Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Sidestory 1 What makes a man part 2 ( Chapter 11 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This chapter takes place immediately following the events described
in the first part of the side story, "What makes a man? Part 1". First time
readers should go over that chapter first, before starting to read this one.


Side story #1 What makes a Man? Part 2

Ranko continued to tell the tale of the world in which Ranma was
left in the hospital by Genma after an unsuccessful attempt at learning
the dreaded neko-ken. Shampoo was especially interested in this story,
because it looked like for once that she would have a have a chance at
having Ranma love her. After everyone took a brief break to stretch, use
the restroom, etc, Ranko had the viewing globe continue the story where it
last left off; just before Ranko, Kodachi and Shampoo were to see each other
again after being apart for almost two years.


It was hard to tell who was the more nervous, Ranma and Kodachi, or
Shampoo. All three of the teens were almost sick with anticipation, especially
Ranma, who looked as if he had just gotten over a bout of sea sickness. He chided
himself for feeling so nervous. He and Kodachi had kept in touch was Shampoo on a
regular basis. They exchange letters, pictures, even videotapes, which surprised
Ranma and Kodachi. Who knew Shampoo's village had access to modern technology?
These still though felt almost impersonal to the three teens. Nothing would take
the place of the three of them being together again.

Ranma and Kodachi were now very close to each other and both of them shared
Shampoo's worries about whether or not they would feel the same towards the
Amazon girl that they felt for each other.

As the two teens approached the embassy, Ranma and Kodachi were surprised
by the amount of armed guards now surrounding the building. They had heard that
there was an 'incident' between Shampoo's tribe and another tribe in the
region, but the Chinese government was not one to share information about
any troubles that may have taken place in their country.

Both of the teens were somewhat embarrassed that they had to be
'searched' before they were allowed entry. The guards though were professional
and did not take advantage of the two teens, which was fortunate for them,
as Ranma and Kodachi were considered honorary Amazons in Shampoo's and her
mother's eyes. Any impropriety would be dealt with harshly.

"Try to calm down Ranma-chan. There is no need to be so jittery.",
Kodachi said as she saw Ranma continue to shift his weight back and forth
on his feet.

"I know Dachi-chan. It's just I want all of us to stay close to each other
but I am worried that Shampoo may not feel the same towards us anymore.",
Ranma said to Kodachi.

"If that turns out to be true then I am sure that we all still be
friends and you will have to 'make due' with only one girlfriend", Kodachi
teased Ranma, whose mind began to wander.

Both Ranma and Kodachi had of course received 'the talk' and were
quite aware of their growing feelings towards each other, but it was still
a very strange thing for Ranma to try and comprehend what it meant to be with
two girls in an intimate way, if they chose, when the three of them became
older. Ranma believed that he was falling in love with Kodachi and he wanted
and hoped that Shampoo felt the same way. The only question in Ranma's mind
was would Shampoo and Kodachi feel the same way about each other. After all
can two girls feel that way, and if so could they do 'stuff' together as
well. Perhaps he should ask his mother, when no one else was around.", Ranma
thought with a large blush on his face.

Kodachi was about to ask Ranma why he was blushing so much when the
door to the room opened and in walked Shampoo and her mother. Ranma
took one look at Shampoo, felt his body begin to react in an embarrassing
manner and turned away quickly.

Kodachi saw Shampoo and began to feel a little jealous. Her friend
had filled out quite a bit and honestly had the body of a girl who was at
least 18 or 19. Kodachi saw Ranma turn quickly away from Shampoo and she
believed that she knew the reason why.

Shampoo saw her first boyfriend turn quickly away and thought that
something must be wrong with her. Did he think that she was ugly? Maybe
he didn't want anything to do with her anymore. These questions caused her
to begin to sniffle, attracting Ranma's attention, who walked over to her
hoping that nothing was noticeable, so to speak.

"Don't cry Shampoo. I'm sorry if you are disappointed in me.", Ranma
said much to Shampoo's shock and her mother's amusement.

"I thought you were disappointed in me. You turned away. Am I that
horrible to look at.", Shampoo said in far better Japanese than she
spoke when Ranma last saw her.

"That's not it at all. I turned away because....well... I think
that you are very beautiful and.....", Ranma tried to say as
Mei Ling bent down and whispered something into Shampoo's ear, causing
the girl to looked shocked, then quite pleased.

"So Ranma excited to see Shampoo yes?", Shampoo said in her original
sing-song voice while going through a few model poses, much to Ranma's

"Tsk tsk, such teasing. You know how shy Ranma-chan is Shampoo.",
Kodachi said as she walked up to her friend and hugged her.

"I'm sorry Ranma that I teased you. I was just glad that you still
liked me. I was afraid that you didn't like me anymore since you have been
alone with Kodachi-chan for so long.", Shampoo said.

"I like you a lot and I hope that we can talk about what all of us had
been doing since you had to leave. Before that, can you do one thing for me?",
Ranma asked.

"What is it?", Shampoo asked.

"Can you change your dress. Don't get me wrong it is very nice but
I find it hard to think straight when I look at you.", Ranma said as he
tried to ignore how Shampoo's mini dress seemed to 'hug' her curves.

"So you want to see me out of this dress?", Shampoo purred as she
ran her hands over her hips.

"Urrkkk?!?", Ranma replied.

"<Giggle>, Ranma is so silly.", Shampoo sing-songed as she left the
room to change.

Mei Ling could only shake her head in amusement. The poor boy was
still not used to aggressive women, and Amazon teenagers could be the
most aggressive.

"Oh well, at least his visits will not be boring.", Mei Ling thought
with an amused grin on her face.


A short time later Kodachi and Ranma were up in Shampoo's room, with
the three teens describing what they had been doing since they last saw each
other. Shampoo could only shake her head at some of the things that
Ranma and Kodachi had gone through. She thought her life in the Amazon
village was exciting but, at least she didn't have to put up with a half
demon girl being interested in her.

"So while I was away Ranma found himself another 'fan' who is still
following him around like a love sick puppy and who has a sister that is
part demon and who fell in love with Kodachi-chan's idiot brother.",
Shampoo stated.

"Well it's not really that bad. I mean, Dachi-chan and I only
see Akane occasionally when we are out and her sister Kasumi tends to
spend most of her time with Kodachi's brother. Neither of them has even
visited us at home.", Ranma replied.

"That is probably for the best. Ayane was nervous about her dear
'innocent' Sayuri finding someone to date. There is no telling how she
would react if an Alu-demon suddenly showed up and began to flirt with
Ranma-chan.", Kodachi said while smiling slightly at how adorably nervous Ranma
seemed to get every time someone mentioned Akane's sister.

"I am glad Sayuri finally found someone. I was beginning to think that I
would have to share Ranma with two other girls, instead of just one.", Shampoo
teased as Ranma twitched slightly.

"Well her boyfriend Ryoga, tends to 'get lost' quite a bit so Sayuri
has been lonely at times. In fact her mother told me, that she caught Sayuri
trying to sneak into Ranma's room one night, like we used to do when we were
younger.", Kodachi said.

"Ryoga? Why does that name sound familiar?", Shampoo thought to herself,
then disregarded the thought as being unimportant.

"It was more than one night.", Ranma mumbled then slapped his hand over
his mouth as the girls stared at him.

"You haven't been naughty have you Ranma-chan?", Kodachi asked.

"No, I mean I was surprised to find her curled up to me a few nights, but
....um.... maybe I shouldn't say anything more.", Ranma blushed nervously
as Shampoo began to look a little annoyed.

"Shampoo think that she have to give Sayuri-chan a good
talking to.", Shampoo said while accidentally slipping into her 'pigeon
Japanese' manner of speech.

"You don't have to worry about it. I made her promise to never do that
again. We are friends, but I don't think that we should be sleeping together
at our age.", Ranma said then sighed at his poor choice of words.

Fortunately neither Kodachi nor Shampoo were that jealous of Ranma.
For some reason though Ranma had a strange vision of that girl Akane hitting
him with a large mallet, of all things, if she would have caught him in a
such a situation. Ranma could only snicker at such a silly thought. After all
pulling mallets out of nowhere only took place in anime and manga series.

Ranma and Kodachi continued to tell Shampoo more about their lives, but
most of what they had to tell was just the day to day lives that teenagers
lived. It was hardly exciting, but it did seem to interest Shampoo,
especially when Ranma tried to describe something about a machine that
allowed two people to fight in a game using the television. She would have
to look at what that was later.

"So, Shampoo-chan you came home early, does that mean that you are
now a warrior in your tribe?", Kodachi asked.

"I won the junior tournament, but I still have to compete in the
tests of adulthood, when I become 16. I will have to return to the village
when that takes place. I won't be gone long for that. You and Ranma-chan can
even visit the village if you like. I wouldn't mind having the both of you
near me when I will.", Shampoo said in all modesty.

"As long as we are not apart for so long again.", Ranma said while
reaching over and hugging Shampoo, much to the girl's delight.

"Ranma appears somewhat more comfortable around girls now. I wonder
if he and Kodachi-chan have done 'anything' yet?", Shampoo briefly
thought to herself.

"So Shampoo what was life in your village like? It was probably
more interesting than anything that happened around here.

"I had to spend most of my training with 'old ghoul'.", Shampoo

"Old Ghoul?", Ranma and Kodachi seemed to say at the same time.

"My great grandmother. She is an elder of the tribe and over 300
years old. She is very skilled in Wu Shu.", Shampoo replied.

"Are you sure she is that old. I mean I heard about rumors where
martial artists could use ki to expand their life, but that seems a
little much.", Kodachi said.

"Oh its true alright...unfortunately.", Mei Ling mumbled as she
walked into Shampoo's room, startling the three teens.

"Mother, you are supposed to knock before you come into my room.
I am not a little child anymore.", Shampoo said indignantly.

"Are you afraid I would catch the three of you doing something
you shouldn't be doing.", Mei Ling said with a grin.

"Old pervert.", Shampoo grumbled.

"Now that is not true. Lilac is the old pervert, while I am still
a young and vibrant pervert.", Mei Ling said as Shampoo face-faulted.

"Who is Lilac?", Ranma asked.

"You don't want to know.", Shampoo said as she removed her face from
the carpeting.

"It's nice to see you again Ling-san.", Ranma said hoping to distract
Shampoo from arguing with her mother.

"Now, now Ranma, I told you before to call me Mei-chan.", Mei Ling
said as Shampoo continued to look at her mother in annoyance.

"Is there a reason you came to my room mother?", Shampoo said.

"Oh such disrespect a mother must endure these days. If you must know
I have just received a message from the village. It appears a certain
nuisance has left the village to search for 'his beloved' in order to free
her from, "That foul demon Ranma Shiritory.", Mei Ling said as Shampoo
began to say several rather impolite words in Mandarin.

"My idiot brother was in your village?", Kodachi said in confusion.

"No this is another idiot.", Shampoo replied in disgust.

"Who is this person?", Kodachi asked.

"His name is Mousse and he is a boy back in our village that has had
a crush on me ever since we were children and I save him from a group
of bullies.", Shampoo said.

"That doesn't sound too bad.", Ranma said while guessing that this
Mousse person was a little like Akane.

"It is bad. He is obsessed with me. He chases away any boy that even
so much as speaks to me. He even injured one boy in the past, when the
boy asked me to go for a walk with him.", Shampoo said.

"He had better not lay a hand on you Ranma-chan if he wishes to
continue breathing.", Kodachi said while managing to produce a faint
battle aura, a fact which seemed to impress both Shampoo and her mother.

"If Ranma chooses both Shampoo and Kodachi, she might make a good
Amazon 'sister' for Shampoo.", Mei Ling thought to herself.

"Kodachi-chan has gotten stronger. It would be nice to have a strong
co-wife if Ranma chooses either one of us.", Shampoo thought, then blushed
when she realized what having a co-wife might entail.

Ranma, meanwhile wondered why Mei Ling suddenly looked thoughtful and
why Shampoo was blushing.

"Must be a 'girl thing'.", he wisely thought to himself.


A few days later, Ranma found himself sitting in a mostly empty
mansion. Both Shampoo and Kodachi had other plans for the day. His
mother and Ayane-chan went to something called a day spa. Ranma wasn't
sure what that was, but he guess it was like a bath house of a sorts. Even
Yuka left, chasing after some guy, who was wearing a tuxedo of all things.
Ranma knew that his sister was lonely at times, but there was something about
the guy that bothered Ranma during the few times that he saw him in public.
In any case he was left alone, with just the servants. If he didn't know better
he would have guessed that this was done on purpose. He hoped it wasn't another
one of Sayuri's little jokes. The girl became a little 'strange' if she was away
from her 'beloved' Ryoga, (Gag, choke), for any length of time. Watching those
two constantly make 'puppy dog' faces at each other all day was like watching
some bad shoujo anime.

The sound of the front door opening wide, awoke Ranma from his musings.
In walked Sayuri, with two people he never expected to see in his home.

"What is that girl thinking.", Ranma thought as he his quickly around
the corner to avoid being seen by one Akane Tendo and her sister Nabiki.

Continuing to back away, Ranma failed to notice the loose throw rug
that was behind him. As his foot hit the corner of the rug his foot slipped
out from under him, causing Ranma to fall backwards and hit the hard wood
floor, with a 'thud'.

"Owwie!", Ranma exclaimed as he stared up at the ceiling and listened to
the sounds of running footsteps approaching him.

As he tried to sit up, he found himself suddenly pulled off the floor
far to quickly for his liking. In fact he began to fall over forward. Hitting
the floor again, he was now laying on top of one Akane Tendo, who seemed
about to implode judging by how much she was blushing.

"Oh great, now what is that girl going to think of me?", Ranma
briefly pondered as he saw little hearts in the girl's eyes and felt her
heart began to beat faster.

"Wait a minute, how can I feel her heart beat?", Ranma thought as he
soon realized that he had one of his hands on Akane's chest.

"My aren't we forward.", Nabiki said as Ranma managed to roll off of

"Are you alright? I'm sorry I pulled so hard.", Akane said with
down cast eyes, a blush still present on her cheeks.

"Oh well at least Dachi-chan wasn't here to see this.", Ranma
thought, then said, "I'm fine Akane-san."

Ranma briefly excused himself from the room, dragging Sayuri with
him, telling the two Tendo girls that he needed to have a brief talk
with Sayuri.

"Why did you bring them here Sayuri. You know how clingy they
were when we last ran into them?", Ranma asked.

"Nabiki and I have a project for school to do together and we
needed to use a computer to do it. The ones at the school were
begin used and they do not have any computers at their home.",
Sayuri replied to Ranma.

"And Akane is here because......", Ranma stated.

"That girl stays at home by herself most of the time. You know
that she is a bit of a tomboy. He doesn't have any friends. Besides
would you want to stay at home if you had to put up with Kodachi's
brother constantly following your older sister around and acting as
if he is some sort of servant. Honestly those two are far too 'clingy".
It's like watching a bad soap opera.", Sayuri said and Ranma had a brief
sense of Deja-vu.

"So I am supposed to entertain Akane while you and Nabiki work on
your little project.", Ranma said while sounding somewhat annoyed.

"Just show her around the house and be nice to her. You don't have
to 'make out' with her, unless of course you want to add another girl to
your little 'love triangle'", Sayuri teased.

"Don't worry I wouldn't want to make you jealous.", Ranma teased
Sayuri back.

"What!", Sayuri said a little too loudly, attracting the attention
of Nabiki and Akane.

"You talk in your sleep, those nights you snuck into my bed.", Ranma
said as Akane's eyes got really big.

"It's a regular orgy around here.", Nabiki whispered to Akane, who had
a glassy eyed expression on her face and appeared to be sweating. Ah the perils
of trying to listening another's conversation.

"What did I say.", Sayuri asked quietly.

"Oh something about wanting both Ryoga and I to be your loyal
love slaves.", Ranma said as Sayuri began to feel like fainting.

"I said that?", Sayuri asked.

"Well that and a few other things, but I won't embarrass you by
talking about some of your more 'creative' ideas for us to be together.
Besides, I am not into a three way relationship.", Ranma said.

"Well not with another boy that is.", Sayuri stated.

"That's right. Hey wait a minute....", Ranma tried to say as Sayuri
began to giggle.

"Well you do have that large bed of yours Ranma-chan. You could easily
have some fun in there as all you slide around on your silk sheets. That's
assuming of course, you just don't invite Akane and Nabiki to join you in
one of the hot tubs, that you seem to spend so much time in with your little
'Dachi-chan'.", Sayuri said with a lecherous look on her face.

"Gods, your just as perverted as Ayane-chan is.", Ranma said as Sayuri
began to frown.

"Mother was trying to be naughty with you again?", Sayuri said as she
remembered the times she caught her mother in the spas with Ranma and Kodachi
supposedly making sure that the two teens behaved themselves.

Nabiki looked over at her sister who was now almost purple and was staring
at the floor, somehow finding it quite fascinating.

As they heard Ranma and Sayuri approaching the entrance hall again, both
of them raced over to the far side of the room and tried to pretend that they
had no idea what Ranma and Sayuri was just talking about.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, but Sayuri-chan and I had something to
discuss, that couldn't wait until later.

"That's alright.", Akane said nervously, causing Ranma to walk up to
and place his hand on her forehead when he noticed how red she was.

"Are you alright. You feel very warm.", Ranma said.

"I'm fine.", Akane squeaked out.

"Are you sure. I had planed to give you a tour of the house while
Sayuri and your sister did their school work. If you are not feeling
well though, we can do it another time.", Ranma stated.

"No, it's alright. I would like to see your home.", Akane said while
smiling shyly.

As Ranma led Akane around his home, the poor girl seemed to walk
around with her mouth permanently open. Akane was shocked to find out the
just the dining room of this mansion was as large as the entire bottom
floor of her home. The ballroom looked to be twice as large as her family's
dojo. It would be safe to say that Akane was impressed by what she saw.

Akane was not ashamed to admit to herself that she was a little
jealous about what she saw. Her family had to struggle each day to find money
to support themselves. She tried not blame her father for 'forcing' Nabiki
to find some creative ways to support all of them. Maybe someday if her
father even took in students they could move into a larger home or at least
improve the home that she now lived in.

Ranma led her into the kitchen when he remembered he girl's taste
for ice cream. Akane refused at first, after all she didn't like having
to depend on other people, but as far as she could tell Ranma was just
being nice to her, unlike those kids at school, who tended to take pity
on her when they found out about her father.

Before heading upstairs Ranma was showing Akane the outside
greenhouses, when he noticed the girl wandering off towards the large
fish pond that was on the property. He was just to let her wander around
out there, when he suddenly remembered that he had agreed to take care
of a certain pet of Kodachi's for a while, until it calmed down and no
longer tried to each her brother.



Before Ranma could even step another foot towards the pond he was
surprised to find someone curled around his body, under his shirt.

"Odd I thought only catgirls could do that.", Ranma thought while
remembering a few of the 'Labor' fanfictions that he had been reading
as of late.

"Is it safe?", Akane said from within Ranma's shirt.

"Don't worry that's only Mr. Turtle. He won't hurt you.", Ranma
said as he tried to dislodge the stubborn girl from himself.

"Are you sure?", Akane asked.

"Yes, now please come out of there. It's not really proper for
you to be in there anyway.", Ranma said as a mortified Akane seemed to
pop out from under his shirt, then stood in front of him, looking
like she wanted to apologize for hanging all over him.

Akane declined Ranma's offer to pet Mr. Turtle and began to wonder
what sort of girl was Kodachi. She seemed to affectionate in public and
she kept weird pets. At least her family was normal.....sort of....

As they made their way up the main stairs to the second level
of the home and into the main hallway, Akane looked into an open doorway
and saw someone's bedroom that had a lot of flowers and other plants in

"So you like my room.", Ranma said to Akane who jumped in surprise
at not realizing that Ranma was right behind her.

Akane looked around feeling a little jealous again. The room was
huge in her opinion. Besides the plants the room had not one, but two
computers, a large stereo system and an even larger television.

"Believe it or not, when I first moved in here, Yuka was embarrassed
by having me live in such a 'small' room.", Ranma said to a shocked Akane.

"I noticed you have a lot of flowers in your room. Most guys
wouldn't do that for fear of being teased or having others think that
they are gay.", Akane said.

"I always liked to help my mother in the garden when I was very
young. It is one of the few memories I have of her. When I arrived
here I met our head gardener, Tomas. He had worked her for over 30 years
and was definitely not weak or effeminate just because he liked to grow
things. He told me that it is up to the individual to decide whether or
not something is appropriate or not. No one else has a right to tell
another person that she shouldn't like a particular hobby or even job
because of some old tradition or stereotype that people upheld.",
Ranma said to a thoughtful looking Akane.

"This is also one of things that Dachi-chan and I can do together
without the other person feeling left out. She also had her martial
arts, which I cannot participate in for too long, and I have my
computers, which Dachi-chan is not interested in.", Ranma said.

"It must be nice being able to share things with someone you love.",
Akane said in a melancholy tone of voice.

"Are you worried about being alone? You shouldn't be. My situation with
Kodachi and Shampoo is rather unique I think. Not many people our age even
date that often, never mind almost being engaged to each other. You are a very
nice girl and cute as well. I am sure that if you asked a guy to go out he would
say yes.", Ranma said while being unaware of the thoughts his words were
putting into Akane's head.

"Most boys do not seem interested in me?", Akane said.

"Are you sure. I know that I sometimes have a tendency to look at
girls who tend to be more outgoing and athletic, and I know other people
do as well. It's a character flaw I know, especially considering my poor
health at times. Perhaps you mind try looking at some of the more quiet
and intellectual students.", Ranma said.

"I don't know if we would have anything in common. All of my spare
time has been spent doing martial arts.", Akane said.

"Tell me, if you did not know and just past me on the street, Akane,
would you have given me a second glance.", Ranma said.

"Probably not.", Akane said while looking down.

"Then there is your answer. I know we get along, and you probably
would get along with others as well if you give them a chance.", Ranma
said to a thoughtful looking Akane.

"You think so?", Akane asked.

"Yes I do. The most important thing is to find another person
who will treat you with kindness and respect. Someone who will treat
you as an equal. If you do not have the same interests and hobbies, all
the better. Then you will be able to learn new things from each other.",
Ranma said.

"I don't think that my father would approve of someone like that.",
Akane said.

"Well, I suppose I could just be bitter because of how my father
treated me, but from what you have told me of you father earlier, I would
say that his opinion doesn't matter. It is your life and no one else has a right
to tell you who you should be friends with or even date. You can listen to
other peoples' advice, but the final decision is yours alone.", Ranma said.

"I'll think about it.", Akane said.

Ranma continued to show Akane around his home with the both of them
finally ending up in the game room. Akane once again looked around in wonder
especially at the television, which appeared to be as wider than she was tall.
Ranma showed her a few games which she enjoyed, not having much chance to
do anything like that at home. Money was far too tight to spend on such
luxury items such as video games.

After about an hour of playing she began to yawn.

"Are you tired?", Ranma asked.

"It's hard to sleep at home sometimes, what with father crying
for some reason or another and having to keep track of Kasumi's alter
ego at times. Fortunately she seems to be getting better, but having
Kodachi's brother at home all the time can be difficult.", Akane said.

"I don't doubt that for a minute. Still if you are tired, we have
a 'few' spare rooms where can you can lay down for a while if your wish.
Would you like to do that for a while.", Ranma asked.

"Could I stay in your room, maybe even your bed?", Akane asked
silently, then blushed at how much of a pervert she seemed to be whenever
Ranma was around. Perhaps her unique feelings for him meant something, but
she would not say anything to him. That would not be right.

Sighing, she said that she was fine and maybe they should find Sayuri
and Nabiki to see if they are finished with their school work yet. The sooner
Akane left the sooner she could sort through her feelings.

Ranma and Akane eventually found Sayuri and Nabiki on one of the outside
patios, near the mansion's pool. Both appeared to be spending more time
sun bathing then studying. Walking closer to them Ranma noticed that Sayuri
had let Nabiki borrow one of her smaller bikini's. He really wished that Sayuri
would not wear such things. He was not in love with her, but he was a guy
after all, and those little swimsuits were quite distracting.

Nabiki, seeing Ranma, made an effort to suck on the popsicle that she
was holding in a very suggestive manner, causing he poor boy to blush
greatly. Akane seeing this could only glare at her sister.

"How dare she dress like that and tease her....or rather Ranma. It
was obvious that he is shy.", Akane thought. Never mind the fact that Nabiki
did have a better body than her. That didn't have anything to do with how she
was feeling at the moment.

"So I thought you were supposed to be studying?", Ranma asked Sayuri.

"Oh we finished that already, besides it is far too nice of a day to
spend too much time indoors.", Sayuri said while rolling over on her side
allowing one of the straps on her swimsuit to fall off her shoulder causing
her top to loosen and display a great part of her cleavage to Ranma.

"I see, well then perhaps it might be time to leave then, Akane seems
to be somewhat tired and she shouldn't have to walk home by herself.", Ranma
replied trying to ignore both his friend and Nabiki.

"It's far too early for that. I know if she is tired, then you can have
her driven home. You can even accompany her there. Either that or perhaps she
would not mind resting in your bed for a while.", Sayuri said to a very
embarrassed Ranma and slightly grinning Akane.

"Earlier Shampoo said that she needed to have a talk with you because
of how you were misbehaving. I said it wasn't necessary. Perhaps I was wrong
though. Even better, Ayane-chan told me earlier that you have been slacking
in your training. Perhaps I could have her up your training, yes?", Ranma
said as Sayuri began to sweat.

"That's not necessary.", Sayuri nervously giggled as Nabiki began
to be impressed at how sneaky the boy was. He wasn't all that athletic,
be had had a devious streak to him. She could admire that.

Even with some reservations, Ranma decided to have Akane driven back
to her home. He hoped that idiot brother of Dachi-chan's wasn't there. He
really wasn't in the mood to deal with him today.


"I'm sorry about how Nabiki acted.", Akane said as she rode in the
limousine back to her home, with Ranma.

"It's not her fault. People tend to act a little more emotional
when they are around Sayuri-chan for some reason.", Ranma said.

"Really? That's a little strange.", Akane replied.

"I suppose, but it was actually a good thing when we were younger.
I was very shy, and just being around Sayuri made me feel more comfortable
around people. I did have a little crush on her when I was younger, so I
think she feels that it is still ok to tease me in a more sexual fashion,
but it mainly makes me feel uncomfortable now.", Ranma said.

"It still isn't right, she should respect your feelings.", Akane

"It could be worse. The times we spent in Europe involved far more
teasing from Yuka, Sayuri and even her mother Ayane, who was supposed
to set a good example for us.

"What happened?", Akane asked.

"Well, people in Europe are a lot more open than here, and they
tend to think nothing of sunbathing topless or nude in the local beaches
and in some parks.", Ranma stated.

"People lay around naked?!?", Akane blushed trying to imagine what
that scene would be like, especially if she was with Ranma.

"Yeah, a lot do. Not everyone mind you, but a lot of young people
and some older people do. This of course was a perfect excuse to Yuka
and Sayuri to embarrass me by sun bathing topless and Ayane-chan by
sun bathing nude when she had the chance.", Ranma said.

"A woman her age shouldn't do that. She is a mother after all.",
Akane stated.

"She and mother had a rather liberal upbringing, so they have very
few inhibitions. Boy do they ever.", Ranma mumbled the last part as he once
saw a rather 'exuberant' sparing session between his mother and Ayane-chan.
It's a wonder he didn't need therapy. Still it beats how his father treated
him. Better to have a slightly perverted family than an abusive one.

As they continued to ride towards Akane's house both Ranma and Akane
found it harder to talk to each other. Ranma sensed that his family life
was a little disturbing to Akane. True, his new family was a little
perverted at times, but it was mainly just teasing. He hoped that Akane
did not think his family were a bunch exhibitionists and nymphomaniacs.
What could he talk about though. School work was boring and Ranma doubted
that Akane wanted to hear anymore about Kodachi or Shampoo, especially
considering how the girl seemed to still have a little crush on him.

Akane was having similar thoughts. She was finding it much
harder to talk to Ranma then to her friends. Her friends were all
girls. She really had never talked to a boy in such a casual fashion
in such a long time. Most boys her age now only spoke to a girl when they
were interested in them. Since her social life was not exactly very
active she found herself feeling nervous around Ranma. He didn't tease
her or ignore her like the other boys. Her family wasn't all that
interesting, except for Kasumi, but Ranma had enough trouble with perverted
girls as it was. Akane definitely did not want to add to the boy's

"Maybe I should find a hobby or something. Ranma said that
even though he and Kodachi had different interests, they still did some
things together. What could I do to attract his attention. Perhaps I
should cook something for him. Boy's like it when a girl does things
like that, I think.", Akane thought as Ranma felt a cold chill go
down his spine for some reason.

While Akane was thinking, Ranma found himself just staring out the
window, watching the city go by. He had spent so much time lately at the
mansion and at school, that he had little exposure to everyday life,
except when he, his sister, and others went shopping at the local mall.
Even that place catered to higher end clients. Those who couldn't afford
to shop there mainly window shopped, like Akane and her sister did.

"Perhaps if I spent more time out amongst 'normal' people I
wouldn't find it so hard to talk to Akane and other people.", Ranma
thought to himself.

As the limousine exited the local highway, Ranma noticed that
they were entering an older middle class neighborhood. It vaguely
reminded him of where he used to live when he was a small child.
Mothers were out taking their children for a walk. People
were exiting he local markets, with ingredients for their
evening meals, and some of the local students were out and about
enjoying each others' company. There were no servants, dressed
in their uniforms as far as Ranma could see.

"Definitely different from where I am living now.", Ranma thought
as he remembered the few times that he and his father had walked into
a 'rich' neighborhood. For some reason though, they never stayed very long.
The police seemed to always seemed to appear quite quickly and 'suggest'
that perhaps he and his father had a taken a wrong turn and that they
should go somewhere else.

The limousine finally stopped in front of a gated compound
with a small dojo attached to a house which was behind it. The driver
opened the door for Ranma, who in turn escorted Akane out of the car by
her hand, which seemed to embarrass the girl somewhat.

Ranma escorted Akane to her front door, past a small pond that
gave him a strange sense of unease for some reason.

"Well I guess that I will be going now.", Ranma said.

"Could you stay for a little while. I mean you were nice enough
to show me around your home.", Akane said with a hopeful expression
on her face.

"Well, I suppose I could stay a little while.", Ranma replied
while hoping that Kodachi's idiot brother wasn't around visiting
Akane's sister Kasumi. He saw far to much of that idiot as it was
when he visited Kodachi's home.

Akane called out as she entered the house. Her call was answered
by middle-aged tall man with a moustache and wearing a brown. The man
seemed surprised to find someone wit his daughter and he was making
Ranma more than a little nervous by the way he was staring at him.

"So Akane-chan, who is this 'BOY' with you?", Akane's father,
one Soun Tendo asked.

"This is Ranma Shiritory. You remember father, Nabiki and I
went to visit his house with Sayuri.", Akane said.

"Ah yes, the playboy. I trust you behaved yourself with my daughters
young man.", Soun said as Ranma wondered what his problem was.

As if he was ever a playboy. The last thing Ranma wanted was anymore
girlfriends. Two was more than enough for his liking.

"Father, behave yourself.", a feminine and somewhat sultry voice
called out from another room, causing Soun to swallow nervously and
look over his shoulder.

Coming into the room was a certain Alu-demon that Ranma was
familiar with.

"Now father you didn't forget the discussion we had the other day,
did you?", Kasumi asked as Soun shook his head in reply.

"I am glad to here it. After all I wouldn't want to have to punish
you again.", Kasumi said as he held a rolled up newspaper in her hand.

"Daddy Ranma was a perfect gentleman, even when Nabiki was half naked
and practically threw herself at him.", Akane said while somewhat exaggerating
what had happened at the pool at Ranma's house.

"What!, NAKED!!!, how dare you molest both my daughters!", Soun yelled
manifesting a demon head which caused Ranma to yelp and leap backwards right
into Akane, causing the both of them to end on the floor together.

(Whap, Whap, Whap)

"Bad father behave yourself.", Kasumi said as she smacked her
father over the head, sending the man, demon head and all, whimpering
over to a corner of the room.

"Sorry, about this. We keep ending up on the floor together.",
Ranma joked as Akane turned her head away from Ranma and grinned.

"I don't mind. Bad Akane....Mustn't be a pervert.", Akane
thought as she 'accidentally' squeezed Ranma's rear end as she sat up
off the floor.

"Please excuse father, but ever since mother died he has been a
bit emotional.", Kasumi said.

"Now there's an understatement.", a voice said in the back of
Kasumi's head.

"Perhaps it would be best if I left. I did not mean to distress
anyone.", Ranma said as he began to walk towards the front.

"Are you sure that you have to leave?", Akane said.

"Yes, I told Sayuri that I would be right back. Besides someone
has to be there to ensure that your sister doesn't sell any of my
family's artwork.", Ranma joked to Akane who smiled in return.

"Alright if you have to go.....", Akane sighed as Ranma left.

Once Ranma was gone, Akane glared at her father and stomped
upstairs quite angry at how he had acted.

"I was this close to showing Ranma my room.", Akane sighed
as she laid down on her bed and began to pout.

As he rode back home Ranma was glad that he left when he did. He
was becoming more than a little nervous at the way Akane looked at him
when she thought that he hadn't noticed. It reminded him of the way he
saw Kasumi look at Kuno when Ranma had seen them together at Kodachi's


It had been year since Shampoo's return to Japan. Now she, Ranma,
and Kodachi were to begin high school. The three teens were now quite
inseparable. Many of their fellow students were somewhat familiar why the
three hung out together so often, but they remained unaware of the possible
future marriage plans between the three. This did not prevent various rumors
from flying about school. Many of the local citizens were quite familiar with
how 'scandalous' Ayane, and Yuka's mother Kasumi, were when they were young.
It didn't surprise them that their children would be any different. The fact
two local teens were so close to a foreign girl though still shocked some of
the older residents.

Life became a little more lively two months before everyone was to begin
school as Ranma found out when he was given a letter by Kodachi.

"What is this Dachi-chan?", Ranma asked.

"Now that my foolish brother is sixteen, he and that girl Kasumi have
decided that they are old enough to have a more mature relationship, so they
have decided to get married.", Kodachi said.

"You don't sound very happy about that?", Ranma asked.

"I am happy that he found someone to put up with him, and that
'she' will no longer so shamelessly flirt with you, but I am not sure that I
want to have a demon living in my home.", Kodachi said.

"You know only a couple years ago people used to think that both
you and I were a little strange. If they are happy together, so be it.
Of course that means that Kasumi will probably be living with you from
now on, and maybe even a few children in a couple years.", Ranma replied
as Kodachi twitched slightly.

"I suppose I could always move in with you, Ranma-chan, if my home
becomes too noisy.", Kodachi said seductively.

"Shampoo will probably want to join us if you do that.", Ranma
replied imagining both girls wanting to share his bed with him.

"You didn't mind the both of us snuggling up to you in the sauna
the other day. At least until that annoying Ayane interrupted us.",
Kodachi stated.

"I think that is mother's doing. She is afraid that we would end
up starting a family sooner that we would be ready for it.", Ranma said.

A month later the wedding took place. Kodachi still seemed
uncomfortable around Kasumi, but at least the wedding gave Ranma a chance to
see both Shampoo and Kodachi in formal gowns. Both girls were surprised to
have been chosen as brides maids, but since Kasumi did not know that many
people it wasn't that surprising to Ranma.

Shampoo, Kodachi and the other two bridesmaids, Akane and Nabiki
all rode to the wedding together. Perhaps this would help them to relax
a little around each other. Kodachi still kept an eye out on Nabiki. The
girl seemed far to sneaky for her liking and with Nabiki now being
Kodachi's sister in law, she might be tempted to try and see if she could
help herself to some of the Kuno family's fortune. Shampoo on the other
hand tended to watch over Akane, who was admittedly getting cuter as
she grew older, but she wasn't in Shampoo's league, the Amazon could
plainly admit. This didn't stop Akane though from trying to see Ranma
as much as she could, as a friend of course.

During the ceremony Ranma could not ignore the looks that he was
receiving from his two girlfriends. They had always said that they wanted to
wait until they became older to get married, but now they were sending him
a different message.

"Sigh, weddings always make girls act so weird.", Ranma mumbled.

"You got that right.", Ryoga said as he sat near Ranma with Sayuri
latched onto his arm given him the same look that Ranma had received
from Shampoo and Kodachi.

Ranma was tempted to snicker at the 'bands' that Ryoga and Sayuri
were wearing. They looked like linked bracelets, but they had a retractable
chain between them so that Ryoga could not just wander off. Besides Ranma
did not really need to tease him, Ryoga could already overhear some of the
women sitting nearby commenting on how Sayuri had managed to keep her man
in his place.

Yuka seemed to be the only girl her age there with out somebody to
escort her. Ranma could not understand why. She had grown up to be just as
pretty as Kodachi, but she refused to realize this. She seemed almost
afraid of talking to other guys. Whatever the reason was Ranma decided that
maybe he should talk to her after the ceremony.

Ranma was glad when the ceremony was finally over. The wedded couple
had decided to write their own vows and it had taken over an hour for Kuno
to finish reciting his. An hour of having to listen to very poor recited
pseudo Shakespeare was enough to drive anyone crazy.


Halfway through the reception Ranma, and quite a few other people
began to feel quite awful. Ranma began to wonder if he had offended some
deity in a previous life. He sat down in a somewhat darkened corner of the
reception hall, hoping that his headache and nausea would soon fade. He
stayed there for an hour until he was found by Shampoo, who had been looking
for him. It turned out that in honor of Kasumi's wedding, Akane had tried to
help prepare some of the food for the wedding. She was quickly chased out of
the kitchen before the reception, but not until she had a chance to
'improve' some of the bland western dishes that Kasumi seemed to be fond
of as of late. Ironically Akane could eat anything she ate without harm.
Ranma really didn't care about her, or anyone else for that matter at the
moment, he just wanted to feel better.

Shampoo brought Ranma to her mother, where Mei Ling was busy creating
an antidote for everyone who had succumbed to Akane's cooking. After taking
the antidote Ranma began to feel a little better, but he still was not up
to top form as of yet.

"Are you all right Ranma-chan?", Mei Ling asked her future

"I still feel a little ill. I guess I'll survive. Funny though, I
usually do not get food poisoning. Was the food left out in the heat
for too long?", Ranma asked.

"No it appears that you dear friend Akane had heard that some
people get sick from just such a thing, so she decided to kill any
bacteria that the food may have in it. Unfortunately she did this by
pouring in some disinfectant into several of the dishes in hopes that
no one would become ill. Of course some of the spices she added to a few of
the foods, didn't help matters either.", Mei Ling said.

"Not very bright is she?", Shampoo snorted as she thanked her
ancestors that she had avoided eating any of the 'disinfected' food.

"She is trying too hard again. Sayuri had told me a little about
Akane. She has a bit of an inferiority complex regarding her sisters, so
she tries to copy what they can do, but she has never realized that learning
new skills takes time. You can not suddenly be a great cook, or anything
else overnight. She means well, but she needs someone to watch over her.",
Ranma said.

"You are being quite generous for someone who has just been
poisoned.", Mei Ling said.

"Well, what else can I do? I suppose I cold get mad and yell at her,
but that wouldn't solve anything, besides from what I saw earlier she had
already been told off by Dachi-chan and her sister Nabiki. There's no reason
for me to make her feel any worse.", Ranma said.

"If you want to forgive her that's fine, but if she ever does anything
like that to you again, she and I are going to have a 'talk'.", Shampoo
replied to Ranma.

An hour later Ranma was sitting at one of the tables in the
reception hall, talking to Shampoo and Kodachi, when he noticed Nabiki
approaching them with a nervous expression on her face.

"If you are here to apologize for Akane, don't worry about it. I am
not mad at her or anything.", Ranma said as Nabiki seemed to relax a little.

"I am glad to hear it, but that's not why I wanted to talk to you.",
Nabiki said.

"What is it then?", Ranma replied.

"Before the wedding Kasumi made all of us take dancing lessons, so
we would not embarrass her at the party. 'Cassandra' can be very intimidating
at times so all of us agreed. But so far I... well that is.... no one has
asked me to dance so I wondering if perhaps you wouldn't mind...", Nabiki
said as some of her earlier nervousness began to reappear.

"Of course I will dance with you.", Ranma said as he noticed that
neither Shampoo, nor Kodachi seemed to object. "At least Dachi-chan is
relaxing a little more around Nabiki now. Besides its not as if I
would ever date Nabiki.", Ranma thought as he led Nabiki out onto the
dance floor.

As they danced Nabiki leaned into Ranma and began to whisper into his
ear, "There is something that I think you should know."

"What is it?", Ranma asked.

"Because Akane and I are now in-laws to the Kuno clan, they have
decided that our education should be improved so they are paying for us to
go to a certain private school.", Nabiki said as Ranma's eye twitched.

"You are going to the same school, I am attending aren't you.", Ranma
said in a tone that hurt Nabiki a little, not that it showed on the
outside though.

"I know how Akane sometimes acts around you, and I promise I will
try and make her behave, but I felt it best to warn you ahead of times.",
Nabiki said.

As the music ended Ranma went back to Kodachi and Shampoo to tell
them of the news. They were not exactly happy, but at least they were not
angry. Luckily for Ranma, Nabiki had decided to leave out the part of Akane
having several dreams about him in which she was quite vocal. Ranma
definitely would not be too thrilled to find that out.

As the reception started to wind down, Ranma continued to look for
Yuka, curious to what was bothering her earlier. He found his sister when
he was attracted to the sound of someone being slapped rather hard.
Walking out into the garden, that surrounded the reception hall, Ranma
saw his sister standing in front of a boy a couple of years older than
her. The boy had a large red mark on his face and Yuka was glaring
hatefully at the boy.

"How dare you say something like that to me!", Yuka yelled.

"You should feel proud that one of my station even acknowledges
your presence, considering the perverted nature of your family.", the boy
sneered at Yuka as he grabbed onto her wrist.

"Let her go!", Ranma yelled out as he ran towards his sister
attracting the attention of several other wedding guests.

As the boy looked away from Yuka he was surprised to see a foot
approaching his face. Ranma struck the boy right across the forehead,
sending the boy tumbling backwards to the ground. Ranma's mother,
Kasumi, seeing her boy in a fight tried to rush forward, but was
held back by Ayane.

"What are you doing Ayane-chan? Let me go!", Kasumi ordered
her friend.

"Relax Kasumi-chan, that boy has very little skill and Ranma has
the right to defend his sister. Besides I believe that he needs this.
He has always felt that he was never strong enough to protect someone
else. Let him be the hero for once.", Ayane said as she and Kasumi
watched Ranma pick the boy off the ground and struck him with a hard
right cross to the chin.

The boy fell backwards and Ranma was about to approach him when
he noticed the boy pulling out a large knife. The boy lunged at Ranma, who
easily dodged the boy's untrained strike. The boy fell forward,
managing to cut himself and losing the knife in the process.

"Stop this cowardly behavior at once cousin!", exclaimed a
very angry Tatewaki Kuno.

The boy soon found himself lifted off the ground by his neck by
Ranma's mother Kasumi, who somehow had managed to make a blue fiery
aura appear around her other hand and was quite obviously giving
serious consideration to striking the boy with it.

"This fool is your cousin.?", Kasumi hissed at Tatewaki, causing
the boy to gulp nervously.

"Unfortunately. This is my cousin Shiro Kuno.", Tatewaki said in

"Why did you attack my children?", Kasumi glared as she tightened
her grip on the boy's throat causing him to begin to gasp for air.

"Kasumi-chan you might want to release that pathetic little boy
if you want him to answer you.", Ayane said as she saw the boy begin
to turn blue.

Admittedly Ayane really didn't care if the boy lived or died, but
blood was so hard to get out of silk and Ayane knew how upset Kasumi
would be if she had to throw away the dress that she was wearing.

Seeing the boy being dealt with, Ranma looked back to where
Yuka used to be, and was surprised that she was gone.

"Ranma, Yuka ran off towards the parking lot.", Sayuri yelled
to him from nearby.

"Go find Yuka-chan, Ranma, she is more important than you
further punishing this idiot.", Ayane said to Ranma, who then took
off after his sister.

Ranma searched around the parking lot for 15 minutes before he heard
muffled sobs coming from inside one of the limousines. Open the door he
saw Yuka curled up in a corner sobbing uncontrollably.

"Yuka-chan what happened?", Ranma barely managed to say before Yuka
threw herself at her brother and continued to cry on his shoulder.

"He...(sniffle)... He wanted to know how much it would cost to spend
the night with me.", Yuka sobbed.

"WHAT!!!", Ranma yelled a little too loudly, causing Yuka to shrink
away from him.

"He said that he heard about 'how our family is', and thinks that I
would sleep with him.", Yuka said.

"I don't understand Yuka-chan. Why would he say something like that.
What is wrong with our family?", Ranma asked in confusion.

"Many people in our school and in the district have heard of your
relationship with Kodachi and Shampoo and they think that all three of
you and others are into some sort of group sex or orgies. They do not
understand, so they believe the rumors that are going around not only
about the three of you, but about all members of our family and
friends.", Yuka said, tears flowing from her eyes.

"I'm sorry Yuka-chan, I never heard about this before, if I did
I would have never let you or anyone have their honor questioned so. I
know that some people whisper when either Dachi-chan, or Shampoo and I
walk past them, but I never thought that they felt that you were a
pervert. Tell me what I can do to make it up to you. Yuka-chan.", Ranma
said as he pulled his sister close to him again.

There was a knock on the door of the limousine. Ranma opened the door
when he saw that it was Ryoga and Sayuri. The two teens climbed in and sat
down next to Ranma and Yuka.

"Yuka-chan, what happened. Why was that boy bothering you?",
Sayuri asked.

Yuka and Ranma told Sayuri and Ryoga about how others were spreading
rumors about their family, including the fact that they believe that
Sayuri was also having on of 'those' relationships with Ranma and
the others.

"I see....", Ryoga said, looking as if he wanted to hurt someone.

"Were anybody at our school spreading these lies?", Sayuri asked.

Yuka told Sayuri the names of a few people that she knew were the
most active in spreading he rumors about her family.

"Leave it to us. We will deal with them.", Ryoga said to Ranma
and Yuka.

"I'm not sure that will do any good. People may think that we are
just trying to cover up something.", Ranma replied.

"They still deserved to be punished for how they are treating you
though.", Sayuri said.

As the four teens continued to talk, several other people at the
party were 'talking' with Shiro Kuno to see what the boy's problem was.

Amazingly he told them outright what he thought about Yuka's
family, Sayuri and her mother and even the Tendo family. He was either
unaware or just plain foolish at the effects his words were having on
everyone present.

It was the bride who lost her temper first.

"How dare you insult my friends, my family, and then dare to
pull out a weapon during my wedding.", Kasumi growled as a fiery
aura sprung up around her and her wings manifested causing those who
knew of her temper to step way back.

"What would you know about honor, you half demon bitch?", Shiro
Kuno said as several people were now running for the relative safety
of the reception hall.

"Not too long ago your dishonorable actions would have been grounds
for you to commit seppuku, but since I doubt you have any honor at all,
will just have to satisfy myself and others by hurting you severely.",
Kasumi said as she tossed the boy several dozen feet in the air. then
cupping her hands together and pointing them at the boy as they began
to glow a brilliant red color.

"FIREBALL!", Kasumi shouted a large bolt of flame and heat wave
shot towards the boy flinging him almost two miles away into a nearby
drainage canal.

The fool would live, but it would take several months for the burns
and broken bones to heal properly.

Her anger now spent, Kasumi turned towards the wedding guests with
an almost meek expression on her face.

"Please excuse my display of temper, but I could not contain myself
any longer as that 'boy' continued to insult those that I care about.",
Kasumi stated.

Everyone present told her that she had nothing to apologize for. The
boy's behavior was inexcusable, and he will be dealt with later on by his

Ranma and the other three teens returned to the party shortly
there after and were greeted by the bride and groom.

"Were you hurt?", Kasumi said to Ranma as she looked him over,
much to his embarrassment.

"I'm fine Kasumi. Luckily for him, he didn't hurt me or Yuka.
Besides it is my fault for this happening. If I knew how other people
felt about me earlier I could have at least tried to stop the rumors.",
Ranma said.

"I say nay on that. 'Twas my cousin's cowardly and foolish actions
that have caused much dishonor this day.", Kuno said as Ranma was a little
surprised to here the boy almost apologize to him.

"I'm glad the both of you are not mad. With Dachi-chan and I now
being close to each other, (blush), we will probably be seeing each other
a lot from now on.", Ranma said nervously.

The reception ended a couple of hours later with everyone seeing
the bride and groom off for their honeymoon in Hawaii. The groom's father
was supposed to be managing one of the Kuno family factories their, so
they decided to pay him a visit. Kasumi and Tatewaki both wondered what the
man was like since even the groom had not seen his father in several years.


A year went past before anyone could realize it. Kasumi and
Tatewaki had returned from their honeymoon with his father. At first they
were glad to meet the man, but overtime it became painfully obvious that
the man was mentally imbalanced with a gross obsession towards the
Hawaiian culture and short haircuts for some reason. He tried to cut
Kasumi's hair once. She vaporized his shears shortly there after and threatened
to 'roast his coconuts' if he ever tried to do anything so foolish again.
At least they did not have to put up with the man when he became the principal
at Kasumi's old school, Furinkan High.

A couple months after the wedding Ryoga disappeared and had not been
seen since. Sayuri was now constantly on edge and Ranma worried about the
poor girl everyday. Since meeting her, Ryoga never stayed lost for more
than a week at a time. It had almost been ten months now since anyone had
last seen the boy. Many felt that perhaps Ryoga had some sort of accident,
but such opinions were never expressed when Sayuri was around, for fear
of traumatizing the girl.

Yuka had to spend several nights next to Sayuri in order to keep
her friend calm. Sayuri always did tend to be nervous when she was by
herself, so Yuka had 'volunteered' to stay with her when she and her
mother found out that Sayuri had started to sneak into Ranma's room
from night to night, one time catching he and shampoo begin quite
affectionate with each other. Still another night she came across
Ranma and Kodachi sleeping next to each other, half naked.

The two teens had not 'gone all the way', as Ayane liked to
call it, but the sight of them caused poor Sayuri to faint with a
nosebleed. As to who caused this reaction, neither Ranma nor Kodachi
were quite sure. Given who Sayuri's mother was though, it could have
been either one or both of them.

After that second incursion into his room Ranma decided to lock the
door for the night. After all in her present state of mind, who could tell
what Sayuri wanted to do, and Ranma would never want to take advantage of
her in any way.


It had been quiet for most of the year, so far. Ranma and Kodachi
were going to accompany Shampoo back to her village, during their
summer break, so that Shampoo could compete in her final tournament
before she was considered a full warrior of the tribe. Neither Ranma
nor Kodachi had ever been to the Amazon village, so they were rather
excited at seeing a different culture. Mei Ling promised Ranma that
he would be exempt from any challenges while he was there. Most of her
fellow Amazons already considered Ranma to be Shampoo's airen, but he
wasn't aware of that. Kodachi would also be exempt from any formal
challenges, although informal sparing would still be allowed.

Many of the younger Amazons were quite curious about the woman
who had managed to become a co-wife with one of the most promising
girls in the village. The trip was still a couple of months off, so the
three teens had to concentrate on their studies, hopefully without too
many interruptions.

If only Ryoga could be found though. Sayuri had stopped showing any
outward signs of sadness, but every time Ranma looked in her eyes he couldn't
help but feel that something was missing from her. She seemed almost dead,
just going through the motions of day to day life. Even though, they were
not engaged or even dating, Sayuri was one of the first friends that Ranma
had when he arrived in Nerima and he would do anything just to see her
smile again or even insult him, as they used to playfully do to each other.

As Ranma continued to sulk, the citizens of Nerima were treated to a
strange sight. Well, stranger than usual that is. A large panda, of all
things, was running through the streets with a panicked expression on its
face. Chasing the Panda was a tall teenage boy, who appeared to be almost
seven feet tall and was carrying a large spatula on his back. Running along
side the boy was an Alaskan Husky breed of dog, that was the size of a
small horse.

"You jackass come back here and let me pound you.", the boy
shouted out loud.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It was an accident.", a series of signs
held by the panda said.

"ARF ARF BARK BARK BARK, (Come back here and I'll bite your
kneecaps off.)", the 'dog' thought as he continued to bark.

"It will never happen again.", another panda sign said.

"You're damn right it won't. It's bad enough that you did this
to me, but to do 'that' to an innocent boy as well. You should be
ashamed of yourself.", the boy said as he pulled the spatula off
of his back.

(Klang) (Smash) (Splat)

The boy and the dog looked at the squished panda laying in the middle
of the sidewalk and were trying to decide what to do next.

"Great now what do we do. I do feel better after 'splating' that jackass
but it doesn't leave us any closer to curing ourselves of these damn
curses.", the boy said to the dog, who looked as if it understood him.

"Growl, arf, bark, (This really sucks.)", the Husky thought.

"Why was that furry fool leading us all around this district. Nothing
here looks interesting or important. The neighborhood is kind of a dump
actually.", the boy mumbled to himself.

"Arf, bark, bark, (Search the idiot's backpack.)", the dog growled.

"Good idea.", the boy said, somehow understanding what the dog
had said.

The boy opened up the panda's large backpack and began to pull
out a few items that were of particular interest to him.

The first item was a picture of a pig-tailed boy, no older
than eight years old.

"Ran-chan.", the boy said with a smile on his face.

"Remember he is already seeing two girls.", the dog barked.

"I now, but it's not fair. I should be the one engaged to him
not those girls.", the boy said, attracting stares and mumbled comments
about what he had said.

"If life was fair I wouldn't be like now.", the dog barked.

"Oh well, let's see what else this fool has in his pack.", the
boy said as he pulled out two scrolls, that seemed to be of great
interest to the boy.

"He has been holding out on us. Check this out.", the boy
replied as he held the scrolls in front of the dog.

"What else is there?", the dog barked.

"Now this could prove to be a lead for why we are here.",
the boy replied, holding an address for one Soun Tendo, a
practitioner of Anything Goes.

"Maybe they will have hot water. I am getting tired of everyone
running, when they see me.", the horse sized dog growled.

The boy packed up the large backpack and put it on the dog's
back and he grabbed the panda and started to drag it towards
the direction of the Tendo dojo.


A little while earlier at the Tendo dojo, Soun had just finished
reading a letter from his old friend. When Genma and his son arrived
they could schedule a wedding between their children. Funny how the
letter didn't mention Genma's son though.

As Soun was lost in thought, he didn't notice the letter
float off of the table, where he put it, and into the hands of his
eldest daughter who was visiting with her husband.

"Father actually has an old friend. Amazing.", Cassandra said
from within Kasumi's mind as the both of them read the letter.

"Soun, will be arriving soon with guests. Need to discuss
our plans. Some things have changed. Signed Genma.", the letter said.

"This had better not be another lame engagement.", Kasumi growled,
while remembering having to 'deal with' a certain long-tongued French
cretin. At least he would never be bothering anyone ever again.

"I am sure your father has leaned his lesson.", Tatewaki said
while briefly shivering at what his dear wife had done to that
disgusting little creature.

A couple of minutes later, Soun called his daughters into the
living room to tell them the 'good news'. He seemed surprised when they
did not exactly seemed happy about being engaged.

"Father, you know that I am already married. You wouldn't
try to break us up now would you?", Kasumi said in a quiet whisper
causing her father to step back in fear.

"Of course not Kasumi dear, Saotome son will be married to one
of your sisters. Yes that's it.", Soun said.

"So what do you know of this Ranma.", Nabiki asked.

"Well....heh....I have never met the boy.", Soun said as
his two youngest daughters glared at him.

"He's probably jerk, like those boys at school. Nothing like....",
Akane said before stopping to blush in embarrassment.

"Thinking of another Ranma, dear sister.", Nabiki teased.

"Akane stop thinking of that weak boy. He will never be a martial
artist. I do not need my daughter pining over some wimp who is being
taught be women.", Soun said, somehow not noticing the death glare
that his youngest daughter was giving him.

After all Soun had to hear his daughter constantly talk about how
this boy is being taught to defend himself the best that he can. The old
master had always impressed upon his students that women are too weak to
be taught. Of course the old man may have had another reason, such as
how a trained woman may have had the ability to avoid being groped
by the old pervert.

A short time later a knock was heard at the front door, and
Nabiki rushed to see if it was the Saotomes.

"Maybe the boy will at least be cute and not an idiot like
Kasumi's husband.", Nabiki thought.

Upon opening the door, Nabiki found herself almost unable to
think. Standing in front of her was a very tall and cute boy. Nabiki
hoped that this was Ranma. She was so mesmerized by the 'boy' that she
didn't notice the panda or large dog standing next to him, until the
dog growled at the panda.

"Eep!", Nabiki spoke before she ran from the door trampling her
father in the process.

"Idiot, I told you we should have tried to find some hot water
first before we met this friend of yours.", the boy growled at the
panda as the three of them walked into the house.

"Oh what a cute little doggie!", Kasumi exclaimed as the rest of
her family members stared at her for calling such a large beast little.

"Sorry about our unseemly entrance, but this fool insisted we
meet his friend as soon as possible.", the boy said pointing to the panda.

"You have a friend who is a panda, father?", Nabiki asked in a
sarcastic tone of voice.

"It would be easier to explain if we had some hot water first. ", the
boy said, sounding quite frustrated and annoyed.

A few moments later, the boy dumped water over himself, the panda, and
the dog. The boy changed into a cute but tomboyish girl, the panda changed
into a fat, middle-aged man with glasses and the dog changed into someone
that the girls had already met.

"Ryoga-chan is that you?", Kasumi said while licking her lips at the
now naked boy.

"Not bad, but not as big as Ranma.", Akane said then slapped her hand
over her mouth, blushing quite red.

Ryoga managed to dress himself in record time, much to Kasumi's

Soun was so shocked that he failed to notice Akane's comment. Too
bad Nabiki and Kasumi heard it though.

"We'll talk later.", Kasumi mouthed to Akane.

"Saotome is that really you?", Soun as the fat man, one Genma

"It's me old friend, and this is Ukyo, my adopted daughter, and
Ryoga Hibiki, which I guess you already know.", Genma said, sounding
a little uneasy.

"What happened to all of you and where is your son?, Soun asked
a now sweating Genma Saotome.

"Tell the truth old man if you know what is good for you.", Ukyo
growled while pulling out her large spatula.

Genma told everyone present about what had happened to his son so
many years ago and how he was 'forced' to leave the boy at the hospital
since he was unable to care for him.

Genma's description started sending out warning bells to Akane,
who had heard a little of 'another' Ranma's past history.

"Do you have a picture of him.", Akane asked.

"Only an old one.", Genma said as he showed everyone present a
picture of a young boy of about 9 with a pigtail and wearing an old
white gi.

"Oh, Kami-sama, that is Ranma. Then you are the beast that left poor
Ranma-chan, sick, alone and scared in the hospital.", Akane said as she
picked up the dining room table and slammed it over Genma's head
several times.

"He deserved that.", Nabiki said.

"So the plot thickens.", Cassandra said in Kasumi's mind.

"You've met Ran-chan?", Ukyo said in a hopeful tone of voice.

"He goes to school with us.", Nabiki said.

"I haven't seen him in so long, ever since this @&#^@@* left
me at the side of the road.", Ukyo said.

"Left you by the road?", Kasumi asked.

Ukyo gave a brief summary of how she had first met Ranma and
his father, and how she was supposed to be engaged to the boy.

"So you are now his fiancée. I don't think Ranma will be too thrilled
to hear that.", Nabiki said.

"No, not anymore. After this idiot abandoned his son, we met up again
a couple of years later. In exchanged for not turning him into the police
he agreed to adopt me into the family.", Ukyo said.

"So Ranma is your brother then.", Akane said sounding hopeful, a fact
that wasn't missed by Genma or Soun, who didn't seem too thrilled by the

"You sound as if you have a crush on Ranma.", Ukyo replied to Akane.

"Well.... he was nice to me when we were younger. Everyone thought
I was tomboy and made fun of me. He always treated me different from
everyone else.

"So now that we know where Ranma is, well at least most of us. Would
you be so kind as to explain to us why you change with water.", Nabiki

"Ukyo explained how almost a year ago they had come across a
legendary training ground called Jusenkyo. It had not been formally
used in centuries for a very good reason. Whoever falls into one of
the pools there takes the shape of what last drowned in the pool. I
managed to kick him into one of the springs when we were sparing, but
when the old fool came up he was no longer himself, but a giant panda.
The idiot panda man here, kicked me into the spring of drowned boy as I
was staring blankly at his new form when he came out of the pool.
I was a little upset at this happening so I took after the fool as
he tried to runaway. He wasn't paying attention to where he was
going and knocked a boy into another spring.", Ukyo said.

"The boy being Ryoga.", Kasumi said.

"Right, I fell into the spring of dire wolf, or something like
that. Even the guide at the springs wasn't quite sure.", Ryoga said.

"We spent the next year trying to find a cure with no luck, then
last week the old panda here, told us that he had to meet with an old
friend before we continued our search.", Ukyo said.

"So I guess you are here to talk about the engagement between
our families?", Akane asked, sounding quite happy with the idea.

"What!?!", Ukyo and Ryoga yelled out.

"A heh heh, didn't I mention it. We came here to look for Ranma
and clear up an old engagement with one of Soun's daughters.", Genma
said while pealing himself off of the floor.

"I told you about Kodachi and the Amazon girl Shampoo, you
senile fool. Did you forget about that?", Ryoga said as he picked
Genma off of the ground.

"I don't think that we can join our houses at the moment old
friend given who Ranma is.", Soun said.

"What do you mean old friend?", Genma asked.

"Saotome, I have met your son and well, while he appears to be
a kind boy, he is far too sickly to carry on the Anything Goes
tradition.", Soun said.

"That is my fault Tendo. I had hoped he would get better in time, but
if what you say is true then perhaps we should cancel the engagement.",
Genma said.

"The only other option would be for one of my daughters to have the
child of your daughter's male form. She is a martial artist from what I
can tell, and the pact could at least carried out that way.", Soun said
while wondering why everyone was staring at him as if he were an idiot.

"Sorry, I don't swing that way.", Ukyo said in disgust, besides
it appears your youngest daughter likes Ran-chan.", Ukyo said.

"I can not do that Tendo. I have had many years to think about
what I had done to my son and Ukyo. I promised myself that I would never
set up another engagement again.", Genma said.

"Ranma was adopted by the Shiritory clan, so I doubt that you would
be considered his legal father anyway., Nabiki said.

"Perhaps that is best. I doubt the boy would even want to see me
again.", Genma said in a sad tone of voice that seemed to surprise the
Tendo sisters.

"I think that you should see him. He is angry with you, but he still
misses you. He had admitted as much when we talk together sometimes at
school.", Akane said.

"I'll have to think about it. I want to see the boy, but I don't
want to cause him anymore pain. If he wants to see me, then we will see what
happens, but I will not force him to accept any engagement in either case.
I have no right to bring up family honor after I have failed him and
Nodoka so.", Genma said.

"You have changed since I last saw you old friend.", Sound stated.

"It's amazing what many years of guilt can do to you.", Genma snorted.

"Why don't you stay here tonight and think about it.", Soun said.

"I can't burden you old friend.", Genma said, causing Soun to look
even more surprised. Genma had definitely changed.

"How about just for one night. We do have a guest room. You can
share it with your daughter, then you can decide where you next plan
to stay.", Soun replied

"That sounds like a good idea. In the meantime I will escort
lost boy here back to girlfriend. I am sure she misses him.", Ukyo
teased Ryoga.

"That's if either Sayuri or her mother just don't decide to hurt
me for being gone so long.

"Don't worry, we will explain to them what happened. After seeing
you turn into a dog, which we WILL show them, they might decide to go
after Genma instead of you.", Ukyo said with a wicked grin on her face
as she led Ryoga out of the house.

As Soun and Genma continued to talk and Ukyo dragged Ryoga back
to see Sayuri, Nabiki and Kasumi dragged their sister into her room and
were 'grilling' her about a certain comment that she made earlier.

"Was there something that you wanted?", Akane said while trying to
sound innocent.

"My doesn't she look guilty.", Kasumi said.

"Definitely. I wonder if she tried to take advantage of poor Ranma.
He isn't martial artist after all.", Nabiki said as Akane's mouth dropped

"I would never do such a thing to Ranma-chan, it was an accident.",
Akane pleaded.

"So how did you come by this knowledge about Ranma's physique?",
Nabiki asked.

"Well, you remember last week when Sayuri invited you back over to
the mansion to swim and Ranma was there as well.", Akane said.

"Yes.", Nabiki said.

"Well as everyone was changing, I finished first and went looking
for Ranma. I happened to walk by his bedroom door, and noticed that it
was left open a little. I peeked inside and saw.....you know.", Akane
blushed and her sisters looked at her with evil grins on their faces.

"So you were spying on the poor boy. Careful dear sister, you
wouldn't want to end up having everyone thinking that you are a pervert
like our dear older sister.", Nabiki said sarcastically as Kasumi stuck
her tongue out at her.

"There is nothing wrong with going after something or someone that
you want. I am just more upfront than most.", Kasumi said.

"That's one way of putting it.", Nabiki mumbled.

"You won't tell anyone, will you.", Akane pleaded.

"I suppose not. After all, it wouldn't do for him to think too badly
of his fiancée.", Nabiki teased.

"Like that's going to happen.", Akane grumbled.

"You never know, maybe Kodachi will be willing to share.", Kasumi said.

"Do you think so?", Akane said in a hopeful tone of voice, causing
Nabiki to fall over laughing.


Since Ryoga had told Ukyo that Ranma's house was halfway across the
city from the Tendo Dojo, they had decided to take a bus to the home. She
wasn't sure if Ryoga could get lost in a bus, he could, but Ukyo felt that
she stood a better chance of keep track of the boy than if they had decided
to run all the way. In case that wasn't enough, Ukyo had a rope looped
around Ryoga's waist, much to his embarrassment. Poor Ryoga was beginning
to believe that it was his lot in life for women to embarrass him.

Ryoga and Ukyo got off the bus a half mile from Ranma's home and made
their way to the front gate of the mansion.

"Damn, his new family must be loaded.", Ukyo thought.

Ryoga timidly reached toward the buzzer and a few seconds later
he saw one of the outer security camera's focus on him.

"Ryoga is that you? Where have you been? Do you realize how
worried poor Sayuri was and how mad her mother still is at you?", A
female voice said through the speaker.

"It's kind of a long story. Can I come in?", Ryoga said meekly.

"Wait a minute who is that? You wouldn't be cheating on poor
Sayuri would you?", the voice said as Ukyo snorted.

"I have better taste than that.", Ukyo mumbled as Ryoga looked
hurt by that comment.

"Can we just come? It would be easier to explain inside alright.",
Ryoga sighed.

As they approach the front door, it opened and out stepped Ranma,
Yuka, Kasumi, Sayuri, and Ayane, who seemed to be glowing slightly.

"This isn't going to be fun.", Ryoga thought.

"So you decided to leave my daughter and start running around with
this girl.", Ayane growled as she noticed the rope that Ukyo was holding.

"Who is this bimbo, Ryo-chan.", Sayuri demanded.

"Oh #&$&, she shouldn't have said that.", Ryoga thought as he saw
Ukyo begin to twitch.

"Who are you calling a bimbo, princess. I am doing you a favor
bringing this directionally challenged jackass back to you.", Ukyo yelled
at Sayuri, causing the girl to step back.

"Please calm down. There is probably a good explanation for why Ryoga
has been gone for so long.", Ranma said as everyone present seemed to calm

"His aura is getting stronger.", Kasumi thought as she also wondered
if Ranma even realized the affect he had on people from time to time.

Kasumi brought everyone into the front parlor, so they could being
grilling, I mean politely asked Ryoga why he had been away for so long.

"Now lets start by founding out who this young lady is.", Kasumi
said while motioning to Ukyo.

"My name is Ukyo Kuonji, maam.", Ukyo said as Ranma stiffened at
hearing that name.

"U-chan?", Ranma said quietly.

"Yes, it's me Ran-chan.", Ukyo said.

"But you used to be a boy.", Ranma said causing several people
to raise their eyebrows and Ryoga to snicker.

"She had one of those operations?", Sayuri whispered to Ukyo.

"No I did not have one of 'those' operations.", Ukyo snapped.

"Do you want to tell them or should I.", Ryoga asked.

"I'll do it. You will probably just screw it up it if you do it.",
Ukyo sighed.

"Ranma-chan, I mean Ranma what was the last thing you remember before
you last saw me.", Ukyo asked.

"I don't remember a whole lot before the accident, but I think pops and
I left on the cart that your father gave us.", Ranma said as Ukyo sighed,
remembering about the accident that Ryoga told her that Ranma suffered.

"It's a little more than that. The cart was my dowry, Ranma. My father
gave it to your father in the hopes that we would someday be married. He was
supposed to take me on the road with you, but instead he left me abandoned
by myself as he ran off.", Ukyo said to a stunned audience.

"How old were you?", Ranma's mother Kasumi asked.

"We were six at the time, if I remember right.", Ranma spoke up.

"Damn that man. Not only did he ruin your life, but this girl's
as well.", Sayuri said.

"It gets worse I am afraid. When my father found out, he cast me
out of the family home and even registered me as a boy with the
government. I would never be let back into the family as a girl until I
could somehow undo the dishonor that your father did to my family.", Ukyo
sighed, holding back the tears as she remembered her life back then.

"I am so sorry, U-chan. I never knew any of this.", Ranma said as he
took hold of Ukyo's hand.

Ukyo first stiffened then began to feel quite relaxed as Ranma
looked at her.

"Perhaps being married to him would not have been so bad. No....
That part of my life is over with. I will have to tell him about how I
am now his sister. I hope that he will take it well.", Ukyo thought.

"So if there anything that I can do?", Ranma asked, noticing how
quiet Ukyo was all of a sudden.

"You don't need to do anything Ran-chan. I haven't been mad at
you for many years. You father is a different story of course.", Ukyo

"The old fool should make it up to you, but that's not going to
happen. If he abandoned me, he probably couldn't care if anyone lives
or dies.", Ranma said, sounding rather bitter.

"You don't have to worry about him any more son. You have a new
family now.", Kasumi said as she hugged Ranma.

"Ranma, about your father.....you see...he..", Ukyo tried to say.

"You know something about him?", Ranma asked.

"This isn't easy for me to say, but I'll try. Ranma, when I was 11,
I ran into your father.", Ukyo said.

"You saw him?", Ranma said, sounding more interested than he
thought he would be.

"When I saw him, I was still very mad at the both of you. I
really didn't care if either of you lived or died. I thought you did
not want to be with me. I'm sorry I hated you.", Ukyo said.

"You don't have to apologize U-chan, but please tell me more
about what happened.", Ranma said.

"When I saw your father, he didn't even try to lie about what
happened. I thought he was just uncaring about anyone, but as I let him speak
before I decided whether or not to kill the old bastard, he actually seemed
to be sorry about what happened. He told me about how he left you in the
hospital and how he was searching for a cure for you. I don't think that
he wanted to leave you forever.", Ukyo said to a now stunned Ranma.

"It doesn't matter if he was sorry or not, he still abandoned
poor Ranma when he needed his father the most.", Yuka said.

"He still has a lot to answer for, if he is still alive.", Kasumi

"Oh he is, and that is one of the reasons why I am here today.",
Ukyo said.

"Do you know where he is now?", Ranma asked.

"Let me continue my story first. As I said I saw your father and
he apologized for taking the cart, but he no longer had it and you
were no longer with him. My father had said that I should either marry
you or kill both you and Genma to regain my honor. I am not a killer
though, Ran-chan. No matter how much I hated the both of you at the time
I don't think that I could ever do that.", Ukyo said.

"So what happened. Did my idiot father actually make it up to you.",
Ranma said, surprised that his father could actually do anything for
someone else.

"He offered to adopt me into the family and I accepted.", Ukyo said.

"He adopted you?", Ranma asked in confusion.

"Yes he did, and he offered to teach me his family's school.", Ukyo

"So he wanted someone to replace me.", Ranma replied bitterly.

"No Ran-chan, that's not true. He is still bastard at times,
especially considering what happened to poor Ryoga and I last year,
but he still does care for you.", Ukyo said.

"He did something to poor Ryo-chan.", Sayuri yelled out, as
she ran over to Ryoga and started checking him over, much to his

"It's kind of hard to explain, but it has to do with the reason
why Ryoga has been away from you for so long.", Ukyo said.

"Take your time dear. Tell us what happened.", Kasumi replied
to Ukyo.

"It might be easier to show you. This might sound a little
weird, but if I could borrow two glass of hot, and two glasses of
cold water, you will understand what I am trying to say to you.",
Ukyo said to Kasumi.

A short while later a maid brought in the four glasses of water and
Ukyo dumped one glass of cold water over herself and one over Ryoga.
Needless to say this caused a 'little' excitement.

Everyone watched as the girl before them changed into a very tall
and cute boy, Yuka especially noticed. While this was shocking, seeing
Ryoga changed into a very LARGE dog was even more surprising.

"What the #&$$ is going on.?", Ayane said in her usual subtle

"Jusenkyo is what happened.", Ukyo said.

"What the &$*(@( is Jusenkyo!", Ayane exclaimed.

"Mother calm down I am sure she, err....he will explained
what happened.", Sayuri said while trying not to panic at seeing her
boyfriend turn into a dog.

"A year ago, Ranma's father and I came across what he thought was
a training ground that was supposed to grant magical powers to whoever
could survive practicing over it. It was magical alright, but not in the
way that we thought. Who ever falls into one of the pools in the training
ground takes the shape of whatever last drowned in said pool. As we
spared I knocked the old fool into one of the pools. I wasn't prepared
for what leapt out of the pool though.", Ukyo said in a disgusted tone
of voice.

"What happened?", everyone seemed to ask at once.

"The water started to bubble and out jumped a giant panda of all
things. I was so surprised that I just stood there as it hit me, causing
me to fly off my perch, into one of the other pools. When I surfaced, I
was now a very tall boy.", Ukyo said.

"I can see how that would shock you.", Ayane said, trying to wrap
her mind around shape changing pools.

"I was so mad that I took off after the panda. He ran of course
and as we made our way to the cliffs over Jusenkyo, a boy seemed to
appear out of no where. Both the old man and I ran into the boy and sent
him over the cliff, where he bounced off the rocks a few times, before
landing in another pool. He came out.... well looking as he does now.",
Ukyo said while pointing to Ryoga.

"So how do you change back?", Sayuri asked Ukyo.

"Well you use the hot water, but before you do....", Ukyo tried to
say as Sayuri splashed Ryoga.

"Eek!!", Ryoga said, once again finding himself naked in front of
a group of girls.

"Not too bad, but Ranma is bigger.", Ayane said, proving that there
is more than one peeping pervert in Ranma's life.

"The three of us searched for a year, hoping to find a cure. We
even visited some Amazons in the area, hoping that they knew a cure, but
that didn't go as planned.", Ukyo said.

"What happened there.", Ranma asked, wondering if it was the same
tribe of Amazons that Shampoo was from.

"We'll talk about that later. For now let's just say that some
where, hopefully quite far, is an amazon looking for Genma.", Ukyo replied.

"After a year, the old man said that he had to return to Japan in
order to keep a promise, to see you again Ranma.", Ukyo said.

"Promise to me?", Ranma asked as he began to remember the note that
his father had left for him so many years ago.

"He is here in Japan isn't he. Probably not too far away.", Ayane
said, not liking the idea of such a person being so close to her
favorite little play toy.

"That is the second reason that I am here today. He wants to see you
again Ranma, but he didn't think that you would believe anything he would
say if he came here, instead of I.", Ukyo said.

"Well that's just too bad. He had his chance, and he blew it when
he abandoned Ranma.", Yuka said as she held onto her brother's arm.

Kasumi looked over at her son and saw so many emotions flowing
over his face, that she could barely keep track.

"What do you want to do Ranma?", Kasumi asked.

"I don't know. I am sure if I could forgive for what he did to
me, even if it allowed me to meet all of you and become part of
your lives.", Ranma said as Yuka hugged him.

"So you don't want to see him?", Ukyo asked.

"No, it's just that it has been so long. I don't know if I
would even consider him to be my father or anything else for that
matter, but I think I should see him just once and hear what he
has to say.", Ranma asked.

"I could tell you a little bit about him and maybe you could tell me
a little bit about yourself.", Ukyo said.

"Tell her about your two 'loves'.", Sayuri teased, as Ukyo
raised her eyebrows.

"Two girls. My, my, my. Is my new brother a playboy.", Ukyo said
watching Ranma begin to turn red.

Ranma told Ukyo a little bit about how he first met Kodachi
and Shampoo. Ukyo seemed pleased to hear about Kodachi, but she didn't
seem to impressed to hear about Shampoo.

"You don't like the Amazons?", Ranma asked.

"Like I said it's a long story. Maybe sometime after you meet
your father he and I cold explain it, if he chooses. I think we both
would choose to forget it though.", Ukyo said.

"If that is what you want U-chan. I don't want you to feel
uncomfortable, but Shampoo and her mother are very nice. Maybe later
you can meet them. I know Shampoo has told me that there are several tribes
of Amazons, perhaps you ran into a different one than the one she was
from.", Ranma Said.

"I suppose I could at least talk to them, but if I trust your
judgment on what they are like could you trust me when I tell you
that your father has changed and wants to see you.", Ukyo said.

"Alright U-chan, I will trust you. Where is he right now?",
Ranma asked Ukyo.

"I can take you to him if you like. He is staying at the
Tendo dojo. I think you know them.", Ukyo said.

"He won't be going alone. I do not intend to send MY son to
see that man, without anyone looking out for him.", Kasumi said in
a tone of voice that said, that no one had better tell her otherwise.

"I'll go as well. Sayuri can stay here with Ryoga, so that they
can get to know each other again.", Yuka said.

"I guess I will have to stay here then to watch over them.", Ayane
said, disappointed that she wouldn't get a chance to kick a certain
panda's butt from one end of Japan to the other.

A half an hour later, Ranma, his mother, Yuka and Ukyo were
leaving the house, for the Tendo dojo. Hopefully during the short ride
Kasumi could calm herself down. Unlike her friend, she rarely showed
her emotions, preferring to let them simmer over time. She could
not afford such a luxury now, if she was too avoid turning Genma
into a rug to hang on the wall in her bedroom.


Shampoo and Kodachi arrived at the Shiritory estate after most
everyone had left. They were surprised to see Ryoga back. Shampoo frankly
thought that the boy was dead, but didn't want to say anything. They were
stunned to find out that Ranma's father had returned and that his mother
had decided to go see the man with Ranma. Both took off towards the Tendo
Dojo, but it be a awhile since it was on the opposite side of the city
and the two girls were so angry at the prospect of Ranma's father having
the nerve to show up that they forgot that there were more efficient ways
to get some place than to run there.

As the limousine continued down the highway, Ranma could not stop
his hand from shaking. He felt anxious about seeing his father, but his
shaking hand and somewhat nervous stomach, showed how upset, if not
how scared, Ranma was.

Yuka reached over and took Ranma's hand in her own. She gave him a
gentle smile as if to ensure him that everything was going to be ok.

Ukyo saw Yuka scoot closer to Ranma and try and comfort him. The
scene was becoming far to 'waffy' for her tastes. Too much time on the
road, first by herself, then with Genma ,had unfortunately hardened the
girl's heart somewhat. Maybe being around other people, if the old fool
decided not to wander around again, would help her to feel more at ease
around other people.

"Sigh.... If only I had gotten along with my siblings when I was
their age. Curse you Hayate. May you rot in the nine hells for all
eternity and then some.", Kasumi thought bitterly to herself.

"There is no need to be nervous Ranma-chan.", Yuka decided to speak up.

"I know, I just thought that I was finally over him and her was
out of my life. I have to him though at least one more time. I have to
know why he abandoned me, regardless of what the letter he left me said.",
Ranma sighed.

"You don't want him back in your life, not that I would blame you
if that is how you feel.", Ukyo said to Ranma.

"I just have the strangest feeling that by seeing him today, my
life will only become more complicated. As far as I know he has another
engagement for me lined up, like he did with you U-chan.", Ranma said as
Ukyo bravely resisted the urge to face fault.

"You have nothing to worry about, Ranma. No matter how this meeting
with your father goes, remember that you are my son and I will never give
you up to that man or let anything happen to you.", Kasumi said to Ranma.

"It may be a shock to see him, but at least you will have the chance.
If Shampoo or Kodachi had been around today and heard about your father
being back, there probably would not be much left of him by now.", Yuka
said in all seriousness.

Meanwhile, outside the gate of the Tendo dojo, Nabiki stood against
the gate waiting for Ukyo to return. She wondered if she had convinced Ranma
to see his father and how Genma had arranged for Ranma to marry either her
or one of his sisters. Nabiki really hoped to avoid that. She liked Ranma
and wouldn't mind being his girlfriend, but she had no intention of making
either Kodachi or Shampoo angry at her. She didn't like pain and tried to
avoid it whenever possible.

"They will be arriving shortly.", Kasumi said, suddenly appearing
behind Nabiki and scaring the poor girl.

"How do you know, who is coming?", Nabiki asked Kasumi.

Kasumi only responded with one of those devious, all knowing smiles
that she liked to use from time to time, much to Nabiki's frustration.

A short time later a large black limousine appeared at the end of the
street and stopped in front of the dojo.

"They are here, let the games begin.", Cassandra said in Kasumi's

"Don't cause any trouble today alright.", Kasumi replied in her mind
as she walked back into the house, leaving Nabiki to greet their guests.

As the car stopped, Nabiki saw Ukyo get out, followed by Yuka, Ranma,
and (gulp), his mother, who did not look very happy to say the least.

"Mrs. Shiritory, a pleasure to see you again.", Nabiki said while
trying to hold back her nervousness.

"I assume that 'HE' is inside your home.", Kasumi Shiritory said.

"Yes, Ranma's father is talking with my father at the moment.",
Nabiki replied.

"Do not worry my dear, I will not kill him. Just be thankful though
that Kodachi and Shampoo are not here or you may have had to clean the
blood off of your floors.", Kasumi said.

Kasumi Tendo returned to the house and informed her father and Genma
that Ukyo had returned with Ranma and a few guests, that she had sensed when
the limousine drove up to the house. With this news Soun and Genma were peering
out the partially open back door.

"So who are all of those people?", Genma asked Kasumi.

"Besides Ukyo, the young girl with the long brown hair is Ranma's
sister, Yuka, the older woman is Kasumi Shiritory, who adopted him after
you left Ranma at the hospital, and the boy just coming into view is,
of course Ranma.", Kasumi said while wondering if she should heed Cassandra's
advice and make a nice rug out of Genma if he upsets Ranma in any way.

Genma noticed how Yuka was hanging off of Ranma. He had thought that
maybe she was his girlfriend. It would be nice if the boy had someone. Genma
wasn't really sure if he completely believed the stories Ryoga told both he
and Ukyo about Ranma now having two girls wanting to marry him. His dear
departed wife would have been thrilled to hear such news, but the boy still
looked rather weak. Perhaps Ryoga was just trying to make his friend seem
more impressive in Ukyo's eyes. Genma knew that it couldn't be done in
order to impress him. Both Ryoga and Ukyo seemed to barely tolerate him now
since the unfortunate Jusenkyo incident.

Genma turned his attention towards Ranma's new mother and was
surprised by the amount of ki that the woman seemed to possess. He resembled
a model more than a martial artist and definitely did not look old enough
to have a child Ranma's age as Yuka seemed to be. She was rather attractive
and reminded Genma of his dear departed wife somewhat.

Genma sighed stopped that line of thinking. He did not have time to
look at young women, regardless of how long it had been since his wife's
death. Maybe if Ranma at least accepts him somewhat then he could turn his
attention towards a personal life. That is, unless 'she' happens to find him
first, the annoying little 'girl'. Silly Amazon he was only defending himself,
but she didn't seem to see it that way.

Akane seemed to have trouble standing still as Ranma and the others
walked up the front path. Genma could tell that she seemed interested in the
boy, but Soun did not approve and he doubted Ranma would either.

The doorbell rang causing Soun and Genma to leap away from the
back door and take seat by the shoji table in the living room, acting
as if they were unaware that guests were arriving.

Nabiki was the first to enter the house, followed by Ukyo, then
everyone else. As the group reach the living room, Ranma stopped dead in his
tracks when he sighted his father. The old man still looked the same after
all the years that they had been apart. He felt a strange urge to flee the
dojo, but he had to move on, not hide from his problems.

Genma noticed his son's nervousness and was first ashamed at his son
acting so 'cowardly', but quickly changed his mind when he thought about
what he had put Ranma through. The boy probably only remembered the pit
of cats and the hospital, not the pleasant times that they had spent

"So boy, you look well.", Genma said before sighing at how
pathetic that sounded.

"No thanks to you Genma Saotome. I do not know why you have chosen
to show your miserable self after all these years, but I will not let you
hurt Ranma ever again.", Ranma's mother said as Yuka nodded in agreement.

"It has been too long, but I said that I would return when Ranma
was 16, if I had found a cure or not for his illness.", Genma said.

"So did you find it.", Ranma said quietly.

"No I looked for many years, but I couldn't find a cure for you. I am
sorry about that.", Genma said as Ranma tried to come to grips with his
father acting even the slightest bit humble. Ranma could not remember
him acting that way when he was younger.

"It doesn't matter if you are sorry or not. For some strange reason I
wanted to see you today, but that does not mean that I forgive you for what
happened. Do you have any idea how I felt when you left me at the hospital.
With mom being dead I thought that I would just be left out on the street.
If it wasn't for Yuka convincing her mother to let me stay with them, who
knows what would have happened.", Ranma said trying unsuccessfully to hold
back the sadness in his voice and the tears now starting to flow.

"Not to mention what you did to poor Ukyo-san and Ryoga. Tell me did you
engage poor Ranma-chan to any other girls as well?", Yuka said as Genma
began to sweat.

"Um, Father...", Akane said, as Ranma noticed her looking happy and
more than a little anxious for some reason.

"Not now daughter. We can discuss 'that' later.", Soun said.

"Now is not a good time.", Genma and Ukyo seemed to say at the
same time.

"What are you old men trying to hide? If it concerns MY son, you
had better speak up.", Ranma's mother ordered as she glared at the two
men, who backed up nervously due to the force of said glare.

"It was nothing really.", Soun said.

"Just a small misunderstanding when Soun and I had finished training
under our former 'master'.", Genma said.

"But you said I was engaged to Ranma-chan.", Akane pouted as Genma
began to look for a place to hide.

"What was that?!?", several people shouted out at once.

Genma tried to sneak out. Old habits die hard after all, but he
found himself lifted off the ground by Ryoga.

"Going some place old fool?", Ryoga sneered at Genma, who laughed
nervously in response.

"I think you had better explain what is going on if you wish to
remain in one piece.", Ranma's mother ordered the two old men.

"When Genma and I managed to complete our training under the old
master we decided to celebrate the occasion by promising each other that
when we had children we would join the our two houses of Anything Goes
Martial Arts, by having our children marry, if possible.", Soun Said.

"Idiots,", Ukyo mumbled.

"You were drunk at the time, weren't you old fool?", Ryoga asked
as Genma and Soun laughed nervously.

"If you think that I am letting Ranma marry someone because of
a promise that the both of you made, you are as delusional as that
Kuno boy.", Mrs. Shiritory said.

"Ah, but you do not have to worry about that anymore. Genma and
I have reconsidered our previous promise and decided that it would wrong
to try and force our children to marry, especially since I have become
aware of Ranma's relationship with those other girls.", Soun said.

"Is that the only reason?", Mrs. Shiritory asked, someone doubting
the 'generosity' of the old men to led something like this go.

"Of course, what else could there be?", Soun asked.

"But father, you said that Ranma was to weak and sickly to ever
carry on the family art. Isn't that why you wanted to drop the engagement
between Ranma and us. Not to mention the rather distasteful comment you
made about wanting us to get pregnant by Ukyo-san's male form.", Kasumi
said with an evil grin on her face, as she allowed the demonic half of her
personality to briefly surface.

"That's really sick old man. Ukyo has suffered enough as it is.",
Ranma said to Soun as Yuka just looked on in disgust unable to say
anything about what she had just heard.

"My such concern you have for your daughters. I will not allow
my son to marry into a family headed by such a pathetic little man.",
Mrs. Shiritory said.

"Not to mention what might happen if he got his hands on Ranma's
inheritance.", Yuka said.

"I have an inheritance?", Ranma mumbled as his mumbled looked at
Yuka for mentioning that.

"We'll talk about that later Ranma-chan, for now though I see
no reason why we stay here any longer.", Mrs. Shiritory said.

"But what about family honor?", Akane asked as Mrs. Shiritory
began to laugh, much to everyone's surprise.

"Family honor, what a pathetic joke. As far as I am concerned this
so called honor is nothing but an excuse for someone to benefit from the
work or privileges of someone else.", Mrs. Shiritory sneered.

"How can you say that?", Akane asked shocked as Genma and Soun
seemed a little shocked about how someone could feel such scorn towards
the concept of honor.

"When I was your age my 'dear' family wanted me to follow the
family art, regardless of what I wanted. When I refused and ran away
they sent others after me with orders to either kill or capture me so
that I could be 'reeducated' about family duties. If it wasn't for
Ayane-chan I might not have escaped. As it was, to finally be free, we
had to kill all of our pursuers and send their heads back to the family
with the message that we would not stand for being bothered ever again.",
Mrs. Shiritory said as everyone began to look a little green.

"You killed people?", Akane asked in shock.

"I will do whatever I have to, when it comes to defended myself or
those that I care about.", Mrs. Shiritory said.

"I think that we are getting a little carried away here. There is
no need for such tension between us.", Nabiki said, while nervous about
being so close to someone who obviously bared no remorse for those that
she had killed.

As the conversations between everyone started to die out rather
quickly, the Shiritory family began to leave when Ranma told his mother
that he wanted to spend some time talking with his father, much to her and
Genma's surprise.

"I will not leave you here alone. I do not trust them.", Ranma's
mother said to her son.

"I'll stay and make sure that everything is alright.", Ukyo said.

"Don't worry Shiritory-san, I promise you that nothing will
happen to your son, and that my little sister behaves herself.",
Kasumi said to Ranma's mother, who didn't exactly trust the Alu-demon,
even if she seemed quite nice when Mrs. Shiritory spoke to her at
Kasumi's wedding.

Ranma's mother was still tempted to drag her son along with her, but
she knew that he was growing up and should be allowed to make some
decisions on his own. May the heavens help those who harm the boy though.

As Ukyo and Kasumi stood watch inside the house, Ranma and Genma sat
out on the back porch, in plain view of everyone.


"So boy, err.....Ranma, how have you been?", Genma asked then winced
at the look that Ranma gave him. That was twice now that he had tried to speak
to Ranma and sounded like an idiot.

"How have I been? How do you think? I just lost mom not to long ago,
you left me. How was I supposed to feel?", Ranma said sharply.

"I don't know what to say. When the doctor's told me that you
might not make it, I began to panic. I even considered committing
seppuku, for not being able to protect either you or your mother. When
I was told that you would live, I decided that the best way that I could
help was to try and find a cure for you. I made a mistake though, one of
many I made back then.", Genma said.

"You considered killing yourself?", Ranma asked.

"Yes", Genma said quietly.

"That makes two of us then.", Ranma said as Genma stared at him.

"You tried to kill yourself?", Genma asked a little too loudly
as Ukyo and Kasumi listened from behind them.

"Up in Nabiki's room, Akane and her sister gasped at hearing
Genma's question.

"No, I never tried to, but I thought about it many times.", Ranma

"I don't know what to say. Saying that I am sorry, is not enough, but
I don't know what to do.", Genma said.

"Just listen to what I am going to tell you.", Ranma stated.

"Alright go ahead.", Genma replied.

"When Yuka and her mother Kasumi offered to take me home, I was very
nervous. I didn't know why they wanted to bother with me. Did they just
pity me? Would they get tired of me after a while and leave me as well?
During the first week with them, I was still very sick. I couldn't eat
anything, without getting bad stomachaches, but I managed to hide it from them.
I started to lose weight for a while and often felt dizzy, especially at
night.", Ranma said.

"I couldn't do anything around the home to help anyone and to make
matters worse, when I started school, still feeling sick at times, many
people thought that I was faking being sick. I looked ok to them, but inside
I felt awful. I am not sure which felt worse, feeling pitied, or having
people think that I was a liar. I began to lay awake at nights thinking
that maybe everyone would be better off if I wasn't around anymore. After all
it cost them money to feed me, buy me clothes and stuff, and I could do nothing
to help them. I wasn't scared of dying. I even looked forward to it on a few
particularly bad nights, but I could never bring myself to commit suicide. I
guess I was just to scared to live but too afraid to die, if that makes any
sense.", Ranma said as he noticed his father was now turned away from him with
his head down.

Ukyo was shocked to see what appeared to be tears in Genma's eyes. That
was something she had only seen once, when they went to visit Nodoka's
grave and Genma told his wife that he would be adopting her if it was

Ukyo then looked over at Kasumi and saw tears falling from the
Alu-demon's eyes.

"Demon's can cry?", she briefly thought, while feeling a little
misty-eyed herself.

Back up in Nabiki's room, Nabiki had to hold Akane back from rushing
down the stairs and glomping onto Ranma as hard as she could. She believed
that he needed to talk this out with his father first, then maybe his
mother afterwards.

Nabiki had recorded what Ranma and Genma were talking about, just
in case the old fool had tried something stupid, but now that she had
listened to Ranma, she was unsure if she should just give he tape to
Ranma's mother and let Ranma tell her about how he felt. After all, he
had hidden his feelings from those who could have helped him. Nabiki
knew first hand what this could do to you over time.

"How would Ranma's mother react though. That was the question?",
Nabiki thought.

She didn't think that Ranma wanted to see his father hurt, no matter
he had treated the boy in the past. Well.....maybe hurt a little, but
nothing permanent, such as Sayuri's mother might try to do. That woman
seemed quite fond of Ranma and was more than a little scary at times.

Ranma and Genma continued to talk for another hour, before coming
inside the house while talking about Genma showing Ranma where his mother
is buried, and Ranma agreeing that although he barely remembered Nodoka,
he did want to pay respects to her.

"So did you have a nice talk?", Kasumi asked behind a polite smile
as the demon half of her was still wondering if barbequed Panda
tasted very good.

"We worked out a few things.", Genma said, while looking at the
girl nervously.

"Father said that you may stay here for a few nights, but don't
make a habit of it.", Kasumi said then sighed at how rude her other
half could be at times.

"You don't have to worry about that Kasumi-san, I am opening a little
restaurant to practice my family's art and 'father' will be staying there
with me. It should only take a couple of days to open. After that we won't
be troubling you any further.

"You could invite us to dinner? I would like to get to know my old
friend and new sister better.", Ranma said as he walked up to and hugged
Ukyo, eliciting a blush from the flustered chef.

"I would like that as well.", Ukyo said.


Ukyo returned Ranma to his home. Genma decided to stay outside the gate to
the mansion for the time being. It was not as if he was afraid of meeting anyone
inside, but he felt it best if Ranma had a chance to talk to his family, before
he met them. At least that is what he told himself.

As Ukyo and Genma returned to Nerima, so that Ukyo could look at one of
the sites that she had in mind for her restaurant, Ukyo was surprised
to see a large ribbon suddenly wrap around Genma and pull him off of his
feet, and up 20 feet to a nearby roof. She was impressed, not many people
could lift his weight. Leaping up to the roof, she saw two girls in
school uniforms holding onto her 'father'. One was tall with black hair,
with a sense of nobility about her, and the other had long purple hair and
an arrogant look about her that reminded Ukyo far too much of those (shudder)
Amazons that she and Genma had literally run into briefly.

"Who are you and what do you want?", Ukyo demanded, while
brandishing her very large spatula.

"This does not concern you girl. This concerns this fool, has hurt
one that we care about.", the purple hair girl said as she pulled out
a large mace, an Amazon bonborri.

"I was right you are an Amazon. You are Shampoo are you not?", Ukyo
asked while remember the description that Ranma had given her of the
two girls.

"How do you know who I am?", Shampoo asked the 'boyish' girl.

"I have heard about both you and your future co-wife Kodachi.",
Ukyo said as the other two girls looked at her with interest.

"You seem to know of us, but who are you?", Kodachi asked.

"My name is Ukyo Kuonji.", Ukyo said.

"That name sounds familiar.", Shampoo said.

"Ranma probably told you about me, his best friend when he was
young.", Ukyo said.

"I believe I remember Ranma-chan mentioning you once. So what
are you doing with his father.", Kodachi asked.

"Let's just say that he is trying to make up for something that
he did in the past, both to me and Ranma. I know you are mad at him,
and he is a pain in the ass at times, but Ran-chan would be somewhat
upset if he was harmed. They have already met and spoken to each other,
so what do you say.", Ukyo said, not looking forward to rescuing
Genma if it came down to that.

Kodachi looked as if she might consider listening to what Ukyo had
to say, Shampoo though, being a somewhat stubborn Amazon, or is that
redundant?, decided to give Genma a 'whack' upside the head on general
principle. At least that is what she tried to do.

As she brought her bonborri around for a strike, she was surprised to
find it sheared off at the hilt, by a quick strike from a familiar
looking broadsword.

"Now Shampoo, I can not let you hit my airen.", a sultry voice said
as Genma and Ukyo both sighed as they recognized that voice.

The ribbon surrounding Genma was quickly sliced off as everyone
turned to face a young woman who appeared to be in her late 20's.

"Mao, why are you here?", Shampoo said in shock.

"Weren't you listening, Shampoo. I am here to see my Airen and
lovely daughter.", Mao said.

"I'm not your daughter.", Ukyo grumbled as Kodachi looked on in
confusion as things seemed to be getting more complicated by the

A low rumble echoed overhead and a sudden cloudburst fell on
everyone present.

"Great, as if I need this now.", Ukyo sighed in a much deeper
voice than she had spoken in a few moments ago.

"At least you don't have wet fur to worry about?", a panda sign

"What? How?", said a very confused and rattled looking Kodachi.

"Aiyah!, they've been to Jusenkyo.", Shampoo exclaimed.

"You noticed.", Ukyo said sarcastically.

"Perhaps we could continue this conversation some place where my
airen and daughter could dry off. After all I can't have them catching
a cold now can I.", Mao said.

The group walked to a nearby restaurant, and Genma grabbed a
teapot from a waiter and poured it over himself and Ukyo. The waiter,
shocked as seeing a panda in the first place, fell over with a crash at
seeing the panda turn into a pudgy middle-aged man, and rather tall boy
turn into an attractive if tomboyish teenage girl.

"Very subtle darling.", Mao said as she looked at the 'sleeping'
waiter on the floor.

Not seeing what had happened, another waiter apologized for the
other waiter's 'illness' and escorted the rather unusual group of
people to a nearby table.

"So how did you find out that Ranma's father and I had arrived in
town so quickly.", Ukyo asked Shampoo.

Shampoo and Kodachi explained to everyone present about how they had seen
Ranma and several other people leave the estate and were curious about
where they were going. Kodachi said that Ryoga seemed more than willing
to talk about where Ranma was going when she and Shampoo talked to the boy.

"Idiot.... He never could keep his mouth shut, especially to a girl.",
Ukyo mumbled.

"You wanted to keep your presence here a secret.", Kodachi asked Ukyo
with a strained tone of voice.

"Of course, I managed to convince Ranma that perhaps it was better to
see how his meeting went with his father, before he told the both of you.",
Ukyo replied.

"Strange for a warrior to be so cautious.", Shampoo snorted.

"You get dunked into a pool of water that causes you to change
sexes and you would be cautious too, and considering how the both of you
acted when you first saw Genma and I, I would say that I was right at
warning Ran-chan to be cautious.", Ukyo said.

"So now that you have seen Ranma, are you leaving.", Kodachi said
while trying to hide the hopefulness in her voice.

"My daughter and I are stay here in order to open a restaurant where
she can practice her art. As for my son, it is up to him if he wishes to
speak to me again. Believe it or not I want what is best for him. I owe
him and his other at least that much. If he doesn't want to speak to me
again I will accept that.", Genma said.

"If my darling stays here, then it is my duty to stay here as well.",
Mao said as she glomped on to Genma's arm, much to his discomfort.

"Must you stay?", Ukyo mumbled.

"Of course, besides how could I not want to stay with my cute little
Genma-chan.", Mao said.

"Cute?!?", the girls seemed to all mouth at once.

"Poor Mao is more desperate than I thought.", Shampoo thought
to herself.

"It is said that love is blind, but in this case its not only blind,
it makes one senile as well.", Ukyo thought.

Kodachi wasn't paying too much to what Mao was saying. All that she
cared about was that Ranma was safe. Well, that and the fact that she and
Shampoo had already began to make plans for their future wedding after
Shampoo competed in her final tournament. The honeymoon was also often
in Kodachi's mind, and Shampoo's as well.

Kodachi was so caught up in her thoughts she was unaware that she
was not only blushing but giggling to herself, much to the amusement of
the other girls. Genma just wondered what was wrong with the girl.

"Dachi-chan have no self control. You should think about Ranma
later on.", Shampoo teased.

"So how does Ran-chan handle the both of you. Are you very 'close'
to each other.", Ukyo said with a lecherous grin on her face.

"He must be something special if he can attract the attention of
two such lovely young girls. Perhaps I should meet my future step-son
as soon as possible.", Mao said.

"Well, heh, I haven't told the boy about you.", Genma said to
Mao nervously.

"You haven't? Why would you do such a thing?", Mao asked.

"Common sense.", Ukyo said.

"Ranma's mother tends to be rather protective of him. I do not
believe that she would be too happy to learn that another woman wants
to treat him as her son.", Kodachi replied.

"Her friend, Ayane also seems to care a lot about Ranma, although,
I am beginning to wonder if she thinks of him as a son or something
else.", Shampoo said.

"She is rather unusual, and seems far too interested in spending
as much time as we do in the spa with him as we do.", Kodachi said
before realizing what she was admitting.

"Oh dear. He likes older women as well?", Mao asked as Shampoo
glared at her.

"Don't get any ideas.", Shampoo warned.

Genma was surprised that his poor sickly son could even be with one
girl, but three? He was quite confused at the moment as to how the boy
managed to stay healthy considering how a woman could wear a man out, as
his dear Nodoka used to do to him.

"Such an enthusiastic woman.", Genma remembered fondly.


Later that evening, Genma and Ukyo returned to the Tendo dojo, along
with Mao. Genma was considering actually paying for a room for the three of
them instead of imposing on his friend, but Soun would have none of it. He
seemed thrilled that Genma had found someone to spend his life with again.
He was unsure that he could do the same though. Even after all those years
of his wife being gone, it still hurt to much to even look at another
woman. Maybe someday, but not yet.

Kasumi seemed quite taken with the woman, perhaps sensing another
free spirit, as half of her tended to be. She did believe though that Mao
could do better than Genma, but many people said the same thing about her
choosing to be with Kuno, so perhaps she was missing something.

Nabiki seemed to care less one way or the other, as long as the
'guests' would not be staying too long, but Akane did not like the Amazon
woman, especially when she talked about getting to know 'her' new son.
Women were not supposed to be perverts, well accept her sister, but Akane
felt that this Amazon might be one. Having seen how enthusiastic Shampoo
greeted 'her', err.... rather Ranma at times, Akane decided to keep an eye
on this strange woman. Perhaps she should talk to Ranma's mother, Kasumi
or at least mention something to Sayuri.

Kodachi returned to her home and tried to ignore the 'noise' coming
from her brother's and Kasumi's new wing of the mansion. She knew that
newlywed couples tended to be rather verbose in the expressions of their
love for each other, but did they have to carry on until 4 am in the
morning every day. She did have school after all. The fact that she and
Shampoo had decided to ask Ranma to marry them after Shampoo's tournament
and the fact that she often found herself imagining doing the same
things she heard her brother doing of course played no part in her being
irritated at the moment. If only Ranma's mother was not so stubborn
about him having to be married before they were allowed to 'sleep'
together. Considering what Kodachi thought Kasumi and Ayane did when their
husbands were away, you would think that Kasumi would be a little more
open minded.

Shampoo returned to the embassy after meeting Genma and Mao. Of
course her nosy mother was immediately 'in her face' asking about where
she had been. What she had been doing. Shampoo was growing a little more
annoyed than usual at her mother, who she considered to be acting more
Japanese as of late, and less like an Amazon. After all, most Amazon mothers
would be thrilled that their daughter had found someone. Most of Shampoo's
early friends were already married. Well accept for Mousse, but who would
want to be with him anyway, Shampoo pondered.

Mei Ling seemed to find out that Mao had fled the village in order
to pursue Genma to be quite amusing, despite Shampoo's distrust of both
Genma and the 'old maid' as Shampoo called Mao.

"Now Shampoo you should not be hard on Mao. While it is true that
she can be a little 'different' at times, remember she did lose her
family to the Musk when she was young. It was very difficult for her to
trust others after that, when she believed that her family had 'left'
her to be with her grandmother, the old witch.", Mei Ling growled the
last part.

"I still don't trust Ranma's father. He says that he is sorry for
what happened to Ranma, but I do not believe him.", Shampoo replied.

"No one is asking you to trust him. He is a man after all. Why even
your dear departed father, needed looking after, from time to time.", Mei
Ling said while explaining to Shampoo about her father's tendency to be
distracted by women younger than him.

"Alright mother.", Shampoo grumbled, sensing that she would not
win any arguments this day.

"Now don't pout now, or I will tell your darling Ranma-chan how you are
behaving.", Mei Ling teased Shampoo how seemed to be developing a twitch
in her left eye for some reason.

Genma, Ukyo and Mao spent the next four days at the Tendo Dojo,
then moved into a rather spacious apartment above a former Chinese
restaurant. The building normally would have been far too expensive to
rent, never mind buy, but the previous owned wanted to leave Nerima as
soon as possible. It seems that he was developing an allergy to martial
artists, so he decided to leave before his health , physical and mental,
became any worse.

During the next two weeks, Ukyo and the others spent most of their
time cleaning up and modifying the building to suit their needs. Hardly
anyone saw them during that time. At the end of the two weeks flyers
were put up advertising the opening of the restaurant. Before that day
arrived though, Ukyo and Genma intended to hold a private dinner so that
he could meet Ranma's mother and the rest of the family and Ranma could
meet Mao, who Genma hated to admit that he was growing rather fond of.
Amorous Amazons are after all quite hard to ignore after a while, and
the 'glomps' due seem to grow on you after a while.

The opening night of Ukyo's restaurant was a success, to her surprise.
She and Genma knew that she was a quite a good chef, but opening new
businesses, especially restaurants is always a gamble. If succeeding nights
though were as good as this one, they would not have to worry about
traveling around with the cart ever again.

The meeting between the two families in the back room was a little
more lively though. Mao seemed to get along quite well with Shampoo's
mother Mei Ling, Ayane, both Kasumi's and Nabiki as well. Akane seemed a
suspicious of the woman. Mao reminded Akane too much of Ayane for her
taste, especially the slight sexual teasing that she gave the poor boy.
This always seemed to annoy Shampoo and Kodachi slightly, but they realized
how 'desperate' old woman could be at times.

Ranma's family's reaction to Genma was a little more vocal than their
reaction to Mao. His mother Kasumi, and Ayane spent a good hour insulting
and criticizing everything from his heritage to his manhood, with Ayane
coming up with some very creative and painful things that she would do to
Genma if he ever harmed the boy again.

Genma could only endure the berating in silence. He did think that
the rather strange woman Ayane, was overreacting in her threats, but he
learned over the years that it is best to just keep quiet until a woman
worked her aggression out of her system. Not mentioning that you were
placating them in such a fashion was also considered wise if one
wanted to avoid a beating. Some may call this chauvinistic behavior on
his part, Genma preferred to call it survival or common sense.

When she first saw Ukyo, Yuka had hoped that she was in fact a real
boy. Ukyo had gotten splashed in the kitchen earlier, and even though
Yuka had been told ahead of time about Ukyo's and Genma's curse she still
had not convinced herself that it was true. When Ukyo greeted her at the
door in male form and smiled at her, Yuka felt her heart melt into a little
puddle. Ranma noticed this and wondered if perhaps her could find Yuka an
Amazon male to date, when he and the girls left for Shampoo's village
in a month.

All he would have to do is to ensure that the rule of marriage did
not apply to his family. Well that, and to keep a look out for this
boy Mousse that Shampoo still talked about. He couldn't be that bad
could her? Perhaps Shampoo was just overreacting. She tended to do that
when some boys at school proclaimed their 'love' for her upon seeing her
for the first time.

When Sayuri led Ryoga in, with them linked by their bracelets, she had
to endure the usual amount of teasing from everyone, even Mao who seemed to
know the boy. When Ryoga had first come through the village with Ukyo and
Genma, he was the only one who had managed to remain in his natural form, and
many of the girls of the village considered the boy to be quite attractive.
Ryoga not used to such attention, tried to get away and wound up, quite by
accident, wandering into the girl's bath. He was found a short time later,
quite unconscious and being cared for by several concerned young girls.

One would think that a male wandering into a female only bath would
be beaten unconscious by annoyed amazons, but instead they were quite happy,
until he fell over with a nosebleed, causing many of the girls to check and see
if the poor boy was sick.

Waking up with his head in a naked girl's lap, Ryoga actually managed
to stay awake and set a new record for fleeing from one end of the village
to the others. This just seemed to please the girls even more. Their new
quarry was not only cute, but in quite good shape as well.

As Mao continued to tell the story of Ryoga's 'flight' across the village,
Sayuri was glaring at her boyfriend and wondering if he was becoming a playboy.
A thought, which would have caused several of those present to laugh
hysterically if Sayuri had expressed it.

"Sayuri-chan, I didn't do anything, I swear.", Ryoga groveled when he
noticed the look that she was giving him.

"You still shouldn't have been around all of those girls. They were
naked after all.", Sayuri declared 'righteously'.

"But I just wandered in. It wasn't on purpose.", Ryoga replied.

"It doesn't matter. I should be the only girl that you should be seeing
naked.", Sayuri declared then blushed.

Ryoga tried to respond to this, but had to spend most of his energy not
fainting at this new piece of information.

"Daughter you should wait to your married for doing any such thing.",
Ayane said as several people look at her with raised eyebrows.

"Like your one to talk mother. How many times have your paraded yourself
in front of Ranma, Shampoo, and Kodachi. No to mention that they seem to always
be together. Why is it any different between Ryo-chan and myself.", Sayuri

"Really my dear, lusting after a younger man at YOUR AGE, how shameful.",
Mao teased Ayane.

"What is that supposed to mean?", Ayane growled as Ryoga and Sayuri
started to scoot away from the woman.

"Well, you are not getting any younger after all. You already have a
teenage daughter. That must make you close to 40 already. Almost an old woman,
especially since you do not age as well as we Amazons.", Mao continued to
tease, annoyed by the fact that Ayane had threatened to barbeque, amongst
other things, her airen earlier.

"I saw you looking at Ranma earlier.", Ayane accused.

"Well I am younger than you my dear, and it is only natural for
a mother to be concerned about her son. That does not mean that I wish
to sleep with him. Well not anymore.", Mao thought the last part to
herself. After all it would be bad form to be with both a father and son
Mao reasoned.

Mei Ling was a little annoyed with Ayane, she could tell that the
woman was bit of pervert. That in and of itself didn't bother her. She
knew that Mao was a bit perverted herself, but she was at least honest about
it. Ayane though seemed to be hypocrite, something Mei Ling came across
far to often in her political duties for her country.

The night managed to end without any fights. Ranma and a few others
were more than a little curious about who would be the winner if Ayane
and Mao decided to settle their aggressions on one another, but such an
action would have probably damaged Ukyo's restaurant more than a little.

For the next month Ukyo and Genma spent most of their time running the
restaurant with Genma taking some time to teach the basics of anything
goes, to Kodachi, Shampoo, and even Sayuri. His stated reason was to try
and smooth things over with Ranma's family the only way he knew, by teaching
them his art. The fact that it also enabled him to see Ranma more often was
purely a coincidence. After all, men do not spend 'quality time' with their
children as Genma's father had drilled into him so long ago. Men should be
stoic and disciplined at all times, Genma remembered his dearly departed
father saying quite often.

As he trained the kids as much as he could Genma was surprised about
how well and quickly they adapted to whatever style was thrown at them.
Genma had learned first hand how skilled the Amazons were, so Shampoo's
skill did not surprise him. Kodachi and Sayuri though were another matter.
Neither girl appeared to be a martial artist at first glance. That is not to
say that they appeared to be fat or even out of shape. Both girls resembled
dancers more than anything else. There must have been something in the two
girl's family background that enabled them to learn at the same rate as the
Amazon girl.

Genma also found himself thinking more of his father as he trained
the 'kids', especially when Ranma made an appearance at the training
sessions. Genma respected his father. He always seemed to want to do what is
best for his family. He even disapproved of Genma seeking out Happosai, may he
rot in his cave, when Genma mentioned the old pervert to his father. For all
the time though that Genma spend training with his father, he still could not
say that he knew the man very well. His father never talked about himself much
and never really asked anything about how his son was doing, except for how well
he was progressing in the art.

Perhaps that is why Genma seemed to only focus on the art with Ranma. That
combined with promise to his wife, called him to follow the same path, more or
less, that his father did with him. Genma didn't even realize how he was acting
until Ranma was almost killed and he 'had' to leave him in the hospital.

"Perhaps that is why I went searching for Ukyo, then came back to the boy.
Maybe I did want to make up in some way for how I acted.", Genma mumbled to
himself during one particularly sleepless night.

Both his father and his old friend Soun would be surprised in the man's
new attitude. His father didn't know any better, not that Genma would ever
judge the man. He felt more than a little sorry for Soun though. Perhaps he
was being too harsh in this case, but he wondered how the man could ignore
three healthy children, especially when their mother died. Genma, although
far from being a saint in his opinion at least tried to take care of his
son when Nodoka passed away. Soun just seemed to ignore his children.

Genma decided that perhaps he should talk to Soun after Ranma, he
and the rest of Ranma's family went to visit the Amazon's for Shampoo's
tournament. The tournament probably would not last too long and if by some
chance that Ranma and the two girls decided to marry, well that would help
convince Akane from speaking to her father about the pledge between families.
Perhaps if this became the case he could convince Soun to pay more attention
to starting up the dojo again or paying attention to his children. Kami-sama
knows those girls appeared to be in need of some guidance. Not that Genma was
an expert in such things, but traveling with Ukyo did open Genma's eyes a
little on how one should try and raise girls.

As Genma continued to talk to himself that night, Mao listened
from next to her airen. He was responding well to her affections. True
they hadn't consummated their relationship, much to frustration, but he
was now showing affection to her in public, instead of denying their
obvious relationship. Perhaps with a little more 'training' they could
have a formal Amazon wedding ceremony, perhaps even at the same time that
Ranma, Shampoo, and Kodachi had theirs.

After their ceremonies then they could return to Japan. Visiting the
village was fine from time to time, but Mao had become quite accustomed
to all the "luxury's" that modern life had to offer, such as hot and
cold running purified water. It would be a cold day in the nine hells,
when she gave up on her large whirlpool bath that she had convinced
Genma to install in their bathroom above the restaurant.

Mao was also rather fond her portable mp3 player that Ukyo had bought
her. Imagine being able to listen to what ever music you wanted to, when ever
you wanted to. This was a definite improvement in the old radios that a
couple of the elders had in the village. Perhaps it meant that she was becoming
'soft', but quite frankly she really did not care. She had spent 30 years,
alone, for the most part, and was entitled to have a few luxuries in her
humble opinion.


When it came time to leave for the tournament Ranma and his family were
first escorted to the Chinese embassy in Tokyo. Since Mei Ling was going to
attend the tournament, security was going to be tight until they arrived
at the Amazon village. Ranma was tempted to ask how the Amazons would respond
to a bunch of black suited men, wearing dark sunglasses, trying to protect
one of their own people, but from the strained expression on Mei Ling's
face, he decided that it was best not to ask the woman. Maybe Shampoo
would know a little bit more about how the village viewed the outside
world. She seemed to be a little more knowledgeable about such things than
her more 'modern' mother.

As they arrived at the airport, Ranma was amazed at the size of the
plane that everyone was to board. He had never flown before, but he
assumed it was safe. The nervous expression on Shampoo's face though,
gave him pause, especially considering how she seemed to be clinging to
him as the plane's engine spooled up. Kodachi seemed bored if anything.
Ranma assumed she had flown before or was used to maybe something
more fancy, such as those 'little' jets, that some businessman had.

Ranma found that his opinion about Shampoo being nervous was right
as the girl practically squeezed his arm off as the plane took off into
the air faster than Ranma thought such a large object should be able to do.

Everyone else seemed quite calm, except for Ukyo, who had to stay at
her restaurant and help direct the staff in its daily operations. Ukyo
would have preferred to have gone with her family but running a new business
left little time for anything else. She wasn't happy about her 'father' leaving,
but he did need to spend time with his son. Now only if she could get that new
waiter to stop dressing like a waitress and proclaiming that he was a ninja.
Strange little guy.

"Oh well at least he worked cheap.", Ukyo pondered.

"Perhaps you should let your airen's arm go Shampoo dear, it
appears to be turning blue." ,Mei Ling said to her daughter.

"No need to be so nervous dear, I am sure the plane won't
crash into a flaming wreckage and kill us all.", Mao teased as
Shampoo began to look a little ill.

"That is in rather poor taste, don't you think?", Kodachi

"Perhaps, but Shampoo shouldn't be so afraid. It is
unbecoming an Amazon.", Mao said, while not even thinking of the
snide comments that Shampoo and the younger Amazons had said when they
thought Mao wasn't listening over the years.

"I am not afraid or nervous.", Shampoo replied.

"Then you will not be needing that little bag like last time.",
Mei Ling teased.

"I did not need that!", Shampoo declared.

"This is going to be a lively Trip.", Kasumi said to Ayane.

"One certainly hopes so. It gets so boring having to swim home.
Being here is a definite improvement.", Mao said as the non Amazons
stared at her.

"You swam to Japan?", Ayane asked incredulously.

"Of course. How else could a poor maiden Amazon such as myself
arrive at such a far off land.", Mao said dramatically, as Shampoo snorted
at the maiden comment.

"No wonder her thighs are so big.", Ayane mumbled.

"You sound jealous my dear. Perhaps your just getting flabby in your
old age. Besides I have always gotten compliments about my legs.", Mao
said while hiking up her skirt to show off her thighs, much to Ranma's
embarrassment, who couldn't stop himself from looking.

"Perverted old woman. Stop embarrassing Ranma like that.", Shampoo
said in annoyance.

"I am sure the boy doesn't mind.", Mao said as Ranma seemed to be trying
to ignore the woman at the moment.

"So what do you say son. Were you embarrassed?", Kasumi said to her
distracted son.

"What was that? Uh..... She has nice legs.", Ranma said, not realizing
that he wasn't answering the right question.

Kasumi started to snicker, then laugh, as Shampoo glared at the 'old'
Amazon who was flirting with her airen.

"Your mother was right, this is going to be a lively trip.", Sayuri
snickered at Yuka.

The rest of the flight to China was a bit on the bumpy side. There
was a lot of Turbulence over the sea of Japan and Mei Ling had to pull
her panicked daughter off of the cabin of the aircraft three times, much to
her annoyance. Honestly how can someone who wrestled wild boars be scared
of a little turbulence.

"Perhaps I should expose the girl to more of the modern world.", Mei
Ling thought as she set her daughter back into her seat and threatened to
throw Shampoo out of the aircraft if she did not start behaving like an

Ranma looked on in sympathy. She knew what it was like to be afraid of
something, fortunately his fear of cats was lessoning over time. At least he
no long jumped for the ceiling like Shampoo had been doing whenever he heard
a cat meow anymore.

After the plane landed, the group made their way towards several
parked limousines, that were this time surrounded by several military jeeps.

"Is something wrong?", Shampoo asked her mother.

"Just the usual trouble with the Musk and some of their followers.",
Mei Ling said.

"I thought they were all dead?", Shampoo asked.

"Most of them are, but their leader and a few of his followers
survived the attack on their fortress a few years ago. They alone, have
not been too much trouble, but they have been recruiting others with
promising of offering them 'magic' from Jusenkyo.", Mei Ling said.

"Why would they want that?", Shampoo asked as they entered the

"There are several powerful men, who would like obedient women as
mistresses of even slaves, particularly in Southeast Asia. The Musk leader
has promised these men to create women for them if they help him defeat our
tribe. It will not happen, now that the military supports us, but there is
still no end to the fools, who want something for nothing.", Mei Ling said
in disgust as Shampoo look angry at the thought of how someone could want
to treat a woman, even a half animal one as some sort of object.

An hour later the limousines were approaching a military airbase, much
to the interest of the group of travelers.

"This place looks familiar.", Kasumi said to Ayane.

"Yes it does. Wait...... I know this place. Remember, Kasumi-chan we
were here years ago with Chun-Li hunting down the American she was
interested in.", Ayane replied.

"Oh yes, what was his name. Guile I think it was. She never did find him
here, but we had an interested times, remember.", Kasumi said with an evil grin.

"How can I forget, everyone was so energetic that weekend, especially you
Kasumi-chan.", Ayane said with a lustful grin.

Ranma, Yuka, and Sayuri wanted to know what their mothers were talking
about, but it would probably best for their sanity if they didn't ask. This
didn't stop others from speculating out loud though.

"Had a bit of fun with the soldiers in your youth, or perhaps even
with each other. And you had the nerve to say that I was shameful.", Mao
stated with an evil grin in Ayane's direction.

Ranma had to stop himself from a mental picture of Kasumi and Ayane
together. One should not think about such things. It wasn't right. At least
that is what he told himself as he tried to banish certain naughty images
from his active imagination.

Kodachi and Shampoo were also letting their imaginations run away from
them, but it didn't involve Ranma's mother or that other 'old' woman. More
like they and Ranma together in some far off secluded corner of Shampoo's
village getting to know each other after the tournament.

Genma knew what the two women were speaking about, but he was far too
old to be affected by words. The looks that Mao was giving him were another
thing though. He wondered what she had planned, and whether or not he should
have brought his vitamins along with him. After all he wasn't getting any

Everyone was let off near a small building close to one of the
hangers at the airfield. They were ask to wait their until their transportation
could be prepared. More than a few of the passengers were curious as too why
they were here in the first place, especially Genma who had learned to avoid
anything having to do with the military due to several 'youthful indiscretions'.

"So why are we here, shouldn't we start out towards the village before
the light fades?", Shampoo asked as her mother looked at her strangely.

"Shampoo dear, I know you value our traditions, but we are more than
a 'few' miles from the village. I do not think that our guests would appreciate
hiking for more than a week through the mountains and several valleys.", Mei
Ling said to her daughter.

"So the military is transporting us to your village. Interesting. I guess
being an ambassador has its perks.", Ayane said off hand.

"Well you can not land a commercial airliner at the village. There have
been some changes since Shampoo and I have last visited, but landing large
jets there is just not possible.", Mei Ling said as Shampoo wondered just
how much her mother and possibly others had been 'contaminating' the pure
Amazon culture that she was used to.

Several loud rumbling noises began to echo from outside including the
telltale sounds of helicopter rotors, but they sounded somewhat different
from the sounds that several of the group had heard. Two soldiers entered
the room and escorted the group out onto the field, where they stopped
and stared at what was waiting for them.

A large, to them, transport plane was sitting nearby as well as two
very scary looking military helicopters.

"What the #$@$@?", Shampoo said in a not so subtle fashion.

"Really dear such language.", Mei Ling chided her daughter.

"Definitely reminds me of old times, like when Guile and others
dropped into Bison's base with Kasumi and I, to fight off his forces.",
Ayane said, while wondering if they were expecting to be part of a
battle this day.

"Do not worry miss. This is only for your protection, due to
certain interests in the mountains that we will be flying over. You
should be perfectly safe.", One of the M.P.'s said while mistaking
the look of excitement on Ayane's face for one of nervousness.

"That is so neat. Those are Hind gunships and that looks like a
highly modified Lockheed Hercules transport plane, right?", Ranma asked
the soldiers.

"You can have a closer look at the Hinds if you want, since you
are to be considered a V.I.P.", one of the M.P.'s said to Ranma.

"May I take a closer look mother?", Ranma asked with a doe eyed
expression guaranteed to remove all resistance from hesitant parents.

"I suppose it would be alright?", Kasumi said as Kodachi and
Shampoo shuddered at seeing that expression of Ranma's. Kami-sama knows
that they were never able to say no to him when her used it on them.

Ranma was a very happy little military otaku as be bounced around the
aircraft like a hummingbird with a sugar high. He was disappointed that they
wouldn't let him touch the weapon controls, but you can not have everything
after all.

"Ranma sure likes his toys.", Shampoo snickered.

"Reminds me of how you acted at the national museum's ancient sword
exposition.", Kodachi whispered to Shampoo.

"That's different, those are the weapons of warriors.", Shampoo
said to Kodachi.

"If you say so.", Kodachi replied.

Ranma was allowed to 'play' with the Hind for a few more minutes
before it was time for everyone to board the transport towards the village.
Mei Ling wondered if she should mention how rough riding the plane would be
compared to a commercial airliner. Oh well, she made sure to bring along
plenty of little bags for Shampoo, so there shouldn't be too many problems.

As the aircraft leveled off after takeoff, and Shampoo was once again
removed from the ceiling, Ranma decided to ask her mother how they were
going to land such 'large' plane near the village. He could understand
finding a place to land a helicopter, but a plane was another thing
all together.

Mei Ling explained, much to Ranma's interest, that due to her status,
and the fact that the Musk now had outside support, a 'few' changes had
to be made to the village, included a small dirt runway and even machine
gun towers to help guard the village.

Shampoo twitched as she listened to her mother describe, the vast
'improvements' to the village that her mother spoke. Defending their land
was one thing, but to install a satellite system so that the elders could
watch foreign soap operas was pushing things, not to mention elder Hairbrush
becoming interested in the internet and doing some shopping... At Amazon.com
of course.

"Elders getting senile in old age.", Shampoo mumbled, her words drowned
out by her 'gurgling' stomach.


The trip through the heart of China proceeded smoothly, until the
group neared the valley of Jusenkyo. As the aircraft approached the ridge
of the valley, a strange 'whooshing' noise was heard outside the transport
plane. A few seconds later the lights in the plane turned red, and the
aircraft began to pitch and roll wildly. Several people inside the craft
including Shampoo began to look quite sick.

Looking out a window in the transport, Ranma was shocked to see that the
aircraft began to discharge small 'balls' of flame and what looked like metallic
ribbons of some sort.

"Chaff and flares? Someone is shooting at us.", Ranma thought out loud,
attracting the attention of everyone else.

One of the helicopters raced head of the plane, flame and smoke belching
forth from its front cannon. The cliff face in front of them was engulfed in
smoke and fire.

Another 'whooshing' sound was heard and the front of the helicopter
exploded causing it to suddenly shoot upward then backwards over the
transport plane, coming down on top of them.

The strike caused a large hole to open up in the plane,
sucking Ranma out the hole. A second later a panicked Shampoo jumped out
after the boy, not even realizing what she was doing until it was too
late. The both of them were now falling, far to fast for her liking, towards
the valley of Jusenkyo.

Shampoo managed to catch up to Ranma and wrap herself around him, just
as they were nearing a pooling.

"Please ancestors, I do not care what becomes of me, just let
Ranma, my beloved live.", Shampoo thought as they struck the water and
all went dark.

Up on the bluffs surround the valley, a Musk warrior, one of the
few remaining that is, was quiet please with himself for destroying one
of his people's enemies with the toys that their allies had provided him.
His good humor was short lived when he found himself face to face with his
leader, a very angry Herb.

"You fool you were supposed to wait until nightfall, where we
could attack unobserved, now look what you have done.", Herb yelled
pointing at the still flying plane and intact Hind gunship that had spotted
them and was now approaching them.

Mint, Herb's second in command was about to explain to his leader
why he had chosen to attack his enemies, when the sounds of rotor blades
seem to 'appear' in front of him. He had a few seconds to ponder how the
helicopter had reached him so suddenly when a loud 'burping' sound filled
his ears, then everything went red.

Mint was a very tough warrior, he had survived various swords, axe,
and even a few bullet wounds over the years, he was not tough enough to
survive multiple hits from a 23mm cannon however.

Watching his second-in-command be blown apart in less than a second,
Herb leapt down the cliffs as fast as he could, and hid in one of the
nearby caves.

His plans were falling apart. Cursed Amazons, first they destroyed
his people, now former subordinate had endangered his plans for
revenge. He would not give up though. Somehow that accused ambassador
Mei Ling would pay, as well as anyone close to her, Herb swore on the
spirits of his ancestors.

Ranma awoke to find himself laying on the muddy bank of some
pools. There were pieces of metal and plastic scattered all around him.
He heard a voice from nearby muttering in a worried tone. He managed to turn
his head towards the sound and saw a large Chinese man holding a long pole,
in which he was pulling someone out of a dried pool of water. That person was

The man managed to pull Shampoo out of the pool and was just sitting
down to rest, when a loud 'cracking' noise echoed in Ranma's ears and he saw
the Chinese man, fall over, holding a now bleeding shoulder.

Ranma saw a man, who looked to be from somewhere in southeast Asia,
holding a small pistol and saying something to him in a language that he did
not understand. The look on the man's face though made Ranma ill.

The man was looking at him the way he saw some of the boys at school look
at Shampoo. Ranma had heard about some of the perverts that wanted to use
Jusenkyo for their own uses. Maybe this bastard wanted to do something to him.

As the man turned away from Ranma to check on the wounded Chinese man,
Ranma saw him roll Shampoo over onto her stomach and grin wickedly at the sight
in front of him. Shampoo's dress was almost completely torn of and the man was
running his hands over Shampoo's unconscious body.

"You will not touch her.", Ranma thought to himself as he fought to rise
up and do....something.

Amongst the wreckage near him, he saw a rifle, that had probably fallen
out of the helicopter as it exploded. Ayane had taught Ranma to fire a gun
at the mansions shooting range, something which private citizens were not
supposed to have, but he had never fired a rifle before.

He grabbed a hold of the gun and was raising it up just as the terrorist
saw Ranma. He fired a shot at Ranma with his pistol, missing the boy by inches.
Ranma rolled over and fired the gun, unaware of it being set for fire on
'full auto'. Bullets sprayed the area in which the man was standing, several
striking the man in the chest and head. Five seconds later it was all over.
The man would no longer be recognizable by his relatives and Ranma found his
strength leaving him as he dropped the gun and fell face first into the mud.

As he felt himself falling asleep, Ranma could swear that he heard a
familiar voice calling his name.


The transport plane could not land in the area to see if Ranma and
Shampoo were alright, but the remaining helicopter settled nearby and the crew
men jumped out to see if the two teens survived. The men saw Ranma and Shampoo
fall into a pool of water and watch the pool quickly bubble and evaporate as
they were landing their aircraft. Reaching the teens, they crew found Shampoo
but they were initially confused about who the strange little red-headed girl
was, who the guide had brought near Shampoo and was trying to perform CPR on.
The little redhead was having trouble breathing.

As one of the crew worked on the redhead, and the Jusenkyo guide helped
straighten out Shampoo's leg, which was broken, the guide explained how the
teens had fallen into the pool of drowned girl, turning Ranma into the little
redhead, but not affecting Shampoo. Why the pool dried out though was a mystery
to be solved another time.

As time went by, it was apparent that something was definitely wrong with
Ranma, he had not swallowed any water, as far as the crew and the guide could
tell, but he was still having trouble breathing and he was shaking quite bad.
Shampoo had been sedated to make sure that she stayed still until she could
be brought to the village there and examined at the small clinic.

Just as Ranma and Shampoo were being loaded into the back of the Hind,
several Amazons from the village, including an elder and one of the
village healers entered the valley as quick as they could. The guide told
them what had happened and how poorly Ranma was responding to the
treatment that they had tried to give the boy, now girl temporarily. One
of the healers traveled with Ranma and Shampoo in the Hind as they were
quickly flown to the Amazon village.

They arrived at the village in a few minutes and Ranma was brought
into the clinic. Most of the group from Nerima almost had to be
restrained from rushing in to see how the boy, now girl?!? was doing.
About an hour after Ranma was brought in, the village healer went out to
talk to Ranma's and Shampoo's family.

"Mei Ling your daughter is going to be fine. She has suffered some
injury to her back and legs, but she will live. When she awakens we will
be able to see how well she is able to walk.", he healer said.

"She had better be well. She has a tournament to compete in.", a
short troll like creature said.

"That is of no concern at the moment grandmother. Shampoo's health
is more important.", Mei Ling growled.

"How is my son and why does he looked like a girl?", Kasumi asked
sounding quite rattled.

"This may sound hard to believe, but your son fell into the
spring of drowned girl in the valley of..."

"Jusenkyo.", Kasumi finished the healers sentence in a whisper.

"You have heard of it then?", the healer asked.

"I just remembered that Ranma's 'father' had a similar accident.
I just did not remember it until now.", Kasumi said, while looking at
the innocent looking little red headed girl in front of her.

"Yes, well then you must know that from now on, whenever your son
is splashed with cold water he will turn into the little red head that
you see in front of you. Hot water will reverse the process.", the healer
explained to Kasumi.

"Is this 'curse' why my son appears to be so weak at the moment?",
Kasumi asked.

"I do not believe so. Although changing forms can be stressful on
the body at first. A person would have to be quite sickly or would have to have
suffered some sort of serious, almost fatal infection in the past in order
to be affected so.", the healer replied as Kasumi began to growl and glow
an angry blue.

"That worthless #*$#(#( $*#($$(, and his cat fist training. That must
be it.", Kasumi said in anger.

"Your boy underwent the cat fist training!", the healer accidentally
shouted attracting the attention of those nearby.

"If that is so, then the boy is too dangerous to keep around here.
He should be killed. He is too weak for Shampoo anyway.", Mei Ling's
grandmother, the elder Cologne said.

"You lay one hand on my son. There will not be enough left of you
to cremate old woman.", Kasumi said as several other looked at the
old Amazon in anger.

"He is Shampoo's airen and they love each other. I will stop you
myself if I must.", Mei Ling said to Cologne.

"She won't be the only one.", Ayane said, producing two large
weapons from out of nowhere, both of which were glowing.

"There will be no fighting or killing in this clinic. Even though
you are an elder of this tribe Cologne, I will not hesitate to report your
words and actions to the council if you chose to act foolishly.", the
healer said.

"The cat fist training did not work in any case. My son still is
quite nervous around cats, but he does not fall under the spell of the
cat demon that is summoned by the technique.", Kasumi said, while
remembering what she had read about the neko-ken.

"Now if all of you would not mind leaving, I have two patients
to look after.", the healer said as she motioned for her assistants
to help her in the care of Ranma and Shampoo.

Everyone slowly filed out of the clinics doors, with he healer
telling everyone that she would be able o tell them more about how Ranma
was in the morning.

Genma went off with Mao to think. He wanted to be alone, but she would
not let him. Once again he had failed to protect his family, but she would
hear none of it, no matter how much he groused about it. Perhaps he was
wrong earlier about trying to reject the woman. She was showing for more
kindness and respect towards him, than he was towards her. Why she put up
with him, Genma was not sure, but if....no when, Ranma recovered perhaps his
wedding would not be the only one to be planned.

The next morning the village healer led Shampoo's and Ranma's mother
into see their children. Shampoo had awoken and was quite annoyed at the
healer, who told her that she should stay in bed for the next day at least.
Ranma was still unconscious and was moved next to Shampoo, who held the
present red headed girl as close as she could without harming either of them.
The sight of the two 'girls' being so close almost made the mother forget
that their children were injured.

"Mei Ling, I believe Shampoo will be alright. She does have some nerve
damage in her right leg and lower back, so she will not be able to move
quickly for some time. I can not say exactly for how long until she is
tested at a modern hospital I am sorry to say.", the healer said to
Shampoo's mother.

"I will see to having her moved after she is able to travel.",
Mei Ling replied.

"Miss Kasumi, the news I have about Ranma is not quite so positive
I am afraid.", the healer said while trying to speak as clearly as she
could in Japanese.

"What is wrong with my baby?", Kasumi said, trying to fight down a
growing feeling of panic.

"His ki is very erratic. Because of his injuries he had when he was
younger the strain of changing forms is far greater on him than in a
healthy person. I can not say yet, but I believe that the process may be
slowly killing him. I'm sorry.", the healer said as Kasumi could no longer
hold back her emotions and ran out of the building, almost running over those
waiting outside.

"How long does he have to live?", Mei Ling asked.

"I am not sure. Perhaps five years, maybe longer if someone can
look after his ki on a daily basis.", the healer said.

Shampoo listened to what the healer was telling her mother, but
could not find the strength to respond. She could only look at the face
of her beloved sleeping next to her and feel anger if not outright
hatred at the damned Musk tribe for doing this to them.

"You will pay Herb, and you will know suffering like on one has ever
known before.", Shampoo vowed to herself.


Everyone waiting outside the clinic for news of Ranma was surprised
when the door suddenly slammed open and out raced Kasumi, with tears in
he eyes. She ran straight for and over Genma, not even slowing down as
she collided with him.

"Are you all right dear?", Mao asked.

"Urk....Owwie...", Genma replied.

Ayane decided to run after her friend to see what is wrong. Maybe
she received bad news about Ranma. If that was the case, then she was the
best one to comfort Kasumi and help her if she needed it.

The healer invited Kodachi into the clinic as well as Yuka. They
entered immediately after the healer gave Genma a harsh glare, causing
many of the assembled group to wonder what the idiot had done this time.

"So doctor, how is Ranma-chan?", Kodachi asked while managing to not
sound nervous.

"He will live....for the time being.", the healer said as the two
young girls stared at her.

"What do you mean?", Yuka asked.

The healer explained about how Ranma's curse, because of his old
injuries, is weakening his body and shortening his life.

"I see...", Kodachi said with a faint aura about her.

"He dies.", Yuka said, while feeling more hatred towards Genma, then
she thought she could ever feel for another person.

"I ask that you do not act quite so hastily. Ranma should know what
is wrong with him and who is responsible. He might even want to talk to
the old fool, after he awakens. There is also the matter, that a member of
this tribe is interested in Genma, though for the life of me I can not
figure out why.", the healer said in disgust.

"Very well doctor, I will not kill him.", Kodachi said.

"We can still hurt him right?", Yuka asked.

"I suppose that would be alright.", the healer said without
thinking the matter through too clearly.

"Glad to hear it.", Yuka said while walking out the door with an
evil gleam in her eyes that made even Kodachi nervous.

Yuka walked out of the clinic and over to Genma. He was about to
ask what she wanted, but was cut short when Yuka managed to pull out a
very large mallet out of nowhere.

"Baka!, Baka!, Baka!", Yuka exclaimed as she drove the man into the
ground like an oversized tent stake.

"Darling!", Mao exclaimed.

"Oh my!", everyone else seemed to say.

"Yuka-chan, what's wrong?", Sayuri asked nervously, while looking at
the somewhat squished Genma.

Yuka did not get a chance to answer for Ayane stormed back towards
the clinic with Kasumi in tow. Ayane grabbed Genma by the neck and began
to hold the man aloft, while shaking him about like a rag doll.

Now while it could be said that Kodachi, and even Yuka to some extent
had shown some restraint up to this point, Ayane was not one to repress her
emotions. In front of her was someone that had mortally wounded, in her
opinion, someone that she loved and that was just cause for her to kill the
one she deemed responsible.

As Genma began to turn blue, everyone seemed so shocked by the sheer
viciousness of Ayane's attack that they were temporarily stunned, that is
until a hand seemed to shoot out of no where and grabbed Ayane by the
shoulder, causing the woman to drop Genma, then collapse to the ground

"Now we can not have any deaths around here yet. The fool is still
needed to explain a few things to his son when Ranma awakens.", the
healer said as Mao looked down at her unconscious airen, wondering why
that pervert Ayane tried to kill him.

A short while later the healer explained to everyone what was wrong
with Ranma and how Genma was going to be the one to talk to and apologize
to his son. After that, well...... everyone would have to wait and see
what happened. No one thought that Ranma would forgive his father this
time. Even he could not be that much of a saint, despite how much Kasumi
continued to moan about her poor innocent son.

For the next few days, until Ranma awoke, Kodachi, and Yuka spent most
of their time, near Ranma's side. Sayuri and Ryoga spent some time as well,
when they were not off alone together, including yet another accidental trip
through the woman's bath house, much to Ryoga's embarrassment.

It had been two days since Ranma had fallen into Jusenkyo.
Since no one was quite sure as of yet, how changing him back to his male form
would affect his health, he was still in his female form, which according
to Shampoo was quite warm and 'squishy'. She seemed to enjoy sleeping next
to the redhead. Kodachi tried to show a little more restraint than
Shampoo tended to show, but from the smile on her face as she slept each night
it was obvious that she didn't mind being near Ranma.

Ranma awoke later on that day to the feeling that something was not
quite right. He felt very tired and well.....different for some reason. He
seemed to be shorter if that was possible and for some reason a bunch of red
hair kept falling into his face. Of course the strangest thing was the fact
that he appeared to now have two large breasts on his chest and they appeared
to be attached to him.

"Huh?!?!", Ranma whimpered as he lifted the breasts in his hands and
briefly fondled them, confirming his suspicions that he wasn't dreaming. He
considered screaming, but he somehow couldn't find the energy at the moment.

Hearing, that her patient was now up the elderly healer came into the
room and spent the next couple of hours explaining to Ranma what had just
happened. To say that he was shocked that he now turned into a girl, like
Ukyo turned into a boy was somewhat of an understatement. He knew he had no
choice, since Shampoo had talked to Ukyo several times trying to convince the
girl that her curse was not curable.

Ranma could tell that the healer was holding something back though.
Something was wrong. Ranma could feel her emotions to a certain extent,
especially when she mentioned that Ranma needed to talk to his father and
a brief surge of anger flooded through the woman.

Genma came into the clinic a few minutes later, under armed guard.

"Sigh.... What has he done now?", Ranma wondered.

Genma sat down next Ranma, his face curiously more somber than
Ranma or anyone had ever seen the man. He began to tell Ranma about
what the healer told him about how Ranma's new curse had affected his
boy because of the failed cat fist training.

Ranma sat still for over a half hour after Genma had finished
talking to the boy. Many thought that he must be in shock. He came out of
it shortly thereafter, rose off of his bed and walked slowly over to Genma.
Many were shocked by what happened next.

Ranma reached back and hit Genma as hard as he could. This did
very little damage to the old man, but the mental affects were obvious.
Ranma ran out of the room, with tears in his eyes and off into the
village. Genma could only shiver as several sets of eyes looked at him
in anger for what must be the fourth time that day.


Ranma was leaning against a rather large log, that was
supported by four rather massive chains. He guessed that this was the
challenge log that Shampoo had spoken about. Ranma wondered if Shampoo
was still going to compete. After Genma had spoken to him, Ranma saw
Shampoo and the others as he ran out of the clinic. Shampoo looked ok
but was walking on crutches. Hopefully she was ok and didn't fall into
one of those pools.

"I suppose I should go check on her.", Ranma said feeling a little
guilty about racing off. At least this girl form seemed stronger than his
male form for some reason.

"Is impressive no?", a deep voice said from behind Ranma.

Ranma turned around to see a large woman looking at him. At least
he thought it was woman. She was more muscular than most guys and did have
a little mustache, which Ranma felt it rude to mention.

"Who are you?", Ranma asked a little nervously.

"My name Dowel, new village champion.", the large woman said.

"I thought the tournament wasn't until a few days.", Ranma asked
in confusion.

"Dowel had no challengers since Shampoo too injured to fight.
Dowel very disappointed. No want to win by default. Feel very sorry for
Shampoo though. Hope Shampoo no end up like old Mao.", the large
Amazon girl said.

"How is Shampoo like Mao?", Ranma asked.

"When Mao, Shampoo's age, Mao get very sick. She unable to compete
in tournament. Grandmother who raise her, was very upset, insult and degrade
Mao a lot. Shampoo's great grandmother, just like Mao's. Being insulted by
elder caused Mao to be...how you say ostracized.", Dowel said in broken

"You think Shampoo will be treated like that?", Ranma asked Dowel.

"Not sure. Maybe not since Shampoo already have both airen and co-wife. Mao
had no one and since elder shamed her, no boy wanted to be with Mao.", Dowel
said, remembering how she found Mao when Dowel was just a child.

"I should find Shampoo then. If she feels like she is a failure she may
not to be around anyone for a while.", like Ranma said.

"Like how you just felt.", Dowel half asked, have stated, to a
surprised Ranma.

"Damn, you're good.", Ranma said.

"Dowel just not pretty face.", the girl laughed at her own joke
then sighed.

"Is something wrong?", Ranma asked Dowel.

"Not important, Ranma have own things to think about, no need to
worry about Dowel", the large girl said.

"You helped me, maybe I can help you.", Ranma said.

"Sigh, Dowel have boy trouble.", Dowel said softly.

"A boy you like doesn't feel the same towards you?", Ranma asked.

"How you know?", Dowel asked.

"I recognized the look on your face. A friend of mine was having
trouble meeting the right boy when she as younger.", Ranma said.

"She probably have it easier than Dowel. Boys think Dowel too
much like man, no want to be around. Very frustrating since Dowel is
now almost 25.", Dowel said quietly with some shame in her voice.

"No boy has any attention to you?", Ranma asked.

"There one boy, but he is not warrior. He is son of village
butcher. Skinny boy always bothering me and sending silly notes.",
Dowel said.

"Just like Akane.", Ranma said while shaking his head.

"Who Akane? She girl you just talk about?", Dowel asked.

"I met Akane a couple of years ago. She was upset that no boy wanted
to look at her, because they thought that she was too much like a boy,
because she liked sports and martial arts.", Ranma said.

"Sounds like normal warrior.", Dowel said.

"Not in Japan. There, the 'ideal' woman is supposed to be quiet and
petite, letting the man make the decisions in her life for her.", Ranma
said to Dowel.

"Opposite of what men here are like. Here woman make decisions and
men run the house, even if they still like young pretty girls though.",
Dowel said.

"I told Akane that she should find a boy that respected her for
who she was, and didn't just want to be with her, because she was the
stereotypical 'perfect' Japanese girl.", Ranma said.

"So this Akane find man to be with?", Dowel asked.

"Not yet, but she has dated now more than she ever did in the
past, including still trying to get me to take her as another wife.",
Ranma said in embarrassment.

"So Ranma, thinks that Dowel should give this boy a chance. Maybe
see if something works out?", Dowel asked.

"It couldn't hurt to try. Even if you do not turn out to be
compatible. You might still have a good time together and be friends.
That is how Akane and I turned out.", Ranma said.

"I'll think about it.", Dowel said.

Ranma walked back to the clinic and had to endure the healer
yelling about how she and her assistants were still unsure of how the
curse would affect Ranma. What would happen if he was splashed with hot
water, so soon after awakening? Ranma didn't seem to be pay too much
attention for Shampoo and Kodachi were in the process of still
checking him over, even after being at the clinic for an hour. Ranma
tried to not react to being treated like a child, but his patience
was starting to run out. He had been somewhat stressed lately, as one
may have guessed so he did something that he rarely did. He yelled at
Shampoo and Kodachi.

"Will the both of you please stop already. I am not going to drop
over dead this moment.", Ranma yelled then regretted his poor choice of
words as he saw the shocked and teary-eyed expressions on his two
future wives faces.

"I am sorry airen.", I only wanted to see if you were alright.",
Shampoo said.

"I was also concerned about you, love. Please do not be angry.",
Kodachi said in a sad voice hat made Ranma feel about three inches tall.

"It's not your fault, I just need some time to think about some things
including how you are doing Shampoo.", Ranma said.

"I'm fine.", Shampoo said as Kodachi snorted, earning a glare from

"That is not what I heard. One of your Amazon sisters said that by
not being in the tournament, you might think that you have shamed yourself
or your family.", Ranma said.

"Who said that? What it that old pervert Mao?", Shampoo asked.

"No it wasn't Mao. She said her name was Dowel.", Ranma said as
Shampoo bristled at the mention of her rival's name.

"She was probably bragging to everyone about how she is now the village
champion in stead of me.", Shampoo said.

"Actually she seemed rather concerned about how you are feeling. I think
that she was disappointed about not being able to fight you. She did say that
she respected your abilities as a warrior.", Ranma said.

"Figures, Dowel not normal. Amazon supposed to take pride, even gloat
when she wins victory, not be humble.", Shampoo said.

"She seemed to be quite mellow, sad even.", Ranma said.

"Dowel is getting old and she does not have very many prospects for mate.
She too manly even for Amazon.", Shampoo said.

"I think that you are begin too harsh Shampoo-chan. You make her sound
like she is a man instead of a woman.", Kodachi said.

"Look over there and tell me if I am exaggerating.", Shampoo said
while pointing off into the distance at Dowel who had just come out of
the local blacksmith shop with a disgusted look on her face.

"Oh dear. Quite a husky your lady isn't she.", Kodachi said, while
wondering if he girl in question actually had a mustache on her face as she
appeared to have.

"There is one boy in your village who Dowel said was interested in her,
but she did not mention anyone's name. She did say that he was the son of
the village butcher though.", Ranma said while wondering why Shampoo suddenly
seemed to be trying to hold back from laughing out loud.

"So Sage interested in Dowel, now that is too funny.", Shampoo said.

"Why is that so funny?", Ranma asked.

"Sage is very short and skinny boy with a large mustache. No warrior
want to be with him. He is better than Mousse, but then again so is Musk
Warrior.", Shampoo said.

"I wonder if this 'mythical' Mousse person that you keep mentioning is
ever going to show up. I don't think that either I or anyone in our group
has seen him.", Kodachi said.

"That is because he is being held in the stockade for his own
safety.", Mei Ling said while approaching the three teenagers.

"Why is that?", Ranma asked.

"Because he proclaimed quite loudly that he was going to free
Shampoo from the evil Sorcerer Ranma Saotome and then claim the noble
Shampoo for his own.", Mei Ling said with a snort.

"He sounds like my idiot brother used to.", Kodachi said.

"Mousse is lucky that he is being held prisoner then. If he
harmed either your or Dachi-chan he would receive the same punishment
that I am going to give Herb when I see him.", Shampoo said in a scary
voice that had both Ranma and Kodachi briefly shivering.

The next week proved to an interesting one. Ranma had spotted
Dowel trying to enter local butcher shop stealthily several time. Twice
he had seen her carrying flowers. Maybe she and Sage were going to see if they
could be in a relationship together, Ranma mused more than once that week.

Ranma also spoke Genma twice more. The first time Genma was shocked that
Ranma had actually apologized for hitting him, and saying that violence would
solve nothing. This was so unlike Genma's upbringing by his father and his later
training under the dreaded master, that Genma did not know how to respond
for several moments.

Ranma noticed that as the week went on, his father tried to be nicer to
everyone present and was even openly affectionate with Mao on the day before
they left. He could have done without hearing them talking about the night
they spent together though. There was just some things that a child really did
not want to his father talk about, even if they didn't realize that Ranma
was walking nearby at the time.

The group from Nerima had originally decided to stay a few weeks in
the village, but with Ranma's unsure health and Shampoo's disqualification
from the tournament they decided to return early. At least Ranma could now
change back to his male form without harm as long as he rested briefly
between changes. Cold water still found him much to his displeasure far too
often and he sometimes stayed in his girl form just to avoid being wet
all the time. This combined with the fact that his girl form seemed to suffer
the affects of his ill health slightly less than his male form, caused
Ranma to just accept both his forms, whether he liked them or not.

Shampoo and Kodachi seemed to be just as affectionate when he was in
his girl form, but Ranma could do without all of their talk about how he
could please his girl form, when they were not around. As if he would ever
to anything like that, (blush, fidget, twitch).

The village healer, had said that she would do her best to try and look
for a cure for Ranma's condition when he was away, but she also reminded him
that he should not spend too much time away from the village. The ki
treatments that could be provided there were Ranma's best chance for living
as long as possible.

At least one good thing came from the attack on the group from
Nerima. The Chinese government was finally taking the terrorists, who
were helping the Musk, seriously. During the week that Ranma was in the
village over two dozen terrorists were hunted down and executed,
including two more Musk warriors. Nobody knew how many of he Musk still
existed, but everyone rested easier at the reports of their deaths, as
harsh as that may sound. Even Herb, disappeared after that week. Many had
hoped that he was also dead. There were rumors that he was buried under a
landslide while attempting to retrieve some drowned girl water from Jusenkyo
one dark night, but nobody paid this much heed. It was more than likely wishful
thinking on the part of those who fought and killed the musk over the past
few years.


The flight back to Japan was uneventful, but Ranma and the others
were still nervous. Ranma didn't want to leave any of his friends, and
he did feel especially bad about leaving Akane. True, she was a little
too close for a friend at times, but she was still a nice girl deep down.
Hopefully she wouldn't kill his father when she found out about Ranma's

Ranma would also miss Yuka and Sayuri. They would visit the village
as much as they could, but they still had school to go to, then they
would move onto whatever the future held for them.

Ranma cleared his head of these depressing thoughts. He wasn't dead
yet and he would not give up even until the last moment before his death. He
cared too much for those around him for that ever to happen.

Ranma would miss his mother Kasumi most of all though. What she did
all those years ago, by adopting him could never be repaid. He loved her
more than he thought possible. Ranma wondered what his birth mother was like.
Was she just as nice as Kasumi and when he did die, would he see her? He never
thought much about the afterlife, but recent events.....well lets just say he
wouldn't be disappointed to see Nodoka again. Maybe she wouldn't mind seeing
him either.

Checking out of school was easier than Ranma had thought it would be,
at least from the administrative standpoint. Saying goodbye to all of the
students was another matter entirely. There was one girl in Ranma's class,
Miho, who seemed to possess some minor psychic abilities. She saw a vision
about Ranma being harmed when everyone was in China. She was saddened to see
that she was right. If only she had foreseen what would happen sooner, maybe she
could have done something.

Ranma could sense that the girl maybe trying to convince herself that
the incident was somehow her fault for not saying anything, he talked to her
and told her how there was no way that she could have prevented what had
happened and when she wished that she did not have this ability of hers,
Ranma reminded her that such things make one special, and that she should
be proud of her abilities.

Miho did a strange thing for her after that, she smiled, then blushed
after Ranma hugged her. She was happy that no one just thought of her as
some sort of gloomy or spooky girl, as Kodachi used to be thought of.

The visit to the Tendo dojo was a little more dramatic. Both
Nabiki and Kasumi were sad by the news of Ranma's illness, but the
strongest reactions came from Akane.

Kasumi had wanted to use this day for good news. She was now
pregnant with her first child. Ranma's news put a little bit of a damper
on the news, not that Kasumi was irritated, but she wished that....well it
wasn't important. She was probably just being selfish. Another's person's
health was more important. Ranma seemed to sense this and even quietly
apologized to the girl, much to her embarrassment.

Ranma, and the others congratulated Kasumi, with Ranma saying that
if the baby turned out to be anything like Kasumi then it would be almost

Kasumi blushed badly at hearing this and hugged Ranma close, much to
his embarrassment, since Cassandra chose that moment to whisper into his
ear that she wouldn't have minded sleeping with him before she got married.

Ranma looked over towards a corner of the room where Akane was standing.
She looked like she wanted to say something to him, but seemed afraid too.
It was understandable why she was nervous. When she heard about how Ranma
dying was in part Genma's fault, she had beaten the man almost as bad as Ayane
had. She only stopped when Ranma asked her to as he held her behind as much
as he could. Akane seemed so embarrassed that she hadn't even looked at him
in the eyes since then.

"There is no need to hide over there, I am not going to bite you.", Ranma
said as he sat down on one edge of the couch and motioned for Akane to sit
next to him.

"You are not mad at me?", Akane asked while sitting down.

"No, I appreciate what you have done, but it's not necessary anymore.
Believe or not the old fool is actually sorry for how he had treated me over
the years. Besides if he receives one more beating, I don't think that he would
survive, or at least be able to keep up with Mao at night any more.", Ranma said
to a shocked Akane.

"Sorry, don't now why I said that. I guess I have been spending too much
time around Ayane.", Ranma joked as Akane mumbled something about perverted old
women and how they should be taught a lesson.

"So you have to stay in Shampoo's village from now on?", Akane asked after
a minute of silence between her and Ranma.

"Well I have to stay near it. The village healer has a few ideas in mind
for treating me. It won't cure my condition, but she said that it might prolong
my life somewhat. She was still trying to decide exactly what should be done when
we left to come back here to Japan for a while.", Ranma replied to Akane.

"You live in such a nice house. Will be happy in such a......rustic
place?", Akane asked.

"It's not that bad. The Chinese military has made some improvements,
much to some of the Amazon's concerns. It is not fancy, but at least they
have indoor plumbing and electricity now.", Ranma said as Akane wondered
what sort of primitive land Ranma would be living in.

"Can I write you?", Akane asked.

"I would be disappointed if you didn't We are friends after all,
are we not?", Ranma asked.

"Yes we are.", Akane stated sounding happier than she did a few
moments ago.

"You can even email there if you like. The military put in a
satellite link so that we can communicate with the outside world.",
Ranma stated.

"Computers in a primitive village. That sounds strange.", Akane

"It is a little different, but it is easier to get used to than the
machine gun nests that were installed around the village.", Ranma replied
to Akane.

"Just try and stay safe. I didn't have a lot friends before you
arrived, but thanks do you I do now and I do not want to lose someone
who means so much to me.", Akane said as she quickly kissed a stunned
Ranma on the lips and ran up the stairs with tears in her eyes.

"Ranma, just too, too attractive to other women's.", Shampoo said
in her former broken Japanese in an effort to snap Ranma out of his
present melancholy expression.

"Don't worry about her Ranma, Kasumi and I will look after both
her and Daddy. Even the 'Great Blue Blunder', here will help.", Nabiki
said while teasing her brother in law.

Everyone left the Tendo Dojo a short time later, with Genma and
Mao returning to the restaurant to see how Ukyo is as well as inform
the girl about Ranma.


Two weeks later, when Ranma, Shampoo, and Kodachi returned to the
village he surprised the both of them by formally proposing to the both
of them. Mei Ling was so excited she almost suffocated the poor boy in a
hug when she found out.

So much had to be done. What type of ceremony? Who would come
to the ceremony. Did anyone in the village know how to cook
Japanese food? So many questions and so little time to get everything

Some people were not happy to hear about this. Cologne still
considered Ranma to be unworthy of marrying Shampoo, but it was only
the mother or closest living relative who could protest the wedding, not
her. How Cologne lamented about how different she would have raised
Shampoo as several Shampoo's across many worlds suddenly sneezed and
wondered, for some reason, how there lives might have been different if
they had not been raised by their great grandmother.

Mousse was not happy to find out about the wedding and challenged
Ranma for Shampoo. When Ranma refused by saying that Shampoo was not a
prize to be won and he would not cheapen their feeling by doing something
so barbaric as fighting over someone, Mousse attacked anyway. He might have
succeeded in wounding or even killing Ranma if he had not mad the mistake of
yelling out his challenge as loud as he could in the center of the village,
then attacking just as soon as Shampoo and Kodachi came into the scene.

Kodachi used her ribbon to deflect a chain that was flying towards
Ranma as Shampoo decided to remove he chain at its source. She also removed
Mousse's hand in the process and was about to remove his head as well when
she was stopped. It seems even an idiot like Mousse was to be tried. The
outcome was a forgone conclusion, but the laws needed to be followed after

Mousse was found guilty of attempted murder of a member of the tribe
and a non warrior as well. There was only one such punishment for such a
cowardly act. Mousse would be sent to Jusenkyo and punished and locked in
his form if he continued to act so dishonorably.

It was intended for Mousse to originally be dunked in the spring
of drowned pig, but some how a 'mistake' was mad and he ended up in the
spring of drowned carp. Since this was one of the few permanent springs
nothing could really be done. The guides daughter would take care of the
fish from now on and almost felt sorry for the 'poor little fishy', who
was missing one front fin.

As the news of the impending wedding reached Nerima a message was
sent back to the village that Mao had managed to convince Genma to make it
a double wedding if Ranma approved. Maybe sometime in the future this would
enable A Saotome to marry a Tendo, at least that is what Soun had been
thinking, but he wisely kept his mouth shut for once. This may or may not
have had anything to do when Kasumi noticed a certain look in her father's
eyes one day and told him to behave himself with whatever he was planning.

The wedding went off without any problems, except for a small one at
the end of the ceremony. When one of the elder's told the wives to kiss
their groom, Mao was so enthusiastic that poor Genma passed out from lack
of air and a nosebleed from Mao's roaming hands.

Ranma wondered if Genma would survive the honeymoon. Admittedly it
would be a pleasant way to go. Ranma shook his head at that thought. It was
a good thing that he was now married. He was having trouble lately trying to
stop himself from thinking all sorts of naughty things when the wedding was
approaching. Maybe now he could do something to alleviate these thoughts.

When it was time to throw the bouquets, Akane caught the one thrown
by Kodachi. Sayuri caught the one thrown by Shampoo, and Dowel of all people
caught the one thrown by Mao. Both Ryoga and the boy that had shown interest
in Dowel, who now returned the feelings, were beginning to look quite nervous
at the looks the two girls were giving them.

Akane was a little less enthusiastic. She still did not think that any
boy would wish to be with her, but maybe by catching the flowers, that it
was a sign that perhaps she was wrong.


It had been a year since the Marriage of Ranma, Kodachi and Shampoo.
Shampoo had just given birth to fraternal twins a month ago, a boy
and a girl. The boy had lavender hair a little lighter than Shampoo's and
he had Ranma's blue eye. The trio decided to name the boy Chichuri, after
Shampoo's deceased father. The girl had long red hair, (of course), and
green eyes. She was named Nodoka, after Ranma's mother.

With the birth of the twins, neither Ranma nor his two wives spent
much time alone. It seems that every moment someone new wanted to see the
children. It wasn't as if births in the village were rare, but many people
still seemed to find it interesting how someone 'like Ranma' had managed
to find two very beautiful wives, given his frail condition.

Mei Ling was quite happy that she was now a grandmother with not one,
but two grandchildren, with an extra daughter-in-law thrown in to boot. She
was starting to become a little concerned about Kodachi though. On the
surface Kodachi was happy for Ranma and Shampoo, and enjoyed being an 'aunt'
to Chichuri and Nodoka, but Mei Ling noticed a wistful expression on
Kodachi's face from time to time. It was obvious that Kodachi wanted children
of her own, but she did not realize, that sometimes you had to wait a while.
You simply couldn't will yourself to become pregnant, even if you were
'sleeping' with someone each night.

Kasumi, Ayane, Yuka, and Sayuri had already visited twice, and Ayane,
of all people, was showing signs of being the type of relative who would spoil
the poor children rotten if she was left alone with them. She was almost giddy
around the two babies. Kasumi wasn't surprised by this. She remembered how
her friend acted with Sayuri, when she was a baby.

Seeing Ranma and Shampoo with their baby, Sayuri starting hinting that
perhaps when she and Ryoga should think of starting a family after high
school. This didn't please Ayane, who still believed that they were far to
young to get married and should even wait until after college until they
considered settling down to raise a family.

Ranma wasn't the only the father in the picture. Mao was now
obviously quite pregnant, with Genma's child, and the man himself was
strutting around like he was the most impressive being on the planet.
Genma was rather pleased with himself. He wasn't even sure if he could
still have children. It had been a while after all, but when it was found
out that Mao was pregnant, Genma actually spent some time sitting down and
writing out the things he would do different when it came to raising this
child, versus how he tried to raise Ranma.

None of the Tendos had visited China to see the children in person, but
Ranma had sent several photos of the children to them. Kasumi starting hinting
quite strongly to Kuno that perhaps it was time to stop 'taking precautions'
and get right down to having children themselves. With a half-demon mother,
it was hard to say what the children might turn out to be, but with Kasumi
raising them, they should turn out alright.

Of all the Tendos, Nabiki had the strongest reaction to the pictures,
although one could not tell it from looking at her. Now graduating high
school, without even one date to her name, she was starting to feel more
than a little depressed. Kasumi and Akane noticed their sister's mood
swings at times, but Nabiki never let on what was bothering her. Maybe in
the future she would see that she wasn't exactly an old maid yet.

Yuka was in a similar situation. Her social life had never been very
full, but it never seemed to bother the girl. She figured that she was still
young and could and would find someone when she was older. If only she knew
about how Nabiki was feeling perhaps she might be able to help out.


It had been three years since Ranma's wedding. Both Chichuri and
Nodoka were growing into very active and admittedly, somewhat spoiled
toddlers. Shampoo could not help but brag to everyone how perfect her
children were. This was taken with a grain of salt, by everyone since
new parents tended to dote on their children. Kodachi though seemed to
be quite impatient with the children at times, even threatening to spank
them in front of Shampoo who Kodachi accused of not raising her children

Everyone knew thought, that the reason that Kodachi was so on edge
as of late, was that she had been trying to have children of her own for
quite sometime, without success. One month ago, she found out why she was
having difficulty. It seems that her parents' use of various illegal drugs
when they were having children, affected Kodachi. Neither the Amazon
healers, not several western doctors had much hope for the girl to ever
have her own children.

The week after the diagnosis was the worst. Kodachi was on edge and
so 'snappish' at everyone that Shampoo lost her temper and told her that
considering how she yelled at Chichuri and Nodoka, perhaps it was best
that she hadn't any children, considering what a poor job she might have
done raising them.

Kodachi disappeared for a week after that incident and from the looks
on everyone's faces, Shampoo knew that she had been too cruel towards her
co-wife. The look on Ranma's face was the worst. He never yelled at Shampoo
but his expressions clearly said how upset and disappointed he was with her.
Shampoo should have known what it was like to not be able to do the things
that one wanted to do.

Even after three years, the nerves in Shampoo's leg had still not
healed properly and she experienced occasional pain, baring her from any more
tournaments, much to Cologne's disgust. The old woman still barely talked to
Shampoo or even her new great, great grandchildren, much to Mei Ling's

Shampoo tried to take this in stride, but she did not like the looks of pity
that were occasionally thrown her way. The same looks that Kodachi was now
receiving for not being able to have children of her own.

After being gone for more than a day, it was decided that Kodachi was doing
more than just sulking somewhere. Mei Ling agreed to watch after the children as
Ranma, Shampoo, one of the village healers, and Dowel agreed to set off after the
wayward girl.

They did not have to look far. Kodachi was hiding in the next valley over
talking to one of the Phoenix people, much to everyone's surprise. A patrol from
the nearby mountain spotted Kodachi and they stopped to see what the girl was
doing near their home. One of the members of the patrol, a girl by the name of
Kiima, noticed how sad Kodachi seemed to be and listened to her as Kodachi
told Kiima about how she was feeling.

They agreed to let Kodachi stay with them for a week, until she
felt better. Ranma and the others came across Kodachi as she and Kiima were
walking back to the outskirts of the Amazon village.

Kodachi initially frowned at seeing Shampoo, but softened he
expression, when she noticed the look of Shame on Shampoo's face.

Ranma, led Kodachi off to the side as the rest of the Amazons
spoke to Kiima to see how Kodachi had been.

"Dachi-chan, I know what Shampoo said to you was cruel, but didn't
have to run away. Everyone was worried about you, especially Shampoo and I.
Some of the Musk are still out there we think, including Herb. If something
happened to you, I am not sure that I would want to bare that level of
grief for long.", Ranma spoke to Kodachi as he kneeled on the ground in
front of her.

Sitting down on a high tree stump, Kodachi found it hard to speak
as she looked into the caring eyes of her husband. She knew that what she
had done was childish and not something a young woman her age should have
done, but she was not thinking too clearly that day.

"Ranma-chan I didn't want to hurt anyone, especially you, but I
could no longer stand the looks everyone was giving me and how often
Shampoo bragged about her children.", Kodachi said.

"Our children, Dachi-chan, remember? We all agreed that no matter
who bore the children, we would all be their parents. I know that you
give birth to a child or two, but that can not be.", Ranma said with
concern in his voice.

"I know, I just..... I don't know what to say.", Kodachi mumbled.

"There is one thing that we can do. I have been thinking about it
for some time, but I have not mentioned it, because I knew how you felt
about giving birth.", Ranma replied awkwardly.

"What is it that you are trying to say.", Kodachi said in response
to Ranma's rather vague suggestion.

"Dachi-chan, even today, many people in this country still treat
their daughters poorly. Some even kill them at birth. I know how much you
have always wanted a daughter or two of your own. Maybe we could adopt a
girl if you wish. There is an orphanage in a couple of valleys over. We
could look there, and if that fails I am sure Mei Ling could help us to
find someone to adopt. What do you say Dachi-chan. Would you like to
do that?", Ranma asked.

Kodachi was silent for a moment, before she launched herself off
of the stump that she was sitting on, and tackled Ranma to the ground, both
crying and kissing he boy as much as she could.

Watching from a distance Kiima could only shake her head about how
emotional some humans were.

Shampoo and the other Amazons seemed a little more relaxed now that
things seemed to be blowing over for now. Hopefully they would not have
to repeat this little adventure in the future.

It took a few weeks, but with the assistance to Mei Ling, Ranma and
Kodachi had managed to adopt two young girls by the names of Yui and

Yui was a thin six year old girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.
She tended to be rather shy, especially around strangers. She was quite
intelligent and was reading at the same level of children three years older
than she was.

Miaka was a little different. She had long brown hair, and green
eyes. She had more baby fat than Yui, but she was not overweight. She was
quite outgoing, but uninterested in anything relating to school. She was
was not stupid, but she was a little behind in school compared to the other
five year olds in her class.

Ranma often wondered if Miaka was a distant relative for the girl
had an amazing ability to eat almost everything in sight, quite fast, and
without really gaining any weight. Genma was quite thrilled the first time
that he met Miaka and she beat him at an eating contest, even managing to
burp louder than he did after the meal.

Both Yui and Miaka liked their silly 'grandpa panda', but Ranma
and the others still kept an eye out on the man to make sure that he
behaved himself, which he did 90 percent of the time, even going so far
as to retrieve Yui when she wandered off towards Jusenkyo one night in
order to visit her friend Plum, the guide's daughter.

Mao tended to visit the village with her child, Shiro only rarely.
It was obvious that she still bore some resentment towards the Amazons in
general and did not want her son exposed to how some of the women,
especially a certain elder treated the men in the village.

While some women in the village chose to cling to the old ways of
treating people, other chose a new approach.

Lilly was the leader of the Amazon council and over 400 years old. Many
thought that the woman was going senile, but at her age she had decided that
one should enjoy life, because one never knows when their time would be up.
It was this belief that led her to spend quite some time talking with Ranma
and listening to the boy on the rare occasions that he was feeling down. Even
with the problems in his short life, he rarely seemed to sulk or complain
about how things could have been.

Lilly was often seen hopping around the village on her staff with
one of Ranma's children on her small shoulders. It as hard to tell who
enjoyed these outing more, the children or Lilly. Cologne disapproved
of course, but Lilly, was the council leader and her older sister as
well, much to Cologne's shame at times.

Lilly often felt the same way about her younger sister. Didn't
Cologne realize what she as doing my making Mei Ling and Shampoo
upset at her. If it wasn't for Ranma's need to stay in the village,
Lilly doubted that either of the women would have hardly ever
ventured into the village.

Lilly had lost her husband, many years ago and her children
and grandchildren were scattered all over the world, so she could not
understand her sister's attitudes at times.


It had been ten years since Ranma's marriage to Shampoo and he had
surprised more than a few people by living this long. He was weakening
though and many people from Nerima were visiting more and more often,
especially Genma, who recognized how sick the boy was becoming. Ranma's
condition reminded the man of how the boy was when Genma first brought
Ranma to the hospital so many years ago.

Kasumi, and Ayane also remembered how sick the boy was when he first
came to live with them. No one mentioned this when they visited the village.
Ranma was aware of his health and spoke of it often with Shampoo and Kodachi.
Miaka and Yui, knew that their daddy was sick and how he came to be that way.
They still hoped though that he would be alright. Nodoka and Chichuri were a
little younger, and somewhat confused about how weak their daddy seemed to
be getting, but their mommy told them not to worry about it.

Looking at Ranma, one could tell that he was not well. Although
being no older than his mid twenties, he resembled someone in their
mid thirties, at least his male form did. His female form still appeared
to be sixteen. No one was quite sure why this was, for both of his forms
should be aging at the same rate, but it was theorized that perhaps
his girl form's young age was the reason that Ranma had lived for ten
years instead of the original five as the village healer thought. Both
forms were still weak. If Ranma was healthy in his girl form, then he
would have decided to have himself frozen in that form, but that did not
come to pass. Although younger than his true form, Ranma's girl form
was still just a little stronger, but not by much.

While Ranma had been growing somewhat weaker over the years, he still
tried to help out his daughters in whatever they wished to do including,
martial arts, although Shampoo and Kodachi did the vast majority of the

Nodoka, Chichuri, and Yui were showing great promise as martial
artists, with Yui preferring stealth over the more upfront tactics
that the other two children preferred to use. Now as for poor, Miaka,
well as the elder Lilly put it, "It would be best to keep that girl away
from any sharp pointy objects, for her health and the health of others."

Miaka tended to remind most of the other Amazons of Sash, a member
of their tribe who bore more than a casual resemblance to Sailor Moon and
just as clumsy. She always had managed to avoid being hurt over the years,
but her skills in attacking were quite weak, much to the girl's frustration.

The approaching weekend would start with Miaka's 12th birthday party,
a time when a young girl participates in her first tournament, but since this
was impossible for Miaka, everyone decided to hold a more western party in its
place. Hopefully this would cheer the girl up.

The front door to Ranma's home slammed shut and Ranma walked in from the
kitchen just in time to see Miaka storming off to her room, with tears in her

"Sigh, here we go again.", Ranma thought as he walked towards his
daughter's room.

Ranma walked into the room that Miaka and Yui shared and saw
Miaka laying face down on the bed with her pillow over her head

"You know it's kind of hard to breathe when you are laying down
like that.", Ranma said, trying to lighten the mood and failing badly.

"I don't care.", Miaka pouted.

"Did somebody say something to you again? Was it Detergent, that
idiot daughter of Perfume?", Ranma asked

"No it was.....", Miaka mumbled.

"Who was it?", Ranma asked again.

"It was Chichuri.", Miaka said.

"You usually ignore him. Why are you upset now?", Ranma asked in a
concern voice.

"He was trying to fit in with the older boys in the village. They
sometimes make fun of me if I walk by and trip, which I did again. As they
insulted me, Chichuri did as well. He cared more about their opinion than
about my feelings.", Miaka sniffled.

"So that is what the little twerp was up to.", a new voice said.

"Yui-chan, you overheard us?", Miaka asked her sister.

"Yes, and don't worry, I'll deal with the little punk.", Yui declared.

"Yui, I don't want you fighting with your brother. I talk to him.",
Ranma said.

"That doesn't do any good with him daddy. I know you don't even like to
raise your voice with us, but he needs to be punished. Even Sash thinks he is
a brat and that woman likes everyone.", Yui said.

"I think Shampoo is still at the healer's having her therapy for her leg.
When she gets home, we will deal with your brother alright.", Ranma said to
Miaka and Yui.

"I guess. He still deserves to be smacked upside the head though.", Yui
said as Miaka giggled at the words of her sister.

"Daddy I want to invite Plum to my party. Can I go down to the guide's
hut and talk to her.", Miaka asked her father.

"I don't like you going down there alone. I heard elder Lilly, earlier
on today, saying that she was going to gather some herbs there. Ask her if she
you be willing to accompany you there.", Ranma said.

"Ok , I will daddy.", Miaka said, skipping out of the house and tripping
over her long pigtails twice along the way.

"Why she chose to mimic Sash is a mystery.", Ranma groaned.

"They are both alike, and Sash has yet to marry so I guess she likes
to think of Miaka as a daughter.", Yui said.

"I suppose you're right.", Ranma said.

"Of course I am. I am the smartest girl in the village after all.",
Yui replied dramatically.

"Careful your ego is showing.", Ranma teased.


Lilly returned an hour later, saying that Miaka would be brought back
by the guide in a couple of hours. Several hours later, when she hadn't
returned yet, Ranma was beginning to grow worried. Since Lilly was away for
the moment, Ranma convinced Dowel and his father, who was going to attend
Miaka's party the next day, to help him look for his daughter.

As they neared Jusenkyo they began to hear screams, Genma and Dowel,
took off, far outpacing Ranma. A few moments later several explosions
were heard. When Ranma reached Jusenkyo he came across a most
disturbing sight.

On the far side of the ponds, Ranma could make out the guide laying on
the ground with his daughter kneeling over him, shaking the man, who appeared
to be unconscious.

Nearby, Dowel was hovering over Miaka, who was crouched on the ground
just as a large energy bolt hit the large Amazon, sending her to the ground.
The bolt came from a strangely dressed woman, in some sort of white body armor.
The armor looked like it was fit for a man, somewhat larger than the woman
was. The woman was ranting about vengeance being at hand against the Amazons
and for its new form?

Across from the woman stood a familiar looking Panda, which was smoking
slightly, and looking quite pleased with itself.

"What are you doing?", Ranma shouted at the woman and causing Genma to
look back at his son, thus enabling the woman to strike Genma-panda with
another energy bolt. This sent the large furry form 200 feet through the air
to land a few dozen feet from Ranma.

"Boy, get out of here now! Take Miaka and run!", two quickly flashed
panda signs said.

Ranma's yell had caused the woman to shift her attention to Ranma, thus
ignoring Dowel who sent Miaka running back to the village as she slammed
into the strange glowing attacker causing both of them to hit the ground
hard. Dowel was physically thrown away from the woman a few moments later.

"Foolish Amazon, do you think that you are a match for the great Herb,
leader of the Musk!", the woman declared, not sounding at all sane.

"Herb!. It was you who attacked us all those years ago and caused
my and Shampoo's injuries.", Ranma said.

"So it is you. The weak little boy, or should I say now girl who married
that cursed Mei Ling's daughter.", Herb declared.

"You know me?", Ranma asked.

"Of course. I have watched for years as I healed from my injuries, but
not even your modern toys could kill me. Now all of you will suffer for what
you have done.", Herb ranted as he approached Genma, since Dowel was now
quite unconscious.

Genma began to groan and sit up just as Herb neared, much to Genma's
and Ranma's concern.

"What we have done?!? It was you who first attacked the Amazons and it
was you who stooped to using terrorists when your people were not strong
enough to fight their own battles. You brought this upon yourself, your
bastard....Or should I say bitch now.", Ranma sneered at Herb, causing the
'woman' to turn towards him.

"What did you say?", Herb said in a growl.

"You heard me. You are nothing but a pathetic whining little bitch.
An annoying little girl, who should be playing with her dollies.", Ranma
said hoping that he remembered his father's old insults correctly.

Herb was distracted as Ranma had hoped. Genma was getting up but
far too slow for Ranma's liking.

"Watch what you say girl. Weak or not I will kill you where you
stand.", Herb said.

"Then you are a coward as well. It is to be expected from such a
weak girl of course.", Ranma continued to insult Herb.

"Very well if you choose to die then so be it.", Herb said as his
hand began to glow.

Ranma braced for the attack but was surprised when Herb suddenly pivoted
and fired towards Genma, who was making his way to Ranma in order to try
and get the foolish boy to leave.

Ranma saw the blast coming and acted without thinking. He managed to leap
in front of the blast just before it reached Genma sending Ranma back towards
the guides hut, where he hit the ground with a sickening crunch and laid on
the ground barely conscious.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", a loud feminine voice shouted out as a large
red energy bolt struck the Musk prince sending him to the ground hard.

Kodachi ran up to Ranma as fast as she could. She and the rest of the
Amazons had heard the explosions earlier and had ran to investigate them. As
one of the fastest women in the village, Kodachi had reached Jusenkyo ahead
of everyone else.

"Ranma-chan, please be alright.", Kodachi said as tears began to fall.

"Dachi-chan....", Ranma said weakly as he managed to turn his head to face

"Ah how touching, now you both die together.", Herb sneered as he floated
off of the ground and began to glow even brighter than before.

Kodachi hugged Ranma close. If she had to die to protect her love then she

A soft 'whooshing' noise filled the air and Kodachi and Ranma saw Herb
suddenly saw Herb's right arm fly off of his body as some sort of distortion
in the air past through it.

Nearby a Panda collapsed in exhaustion, grateful that it was able us
access that attack after so many years. As he slept he was unfortunately
unaware that his attack had not killed the Musk prince.

Herb had managed to drag himself to his feet and was putting out
more energy than anyone had ever seen in all directions.

"Very well, if this is to be my last battle then all of you will
die as well.", Herb said as the energy bubble began to expand towards
Ranma and the rest.

"No it will not.", Shampoo's voice said as she walked up to Kodachi
and grasp the girl by the arm.

"Shampoo-chan...", Kodachi tried to say, but was hushed by Shampoo.

"No time to talk. You know what we have to do.", Shampoo said as
Kodachi nodded in fear, hoping that there plan worked.

Both girls stood up in front of the blast and joined hands. A black
glow began to emanate from the both of them, followed by a blue one. The
two colored auras joined into a swirling beam of energy that flew towards
the energy sphere approaching them. For what seem like hours, 2 minutes
actually, the two forces of energy pushed against each other, neither
gaining any ground, until Herb finally began to weaken. Even he had his
limits thankfully. As his sphere collapsed, the black beam struck him head on
and a tremendous explosion shook the valley, throwing up dirt and debris
in all directions. As the dust cleared there was nothing left of the musk
prince but a small hole in the ground that had been fused into glass, by
the energy unleashed by Shampoo's and Kodachi's attack.

Ranma was carried back to the village by Genma. Even hurt he was still
stronger than either Shampoo or Kodachi, who were barely standing after that
attack. Several other Amazons, who had arrived after Herb's death had brought
Dowel back to the village.


"Foolish boy, why did you do something so stupid?", Genma mumbled as
he looked at his son laying on of the beds in the healer's clinic.

"Pop that you?", Ranma groaned.

"Shhhh, boy be quiet.", Genma said, sounding concerned.

"Not that much time left.", Ranma said.

"Don't be silly, you'll be fine.", Genma choked out.

"No, I won't, but don't worry everyone is safe now, even you. At
least I managed to do that right.", Ranma said.

"What?!?", Genma asked.

"Pop, I only had six months left to live. I have heard the healers
talking to each other. At least this way my death will have some meaning.
You have a family; a wife and child to raise. I couldn't let them lose
you. I already did once and I remembered how it felt.", Ranma said as
tears began to fall from Genma's eyes.

"Boy, I could have lived. You didn't need to waste what time you
had left.", Genma replied sadly.

"Not a waste.....Never to save others.... Pop, tell everyone else
to come in here. I want to talk to them. Please hurry.", Ranma asked
as Genma ran out of the room to retrieve everyone else.

A short time later everyone was gathered around Ranma's bed and
listened to what he wanted to say to them. Ranma motioned for his son
Chichuri to sit next to him first.

"Chichuri, I have heard that you have been fighting with your sister.
I want you to stop. You will soon be the man of the family and will have to
help your sisters if they need help as they will help you.", Ranma said

"Daddy, I am sorry, I was bad. Please don't go. I'll never tease Miaka
again.", Chichuri begged his father.

"I don't have much choice son. I want to stay with all of you, but I was
hurt too badly.", Ranma said saddened at how he couldn't explain to his son as
well as he would like to, why he had to leave them.

A few minutes later, Chichuri ran to his mother's arms and Miaka sat down
next to her father.

"Miaka-chan, we didn't get to talk to each other as much as I wanted to
earlier, but now let me say, that it doesn't matter if you ever become a
warrior to me or not. Be what you want to be. If you try to be a warrior and
fail then there is no shame, despite what some people might think. As long as
you are happy that is what matters. You know, Sash, Azure, and Dowel. None of
them were considered "normal" at first by their peers, but people so respect
them today, so don't worry if what you chose to do with your life is
considered different. Be a healer, a scientist, even write manage with Sash.
There is no shame in any of that, alright?", Ranma said to his daughter.

"Alright daddy.", Miaka sniffled, hugged her father, than latched onto
Kodachi as his daughters Nodoka and Yui sat down next to Ranma.

"Nodoka-chan, Yui-chan, the both of you are the best warriors that I have
ever seen. Much better than I could have hoped to be. I want you to help
protect your brother and sister if they need help. You do not have to always
be a warrior, like I told your sister, but you have the skills and you should
be proud of that gift and use it to defend others.", Ranma said.

Both girls told their father that you would protect their family and the
Amazons that helped raised them, so that no one would ever be hurt again like
their father was by Herb.

"Shampoo-chan, Dachi-chan, come here please.", Ranma asked his two wives.

"I am sorry that I could not be stronger for the both of you. I wanted to
spend my entire life with you, raising our children and see our grandchildren
someday. Unfortunately that was not meant to be I guess.", Ranma said while
managing to wipe away a tear.

"Don't ever apologize husband. You are not weak, but strong. You stood up
to a spoiled little Amazon girl a few years ago and showed her what was
important in life. I don't know what my life would have been like without you in
it, but it would never have given me the joy that you and our children have
given me.", Shampoo replied to Ranma.

"It seems like so long ago that I was a scared, and lonely girl, who
was trying to recover from the death of her mother. I was left alone with
nothing but servants and a crazy brother for companionship. You saved me back
then, by first becoming my friend, then my fiancée, and finally my husband.
I could not have asked for a better life and I would gladly trade places with
you now, as I am sure Shampoo would if it was possible.", Kodachi said.

Ranma spend the next hour talking to his wives about the children and
how he wanted them to live their lives, and not spend too much time
mourning him. It was even ok with Ranma if the two girls chose to marry
again in the future, something that was not usually done in Amazon
society at least. Whether either girl would or not, or just chose to be with
each other was yet to be seen.

Ranma also spoke to Yuka, Sayuri, and Ayane, who had come to see
Miaka's birthday. He told them how glad he was to know them and how much
he loved them. By the time he was done talking to them, three Amazons
had to almost drag a distraught Ayane away. Many thought her to still
be a 'perverted old woman', but she loved Ranma greatly and like Shampoo
and Kodachi, she would have given her life for his.

Ranma's mother Kasumi sat down on the bed next to Ranma and placed
her head in his lap, while stoking his hair like she did when he was
still a small child, having nightmares about the cat fist training.

"It's not right. A mother should not outlive their children, even
if he was dying because he chose to protect the lives of others.", Kasumi
thought as she looked into his eyes.

"Strange, they do not seem as bright as they used to. It's not fair,
its just not fair.", Kasumi whispered.

"I know that look mother.", Ranma whispered to Kasumi.

"Wha...what was that?", Kasumi said.

"I said I know that look. It is the same look you have always had on
your face when I was injured and you wondered who was responsible. It's
not like that now. It was my own choice to stop Herb's blast, no one
else's.", Ranma said.

"But why did you sacrifice yourself for 'HIM' of all people.",
Kasumi said, starting to lose her temper.

"It's like I told Genma, I have heard the healers talking. I knew
that I did not have a whole lot of time left. At least this way my death
does mean something. I guess I could just be a little full of myself, but
I think that my actions not only helped to save him, but Dowel, Miaka, and
the guide and his daughter. By distracting Herb, I gave Kodachi, Shampoo,
and the others a chance to get to Jusenkyo where Herb was finally stopped.
I do not want to leave any of you, but I would rather risk my life, than
allow any of you to be hurt. I love all of you far too much for that.", Ranma
said while wiping a tear from his mother's cheek.

"No one would ask anything like that of you. You have already given us
so much.", Kasumi sniffled.

"It is you though, who have given my the greatest gift though. Without
you agreeing to take me home all those years ago, I would have probably
ended up in some foster home of orphanage where no one would have really
cared for me. You know how people can be when dealing with those who they
think are different or weaker than them. Because of you though I have an
almost perfect life. I have a family that loves me. Friends who do as well,
and two wonderful wives, and it is all because you allowed me to be adopted
into your home. I don't remember my birth mother all that well, but from
what I do remember she was a kind and caring woman, the same as you are. I
may have been adopted, but I consider you my mother as much as the woman who
gave birth to me.", Ranma stated to his now openly weeping mother.

Ranma saw his father, standing near the edge of the room, looking
quite sad and guilty at the same time. Ranma guessed that his father felt
ashamed at what he had done so many years ago and that he felt it wasn't
right for him to be here now. Well that had to change.

"Pop come over here.", Ranma asked his father as Kasumi glared at the
man and didn't leave Ranma's side, a fact with surprised neither Ranma nor

"Pop, many years ago you left me at a hospital after the cat fist
training. You did it because you thought it was the best thing to do at
the time. I never agreed with that, even now. I was angry at you for quite
some time and confused on why you wanted to abandon me, but I do not feel
any anger towards you now. You made a large mistake, but it did allow me
to live a good life and for that I thank you.", Ranma said to a stunned

"Son, please do not thank me for that. If I had know what would happen
or just had a little more sense back then, who knows how things would have
turned out. I am ashamed at what I did and I wish I could have found a cure
but I failed you as I failed your mother, Nodoka.", Genma said, sounding
almost despondent.

"Mom's death wasn't your fault and you did not mean to injure me, but
if you want to make amends there are two things that you can do.", Ranma
replied to Genma.

"Anything, just tell me what you want.", Genma said.

"The first is to take care of your new family. You have a wife and
child to take care of. Always consider their feelings before you do
something. I know that they both love you and would be upset if something
happened to you if you did something foolish.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?, Genma said nervously.

"Like committing Seppuku to try and cleanse your honor.", Ranma
glared at Genma.

"How did you know that I was thinking about it.", Genma said.

"I didn't but from the look on your face I had guessed that you
might consider something like that.", Ranma replied.

"I promise I won't kill myself and will look after my family,
including avoiding anymore 'unbeatable' techniques.", Genma said.

"I am glad to hear it. Now there is one more thing I wish to
ask of you.", Ranma said.

"Go on.", Genma replied.

"When I was young and we were still training together, I always
wanted to please you. You did compliment me, sort of, a couple of times,
but the there was one thing that I wanted from you that I never got,
especially those time that I was scared or injured while training, and
that is a hug. I know that sound silly, especially at my age, but I just
wanted a hug from you to show me that you really cared about me.", Ranma
said as he reached up towards the now teary eyed Genma.

Genma moved next to Ranma and hugged the boy....no man as close and
gently as he could then moved away to sit next to him.

"Thank you, that is what I wanted most in life from you. I wish I
had more time to spend with you, but now I can die knowing that you love
me.", Ranma said.

Genma tried to reply, but found himself unable. The words just wouldn't
come out.

"If my son forgives you, then I will try to, but I do not make any
promises, Genma Saotome. You have a lot to make up for and I will be
watching you.", Kasumi said to Genma.

"Thank you mother, and please help him if he needs help with his
child or future children. They would be blessed indeed if you looked
after them from time to time.", Ranma said.

"I will son, if Mao doesn't mind.", Kasumi.

"I don't, nor will I ever.", Mao said as she came into the room and sat
down on a chair near the others.

"Then I do not have anything left to worry about. I'm glad.", Ranma
said as he gently squeezed his mother's hand.

A few moments later, he closed his eyes, shuttered briefly, then
past from the bounds of this life into the next.

"No...No... please don't go, not yet. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!","
Kasumi shouted as the healer came running into the room.

The healer briefly looked over Ranma, before giving the news
to Kasumi and the others. At the age of 26, Ranma Shiritory, had past
away to rejoin his ancestors.


Up in Asgard, one Nodoka Saotome watched the death of her young
son with tears in her eyes. He has suffered far too much in his life. Now
thought his suffering would be at an end and hopefully she would be
allowed to see him again.

By Nodoka's side was a your Daemoness in training, Kasumi Tendo, also
called Katrina Saotome while on duty. She was to retrieve Ranma's spirit
and bring it to Asgard after the boy's funeral.

"Will I really be allowed to see my son?", Nodoka asked with both
hope and fear in her voice.

"Yes you will, Nodoka-san.", Kasumi replied.

"I wonder if he will hate me for not being there for him.",
Nodoka stated.

"I don't think so. He seems unable to hate anyone, beside
Nodoka-san, despite what you may think of yourself, you have done
nothing wrong. You would not be here now if you did. For now though
let us just watch what is going on in Midgard, then I will retrieve your
son and you can be together again.", Kasumi said.


Ranma's death had more far flung affects than he or anyone else
realized. Somehow the news and circumstances of his death had reached
the governments and news media of both Japan and China. They heard that
he had died fighting off a know group of terrorist with his wives and
saved the lives of many Chinese nationals. While this was a distortion
of what had happened, it was more believable than Ranma dieing while
fighting a half dragon, chi using martial arts prince. No one really
knew who leaked the news of the boy's death, but a certain Amazon
ambassador was suspected. Nothing was ever proven though.

Because of Ranma's and his wives bravery they were honored by
both countries and Ranma was given a funeral fit for a war hero or
head of state, something which would have embarrassed the boy greatly.
These acts of bravery did help relations between the two countries for
the present and hopefully in the future as several diplomats spoke
about during the funeral.

What they had to say though was ignored by Ranma's close friends
and family, they were far more comforted by the stories they told about
how they had come to know Ranma during his life.

Akane and Nabiki spoke fondly of the boy who became their friend,
when others refused to. Kuno and Kasumi Tendo spoke of a boy who had helped
bring them together, even if it was done indirectly. Many others spoke that day
both friends and family, but none would have the affect that Shampoo and
Kodachi would.

Both Shampoo and Kodachi stood in front of those gathered and prepared
to speak. Both were beyond tired and stressed and felt like fainting on more
than one occasion, but they would persevere to honor the one whom they cared

"Shampoo and I had originally planned to speak about Ranma's life and
how he had affected us and those around him. Others' though have spoken of
such, as we knew they would so we have decided to honor him in another way.",
Kodachi said as she squeezed Shampoo's hand in anticipation of what was to

"Kodachi and I had planned to honor Ranma with a song, that we had written
for the occasion but as we were practicing it, we noticed that Ranma would not
have wanted to be remembered by something so sad, so we chose another song,
one that Ranma had always love. We hope that you will indulge us by listening
to it.", Shampoo said as soft music began to play.

I see trees of green red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people goin' by
I see friends shaking hands saying "how do you do"
They're really saying "I love you"

I hear babies cry I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world
Oh yeah......

As the song ended Kodachi and Shampoo had to be helped off the
podium by Kasumi and Ayane, who were as distraught as the two young
women were, but they managed to persevere. This could not be said for
most of those present. Even the most 'hardened' diplomat and official
had a tear in their eye after the song ended.

The funeral ended shortly after the girl's song and a smaller
Amazon ceremony was held the next day for Ranma's immediate family
and friends.


An hour after Ranma's Amazon funeral, he night before he was to be
buried in proper Amazon fashion, a small mote of light appeared before his
coffin. It started out no larger than an egg, but continued to grow until
it was over three feet in diameter. The light would normally have gone
undetected by mortal senses, but the being causing the light was inexperienced.
As the light formed into a young girl with large black and white wings. She
had red hair with silver streaks running through it. Katrina Saotome had
come to bring the spirit of her fiancée's analog to the next life.

The door to the room, in which Ranma was being held slammed open and
several Amazons, including two elders rushed into to see what it was that
they had detected. When they saw Katrina they stopped dead in their
tracks. All except Shampoo who advanced towards the strange intruder, but
was quickly stopped by Lilly.

"Remember our legends Shampoo.", Lilly hissed as Shampoo's eyes went

"There is no need to be afraid, I am here to escort the one that you
love to his reward.", Katrina said as she reached into Ranma's coffin and
pulled out a transparent image of Ranma who appeared to be snuggling into
Katrina's arms.

"What is going on?", Kodachi asked in confusion.

"According to our legends, only the bravest of warriors is personally
escorted into the next life.", Lilly said.

"That is so. Ranma risked his life to save those that he loved,
even though he knew that he stood no chance of winning against such a
powerful enemy. He will be honored in the next life and trained to be the
warrior that he always wanted, if he chooses that path. First though he
will be able to see those that died before him, including his mother.",
Katrina said as a male voice gasped out loud from the door to the room.

"Nodoka is waiting for him.", Genma said.

"Yes, she is. She had been waiting for so long to see her son, and has
grieved greatly about what has happened to him.", Katrina said to a somber
looking Genma.

"I doubt that I will ever have the right to see her again.", Genma

"Do not be so hard on yourself Genma Saotome, you have already started
to redeem yourself. Continue on your path and you will be reunited with your
loved ones someday. You might be interested to know that she does not hate you,
but she is disappointed.", Katrina said.

"I will do my best to make amends.", Genma said.

"I believe that you will.", Katrina said.

"High one would it be possible....", Shampoo started to say but was
cut off by Katrina.

"Do not ask such a thing. Neither you nor Kodachi would be allowed to
sacrifice your lived for his. Besides, do you think that Ranma would approve.",
Katrina chided the young Amazon.

"I am sorry I just love him so much, Dachi-chan and I both love him so,
that we.....would do anything to see him well.", Shampoo said as tears began
to flow from her eyes.

"Then tell Ranma.", Katrina said as she approved Shampoo and Kodachi
and asked them to touch Ranma's spirit.

Both girls briefly stiffened then smiled.

"He knows how we feel, even now.", Kodachi and Shampoo both seemed
to say at once.

"Yes he does and I bet he did not approve of you offering to
sacrifice yourselves either.", Katrina replied.

"No he didn't.", Shampoo said in a shame filled voice.

Now I must leave, you should not have been able to even detect me,
but since you have remember, what I have told you and live your lives for
in the future, Ranma's and the both of your lives will have great affect
on many people in the world.", Katrina said.

"Thank you for coming old one. You have our word of honor, no one
present here, will ever tell of your visit.", Lilly said as she glared
at everyone else in the room.

"I thank you then.", Katrina said as she faded from sight, holding
he spirit of a Ranma, not too different from the man that she loved.

Ranma awoke, confused at what happened and where he was. He found
himself laying on a soft bed with an very pretty redheaded woman sitting
next to him. She looked almost like his girl form's body. Next to the
woman was an angel?!?!

"What happened? I thought I died?", Ranma asked in confusion.

"You did my dear child, far too son for this old woman's taste.",
Nodoka said.

"I know that voice.....Mom?", Ranma asked in shock.

"Yes, my dear sweet Ranma-chan it is me.", Nodoka said as she was
knocked almost flat to the floor the force of Ranma's glomp.

"I am so sorry, that I could not do more to help others. I was too
weak. I guess that you are disappointed.", Ranma said to a stunned and
saddened Nodoka.

"My son, I am so proud of the man that you have become. I watched
over for so many years, unable to do anything. When your father
left you, I wanted to go to you, but I was unable. I was so glad when you
were brought into the Shiritory family and how your life turned out after
that.", Nodoka managed to choke out.

"Then you are not disappointed that I wasn't a martial artist. I
suppose I should have know pops exaggerated when he said otherwise.",
Ranma said as Nodoka looked at the floor with an ashamed look on her face.

"Son, I married very young and was brought up in a very traditional
family of warriors, where the ability to fight with honor was considered to
be more important than anything else. I was very naive back then and might
have felt that way back then, but I have learned overtime how foolish I was.
I could never feel that way towards you. You were not a warrior, but you
fought with more honor and bravery than many so-called Samurai.", Nodoka
said to Ranma as she smiled at her somewhat confused son.

"You mother is right Ranma-chan, just look at how you have affected
not only those around you, but many others as well.", Katrina said
as a portal formed showing Ranma and Nodoka what happened to everyone
after Ranma's death.


Two weeks after Ranma's state funeral the song that Kodachi and
Shampoo sung was broadcast worldwide by many news channels as well as
some details about Ranma's life. As Ranma watched this along with Nodoka, he
was surprised that some people began to consider him a role model, someone
that had been injured early in life but managed to overcome this. Katrina
showed Ranma visions of several people who were inspired by his story and
did their best to improve their lives even though other people considered
them to 'crippled' to take care of themselves, not to mention help others.
He was pleased by this, but he hoped that it didn't get to blown out of
proportion. He was just a normal guy after all, not some sort of hero. But,
if his story being exaggerated could help others, well he supposed it was

Time continued to pass. Sayuri and Ryoga became husband and wife after
the both of them graduated from Tokyo University, with Ryoga managing to
only become lost about once per month. It seems he was developing an
ability to home in on Sayuri's location.

Akane and Nabiki were so affected by Ranma's life and death that they
decided to dedicate their lives to helping battered women and children.
Akane would teach self-defense, and Nabiki would help the women and children
with rebuilding the financial aspects of their lives. Yuka joined them shortly
after she graduated nursing school. They worked together for five years until
Nabiki and Yuka announced that they were a couple to their respective family's.
This came as a surprise to everyone, except for both Kasumis. They had noticed
that their daughter and sister respectively had not dated over the years and
really didn't seem to care that much. Ranma was the only boy they ever seemed
to be quite close to. This sort of relationship might be controversial in
many places of the world, but in Nerima, no one seemed to care, proving that
the citizens there seemed to have more common sense than most places.

Kasumi and Kuno had 4 children together, before Kuno's death at the
age of 100. Kasumi, found that she either aged very slowly, or was an immortal.
She married twice more that Ranma saw, but she seemed to love her first
husband the most. Their children turned out to take after their mother and
assisted Ryoga's and Sayuri's children with any rogue martial arts, prince
kidnappers or other pests that showed up in Nerima from time to time.

Shampoo and Kodachi both lived to be over 300 years old each, but they
never seemed to show the affects that the delayed aging usually had on the
Amazon elders. Both of the women were responsible for bringing the Amazon
tribe to the attention of the rest of the world and they had a great affect
on world policies, much to the chagrin of certain middle eastern countries,
who even 200 years in the future still did not consider women to be equals
of men, much to the annoyance of many. It was because of the actions of
Shampoo and Kodachi that many of the healing techniques of the Amazons became
well known, helping the lives of many around the world, especially those
who could not afford the high prices of western medical treatment.

The most interesting story though, was what had happened to Genma and
Mao. They had three more children after their first and stayed with them until
the last child turned 21. After that they simply disappeared, with no one, with
possibly the exception of their children and Ukyo knowing why they left. Ukyo
and the children though would never discuss the subject with anyone.

For those who paid attention to the news, could guess what might have
happened for even 200 years after Shampoo's and Kodachi's death there were
reports of people being saved from attacks or injuries by a buxom Chinese
woman, who was accompanied by either a large Japanese man or an even larger
panda bear of all things. The two saviors appeared not only on Earth, but on
it colonies as the centuries rolled by. Those in Asgard, especially Ranma
knew that Genma would not pass onto the next life until he felt that he had
made amends for how he had treated Ranma and lived his life before he
decided to change.

As for Mao, well she loved and respected her husband and would not
leave Midgard until both she and her husband could leave together. In truth
both had committed enough acts of good will that their karma would be
blessed for several life times, but Genma, being stubborn as he was refused
to admit this. Until the day that he chose to pass on, travelers on Earth
and beyond knew that if others wanted them to come to harm there were those
who would look out for them.


As the images in the crystal faded to black, Ranko wiped a tear from
his eye and noticed that a few move visitors were crowded around the
entrance to the Amazons living quarters. He wasn't surprised, everyone in
Nerima seemed to have an almost magnetic attraction to each other.

Ranko saw Nodoka and Genma standing near the door, with the older
woman having tears in her eyes. Why they had chosen to come to the
cafe this night he didn't know, but maybe the both of them would be
'touched' by what they saw in a positive fashion.

Akane, who came with Akari was presently glomping onto a shocked
Ranma and apologizing, of all things, about how she had treated him. This
paled to how hard Shampoo was clinging onto the boy as well. Immortal or not,
Ranko wondered if the boy would pass out from being squished so hard.

Nabiki was putting up a good front, but Ranko could tell, then when
they were alone later that night, the dam would burst, as the old
saying went.

Hinako had dove into Ranma's form and was sorting through the
emotions she was feeling after hearing such a story. She could feel
Ranma worrying about her, but she would not come out until she could
bring her emotions more under control. Besides, she knew that Ranma would
have to care for another tonight.

An hour later people began to leave and Ranma had set Shampoo in
her bed, refusing to change her as she requested. She had to do that
herself, much to her disappointment.

Ranma had changed into his goddess form and Hinako was now
out of his body in her angel form, stroking Shampoo's long hair in an
effort to calm the still distraught girl down. Ranma sat on the opposite
side of Shampoo and had her arms around Shampoo's waist.

"There is no need to be so sad, Shampoo, I will not be going anyway
for many years.", Ranma said softly to Shampoo.

"I know......It still hurts to hear that even when we were finally
together we had to leave each other.", Shampoo said.

"They had their time together and did see each other again. Are you
maybe worried about not finding someone?", Ranma asked as Shampoo drew
back and looked at Ranma with an obvious answer in her eyes.

"You will find someone Shampoo-chan I know it.", Hinako said, trying
to cheer the girl up.

"I don't know.", Shampoo mumbled.

"I do, besides what man could resist such a sweet girl.", Ranma said
as she leaned over and kissed Shampoo on the forehead, causing Shampoo
to blush and giggle much to her embarrassment.

"This may sound childish, but will you do on thing for me before
your leave tonight.", Shampoo asked.

"What is it?", Ranma replied.

"Will you stay near me, until I fall asleep.", Shampoo asked.

"Of course I will.", Ranma said as Shampoo went to quickly change
then allowed Ranma to tuck her into bed, much to Hinako's amusement.

Ranma left two hours later, after making sure that Shampoo was
still sleeping soundly. He was about to leave when Cologne called from
the back of the restaurant.

"I want to thank you for what you said to Shampoo after she heard
that catboy's story.", Cologne said.

"It's not nice to listen to other people.", Ranma teased

"Its one of the prerogatives of getting old. You find out about
that someday.", Cologne said with a grin.

"Someday, but not just yet. I was serious about Shampoo finding
someone, no matter how long it takes.", Ranma said.

"I believe you, former son-in-law, but do not try to hard. I
realize that forcing Shampoo to hunt you so often gave the girl a limited
view on relationships. I believe it would be best if she had no assistance
in trying to find a mate for a while.", Cologne said.

"Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.", Ranma
snickered as Cologne hit him with her staff and it cracked, the staff
that is.

"Now, now, it is not polite to strike your elders.", Ranma snickered
as he and Hinako left the cafe.

Cologne could only shake her head about what had happened tonight.
The way her other self acted in that other world disturbed her. Would she
be so close minded if Shampoo met a boy that she did not approve of at
first. She liked to think of herself as fair, but she had a bad feeling
that her other self was not all that different and that fact bothered
her more than she wanted to admit.

Outside of the cafe, Ranma and Hinako were met by Kasumi who had
come to walk them back to Hinako's, err... rather their new home. All
of them could have teleported back, but after hearing and remembering
what had happened in that world, Kasumi felt the need to spend as much
time next to Ranma as possible for a while.

Author's Note:

Well it's been a while hasn't it. I have been quite busy since the
last chapter was published but I hope that most people feel that it was
worth the wait. It even took far longer to proofread this chapter than I
would have liked to. My health hasn't been the best for the past couple
months and was particularly bad this past two weeks. Hopefully things will
be improving from now on though.

There will be those, I suppose who might question whether or not
Ranma had to die in that particular dimension, but from the start that
is what I had planned. Ranma was meant to prove a point in the story
that even though he was far weaker than Ranmas in other stories, by
myself and others, he still could and did make a difference in other
people lives, including saving them.

Now that this is done, I might go back to working on the main
story, although, considering the somewhat somber nature of this chapter
the next chapter in line will either have more humor or I will chose to
work on a purely humorous story that I have been thinking about for
a while. Either way, I hope you will enjoy them, when they are written.

Ryo Oki