.", Akito said.

"I am sure that they are fine Hiro-chan. From what you have told me, your
father sounds like the type who could take care of himself.", Urd said.

Later that evening Hiroki and Urd were once again down by the stream, but
instead of needing to get cleaned up this time they were laying back against a
fallen tree and looking up at the stars. Hiroki noticed that whenever he and
Urd decided to go out at night, the weather always seemed to be a little
warmer than usual. Almost as if someone had arranged for their 'dates' to
go as smoothly as possible.

Urd snuggled close to Hiroki, who began to blush in response. Normally, Urd
never spent a lot of time out in the country, so to speak. She had always
preferred to more lively areas of Asgard, but somehow she didn't mind the slow
pace of life, when she was with Hiroki. She started to notice some of the things
that Belldandy always seemed to be talking about: The sound of the wind
blowing gently through the trees, The soft cooing of the nightingales overhead,
and the way the moon cast a yellow warm glow over everything.

"Hmmmph, I starting to think like one of the girls in those silly
novels that Belldandy likes to read.", Urd thought as she frowned.

"Is something wrong Urd?", Hiroki asked, noticing Urd's frown.

"No Hiro-chan nothing is wrong. I was just thinking about something
silly for a moment.", Urd said.

Umm.... Urd...", Hiroki said.

"Yes Hiro-chan.", Urd said while wondering while Hiroki suddenly
seemed to be nervous.

"If I know my mother she will insist on a formal dinner for Mr. Tendo,
when he comes to visit tomorrow. If that happens will you come as well?",
Hiroki nervously asked.

"You mean as in a formal date to introduce me to your family and friends.",
Urd asked with a grin on her face.

"Well mother has seen us together, but still hasn't really accepted you. If
she turns this into a formal occasion with Mr. Tendo and others that she will
probably invite, she will have no choice but to accept you. Mr. Tendo likes you,
as well as Kozue in her own way. I can't imagine anyone else not liking you.",
Hiroki said.

"You are very sweet, Hiro-chan. I would love to meet everyone, especially
if you are my date for the evening.", Urd said as she leaned over and kissed
Hiroki gently on the lips.

Hiroki, already nervous about asking Urd was overwhelmed by the kiss and
fainted. Urd just pulled her unconscious boyfriend closer and enjoyed the rest
of the evening with him sleeping on her shoulder, before she returned him to
him home later that night.

Later that same night, Urd was laying down on her bed in her room back
in Asgard, thinking about the upcoming party.

"If this is a formal party I will have to bring someone to escort me
there. It would be strange for a 12 year old girl to suddenly appear at the
door in front of everyone.", Urd thought to herself.

"Who could I bring though. I don't think mother would be a good choice,
and father always seems to be busy. Maybe I could ask someone to pose as one
of my parents, but who. It would be far easier just to ask father. Well
there would be no harm in asking I guess.", Urd thought as she rolled out
of bed and began to make her way to Kami-sama's office.

While walking to the head office Urd kept glancing around her at all
the gods and goddesses walking by while trying to decide if anyone them would
or could be able to pass as one of her parents. She had already told Hiroki
that her mother wasn't Japanese, but her father was. That was true at least
in part. Kami-sama was a little bit off all nationalities. If only Hild could
keep better control of her emotions. One wrong word or insult directed toward
her and Hild would most likely do something rather unpleasant to the offender.
No that would definitely not score any points with anyone at the party,
especially Hiroki.

Urd entered the main office and went over to greet Kami-sama's

"Hey Hilda, is father in?", Urd asked already knowing the answer, but
some formalities must be maintained after all.

"Yes he is, would you like to speak to him?", Hilda asked.

As Urd was about to answer the doors to Kami-sama's office swung open
and a voice from within asked her to come in.

As she entered the office Urd saw Kami-sama bending over his desk in the
process of trying to shape a bonsai tree. He didn't appear to be having much
success at it.

"Ah daughter, please come in.", Kami-sama said, then noticing Urd
looking at the somewhat uniquely shaped tree he said, "I can not seem to
'get the hang of it' as the Americans' say. Oh well I never said that I was
perfect.", Kami-sama said as Urd face-faulted at his joke.

Pulling herself off the floor Urd said, "Father, Hiroki's mother is going
to be giving a formal party for one of the local 'noble' families and Hiroki
has invited me to join him for the party, but it would look rather strange
if a '12 year old' girl were to just show up at their doorstep unescorted, so I
was wondering if you could possibly come with me.", Urd said nervously.

Kami-sama looked at his occasionally headstrong daughter and smiled. It had
been a long time since one of his children had asked him to help out with their
personal life, but if her left the office for only a short time, who run things
while he was gone.

"Daughter I would love to help you, but there is no one to right now to run
the 'office' if I were to leave. Hilda is greatly overworked. I could not trust, I
am sad to say, Zeus or Odin to run things even briefly. Apollo or Athena normally
could help out briefly, but they are now busy preparing for the upcoming conflict
in Midgard.", Kami-sama said.

"I thought you might say that, but I hoped that just once we could go out
and do something together. I miss the times we spent together when I was younger.",
Urd said in a melancholy voice.

"Perhaps your mother is available.", Kami-sama said.

"I thought about it, but you know mother. Her temper tends to get the worst
of her. One wrong word or insult and someone at the party will end up roasted.",
Urd said.

"True. Your mother is a wonderful woman, who, I love dearly, but she does
have her faults.", Kami-sama said.

Kami-sama sat silently for a few moments before he said, "There is one
person whom you could ask. She would make a good substitute mother and she
already knows you quite well.", Kami-sama said with a smile on his face, which
made Urd nervous for some reason.

"Who is it?", Urd said.

"Why your dear aunt Lilith of course.", Kami-sama said.

"Oh no anybody but her. That's all I need, the 'aunty Mame' of the
underworld showing up at the party.", Urd thought to herself.

As Urd began to imagine all the trouble her aunt could cause, she failed
to notice her father talking on the phone and the excited voice that was
speaking on the other end.

"It's all settled then.", Kami-sama said loudly, shocking Urd out of her

"What is?", Urd said with a growing feeling of dread.

"I was just on the phone with your aunt. She would be thrilled to
help pose as your mother. It seems she doesn't often have a chance to visit
Midgard and is greatly looking forward to accompanying you.", Kami-sama said
as he began to smile at a very dazed looking Urd.

"There is no need to worry daughter. I admit your aunt, can be somewhat
exuberant at times, you don't have to worry about her harming anyone.", Kami-sama
said to Urd.

"You can meet her at her home in Niflheim, and do not worry about being
bothered by any of the demons or your old rivals down there. I doubt Hild or
Lilith would ever let anything happen to you.", Kami-sama said.

As short time later Urd returned home wondering how this would all turn
out. She had nothing against her aunt. In many ways she even admired the woman.
Lilith taught her just about everything she knew about how to get closer to a
man, and that was the problem. It wouldn't do for her 'mother' to flirt with
other men, or women for that matter. Lilith tended to be a little flexible
when it came to romantic relationships.

In Niflheim, Lilith, daughter of H-sama, just finished her call with
Kami-sama. TO say she was pleased with what she had just heard would be an
understatement. Usually, high ranking demonic and angelic figures did not
travel to Midgard to often. Their auras tended to attract the attention of
demon-hunters or followers. Now was different though. Not only would she have
a chance to visit Midgard, a place she had not seen in over 500 years, but she
would also have the chance to see her darling niece.

Lilith walked over the full length mirror in her office. She would have
change her appearance somewhat. This did bother a little. Not that she was vain
mind you, but she was rather proud of her appearance. Still the sight of an
attractive woman with large red bat wings and a cute little tail, in her
opinion, would tend to cause some people to take notice of her.

"Well before I decide on a disguise, I should see what the current
fashions are in... Japan was it? I do not believe I have even visited that
part of Midgard.", Lilith thought to herself.

After looking over the current customs and 'proper' way for a woman to
act and dress, Lilith was not pleased at all.

"They expect a woman to act like some doll and dress like that.", Lilith
thought while glaring at her computer screen showing Japan's current customs.

"Well they are going to be in for a surprise. I refuse to act like a
submissive little doll for anyone. Besides you have to be forceful in life to
get that what you desire.", Lilith thought.

Lilith closed her eyes and the image in her mirror began to shimmer.
Her bright red hair began to change to almost a bright metallic silver,
similar to her sisters. The tail and wings disappeared and she began to
grow younger. When she opened her eyes Lilith liked what she saw.

"My, my, my, I am so gorgeous I even impress myself.", she said out loud.

Lilith now appeared to be in her mid 20's with waist length silver hair,
emerald green eyes, and slightly pale skin. Her figure was very close to Urd's
adult form, with a slightly smaller bust line. Her choice of dress was...
somewhat different. Her outfit may have started out as a traditional kimono,
but most of them did not have thigh length slits on both sides and a neckline
that showed more cleavage than most dresses would 30 years later in Midgard.
Overall Lilith was feeling very pleased with herself. The only thing that would
please her more would be to see how her little niece looked in her new 12 year
old form.

It had been many years since Lilith had the opportunity to act as a mother
and a chaperone of sorts. Perhaps she would do a better job than she did with her
own child. Maybe she should spend more time with Urd and Mara after this little
get together was over.

Lilith walked over to her desk, switched on the intercom and said, "Mara
dear would you mind coming to see me for a second. I have something to
discuss with you."

Out at her desk, Mara could only sigh. Her mother was using her 'perky'
voice. That usually meant trouble for those around her.

"Well, I suppose I should see what the 'senile old woman' wants.", Mara
thought to herself.

As she entered her mother's office, Mara took one look at her mother and
promptly fell over.

"Oooohhh, I didn't think that I was that stunning.", Lilith smirked.

"Do I even want to know what you are doing?", Mara asked while pulling
herself out of the dent in the floor, that she had just made.

"Ah Mara dear, be a good daughter and look after the office while I am
away. I have an important social gathering to attend to.", Lilith said.

"What sort of 'gathering'?", Mara said, wondering what her eccentric
mother was up to this time.

"That I can not say, but don't worry you won't be alone here. Your
grandfather has decided that he had not seen enough of his darling
grand daughter and will be by shortly.", Lilith said.

"Grandfather, H-sama, is coming here just to see me? Something does not
add up here.", Mara thought the last part to herself.

"Now if you excuse me I must be off.", Lilith said with a smile as she
faded out from the room.

Urd had arrived at Lilith's home a short while ago. Finding no one there
yet she decided to snoop, I mean walk around the home. One room in particular
had caught her attention. Walking in, she couldn't help but snicker.

"Mara, dear even at your age, you are still living with your mother.",
Urd thought to herself as she made her way around the very cluttered room.

Hearing the front door to the house open, Urd quickly exited the room
and made her way to the front of the house. Well given its present size, I
suppose mansion would be a better term.

Lilith entered her home and came face to face with a sight that brought
a silly grin to her face.

"Oh aren't you so cuuuuttttee", Lilith squealed out as she picked up the
12 year old looking Urd from the ground and swung her around, much to Urd's

When the world seemed to stop spinning, Urd noticed that Lilith was
looking more like her sister Hild, than her usual self.

"You aren't going to be wearing that outfit are you?", Urd asked
Lilith, while noticing how 'unusual" her kimono was.

"Of course, and I have a matching one, just for you. Of course its a
little more conservative, given your present age. After all I wouldn't want
anyone to think that my 'daughter' is 'easy'.", Lilith said.

Lilith snapped her fingers and Urd did indeed find herself in a
matching kimono, except that the leg slits only went up to her knees, and
the necking, although still v-shaped like Lilith's was a lot more modest.
Still, given how conservative most kimono's were, Urd thought it was still
a little much. She did like the color though. Her and Lilith's outfits were
almost bright emerald green with gold and platinum highlights. Urd also
approved of the emerald pendant that she now found herself wearing.

"That idiot Akito, had better not try and glomp me again, or he is
going to be kicked in a sensitive part of his anatomy.", Urd thought to

"Before we go aunty, please promise me that you will try and act a
little more conservative than usual. I want to make a good impression on
Hiroki, and I won't be able to if you flirt with everyone there, especially
the female guests.", Urd said.

"Don't worry dear I won't embarrass you that much. Well no more than a
parent usually does to their darling children when they are in public.",
Lilith said as Urd glared at her.

"You promise... No flirting, right?", Urd asked.

"Oh very well, I will try to behave myself.", Lilith said as she crossed
her fingers behind her back and gave Urd her most innocent smile.

For some reason though, Urd felt even more nervous after seeing her
'mother' smile at her.

"So how will we be arriving at the party. I hope you do not intent for us
to just teleport in.", Urd said.

"Of course not. After all 'our family' is quite wealthy and we will be
arriving in a fashion appropriate to our station in life.", Lilith said.

What is this 'appropriate fashion'?", Urd said.

"I have a car waiting for us at a private home, a few miles from your
beloved's home", Lilith said to a lightly blushing Urd.

"My blushing already. I simply can not wait to meet this boy. You will
introduce him to your 'mother' right.", Lilith said as Urd began to look a little

Urd and Lilith appeared at a private estate just outside Tokyo and made
their way to their awaiting car, which caused Urd to stop short.

"Kami-sama, do you know what this is.", Urd said while pointing at the
rather large automobile in front of her.

"I think, father called it a Deusenburg, or something like that. Why do you
ask. It is appropriate for this situation is it not.", Lilith said.

"We will definitely be noticed, that is for sure.", Urd said.

"Good. I wouldn't have it any other way.", Lilith said.

"There is one more thing.", Urd said to Lilith.

"What is that daughter.", Lilith said.

"I told a few people that the reason I was always alone was that my parents
were away on a trip. So we should come up with some excuse to explain your
presence at the party.", Urd said.

"Should be simple enough. All we have to say is that I became rather tired
or bored with all of the travel and decided to come home early. It was merely a
coincidence that I came home in time for the party.", Lilith said.

"I suppose that will do.", Urd said.

Back at his home, Hiroki was trying on a western style suit, that seemed to
be gaining in popularity in Japan.

"Stupid suit and tie. Who came up with such an uncomfortable way to dress?
Hopefully Urd will like it though.", Hiroki thought.

"Hiroki are you almost ready?", his mother called from beyond
his bedroom door.

"Almost.", he replied.

As he left his room, he saw his sister in her new pink kimono and said,
"Amazing you actually don't look like an Oni for once. You are actually
almost cute."

His sister, shocked by the 'almost compliment', was unable to say
anything in response.

A few miles from the Kurata residence. Mr. Tendo and his children
were riding to the party and Tendo-san was trying to get the even stubborn
Akito to admit that he had wronged Hiroki and Urd, and he WOULD apologize at
the party even if it killed him. Kozue on the other hand was dreaming about
how stunned Hiroki would be when he saw her in her new western style formal

"Hiroki.", she accidentally sighed at loud, much to the amusement of her
father and horror of her brother.

"Careful daughter. Your 'beloved' seems to be already spoken for. I hope
you are not intending to develop some of your brother's bad habits.", Mr.
Tendo said to an embarrassed Kozue.

"Indeed dear sister. You will stay away from that peasant. It is bad enough
you must associate with the lower classes at school, but to mingle with them
socially is quite unacceptable.", Akito said to Kozue.

Mr. Tendo could only sigh in response to his son's stubbornness.

When they did arrive at the Kurata home, Mr. Tendo seemed surprised by
the amount of guests.

"Hmmm, I could have sworn I told Hiroki that a formal reception was not
necessary.", Mr. Tendo said.

"It's not his fault daddy. Hiroki-kun's mother probably wanted to impress
you. She is kind of old fashioned, and a little strange, Hiroki has told me.",
Kozue said to her father.

"The peasant doesn't even have for his elders, yet I must apologize to him.
Oh the heavens must weep in shock at such a tragedy.", Akito said.

"Sounds like brother needs more of his medication.", Kozue jokingly

"Or maybe a nice long trip to visit his aunt in Hiroshima.", Mr. Tendo
thought to himself.

When they arrived at the Kurata home, they were greeted at the door
by Hiroki.

"So lad, I see the gathering was a little larger than I had
expected.", Mr. Tendo said.

"Yes, well mother was a little excited about your coming here, and
things sort of 'snowballed' from there.", Hiroki said.

"Hi, Hiroki. What do you think?", Kozue said in her best kawaii voice
while spinning around once to show Hiroki here new dress.

"You look very pretty tonight Kozue.", Hiroki said, while wondering why
the girl suddenly had sparkles in her eyes.

"Ah, you are here to Akito-chan. I must admit I am surprised.", Hiroki
said to a silently fuming Akito.

"My son has come to apologize to the way he has treated you and
Miss Urd.", Mr. Tendo said.

"Urd has not yet arrived. I had invited her, but with her parents
away I am not sure whether or not she would feel comfortable coming to this
party.", Hiroki said in a somewhat melancholy voice.

"You here that daughter. Your dear boyfriend has only been away from
you for a short while and he is already pining away for you.", a sultry
voice spoke from the entrance to the Kurata home, causing everyone present
to turn toward the door.

Hiroki turned toward the door and stopped dead at the sight of Urd
and someone, a relative he guessed, dressed in two rather unique outfits.

"Kami-sama. She must be over two meters tall.", Hiroki thought
while staring at Lilith.

At least he was capable of thought. Many of the other men there were
simply staring blankly, much to the annoyance of their wives, who were not
exactly being quiet on their opinions regarding Lilith's and Urd's style
of dress.

"You were worried I wouldn't be here for you Hiro-chan? You should know
better than that. I would not miss a chance to be introduced to all of your
friends.", Urd said as she walked up to Hiroki, took him by the arm and let
him back to her 'mother'.

"So this is the young man, who my daughter can not stop talking about. I am
impressed, you are a little cutey.", Lilith said to a blushing Hiroki.

"Mother don't embarrass him.", Urd said.

"I also want to thank you. Urd-chan said you defended her honor from some
pervert who attacked her in the woods.", Lilith said as several guests began to
whisper among themselves about that piece of information.

"I attacked no one. I was saving her from this peasant.", Akito said, while
wondering while everyone, including his father was not looking at him in pity.

"So you are the pervert in question. I will say this only once: You will
leave my daughter alone from now on, or there will be many volunteers from my
homeland willing to defend the honor of their princess.", Lilith said while
glaring down on Akito.

This new declaration caused a new series of whispered conversations
amongst the guests.

"Why in the nine hells did she have to go and say that. Okay, mother is
technically a princess of hell, and Kami-sama is well....Kami-sama, but she
could have at least kept quiet about that.", Urd thought to herself.

In the back of the room, Mrs. Kurata was having second thoughts on how
she treated that 'dear sweet girl' earlier. A princess in the family would go
quite far in enhancing her family's prestige. The fact that Hiroki seemed to be
quite taken with her was a nice bonus. Maybe she wouldn't have to arrange a
marriage for the normally shy boy when he was older after all.

Kozue, now hearing of Urd's heritage sighed and began to wander away
from the group of people now surrounding Urd and her mother. Her father had
apologized to the two women on behalf of the Tendo family and even seemed to
treat Urd as if she was one of his own daughters. How could she ever hope to win
his love now.

A couple hours later Kozue was out on the back porch looking out at the stars
and starting to feel sorry for herself when she heard someone call to her
quietly from behind.

"Mind if I join you.", the voice said.

Turning around she saw the woman, who had been the center of the attention
for most of the party, Urd's mother, Lilith, or so she thought.

"Why are you out here all alone?", Lilith asked in a concerned voice.

"Why not. It's not as if anyone misses me anyway. Even Hiroki-kun hasn't
even realized that I'm 'missing'.

Lilith leaned against the railing and motioned Kozue to join her.

"This maybe hard to believe, but Urd was quite insecure when she was
younger.", Lilith said.

"Why, she must have been cute as a child, not homely like I am.", Kozue
said quietly.

"You are not homely little one. In fact I can tell that you will be quite
beautiful when you are older.", Lilith said.

"Really???", said with some hope in her voice.

"Yes, really.", Lilith said.

"So why was Urd so insecure when she was young.", Kozue said.

"Well, it wouldn't be proper to say too much, but I can say that it
was because who her parents are.", Lilith.

"You mean Urd was teased because she is not all Japanese.", Kozue

"It was something similar to that. Let us just say that her father and
I come from quite different families.", Lilith said.

"Still, I wish I could be just a little more like Urd.", Kozue.

"Do you now?", Lilith said with a grin.

Kozue nodded.

"Perhaps something in the future could be arranged, but I would
require a favor from you in trade.", Lilith said.

"What do you mean?", Kozue asked in confusion.

"If my family needs help in the future with a problem, no matter what
it might be, you must be willing to help if you are able.", Lilith said.

"I will do it.", Kozue said.

"Are you sure. This isn't something to take lightly. You might find
what you have to do to be somewhat unpleasant.", Lilith said.

"I wouldn't have to steal anything or hurt anyone would I?", Kozue

"No, nothing like that.", Lilith said.

"Then I agree.", Kozue said in as much courage as she could.

"Very well then.", Lilith said as she placed her hand on Kozue's
shoulder and said a quick spell that enveloped Kozue. When it was done,
Kozue remembered nothing of it. The only sign that something had changed
was if one was to looked deeply into Kozue's eyes.

Her normally beautiful green eyes, now had small specks of gold
'floating' in them.

Urd and Hiroki finally had managed to get away from his mother, who
now seemed to adore Urd and wanted to know everything about her, when they
came upon a strange sight on the back porch. Lilith was sitting on the
railing with Kozue in her lap, who seemed to be almost asleep.

"What's going on here?", Urd asked, while hoping that her 'mother'
did not do anything to poor little girl.

"We were just having a private talk.", Lilith said.

"About what?", Urd said.

"If I told you that it wouldn't be private then, now would it.", a
smug Lilith said to an annoyed Urd.

Kozue seemed to come around and the first thing she focused on was
Hiroki, who was looking at her in a concerned manner.

"What is it Hiroki-kun?", Kozue asked.

"I was worried about you Kozue-chan. No one had seen you for a while
and I was afraid you had wandered off somewhere in the dark.", Hiroki said
to a suddenly happy Kozue.

"You were worried about me?", Kozue said

"Of course, you are one of my best friends, besides I need a partner
for the next dance. Would you like to join me?", Hiroki said.

Kozue was off Lilith's lap and glomped onto Hiroki's arm before
anyone had a chance to even blink.

"Why don't you two have fun for a little while, while I stay here and
have a talk with my daughter.", Lilith said.

As Hiroki and Kozue went back inside Urd turned toward her 'mother' and
said, "What are up to now 'mother'? You didn't do anything strange to Kozue
did you?"

"You care for her Urd? Strange considering that she is a rival for your
'Hiro-chans' affections.", Lilith said with a smirk.

"She is a very sweet girl. She reminds a little Belldandy when we were
both younger. I don't want to see anything more happen to her.", Urd said.

"What do you mean?", Lilith asked.

Urd gave Lilith a brief review of what she knew of Kozue's life from
talking to her and Hiroki.

"You have no reason to worry Urd-chan. I have no intention of ever harming
that girl. I only wish to help her out in the future.", Lilith said.

"What sort of help?", Urd asked.

"Now that my dear... Is a secret.", Lilith said as Urd resisted the
urge to drop kick her 'mother' into the next time zone.

Inside the house, Hiroki and Kozue had just finished their dance
together. It was over far too soon in Kozue's opinion, but she realized that
she was probably lucky to even have one dance. After all how many boys would
even consider leaving someone like Urd for even a second to dance with a
friend in order to cheer them up.

"Both of you look quite well together. You wouldn't be thinking of dating
my daughter as well would you Hiroki.", Mr. Tendo said in jest.

"DADDY!, we are just friends.", Kozue said while blushing.

"I know dear, but you do look cute together.", Mr. Tendo said as Kozue
seem to turn an even deeper shade of red.

As midnight approached the party seemed to be winding down. Most of the
guests had left, with the exception of the Tendos and Urd and her 'mother'.

"We had best be going now. It is quite late and poor Kozue seems to
almost falling asleep.", Mr. Tendo said to Hiroki's mother.

"It was a pleasure having you over Tendo-sama.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"No need to be so formal. After all are children do appear to be
close friends, so there is no reason we can not be as well.", Mr. Tendo
said to a stunned Mrs. Kurata.

As they left Lilith mentioned to Urd that perhaps it was time they
left as well. Who knew what trouble Mara was causing while Lilith was away
from the office.

Once everyone had left Hiroki was alone in his room thinking about
everything that had happened. He had a suspicion that there was more to Urd
than she had told him, but her turning out to be a princess from some small
kingdom in Scandinavia. He would have never guessed that. As for her mother,
best not to think of her too much. The way she looked in that dress......

"Much not have 'bad' thought about Urd-chan's mother.", he thought
to himself.


Back in the present Urd suddenly stopped her story and looked off into the
distance as if expecting something to happen. A few seconds later a ding, similar
to an oven time echoed throughout the house and Urd raced off with an almost
giddy expression on her face.

"Now what was that about?", Skuld said to no one in particular.

"I am not sure, but I intend to find out.", Mara said with a devious
grin on her face.

The rest of the temple's residents and Mara, made their way to Urd's room
and found Urd bouncing around the room with all the energy of a certain
pig-tailed martial artist. She was holding a scroll in her hand and was grinning

"The poor old woman has finally lost it.", Skuld said.

Mara said nothing about what she saw. She was too busy taking pictures
of Urd's antics. She wasn't sure what she would do with the pictures, but they
might come in handy in the future.

Urd, seeing Mara in the doorway, grabbed onto her, pulled her close and
spun her around the room, much to the poor demoness's confusion.

"Is..um... everything all right Urd.", Belldandy asked.

"Everything couldn't be better.", Urd said as she let go of Mara,
who spun into the wall as Urd released her.

"Owww.", quoted Mara from the bedroom floor.

"So what is it that you are holding?", Belldandy asked Urd.

"This scroll is the key to finally curing my granddaughter of her
affliction. All I need to do is somehow deliver it to a certain doctor, then
everything will proceed according to plan. I'm such a genius. Oh ho ho ho.",
Urd laughed as everyone stared at her.

Pulling herself off the floor Mara said, "Fine you deliver that scroll,
but afterwards we have to start looking for that little wannabe demon."

Urd pulled out a broom from her closet and let it hover about 3 feet off
the floor. She hopped on and motioned Mara to do the same.

"You must be joking.", Mara said.

"Are you afraid that you will fall off.", Urd teased Mara.

Mara snorted in response and tried to look somewhat dignified as she down
in front of Urd.

As Urd and Mara flew off toward the 'center of dignity and culture' known
as Nerima, Belldandy could not help but notice Mara beginning to blush as Urd
whispered something to her, then began to laugh

As they entered Nerima a young woman in a dark cloak seemed to be
tracking their flight.

"Hmmm, Kami-sama was right they both are up to something.", the woman
said as she came into the light before disappearing from sight.

In the Tendo Dojo, a very old and shrunken little pervert felt a chill
run down his spine.

"Perhaps it would best if I took a little vacation for a while. Something
in the air is not quite right.", the little pervert said to himself.

End Part 3

Author's Note:

Well this chapter has taken longer than I expected. March has not been a
good month for yours truly. What with far too much school work, not to mention
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April for that matter are gone..

As for the next chapter, I will probably spend most of it in the present,
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