Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Beginnings and Endings ( Chapter 12 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This chapter takes place immediately following the events that were
discussed in chapters 1 and 2 of the side story "What Makes a Man."

Some of the characters that are going to be shown in this chapter
were first mentioned in chapter 2 and 3 of this story. You might have to
re-read those chapters to understand what is going on. My apologies for
the inconvenience. I meant to discuss this material much earlier, but
somehow I always kept getting sidetracked by other ideas. Either way please
enjoy the chapter.


Chapter 10 Beginnings and Endings.

Ranma leaned against the balcony rail, outside his room in Hinako's
home. He was thinking about the story that everyone had seen at the Cat Cafe.
It was strange hearing about another version of himself. Admittedly he had
recently come to know of the existence of gods, demons, cat people and the
usual strangeness that permeates Nerima, but this was something else.

His other self seemed to be both different and similar to himself. He
obviously possessed his courage and stubbornness, but without any real
fighting skills to back it up. Did that make his other self, braver than
him? The old panda wouldn't think so and maybe not his mother, or would

Both of his parents seemed to be rather stunned when Ranko finished
showing everyone what happened in that world. It would be nice if they could
accept for who he and she was.

"She?!? Am I both now or neither? Does it even matter? I have more
than enough power to fight off any attacks, from pop or anyone else, who
would say that being a girl makes you weak. Kasumi and those other goddesses
and demons didn't seem to care one bit about such things.", Ranma thought
to himself.

Ranma massaged his neck and temples. Thinking about such things
always gave him a headache, even more so than when Kasumi tried to explain
how she could travel between time and different dimensions. It was just so
much easier to solve problems by using his 'art' or retreating if

Those days were over now. He had responsibilities to Hinako and to
Kasumi. Hinako was part of himself, being his angel, and Kasumi was....
Well Ranma still wasn't quite sure. She was more than a friend, Ranma
was quite sure of that. Was she a girlfriend?, a fiancée?, or
something even closer. The three of them could feel each others'
emotions and sometimes thoughts if they concentrated enough. Physical
sensations were evidently also shared by everyone.

Ranma blushed at that last point. Making out, however briefly,
with Shampoo in the schoolyard was probably not one of his better ideas.
Kasumi had said that he would make up for it. What that entitled Ranma
couldn't say.

His old fiancées would probably settle for hitting him or finding
someway to embarrass him. What Kasumi would try though, heaven only knows.

Ranma got up off of the rail, stretched, and was about to go
back into his room, when he noticed a dark clad figure sitting on the roof
of a house several doors down the street. Ranma could feel nervousness,
if not outright fear emanating from the figure.

"Now what?", Ranma sighed to himself as he began to leap towards the
figure. The last thing h wanted was to fight some loony martial arts
fighter during the night. He had much better things to do in his opinion.

The figure immediately bolted from its spot on the roof when it saw
Ranma coming towards it.

As Ranma drew closer to the retreating figure he noticed that it
was a girl dressed in a dark leotard, with a long pony tail and
carrying a coiled up ribbon.

"Great....Kodachi, now what does want?", Ranma sighed to himself
as he followed her.

Since chasing her by foot was taking more time than Ranma wanted,
he switched to his goddess form and leapt in the air, wings beating
rapidly. In seconds he was in front of Kodachi and turned to face the
approaching girl. Seeing Ranma now in front of her Kodachi rapidly
changed directions, much to Ranma's annoyance.

"Dammit, stop already!", Ranma ordered when much to his surprise
a yellow glow formed on his right hand and shot towards Kodachi striking
the girl and causing her to freeze in mid-stride and be suspended in
mid-air between to homes.

Hovering in front of the girl, Ranma noticed the look of sheer
terror on Kodachi's face. Although her body appeared to be frozen,
her eyes weren't.

"Why is she so scared of me? It's not I ever did anything to her.
The only time I even half way told her to leave me alone, was when I was
in my girl form and told her to leave my male form alone or else....Oh
*$(#*$ that must be it. I am so dense at times. She must think that I want
to hurt her so that she would stay away from my male form.", Ranma thought.

Ranma gently pushed Kodachi so that she was now over solid ground,
or roof if you will and spent a few moments trying to free the girl from
his 'ability'. When he cancelled the spell, Kodachi immediately collapsed
onto the roof and looked up from her sitting position at Ranma while
shaking quite badly.

As Ranma tried to approach Kodachi she kept moving backwards
until she reached the end of the roof that she was sitting on. Ranma
had to grab onto the girl to prevent her from hitting the ground.

"Well this seems awfully familiar.", Ranma thought as he lowered
Kodachi gently to the ground.

"Please, let me go. I promise never to bother you again if you
will not hurt me.", Kodachi begged the goddess in front of her, giving
Ranma a sick feeling is his stomach.

It was true that having Kodachi out of his life, would make his
life a whole lot easier, but Ranma would prefer that it would be for
some other reason, than Kodachi being afraid of him.

"There is no reason to be scared. I am not going to hurt you. I
didn't even know who you were when I started to follow you. I was just
curious why someone was watching me.", Ranma said.

"I.......I saw you earlier at that Amazon's cafe. I had heard that
you were there and I wanted to save you from that peasant.", Kodachi
said quietly.

"I don't need to be saved from Shampoo or any fiancee any more. A
lot has changed recently. You just never found out like everyone else
has.", Ranma explained calmly to Kodachi.

"I heard the story that the catboy told everyone. I wanted to be
with you like I was in the story. I was going to rush in after
everyone else left, until I saw you change into 'her'.", Kodachi said
in a trembling voice.

"You mean the 'pig-tailed girl'?", Ranma asked.

"Yes..... I never believed those rumors about you and she being the
same. Such things are impossible, or so I thought. Seeing you change I ran
away to think. I could feel the power you have in that girl's body and I
didn't want to be near you if you became angry at me.", Kodachi stated.

"I've been angry at you, Shampoo, Ukyo, and Akane sometimes, but I
would never hurt you. I fight to protect myself and others, but even then
I try not to permanently hurt someone, except that one time.", Ranma said
while pushing aside the memories he had of his fight with Saffron.

"So I can depart now?", Kodachi asked.

"If you want, but before you do, you should know that I do not hate
you, I just don't want to date or marry you. I'm sorry that you somehow
thought that I was in love with you.", Ranma said.

"I know that..... I think that I have known for some time, but just
did not want to admit it to myself.", Kodachi sighed.

"Then why did you keep chasing me?", Ranma asked.

"If I stopped, then I would be alone again.", Kodachi said quietly.

"What do you mean?", Ranma asked.

"The Kodachi in the world that the catboy showed everyone was very
similar to myself. I did not have any friends when I was young, and after
my mother's death, all of us that were left went a 'little' crazy. This only
pushed people further away from me. The only people that wanted to be near me
were either interested in my family's money or wanted to on the same
gymnastics team. You were the first person, who did not seem to want anything,
and we met by you saving me from a fall. After that I convinced myself that you
did care and maybe wanted to be with me.", Kodachi stated.

"I am sorry that you all alone. I know what that is like, growing up with
just my father for company.", Ranma said.

" I have overheard some of what happened to you while you were young. It is
hard to say who had the tougher childhood.", Kodachi said as she started to turn
away from Ranma, but stopped when she felt Ranma's hand on her shoulder.

"A little while ago I made on offer to Ukyo to be her friend, since I could
not ever be married to her. If you like, I can offer you the same if you promise
to stop all your attacks on my other former financee's and lay off the sleep and
paralysis gas attacks.", Ranma said.

"You wouldn't mind having me for a friend?", Kodachi asked in shock.

"No I wouldn't.", Ranma said as Kodachi started to sigh.

"Is something wrong?", Ranma asked.

"I was just thinking how strange life is turning out, especially since
I know that my brother was right about one thing.", Kodachi said with
a disturbed look on her face.

"He was right about something?", Ranma said in confusion.

"Yes......Remember he always called your female side his "Pigtailed
Goddess", which is what you now seem to be.", Kodachi smiled shyly.

Ranma sat stunned for a moment trying to digest that little piece of
information. Technically Kuno was now right. That was more than a little

"Well I guess even he is allowed to be right at least once.", Ranma

"I am glad we can part on good terms. I feel uncomfortable around
you, I am ashamed to say, but I think I can accept your new form in the future
if you would be willing to help me.", Kodachi said.

"If you need to talk or just.....oh I don't know, go for a walk with
someone I would not mind.", Ranma said.

"Then I will leave for now, and maybe the next time we see each other it
will be less awkward.", Kodachi said.

"I think that you are right.", Ranma said as Kodachi leapt away, via the
rooftops, back towards her home.

"Hmmmmm, I wonder if I should have gone with her. I might have been able
to talk some sense into Kuno as well..... Right, as if that would happen.
Besides I think I might be able to only pull off one miracle per day.", Ranma
snickered to himself as he decided to fly back to Hinako's home.

Ranma landed in the front yard just as Kasumi and Hinako were coming out
of the front door of the house.

"So how did it go, Rammie? Is that crazy girl going to behave herself
from now on?", Hinako asked.

"How did you know about that?", Ranma asked.

"Remember we are linked closely together now.", Kasumi said.

"I almost forgot about that.", Ranma said as he ran his fingers through
his goddess form's long hair.

"There is no need to be nervous. You have just helped out your first
'troubled soul', and so soon after 'changing'.", Kasumi said, while hugging
Ranma, to show how proud she was of him.

Ranma looked away and blushed. Hugging another girl, while in girl form
was still somewhat embarrassing, especially since anybody walking by the
house could plainly see them.

"I think that you should talk to her some more, if she needs it. It would
only help her to see that she isn't alone all the time.", Hinako said, sounding
wiser than her present ten your appearance let on.

"I will, but I won't force anything on her. She should make the next move.",
Ranma said.

"You are learning to be patient, almost subtle, Ranma-chan. My poor
sister Nabiki would be stunned to here about that.", Kasumi teased.

"We would have to charge her for that information, After all I can't give
away all my secrets for free, can I?", Ranma said as Hinako giggled.


In a large penthouse office in downtown Tokyo, an elderly man sat behind
a large oak desk with an intense expression on his face. From looking at him
one could infer that the man was feeling quite tense, tired or both. In front
of him were spread several documents and 2 blurry photos that his associates had
handed to the man a few hours earlier. As the man began to rise from his chair
the air in front of him began to shimmer and out of nowhere stepped a young
girl with long blond hair, emerald green eyes, and two large white wings. The
doors to the office locked themselves immediately after she finished

"This is unusual. You are getting bolder Ko-chan. You do not often appear
during the day. Are you not afraid of being seen?", the man asked in a casual

"Now is that any way to greet me Akito-chan. You could be a little
warmer.", the 'girl' chided.

"I am sorry, but it has been quite frustrating, with all the strange
reports coming out of Nerima. I have hopes that 'she' has appeared, but
the reports and the two photographs that were delivered were not quite
what I was hoping for,", the man said as he walked up close to the
winged girl and hugged her close.

"You do not have to worry then for what you have heard is true,
Urd has come back to Midgard and her grand daughter has been found.",
the girl said as a smile began to form on Akito's face.

"Does this mean that the others will soon be found as you predicted
so many years ago.", Akito asked.

"Possibly.... I am not sure of everything. Kami-sama is being
mysterious as always. Even Urd's aunt was being quite stubborn as of late.
I do have good news though. That little demon that has been such a thorn
in our side for so many years has been destroyed, by Urd with help from
your eldest grandchild of all people.", Ko-chan said.

"Kas....how did she managed to do that.", Akito asked as Ko-chan
spent the next two hours telling Akito what had become of his grand
children and how one goddess and two elder demons played a role in their

"Are you alright?", Ko-chan asked Akito, who seemed to be rather
stunned by the news that he had just received.

"I am well..... I just wish that it would end soon. I have waited so
many years and have lost so many friends that were close to me. First you,
then my dear wife, Hiroki, Urd, her child and grandchild. I guess I am
just old and want to pass on soon to see the others again.", Akito said
to Ko-chan, who now had a stern expression on her face.

"Akito Tendo, don't you dare say something like that. You have had a
good life. Granted it has been difficult at times, but you have been
quite fortunate in some areas. Besides not all of us has had the opportunity
that you have had.", Ko-chan said with her voice growing sadder and sadder.

"I am sorry. Please forgive me, if I had known what would have happened
to you when father sent you away, I would have gladly exchanged places with
you or done whatever it took to see that you were alright.", Akito said while
trying to comfort Ko-chan.

"That was long ago and it can not be changed. You can though do
something to improve your future.", Ko-chan said to a curious Akito.

"What is it?", Akito ask.

"Baka, have you forgotten all about Kagomi?", Ko-chan said as she
whacked Akito gently upside his head.

"Ko-chan, you know how I feel about that. We are friends, nothing
more.", Akito said as Ko-chan rudely snorted.

"What a bunch of #%$#$#$. I am not blind you know. I have seen how the
two of you look at each other. You have both lost those who are close to you,
but you do not have to roll over and play dead.", Ko-chan said.

"What would you have me do?", Akito asked.

"All you have to do is call the poor woman and ask her out. She will
accept, I am sure of it. She does like you, despite how dense you can be at
times.", Ko-chan said.

"I will give the matter some consideration, but I can't make any
promise alright?", Hiroki said, while trying to sound calm.

"Fine, but do not wait too much longer. Now I have to leave you for now,
but I will see you again in a week.", Ko-chan said as she drew her long
white cloak around her and faded from sight.

Akito sat back down at his desk for several moments while resting his
chin in his palm before picking up the phone at his desk and paging his

"Mariko please arrange an appointment for me with Kagomi Kurata at her
office at her earliest convenience.", Akito said.

"Would this be business of pleasure sir?", Mariko answered, sounding
almost giddy for some reason.

"Maybe a little of both, Mariko. Maybe a little of both......", Akito
said to his secretary.


Akito Tendo waited outside the office of one of his oldest
'friends', Kagomi Kurata. He was always quite nervous when seeing her, much
to his frustration. Perhaps it was due to the feelings he had for her, but would
not admit as of yet.

"Ko-chan was right. I should tell her how I feel. But what if she is
wrong. I do not want to spoil a friendship by trying to turn it into something
that it can not be.", Akito thought to himself.

A few moments later the door to Kagomi's office opened and Akito found
himself trying to stand a little taller and straighter. Out stepped a woman
who appeared to be no older than fifty, with long brown hair and dressed in
a western style business suit.

"Akito-chan! How nice to see you!", the woman exclaimed with glee, much
to Akito's embarrassment and her secretary's amusement.

As Kagomi almost dragged Akito into her office, Kagomi's secretary
Mari, was busy dialing up the phone to call Akito's secretary. It appeared
as if their plan to get their two bosses together was finally progressing

"So Akito what brings you by, not that I mind.", Kagomi said.

"I have some good news I thought that you should hear.", Akito
said a little stiffly.

"What is it?", Kagome said as Akito pulled out a small envelope
from inside of his coat.

"Earlier today some of my associates delivered these photos to me
and I thought that you would like to see them.", Akito said as he laid
the somewhat blurry photos of both Urd and Hinako in front of Kagome.

"Are they real?", Kagome said in shock.

"Yes they are. Ko-chan confirmed as much.", Akito said while
trying not to blush at the smile that Kagome with directing towards

"So the rest of her predictions might come true?", Kagome said,
while sounding like a giddy teenager.

"She thinks that they will, but she is unsure of when. I do have
good news, that horrible little demon Happosai has been killed by Urd
and my grand daughter no less.", Akito said with pride.

"Sounds like an interesting story. Perhaps you could tell it to
me, maybe over dinner.", Kagome said to Akito who was trying hard not
to grin like a school boy.

"If you are not busy I would like that.", Akito replied.

"Its settled then, I shall inform my secretary to clear the rest
of my appointments for today and then we can relax for the evening as
you tell me all about what has been happening as of late.", Kagome
said to Akito.

After Kagome and Akito had left, Mari informed Mariko what had
happened and both secretaries did a brief happy dance in their office
much to the amusement of their co-workers.

At a local restaurant Akito was telling Kagome all that his
family had been going through, much to the woman's surprise. She was
glad that they were alright, but still sad that Akito still had to
distance himself from his son, due to a promise that the young fool
made his father agree to, so many years ago. At least the three girls
were not be poor, as they would find out when the youngest of them
reached the age of 21. In the meantime, well their mortgage would at
least be paid, due to the 'mother's life insurance policy', or at
least that is what Soun and his daughters thought it was.

"Your family has had to overcome some great difficulties, but at
least were able to have a family. I wish my dear departed husband and I were
able too.", Kagome said.

"That is not your fault. Sometimes these thing just happen. The both
of you were quite happy together.", Akito said, worrying as he always did,
when his friend became depressed when she spoke of her husband.

"I know and I am sorry. I always bring up that subject when we are
together. Truth be told my life has been far better than I could have hoped
for, but their is one thing that I still wish could happen.", Kagome said.

"What is it?", Akito asked.

"Akito-chan, we have known each other for many years, and have helped
each other overcome the pain of losing a loved one. You are my best friend, but
their is one thing I would asked of you.", Kagome said.

"Whatever it is please ask. If I am capable of granting your request I
will, you know that.

"What I am trying to say is that....... I care for you deeply and I
want to be more than friends with you, if you know what I mean.", Kagome
said as Akito's eyes seemed to be now taking up over 90% of his face.

"You mean......", Akito tried to say.

"To paraphrase an old saying of yours, 'Akito Tendo I would date with
you'.", Kagome said as she quickly leaned over and kissed a stunned
Akito on the cheek.

A loud round of 'awes', seemed to echo around the restaurant after
that, much to the embarrassment of the two old friends.

"I never knew you felt that way. I have wanted to you the same thing,
for a while, but I did not want to jeopardize our friendship.", Akito
said to Kagome.

"Well now we both know how each other feels. So where should we go
from here.", Kagome said in a seductive voice as Akito began to sweat

"Ahem, we will just have to wait and see.", Akito said suddenly
remembering how tired Kagome's husband used to be at times and the jokes
that were told as for the reason for it.


Later that evening, Kasumi received a phone call from a somewhat
panicked Nabiki. It seemed that since Kasumi had left home, Soun had tried
to make dinner for once, since no one still trusted Akane to cook anything,
even if she hadn't poisoned anyone for two whole days, a record for her.
Soun's efforts thought were only marginally better than his youngest
daughter. The kitchen was a mess at the moment and the only one that had
any experience in cleaning up such a mess.

Kasumi was at first going to turn her sister down. After all, she
was now trying to start a new life living somewhere else, but when
Nabiki actually offered to pay Kasumi, it was obvious that perhaps
Kasumi should look into the matter. She couldn't let her ancestral
home fall completely apart.

This is not say that she was going to do it alone. No, Kasumi had
another person in mind to help her, even if he was going to need to be
persuaded to do so.

Kasumi walked into the backyard of Hinako's, well rather their new
house to find Ranma, who was at that moment trying to improve some of his
abilities that he received from first healing Hinako.

Kasumi watched Ranma place his left hand against a large lemon
tree while a look of intense concentration played across his face.

A couple of minutes later, Kasumi was surprised to see several
lemons begin to form, then reach maturity in about 5 more minutes.

"Very impressive Ranma-kun, you seemed to be improving in your
druid like abilities.", Kasumi said to a startled Ranma.

"It's nothing really, I just wanted to see why I am unable to do it
in my goddess form.", Ranma said.

"Are you able to do anything thing different in your goddess form, then
you can in your male 'human' form.", Kasumi asked, while already knowing the

"Yeah, it's weird, but I can heal people and animals of injuries and
diseases as well as use some type of magic when I am in my female form, but
not my male form.", Ranma said.

"Your female form is almost pure magic. It is not native to this
world, if you understand, so you can not access any chi, which is required
to use your chi attacks and 'nature' abilities. On the other hand your
male form contains far less mana than your female form, so it would be
very difficult for you to access any type of magic, whether healing or
destructive. It's is not impossible, but it would take far more time
and energy to access spells.", Kasumi replied to Ranma.

"Thanks Kasumi-chan, I was wondering if something was wrong with me.",
Ranma said while scratching the back of his head.

No need to thank me for that, but their is something that I need your
help with right now.", Kasumi stated.

"Ok, what do you need?", Ranma asked.

"It appears father tried to cook for everyone at the dojo and made
a mess. Nabiki wanted to know if I could help clean up, and I wanted to
ask you to join me.", Kasumi said.

"I don't really know Kasumi-chan, it's not our problem anymore. Let
them clean up their own mess.", Ranma said.

"I know Ranma-kun, but it is still my home in some respects, any
Nabiki really sounded panicked. Could you please help me.", Kasumi asked
with wide eyes, causing Ranma to back away from the obvious 'kawaii

"Alright I'll help.", Ranma said in a voice somewhat devoid of

"Now their is no need to pout. There is a way for you to remain here
and practice, as well as join me at the dojo.", Kasumi said.

"Really? How can I do that?", Ranma asked as Kasumi's form seemed
to blur as a loud popping sound filled the air.

Ranma now found himself facing four little Kasumis, no more than
one and a half foot tall each. He reacted to this in a typical fashion
by falling over onto his back.

As he tried to get up, he noticed one of the Kasumis frowning at
him, another one looking concerned and two other jumping up and down on
him as if he were some sort of trampoline.

"Ah......what just happened?", Ranma asked while still trying to
get up off the ground.

"When you in your goddess form you will be able to split yourself
into several forms, like I have.", the formerly frowning, mini Kasumi

Ranma stood up and changed to his goddess form with Hinako now
looking at what is going from the back porch of the house.

"Now what do I do?", Ranma asked.

"Try and concentrate at being in several places at once.
Visualize yourself standing next to other copies of yourself.", one of
the Kasumi's said to Ranma.

Ranma spent the next few minutes trying to split his form, without
much success.

"You are trying too hard, Ranma-kun. Just relax and try not to force
the change.", one of the Kasumis stated.

A minute later, another loud popping noise was heard from the
backyard as Ranma managed to split himself into four chibi versions
of herself.

"Ah how cuuuttttteee", Hinako gushed from the back porch as she
ran over and pickup one the Ranmas, who started to nuzzle himself against
Hinako's neck, causing the girl to giggle.

"Ranma, one of each of us will stay here. I will help you practice some
your goddess abilities, while the others of us fly to the dojo.

A short time later, three chibi Kasumis and three chibi Ranmas were
flying in the direction of the dojo, well until one of the chibi Ranmas
became distracted that is.

One of the chibi Ranmas seemed to have received a lot of the emotions
that Ranma had suppressed when he was a child. So this Ranma upon seeing a
large toy shop as he was flying by, reacted in the manner a typical young
child would and immediately broke away from the group and landed outside the
store as the others flew on.

Upon entering the store, the teenage girl sales clerks could not but
say how cute a little girl, the chibi goddess Ranma looked in her 'costume'.
Ranma was shown all over the store before she pulled some money out of no
where to pay for a stuffed cat of all things.

Ranma left the store with his, or rather her new toy. Just as she
was about to take off in the air she heard a very familiar 'bweee' sound
approaching her. Looking towards the source of the noise Ranma saw a
familiar little black pig with a collar around its neck.

"So the foul porcine pervert returns for another beating.", subtitles
appearing below Ranma said as a badly accented English voice seemed to
echo through the air.

"Curse you Ranma, I shall destroy that little form of yours.", some
subtitles below the little pig said.

Ranma grinned evilly as two large boxing gloves formed on her hand.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.", the subtitles below
Ranma said.

"Curse you, Ranma, because of you I have seen hell.", the subtitles
under the little pig said.

"If you want to see hell, pig boy, I know a couple of demons who
wouldn't mind showing it to you.", the subtitles under chibi Ranma said.

Ryoga charged only to find Ranma quickly side stepping him, causing
the little pig to slam into a nearby wall.

The little pig charged again only to hit with a strong right cross
from the little chibi goddess. Ranma pickup the pig off the ground and
to strike it repeatedly like a boxer hitting a punching back. Ryoga's head
snapped back faster and faster as Ranma increased his punching speed.
Finally a strong upper cut to the chin sent the little off into the

"I am the greatest. I am the 'champion!", Ranma said as she did a
brief victory dance.

As Ranma went back to pick up the bag containing her new stuffed cat she
saw a very familiar thieving little ice skater running off with it.

"Gimme that back it's mine.", chibi Ranma said as she flew after

Chibi Ranma was quite upset. She was much more childlike in form and
in mind and was starting to get misty eyed as the mean girl continued to
keep her kitty away from her.

As the chase continued past the cat cafe, Shampoo stepped outside to
see Azusa approaching with a bag and little 'flying?!?' girl behind her yelling
for Azusa to return her stuffed animal.

As Azusa skated by, Shampoo stuck out her arm, catching the ice skater
in the neck. Azusa went down hard.

"So annoying thief girl, now takes toys from children. Shampoo will have
to punish you.", Shampoo said while slipping into her old manner of speaking.

As Ranma landed nearby Shampoo belted Azusa away and stared at the very
familiar little chibi goddess.

"Ranma, is you?", Shampoo asked.

Ranma nodded shy and smiled as she pickup her bag, with the cat inside.

"Aiyah, Ranma look too too cute.", Shampoo said in excitement as she
pickup Ranma and spun her around a few times, before setting the dizzy
little goddess on her shoulder.

Hearing Shampoo's exclamation, Cologne came outside to see what was
going on. Upon seeing a little Ranma goddess sitting on Shampoo's shoulder
Cologne briefly wondered if she had not accidentally eaten anything from her
'special' spice cabinet.

"Look what I found great grandmother.", Shampoo stated while
managing to calm down a little.

"So I see.", Cologne said as she looked at chibi Ranma.

"You are Ranma, are you not?", Cologne asked.

"Part of him.", chibi Ranma-chan said with cute little smile.

"Can I keep her great grandmother.", Shampoo asked as Cologne
rolled her eyes at Shampoo's behavior.

"That is not a pet Shampoo, it is a piece of your former airen.
If I remember my lore correctly, gods and goddess have the ability to
split themselves into several forms in order to accomplish many tasks
at once. Am I correct?", Cologne said as she looked at Ranma to answer
her last question.

"Uh huh, that's right. One of me is still at home and the other two
are with the three Kasumi-chans at the Tendo dojo.", chibi Ranma said.

"There are four of you?", Shampoo asked as Ranma nodded.

"Shampoo take your little friend back to the dojo, so that she
may rejoin her other selves, while I look after the restaurant.",
Cologne said.

"Ok great grandmother.", Shampoo said while she bounded off
holding onto Ranma.

Cologne would have rather joined Shampoo at the dojo. No doubt
watching several Ranmas and Kasumis running around would have been
very amusing, but she had to look after the store since neither Nuku
Nuku, nor Mousse could really be trusted to run the place by themselves.

Shampoo was more than a little surprised at what she saw when she
opened the front gate to the dojo. Out in the yard was a chibi Ranma
and Kasumi tossing a rather green Genma panda back and forth like an
oversize beach ball, while chiding the old fool about what would happen
if he ever tried to sell one of them as a doll or toy.

Inside the home the remaining chibi Ranma and two chibi Kasumis
were busy cleaning up a rather large mess in the kitchen. Since the
room was still recognizable as a kitchen, it was obvious that Akane had
not cooked, but the room had seen better days never the less.

"About time you got here.", the chibi Ranma playing toss the
panda, said to the Ranma on Shampoo's shoulder.

"I had to buy something, then I got distracted by a mean little
black piggy and a crazy ice skater.", the Ranma sitting on Shampoo

"Piggy?!?!", several people said at once.

"Yah it was 'him'. He tried to attack, but I took care of him without
any problem.", Ranma said.

"So the lost fool did not take his earlier warning seriously. Perhaps
he needs to be punished further.", one of the Kasumis said in an ominous
voice, send chills down the spines of the others.

"He's not worth the effort. At least he didn't try to steal my kitty.",
the Ranma sitting on Shampoo said.

"Kitty?", everyone asked as a large stuffed tabby cat was pulled out
of a bag.

"You bought a stuffed cat. Now there is something I didn't think I
would see anytime soon.", Nabiki said as she walked into the backyard
yawning, with a yawning Ranko right behind her.

"Nabiki and catboy are just like real cats. You spend too much time
sleeping and not enough helping Kasumi clean up your messy house. Being a
maid is not a job for a goddess.", Shampoo chided.

"When elder sister Kasumi cleans, it is just best to stay out of the way
unless one wants to be accidentally cleaned and polished.", Ranko said while
remembering how narrowly focused Kasumi can be when she in concentrating
on performing certain tasks.

Shampoo walked into the house and set 'her' chibi Ranma down next to
the other one in the kitchen and walked outside again past Soun, who was
crying something about his poor eldest daughter going all to pieces. Shampoo
felt the urge to smack the old whiner upside his head, but frankly he it
really wasn't worth the effort it would take to hit him.

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, one chibi Kasumi started to scratch
Ranko behind the ears as a chibi-Ranma did the same to Nabiki, both of whom
were now on the floor purring loudly. The remaining Ranma and Kasumi joined
their other parts and were now playing two on two volley ball with Genma as
they smacked him repeatedly over a large net that had been pulled out of

Shampoo left shortly after dropping off Ranma and was walking slowly
back to the cafe, hoping that the rest of her day would be quiet. Nerima
was becoming even stranger than she liked it to be. Hopefully she would be
able to make it inside without be bothered by Mousse or that annoyingly
cheerful cyborg catgirl. Shampoo had noticed that the two seemed to spending
more time with each other, than with anyone else this day. If Shampoo was
lucky she hoped that the two would fall for each other, leaving her alone.


Taro and Rouge had just landed in a field outside of Nerima, glad
that their little trip was over. They had flown all the way to the Western
edge of China and back, but were unable to find any trace of the little
pervert Happosai. Hopefully someone else had found him, so Taro wouldn't
have to travel anytime soon. It was bad enough having to avoid those little
girls and Jubaan and that little Oni bitch in Tombiki, but to have to avoid
surface to air missiles shot at him by some rather paranoid North Koreans was
really starting to try his patience.

After relaxing for an hour in their human forms, both Taro and Rouge
looked up at a very strange sight. Passing over then appeared to three
small winged Ranma-chans and three winged Kasumi's.

"Great now I am seeing things. This day really sucks.", Taro
griped out loud.

"If you are referring to the six small, creatures that just flew over
us dear, you are not dreaming.", Rouge said.

"How about if we just forget everything that we just saw.", Taro said
while sounding quite tired.

"It is tempting, but I have a feeling that what we just saw might
be related to our quest to find that little pervert.", Rouge said.

They noticed that the six little figures had landed nearby so,
Taro and Rouge ran after them, stopping outside the gate of a large,
home, one belonging to Hinako, but they did not know that.

Peering above the fence Taro and Rouge were shocked to see yet another
chibi Ranma, fighting a chibi Kasumi, with some little girl looking on
and cheering for both Ranma and Kasumi to win.

"Oh we have guests!", one of the Kasumis exclaimed as she saw
Taro and Rouge peering into the yard.

"Well don't just stand out their staring, at least come in and
introduce yourselves.", Hinako said.

After a brief round of introductions Taro decided to just come right
out and ask what was going on.

Since it was less distracting all of the Kasumis and Ranmas joined
up into their normal forms with loud twin 'pops'.

"So Miss Kasumi, I take it that things have been somewhat interesting
since we last spoke with each other.", Rouge said nervously.

There was something about Kasumi that made Rouge's demon half nervous,
but she wasn't quite sure what it was. Since Kasumi now had wings, maybe
she had fallen into some sort of pool, like Rouge had. That could be what
was bothering her.

"A lot has happened since we saw each other Rouge-san. If you and Taro-san
would like to come in, we could talk about it.", Kasumi asked as Rouge and Taro
agreed to listen.

A few hours later, Rouge could only look on with stunned silence at what she
had just heard and Taro was shaking his head in amazement.

"Damn, femboy, you really have all the look, don't you?", Taro asked.

"Huh?", Ranma replied as Taro rolled his eyes.

"First you defeat that arrogant little dragon princess. Then you
kill Saffron and now you are not only a god / goddess, but you are with
two women as well.", Taro said.

"Two women?", Ranma asked.

"From what I have just been told. Your little angel Hinako will
continue to get older. What do you think will happen when she becomes 18.
She might want to share you with Kasumi.", Taro said to a wide-eyed

"You mean....", Ranma said while blushing.

"Ah I can just see it now, the three of you in a large bed, all
sweaty and calling out each other's names.", Taro said with a lecherous
grin on his face.

"Don't be so perverted dear.", Rouge said while frowning at Taro.

"You didn't seem to mind last night.", Taro teased Rouge's eye
twitch slightly.

"The three of us?, Ranma barely whispered.

"Don't take it so hard. If it bothers you to be with two women,
then just consider Hinako to be part of yourself. That way then it is
nothing more than a more advanced form of masturbation.", Taro grinned
evilly as Hinako walked up to him and kicked him in the shins, much to
everyone's amusement.

"Don't you dare tease Ranma-chan.", Hinako said wile grabbing
onto Ranma's arm, causing Taro to begin laughing.

"Please accept my apologies for any troubles we have caused.", Rouge
said to Kasumi.

"There is no need. I suppose it could be considered a good thing.
Hinako will continue to age and the three of us will have to think long
and hard about how our relationship with each other will be.", Kasumi
said while blushing as she quickly imagined all three of them together
as adults.

"Perhaps we should change the subject. You did say that the little
pervert Happosai is finally dead?", Rouge asked Kasumi.

"He has been banished back to Niflheim, well I imagine Hild-san
is seeing to it that he does not bother anyone ever again.

"That means that you can finally choose your own name, since a
name given to you by a demon, would break your village laws.", Rouge said
to a now quite happy Taro.

"What should I call myself?", Taro said with a thoughtful expression
on his face.

"Well I wouldn't suggest, "Awesome Taro" unless you want to be made fun
of.", Ranma said.

"You could name yourself after your grandfather, Qui-Jang. He was quite a
respected demon hunter and priest.", Kasumi said.

"How do you know about him?", Taro asked.

"One of my teachers, Lilith told me a story about how he managed to
banish Happosai from Midgard for a few years, when he met the little demon
a couple of years before World War 2 started.", Kasumi said.

"I would like to hear that story if you don't mind.", Taro asked

Taro had never really known his family all that well, except for
spending some time with his mother when he was very young. Maybe he
should name himself after his grandfather if the man was considered to be
some sort of hero. It sure was a lot better than being named 'Pantyhose'.

"You must understand that what I am about to tell you comes from
another, her likes to embellish her stories somewhat, so I can not tell
you exactly what happened all those years ago, but I believe most of what
she had told me was true.", Kasumi said to Taro as she began to tell them
about Taro's grandfather.


April 5, 1939:

Personal Journal, Tadashi Kurata, Captain 5th Army Regiment:

"As the days go by, I grow more and more disgusted by the acts of my
countrymen. We were sent here to secure supplies and raw materials for
transportation back our native land. Fighting was to be expected and even
welcomed by many of the younger men. What was not expected was the sheer
brutality and outright dishonor many of the men have displayed. To fight
against another warrior is one thing, but to ruthlessly slaughter and rape
women and children is another.", the entry began.

"I have tried to keep a close watch on my men, but I can not oversee
everyone on a daily basis. There are those that would undermine my orders
and follow their own plans, Lieutenant Ashida is one such man. How such a
fool was ever allowed to join the army, much less become an officer is beyond
me. It pays to have relatives in high places I guess. The Major has chosen to
ignore what I have told him about the Lieutenant. I can not say that I am
surprised though, he came by his commission due to his families contacts as
well. Our regiment would be much better off if the two of them were no
longer here.", the entry continued.

"I only hope our war with China does not spread. There are those who
mention attacking the Americans. I am probably being paranoid, but I can not
help the sinking feeling I get every time someone mentions this. Perhaps I
have acquired some of my dearly departed grandmother's abilities. Either way
I must locate my sister and her husband before it is too late. If they meet
up with Ashita's men, I may have to kill the bastard. I had better stop for
now. I am finding it hard to remain calm. Perhaps tomorrow we will finally
receive the news that we will be returning home.", the entry ends.

Captain Kurata closes his journal and locks it in a draw in his desk,
then leaves his office for the assembly grounds. More drills are scheduled
to take place soon. After the drills are finished then the Captain can
resume his covert search for his sister and her husband.

Several minutes after the Captain left, the door to his office
creaks open and two men enter. One is dressed in an officer's uniform,
a Lieutenant to be exact, the other man is a low ranking sergeant. Both
men seem to be quite nervous, possibly fearing what might happen if
they are caught.

"Are you sure that this is wise sir. If we are caught, we could be
demoted or worse.", the sergeant said.

"You forget, we are doing this the regiment. The Captain is not a
well man. You have seen how he punished you squad mates for nothing more
than having 'fun' with one of the local girls. No the Captain is showing
far too interest in the welfare of these natives. He might even be
helping them in their fight against our noble cause.", the Lieutenant

"We would need proof. The Major would not just take our word for it,
despite the friction between he and the Captain.", the sergeant replied.

"That is why we are here, and more specifically why I have asked
you to join me on this mission.", Lieutenant Ashida said with an evil
grin on his face.

"I will do what you asked of me sir, I just hope for our sakes that
this is not a waste of time.", the sergeant said as he pulled out a set
of lock picks and began to try and open the locked drawer in the
Captain's desk.

After a minute the drawer clicked open and the Lieutenant pulled
out the item he was looking for.

"Ah, this is it. I do believe that with this little journal we can
deal with the Captain, then the both of us will be promoted. Think of how
this will not only benefit our regiment to get rid of that 'traitor', but
how our family's will benefit as well.", the Lieutenant said as the two
men quickly exited the Captain's office unseen.

The next morning Captain Kurata was called into Major Moroki's office.
This was not an uncommon event. What was strange though, was that he was
accompanied by several armed guards. Something 'stunk' here as the saying
went, and as he entered the Major's office and saw a certain Lieutenant
trying to hold back a grin, the Captain had a very good idea from where
the stench was coming from.

"Good morning Major, was there something that you to speak to me
about.", Captain Kurata said casually while ignoring the presence of
the Lieutenant entirely.

"A serious issue has come up concerning you Captain, and I thought
it best that we deal with it immediately.", the Major said, while
sounding somewhat stressed.

"What is this issue?", the Captain said, while knowing that this
has to be the work of his cowardly underling.

"Do you recognize what this is, Captain?", the Major said while
holding up a very familiar looking journal.

"Yes I recognize it, although I am surprised to see it here,
considering I usually lock it up. There appears to be a thief present
in this regiment, who feels that it is alright to steal another's
person belongings.", Captain Kurata said while giving a harsh glare
to the Lieutenant, causing the man to step back nervously.

"I was told that is as found out in the open, but regardless some
of the entries in here might give one cause to believe that you are
showing signs of sympathy for the enemy, possibly even helping them.",
the Major said.

"I have served for many years and have never betrayed my fellow
countrymen. I do have doubts and concerns about why we are here, but I
would never do anything to harm my men. It is they, under the
command of Lieutenant Ashida who have dishonored our country and way of
life by cowardly attacking and killing unarmed civilians, including the
rape of women and young girls. The Lieutenant's actions make him no better
than a yakuza or even a burikumin.", the Captain said as Lieutenant Ashida
began to shout in outrage.

"How dare you! Do you realize who my father and family are? We are
your superiors in breeding and birthright!", the Lieutenant shouted.

"I am well aware of who your father is, Lieutenant, and while his
accomplishments are indeed impressive, you are nothing more than a spoiled
little inbred brat, who has had everything handed to him in life.",
Captain Kurata sneered at Lieutenant Ashida.

"That will be enough! It is obvious from your journal Captain, that
you do not care for the Lieutenant, but I will not have my men fighting
each other. I am also aware of your sister, and while I do find it honorable
that you care about her, I warn you that if she is helping our enemy it will
be your duty to deal with her as you would any traitor.", Major Moroki
said to the Captain.

"My sister simply wishes to live in piece with her husband. If it is
necessary I will arrange for the both of them to leave the country for
someplace far away, such as the America's. That way there will be no doubt
that they will not be helping our 'enemies'.", Captain Kurata said.

"See Major, this is why he should no longer have his command. The
Captain freely admits that his own sister is a whore for our enemy. Why
he should....urk.....", the Lieutenant tried to say but was cut off by a
rather sharp sword now pointing at his throat, courtesy of a now quite
angry Captain Kurata.

"You will never insult or even mention my family again you pathetic
little worm. My sister is an honorable and kind woman, not a whore for
anyone. Consider yourself lucky that such insults are no longer settled
by duels or I would call for one immediately.", the Captain said as the
lieutenant began to shake.

"Captain that is enough. Put away your blade or I will have you
arrested this moment.", the Major said as the guards, who escorted the
Captain in were not pointing their rifles at him.

"I apologize to acting in such a way in front of you Major, but
I will not apologize to the lieutenant. He does not deserve it.", Captain
Kurata said as he sheathed his sword.

"You will pay for that.", the Lieutenant mumbled.

"We shall see.", Captain Kurata said as the Lieutenant left the
office in search of clean underwear.

"Captain Kurata, I will be watching you quite closely from now on.
Do not make me have to do anything harsh. Your record, as you pointed out
is quite impressive. Do not do anything to tarnish it.", the Major said
as he handed the Captain's journal back to its owner.

Hours later the Captain received new orders. He would be placed
in charged of a company of men, who were to investigate some
strange going ons in a hidden valley in central China. The Lieutenant
it seemed would be in charge of another company in a nearby valley.
Why such a man would be given a command still annoyed the Captain to
no end.

Instead of being pleased with his new command, the Lieutenant
continued to pace back and forth in his quarters. He was not pleased
with the outcome of his meeting with the Major and the Captain, who
should have been demoted at the very least, in the Lieutenant's not
so humble opinion.

The Captain was far to close to all of the 'barbarians' that they had
to deal with in this 'backwards' country. He was also not pleased by
the not so subtle threat towards him, that the Captain wrote about in
his journal. Perhaps it was time for the Captain to have an
unfortunate accident. After all, China was a very dangerous place. There
is not telling when some barbarian warrior could strike from ambush.


June 15, 1939:

Personal Journal, Tadashi Kurata, Captain 5th Army Regiment:

"My men and I have come across a very strange sight this day. As
we worked our way towards the valley that the Major assigned us to
investigate we began to hear movement off in the forest, just out of
sight. It was obvious that we were being watched, but every time a squad
was sent to investigate, they reported back that they had found no trace
of those who had been following us.", the entry began.

This changed today. As we exited a particularly dense forest, we
came upon a cleared grassy plain, that had some sort of primitive walled
village in the center of it. To further increase the strangeness of it all,
it appeared to be almost entirely guarded by women, like some sort of
strange western fairy tale about Amazons.", the entry continued.

"This Musing of mine turned out to be true. These were Amazons,
Chinese Amazons at that. Given the relations between our two countries
my men and I expected to be attacked on sight, but as it turned out these
women had no idea of what was happening in the outside world. Only two other
men, besides my self spoke any Chinese, so it would have been difficult to
speak to them if a fortuitice coincidence had not just taken place. Upon
entering the village under guard I was shocked to see my sister and her
husband waiting for us. Of all the places to run into them, I met them in
this little village. Perhaps I can convince her to leave for someplace far
away as I told the Major I would.", the journal entry ended.

Captain Kurata pocketed his journal and approached his sister and her
husband as the Amazons looked on. Things looked peaceful for the moment. The
Amazons had not even confiscated their rifles for some reasons. They were either
very confident in their superior numbers, or the Captain and his men were
obviously overlooking something.

"It has been a long time Tadashi. I am glad to see you.", the Captain's
sister, Chihaya said to her brother.

"How did you get here? The last letter that we received said that you
were leaving for Shanghai, then heading back home.", the Captain asked.

"So much has changed brother. My dear husband and I have spent many
days fleeing from our own country's army. Do you know what they have been
doing to the native people here?", Chihaya said as she glared at her

"Sigh.....I know sister dear and my men and I have not been part of it.
I have been trying to stop the other companies from acting in such a
dishonorable fashion, but I can only do so much. You and your husband were
not hurt, were you?", Tadashi asked Chihaya.

"No we managed to avoid being captured by fleeing into this valley,
where we came upon this village.", Chihaya said.

"They seem to be unaware of what is going on in the outside world.
You did not tell them why you fled here?", Tadashi asked in confusion.

"No, they might have sent us on our way. They believe that we were
being chased by something called the Musk, whatever that is.", Chihaya
said to her brother.

"So, you can leave whenever you wish, sister?", Tadashi asked.

"It there some reason that I should leave again so soon. I have
been here for a week so far, and have been treated quite well.", Chihaya
said with a suspicious look.

Tadashi sighed again and told his sister about how his journal had
been stolen by a certain Lieutenant and brought to the attention of Major
Moroki. Chihaya did not look too thrilled to here this news.

"So you want me to flee, like some sort of criminal, brother?",
Chihaya asked.

"I don't want to see either you or your husband hurt. It wouldn't
be for too long. Well..... unless other forces decide to intervene. There
are rumors of the imperial navy wanting to take over Australia, then to
go after the American's. This is just a rumor, but I don't need to tell
you what would happen if it becomes a reality.", Tadashi said to a
suddenly Pale Chihaya.

"Our country was on the losing side during the last great war. If
another world war starts, I shutter to think what might happen., Chihaya
replied quietly.

"So will you come with me. I have the Major's word that you will
be let go, as well as your husband. Despite the Major's many faults he has
always kept his word.", the Captain stated.

"Where would we go? We can not go back to Japan. Would your have us
travel all the way to the Southern American continent or to the West
towards India?", Chihaya asked.

"You would be safer in either place. Please consider my offer. I do
not want to lose you.", Tadashi said in a gentle voice.

"I will have to think on it. I do have some advice for you though
brother. While you are here do not fight any of the Amazon women. Any man
that defeats them is considered to then be the woman's husband according
to their laws.", Chihaya said as a cheer suddenly erupted from nearby
causing the two to look over.

"Damn....to late.", Chihaya said as they notice a young green
haired woman laying on the ground with one of Tadashi's younger
soldiers looking at the woman with a concerned look on his face.

The young man and the Captain were then shocked to see the young
girl stand up, walk up to the man and kiss him quite passionately on the

"Corporal, what is going on?, the Captain asked his still
stunned underling.

"Um....well you see sir. This girl somehow knew that I had some
small skill in unarmed combat and she asked to spar with me, which
for some reason seemed to excite the other girls nearby. I managed
to win our fight, then she kissed me.", the Corporal said while
starting to blush as the young woman looked at him with stars in her

"I must speak to the leaders of this village. I cannot have one
of my men getting married anytime soon.", the Captain grumbled.", as
the Corporal now looked quite stunned.

"There is not much that can be done. They are now engaged in the
eyes of the tribe.", a new voice said from behind the Captain.

Turning around the Tadashi found himself facing a strange little
creature that was balancing itself atop a large walking stick.

"Who are you?", Tadashi asked.

"Elder Brush, you give us your blessing.", the young Amazon
girl said to the old woman.

"Madam, if you are a leader of this village then I must ask
that this man under my command be exempt from this law. My men and I
have a very important task to accomplish.", the Captain said to the
strange old woman.

"You are referring to the war your country is fighting with
the old fools in Beijing?", the old woman said.

"You know about that and you still let my men into your village?",
the Captain asked in confusion.

"My dear child, we have been here or over 3000 years and I have
seen over 250 years. Many wars have been fought and Dynasties come and
gone during that time. It matters not what happens to the outside world.
Besides it appears that the young soldier under your commands minds the
attention that Rose is giving him.", the elder said as she and Captain
look over at the blushing young man, who was presently being hugged
by the your Amazon Rose.

"Still I can not just leave him here. My superiors would ask
questions and if it was found out that he chose to stay with a native
of this country, his family could be in danger back in our homeland.",
the Captain said to a now thoughtful looking elder.

"How trustworthy our your men? Would they be will to 'cover-up'
his disappearance, as the saying goes.", the elder asked the Captain.

"What do you mean?", Tadashi said to the elder.

"This is a dangerous land. Many accidents can happen, especially
if you were to run into some of our enemies, such as the Musk Warriors.
If everyone is willing to allow the young couple to stay together, then
no harm will come to the man's family back in your country.", the elder

"I will have to talk to my men, but I cannot guarantee what their
response will be.", Captain Kurata said.

"I am sure that you will be able to persuade them. If not then there
are other ways to ensure that they can not remember what they have seen
here.", the elder thought the last part to herself as the Captain left
to speak to his men.

The Captain and his men stayed with the Amazons for two more days
in which time the Captain 'lost' another of his men to the charms of an
Amazon girl. It would not be too difficult to explain the 'deaths' of these
men to his superiors, as long as no one ever found out the truth. The
Captain shuddered to think what would happen to these women if a large
force of his fellow soldiers ever found them, especially if they were led
by someone like that fool Lieutenant Ashida. Still if the two men were
truly happy, then the Captain would not stand in their way. He still
remembered how his own family was against his marriage to his wife, whom
they thought only wanted to marry him so that she could 'move into' a
higher social class.

It was true that his wife was somewhat obsessive about some things
at times, but the Captain still loved her dearly, faults and all. Now if
only he could get home to his wife and children without further incident
all should go well.


It had two days since Captain Kurata, his company, and his sister and
her husband had left the Amazon village. The Amazons had insisted that two
of their warriors guide the soldiers away from their village by avoiding
the neighboring valley. This would increase their time to reach the nearest
base, but it would also help them to avoid a place called Jusenkyo. From
the Amazon's description of the place it sounded like some sort of strange
fairy tale to the Captain, but he had seen some instances of magic in his
life, so he decided to listen to the Amazon elders. Besides it would not be
wise to antagonize the few Chinese natives that did not want to kill them

Rumors had been spreading, even to the Amazons about how certain
Japanese soldiers were treating the Chinese natives, much to the
Captain's frustrations. All he could do was try and lead by example
and hope that his company would make it out of this country in one

"Something is not right here.", one of the Amazon guides said
to the Captain as they began their third day of travel by moving
into a fog bank, that should not have been their naturally.

"What is wrong? Are we heading in the wrong direction?", the
Captain asked the guide.

"This area 'stinks' of chaos magic. Only Jusenkyo 'smells' like
this, but we should have passed it a while ago.", the Amazon guide, Clove
said to the Captain.

A shout from up ahead attracted everyone's attention. The second guide,
came running back to the rest of the group with bad news. Somehow they
had managed to circle back and were now at the entrance to the Jusenkyo.

Clove ordered everyone to stop. No one was to move. For whatever reason
Jusenkyo had led them here, and Clove was intent on not having anyone under
her lead, become cursed.

The group could do nothing more but set up camp and wait. About
halfway through the day a strange ringing sound was heard. It sounded
like a series of small bells and it was coming closer.

As the group tried to prepare itself for whatever was approaching them
they were surprised that it turned out to be a young Asian man in his
early 30's wearing the robes of a Shinto priest and carrying a staff with
four brass rings on the top, which sounded like bells when the staff was
struck on the ground.

The man walked right past the surprised Amazons and stood in front
of the Captain for a few moments before bowing to him.

"Who are you and why are you here?", the Captain asked the strange

"My name is Qui-Jang Taro, and I am here to give you a warning.", the
priest said in a serious tone of voice.

"What sort of warning?", the Captain asked cautiously.

"This area is not safe. The 'fog' that surrounds us has been
created by a demon that I have following for several days. A demon that
appears to be seeking you out.", the priest said to a skeptical Captain

"I find that hard to believe. Why would such a creature, even if
they exist, chose to attack me?", the Captain replied.

"It is because of your son, Hiroki.", Qui-Jang replied.

"How do you know of him?", the Captain asked as his men and the
Amazons began to look around as if to expect some sort of ambush anytime

"His name was provided to me in a dream, no doubt sent by the gods
themselves. In it I saw a young boy and a young girl with long silvery
hair fighting a demon that had taken on the form of an old Buddhist monk.
The girl managed to dispel the demon for a short time, but he has
somehow returned and now seeks revenge on you, since the boy and the
rest of your family is protected by a powerful source of good. What this
power if exactly I can not say.", the priest replied.

"What did this boy look like exactly?", Captain Kurata asked.

Instead of telling him the priest made a few motions with his staff
and in image of Hiroki's and Urd's first fight with Happosai appeared
in mid air, much to everyone's shock.

"Do you believe me now?", Qui-Jang asked the stunned group.

"I remember you now. You have been to our village several years ago,
when the Tengu attacked.", Clove said.

"Yes that was I.", the priest said.

"Captain Kurata, I have heard how much you and other outsiders dismiss
the existence of spirits and demons, but I believe that you should listen
to Qui-Jang. He would not make up such a story and he is known around here
as a hunter of demons.", Clove said.

"I can lead you away from the fog. If you chose not to believe my story
your son's fight with the demon, which you just saw, then allow me to at least
you away from Jusenkyo. If anyone becomes cursed by it, there is nothing that
I or anyone else would be able to do to help them.", Qui-Jang said.

True to his word, Qui-Jang led the Captain and his small group towards
a village that should have been free of the constant little skirmishes
that had been taking place in the area. When they arrived though, all was
not peaceful.

The village was on fire. Every building seemed to have become an
inferno. The smell of burned bodies, both people and animals, filled the
air, making several of the group ill.

"What is this? Not even that fool Lieutenant Ashida, would condone
such actions.

A loud, manic laughing filled the air.

"Ah more playmates how nice.", an old man in Buddhist monks robes
said as he just seemed to appear 40 feet down the road in front of

"Everyone get down!", Qui-Jang shouted as a small fireball appeared
in the old monks hands. It struck a group of five soldiers, killing them

"So it is you. You will pay for what you have done.", Qui-Jang said
in such a voice that even gave the two Amazon warriors the shivers.

"Ah you are back, little boy. Do you wish to play again?", the
'old man' said with a sarcastic grin on his face.

As one of the Captain's men was circling around the 'old man' to
get a shot off when, a loud crackling sound was heard and the soldier
fell to the ground with an obvious bullet wound to the chest.

"What the....", the Captain said as another figure appeared, and
a very familiar one at that.

"Lieutenant Ashida, what have you done?", the Captain asked the
Lieutenant, who was now glowing with a faint red color.

"The fool is in league with that creature.", Clove said as she
shot off an arrow at the Lieutenant. The arrow burst into flames as
it contacted the aura surrounding the Lieutenant.

"You do not realize what you are dealing with now. I will now
take my rightful place as the leader of all of our troops and
personally lead our nation to victory over these savages.", the
Lieutenant rambled, not sounding entirely sane.

"As if our homeland would have a creature like you lead it.",
Captain Kurata said while stalling for time in the hopes of trying
to figure a way out of this situation.

"Who says that you will have a choice in the matter. You and your
traitorous family will soon be dead. I am sure when everyone finds out
about how you befriended these natives along with your sister, they will
give me the rewards I deserve.", the Lieutenant said as he drew a glowing
Western style long sword from his belt.

"What is that?", the Captain said in shock, not even realizing that
his families Katana was now glowing in response to the evil being put
out by the Lieutenant's weapon.

"You mean this little trinket? Why this sword is going to grant me the
power to defeat all of my enemies.", the Lieutenant said in an ominous tone
of voice.

"Aiyah that is Soul Edge. Great grandmother told me about evil
weapon when Clove was young. Very bad sword. It drains the souls from those
it kills.", Clove said , while sounding quite nervous.

"Drains souls...... Wait...... You are here alone and not with
the company under your command. You didn't...... You couldn't......",
Captain Kurata said in shock.

"A small price to pay for our homeland to retain its glory.", the
Lieutenant said as he suddenly charged the Captain.

As if on its own, Captain Kurata's own sword leapt out of its
sheath and deflected the blow from the evil Soul Edge. Both men were so
shocked by this, that it took them a moment to realize that the Captain's
sword had not only suddenly increased in size by at least three times, but
also that the Captain was easily wielding the weapon.

The sword was now putting out so much energy that it temporarily
put a halt to the fight going on between Qui-Jang and the demon Happosai.

"That is the Tetsusaiga!", Qui-Jang said in shock.

"Noooooooooo! I will not allow it. I wil not suffer like my grandfather
Naraku did at the hands of that half demon dog.", Happosai shouted as he leapt
over Qui-Jang and through a large fireball at Captain Kurata.

The Captain quickly pivoted and reflected the fireball back at its
source, causing Happosai to slam into the ground and leave a trench 30
feet long in his wake.

Distracted by Happosai, the Captain failed to deflect a second attack
by Soul edge. The evil weapon sliced into his shoulder causing he Captain
to yell out loud and fall backwards as a greenish black fluid began to ooze
from his would.

"It hurts doesn't it. The poison is slow acting, but it should serve
to immobilize you. Then when you die your soul will belong to me and increase
my power.", the Lieutenant laughed maniacally.

"I do not think so.", the Captain gasped out as the Tetsusaiga began
to glow blue and a thin beam of light leapt from the weapon and struck the
Captain on his damaged shoulder. The would began to purify as heal over as
the Tetsusaiga removed all of the demonic taint from the Captain, that
Soul edge had infected him with.

"That should not be possible!", Lieutenant Ashida shouted.

"The Tetsusaiga was designed to destroy demons and to remove any
demonic possession that might try to infest its user.", the Captain

"How did you know?", thee Lieutenant said as he began to back away
in fear.

"Why 'she' told me of course.", the Captain said, growing more
confident in his belief that he would defeat the mad Lieutenant.

"She?", the Lieutenant whispered.

"Tetsusaiga, of course.", the Captain said as it was his turn to
attack the Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Ashida brought Soul edge up in an attempt to parry the
large weapon. He was halfway successful. As the Tetsusaiga struck, Soul
edge was sliced cleanly in half and forcing the Lieutenant his knees.
The glow that had previously surrounded the Lieutenant quickly faded
after that.

"Please I beg you, have mercy!. I don't want to die!", the
Lieutenant began to wail like a little child.

"You should have thought of that before you slaughtered all
of your men, not to mention all of those innocent women and children
you raped and murdered.", the Captain said as he brought the Tetsusaiga
down on the Lieutenant's neck cleanly separating his head from his body.

A black mist began to ooze from the body as well as from the
broken Soul edge. It was almost as if it was trying to flee from
the battle. Its efforts were in vain though. The mist was drawn back
to the Tetsusaiga where it was absorbed then destroyed, leaving nothing
but a body on the ground, that was rapidly turning to dust and two small
rusted chunks of metal that were barely recognizable as once being
part of a sword.

As the Lieutenant died, Qui-Jang and Happosai continued their battle,
but the demon seemed to be growing weaker as if he had placed a little bit
of his own power inside the Lieutenant so that the fool could handle the
now destroyed Soul Edge, without becoming a mindless slave to it.

"Your underling is now destroyed and I will now banish you
back to the hells as my ancestor Miroku once helped to destroy you ancestor
Naraku.", Qui-Jang said he swiped aside the small dagger that Happosai was
using to defend himself. A pointed tip of mithral silver extended from the
base of Qui-Jang 's staff and he plunged it into the chest of the little
demon causing Happosai to scream out then to convulse. A few moments later
his body began to dissolve and another black mist began to move away and seep
into the ground. Captain Kurata tried to get their in time, but wielding his
sword had exhausted him and by the time he had managed to run over to
Qui-Jang the mist was already gone.

"Damn him. He has caused so much trouble, and he is still out there
somewhere.", the Captain said as he spat on the ground where Happosai
used to be.

"That could not be helped. Demons are difficult to kill. We should be
thankful that we were able to defeat Ashida, and especially Soul edge. You
have removed a great evil from the world, Captain.", Qui-Jang said while
sounding quite thrilled.

"But the one responsible for this still escaped.", the Captain said.

"It will take him a while to reform himself, with the power that he
so foolishly gave away. When he returns though. Either I, or another of my
family shall be waiting. One way or another, all demons of his clan will be
destroyed some day.", Qui-Jang stated as the Tetsusaiga shrunk back down to
the size of a normal Katana and the Captain was able to sheath the weapon.

"If and when he does return I will assist you in anyway that I can,
provided this war does not destroy our homelands first.", the Captain.

"That sounds almost like a prediction for the future.", Qui-Jang
replied to the Captain.

"Maybe it is.", the Captain said quietly.

Two days later Clove, lead the Captain and his group to a village
in which had a road leading to one of the larger coastal towns. From
there they were on their own to return to their homeland. Qui-Jang had
left a day earlier saying that he had a to help assist all of the villagers
in dealing with their grief that Happosai and the Lieutenant had caused. He
also said that it was his personal responsibility to help any young lady to
come to grips with any tragedy that she may have suffered.

The Captain did make it back to Japan, but the difficulties he and his
family were to face were not yet over. That though was a story from another


Kasumi ended her story as Taro and Rouge looked on in surprise at
what they had just heard.

"So the old freak did not just come upon me by accident. He wanted to
make my life as difficult as possible by dunking me in those pools and
giving me my accursed name?", Taro asked Kasumi.

"Yes, that is true. He was a pathetic little creature, who delighted
in tormenting others in later years, especially the Kurata's. That is behind
us though. He will not bother anyone ever again. I have both Lilith's and
Hild's promise on that.", Kasumi.

"Can you trust the word of a demon?, Taro snorted.

"You can in this case. They both have a reason to hate Happosai and
besides while they are responsible to punishing those that deserve it, they
do not go out of their way to harm mortals. 'Aunty' Lilith is actually
quite pleasant and fun to be around.", Kasumi said while thinking of some
of the adventures that Lilith and she were on during the earliest parts of
Kasumi's training.

"Why Kasumi dear, how sweet of you to say so.", a voice seemed to echo
from nowhere as a large portal opened a certain red haired demon princess
stepped out.

"Aunty!", Kasumi said while hugging the elder demon, causing both
Taro and Rouge to fall over in shock, both from Kasumi's actions and from
the sheer amount of power that they could feel coming from Lilith.

"So Kasumi-chan I see that you have guests.", Lilith said.

"Yes, this is Taro-san and Lady Rouge.", Kasumi replied.

"Ah yes, I have heard of you. I trust that you are not bothering the
one who is bonded to my grand niece anymore.", Lilith said to Taro as she
looked down on him.

"Ah, he's ok. It was only the old freak that made him such a pain in
the butt anyway.", Ranma said, causing Lilith to laugh.

"Thanks a lot.", Taro mumbled.

"I have been watching him and many others as of late and your
story Kasumi-chan has reminded me of a duty that I had almost forgotten
about.", Lilith said.

"What duty is that?", Kasumi asked.

"When Qui-Jang passed on from this life he did so fighting a demon
that threatened to overcome the balance between Asgard and Niflheim . He
cared not for the doublet system. Because of this he was hunted by demon
and god alike. I happen to come upon Qui-Jang as he lay dying. Even in his
state he still tried to fight me. He was quite powerful for a mortal, but
his time was at an end. Both Athena and Artemis appeared shortly there
after and he was convinced that I met him no harm. He held in his hand a
powerful Rune staff. He wanted to give it to one of the goddesses
for safekeeping, but a message from Kami-sama himself said that I should
take possession of it until one of his ancestors was able to take up the
cause of fighting evil.", Lilith said.

"You mean to say that you want me to be some sort of devil hunter?",
Taro said in shock.

"If you so chose. In any case, the staff is yours by birthright.",
Lilith said as an elaborate dark wood and jade staff appeared in her

"I don't know what to say.", Taro replied.

"You always said that you wanted to start a new life after you
changed your name. I can't think of a better way to live and to honor
your grandfather than by taking his name of his duty.", Rouge said.

"I guess that you are right. I will accept the staff.", Taro

"Then it is yours. Use it with honor, Qui-Jang Taro. Many will
be watching you to see if you do.", Lilith said with a wink, as she then
stepped back through the portal which closed behind her.

"It sounds like you have a new destiny as well.", Ranma said to Taro.

"I guess so.", Taro said while sounding a little nervous.

"You do not need to worry so, Taro-san, you would not have received
such an item if you were not worthy.", Kasumi said to Taro.

"You will not have to do it alone dear. I will be there to help your.",
Rouge said as she put her arms around an embarrassed Taro.

"Yeah, if you have any problems, just let us know. We'll help save your
butt.", Ranma said as Taro glared at him.

"Now Ranma-chan be nice to Taro-san, he is trying to change.", Kasumi
said to Ranma.

"Alright Kasumi-chan I'll try.", Ranma said as Taro snickered.

"You behave as well.", Rouge said to Taro.

"Did you ever get the feeling that its the woman who is in control
of the relationship?", Ranma said with rare insight.

"Just figure that one out did you?", Taro said as both Kasumi and
Rouge tried to hold back from giggling.

As Taro and Rouge were about to leave a loud rumbling coming from
Ranma, attracted their attention.

"(Snort) Figures, even a god, femboy is still always hungry.", Taro

"Kasumi and he were nice enough to tell us about your ancestor, we
could treat him to ice cream.", Rouge.

"You've never seem him eat have you?", Taro asked Rouge while
dreading having to pay for the amount of food that Ranma could put away.

"You did 'borrow' those emeralds from those slavers earlier. I'm sure
that we can afford it, besides have often do we spent time with others?",

"Alright I guess feeding the four of us, wil not cost too much.",
Taro said.

"You mean the seven of us.", Ranma said as a popping sound filled
the air and four chibi Ranma-chans now stood in front of Taro, who could
only twitch in response the cutesy looks they were giving him.

"Still no pride when it comes to free food either.", Taro sighed
as the Ranma-chans smiled at him.

"So where will be going?", Kasumi asked.

"Taro-chan and I found a nice little place over in Jubaan, which
means we will have to fly there. That won't be problem will it.", Rouge,
asked as Kasumi changed to her goddess form, wings and all.

"Not at all.", Kasumi said as the four Ranma-chans also sprouted
wings as Taro could only shake his head at the sight in front of him.

"Fine lets go.", Taro said as Rouge pull a water bottle out of
nowhere, splashing Taro, then hopping on the back of his cursed form.

Hinako decided to stay home instead of accompanying the others. It
wasn't that she didn't like ice cream. She was actually quite fond of it,
but even though Ranma was her god(dess), the sight of one Ranma eating still
made her a little ill. She wasn't about to see what a bunch of Ranma's
eating was like. Hopefully they would remember to at least bring her back
some though.


The residents of Japan were treated to a strange sight that day.
Large shadows passing overhead, caused by Taro, several Ranma-chans,
and Kasumi were giving several older citizens flashbacks, to when the
American's bombed Tokyo many years before. This effect was only made worse
by two of the Ranma-chans who thought that it would be amusing to
have all of the smaller members of the group actually sound like old
piston engined fighters and Taro sounding a lot like an old B-29 bomber.
Kasumi and Rouge seemed amused by this, but Taro only looked embarrassed.

"(Gronk, Snort, Grrr.) Have you no class at all?", Taro grunted in
his monster form. The two Ranma-chans in questions only smiled widely
in response.

"Don't worry about it, dear. It won't last for too much longer.",
Rouge said.

As they reach Jubaan, everyone felt a strange build up of magic in
the air. Shortly thereafter, Taro was struck by a large pink heart of
things. The impact, while not really harming Taro's large form, did cause
him to roll over and begin to dive, losing Rouge in the process.

"Oh #(*$)#$!", thought Taro as the ground began to approach far to
quickly for his liking.

"Kasumi-chan, look after Taro while I get Rouge.", Ranma said as
his smaller forms combined into one and he used his goddess form's wings
to slow down his and Rouge's decent.

Taro hit the ground hard with his head, damaging it... The ground
that is. Kasumi landed next to him and began to check him over.

Ranma and Rouge landed right next a young blond girl, wearing a
very silly looking white fuku and carrying a pink heart wand.

"What the #%#$#$ do think that you are doing, you little bleach
blond bitch!", Rouge shouted at the girl, causing the girl to fall
over on her rear.

"Ahhhh, scary.", the blond shrieked.

"Fire Soul!", a girl in a red fuku with dark hair yelled out as
a large fireball was launched towards Ranma and Rouge

Ranma-chan held out her hand and absorbed the blast before
firing it back at a brunette girl with a green fuku, who was starting
to crackle with electricity. She went down hard.

"You know I am really starting to get tired of being attacked by
violent little tomboys. Perhaps this time I should teach someone a
lesson.", Ranma said as she shot forward and slammed the girl in the
red fuku hard in the stomach, causing the girl to gasped out loud and
fall over.

Before the girl with the wand could react, Rouge had splashed herself
with cold water and was presently in her cursed form, bouncing the wand
carrying girl against the sidewalk, like an oversized soccer ball.

"If you had killed Taro-chan, there would not have been enough
of you left to cremate.", Rouge hissed as she threw the pig-tailed girl
at another blond in an orange skirt, who had just arrived. Both of them
ended up in a pile on the ground, leaving only a short blue fuku
wearing girl, trembling next to a tree.

"I know who all of you are, Sailor Mercury and I will say this
only once, neither Taro or I are Youma and we do not liked to be attacked
especially in such a cowardly fashion.", Rouge said.

"Who...what are you?", Sailor mercury managed to squeak out.

"Why we are simply two cursed martial artists and two GODDESSES.",
Rouge emphasized while pointing briefly to Kasumi and Ranma.

"Oh dear.", Sailor Mercury said, while suddenly remembering the
warning that Pluto had given them earlier about not attacking any divine
entities, especially a certain couple from Nerima.

While Rouge was talking, Ranma decided to further punish the
wayward scouts by tying them up by their chest bows and hanging each of
them from a separate light post, except for a stunned Sailor Mercury who
was left with the task of trying to figure out how to get her friends
down off of their perchs.

"That should do it.", Ranma-chan said as he walked over to
Kasumi and Taro.

"Ah Ranma-chan, Rouge, we do not need to worry about Taro-san, he
appears to be unhurt.", Kasumi said.

"Landed on his head, did he?", Ranma snickered.

"(Grrr Rumble, Snort), Bite me femboy.", Taro grunted in his
monster form.

At the gates of time, one Sailor Pluto, was watching her fellow
scouts get the #$$# beat out of them including a late arriving
chibi-usa, who Ranma kicked through a time portal, calling her a, "Evil
demon spawn from the future", which quite frankly her dear mother was
often fond of calling her. Oh well at least the little squirt wasn't
presently tied to a light post, like her mother was.

As for what happened to poor Tuxedo Mask, when he showed up, well
Sailor Pluto didn't like to think about that long. He wasn't damaged
all that much, but he would be quite embarrassed every time someone
mentioned the 'incident' for many years to come.

Sailor Pluto briefly considered helping out the inner scouts, but
held off, remembering what had happened to her other selves when they
interfered with the gods in other dimensions. The results were not
preety, besides, leather made her itchy. So having no other recourse
she leaned back on a couch near the portal, pulled out a large bottle
of Jack Daniels from nowhere and toasted her fellow scouts by saying,
"Sorry, princess, but this time you are on your own. She then proceeded
to get really drunk.

"Good you are actually showing signs of intelligence in this plane
of existence.", Sailor Pluto heard a voice behind her say.

Spinning around she saw Hild standing there glaring at her.

"Ah heh.", Sailor Pluto said nervously.

"Consider this a 'friendly' warning, Do not bother any members of
my family or things will get 'unpleasant'.", Hild said while vaporizing the
large couch that Sailor Pluto was leaning against.

Hild teleported away after that, leaving a very paranoid Sailor
Pluto to shiver in front of the time gates, which were now showing scenes
that happened in another dimension, when the scouts killed one of Hild's sons
who wanted to prevent the formation of Crystal Tokyo. What was done to
all of scouts could not be repeated here due to the delicate sensibilities
of the author and some of his gentle readers.

Ranma, eventually did get his ice cream that day, as well as an
amusing story to tell everyone in Nerima when he saw them again. He did
briefly wonder how Akane would take it, since she idolized the 'little
brats', but that was her problem.

Arriving home, Hinako, being part of Ranma, already knew what had
happened and was quite annoyed at the actions of the scouts. Part of the
time she used to idolize them, when she still had her little girl form. Her
past adult form was somewhat impressed by them, but at the same time thought
that such young girls should spend more time in school, and less running
around in such silly costumes.

Presently though, Hinako decided that it was time that she maybe found
some new heroes, including 'her' goddess of course. Perhaps when she reached
18 in a few weeks, maybe Kasumi or those nice other goddesses could introduce
her to some classic heroes. Hinako always did like to study ancient Greek
literature. The opportunity to meet such beings like Athena, or Apollo, was
an opportunity that she was relishing.

Author's Note:

Given the size, not to mention the seriousness of the last chapter
that I wrote, I decided to write something a little more cheerful, if not
downright silly in parts, chapter while still retaining some drama, during
the flashback story. As you may have guessed, I am finally getting around
to filling in more of what happened in Urd's past. The next couple chapters
will continue this trend, while still covering events in the present, so
that most people will be pleased. If someone doesn't like the flashbacks,
skip that part of the chapter, but I enjoy writing them, so they are

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many fanfics, villains in others, why not comic relief in this one.

Ryo Oki