Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Trials and Tribulations of the present ( Chapter 4 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 4 Trials and Tribulations of the Present



"It's time to wake, you do not want to be late do you?"

Underneath the covers of his futon, Ranma was trying his best to ignore
the voice that was trying to get him to wake up so early in the morning.
Another question came to mind; Why was he waking up to the sound of only a
soft voice?

The morning sun was brightly beaming into the room causing Ranma to
squint his eyes when he opened them. He was shocked at first. There appeared
to be an angel in front of him, asking him to wake up.

"Beautiful.", he said softly as his vision began to clear.

In front of him was a now smiling and blushing Kasumi.

"I'm sorry I embarrassed you Kasumi. I thought you were an angel.",
Ranma said as he watched Kasumi turn even redder.

"Come down to breakfast Ranma. You have to leave early to pick up
your teacher.", Kasumi said as she left the room smiling.

Ranma quickly got up, was in and out of the restroom and furo, and
down to see Kasumi in the kitchen faster than usual.

"Kasumi, about what I said earlier...", Ranma tried to say.

"That's ok Ranma, I know you did not mean what you said.", Kasumi said
a little wistfully as she served Ranma his breakfast and left the room.

"Man, I can't even start my day sometimes without causing problems.",
Ranma said to himself.

Ranma found Kasumi sitting on the couch in the living room. He sat down
beside her and much to both their surprise put his arms around her and
pulled her close to him. Neither noticed the slight yellow glow that he was
beginning to emit.

"You have no reason to feel insecure about yourself Kasumi-chan. You are a
very beautiful and sweet woman.", Ranma said as he bent forward and kissed Kasumi
gently on the lips.

"Oh my.....my...my..my.", Kasumi said as Ranma, realizing what he had just
done, quickly grabbed his lunch and bolted out the door as if Akane was trying
to force feed him some of her food again.

"What is wrong with me? First I think that Nabiki is sexy, then I
almost make out with Kasumi. What's next, am I suddenly going to latch onto
Shampoo next time I see her and yell out 'Wo Ai Ni'.", Ranma thought as he
shuddered at the thought of how the perky little Amazon would take such an

Watching from high above, two women were sitting on a flying broom,
of all things, watching a certain panicked pig-tailed martial artist
running rapidly through the rooftops.

"Oh, who's the cutey.", Mara said.

Urd frowned as she noticed who Mara was referring to.

"We don't have time for you to chase down boys. We have a demon to
catch remember? Besides I know that he is already seeing someone.", Urd said
a little more forcefully than she intended to.

"Sounds like someone is jealous. What is he your secret lover? I didn't
think that you like young men Urd. Shame on you .", Mara said sarcastically
to Urd.

"He is not my lover!! Just stay away from him, alright?", Urd said
while trying to calm down.

"If you say so.", Mara said.

Down below Ranma couldn't help feel that someone was watching him.
Admittedly that wouldn't be too uncommon, but for some reason he felt the
person that was watching was above him.

"Maybe the Kami are trying to mess up my life again.", Ranma
grumbled as Urd sneezed from up above.

Ranma managed to reach Ms. Hinako's house without incident, much to his
shock. He rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. Five minutes
later he was still waiting. He turned the knob and found out that the door
was unlocked. He tried calling into the house, but no one answered.

Entering the house he was struck by how large it was. He didn't think that
teachers made a lot of money, but from what little he knew about art and
furniture, he noticed that the home was filled with many expensive pieces. He
entered the kitchen and found Ms. Hinako asleep sitting on top of one
of the bar stools. She had appeared to be making her lunch before she fell

As he was trying to pick her up, she jerked awake and almost screamed
when she noticed someone trying to grab onto her.

"I'm sorry I scared you. I tried ringing the doorbell, but no one answered
and when I came in I found you asleep.", Ranma said.

"I guess I am tired. I hope the doctor finds a cure soon. It seems to get
harder to stay awake each day. Soon I probably won't be able to wake up at all.",
Ms. Hinako said with tears beginning to fall.

"Now don't say that. I'm sure the Doc and the old ghoul will find a cure
for you. But in the mean time you have to not think about that. Being sad all
the time will only make you sicker.", Ranma said while wishing that he was
better at talking to people.

"You really think that they will be able to help me?", Ms. Hinako said.

"Yes they will, not why don't you go lay down on the couch and I will
make your lunch for you, then we can go see the doc and get you 'charged up'
for the day.", Ranma said.

"He's making my lunch for me. Only grandma used to do that. He is nice.
Maybe He isn't such a delinquent after all.", Ms. Hinako thought as she laid
down on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

Ms. Hinako awoke to a strange sensation. She felt as if she was
flying. She could feel the air moving past her face, but then it would stop
briefly, and continue again. Opening her eyes, she found out that she was
indeed flying through the air, or rather falling at the moment. She let out
a brief scream before she stopped moving again. She felt herself being lowered
to her feet and found herself looking at a concerned Ranma.

"Jeez, that's twice today I scared ya'. Sorry about that.", Ranma said
while scratching the back of his head.

Looking around Ms. Hinako found herself outside of Dr. Tofu's office.

"How did we get here?', Ms. Hinako asked.

"Well, we were running a little late, so I figured that since you were
asleep it would be easier and quicker if I carried you here by roof-hopping.
I guess I didn't think about what would happen if you woke up early.", Ranma
said to Ms. Hinako.

"It's ok. I'm not angry at you, but next time let me know if you plan
on doing anything like that. It might be kind of fun.", Ms. Hinako said.

Ranma lead Ms. Hinako into the office where the doctor and Cologne
were waiting for them.

"So how are you feeling today, child.", Cologne asked.

"Tired.", Ms. Hinako answered.

"Well after today's treatment you should feel a little better.",
Cologne said.

"At least until tomorrow.", Ms. Hinako said quietly.

As the treatment started Ranma concentrated and began to 'push' some of
his ki into Ms. Hinako, causing a blue aura to once again spring up around him.
While he was doing so a small yellow aura was once again 'pushing' into him
from Ms. Hinako. It wasn't much, but it didn't go unnoticed by either Cologne
or Dr. Tofu.

After the treatment was over Dr. Tofu asked Ranma to join him in his
office, while Cologne was examining Ms. Hinako.

"So what's the problem doc. We have to leave for school soon.", Ranma
said to Dr. Tofu.

"Ranma, while, you were healing Hinako-san with your ki, she was also
affecting you. It didn't appear to be ki though. Do you have any idea what it
might be?", Dr. Tofu asked Ranma.

"Nope, no idea at all.", Ranma badly lied.

"Are you sure. Maybe it might help us to cure her.", Dr. Tofu said.

"It has nothing to do with her ki doc. Beyond that I can't say anything
else. You can ask Ms. Hinako if you want to know more.", Ranma said.

Ms. Hinako refused to say anything to either Dr. Tofu or Cologne, so
she and Ranma were soon walking to school. Ranma holding Ms. Hinako's hand as
one might lead a little sister to school.

"Thank you for not saying anything about my abilities to the doctor. I
don't think that I am ready yet for anyone to find out about some of the
things that I can do.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Your welcome, but the doc did make a good point. Maybe you can use
your ability somehow to help cure yourself, or maybe we can work together to
cure you if the doc or the old ghoul can figure out what your ability
actually is.", Ranma said to Ms. Hinako.

Ms. Hinako was about to respond when a voice called out from behind them.

"Airen!!", a very perky voice shouted out.

"Sigh, just what I don't need now.", Ranma thought as he turned around
to see Shampoo wearing a school uniform, with a very short skirt.

"I definitely don't need this.", Ranma thought as Shampoo twirled around
showing Ranma her uniform and 'accidentally' flashing her panties at him.

Ranma turned bright red and began studying the ground as Ms. Hinako gave
Shampoo a 'death glare' much to Shampoo's surprise.

"That outfit is totally inappropriate for wearing to school. Do you want all
those little delinquents staring at you all day.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Shampoo no care about little school boys. Only care about airen, and no
mind if Ranma sees. Maybe after school, airen want to do more than look.",
Shampoo said in a seductive voice.

"So why are you in a uniform anyway?", Ranma said while trying to ignore
what Shampoo had just said.

"Great-grandmother sign Shampoo up for school. She said shampoo need to
learn how to speak better, and Shampoo want to spend more time with airen. She
also want Shampoo to help protect little teacher, because Ranma can't be with
teacher all the time, especially is teacher have to go to little girl's room
or into locker room.", Shampoo said.

"Now Shampoo have to go ahead and register, but Shampoo see airen at
lunch, or maybe Shampoo get lucky and have same home room as airen.",
Shampoo said as Ranma wondered what he had done in a previous life to
deserve all that seemed to happen to him.

"I don't want to spend time with her. She is only saying that she has
to protect me as an excuse to get closer to you.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I'm kind of used to it. All the fiancées' want something from me. It
would be nice if one of them would treat me more as a friend and not as some
sort of object for them to tease or play with.", Ranma said as he and Ms
Hinako began to walk off toward school.

Just around the corner, yet another fiancee, Ukyo, was about to greet
'her Ranchan' when she heard Ranma talk about how he thought all his
fiancées treated him.

"So Ranchan doesn't want anyone to be too close to him, but how could
he not want his 'cute fiancée' to be near him. Maybe I should try something
else. That Amazon bimbo shampoo is always trying to molest him and that little
@#*$#* Akane is always hitting poor Ranchan. Maybe if I did just try and be
friendly and not mention the engagement he will become closer to me.", Ukyo
thought as visions of her and Ranma ran through her head.

Ranma and Ms. Hinako were making their way slowing toward the school, much
to Ranma's annoyance. He had wanted to roof hop, but Ms. Hinako said it wouldn't
be dignified for her to arrive in such a fashion. Besides, she had a few things to
discuss with Ranma before the entered the school grounds.

"So do you know what your responsibilities are for the day now?", Ms. Hinako
asked Ranma after briefly explaining what his new 'job' in the class was.

"I guess so. If anyone is being a 'delinquent' you want to asked them to
go out into the hallway and hold the water buckets as usual.", Ranma said.

"And if the student is being difficult?", Ms. Hinako said.

"Then I have to 'escort' them out. At least for the boys.", Ranma
quickly said.

"For the boys and girls, even your fiancées.", Ms. Hinako quickly
scolded him.

Ranma was not happy at being told that. What was he supposed to do if
a girl was being a 'delinquent'. He couldn't just sling her over his
shoulder and carry her out like a sack of rice. He didn't even want to think
about what might happen if Ms. Hinako ordered Akane out of the classroom.

As they approached the school gates, Ranma noticed Shampoo leaning against
them, with her uniform somewhat disheveled, and a scowl on her face. As Ranma and
Ms. Hinako got closer, they noticed about 30 boys laying on the ground
unconscious with various injuries and a certain kendoist face down on the
ground with his arm bent in a way arms were not supposed to bend.

"What happened Shampoo?", Ranma asked while walking up to her.

"When Shampoo come out of office, stupid boys start saying not nice
things about how Shampoo is dressed, then they tried to touch Shampoo in
not nice places. Shampoo teach them what happen to annoying males who try to
attack Amazon women.", Shampoo said.

"What about the 'blue blunder' over there.", Ranma said to Shampoo
while pointing to the unconscious Kuno.

"Stupid stick boy come along after Shampoo beat up pervert boys. He
babble something about Shampoo being his 'Valkrie of Love' or some such
drivel before he try and glomp Shampoo. Shampoo knock stick away from stupid
kendoist then dislocate arm. He still not give up so Shampoo use bonborri
as golf club and hit kendoist in very sensitive part of anatomy.", Shampoo
said as Ranma briefly shuddered.

"Don't you think that was a little much?", Ranma asked Shampoo.

"Shampoo do favor for Japanese. Now no one have to worry about
stupid stick boy having kids of own.", Shampoo said.

"So now that Shampoo do Ranma favor by getting rid of stupid stick
boy perhaps Ranma so favor for Shampoo.", Shampoo said in flirtatious
voice that made Ranma nervous.

"What favor is that?", Ranma asked.

"Shampoo find out that she have same homeroom as airen. Maybe airen
walk Shampoo to class?", Shampoo asks as she holds out her arm.

By all rights Ranma should have just walked off with Ms. Hinako
towards his home room. It would solve a problems or at least prevent
a couple. The problem was the idea of walking arm and arm with Shampoo
almost felt like a good idea. She was definitely cute, and the way
that skirt showed off her tanned firm legs......

"I am so doomed....", Ranma thought as he found himself taking
Shampoo by her arm and leading her toward class with Ms. Hinako holding
his other arm and frowning at Shampoo all the way to the class.

Most of the students had already entered their classrooms, so Ranma
was hoping that no one saw him walking into the building with Shampoo on
his arm. One girl did though and she was presently talking to another girl
on her cell phone about what she had just seen.

When they reached the classroom, Ms. Hinako asked Shampoo to wait outside
until she could introduce her to the class. Ranma and Ms. Hinako entered together
and Ms. Hinako motioned for Ranma to wait by her desk until she could make a few

The class was somewhat surprised to see Ranma and Ms. Hinako walk into
the class together without Ms. Hinako making some sort of comment to Ranma
about being late.

"I have some good news and bad news for all of you today class.", Ms.
Hinako said as the class became silent.

"The good news for you, is that do to an accident the other day I will
not be able to drain any of you if you misbehave.", Ms. Hinako said as a few
of the students cheered at this revelation.

"The bad news for you though, is that Mr. Saotome here had "volunteered"
to punish anyone who tries to be a delinquent.", Ms. Hinako said as most of
the boys in the class glared at Ranma and some of the girls had what one
could only call lecherous expressions briefly formed on their faces.

"So you'll punish me if I misbehave Ranma?", one girl asks.

"I guess....", Ranma says while wondering what he is suppose to do if
any girl 'misbehaves'.

"If I am bad Ranma, will you spank me?", a girl with bright blue
eyes and long brown hair in twin ponytails, says to Ranma.

"I won't have to do that will I?", Ranma says to Ms. Hinako while
trying to stop twitching.

"No you will not. Ms. Kanzaki I do not stand for any perverted
remarks in my class, from either the boys or the girls. Is that
understood.", Ms Hinako said to the girl.

"Geeze, Akari is hornier than usual isn't she.", Hiroshi whispered
to Daisuki.

"She's been that way even since she broke up with that blue-haired
girl. I think her name was Kris, or something like that. Besides haven't
you heard her before how she would like to do 'thing's' with Ranma's girl
form.", Daisuki said a little too loudly as several people giggled and
Ranma and Akari turned bright red.

"That is enough of that now people. I have one more announcement to make
before class starts. We will be having a new student today. Would you come in
now Shampoo.", Ms. Hinako says as a very familiar purple-haired Amazon walked
into the class.

"Wow!", all the boys in the class seemed to say at once.

"Would you introduce yourself Miss Shampoo.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Shampoo is my name, and I am starting school here to learn more about
Japanese, and to be closer to airen.", Shampoo says as she smiles quite
seductively at Ranma.

{Thud} {Thud}

Several of the boys in the class fall over at seeing that smile.

"Shampoo also here to help protect little teacher. Great-grandmother
ask Shampoo to do so and Shampoo not stupid enough to refuse. Shampoo not
here to be bothered by little school boys. Boys who try and 'touch'
Shampoo end up like perverts laying concrete outside.", Shampoo said.

"That's very interesting Shampoo. Now Mr. Saotome you may return to
your seat and Ms. Shampoo you may sit next to Mr. Saotome I guess.", Ms.
Hinako said as Ukyo glared at Shampoo and Akane almost growled?

Once seated Ranma looked over to see Ukyo with a hurt look on her
face for some reason, and Akane glaring at him as usual. He turned away but
them came face to face with Shampoo smiling at him while casually moving
some of her hair out of her face and sighing.

"Damn she looks so cute like that.", Ranma thought before rapidly
looking away and trying to squash any emotions he was somehow feeling
for Shampoo.

Ukyo noticed the blush on Ranma's face and the scowl Akane was
giving him because of it.

"What's the matter Akane, wish you were the one next to Ranma trying
to flirt with him the way Shampoo is.", Ukyo said in a teasing voice.

"Right, like I would want to do anything like that with the pervert.",
Akane said.

Ukyo snorted and said, "Well that's one thing you and Ranchan share in
common; you are both bad liars. You like, maybe even love Ranma just as much
as Shampoo and I do.", Ukyo said quietly to Akane.

"That's not true.", Akane whispered.

"Then why do you get upset when he is with another girl. Why do you
always hit him for being 'perverted'. Either you like him or you get some sort
of sick pleasure by beating up on him. Maybe that even 'turns you on.", Ukyo said
to a now very red Akane.

"I do not get 'turned on' by hitting Ranma.", Akane yelled out, causing
everyone in the class to stare at her.

"Hmmmm, Shampoo think that make sense. Violent girl always hitting boys and
saying how much she hate them. Maybe Akane just violent lesbian who enjoys
hurting boys.", Shampoo said as the boys sitting near Akane began to move their
desks away from her.

"I am not a lesbian, I just don't like boys.", Akane said.

"Is that not same thing.", Shampoo said.

Ranma was watching all of this taking place and was getting a sinking
feeling about how this was going to end.

"That is enough! Ranma shows these girls outside and if they refuse to
leave, carry them out.", Ms. Hinako said while pointing to Ukyo and Akane.

"Hey what about her? Why doesn't she have to leave?", Akane said while
pointing at Shampoo.

"Because she is here to help maintain discipline.", Ms. Hinako said.

Ranma got up from his desk with a sigh and made his way over to
Ukyo's desk.

"Sorry Ucchan, but you are going to have to stand outside the class
for a while.", Ranma said.

Ukyo looked up at Ranma and was tempted to refuse to go, so that he
had to pick her up and, {blush}, carry her out, but she remembered what
she overheard Ranma tell MS. Hinako earlier and decided to walk out of the
classroom without a fuss. After all she was the nice and supportive fiancee.
It would just take a while to convince him of that.

As they left the classroom Ukyo noticed the hurt look on Ranma's face.

"What's wrong Ranchan?", Ukyo said in all sincerity.

"I just wish you wouldn't fight with Akane. It only makes my life
more difficult when you do.", Ranma said to Ukyo.

"Ranchan, you know that while I sometimes my pick on her, I do not
start all the fights between us, but you always choose her side over mine.
Why do you do that?", Ukyo said to Ranma.

"Because I don't have much choice in the matter.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?", Ukyo asked.

"If I took your side or Shampoo's side in an argument against Akane
do you have any idea what I would have to put up with when I returned to the
dojo.", Ranma said.

"No, I don't.", Ukyo said.

"Well first I would probably be attacked by my worthless old man,
for not showing respect toward my fiancées. Then Akane's worthless father would
start yelling and crying about how the houses won't be joined. Nabiki would
probably make some sort of threat, and Kasumi would look at me like I had
done something wrong. Finally, mom would probably say something about how
upsetting your fiancee is not manly or some such drivel. It's far easier to
just let Akane have her way at times, then deal with all that.", Ranma said
to Ukyo.

"It's not like you to take the easy way out Ranchan.", Ukyo said.

"No, but I mean its not like its a fight I can win, or some sort of
contest. I suppose I could say something to them about how its is not always
my fault, but I'm not good at talking to people. All the old man even taught me
was how to fight.", Ranma said.

"You seem to be speaking pretty well right now.", Ukyo said.

"I guess I have gotten a little better at talking lately, but I still have
trouble saying what I mean at times and I usually just end up hurting
someone's feelings when I do, which is why I hate having to deal with so many
fiancées. No matter who I choose someone will be hurt, and unlike my old man,
who could care less about anyone, I don't like seeing anyone hurt.", Ranma
said to Ukyo.

"So it would be better if you had more friends and less fiancées, right
Ranchan?", Ukyo said hoping her just thought of idea would work.

"Yeah, things would be a lot easier if that was true.", Ranma said.

"Ranma, if you want we can just be friends for a while. I'm not giving
up on the idea of being your fiancee, but if you are more comfortable with
being friends, I don't mind.", Ukyo said to a relieved looking Ranma.

"You really mean that?", Ranma said to Ukyo.

"Yes I do.", Ukyo said while trying to ignore how cute Ranma looked
while now smiling at her.

"Thank you.", Ranma said as he pulled her into a hug.

"Your welcome.", Ukyo said while now blushing, then kissing him lightly
on the cheek, much to both their surprise.

"Are you two done now making up.", a high pitched voice said from the
door of the classroom.

"Honesty I told you to escort her out side, not for both of you to
discuss your life's' stories.", Ms. Hinako said sarcastically.

Both Ranma and Ukyo open their mouths to reply, but they were cut off
by Ms. Hinako.

"Never mind trying to apologize or explaining what you doing, just
as long as this little talk, help prevents any future outbursts in class.",
Ms. Hinako said.

Ranma walked into class to retrieve his other fiancee, but stopped short
when he saw her glaring at him, mallet in hand.

"What is that on your cheek, Ranma?", Akane asked angrily.

Ranma put his hand on his cheek and noticed that Ukyo was evidently
wearing lipstick when she had just kissed him.

"Oh that's just where Ukyo kissed me.", Ranma said in a surprisingly
calm voice.

"Kissed you!! You pervert!!", Akane said while swinging her mallet.

Unfortunately things did not go according to the usual plan. As the mallet
came down, Ranma stepped quickly to the side, causing said mallet to strike and
rebound off the floor, hitting Akane right between the eyes knocking her out.

Ranma could only look toward the heavens and wonder how this would be
blamed on him.

"Shampoo always wanted to see that happen.", the perky Amazon said, while
trying to not fall on the floor and laugh herself silly.


While Ranma was having his troubles Urd and Mara were waiting on a roof
across the street from Dr. Tofu's office. They had been waiting there for
a couple of hours and neither of them looked very happy.

"This is starting to become annoying. Is he going to be in there all
day.", Urd mumbled.

"He hasn't stopped seeing patients since early this morning I bet. Isn't
he supposed to spend lots of time golfing or chasing nurses.", Mara asked while
thinking about what the demon surgeons in Niflheim were like.

"I just need him to leave for a few moments so I can place the scroll in
the office, then hopefully my 'little angel' will be alright.", Urd said.

"Is that what she is?", Mara asked.

"What?", Urd said, not really paying attention to what Mara had said.

"I said, Is your grand daughter an angel?", Mara asked.

"I don't really know. Her mother was a demi-god, but her father was a
nature spirit. She could be and angel or maybe a goddess third class if she
regain her true form, but right now I can't say exactly what she is.", Urd said.

"Her father was a nature spirit? You mean like......", Mara trailed off.

"Yes something like 'him', but not exactly. I told her to stay away from
'them', but she wouldn't listen. I'm not surprised. I fell for one of them,
but I had no one to tell me otherwise. Maybe if I was a better mother...",
Urd's voice trailed off as a tear ran down her cheek.

Mara was becoming more than a little nervous about how Urd was acting.
She was used to seeing a happy Urd, an angry Urd, even an almost manic Urd, but
not a sad and introspective Urd. She was at a loss on how to respond to this
situation, until a long ignored memory came to light and she acted upon it.

Mara walked up to Urd and pulled the surprised goddess into hug and just
held her there until the tears stopped.

"You remembered, even after all this time.", Urd said to a still somewhat
confused Mara.

"What do you mean?", Mara asked.

"When I broke up with Troubadour all those years ago, it was you who
talked and comforted me when I was feeling so sad. We were so close then. I
remember Skuld getting to upset when I used to call you my sister. Do you
remember?", Urd asked.

"A little I guess.", Mara said.

"What changed? Was it because I chose to stay on Earth those years
ago.?", Urd asked.

"Yes, Mara replied while looking down.

"Why?", Urd asked while cupping Mara's chin and raising her head to
meet her own.

"When you left, you wouldn't tell me why. You said that you could not,
that it was some sort of secret, but I thought you just didn't want me around
anymore. I thought you had found someone else, and I was being abandoned
again, by someone I thought was a friend.", Mara said.

"That's not it at all, I just had no choice. I didn't want anything to
happen to our friendship, but I wanted to stay on Earth. Do you know why?", Urd
asked Mara.

"From what you have said of your past earlier, I think I no why. If
that's true then I want to apologize.", Mara said.

"Apology accepted.", Urd said while pulling Mara into another hug and kissing
her lightly on the cheek.

Mara for her part could only blush and turn away before Urd could see the
silly smile forming on her face.

Urd was about to ask why Mara was refusing to look at her when they both
heard a door shut and lock across the street. Looking down, they saw Dr. Tofu
leaving his office, medical bag in hand.

"Good he's finally leaving.", Urd said.

"Good timing too.", a still somewhat red Mara said as they both
teleported to the roof of Dr. Tofu's office before phasing through the
room and into the building.

The room that they had phased into, appeared to be a large storage room.
Book and scrolls were scattered around the room. At a quick glace most seemed
to deal with manipulating ones ki and chi.

"Well now, where would be a good place to drop you off.", Urd said at loud
while tossing the scroll up and down in her hand.

Part of the books in the room appeared to have been already categorized and
placed in shelves.

"These are probably the book that the doctor and that strange little
troll creature have already looked through.", Mara said as she pointed to the
books on the shelf.

"Well then if I just slip this scroll in with the others on this table,
then nothing should go wrong.", Urd said.

"Assuming that they continue their research tonight, they might
start reading the scroll tomorrow.", Mara said.

"They should be able to figure it out in a day or two. Plenty of time
for my little 'angel' to begin healing.", Urd said.

As they were about to leave they heard they front door open a voice
say, "Oh Dr. Tofu are you here."

"I thought the door was locked.", Urd said.

"I don't know, that's what it sounded like when we were outside.", Mara

"Dr. Tofu are you here.", the voice said again.

"Hmmmm, that voice sounds familiar, I'll go check.", Mara said with a
mischievous grin on her face.

"Be careful, we are not supposed to be seen, remember.", Urd said.

"Alright, mom, all be careful.", Mara said while sticking her tongue out
at Urd.

Phasing through the wall invisibly, Mara saw a young woman in her early
20's she guessed.

"Probably one of the local housewives. I bet the young doctor has a whole
bunch of 'fans' like her.", Mara thought to herself.

"We might as well go now, there is no one outside but some housewife.", Mara
said to Urd as she phased back into the storeroom.

"I wonder if it is who I think it is.", Urd said.

Urd and Mara left the storage room, entering the exam room. Peeking through
the window of the door, Urd noticed that it was indeed who she thought it was.

"I was right it is her.", Urd said.

"You know that housewife.", Mara said.

"Yes, she lives in the same house as the boy you were drooling over
earlier.", Mara said.

"My what a kinky girl. She's 'playing' with that young stud and the
doctor. Very impressive.", Mara said to a now confused Urd.

"Ah no that's not quite right. She lives with Ranma, but is not dating
him or the doctor.", Urd said.

"Now how would you know his name?", Mara shot a lecherous glance at Urd.

"Because he is the one whom I chose to guard my grand daughter until she
is healed.", Urd said.

"So that is why you were so protective of him." Mara said.

"Yes, now let's leave before someone finds us here alright.", Urd said.

Arriving back on the roof, Urd pulled her broom from her personal
dimensional pocket and hopped up on it.

As Mara was getting on the broom she said to Urd, "Now that we have
dropped off your scroll, we can resume looking for that little demon, right?"

"Ah, well.... There is one more thing I would like to see.", Urd said.

"Fine, but lets be quick about it. The last thing I want to deal with
is a cranky Hild, who wants to see that little pervert punished NOW.", Mara
said to Urd.

Urd and Mara were hovering invisibly just outside Ms. Hinako's classroom
window watching a young girl teach a high school class.

"Why do they have a little girl teaching here?", Mara said.

"She is older than she looks. You can blame that little @**$@ demon for
how she looks now.", Urd said.

"So that is your grand daughter?", Mara said.

"Yes, that is my 'little Hinako', Urd said.

"We should go now.", Mara said to Urd after they had been
watching Ms. Hinako for a while.

"Alright.", Urd said as she angled the broom upward and they began to
climb into the sky to continue their search for a certain little pervert.


Kasumi was about to leave Dr. Tofu's office when the door opened in
walk Dr. Tofu and Cologne.

"Why Kasumi fancy meeting you here of all places.", Dr. Tofu said
as he began to dance around the office.

{Whack} {Thud}

"Kasumi dear, the doctor and I have a lot of research to conduct today.
Would you mind coming back some other time.", Cologne said to Kasumi as she
looked at the unconscious doctor on the floor.

Kasumi left the office wondering why Elder Cologne had to knock out
dear Dr. Tofu if they had research to do. She had the nagging suspicion that she
was overlooking something, but wasn't quite sure what it might be.

The morning seemed to move by far too slowly for Ranma's liking. He
wasn't very comfortable being the one that had to enforce discipline in class.
He admittedly was rather amused when Daisuke was hanging outside the window by
Shampoo holding onto his ankle. You figure he would have enough sense not to
make one of 'those' type of comments to Shampoo. Ranma's amusement was short
lived though when, after bringing the little pervert back into the room, Shampoo
had said that she would not mind if Ranma did 'that' to her whenever he
wanted too.

This of course let to another round of arguments between Shampoo and
Akane, forcing him to actually have to carry Akane outside of the room. He
was surprised that Ukyo stayed so calm. He was afraid that he would have to
carry her out as well. It was nice to see at least one of his fiancées
behaving themselves. Now if he could only figure out why Ukyo had such a
happy grin on her face as she watched Akane fight with Shampoo.

When lunch time finally rolled around Ranma was about to leap out the
window as usual when Ms. Hinako asked him to stay. Shampoo was going to stay as
well until Ms. Hinako said that she wanted to talk to Ranma alone. Shampoo seemed
a little annoyed by this, but she left without saying anything.

"So how do you like your first 'day on the job'.", Ms. Hinako asked

"It's ok I guess, but I wish everyone would just behave. It's hard
having to keep an eye on them all the time and trying listen to what you were
trying to teach us.", Ranma said.

"You were trying to listen to the lesson?!?", Ms. Hinako said in a
shocked tone of voice.

"Well you told me a little earlier about how hard your life has been, so I
have been feeling a little guilty lately about how I have been treating you.",
Ranma said.

"Thank you Ranma, that means a lot to me.", Ms Hinako said as she started
to pull out her bento from her desk drawer.

"What are you doing?", Ranma asked.

Looking down at her bento Ms. Hinako replied, "Eating lunch of course."

"Don't the teachers usually eat together.", Ranma asked.

"They are always somewhat nervous when I am around, so its easier if I just
eat alone.", Ms. Hinako said.

"You could eat with me and the others. I don't mind and I don't think they
will...I hope.", Ranma mumbled the last part to himself.

"I.....think I would like that.", Ms. Hinako said as Ranma began to lead
her towards the door of the classroom.

"Can we go the other way.", Ms. Hinako said.

"The other way?", Ranma asked.

"You know, out the window.", Ms. Hinako said.

"If I do that you will have to hang on tight alright.", Ranma said as
Ms. Hinako nodded with a smile on her face.

As they were about to leave a squeaky voice from the door of the classroom
yelled out, "Hold foul sorcerer."


Meanwhile down in the school courtyard, Shampoo, Ukyo and Akane were
eating their lunches under a tree and surprisingly not fighting each other.

"Where is Ranma-honey? He was going to meet us here right?", Ukyo said.

"That baka better show up to eat the lunch I made him.", Akane.

"If that case, Shampoo hope airen stay far away so not get poisoned
on kitchen-destroyer's so-called food.

"There's nothing wrong with my food.", Akane said as the bento she held
hiccupped, then burped on its own.

"Oh yeah, looks perfectly normal to me.", Ukyo said sarcastically.

Akane was about to respond when one of the windows in their classroom
exploded outward and a certain kendoist, screaming in a high pitched voice,
went flying out the third story window high into the air, before slamming
face first into a large oak tree, then sliding down to the ground.

He was followed shortly there after by a middle-aged man wearing a
tacky Hawaiian shirt and a now flaming palm tree on his head. He too slammed
into the tree and ended up crashing down on top of the kendoist.

"Ranma get exercise before lunch it seems.", Shampoo said.

A couple moments later a very wet and female Ranma exited the
building holding hands with an upset Ms. Hinako.

"Airen ok?", Shampoo asked Ranma.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I thought you took care of Kuno earlier Shampoo.",
Ranma said.

"Shampoo did beat up stupid stick boy. Maybe he too dumb to realize he
should not be fighting.", Shampoo said.

"What about our 'esteemed' principal over there.", Ukyo said.

"He attacked after I kicked Kuno's butt, yelling something about not
showing respect to ones superiors or something like that.", Ranma said.

As Ranma began to sit down Ms. Hinako said, "Ummm.. you might want to
wring the water out of your shirt. You can see your.. you know.", Ms. Hinako
said to Ranma while blushing.

"Yeah I guess.", Ranma said as he began to wring the shirt out in front
of everyone, causing them all to blush.

"You are not supposed to do that in public, you pervert.", Akane said.

"Why not my body is nothing to be ashamed of.", Ranma said in an almost
Nabiki like fashion, causing Ukyo to snicker.

"Shampoo not sure but think that maybe airen's breasts getting bigger.",
Shampoo said as Akane starting choking on her drink.

"It's possible you know. After all Ranma's female form is probably aging
along with his male form. She is simply not done growing yet.", Ukyo said.

"I hope I at least getting a little taller when I am girl. It would make it
a lot easier to walk with these things.", Ranma said while unconsciously
hefting her breasts in her hands.

"You really shouldn't touch yourself like that in public, big sister.",
Ms. Hinako said while giggling.

"Little teacher right. Should only do things like that in private, while
thinking about air...., er ah never mind.", Shampoo said as everyone was now
looking at her including a bright red Ranma-chan.

"Umm Shampoo, you have, you know....", Ranma tried to say.

"Shampoo not want to talk about this anymore.", Shampoo said.

"Fine then, lets just eat.", Ukyo said, while being thankful that she
didn't accidentally talk about some of the fantasies that she had about her

Ranma, now somewhat dried off, sat down against the tree that they were
all near and Ms. Hinako sat in Ranma-chan's lap.

"Here you go. Now eat all of the lunch I made you if you want to
stay healthy.", Ranma said as pulled his and Ms. Hinako's lunch out of
'stuff space.'

"Ranma sound like mother. Maybe going to adopt little teacher, after
teacher get well.", Shampoo teased.

"Ranma is too young to my mother, but she makes a nice big sister.",
Ms. Hinako said as she hugged Ranma, who surprisingly hugged her back.

"Ah how cute.", Ukyo said while pulling out a camera and taking a few

"Maybe airen's mother like picture of that. Show that airen be good
mother and father to children.", Shampoo said as she briefly fantasized about
coming home after a long day and seeing Ranma taking care of the kids. Then after
the kids went to bed they would......

"Maybe the pervert wouldn't be such a bad 'mother' if we got married and
ever had....", Akane thought as she began to blush.

Ms. Hinako looked down at her bento and seemed disappointed for some

Ranma noticed this and said, "Is something wrong? I may not be as good
of a cook as Kasumi, but I thought I did alright."

"It's good, but there is no candy.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Of course not. You can not have candy for lunch. You need to eat 'good'
food if you are to stay healthy.", Ranma said

"Ranma definitely sound like mother .", Shampoo said while snickering.

"So I can't have any candy?", Ms. Hinako said while giving her best
'little girl pout'.

"After school, you can have a little, but not before then.", Ranma said
while now trying to sound parental.

About halfway through lunch Ms. Hinako began to yawn.

"Are you tired already. I thought the treatment should last a whole
day.", Ranma said with some concern in her voice.

"It's not that. I just get sleepy when I eat a lot. I haven't done
that in a long time, but your food was too good to waste.", Ms. Hinako
said to Ranma, who seemed very pleased by the compliment.

"Well we have about a half an hour left. You can take a short nap if
you want to.", Ranma said.

Ms. Hinako fell asleep shortly thereafter with Ranma-chan holding her
close and stroking her hair as she slept.

"If this scene get any sweeter Shampoo going to need dentist.", Shampoo
jokingly said to Ukyo.

"No argument there.", Ukyo said as she took a few more pictures.

Watching Ranma hold there teacher close Akane had to fight off an urge
to lay down next to the them. She was wondering what it would be like to have
a family and be close like, but she anytime she was even the slightest bit nice
to the 'pervert' her whining father and his idiot friend started to plan a
new wedding. She wasn't ready for that and didn't want to be married or have
kids for a few years yet. The question was, how to make everyone understand
that without losing her temper and Ranma in the process.

"Sometimes I feel that maybe we are just not meant to be together.",
Akane thought to herself as she sighed sadly, causing Ukyo and Shampoo
to look at her and nod knowingly.

The rest of the day came and went without incident, but as Ranma and
Ms. Hinako exited the building they noticed that the large tree that they had
been sitting under during lunch as now roped off and a sign around warning people
to stay away as the tree was do to be cut down the next day due to disease.

"Ranma can we meet back here later on tonight?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"Why?", Ranma asked.

"I want to save that tree from being destroyed, and I think that you can
help me do it.", Ms. Hinako said.

"You mean using that same ability you used earlier in the park?", Ranma
said to Ms. Hinako.

"I have been thinking about how interested you seemed in my ability to
heal the land, and I think you might be able to do the same using your ki, as you
used it to heal me.", Ms. Hinako said.

As they were leaving the school grounds, it appeared that almost all of the
students had left already, so they were somewhat surprised to find Akane waiting
at the front gate for them.

"Um, why are you still here Akane?", Ranma asked.

"Well, I.... want to see you.", Akane said while looking down at the

"What is it?", Ranma said, while wondering why Akane was acting so shy.

"You are walking Ms. Hinako home aren't you.", Akane said.

Before Ranma could reply Ms. Hinako said, "We are going out to get some
ice cream first."

"We are?", Ranma asked.

"You said we could have dessert after school, and I want to have some
ice cream.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I guess we are going to get some ice cream.", Ranma said to Akane.

"Oh, alright.", Akane said as she began to walk away.

"Ask her if she wants to join us.", Ms. Hinako whispered to Ranma.

"She was kind of mad at us earlier. Are you sure that is a good idea.",
Ranma whispered back to Ms. Hinako.

"Yes I am, not go do it.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Akane, wait up.", Ranma said as Akane stopped and faced Ranma.

"What is it.", Akane said.

"Would you... I mean... You know.... Come to the ice cream parlor
with us.", Ranma asked

"Really!", Akane said sounding happy.

"Yes.", Ranma replied while thinking how cute Akane looks when she is

On their way to the ice cream parlor Ranma had managed to get himself
rained on by a passing cloud. The fact that nothing else in the area seemed
to be wet was not exactly a shock to him. So Ms. Hinako once again found
herself holding hands with an irritated redhead.

"Oh don't be so grumpy big sister. At least this way you get your ice
cream for free.", Ms. Hinako said.

Sitting in the ice cream Parlor, Akane was both awed and disgusted at how
quickly Ranma and Ms. Hinako reduced the clerks behind the counter to drooling
idiots. They couldn't seem to do enough to please the sexy little
redhead and her 'little sister'. She was also annoyed that all she had to eat
was the single scoop of ice cream that she paid for, while Ranma and their
teacher were walking back to the table with their arms full.

"Is that all you want Akane?", Ranma asked looking at Akane's ice cream

"That's all I can afford right now.", Akane said in an annoyed voice.

"Good thing I got you this then.", Ranma said while putting a rather large
strawberry sundae down in front of Akane.

"You bought this for me?", Akane asked while practically drooling over
the sundae.

"Well I didn't have to pay for it, but I saw you looking at the picture
of it over the counter and I thought you might like it.", Ranma said shyly.

"Thank you Ranma, Akane said as she reached over and squeezed the little
redhead's hand, who blushed in response.

Outside the parlor, a certain large panda was walking by when he saw his
'worthless' son and his fiancee holding hands and smiling. The panda took off
running back to the dojo, while waving around a sign that said, 'Now the
houses will be joined.

They sat in the ice cream parlor for a little over an hour in that time
Ms. Hinako was surprised that Ranma and Akane seemed to be very friendly with
each other.

"You know we have been here over and hour and you seem two do seem to be
couple.", Ms. Hinako said to the other two girls.

"We don't always fight.", Ranma said.

"Just a lot of the time.", Akane sighed.

"Why is that. Do you two not like being around each other?", Ms. Hinako
asked Ranma and Akane.

"It's not that, its just we really can't be around each other or something
seems to happen.", Akane said.

"What happens?", Ms. Hinako said.

"Either some challenger or one of my 'fiancées' shows up causing fights. Not
to mention that anytime Akane or I even act the slightest bit friendly towards each
other our idiot fathers start babbling about a new wedding and having the houses
joined. I swear if pop tries one more trick to get us married I'll sell him to a
zoo or a panda breeding program. You think after the second wedding, they would
learned their lesson but they are just too stubborn.

"Second wedding? I never heard anything about that.", Ms. Hinako said.

"That's because it really wasn't much of a wedding. Our fathers decided that
the reason that we were never close is that we were just too shy.", Akane said.

"The way they picked to cure us of our 'shyness', was a disaster.", Ranma

"What happened?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"Well Kasumi had made some lemonade earlier and left it out on the counter
for everyone. After she left the kitchen though, we found out later, that pops
snuck into the kitchen and added something to it. He never would say what, but
after me and Akane drunk the lemonade, things started to go a little hazy. Both
of us seemed a little silly and even flirted with each other.", Ranma said.

"After a while they led us into the dojo where a priest was waiting. We
were so out of it we really didn't understand what was going on.", Ranma said.

"So did you go through with the wedding.", Ms. Hinako asked.

"No, just as the priest began to speak, mom walked into the dojo
looking for me and she wasn't happy with what she saw. Pops and Tendo tried to
make it sound like it was our idea to get married, but when she saw the
condition Akane and I were in, she knew the truth.", Ranma said.

"I take it she was more than a little angry.", Ms. Hinako said.

"She led Akane and I into the house and laid us down on the couch, then went
back into the dojo. A little while after that loud crashes and screams came
from the dojo. Mom came out looking angry and waving her sword at the two
idiots, who looked like they had just been attacked by an army.", Ranma said.

"So at least you didn't have any other troubles that day.", Ms. Hinako
said to Ranma and Akane.

"That not true. Ranma and I fell asleep on the couch and while we were
unconscious Ranma fell over was laying on top of me with one of his
hands resting on my breasts. I didn't take that very well when I woke up.",
Akane said.

"What did you do?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"When I woke up I felt sick and I had a horrible headache. When I found
Ranma touching me there {blush}, I lost my temper, called him a pervert, and
smashed him into the floor.", Akane said while looking ashamed.

"I wasn't even awake yet, so When I did wake up hours later, I felt
horrible. I felt nauseous, I had a large bruise on my head, and I heard
mom screaming at pops downstairs, which was not doing anything for the
headache that I had.", Ranma said.

"As I was getting some aspirin, mom told me about what had happened. I was
so upset with both of them that I bash both of them out through the back door and
into the koi pond. Then I ripped their shogi board in half in front of them and
said that next time it wouldn't be the board that would be damaged.", Ranma said.

"That's doesn't sound like you Ranma-kun", Ms. Hinako said.

"I was hurt and sick, and I guess I went a little overboard. At least
Akane thought so as she smashed me with her hammer for hitting her worthless
father.", Ranma said as Akane started to look a little upset.

"My father isn't worthless.", Akane said.

"He's not different from my old man.", Ranma said.

"How can you say that. My father never hit or abused us like your father
did to you.", Akane said as Ms. Hinako seemed a little shocked by that

"No, but he all but abandoned you for ten years. You had to raise
yourselves, while he did nothing but sit around feeling sorry for himself.",
Ranma said.

"Perhaps it would left now. Talking about this only seems to make making
the both of you angry.", Ms. Hinako said.

As they left the ice cream parlor, Ranma had to walk Ms. Hinako home,
while Akane walked back to the dojo.

"So Ranma will you be able to meet me tonight back at the school.", Ms.
Hinako asked Ranma as they walked back to her home.

"I guess. I don't see why you need me though. I'm not good with plants or
making things, grow, just destroying stuff.", Ranma said.

"Well then perhaps its time you learned. I have noticed that the times
we have spent together with you healing me have affected me somewhat and I
believe they have you as well.", Ms. Hinako said.

"What I mean is this.", Ms. Hinako said as she suddenly jumped up to
the roof of a nearby building, then quickly jumped back down again.

"It appears that I can use some of my 'magic' if you will to jump
up to the rooftops like you can. If this is so, perhaps you can use your ki
to help heal the plants like I can.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I wouldn't mind if that were true.", Ranma said.

Ranma walked Ms. Hinako back to her and was starting to leave when, he
heard Ms. Hinako sigh as she opened the door and was entering the house.

"Is something wrong.", Ranma asked.

"No, its just...", Ms. Hinako said.

"Just what?", Ranma asked.

"Sometimes I get tired of eating alone every night. I guess I am just
lonely.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Well, if you like you can come back with me to the dojo for a while.
I am sure Kasumi wouldn't one more guest. Besides your pretty small, I don't
think that you can eat that much.", Ranma teased.

"Meany, picking on little girls like myself.", Ms. Hinako teased back.

"Have to have some fun in life, you know. Seriously though I can
relate to being lonely at times. I know it sounds strange considering that
I live in a house full of people, but we are not exactly close. Pops and old
man Tendo only care about themselves. I don't think Nabiki really cares
about me, except as a means too make money. Kasumi, I don't think that she is
quite all there at times. She is either really good at playing dumb, or she just
notice anything that happens around her. As for Akane, well you heard what happens
anytime that we try to do anything together.", Ranma said.

"So do you have anyone to talk to.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Sometimes I talk to the doc about 'little things', or sometimes
mom is willing to listen, but she has her little weird outlook on what life
should be like, so I really can never be that honest with her. There is one
person who, I seem to talk a lot with lately, which is surprising considering that
we never got along too well before.", Ranma said.

"Who is it?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"It's you.", Ranma said quietly.

"Me?!?", Ms. Hinako said in a surprised tone of voice.

"I know it sounds weird. When the doc and the old ghoul first 'asked' me
to look out for you. I wasn't happy at all, but now I am glad that I did.", Ranma
said to Ms. Hinako, who was now staring at him.

"Your glad you are spending time with me?", Ms. Hinako said

"Yeah, I mean your not a rival or fiancee, or something like that, so I
guess I feel a little more relaxed around you. I suppose that might be the
reason I talk about more stuff with you. I never told anyone else about my
problems, except for mom and maybe Ucchan a little, but even then I hold back.
Since there is nothing between us I guess I feel more open and relaxed. I can
actually think before speaking sometimes now.", Ranma said.

"You thinking, my that is amazing.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Careful you, saying things like that is a tickling offense.", Ranma

"You wouldn't dare?", Ms. Hinako

"Wanna bet?", Ranma said as he advanced on Ms. Hinako, who took off
giggling in response.

"They ran all the way to the dojo, Ms. Hinako still giggling all the
way. Ranma even giggled once himself, much to his embarrassment.

"Well someone is having fun.", Nabiki said as she stepped out from the
gate just as Ranma and Ms. Hinako.

"Nabiki, what are you doing out here?", Ranma asked.

"Lets just say I came to warn you.", Nabiki said.

"Warn me about what?", Ranma said.

"I should charge you for this, but considering how upset Akane is about this
I'll tell you for free just this once.", Nabiki said.

Ranma was a little concerned. Nabiki did not usually give out information
for free unless something bad had happened.

"So what's wrong.", Ranma said.

"Well it appears a certain panda saw both you and Akane holding hands
and smiling at each other in the ice cream parlor earlier, so he came to the
conclusion that you two were now in love with each other and that now would
be a perfect time to have another wedding.", Nabiki said.

"He did what?", Ranma said in a menacing tone of voice, causing Nabiki
to step back, some what nervous.

"Both our fathers already tried to get Akane into a wedding dress, and she
did not take it too well.", Nabiki said.

"What did she do?", Ranma asked.

"It was the first time I had ever seen her mallet father into the floor
and your father into the pond. She is not very happy right now. I don't know how
she feels about you right now, but I would stay away from her for a while if I
were you.", Nabiki said.

"We were just starting to become friends, maybe, but now this stupid
stunts of theirs has screwed everything up. Maybe it just....", Ranma
started to say then stopped himself.

"Just what?", Nabiki asked.

"Never mind it's not important.", Ranma said to Nabiki.

"Well it looks like we won't be eating here tonight.", Ranma said
to Ms. Hinako, whose stomach grumbled in response, causing the girl to
blush in embarrassment.

"I'm surprised mom went along with this. She was pretty angry after
the second wedding disaster.", Ranma said.

"She doesn't know. The two cowards were not going to tell her until
after the wedding was over, that way she couldn't object.", Nabiki said.

"Perhaps she should know. Do you want to go see mom 'little
sister?', Ranma said to Ms. Hinako.

"Ok, 'big sister'", Ms. Hinako said while smiling, and Nabiki
looked on somewhat confused.

"Big sister? Never mind I don't want to know.", Nabiki thought to
herself as Ranma and Ms. Hinako walked off.


"Are you sure your mother won't mind us dropping in without calling
first?", Ms. Hinako said.

"She won't mind, but if you really want to get on her good side, act
like an innocent little girl and compliment mom on her looks. Do that and she
will do anything you want.", Ranma said.

"Oh, that's sneaky.", Ms. Hinako giggled.

"I know. I think I must be spending too much time around Nabiki, some
of her bad habits are starting to rub off on me.", Ranma said while smiling.

When they arrived at his mother's house, Ms. Hinako did what Ranma had
suggested and soon Nodoka was cooing over Ms. Hinako as if she were her own

"I am so glad you came over and brought this darling girl to visit. It
gets lonely here at times.", Nodoka said.

"I know. I'm sorry I can't visit that often, but its hard to get away
from the dojo, without being followed by some fiancee or challenger.", Ranma

"If it makes you feel any better. You are not the only one who lives
alone. I spend most of my time by myself. After school, Ranma can bring me over
and we can spend some time together if you don't mind.", Ms. Hinako said as
Nodoka picked up the little teacher and hugged her as if she were a small
child, which. well technically was true at the moment.

"There is something that we need to talk about, that happened earlier.",
Ranma sighed.

"Oh dear, I know that voice. Your father has done something foolish again
hasn't he.", Nodoka said.

"Earlier today Ms. Hinako, Akane and I were at the ice cream parlor, and
we were actually getting along all right for once. But later I found out that
pop came by, saw us holding hands and ran off toward the dojo, where he and
Mr. Tendo called a priest and were going to hold a wedding as soon as I got
there.", Ranma said.

Nodoka set Ms. Hinako down on the floor, went over to the fireplace and
grabbed her sword off the mantle.

"It appears 'dearest' did not learn his lesson the first time. Ranma,
you and Hinako-chan may accompany me, or you may escort back to her home if
your prefer.", Nodoka said.

"I'll go. Perhaps I can 'persuade' pops not to try and pull something
like that again.", Ranma said.

When they arrived at the dojo, Ranma and Ms. Hinako walked in
with Nodoka back a few paces, curious to see how her husband would react when
he spotted Ranma.

As he entered the door Ranma was rushed by both fathers. Moving Ms. Hinako to
the side Ranma, Ranma leapt over both father, grabbed them by the back of their
gi's on the way down , and slammed them both into the far wall, hard.

Ranma glared at the two idiots and said, "Haven't you learned your
lesson yet. Their will be NO WEDDING until I am ready. Do you UNDERSTAND?",
Ranma shouted at them.

"Ranma, you will marry my daughter!", Sound said as a 'demon head'
formed in front of him.

Ranma shook his head, pointed one finger at the image and released
a small ki bolt, destroying the demon head instantly, much to Soun's shock.

"Please, that was pathetic. You forget I had to fight a demi-god
not long ago. After that, anything you can do it petty in comparison.",
Ranma said in a menacing voice, much to everyone's shock, Ranma included.

"Boy you will marry Akane. To think that my own child has so little
honor. What would your mother think?", Genma said dramatically.

"Why don't you ask me that question yourself, instead of
presuming that you have the right to speak for me.", Nodoka said as she
stepped out of the shadow of the doorway, causing Genma to go pale.

"No-chan, what are you doing here?", Genma laughed nervously.

"Don't 'no-chan' me husband. You were told to forget about any
idea of arranging any more wedding ceremonies until the children
themselves decided that they were ready.", Nodoka said.

"But dear, earlier today they were...", Genma tried to say.

"I know all about that. They were trying to get along and
possibly get to know each other a little better, when you and your
foolish friend set back Ranma's and Akane-chan's relationship back to
'square one' again. The more you push them together, the more they will
resist. Why can't you see that?", Nodoka said.

"It is their duty to marry. If they are not happy at first, that
doesn't matter. They have an honorable duty to fulfill.", Genma said, while
trying to sound wise.

"Somebody get a shovel, it's getting deep in here.", Ranma said,
causing Ms. Hinako to giggle.

"So let me see if I understand this correctly, husband. All you
care about is joining two schools, who were started by a worthless little
pervert, over what happiness of your child.", Nodoka said while almost
growing at Genma, who began to back up.

"I'm glad you understand, now we can have the wedding.", Genma said.

"Oh I understand alright, and it forces me to make a decision, I had
hoped I could avoid. Since you seem unable to think about anyone but
yourself and how this marriage would benefit you, I am canceling this and
all other engagements you have arranged.", Nodoka said causing Soun to
start crying and Genma to start yelling.

"Are you insane woman, you can't end this engagement you do not have
the....urk....", Genma try to say but had to stop as the edge of a rather
sharp sword was now against his neck.

"Not another word from you husband if you wish to still have your head
atop your shoulders.", Nodoka said.

As Nodoka continued to berate Genma, Ms. Hinako walked over to Soun and
glared at him.

"I used to like you, because you were nice to me, but if this is how you
treat your children, I want nothing to do with a mean old man like you.", Ms.
Hinako said to a shocked Soun Tendo.

Sitting at the to of the stairs, unseen by anyone, Akane sat in silence.
She was not sure how to feel about what she had just seen and overheard. On
one hand she was glad that she wouldn't have to marry anyone when she was so
young, but if the engagement were all off, she might not see Ranma ever again.
Not that she liked the pervert mind you, of course not, but someone had to keep
him out of trouble and make sure that he behaved himself.

Ranma wandered over to the head of the stairs and saw Akane staring down
at everyone. She looked stunned, happy briefly, then said. She seemed to be
changing emotions every few seconds. He walked up the stairs and sat next
to her.

"So you heard?", Ranma said.

"Yes.", Akane said quietly.

"Are you glad it happened?", Ranma said.

"I am. Akane said while sighing.

"Oh.", Ranma said.

"I am not ready to get married. I don't know, maybe someday, but not
yet. There are so many things I would rather do.", Akane said.

"Maybe we could try and be friends, like you said when we first met.
After that, we can see where it goes.", Ranma said.

A little while later Nodoka, left to return to her home, with Genma in
tow. The poor little panda was soon to be in for a rough night. Ranma had
left at the same time, walking back to Ms. Hinako's house, where he would stay
for a few hours until they both left for a certain 'project' that needed to be
done at the school.

Akane watch from her bedroom window as Ranma walked off with his mother
and their teacher Ms. Hinako. She still was shocked that no one was now going to
force her to marry someone she, admittedly did not know that well. She saw
Ranma everyday at school and at home, but they rarely spoke to each unless they
were fighting. Today was the first day in a long time that they had actually
spoken to each other without insults or fighting in a long time.

Ranma was the first boy in a long time that did not treat he as if she
were some prize in a contest. Kuno and the rest of those perverted boys only
wanted to date her and no doubt do some very hentai things to her. Ranma, on
the other hand, acted like she almost didn't exist half the time, the
insensitive jerk.

"If he leaves who will I end with. Assuming father hasn't arranged any
more engagements that he forgot about, I probably won't even be able to find
a halfway decent boy until college.", Akane thought to herself.

Downstairs, out in the yard, Akane wasn't the only one thinking about
Ranma's leaving. Kasumi was taking down the laundry, and it was obvious to
anyone watching that, her heart was definitely not in her actions today.

"You are going to miss our little 'aquatransexual', if he decides to
leave aren't you.", Nabiki said as she walked up to Kasumi.

"I don't know what you mean Nabiki.", Kasumi said in her best, 'I'm so
dumb I couldn't possibly have any hidden agendas' voice.

"I saw the kiss Ranma gave you this morning.", Nabiki said.

"You saw us, I mean...", Kasumi tried to say.

"Well technically the camera in the living room saw you, since it was
too early for me to be up, but yes I did see the kiss. I'm surprised the boy
had it in him.", Nabiki said.

"He has been acting more polite and affectionate lately. I even heard
he let Shampoo hold his hand as he walked his teacher to school.", Kasumi

"Where did you here that.", Nabiki said.

"Oh, I have my ways.", Kasumi tried to say in a 'Nabikiesque' fashion,
causing Nabiki to snicker.

"So now that he is free, what are you going to do about it.", Nabiki
asked Kasumi.

"I don't know. It is obvious that Akane cares for him, even if she will
not admit it. Ukyo and Shampoo care for him, and who knows how many other
girls out there are attracted to him. How about you Nabiki, do you have any
feelings for Ranma?", Kasumi asked.

"Well he is cute, but I really can't ever see myself with him, not that
he feels anything toward me anyway. Maybe the first time Akane 'gave' him to me
I made had made something work out between us, but not anymore. He is not the
type to settle down and stay in one place for long, and that is what he would
need to do, for a while at least, if I chose to go to college and either start
a business or sign on with a large corporation.", Nabiki said.

"I can't really see him wanted to stay and only teach at the dojo either.",
Kasumi said.

"Which raises a good point. If you plan to pursue Ranma would you be able
to give up your life here and follow Ranma on any adventure he manages to get
himself involved in Kasumi?", Nabiki asked Kasumi.

"It might be good for me to leave the house for a while. I haven't ever
been, well anywhere.", Kasumi said while sounding a little sad.

"Well if you do get close to Ranma, try and get him to be a little more
affectionate, than just giving you a kiss on the cheek. After all woman your
age does have needs after all.", Nabiki said with an evil grin on her face.

"Nabiki your horrible.", Kasumi giggled

"Merely pointing out the truth. Kami-sama knows I could use a little
affection myself.", Nabiki thought the last part to herself.

"You won't tell anyone at your school about Ranma and Akane breaking up
will you Nabiki. Akane already seems upset, she really doesn't need any more
stress in her life.", Kasumi said.

"I don't know, that information could bring in a lot of money for us.",
Nabiki said as Kasumi gave her 'the look'.

"But I suppose I could not say anything as a favor to you.", Nabiki
quickly said.

"That's very nice of you Nabiki.", Kasumi said.

"No, I'm just getting tired of having to support the family all the
time anyway. You implied that you have not had much of a life Kasumi, well
that is one thing we have in common. I am going to graduate high school this
year and you know how many boys I have dated or even held hands with.",
Nabiki said to Kasumi.

"No, I don't Nabiki.", Kasumi said.

"None.", Nabiki said.

"At least you got Ranma to kiss you once. Nobody has ever wanted to do
that with me.", Nabiki said as a lone tear fell down her cheek, much to
Kasumi's shock.

"You could try and be a little nicer to Ranma. Maybe he might see that you
are not the 'mercenary' that some people think that you are.", Kasumi said while
wiping the tear from Nabiki's cheek.

"I'm not sure even how I could get closer to him. I can't just walk up to
him and tell him that I'm lonely and could use a good kiss.", Nabiki said.

"I can't tell you how you should act when you are around Ranma, you will
have to decide that for yourself, but if you are nicer to him, I know he will be
nicer to you.", Kasumi said.


At his office, Dr. Tofu was just seeing his last patient for day. He had
several more patients than he believed he would have to treat, so he had been
unable to research Ms. Hinako's condition as much as he would have liked to.
Perhaps he would find something in one of his texts tonight.

As he looked through his texts, one scroll caught his attention. It
appeared to be vellum with some gold epigee decorating the sides. He did not
recall seeing it earlier, but maybe it was dropped off by Elder Cologne
earlier. Opening it he began to read and as time went by his faced changed
from one of concentration to shock. He would have to speak with the elder
tomorrow, but if what he read in the scroll was correct, then perhaps he
could cure that poor girl Ms. Hinako after all.

Ranma waited with Ms. Hinako, at her home, until it was midnight,
whereupon they decided that they could now sneak into the school without
being noticed.

It only took a few moments to reach the school by roof hopping, and
when they arrived Ranma set Ms. Hinako down and they approach the tree that
Ms. Hinako wanted to save.

She placed one hand on the tree and began to glow with a soft yellow
light. A few seconds later, she stopped looking quite worn out.

"Are you alright?", Ranma asked looking at how tired Ms. Hinako seemed
to be.

"I'll be fine, but I need help. The tree is dying, so is the grass near it.
It's been poisoned somehow, whether on purpose or on accident I don't know.", Ms.
Hinako said to Ranma.

"What can I do?", Ranma asked.

"I want you to place one hand against the tree, and the other on my
shoulder. I think I can use your ki in conjunction with my abilities to heal this
area.", Ms. Hinako said.

She started to glow again, but this time a blue radiance joined with
Ms. Hinako's yellow, as she began to feed energy into the area. Nothing
seemed to happen at first, but as the glow increased the tree seemed to
come almost alive. Branches were strengthened, flowers began to bloom, even though
it was the wrong time of year for it to do so. As the process continued though
Ms. Hinako found that she couldn't stop. She began to panic.

"I can't stop, Ranma help me!", Ms. Hinako said in a panic.

Ranma tried to cut off the supply of ki to his teacher. There seemed to
be resistance at first, but as he pulled his hand away there was a bright flash
and a loud popping noise at Ranma and Ms. Hinako were knocked off their feet.

As the spots faded from their eyes Ranma and Ms. Hinako looked around in

"Kami-sama what happened?", Ms. Hinako said.

Ranma could only stare in silence at what he was seeing. The tree looked
perfectly healthy but what was shocking was what had happened to the entire
front concrete quad of the school. The are looked like somebody had started a
nursery in front of the school. Dozens of different types of flowers grew
in rows and where the flower beds were not, grew large grassy pathways.

"I think we over did it.", Ranma managed to say after regaining his voice.

"We should leave. If anyone catches us here, we would have a lot of
explaining to do.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Lets go then.", Ranma said as he scooped up Ms. Hinako and leapt off
into the night.


A few moments earlier Urd and Mara were flying back toward the temple
after a very unsuccessful day of demon hunting.

"I swear, where could that little bastard be hiding.", Mara said.

"I'm not sure, but he has to be somewhere is this city. We would have
detected him if he used any sort of magic to escape.", Urd said.

The little pervert demon in question was presently hiding in a lead
lined room, that he had built under the dojo, so that no supernatural creature
could detect him. He had fled there after briefly catching a quite sighting
of Urd and Mara as they flew by. Fortunately, for him, he was able to mask
his presence for a brief time.

As they were leaving Nerima both Urd and Mara felt a burst of mana
sweep through the air. Someone had just used a lot of magic and they were
curious to find out exactly who that person might be.

They arrived at the source of the mana, just in time to see Ranma
leaping away, while holding onto Ms. Hinako.

"That was your granddaughter and her 'hunky' protector wasn't it?",
Mara asked Urd.

"Yes, it was, and look what they did.", Urd said as she pointed to the
school's new "botanical garden".

"If she can do this, do you have any idea what your granddaughter is?",
Mara asked.

"I have an idea, but I am not quite sure. There a few people who might
know, but I don't think that they would be very cooperative.", Urd said as
she and Mara left the school grounds before anyone could find them.


The next morning Ranma was walking to school with Ms. Hinako and
Shampoo again, much to his frustration. He tried making sure that he
completely avoided the area the Cat Cafe was located in , but Shampoo
had found him and was latched onto his left arm like a barnacle.

"Ranma no like walking with Shampoo.", the perky Amazon said to Ranma.

"I don't mind, I guess.", Ranma said as Shampoo frowned.

"Maybe think Shampoo too ugly, too fat.", Shampoo said, while trying to
sound like Ranma was hurting her feelings.

Ranma looked over at Shampoo, who was looking at him with wide eyes, her
lower lip trembling and started to panic.

Now, don't cry Shampoo.. I...I don't mind you being here.", Ranma said.

"You know think Shampoo ugly,", Shampoo said.

"Of course not, if anything, you are very pretty.", Ranma said while
instantly regretting that he had said that out loud.

"Shampoo wait very long time to hear airen say that.", Shampoo said as
she glomped even tighter onto his arm and sighed happily.

"Naive idiot.", Ms. Hinako thought to herself as she watched Ranma fall
for Shampoo's crying act.

As they approached the school Ranma had to fight off the urge to cringe.
The school yard was even more overgrown than he had thought. People were
wandering around in shock, amazed at what happened. Besides the flowers that
he had noticed last night, four full grown sakura trees had evidently grown
and were now covering the yard in pink blossoms, creating a very romantic
setting, which several of the boys seemed to be taking advantage of. Many girls
it seems were being offered flowers by the boys.

"Shampoo think she seeing things. Whole school look like garden.",
Shampoo said.

"No your not seeing things.", Ranma sighed.

Shampoo looks around and notices other girls being flowers, except for
one person who seems to be standing by themselves, holding onto a single
flower with a sad expression on her face.

Ranma notices where Shampoo is looking and says, "Is that Nabiki over
there? Why is just standing there?"

"She appears to be sad. Look at the expression on her face and who
she is looking at.", Ms. Hinako says.

"I think I know what is wrong. Shampoo will you walk Ms. Hinako to class,
I have something to do first.", Ranma asks.

"What Ranma going to do?", Shampoo asks.

"I'll tell you at lunch. For now will you do this for me.", Ranma says as
he smiles at Shampoo, who blushes in response.

As Shampoo and Ms. Hinako walk away, Ranma walks to a nearby flower bed and
picks up a handful of green roses.

Nabiki is surprised when a pair of hands suddenly covers her eyes and voice
whispers to her, "You don't need to stand out here all alone. There are people who
will be friends with you if you give them the chance."

Nabiki quickly turns around and finds, Ranma of all people, standing in
front of her.

"What are you doing.", Nabiki says somewhat shocked.

"Well Shampoo noticed you here by yourself, then I saw who she was looking
at and I well.... want to see if you are alright.", Ranma says to a confused

"You just want to see if I was alright?", Nabiki asks.

"Well I did see you looking at one of your 'associates' being given flowers,
like the one that you are holding on and I thought you might like some as well,",
Ranma says as he pulls out a half dozen of the green roses from nowhere and
hands them to Nabiki.

Nabiki seems shocked. She just looks at Ranma of a minute before saying,
"Why are you doing this for me?"

"Well just because I not engaged to anyone in your family anymore, doesn't
mean that I would just ignore all of you. When Akane was sad earlier about our
engagement being broken up, I offered to be her friend and she accepted. Would
you like to be friends as well?", Ranma asked Nabiki, who smiles at him and
says that she will.

"Interesting, both you and Akane do have something in common.", Ranma said
to Nabiki.

"What is that?", Nabiki asks.

"You both have cute smiles.", Ranma says to a shocked and blushing Nabiki.

"Do mine ears doth deceived I, or is foul demon Saotome now seeking to lure
the mercenary Nabiki Tendo into his clutches as he has the fierce tigress Akane
and the shy and demure pig-tailed girl.", an annoying voice says from nearby.

"Go away Kuno, on one wants to listen to you.", Ranma said.

"Fiend!! I shall smite thee for thy perversions toward the 'gentle
flowers of womanhood' in this institution.", Kuno says as he charges Ranma with
his bokken held high.

"I don't have the time for this today.", Ranma says as he points the palm
of his hand toward the charging Kuno. A bolt of blue chi energy shoots forth,
slamming into the insane kendoist and sending him into the schools wall,
collapsing part of it around him.

"I feel better now. I'll see you at lunch Nabiki-chan. ", Ranma says as
he runs off toward class.

"We would make a horrible couple. Kasumi would be better for him, but it
was sweet of him to try and cheer me up, and admittedly I wouldn't mind maybe just
spending a few nights with him.", Nabiki thinks as she walks to her own class.


Across Nerima at Dr. Tofu's office, the doctor has just finished showing
the scroll that he discovered the previous night to Cologne.

"Well elder, do you believe that this might be of some use to our
patient?", Dr. Tofu asks.

"I can not say. The scroll is written as if someone thought it might be
some sort of chi technique that one could learn, but it reminds me more of a
white magic ritual spell, such as those our ancestors used centuries ago. I
must admit this is a bit outside of my knowledge. True spell magic was lost
over 2 centuries ago. I barely remember seeing it practiced when I was a young
Amazon.", Cologne said.

"Then is it too dangerous to attempt to use the scroll.", Dr. Tofu asked.

"It might be, or it might not. We will have to leave that decision to
our patient and son-in-law, for if I am reading this scroll correctly he will
have to permanently give up some of his chi to empower this spell.", Cologne

"But if it works, then I believe Ms. Hinako's chi degeneration will be
stopped. She will probably begin to age normally, hopefully.", Dr. Tofu said.

"I would like to study this scroll though for at least another day
before we decide on anything. We still have 5 more days before the present
treatment stops being effective on Ms. Hinako.", Cologne said. In the mean
time I will ask Shampoo to bring them by the cat cafe tomorrow after school.
I should have a better idea about what we are getting ourselves involved in.",
Cologne said.


The morning classes went smoothly for Ranma, and Shampoo. It seemed
Akane and Ukyo had learned their lesson the other day and had only been
glaring at each other throughout the morning instead of yelling. He was
somewhat disturbed when Nabiki had walked by and smiled at him in a way that
Shampoo often did, when she wanted to show her airen that she wanted him, right
now. She was probably just teasing, but maybe she had taken what Ranma had said
to her this morning too seriously. After all Ukyo seemed to become somewhat
obsessed with him when he called her cute, maybe Nabiki was the same way?

Outside the entrance to the girls locker room, a certain little pervert
was skulking around hoping to add to his collection of 'pretties' without being
spotted. He knew that he was taking a chance with that demon and goddess
hanging around, but he was starting to get weak.

As he exited the locker room the ground next to his feet seemed to explode
outward for some reason.

"Going somewhere Xverfm?", a voice said from behind him.

Turning around Xverfm, a.k.a Happosai saw the two people he really didn't
want to see. He immediately recognized, Urd, from their earlier encounters. He
didn't know Mara, but he could tell from her markings exactly what she was.

"It has been a long time. You caused the deaths of two people very close
to me. Now it is your turn to suffer.", Urd said in a voice that seemed to
freeze the air around her.

Without saying anything, Xverfm took off in the opposite direction, toward
the school's new 'garden' while lighting and fireballs exploded around him.

Many students were jolted awake from their English lecture by
explosions coming from outside.

Rushing to the windows, the students saw a familiar old pervert being
chased by two very beautiful, but strangely dressed women in their 20's.

"Wow look at that babe.", one boy said while pointing at Urd, who was
wearing her red battle uniform.

(author's note: Watch Oh My Goddess the Movie if you are not familiar
with what this outfit looks like.)

"How about her friend.", one boy drooled while pointing at Mara, who
was wearing a skin tight dark blue leather half shirt and shorts.

Urd and Mara had cornered the little pervert and hand out his
punishment when he pulled out a dozen of his 'firecracker' bombs.

"You don't seriously think that those will harm us.", Mara scoffed

"Who said that they were for you.", Xverfm said as he tossed them into
a nearby storage facility and sped off away from the field as fast as he could.

The facility exploded in a hail of shrapnel heading towards the softball
field, which was occupied by the freshman girls' class. Their shrieks drew
Mara's and Urd's attention. Stopping their pursuit of the little demon, Urd
covered the girls as best she could with an energy dome as Mara began to power
up a very powerful plasma beam. As the beam began to built in intensity, even
the students in the building began to feel the heat it generated. There was a
bright flash and everyone moved away from the windows to avoid any possible
damage. All of the shrapnel and most of the surrounded field in a 50 foot radius
was blasted flat. Some areas were fused into glass. The area was quickly cooled
by Mara who absorbed the heat that she had created, and Urd was able to lower
her shield.

Students began to pile out of the building, curious to see who the strange,
and evidently very powerful women were. Urd saw her granddaughter exit the building
and was going to walk over to her when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You know that's not allowed yet.", Mara said.

"I know but..", Urd tried to say.

"We have to catch that little #*$&#$, before he tries to harm anyone else.",
Mara said.

"Your right, dammit. Lets go.", Urd said and she Mara flew off out of the
school, right past a very surprised elder Amazon, who had detected the magical
energy expenditure from the cat cafe.

Cologne stopped in front of the students who were standing behind
Ms. Hinako and several other teachers. She looked around at the damage done
and could only shake her head in amazement.

"What happened here child?", Cologne asked Ms. Hinako.

"I'm not exactly sure. That old pervert Happosai was here being
chased by those two woman that flew off. They seemed quite mad at him for
some reason.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Let us hope that old fool does not lead them back here again. They
could destroy the school and most of the city if they wished.", Cologne.

"What were they, some sort of martial artist.", one of the girls
in the crowd asked.

"No something far more powerful. From what I felt as they went past
they are both very powerful supernatural entities, possibly even a goddess or
a demoness.", Cologne said.

"Your joking. Gods and demons don't exist do they?", one boy said.

"Right, tell that to the one who tried to bury me under a mountain.",
Ranma said from behind Ms. Hinako as several student were now staring at him.

"The question is what were they doing here?", Cologne said.

"I think I know.", a quiet voice said from behind one of the teachers.

"Come out here and tell me what you know child.", Cologne said.

Out of the crowd stepped a young girl, most likely a freshman, with
long brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing a pink ribbon in her hair.

"What is your name child?", Cologne asked the obviously shy girl.

"My name is Kuzuha.", the girl quietly said.

"So you know why those to 'women' were chasing Happosai.", Cologne

"Yes. I was in the locker room, when that horrible little man
entered. I hid in my locker hoping that he wouldn't find me. It's very bad
when he catches one of us in the locker room alone.", the girl said while
starting to shake.

"What did you see or here, when you were in the locker room.", Cologne
asked in as kind of voice as she could manage.

"I heard the tall one with the silver hair tell the old man that he would
pay for killing two of her friends.", Kuzuha said.

"That could be bad. If that fool has caused the gods or demons to hunt
him for such a crime, then none of us our safe until he is caught. There are
several beings on both sides who would not care if innocents are hurt as long
as they accomplished there goal.", Cologne said.

"But they saved us.", one of the freshman softball players said.

"What was that?", Cologne said.

The girl explained how Happosai had caused a building to explode and
how the two women had saved the girls on the team instead of chasing after
the little pervert.

"If that is so, then we are somewhat in luck, but I would not feel
completely safe until Happosai is dealt with. There is no excuse for his
endangering of innocents. If I catch him, I will have no problem what so ever
turning his sorry hide over to 'them'.", Cologne said.

As everyone started to go into the school again, Cologne considered
stopping Ranma and Ms. Hinako and telling them about the scroll, that the
doctor had found. But since she had not had time to look over it as of yet,
she decided not to tell them.

"No sense offering false hope.", she thought as she pogoed back off
towards the cat cafe.


At lunch that day a few of the freshman girls had set up a table in
the courtyard and were selling bouquets made from the flowers that were
growing there. As Shampoo, Ranma, and Ms. Hinako exiting the building,
Shampoo took one look at the flowers and started drag Ranma off towards
the table.

"Shampoo, what are you doing?", Ranma said.

"Airen buy flowers for Shampoo?", Shampoo said while putting on her
best 'kawaii' expression.

"We can just pick them from the ground you know, they are all over
the place.", Ranma said.

"Not same thing. Buying prove you care about Shampoo, not just use as
excuse to get free food all the time.", Shampoo said.

One of the girls at the booth held out an arrangement of purple flowers
at Ranma.

"These would match your girlfriend's hair quite nicely. Would you like to
purchase them.", the girl said.

Ranma looked over at Shampoo, who seemed annoyed that he had not
immediately answered the girl.

"Alright, how much are they.", Ranma sighed.

"Only 300 yen.", very cheap for an arrangement of this quality.", the
girl in the booth said.

Ranma paid for the flowers and handed them to Shampoo, who still
seemed annoyed for some reason.

"After school Ranma, you and I will have to talk about a couple of
things.", Ms Hinako said.

As they approached the tree where they usually ate, Shampoo and Ms.
Hinako noticed that Nabiki had joined them and the other girls today, and
she was holding a small vase filled with about half a dozen green flowers,
like the one they saw her holding that morning.

"Shampoo surprised, who give mercenary girl flowers?", Shampoo said thus
proving that it was not only Ranma who could his foot in his mouth at times.

"Are you jealous Shampoo?", Nabiki said.

"Shampoo not jealous, Shampoo have flowers airen bought.", Shampoo said.

"You bought Shampoo flowers?", Akane half growled.

"That's ok, because you are not the only one Ranma gave flowers to.",
Nabiki said, much to the other girls' surprise.

"So that's where you were this morning Ranma-kun.", Ms. Hinako said with
a grin on her face.

"Well you saw how sad she looked. I just wanted to cheer her up.", Ranma

"You didn't do it out of pity did you?", Nabiki said with a hint of sadness
in her voice.

"No, I did it because I didn't want to see you sad. Besides you are not that
bad of a person. Your not nearly the mercenary some people think that you are.",
Ranma said.

"Well I guess that is a compliment, but you really have to work on your
technique some more.", Nabiki said.

"Fine flirt with my sister, or Shampoo all you want. What's next are you
going to make out with Kasumi when you get home.", Akane said as the others
laughed at that idea.

"No, already did that.", Ranma thought to himself.

Back at the Tendo dojo, Kasumi suddenly sneezed.

"I wonder if someone is thinking about me. I wonder if it is...", Kasumi
allowed the thought to trail off. "That's silly I am too old for that to happen.",
Kasumi thought as she sighed.

Sitting in back of the others, at her grill, Ukyo was unsure of how to
respond to this latest development. Sure, she told Ranma that she just wanted to
be friends earlier, but she hoped that her more casual attitude would affect
him somehow. Ok, it was only this morning that they talked, but still he could
have at least bought or even just picked flowers for his 'cute fiancee' as well.

She needed a new approach, but had no experience in dating. Sure she tried
to practice with Konotsu a couple of times, but it's hard to date someone who
looks better in a dress than you do, and even doesn't have to change sexes to
do so.

Up on the clock tower of the school, a figure in cloak, watched the
interactions between the teens in interest. She seemed to be particularly
interested in the quick glances Nabiki gave Ranma when no one was looking
at her.

"I wonder how she really feels about him. Perhaps I should keep a
closer eye on her.", the figure thought as it disappeared from sight.

After school, Ms. Hinako 'asked' Ranma to stay for a while so that she
could 'discuss' a few things with him.

"So what did you want to talk about?", Ranma asked Ms. Hinako.

"I wanted to talk about how poorly you treated Shampoo this
afternoon. She does think of you fondly, despite how often you seem to
ignore her or hurt her feelings.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I don't treat Shampoo bad. Besides I did give her the flowers if
that is what you are talking about.", Ranma said.

"Only after she practically begged you. For better or worse, she is
your fiancée and does love you. She was quite hurt by how you seemed to care
more for the feelings of someone you are not engaged to than her.", Ms.
Hinako said.

"You mean Nabiki, but that's different. If I did anything like that
for Shampoo the next thing would be that she would be glomped on tight, and
wondering when we would get married and start the honeymoon.", Ranma said.

"If you have no intention of being her husband then tell her so. Of
course that means you will probably not get any more free food from her, as
Shampoo said earlier. You aren't just seeing her for the food are you.", Ms.
Hinako said.

"Well no, not all the time.", Ranma said now feeling a little ashamed.

"Well then, next time she offers you anything, offer to pay for it and
tell her the reason why you are paying. If she still wants to give it to you
then there is no problem. At least it will prove somewhat that you are not
taking advantage of her.", Ms. Hinako said.

"I guess I can do that. At least that idiot Mousse, will be happy to her
that, although who knows how the old ghoul will take it.", Ranma said.

"So what about your other fiancées?", Ms. Hinako said.

"Ucchan said that she just wanted to be friends, so I guess I am safe
there, and as for the Tendo's....well.....", Ranma hesitated.

"Well what?", Ms. Hinako said.

"Mom decided to break off all of those engagements, because of how
pop and old man Tendo kept interfering in Akane's and my 'relationship.",
Ranma said.

"I wonder if that's why Nabiki was looking.....", Ms. Hinako said

"What was that?", Ranma said.

"Oh nothing.", Ms. Hinako said.

A short while later at the Tendo dojo, Kasumi was getting dinner
ready for everyone a hour earlier than usual. She appeared to be in a hurry
and it was obvious that she was nervous about something.

"There that should take care of everything, as long as it simmers at
a low temperature. I'll have to get Nabiki to look after the meal. Poor Akane
may want to help, but I don't feel like spending half the night cleaning up the
kitchen again.", Kasumi thought to herself.

"Nabiki would you come into the kitchen for a moment.", Kasumi yelled
up the stairs.

"Is there something you wanted sis?", Nabiki said as she entered the
kitchen a few moments later.

"Yes, I have to go out this evening...to visit a sick friend. Would you
mind looking after dinner, while I am away.", Kasumi said hesitantly.

"A sick friend huh, jeeze and I thought Ranma was a bad liar. So who is
he sister dear.", Nabiki said with a smirk.

"I don't know what you mean.", Kasumi said.

"Sure you don't, but since you hardly ever get out, I won't pry this time.
But if you go out with this guy again, I want 'details'.", Nabiki said.

"There isn't much to say.", Kasumi said as she rushed by Nabiki and
upstairs into her room."

"Hmmmm, haven't seen her move that fast since she dated that American
guy, during her last year of high school. What was his name.... Ken, something
or another. I could follow her, but she always notices when I do that.",
Nabiki said as she looked over the food and hoped that she could call on what
little cooking skills she had to prevent anything from burning.

About 15 minutes later Kasumi came down the stairs wearing an ankle
length blue skirt and white sweater with blue trim. Nabiki saw her and could
only shake her head.

"Is something wrong Nabiki?", Kasumi asked.

"No, not if you want to dress like one of the teachers at my school.",
Nabiki said.

"If you want to attract a guy's attention, you are going to have to
wear something different, and I have just the thing.", Nabiki said with a
grin on her face that seemed to disturb Kasumi.

Umm.... I don't think I can wear this.", Kasumi said while looking at
herself in the mirror at the outfit that Nabiki had chosen.

"Of course you can. I can guarantee if your 'friend' doesn't show any
attention to you after seeing you he is either a eunuch or he's gay.",
Nabiki said.

Kasumi sighed. The dress was very nice, but it was so short and she
really didn't feel comfortable.

"I tried wearing that dress earlier, but it just didn't fit. You
definitely have a better figure than I do.", Nabiki said in a disgusted
tone of voice.

"But...but...", Kasumi tried to say.

"No buts, young lady. Go out and have fun, and if you chose to spend the
night, don't worry about daddy. I am sure I can think of some excuse as to why
you won't be here.", Nabiki said to a now very red Kasumi who reluctantly
started to leave the house, hoping that 'he' would not mind being seen with
her as she appeared now.


After dropping Ms. Hinako off her home, Ranma was running back to the
dojo when he noticed an elderly man trying to right and overturned stall, and not
having very much success at it.

"Need any help?", Ranma asked while inhaling the wonderful smells coming from
the man's shop.

"You like chocolate do you lad.", the man asked.

"Um maybe...", Ranma said, not at all sure as if eating chocolate was a manly
thing to do.

"Tell you what, help me clean up here, and I give you a 2 pound box of
Belgian chocolates that I just got in stock. I am sure a boy of your age has a
lady friend or two who wouldn't mind such a gift.", the man said.

"One of the girls at the house I am staying in likes chocolate.", Ranma

"Girls?, as in plural... Lucky lad. Oh to be young again.", the man said

"Well, it's not really like that.", Ranma said.

"If you say so.", the man said as Ranma help him fix the stall in front
of his store.

After leaving the store, Ranma was once again racing home when he
rounded the corned to the street the dojo was on and stopped dead in his
tracks. Just leaving the dojo was Kasumi, at least he thought it was Kasumi,
wearing an outfit that could only be described sexy. She was wearing a black and
white checked minidress with thigh high white stockings, no garters thankfully,
with black bows on the front of the stockings and a white headband instead of just
tying her hair off in a pony tail as she usually did. Nabiki had surprisingly lent
her a black pearl necklace and bracelet.

"Oh my goddess, she looks beautiful.", Ranma thought as he saw Kasumi and
remembered how he had kissed Kasumi earlier.

"Seeing her like that makes me want to kiss her again.", Ranma thought, then
berated himself for thinking that way about Kasumi. Besides she was probably going
to go see the doc. Maybe he finally got over his problem and had asked her out.

Walking away from her home Kasumi noticed Ranma come around the corner, stop
suddenly and stare at her, while blushing badly.

"Does he like how I look?", Kasumi thought as her heart began to beat

"Hello Ranma.", Kasumi said as she walked over to the still immobile

"Hi, Kasumi. Are you going out on a date or something tonight.", Ranma

"How did you guess?", Kasumi asked while shyly smiling.

"Well you um.. look different than usual. You look very pretty.", Ranma

"Why thank you.", Kasumi giggled.

"Why do I sound like a dork all of a sudden. I mean it's not me Kasumi
is going out with.", Ranma thought.

As Ranma was thinking Kasumi's began to feel her nose twitch. There was
only one thing that could cause that, and it was very close by. She then
noticed a large box that Ranma had been holding off to the side.

"What is that you are holding Ranma?", Kasumi asked.

"It's a present I was going to give you.", Ranma said.

"A present for me?", Kasumi asked.

"I was helping this old guy fix his store and he offered to pay me
with some stuff from his store. I was going to refuse at first, but I
remembered how much you like chocolate so I brought you this.", Ranma
said as he handed the box the Kasumi.

"Belgian chocolates.", Kasumi said in awe.

"You like them don't you?", Ranma said.

"They are one of my favorites.", Kasumi said while smiling at
Ranma with a starry eyed expression on her face.

"Too cute....Can't resist.", Ranma thought as he tried to resist
the power of Kasumi's 'kawaii' attack.

"He thinks that I am pretty and he gave me chocolate. He deserves a
little reward for that.", Kasumi thought as she walked up close to Ranma and
kissed him on the lips in the same way that Ranma had kissed her earlier.

"Kasumi.....Should you be doing that? What would your date think if he
saw us do that. Not to mention what my psychotic... I mean sweet fiancées,
think if they saw that.", Ranma said then thought the last part to himself.

"I don't think that he would mind.", Kasumi said.

"Why is that?", Ranma said.

"Because the man I was going to ask out tonight is standing right in
front of me.", Kasumi said.

"You mean me.... Why?", Ranma asked.

"I have been doing lot of thinking lately, which may surprise some
people.", Kasumi said with a smile. "Even since you kissed me that morning I
started to feel different. Perhaps it gave me more confidence, or perhaps it
just caused to 'wake-up' and realize that maybe there is more to my life than
just being the family 'maid' and 'cook'. I am not suggesting that we marry or
even become engaged, but I would like the chance to get to know you better. If
we find out that we like being with each other, we can continue to date. If it
doesn't work out then we can both go our separate ways and no one will be hurt.
Despite what father may think, you are not honor bound to any of us in my
opinion. Who we choose to marry is our own choice. Father just has to realize
that his 'children' are not his slaves and we are not living in the feudal
era of the samurai anymore.", Kasumi said as she began to lead Ranma away
from the dojo.

"Where are we going?", Ranma asked.

"Well earlier at the market, I was fortunate to win 2 free dinners at
a new Italian restaurant that is opening up. I know that you like Italian food,
and since the restaurant has an all you can eat pasta bar, I couldn't think of a
better person to bring with me. Just promise me one thing Ranma-kun.", Kasumi

"What's that Kasumi?", Ranma asked.

"Try not to bankrupt the poor owner of the restaurant.", Kasumi said with
a mischievous grin.

"Ill try Kasumi....-chan, I'll try.", Ranma said.

As they walked to the restaurant, Ranma felt very nervous. Every guy who
saw Kasumi just stopped and starred or drooled at her. It was rather gross in his
opinion. Kasumi was obviously very pretty, but there was more to her than just
her looks.

Several of then men had considered approaching her, but they were held back
by the looks Ranma was giving them, and the fact that he was glowing a dim yellow
color, which went unnoticed by either Ranma or Kasumi.

When they had arrived at the restaurant, Ranma was surprised at how nice
it was. At the few 'all you can eat' places that he and pop had visited and
promptly thrown out of, the atmosphere was usually described as grungy
at best. This place though reminded him of some of the pictures he had seen
on television of the cafes in Rome or Venice.

The dinner invitations that Kasumi had one entitled them to sit at one
of the best tables in the restaurant overlooking the small garden next to a
large picture window that they were sitting near. Despite how quiet the
place seemed to be, Ranma couldn't help, but feel on edge. This did not go
unnoticed by his lovely companion, Kasumi.

"Is something wrong Ranma-kun?", Kasumi asked.

"I guess not... I just get nervous when it is too quiet around me for
too long I guess.", Ranma said.

"You are expecting a ninja or two, to jump out of the rafters and
challenge you to a duel.", Kasumi jokingly said.

"Wouldn't be the first time.", Ranma said in all seriousness.

"I guess your life tends to be a little more exciting than most.",
Kasumi said to Ranma.

"Unfortunately.... It might be a little better if people didn't keep
showing up waiting to collect on some debt pops owes them, or trying to
marry me, because of some lame deal pop made to make me their fiancée.",
Ranma said.

"You traveled with your father for ten years. In all that time were
there even any pleasant times you had with him.", Kasumi said to Ranma.

Most of the times were a pain, usually literally as well as figuratively.",
Ranma said to Kasumi.

"Do you mean your father abused you?", Kasumi said while frowning, which
surprised Ranma.

"To abuse someone you have to realize that you are hurting or want to
hurt someone. Pops is so stupid at times though, he doesn't even realize that
what he is doing can hurt someone. I mean even today he still doesn't seem that
upset over the neko-ken 'training' that he put me through.", Ranma said.

"So all of your memories of the time you spent with your father are
bad ones?", Kasumi asked.

"Well, there were a couple of times he was alright, I guess. I even remember
one time, when I was almost proud of the old fool.", Ranma said to Kasumi.

"Really? What happened?", Kasumi asked.

"Pops has one, other weakness besides food. He tends to become upset
whenever a woman cries, and if that woman is a little girl, he completely falls
apart.", Ranma said.

"Ah, so that is where you get it from.", Kasumi teased Ranma, who didn't
seemed to be bothered by her teasing.

"Anyway, pops and I had just returned to Japan from China. Since he was
too cheap to pay for a boat or plane, we had to swim back. As we reached the
shore, pops and I just collapsed. I wasn't used to swimming as a girl, and pops
wasn't used to swimming as a large hairy animal.", Ranma said, causing Kasumi
to giggle.

"So what happened next?", Kasumi asked.

After about an hour or so of laying on the beach, we got up and pops started
off towards the house of an 'old friend'. As we were leaving the beach we heard
the sound of someone crying so we decided to investigate.

<Flashback Sequence>

Ranma-chan and Genma-panda were just leaving the beach that they had
crawled up onto earlier, when they heard what sounded like a girl sniffling
and crying.

"Where is that noise coming from.", a panda sign said.

"How am I supposed to know?", Ranma-chan said as she began to look around
for whoever was crying.

A couple of minutes later, Ranma and Genma came up on young girl dressed in
a dark purple outfit. The girl couldn't be more than 4 or 5 at the most. The girl
took one look at Ranma, yelled out "Momma", and glomped onto Ranma for all she
was worth.

"Ummmmm.", Ranma tried to say.

"Care to explain how you have a child, 'boy'.", a panda sign said.

"Baka panda. She just thinks that I am someone else.", Ranma said.

The panda just snorted in response, causing to look at the panda for
the first time and yell out, "kitty."

"No he not a.....kitty, thankfully.", Ranma said.

"Doggy?", the girl asked.

"No he's not a doggy.", Ranma said.

"What is he?", the little girl asked.

"He is just a big smelly panda.", Ranma said causing the girl to giggle.

"Smelly panda. Smelly panda.", the girl sang, much to Genma's mortification.

"Can I pet it?", the girl asked.

"I don't know. I suppose if 'Mr. Panda' behaves himself, it is alright",
Ranma said to the little girl.

"Yeah!", she said as the tackled the panda to the ground.

"Strong girl.", a panda sign said as the girl start scratch the panda's
ear and rub his big white tummy.", much to Genma's pleasure.

"Geeze pop, a little attention and you fall to pieces.", Ranma said in
a disgusted tone of voice.

"A little more to the left.", a panda sign said as the girl continued
to rub his tummy.

An hour later Ranma was becoming quite annoyed at his father. The foolish
panda now had the girl riding on his back as galloped across the beach, the
girl squealing in excitement as the raced across the beach.

"Shouldn't we at least try and find her parents?", Ranma yelled out to
the panda as he galloped by again.

"That won't be necessary.", a woman's voice said from behind Ranma.

Spinning around saw a very beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. She
had long viridian green and red eyes much to Ranma's shock. Ranma could not
stop staring at her.

"Thank you for finding and taking care of my daughter for me.", the
woman said as she bent down and kissed Ranma-chan on the cheek, causing
the poor girl to blush.

Genma, seeing Ranma with an obviously affectionate woman, quickly
trotted back over towards Ranma. After all he had other plans for the boy,
and the woman would only get in the way.

"Did you have a good time Hotaru-chan? The panda didn't hurt you
did he?", the woman said while giving a death glare to the panda.

"No Setsuna-momma, he is a very nice panda.", Hotaru said.

"I'm glad, but we have to go now, your father is waiting for us
at the hotel, remember.", Setsuna said.

"Alright momma.", the girl said as she and the young woman walked
off and out of sight of Ranma and Genma.

"That woman looked like she knew you pop, considering how she was
glaring at you. So who was she?", Ranma-chan asked.

"I don't know. Never saw her before.", the panda sign said.

"Fine pop, be that way.", Ranma said as he and the panda began to
walk off towards a certain dojo for the first time.

As Setsuna and Hotaru rounded a corner of a street near the beach
a young man in his mid 20's appeared in front of them.

"I see you met 'them' the man said.

"I did. Hotaru was playing with Ranma and the panda. She even surprised
the poor boy by calling him 'momma'.", Setsuna said.

"He is going to go through a lot of useless 'crap' for the next few years.
I wish there was something I could do.", the man said.

"You know that we can not interfere in another timeline. The only reason that
we are even here to begin with is because our dear little girl decided to bang my
staff against the 'gate' and ended up here.", Setsuna said.

"I know I just feel sorry for him. What if he ends marrying one of those
two horrible little girls. That violent little tomboy Nabiki and her sneaky
little sister Kasumi. I wouldn't wish those two on anyone.", the man said.

"They are not like that is this world. I checked a little before we came
though. Ranma should be alright after a couple years of hardship, but is should
turn alright in the end....Hopefully.", Setsuna said.

"I guess we should just leave then.", the man pouted.

"Now, none of that dear. We have to leave, so stop looking so sad.
Besides I want you in a good mood tonight.", Setsuna said.

"Why is that?", the man said.

"Because I thought 'Ranko' and I could 'play' a little tonight.", the
women said with a seductive smile on her face, as she gestured towards the
space in front of her and glowing portal opened in front of them.

"Mommy and mommy are going to be naughty again.", Hotaru giggled as the
three disappeared into the portal, which closed behind them.

<End Flashback>

"That was very nice of your father to take such good care of that
little girl.", Kasumi said.

"Yeah, he surprised me to. I wonder whatever happened to them. I haven't
seem them sense. I guess they were just visiting the area.", Ranma said.

"You sound sad Ranma", Kasumi said.

"Promise that you won't tell anyone this, But when the little girl
hugged me and called me 'momma' it actually felt nice.", Ranma said as Kasumi
stared at him with her eyes now the size of saucer plates.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't want to ever have kids myself in my
girl form, but after spending ten years with nobody but pop, it was nice to
have someone show me a little affection.", Ranma said as he saw Kasumi
smile at him.

"It appears that there is more to you as well, Ranma and not just
your father.", Kasumi said.

"What do you mean.", Ranma said.

"What I mean is that under the occasionally rude and insensitive
exterior is a very kind and sweet young man.", Kasumi said to Ranma who
was now holding his head down and staring at his plate for some reason.

"I had a talk with Ms. Hinako today, or rather she talked and I
listened.", Ranma said while trying not to show how much Kasumi's compliments
affected him.

"What did she tell you?", Kasumi asked.

"She said that is was wrong for me to keep using some of my fiancées
for 'nothing but free food.' I never thought of it that way. On the road I
went without food for days at a time. If someone offered you free food, you took
it, no questions asked. I guess I still think of my life like that, even though
I have a home of a sorts. I still respond to things as if I am on the road. I
talked a little with Ukyo today, and we agreed to try and be friends more often
and fiancées' less. She hasn't given up on me yet, but she has agreed to not be
so forceful in trying to 'win me' from the others. With the engagements between
our families gone that just leaves Shampoo.", Ranma said.

"Shampoo doesn't seem like the type to stop pursuing you.", Kasumi said.

"No, she isn't, and unlike Ukyo or the 'deal' between our two families,
having Shampoo as my fiancee is my fault. I didn't steal Ukyo's family
business, or make a pledge between our two families, but I did defeat her in
combat. I didn't know about their laws, I was only trying to save my worthless
father. Maybe I should have let them turn him into a rug. Life would have been
much easier.", Ranma said.

"You don't really mean that do you Ranma-kun?", Kasumi asked.

"I guess not, but I still am 'honor-bound' to marry shampoo, or at least
try and find someone else to defeat her.", Ranma said.

"It's a shame you can not do something for the amazons to make them honor
bound to you.", Kasumi said.

Ranma sat very still for a couple of minutes then smiled at Kasumi.

"You know I think you might be on to something Kasumi-chan.", Ranma
said as he reached over and gave Kasumi's hand a gentle squeeze.

As the food was brought to the table, both Ranma and Kasumi ate without
speaking much to each other. Ranma was presently thinking about what he might
be able to do to get Shampoo off his back and Kasumi seemed too nervous to
speak much, a fact with Ranma actually noticed.

"You haven't said a whole lot this evening Kasumi-chan. Why don't you
tell me a little bit about yourself. I can tell their is more to you than just
a being a housewife, like the others seem to think.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?", Kasumi said innocently.

"For starters I you left this in the living room the other day.", Ranma
said while holding up a book.

"My sketchbook?!? I thought father had hidden it again.", Kasumi said.

"Why would he do that. From what I could tell, they drawings in here are
very good. He should be proud to have such a talented daughter.", Ranma said.

"Father said that until I am married, it is my job to take care of the
family.", Kasumi said sadly.

"No offence Kasumi, but that's a bunch of crap. It's his job to take care
of his family, not yours. He has done nothing but sit on his butt for ten years,
while the three of you tried to raise yourselves, and I won't stand to see him
treat you that way anymore.", Ranma said.

"What are you saying Ranma?", Kasumi said, a little upset by how angry seemed
to be getting at her father.

"Look, I know that I am not engaged to either you or your sisters, but I
still, like to think of you as friends, maybe even a bit more in your case. So
I am not going to let him and pop just sit around and do nothing while he treats
all of you so poorly.", Ranma said.

"If he keeps on treating you like a servant, then you should refuse to do
anything more for him. He can fix his own meals, wash his own clothes, etc. Even
on the road, even pops did not expect me to do everything for him except cook.",
Ranma said.

"He doesn't know how to cook?", Kasumi asked.

"Well he can cook, but its just, well... bad. It doesn't glow in the dark or
move around on its own like Akane's, but you wouldn't want to eat it if you can
avoid it.", Ranma said.

"I guess you are right. I do seem to spend half my time picking up after
your father and my own. If I didn't the house would be a mess. I don't I would know
what to do with the free time I would have if I didn't.", Kasumi said.

"I could help your with your drawings. I could be wrong, but it looked like
you were trying to tell the story of all the adventures all of us in Nerima
had gone through. I could tell you some things that you do not know, and I could
even help you with your drawings.", Ranma said.

"You can draw?", Kasumi asked.

"It's one of the few things you can do when you travel, that doesn't cost a
lot to do. Not that pop ever approved of it, but I gave up listening to what he
had to say about anything but martial arts years ago.", Ranma said.

Kasumi was about to speak when she noticed a frown on Ranma's face as he
looked at something behind her.

"Well now I see that your taste in women has improved 'femboy'."

Turning around, Kasumi noticed that one of Ranma's 'friends',
Pantyhose Taro was behind her with the Amazon Rouge, on his arm.

"Taro-san, would you and Lady Rouge like to join us.", Kasumi said
as Ranma began to cough.

"Now Ranma-chan that isn't polite. Besides he is one of your friends
isn't he.", Kasumi said.

"Ranma-chan?!?", Taro snickered.

"So what of it.", Ranma said sounding somewhat annoyed.

"Means nothing to me. You should be happy. At least this girl isn't likely
to hit you when you shoot your mouth off all the time.", Taro said with a
smirk on his face.

"So Lady Rouge, what bring you and Taro-san to Nerima this time.", Kasumi
said, hoping to avoid any more arguing between Ranma and Taro.

"We are here for our four month anniversary.", Rouge said to Kasumi.

"Aren't anniversaries every year?", Ranma asked.

"That's what I thought.", Taro snorted.

"An anniversary is whenever a woman says it is.", Rouge said as
Kasumi nodded in affirmative.

"Must be some 'chick thing'.", Taro said, earning him a glare from
his companion.

"So would you like to join us.", Kasumi asked again.

"I wouldn't want to intrude, unless Taro-chan wants to be alone.",
Rouge purred, causing Ranma and Taro to shiver for different reasons.

"Actually I wouldn't mind eating with you. I am curious to why
Ranma dumped the little violent one. I was beginning to think that he enjoyed
the beatings he got.", Taro said.

"We broke up after our foolish fathers planned another wedding, without
our consent and mom got so mad at them she broke all the engagements.", Ranma
said, after everyone had sat down at the table.

"So you are not engaged to each other?", Rouge asked Kasumi and Ranma.

"No we are starting out as friends and seeing if it goes anywhere from
there. I didn't even know Kasumi felt anything for me until she asked me out
today.", Ranma said.

"Now that is surprising. So you saw something you liked and went for it.",
Taro said to Kasumi.

"Well I.....", Kasumi tried to say while blushing.

"Don't tease the poor girl. It takes a lot of nerve for a woman to ask out
a man.", Rouge said to Taro.

"So how did the perky little Amazon take the breaking of your engagement
to her. I doubt her or that little troll of a grandmother of hers would give
up so easily.", Taro said.

"Well they do not know yet.", Ranma said.

"Are you afraid of what they will do?", Taro said.

"I can handle Shampoo and the old ghoul.", Ranma said in indignation.

"I wasn't talking about fighting them. I meant what are going to do when
the Amazon starts going into hysterics when you dump her. You are a sucker for
any woman who cries. Both you and the pig-boy seem to have that flaw.", Taro said.

"It isn't that. I have to wait until Hinako is cured before I say anything
or the old ghoul will be too distracted to help her.", Ranma said.

"Who is this Hinako?", Rouge asked.

Ranma and Kasumi told Taro and Rouge a little bit about her life, and how
'unusual' it is thanks the little pervert Happosai.

"One more thing the old pervert deserves to die for.", Taro said.

"If he's dead, how can you change your name then.", Ranma asked Taro.

"I went back to my village recently with Rouge and I talked to some of
the elders. They informed me that if the person who named me dies, then I can
choose my own name.", Taro said.

"So you plan to kill him?", Ranma asked.

"Why you plan to stop me?', Taro said.

"What you do with the old freak is your business. I won't stop you, but I
won't help you either.", Ranma said, surprisingly everyone by what her said.

"You mean you don't care if he lives or dies. I am surprised to hear that
from you.", Taro said.

"You wouldn't be if you saw what the old freak almost did today.", Ranma

"What did he do?", Taro asked.

"He was being chased through the school this morning by what the old ghoul
thinks are a couple of demons. He escaped when he threw some of his bombs into
a building that was right near a group of freshman girls playing softball. If
these 'demons' did not deflect the blast, all the girls would have been
seriously hurt or even killed.", Ranma said to everyone else at the table.

"I didn't even think the freak had so little honor. For that he deserves
to die. If these demons don't catch him I will.", Taro said.

"You mean we will.", Rouge said while squeezing Taro's hand in her own.

The rest of the dinner went surprisingly well. Ranma and Taro managed
to get through the evening without fighting.

As the four were leaving the restaurant Rouge said, "The dinner went
better than I expected. Maybe we can do this again sometime."

"I guess that you be ok.", Ranma said.

"You wouldn't mind?", Taro said to Ranma in a surprised tone of voice.

"You are not that bad.", Ranma said to Taro.

"That was almost a compliment. Perhaps you should stay with Kasumi, she
seems to have had a good influence on you.", Taro said.

A short while later Taro took off into the air in his cursed form with
Rouge riding on his back. It seems he promised her a flight through the city
and she wanted to collect on that promise.

"Just remember to stay away from Jubaan this time Taro-chan", Rouge
yelled out as they flew through the air.

"Right, as if those little girls were any challenge the first time
we fought.", Taro thought.

"So where would you like to go now Kasumi-chan.", Ranma asked.

"I think that we should go home now.", Kasumi said.

"You aren't having a good time?", Ranma asked a little hurt.

"No that's not it at all.", Kasumi said, noticing the hurt look
on Ranma's face.

"Why go home so early then?", Ranma asked.

"Because we should tell father about how Happosai behaved today, and
then father could throw him out of the house.", Kasumi said.

"I doubt either your father or mine has the courage to do that. If
anything they will tried to make-up some excuse for old pervert's behavior.",
Ranma said to Kasumi.

"Be that as it may, I still will tell father that I do not want 'him'
in the house anymore.", Kasumi said.

"She's so cute when she tries to be forceful, and I can't believe I told Ms.
Hinako I though Kasumi was dense. Hmmm, I probably shouldn't mention that to
Kasumi.", Ranma thought as he and Kasumi walked back to the dojo.


Ranma and Kasumi stood outside the entrance to the dojo. Both appeared to
be a little nervous.

"I guess we should go in now.", Ranma said to Kasumi.

"The longer we wait, the harder it will get. Besides we have nothing to
be ashamed of. It's not like we went to a love hotel.", Kasumi said, then
blushed realizing at what she had just said.

Ranma was too shocked to say anything at first, until her heard a soft
thump come from behind the outer wall of the dojo.

Looking inside the compound, Ranma and Kasumi saw Nabiki sprawled in the
ground. It looked like she fell off the wall.

"Oh dear are you alright Nabiki-chan?", Kasumi asked.

"You and Ranma went to a love hotel?", Nabiki asked in shock.

"Of course not silly, we still hardly know each other.", Kasumi said.

"But you just said...", Nabiki tried to say.

"No, you just misunderstood. Perhaps it would be better if you didn't
try and spy on everyone so often, then you wouldn't jump to such a silly
conclusion.", Kasumi said.

"Ranma is who you were originally going to go out with right. You were
not going to see the Dr. Tofu.", Nabiki asked.

"Dr. Tofu can be silly at times, and I suppose it is funny how he likes
to act like a clown when I am around, but he almost 35 after all. I couldn't
have a relationship with someone that much older than me.", Kasumi said.

"So Ranma do you now want to marry my other sister?", Nabiki said in
what Ranma thought sounded like a hurt voice.

"I'm not marrying anyone now. I am still too young. I like Kasumi, but I
am not in love with her or anyone else right now.", Ranma said.

"So you are not dating Kasumi exclusively then?", Nabiki said.

"Um......I guess so. Why do you want to know?", Ranma asked.

"Oh, I have my reasons.", Nabiki said with a smirk on her face.

"Nabiki I certainly hope you do not plan to sell this information to
anyone at school. I think you have caused enough trouble for now. If this
gets out, how do you think Akane will feel.", Kasumi said.

"Then you plan to talk to her?", Nabiki asked.

"Yes, along with Ranma. Hopefully we can make her understand. Remember
thought we are dating, not engaged. If Ranma asked Akane out, or she asks him
out I will not stand in their way.", Kasumi said.

"What about the other fiancée's?", Nabiki asked.

"I have no interest in them. Ukyo already knows, and I plan to talk to the
old ghoul and Shampoo soon.", Ranma said.

When they entered the dojo, Ranma was happy to find out that the two fathers
had evidently left earlier, to find out what happened to Kasumi. Evidently they
didn't believe that anyone would ask Kasumi out on a date as Nabiki told them.

While Ranma, and Kasumi to an extent, were relieved that their fathers were
not their, Nodoka had come over and brought Hinako with her. Both of them were
shocked at how Kasumi looked.

"So Kasumi-chan who is the man who asked you out.", Nodoka said, while
ignoring the fact the Ranma was standing next to her.

"No one asked me out aunty. I asked someone out.", Kasumi said.

"That's not proper. A young lady should not ask a young man out it makes
her look desperate.", Nodoka said without thinking, causing Ranma to frown out
how his mother's words affected Kasumi.

"Well at least its obvious where Ranma gets his cluelessness from.",
Nabiki thought.

"I am not desperate, and I am old enough to decide for myself what is and
is not proper.", Kasumi said, actually sounding angry for once.

"So who did you ask out.", Ms. Hinako said as Nodoka looked at Kasumi in
disapproval for daring to contradict one of her 'elders'.

"It was Ranma, whom I asked out.", Kasumi said as all eyes in the room
were now fixated on Ranma.

"So you want to marry him now?", a new voice said from the stairs.

Coming down the steps, and stopping in front on Ranma and Kasumi, was
a very angry Akane.

"Neither Ranma nor I are going to marry anyone right now. I asked him
out and her agreed because we both like each others' company.", Kasumi said.

"How could you do this to me?", Akane yelled at Ranma.

"Do what. We both agreed earlier to be friends. All the engagements
were broken remember. If someone asks me out and I do not mind, I will
accept.", Ranma said while catching Akane's hand as she tried to slap him.

"Let me go!", Akane yelled as Ranma released her hand and she prepared
to try and hit him again.

"Akane behave yourself.", Kasumi scolded, causing Akane to freeze in

"You still don't get it, no matter how many times I have tried to
talk to you. I am not your fiancee anymore because of your temper and the
fact that you never trust me. Its always hit Ranma first, then maybe ask
questions later. If this continues, I am not sure if I even want to be your
friend. If that happened I would be very sad. I still feel something for you
Akane, but you make it harder to remember what that is everytime you lose your
temper and try and use me for a punching bag.", Ranma said.

"Fine then marry her for all I care.", Akane said as she ran upstairs.

"Does anyone ever listen to what I say?", Ranma asked himself out loud.

About an hour later, after everyone except for Akane, who was still up in
her room, had calmed down, the front door banged open and the sounds of off
key singing and grunting flowed through the room.

Walking into the living room, was a very drunk Soun Tendo and an
equally drunk large panda.

"Husband I thought you went out to look for Kasumi. Its seems though
that you have spent more time in the local bars though.", Nodoka said.

"We couldn't find her?", a panda sign said.

"Probably didn't look very hard. Face it pops, sometimes you two are no
different than the 'old freak', you only care about yourself.", Ranma said.

As the panda was busy pulling out signs telling Ranma what he thought
about be compared to the 'master', Sound had noticed how Kasumi was dressed and
responded in a predictable manner.

Kasumi was annoyed that her father had the audacity to not only say that
she was dressed in a shameful manner, but she had left the house on a date
without his permission. As if she was a little child that had to ask her
father for permission to do anything.

Lured down by the sounds of several people yelling, Akane was watching
everything from the shadows on the hallway. She was about to leave when
something happened that definitely caught her interest.

"So who is this boy you saw tonight?", Soun demanded of Kasumi.

Kasumi turned away and kept silent.

"Kasumi you will answer your father?", Soun now shouted.

Kasumi spun around and glared at her father, causing him to take a
step backwards. The glare he was receiving very similar to one his dear
departed wife often gave him, when she was displeased with how he was

"I will not tell you, for if I do you will only interfere and I will
not have my life ruined they way you ruined Akane's and Ranma's.", Kasumi
said to her father.

Ranma was so busy listening to Kasumi yell at her father, much to his
amusement, that he did not notice a rather large panda walk up behind him and
wack him over the head with a rather large table lamp.

"That will teach the boy some manners.", a panda sign said.

Two people in the home did not share Genma's opinion at the moment. As
the panda started to leave for the furo he noticed his wife starting to pull
out her Katana and Kasumi blocking his path and starting to glow?!?

"How dare you hurt him. Ranma has done nothing but try and help out
everyone one here, while you have done nothing but make everyone's life
more difficult. He was the first person in over four years to except my
invitation to go out and you are not going to ruin my chances with him.",
Kasumi yelled in frustration and began to glow a bright yellow, causing
everyone to gasp out loud.

"You are not longer welcome here until you apologize.", Kasumi almost
hissed as the yellow glow about her condensed in her palm before firing out
in a yellow beam of energy which slammed into the panda and blew him out the
back door and through the outer stone wall of the compound.

Her energy spent, Kasumi collapsed onto the floor, ending up laying right
next to Ranma.

"What was that. Nabiki said after she regained her voice.

"Years of built up frustration. Believe me I know the feeling.", Nodoka
said to Nabiki, who took a moment to realize at what Nodoka was hinting at.

"Oh my!", was all Nabiki could think of to say.

When Ranma was knock out Akane had planned to pound the panda, but when she
saw how Kasumi had defended Ranma, she almost fell over. How did do that and why
did she feel so strongly towards Ranma. It didn't make sense, unless they had been
dating for a while and had somehow managed to keep it a secret from everyone. Not
wanting to think about and drained from all the pent up emotion of seeing and
hearing her sister defend Ranma, Akane decided that going to bed early was the
best thing that she could do at the moment.

"Well now that is not quite what I had in mind, but it will do for the
moment.", cloaked figure said from a roof across the street, her green eyes
twinkling in the moonlight, before she faded from sight.


Two hours later Ranma awoke and moved her red hair out of her eyes as she
tried to sit up.

"Wait a minute... Red Hair???? When did I change to my girl form?", Ranma
thought to herself.

As she tried to get up Ranma noticed that she was being held down by
something. With her eyes coming back into focus she was now laying next to
Kasumi on the living room floor with a blanket over them. Kasumi had her
arms wrapped around Ranma-chan and didn't seem inclined to let go anytime

"How did this happen?", Ranma thought as Kasumi sighed and pulled
Ranma closer to her.

"Ah... how cuuuttttteee.", A voice said.

Look around Ranma saw his mother looking at him with her 'My son is
so manly' expression on her face.

"Oh great, I definitely don't need this. At least I didn't wake up in
a tuxedo like the last time I was knocked unconscious. Wait a minute.....
who knocked me out. Was Akane mad at me for some reason again or was it
someone else. Ranma thought as he once again to scoot away from Kasumi
with little success. While he was still held tight Ranma's constant squirming
finally managed to awaken Kasumi.

Kasumi opened her eyes feeling quite drained and very hungry for some
reason. She also noticed that she had her arms wrapped tightly around a certain
redhead who was looking at her with a somewhat panicked expression on her face.
Kasumi smiled at cute Ranma-chan looked.

Kasumi pulled her arms away from Ranma and began to stand up, but sat down
again when she noticed Ranma had not moved and seemed to be now covering her head
with her arms.

"What are you doing Ranma?", Kasumi asked gently.

"Waiting for you to hit me.", Ranma said to a shocked Kasumi and an
annoyed looking Nodoka.

"Why would I hit you.", Kasumi said as she reach out and took hold of
Ranma's hands and pulled them away from her face.

"Its what everyone would have done. Could you imagine what would happen if
it would have been Akane that I woke up next to.", Ranma said.

"But Akane does still like you, she may even still love you.", Kasumi said.

"It really doesn't matter. Akane's first reaction when something scares her
or makes her feel uncomfortable is to strike out, especially if a 'boy' is
involved in some way. I'm sorry but I simply don't trust her enough to ever want
to be in a similar situation with her that I was in with you.", Ranma said.

"I see.", Kasumi said with mixed feelings.

On one hand Kasumi was glad that Ranma seemed to trust her, more than most
people. On the other hand though Kasumi was disappointed that her sister and others
could not seem to control their tempers and always abuse her....., or rather

Nodoka's thoughts seemed to mirror Kasumi's somewhat at the moment, although
she was still spending most of her time thinking about an appropriate punishment
for her wayward husband as she looked out the back porch at the 'Genma-sized'
hole in the dojo's outer wall.

"So aunty how did Ranma and I end up on the floor together and why......",
Kasumi's question was cut off as her stomach grumbled in a matter very similar to
Ranma's when he was hungry.

"It is difficult to explain. Why don't I make something for both of you to
eat first then we will talk. It is obvious that what you did has made you somewhat
tired and hungry, and of course my son is always hungry.", Nodoka said with a
smirk on her face as Kasumi and Ranma blushed.

Author's Note:

Well this chapter turned out a lot larger than I had intended and I am still
not through covering all I want to cover before I start to write about Urd's and
Hiroki's relationship in the past. The next chapter will continue in the present
before returning to the past, I think... Ranma seems to be undergoing some
unusual changes in this chapter along with a few other members of the cast. I left
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end up with at the end of this story, despite the fact how protective Kasumi
seems to be of Ranma at the end of this chapter.

I hope this chapter satisfies those who were complaining about how the
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