Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Ghosts from the past ( Chapter 13 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

As with the previous chapter, this chapter uses characters talked
about in flashbacks in previous chapters, particularly, chapter 2, chapter 3,
and chapter 8. You can look over these chapters if you have forgotten some
of the characters mentioned in this chapter.

Although part of this chapter is set during World War II, the events
in our world may not happen the same way in the world that this story is
taking place, so please no emails from history fanatics saying that the war
didn't happen in the same way that I will be describing it.

One last note, since some of the characters will have the same name,
when they meet, the Ukyo and Hinako that are native to the main storyline
will be called Ukyo-n and Hinako-n. 'N' standing for the native version.
The Hinako and Ukyo from the dimension where Ukyo ran her girls school
will not have a suffix following their names.


Chapter 11: Ghosts from the Past

It was now halfway through the first week, since Ranma and Hinako had
woken up. Hinako now resembled a mature 12 year old, although she should only
still be approaching 11. It appeared that she was maturing quickly as her
mother and grandmother did when they were young.

This bothered Ranma more than he liked to admit. He was still coming to
grips with the fact that Hinako would soon be his age, and with it....well lets
just say that the offhand comment that Taro made to him earlier, was still
keeping him awake at night. For now though, Ranma still chose to think of Hinako
as a younger cousin or friend.

The looks and sometimes comments that Hinako received from boys 'her age'
were also troubling Ranma. Who knew that 12 years olds could be so crude, not to
mention what some of the older boys from the local junior high said to Hinako
when they saw her. Ranma tried to remember if he ever acted like that. He
vaguely recalled some of the boys in his old junior high school talking about
girls, but he never really paid any attention to them. After all, if it didn't
concern martial arts or eating, he really didn't care about it back then.

At least his presence did keep the boys at a distance. He did see more
than one instance of some pre-teen boys bothering girls with their crude
'come ons'. He managed to chase them off easily enough. Of course this had
an annoying side affect of causing one long haired blond girl to follow him
for a while with a love struck look on her face. The girl seemed familiar in
some way. She almost resembled one of those annoying Sailor Scout girls that
he fought off earlier.

While the boys and that blond girl were minor annoyances, what bothered
Ranma the most was how 'strange' Hinako was acting. She seemed to giggle and
blush more often around him than she use to, and she often preferred to
walk next to him without holding his hand, like she used to. Ranma began to
wonder if he had done something to upset her, but every time he asked Hinako
just mumbled something quietly and looked down at the ground.

Hinako had even gone so far as to shield her feelings from Ranma, but
she seemed to be sharing them with Kasumi. The two of them spent quite a
while talking together with Hinako listening quite closely. Ranma tried
to asked Kasumi what was wrong, but she only said that he would understand
very shortly.

Perhaps today at lunch, he should try and talk to Hinako again. If
that didn't work he was really tempted to force his way through Hinako's
mental block. He was 'her' goddess after all. He probably wouldn't though.
Ranma cared far too much for Hinako and he didn't want to betray her in any
way. He would just have to wait and see what happens.

Ranma spread a large blanket on the ground, that he had pulled out
of nowhere. The amount of people that usually ate lunch with him, seemed
to be growing daily, especially when he was in his goddess form. Many
of the schoolgirls just looked on in awe as he transferred some of his
energy to Hinako, and the boys, well..... they came to just stare at
Ranma's girl form, which was the reason that Ranma was now choosing to
help 'recharge' Hinako before the both of them came down to lunch. It
also let him remain in his male form and sit next to Kasumi, (blush),
when she showed up from time to time.

Nabiki and Ranko were nearby feeding each other again, with
Shampoo looking on, commenting on how sickenly sweet they appeared
to be. Of course Akane and Hikari were across the way, doing the same
thing, not that Akane would admit it.

Ranma motioned for Hinako to sit closer to him and she moved a
little closer, but not much.

"Are you ok, Hina-chan?", Ranma asked a blushing Hinako.

"I'm fine.", Hinako said quietly.

"You don't have to sit so far away. You can even sit on my lap
if you like.", Ranma said as he noticed Hinako turn almost crimson,
then giggle. She excused herself shortly there after and ran off. Ranma
was about to follow, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning
around Ranma saw Shampoo shaking her head at him.

"She needs to be alone for a little bit. She'll be ok.", Shampoo
said as everyone looked on.

"But if she is sick or something.", Ranma tried to say.

"She is not sick Ranma-baby, well not physically sick. Love-sick
maybe.", Nabiki snickered.

"Lovesick?!? What?", Ranma said.

"What Nabiki-chan and Shampoo are saying dear boy, is that your
little angel is becoming a woman, to use an old expression.", Ranko
said as Ranma began to see what was going on.

"She is no longer a child. She looks like she is about and at that
age girls begin to feel a little nervous around boys, especially when they
are close to them. She was embarrassed at how she felt when you asked her if she
wanted to sit on your lap.", Nabiki said.

"Was that why she was blocking her feelings?", Ranma said to no one
in particular.

"You can sense each other's emotions? Kasumi-chan and I can do that if
we concentrate.", Ranko said.

"Yeah, we can almost here each others' thoughts if we try hard enough,
but Hinako has been blocking me out.", Ranma said while sounding somewhat

"Don't worry about it Ran-chan, I'm sure that next week, she'll be
acting like all your other former fiancée's., Ukyo teased as she figured
that she might as well have some fun. If she couldn't date Ranma she could
always tease the poor confused boy.

Ranma tried to picture a 14 year old Hinako trying to glomp onto him,
but he just couldn't quite imagine it. Now a 16 or 18 year old Hinako Ranma
wouldn't mind imagining, but it was best not to think of such things.

"Oh someone's thinking naughty thoughts.", Nabiki said as she saw a brief
smile flash across Ranma's face.

"Now, now Nabiki-chan you shouldn't tease Ranma, or I'll have to tell
everyone about a certain rather loud dream you once had about Ranko-chan.",
Kasumi said as she stepped out of a portal, to join Ranma for Lunch.

"Oh, tell Shampoo all the details.", Shampoo said while briefly
slipping back into her 'pigeon' Japanese as Ranko looked at Nabiki with
a raised eyebrow.

"Ranma if Hinako is embarrassed right now you could go to her
in a less 'threatening form'.", Kasumi said.

"What? Oh....... I see what you mean.", Ranma said

(Pop) (Pop) (Pop)

One now chibi Ranma-chan raced off in search of Hinako as the two
others stayed with the group. One as snuggling up to Kasumi and the other
was 'flitting' from person to person at first, but settled next to Ukyo
who looked on in shock, not seeing this form of Ranma, as the other's

The sight of the chibi Ranma-chans brought more people over to Ranma's
little lunch group and especially to Ukyo who was being helped by a chibi

"I don't suppose you can do this with your male form, can you
Ran-chan?", Ukyo asked, then looked away in shock at what she had just

"Sorry U-chan, I can only split myself like this.", chibi Ranma
said as Ukyo sighed.

"You don't need that to happen anyway. You are a very pretty girl. You
will find a boy to be with.", chibi Ranma said.

"I don't know....", Ukyo stammered trying to come to grips with
Ranma calling her pretty and the fact that more boys were paying
attention to her lately. She had even received flowers from a secret

"Trust me, you will find someone.", chibi-Ranma said with
strong conviction in her voice.

A short while later, Hinako returned to the group, holding
hands with the chibi Ranma that went to look for her.

The school day ended with Ranma leading Hinako back home in his
male form. The girl, while still a little embarrassed with Ranma
holding her hand, but she was calmer than she was earlier.

"Hina-chan, no matter how you feel, I want you to know that I
won't feel hurt or angry with you. I'm not really good with guessing
peoples' feeling yet, so tell me if I make you nervous ok?", Ranma
said to Hinako.

"Alright.....I promise to tell you how I feel.", Hinako replied as
Ranma smiled at her.


A dimension or two away, someone else was thinking about the future
and slipping into a mild depression in the process. Ukyo stood outside the
school that she had founded years ago, to help take her mind off of the
death of the one that she loved. She hoped that she could help shape the
lives of those, that were considered a little different. For many years that
was enough, but a few years ago, when a small timid catboy and his daemon
protector chose to attend her school, Ukyo realized that something was
missing from her life. She wanted a child of her own to raise.

Ranko helped fill the void in her heart, that even her closest
friends and students could not. They had continued to send letters back
and forth to each other, by means of magic, provided by Ukyo's friend
Llewellyn, but that was not satisfying anymore. Ukyo wished that she
could travel to where Ranko was now. The school would soon be closing
for the summer and Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran, Ukyo's two fairy helpers, could
look after the school while she was gone.

Unfortunately Llewellyn had been gone from the school for two years now,
and no one could create a stable dimensional gate that Ukyo knew of. Most
of her students from Ranko's time were gone now. Only the foxgirl Hinako
remained and she would be graduating as the semester ended.

Rei and Asuka had become student teachers at the school and close
'friends' as well, to the surprise of some of the faculty who knew of how
the pair used to argue. Bother were somewhat skilled in magic. Perhaps they
might be able to help.

From inside the school, Hinako looked out at Ukyo. Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran
hovered behind her. All of them had noticed how depressed Ukyo had been as
of late, but they could only guess at what might be causing it. Ukyo was not
one to bother other people with her problems.

"I bet she is thinking about him again.", Lin-Lin said.

"Maybe, but we have no proof. Ukyo no talk to us. Very stubborn she
is.", Ran-Ran said.

"She misses Ranko. I know I do.", Hinako said while blushing lightly.

"You still want catboy, even after he choose Minako, then other girl,
we read about in letter we 'borrow' from Mistress Ukyo.", Lin-Lin said.

"It's not really like that. I mean, I do think that he was very
cute and all, and he probably still is, but I also miss my best friend.",
Hinako said.

"Many boys like Hinako. Sister and I hear many boys from nearby
school talk about Hinako. They think you very cute.", Ran-Ran said to

Hinako sighed as she remembered some of the comments and gifts
that she had started to receive from boys when she turned 15. That was two
years ago, and although Hinako was quite attractive, easily giving any girl
in the school a run for her money, she never really seemed interested in any
one as of yet. Maybe if someone wanted to be her friend first, like Ranko
did, then she could grow closer to someone.

"You should not be spying on Mistress Ukyo. It is not proper.", a voice
said from behind Hinako and the two fairies.

"Yeah, that's our job.", another voice snickered.

"Rei, Asuka, I thought the both of you were away for while. Something
about 'quality time together.", Hinako replied as one of Asuka's
eyebrows twitched.

"That is none of your concern, student....", Asuka said, trying to sound
like an authority figure.

"It matter not why you here. All of us want to help mistress, yes?",
Ran-Ran said in her sing-song voice.

"We all wish to help Mistress Ukyo, but the solution to the problem
of her seeing Ranko again is somewhat of a complex problem to solve.", Rei
replied in her quiet voice.

"In other words, neither you nor Asuka can match Llewellyn in
dimensional magic.", Hinako stated.

"That is a correct summation of the problem.", Rei stated.

"We could try pooling our magic. All of us here, have some skill.
Perhaps if we tried to cast one of Llewellyn's spells at the same time,
it would work.", Hinako said.

"Or we could find ourselves scattered across random dimensions,
possibly in little pieces.", Asuka said while remembering one unfortunate
incident involving a student trying to cast a spell well beyond her means.

"If we had something that belonged to Ranko, we could use it as a focus,
to 'home in on him', so to speak.", Hinako said.

"Maybe we 'borrow' another one of Mistress's letters?", Lin-Lin
said to all those present.

"That might work, but maybe Mistress Ukyo will not want us to risk
our lives so she can see the cat boy again.", Ran-Ran said.

"What do you mean risk your lives?", Ukyo said as she walk in the door,
catching the last part of the girls' conversation.

"Ah.... well you see, all of us.....Um.... that is we know how much
you miss Ranko and we thought that we could help you see him again.", Asuka
stammered out a reply to Ukyo.

"And you planned to do this how?", Ukyo asked, having a bad feeling
that her girls were planning to do something stupid and probably
dangerous as well.

"Well, we were going to try and pool all our magic so that we could
open a door to where Ranko is, so that you could visit him, instead of
just sending letters back and forth like you have been doing.", Hinako
replied to Ukyo.

"That is too dangerous, you know that girls. Remember what happened
last time that was done.", Ukyo scolded everyone present.

"But this time will be different, all of us will help, and we are a lot
stronger than 'she' was.", Asuka said.

"Mistress Ukyo, I believe that if we do pool our abilities there
is a 75% chance of a portal opening correctly.", Rei said.

"With a 25% chance of failure, which might include someone dying
again.", Ukyo said.

"The probability of some dying if we form an incorrect portal is
only 5% from my calculations. The most likely outcome in event that we
fail to form the portal is that we will travel to somewhere else or
possibly sometime else. Our combined energies will protect us
though.", Rei said.

Ukyo stood looking at everyone wondering if such a chance should be
taken. She really did want to see her 'son' again as well as meet the
woman who 'stole' his heart. After all it was her responsibility to see
that he is treated right, even if his last letter stated as such.

"Hmmmm, another catgirl, and one created by accident at that.",
Ukyo mused recalling what the last letter she received said.

"Mistress are you not feeling well?", Rei said while noticing the
far away look in Ukyo's eyes.

"I am fine Rei-chan, I was just day dreaming for a moment.", Ukyo

"So do you want to take the chance to see the little 'furball'
again?", Asuka asked, making her comment about Ranko sound like a
term of affection, which it was by the way.

"Sigh....... Alright I will allow you to do this, but it will
be done away from the school buildings, possibly in the old soccer
field, down the road.", Ukyo said.

"Yeah!!!", Hinako shouted while starting to jump around like
a hyper-active kid with a sugar high.

It took two hours for the preparations to be made. Once that
was done, everyone began to walk towards the old field, trying to keep
their presence masked from anyone. Having someone disrupt the portal spell
would be very bad to say the least.

The mist that seemed to appear when they started their short trip
did help to hide them from others, but its cool dampness was also making
everyone quite nervous and more than a little paranoid. After all, bad
things happens to those who traveled unarmed in thick mists in the
movies that the girls like to watch.

Ukyo was not feeling....well anything at the moment. Her mind was
elsewhere as she tried to think of just how everyone would react to
her coming to see her son. The natives in the dimension that Ranko
was staying were more than a little strange as Ranko's letters
described them.

All of the girl's joined hands, with Ukyo standing in the center of
the circle, that the girls formed. Asuka, holding one of Ranko's letters,
began to quietly chant in the language of the lower planes, in which
she was born. Rei joined in next chanting in the language of the 'higher'
planes. Finally Hinako began to chant in Elvish, a language that
Llewellyn taught her.

As the chanting continued a small pinprick of light began to form
over everyone. The light began to rapidly expand and began to pull
everyone up towards it, much to their distress.

"I believe that we have miscalculated somewhere along the line.",
Rei said in a calm voice.

"Really? What ever gave you that idea angel girl.", Asuka snorted
as she tried to fight in vain be drawn up into the portal, instead
of just walking through a ground based one as everyone had planned.

Ukyo swore under her breath as she was the first to be sucked up
through the portal, followed by a panicked Hinako, then Rei, and
finally Asuka. As soon as the last girl passed through the portal closed
with a pop.

"Ah oh, they goof big time!", Lin-Lin said, as she and here sister
arrived just in time to see the portal close.

"We have to tell Queen Titania, maybe she contact Llewellyn and
tell her what go wrong.", Ran-Ran said to her sister.


Ukyo and the others found themselves flying along in a tunnel that
seemed to shift colors several times second, causing them to feel quite ill.
After what seemed like hours, it was actually only 4 minutes, a bright speck
of light appeared at the end of the tunnel and as they grew closer, Ukyo
noticed that they were falling towards the ground as the end of the portal
seemed to be hovering over a concrete sidewalk or street of some sort.

"Oh #&$^#!!!", Ukyo exclaimed as she exited the tunnel and hit the
ground, with Hinako and the others landing on top of her.

"Oww! I am getter way to old for this $^&#@/", Ukyo grumbled as she
tried to get up, a difficult task, since everyone was still on top of her.

"My, my, Miss Koanji is that you?", a voice asked.

Managing to turn her head, Ukyo looked up at some sort of little
creature balancing on top of a walking stick.

"Great, not I am seeing little trolls.", Ukyou grumbled as she saw
the little creature begin to swing its stick at her.

Said stick though was caught by an annoyed blue haired, red eyed
angel girl who seemed to almost teleport off of Ukyo in order to prevent
her from being struck by the little creature.

"Violence is neither appropriate nor needed in this situation.",
Rei said as she glared at the old woman.

"Yeah, leave Ukyo-chan alone.", Hinako replied while trying to
sound intimidating.

Cologne meanwhile was beginning that she should have taken up
Shampoo's earlier idea that they go on vacation. Nerima was becoming
even more strange than she preferred it.

As Ukyo stood up Cologne noticed that she appeared much older
than she should and her companions were..... Wait that was it.
Cologne recalled the story that the cat boy had told her earlier about
the Ukyo that raised him and the girls who used to be around him.

"How do you know who I am?", Ukyo asked the little creature.

"Why your son told myself and my great granddaughter all about
the woman who helped raise him and some of the girls he used to attend
school with.

"You know Ranko-chan?", Hinako asked in glee, much to Cologne's

"You must be Hinako. Ranko spoke very fondly of you.", Cologne
said as Hinako now had stars in her eyes.

"He did?", Hinako giggled.

Now Cologne didn't enjoy causing trouble, despite what others
might think of her, but lately she had been missing the constant antics
of all the girls who were chasing Ranma. Perhaps if Ranko now had a couple
of girls after him, things would be a little more exciting than they had
been as of late.

"I could get my great granddaughter to show you where he is staying,
so that you could see one another again.", Cologne said while snickering
under her breath.

Cologne led everyone to the Cat Cafe, which as luck would have it
was right across the street where Ukyo and the others had hit the

Shampoo was not to thrilled with having to lead everyone to
where Ranko was. The little foxgirl seemed to care for the boy and
Shampoo had a feeling that the 'old hag' was trying to cause more
trouble again, like she did when she had Nuku Nuku deliver food to
the catboy several times.

Meanwhile a few miles away, Kasumi stopped talking to Ranma in
mid sentence and a big smile formed on her face.

"Well now, this is unexpected.", Kasumi said.

"What's wrong Kasumi-chan?", Ranma asked while sounding a
little worried.

"It appears that some guests have just arrived in Nerima, and
I believe that they are here to see Ranko.", Kasumi replied.

"Do you know who they are?", Hinako said from across the
living room.

"I do and so will you soon enough. They should be heading
towards the dojo, but we should be able to get there ahead of them. ",
Kasumi said as she took hold of both Ranma's and Hinako's hands, then the
three of them faded from sight with a soft 'Bamf" noise.

A soft popping sound alerted the sensitive of Ranko and Nabiki that
guests had arrived outside their home, near the fish pond. Coming outside
they saw Kasumi, Ranma and Hinako.

"We just saw you not too long ago. Did you miss us?", Nabiki said
with a grin.

"We came to tell you that you will soon have some guests arriving.",
Kasumi replied.

"Not more crazed martial artists or princes I hope.", Nabiki said

"Nothing like that. According to Kasumi-chan they are here to see
Ranko, but Kasumi won't tell us who it is yet.", Ranma said.

"I can say that it is someone we met long ago.", Kasumi said before
Ranko could ask for details.

A few minutes later the sound of voices was heard outside the gate to
the dojo. Nabiki recognized Shampoo's voice and she thought one other
voice sounded familiar, but there were a couple of others that were

Ranko had a different reaction. He looked at Kasumi with a look of
shock as Kasumi smiled and nodded her head. Two nano seconds later he shot
past everyone and through the gate open, almost ripping it off its hinges.
There standing in front of him was someone he hadn't seen in a long time.

"Mom!!!", Ranko shouted.


Nabiki was surprised to see Ranko wrapped around someone who looked
a lot like an older Ukyo.

"She couldn't be the one he talked about. How did she get here?",
Nabiki thought as she approached Ranko.

"Ranko-chan. I missed you so much.", Ukyo practically gushed as
she swung the catboy around before putting him down, seeming somewhat tired
after holding him.

"You have grown so tall now. You are a handsome young man.", Ukyo
said as Ranko looked embarrassed.

"Ah, isn't he cute.", A familiar voice said as Asuka and Rei stepped
around Ukyo.

"Asuka!, Rei!", Ranko yelled as he hugged both of them briefly.

"Greetings Ranko-chan you look well.", Rei said.

"Hello, fuzzball. Did you miss us?", Asuka said.

"How did the three of you get here, not that I mind of course.",
Ranko said in shock.

"Not three of us, four of us.", Asuka smiled.



Ranko was knocked off his feet by what looked like a young and
quite beautiful foxgirl.

"Hina-chan is that you.", Ranko managed to gasp out from beneath
the foxgirl.

"Uh, huh, it's me. I wanted to see you.", Hinako said as she
rolled off of Ranko and helped him up.

Off to the side Ranma looked at Nabiki who now had her cats
ear laying flat and her tail 'poofed' out with it swinging side to

"Careful Nabiki-chan, you don't want anyone to think that you are
trying to take Akane's place now do you.", Ranma said to Nabiki.

"There is no need to worry Nabiki-chan, they are just friends
after all.", Kasumi said, somewhat relieved that Minako had not showed up
as well. Things might have gotten a little messy if that had happened.

Ranko and Hinako walked over to Nabiki, stopping in front of her
and Kasumi.

"You are right Ranko-chan, she is very pretty.", Hinako said to
a now confused Nabiki.

"Ah... thank you.", Nabiki managed to reply.

"Nabiki-chan, this is Hinako. She is one of the first friends
that I ever had.", Ranko said.

"We were best friends when we were young. At least until Minako
go in the way.", Hinako grumbled the last part.

"Now is not the time for that, Hina-chan.", Ranko said.

"You're right, I'm sorry. She's not around anymore, and I want
to meet your friends here, including that boy that Kasumi-chan always
seemed to talk about.", Hinako said while earning a sly look Nabiki.

"So, what did my dear older sister have to say about Ranma? It
wasn't something naughty, perhaps?", Nabiki said while earning an
amused look from Kasumi.

"No, it wasn't anything like that. It was kind of boring, really.
All she talked about was how she liked to hold his hand and how she wanted
to snuggle up on the couch next to him.", Hinako said.


"It figures that Kasumi would only talk about something
so innocent. Sometimes I wonder about her and Ranma, they act more like
junior high school kids with their first crush.", Nabiki sound, sounding
a little disappointed. It wasn't her fault that she was a bit of a
voyeur and she couldn't use the cameras in the dojo to 'look in' on
Ranma anymore.

After Nabiki had spoken, Ukyo, Rei and Asuka walked up behind
Ranko and looked at Nabiki with a critical eye. A fact that seemed to make
the neo catgirl somewhat nervous.

"So you are Nabiki, Hmmmm interesting. Ranko always said that you were
human in his dreams. He didn't bite you did he?", Asuka asked as Nabiki
nodded, feeling somewhat shy around the three women from Ranko's past.

"How odd, I thought Kasumi fixed that problem. Are there any more
cat hybrids in this world?", Rei asked.

"No, Kasumi mad sure after Ranko bit me that neither of us could
'infect' anyone else.", Nabiki said.

"So where did he bite you? Was it the same place he bit Minako?",
Asuka replied with a lecherous grin on her face.

"Asuka that is none of business. You should refrain from being so
rude.", Rei said to the demon girl.

Nabiki didn't say anything about being bitten on the hand, instead of
all sorts of erotic places it could have been. Curse her horny feline

"I think you have teased the girl quite enough Asuka. We came here
to see my son and his friends, not to make things uncomfortable for
them.", Ukyo stated.

Asuka half mumbled an apology as Ukyo motioned for Nabiki to
sit next to her on a bench in the back yard of the dojo.

"I am glad that we finally met Nabiki-chan. My son has told me
a lot about you in the letters that he had been sending.", Ukyo said.

"What has he been saying?", Nabiki asked while trying to hide
the curious expression on her face.

"He is quite taken with you as I am sure you can tell. He has
not paid too much attention to any girl after he broke up with
Minako. Even Hinako seemed to be unable to get too close to him after
the breakup.", Ukyo said.

"How did the breakup, if you don't mind me asking?", Nabiki
replied to Ukyo.

"I don't know how much Ranko has spoken of Minako to you, but she
was a sort of magical girl crime fighter, back in England when all of us
first met her. We didn't know at the time, that she was also a princess
who was reincarnated from some long dead kingdom on the planet Venus
no less.", Ukyo said.

"Ranko said that she was some sort of magical girl, like the sailor
scouts that we have here. He said that Minako was Sailor Venus or
something like that.", Nabiki said.

"She was, and she had to return to Japan to join the others. Ranko
and her had a foolish argument, before she left. Ranko thought that she
was abandoning him. He was and probably still is quite sensitive to that
sort of thing. It might be related to why he can't remember who his
parents were or still are.", Ukyo said.

"Are you thinking that I might leave him or hurt him in some way?",
Nabiki asked.

"The thought had crossed my mind. Minako's natural 'flighty'
personality seemed to become more prominent when she became a catgirl,
so seeing how you have been bitten as well I am concerned that you may lose
interest in my son if some other boy comes around.", Ukyo said to Nabiki.

"I.....care a lot about Ranko. I may be falling in love with him. It
is hard to tell at times, with my feline nature not completely under
control yet. I do know that there is no one else that I would rather be
with and I would never do anything to purposely harm him.", Nabiki said.

"I may seem harsh to you, Nabiki-chan but Ranko is my son, maybe not
in blood, but in all other matters. I never had children of my own, my dear
Ryoga, died before we could get married.", Ukyo said while noticing Nabiki
twitch at the mention of her lost love's name.

"Ukyo-san, I know that you fell in love with the Ryoga of your world, but
the one here was different. I don't think you should mention his name too much
while you are here.", Nabiki said to Ukyo as she gave a brief overview of what
happened to the native Ryoga.

"I see...... I should not be surprised. A person in one world doesn't
have to be the same as they are in another world. Llewellyn at least taught
me that much.", Ukyo said to Nabiki as she described her rather enigmatic
friend to the neo catgirl.

"Sounds like Ranko has something in common with Ranma. They both
have a lot of girls who want to be close to them.", Nabiki said.

Meanwhile the native Hinako, who will be referred to as Hinako-n
decided to walk over to the foxgirl Hinako who looked a lot like the
native Hinako, except for the fur and foxtail of course. Both girls were
quiet at first. There were things that they wanted to ask each other, but
it took a few moments for the words to come out.

Hinako saw a younger version of herself in Hinako-n, including the
little angel's shyness that Hinako used to have before she became friends
with Ranko a few years ago.

Hinako-n saw an older version of herself and wondered if she would
be as attractive as the exotic looking foxgirl was when she finally grew
up in a couple more weeks.

Since both girls were a little shy about talking about themselves
they started out by speaking about the boys that they were interested in,
as a friend or otherwise.

Hinako spoke about how Ranko was her first good friend and off
again boyfriend, while they went to school, before Minako started to hog
all of Ranko's attention that is.

Hinako-n spoke about how she was never really close to anyone, due
to her need to drain people in order to be older. She spoke about how, even
before she was cured, Ranma never treated her like a freak. They did not
exactly liked each other too much at times, but he never treated her like
she was inferior or just annoying little child like others did. She was
grateful for that.

Now that she was Ranma's angel, she felt as if she were a part of him,
(she was), and as she aged her feelings were growing more towards romantic
love, from the platonic love she started out feeling towards her new


Across Nerima, the native Ukyo, Ukyo-n, had reached a decision about what
she was going to so with her life. She had finally convinced herself that trying
to pursue Ranma, even a little was now a waste of time, and she was only hurting
herself and the others around her. She wanted to leave Nerima, but she was unsure
of where she should go. Her mother had died when she was quite young and her
damnable... er that is, traditional father still refused to treat her as a girl
until she either married Ranma or had her revenge on the Saotomes.

Since that was not going to happen, it was best if she just left and
settled someplace far away. Where this place would be, was still up in the
air at the moment.

Ukyo-n decided to close her restaurant early and decided to visit Ranma
at his new home. When she got to Hinako's home and noticed everyone was gone
that left only one place to check. She only hoped that the dojo was quiet for
once. Ukyo-n wanted to tell Ranma privately why she was leaving, she didn't
want a large audience and she was not in the mood to fight any strange
martial artist of other weirdos that showed up at the Tendo Dojo from time
to time.

When she reached the fence surrounding the Tendo dojo, Ukyo-n
could hear several people talking to each other, and she didn't
recognize a couple of the voices. Since no one was yelling, screaming
and nothing was being thrown around Ukyo-n decided to enter in the hopes
that she at least could speak to Ranma for a little while without being

Opening the gate, she saw Ranma, Kasumi, Hinako, and the two cat
people, (twitch), Nabiki and Ranko. Ukyo-n also saw another angel girl, and
a demon girl. She wondered how many more weird supernatural creatures
would show up now that Ranma and Kasumi were no longer mortal.

Ukyo-n saw one more person that caused her to freeze in place. Now
it should be noted that the residents of Nerima were a lot more familiar with
magic, strange creatures, and weird martial arts styles than just about
anyone else, except for maybe the residents of Jubaan. So when Ukyo-n saw
an older woman who looked just like her, she reacted in a fashion that was
somewhat different than how most people would have reacted.



Ranma, Kasumi and just about everyone else could only look on in
confusion as the native Ukyo glomped onto her older self.

"You came back to me. Did Kasumi bring you here from Heaven?", Ukyo-n
asked her older self while giving a look of gratitude to Kasumi.

"I am afraid you made a mistake Ukyo-san. I sorry, but I am not your
mother. I came here to see my son Ranko.", Ukyo said as she gently moved
away from her native self.

"But, you look just like her. You are even wearing the same outfit,
she is wearing in this picture.", Ukyo said while pull out a rather old
picture that was sealed in clear plastic.

"Oh my, that does appear to be you Ukyo-san.", Kasumi said to
Ranko's mother.

"I don't know, she looks a little younger than she does.", Ranma
said while pointing to the older Ukyo, who looked somewhat unhappy about
the comment regarding her age.

"Perhaps, mother is the analog of Ukyo-san's mother in this world
instead of the analog of Ukyo as we thought before.", Ranko said to Kasumi.

"Then you didn't bring my mother back to me?", Ukyo-n asked Kasumi
with a distraught look on he face.

"I couldn't that Ukyo-san. Once someone's time is up, they must
move on.", Kasumi said while blocking out the memories of those who died
during her travels, who she wished that she could have brought back.

Ranma looked over at Ukyo-n, and wished that there was something
that he could do. Ukyo had no relatives that cared about her. She
told him about her mother and how her father treated her. The only thing
that he could do though was to try and comfort her. He walked over to
her and pulled her into a hug, much to her surprise. It didn't take long
for the tears to start again. Ranma slowly lead Ukyo-n into the dojo and
everyone else followed.

Ukyo-n began to calm down after a few minutes and an hour later, she
was sitting nervously next to her older self, who was telling everyone
how she first met Ranko. (A.N. See chapter 8 for details).

"So you run a school, for teenage girls and all of them are your
students.", Ukyo-n said as she pointed to Rei, Asuka and the foxgirl

"Ranko-chan was a student with us.", Hinako said with affection.

"Yes you were quite close to him weren't you.", Asuka teased as she
watched Nabiki twitch.

"Don't start that again. Please excuse Asuka Nabiki-chan, sometimes
she thinks before she speaks.", Ukyo said to Nabiki.

(Snort) "Sometimes.....", Hinako said.

"It sounds like all of you cared for each other. That must have
been nice. Much better that being here.", Ukyo-n said.

"U-chan what are you saying.", Ranma said while noticing the hurt
tone in his friend and former fiancée's voice.

"Ran-chan I am going to be leaving Nerima soon. I need to get
away from everyone. You now have Kasumi so it is best if I just find
somewhere to start my life again. Who knows maybe I can even find the
time to finish high school after I set myself up a new restaurant.",
Ukyo-n said.

"U-chan, if you are leaving because of me, please don't. I do
not want to see you hurt anymore.", Ranma said.

Ukyo looked over at her younger counterpart and noticed how
much see seemed to be mirroring the feelings that she had long ago, when
her Ryoga died.

"Ukyo-san, before you leave I know of a place where you can start
a new life and you will not have to do it alone.", Ukyo said to her
younger self.

"Where is this place?", Ukyo asked, curious but somewhat

"If you accept, I want you to come back to my school with me.",
Ukyo said as Ukyo-n looked at her in shock.

"You want me to come with you......why?", Ukyo-n asked.

"I never had children of my own. Now while Ranko was all I could
ever ask for in a son, I have always wanted a daughter.", Ukyo said
as Ukyo-n looked as if she wanted to faint.

"It sounds like a good deal to me. I would take it if I were
you girl.", Asuka said.

"I am going to be staying here for a week, so you do not have to
give me an answer right away. I would be thrilled if you chose to come
back with me though.", Ukyo said to her younger self.

"I will have to think about it for a while. I want to get away
from Nerima, but to go to a whole new world.....", Ukyo-n trailed off.

"It is different from here, but you will not stand out if that is what
you are worried about. My world is a little more accepting of those who
are different than this one is. At least that is what my dear son has
told me.", Ukyo said.

"Heh, even we are considered normal there.", Asuka said while
pointing to herself and Rei.

"That's pushing it a little.", Hinako snickered.

"I wouldn't mind hearing a little bit more about this world you
came from, especially if my Ranko-chan spent so much time in it.",
Nabiki said as Asuka snorted and Rei raised on eyebrow.

"Possessive isn't she. Better be careful around Ranko Hinako-chan or
the big bad catgirl may try and bite you.", Asuka snickered as Nabiki
looked embarrassed.

"I didn't mean it that way.", Nabiki sighed.

"Don't worry about it Nabiki-chan.", Ranko said as he reached over
and scratched Nabiki behind the ears. The catgirl could not help but
begin to purr in response to how good that felt.

"Ummm, foreplay.", Asuka whispered to Rei.

"Is that an invitation for later on?", Rei whispered back to Asuka,
as Ukyo made a mental note to always book separate rooms for her and the
girls if they ever traveled together again.

Ukyo declined Nabiki's offer to talk about her home world for the
time being. Since she was going to be here for a week, there would be
plenty of time for stories. For now she wanted to spend some time
with her son and other self, exploring their home town.

Ukyo left the dojo for the time being with Ranko, Ukyo-n, Rei,
Asuka and the foxgirl, Hinako. Walking around Nerima Ukyo was struck
by the sheer lack of anything non-human. Ranko told her that humans were
the only 'intelligent' race on this world for the most part, but it was
still quite strange to not see any elves, dwarves, or even dragons
flying overhead, or the architecture that each of the respective races
lived in. Ukyo wondered how the natives here would respond the silver
and crystalline dragon tower aeries that often were part of the larger
city skylines in her world.

With the lack of the more magical races, the use of magic seemed
to be almost nonexistent. Even Ukyo, as 'mundane' as she was knew a few
low level spells and more than a couple of cantrips. When the group
came upon a little girl in a nearby park that was upset about dropping
her ice-cream cone, the girl's mother was shock and more than a little
scared of the simple 'dancing lights' spell that Ukyo summoned to try
and cheer up the girl. A couple of westerners in the park mumbled
something about Ukyo being a witch and looked as if they wanted to
attack her. Asuka took care of that little problem.

The group finally ended up at Ukyo-n's restaurant. This brought
back memories to the older Ukyo, who used to run a small place for her
and her Ryoga before the boy's death.

"Something wrong sugar?", Ukyo-n asked Ukyo.

"I'm alright it is.....Well this place reminds of my own little
place that I had when I was about your age, before I decided to move
far away from my native Japan.", Ukyo sighed.

"Too many bad memories there?", Ukyo-n asked.

"Well, most were good, but there are a couple I would rather
forget. I would prefer not to talk about them though.", Ukyo said.

"No problem. A lot of in Nerima have something that we would
like to forget, even though it is difficult at times.", Ukyo said
as she gritted her teeth upon seeing a very familiar mailbox walk by
the outer door.

"Since we are here now and I would guess that more than a few
of us are a little hungry, would you like some help in the kitchen.
It has been a while since I grilled anything, but I don't think that
I am that our of practice.", Ukyo said to her younger self, who
seemed quite pleased at having her possible new mother help her out.


As the two Ukyo's began to cook for everyone else, another
get together was being held in another district. With the death of
the little pervert demon Happosai and the reunion of Urd with her
granddaughter, their was no reason for Urd and Mara to be working
together anymore. Mara though seemed reluctant to return to her own home.
She even offered to help Belldandy clean up the temple, an act which
caused poor Skuld to faint from shock.

When night began to fall and Mara still hanging around the temple,
Skuld lost her temper.

"Why are you still here? Don't you have a home to go back to?",
Skuld yelled as Belldandy frowned slightly at her sister's behavior.

"Does me being here bother you little girl?", Mara said with an
evil grin on her face.

"Yes it does.", Skuld said in exasperation.

"Maybe I'll just stay a little longer then.", Mara said.

"She probably just wants to stay away from Lilith for a while.
Kami-sama knows how annoying she has been lately.", Urd said.

"Well that's true.", Mara thought.

"So are you going to spend the night?", Urd asked Mara.

"I hadn't thought about it. I.....well I was just curious about
the story you told us before about your past. I hoping that you would
continue it now that we had the time.", Mara said with a nervous look
on her face.

"I guess I could. I didn't have anything planned to do anyway. Now
where did I leave off?", Urd seemed to ask herself.

Mara, immediately told her.

"Let's see. If I remember right.....", Urd's voice trailed off.

(Nice wavy flashback sequence)


It was the morning after the party in which Hiroki Kurata's
mother had held for head of the Tendo clan. Hiroki's mind wasn't on
Mr. Tendo though. His thoughts centered on a certain bronzed skin
black haired girl, who he could not get out of his mind. The way the
silver streaked in her hair shined in the sunlight, and the way her
smile made him feel all weak in the knees, as the expression went.
Urd was definitely somewhat different from the average girl at his school.
Even her mother was.... Well best not to think of that. He wouldn't want
to sound like a member of that lunatic Kuno clan. He could almost hear
one of them saying, "I must have them both!", after seeing Urd and
her mother.

Hiroki was seriously considering not getting out of bed, but the
intrusion of his 'darling' little sister Kagome, spoiled that plan.

"Hiroki will you get up already. We'll be late for school, and mom
already has breakfast ready.", Kagome said in far too loud a voice for
Hiroki's liking.

"What did I say about knocking, you little oni.", Hiroki said.

(Snort) "You can think naughty thoughts about Urd later. You have
to get up now.", Kagome said.

"As if I had the chance to think about that yet....too much.",
Hiroki thought as he got up out of bed and walked past the little
demon, who was the bane of his existence.

Throughout breakfast Hiroki mainly ignored his mother as she
rambled on about how much their standing in the community would be
increased now that she had been formally introduced to the head of
the Tendo clan. The only part of her ramble that Hiroki paid some
attention to was when his mother actually complimented him on his luck
at finding a member of royalty to be with.

"Figures she only approves of Urd now, since she found out that
Urd's mother is a princess.", Hiroki thought as he sighed quietly.

At the home that Lilith had set up for Urd and herself, while
Urd was to be on Earth, Urd was already thinking about the day ahead
of her. All she had to do was teleport near his home, out of sight
of everyone of course, then knock on the door, so that she could walk
with her boyfriend to school.

At least she didn't have to travel to and from Asgard. That would
make her sisters suspicious, especially if they saw her in her 12 year
old form. Urd did not like keeping secrets from her sisters, but
for some reason Kami-sama ordered her to stay silent or she would be
recalled to Asgard immediately.

Appearing out of sight, Urd approached Hiroki's home and knocked
on the door, which was opened by his mother. Urd expected another tirade
from the woman, but she received something quite different. The woman
seemed quite pleased to see Urd and treated her almost as if she were
a member of the family. She even complimented her on her school uniform,
which Urd had slightly modified again. Hiroki was practically pushed out
the door by his mother so that the two would not be late.

Walking to school, Hiroki could not help but to keep looking at Urd.
She was wearing something on her legs, that made them glisten and drew
attention to their shape.

"Do you like them Hiroki-chan. I thought I was too young for silk
stockings myself, but mother said it would alright.", Urd said while
trying to hold back a smile at Hiroki's dumbfounded expression.

"You look very pretty Urd...-chan.", Hiroki stumbled out as Urd
drew his arm to her chest and walked side by side with him.

"Keep saying things like that and I'll have to give you another
kiss. Perhaps in front of the school.", Urd said.

Nearing the school Hiroki and Urd noticed a group of boys that were
hanging around one of the younger girls. At least her face looked young. Her
brown hair had blond highlights and her eyes shown emerald green. Looking
closely Urd noticed a slight taper to her ears.

"I think that is Kozue", Hiroki stated in a stunned voice.

"Lilith..... What have you done now.", Urd growled.

"Your mother did that? Is she some sort of witch?", Hiroki asked.

"Something like that.", Urd growled as she and Hiroki approached
Kozue, who flung herself at Hiroki as soon as he was in range.



Hiroki tried to breathe, but it was rather difficult with Kozue
almost smothering him. Fortunately Urd managed to peel her off.

"Ahem. Mine!!", Urd said as she glared at Kozue, who was starting
to resemble one of the Valkries in her opinion.

"So, Hiroki, what do you think? Do I look cute?", Kozue asked as
she held onto his arm, with Urd Taking the other, much to the annoyance,
if not anger of the other boys present.

"You look a 'little different', Kozue.", Hiroki said.

"I'm glad you noticed. You should have seen the look on my idiot
brother's face this morning. Even father was a little surprised.", Kozue
said to Hiroki.

"That doesn't surprise me.", Hiroki said, wondering if that idiot
Akito was going to attack him again to 'bewitching' his sister or some
such drivel.

Urd noticed that Kozue appeared to be about the same age as herself
now. Rather strange for a 10 year old. She knew that the girl wanted to
look older to attract Hiroki's attention, but she isn't ready for the
emotions that come from entering your teens, not to mention how the boys
may try and take advantage of her. Urd sighed while realizing that she
would have to look after the girl as well, which meant that Kozue would
have to stay with her and Hiroki while she was at school. After that
her father could take care of her.

"Lilith, when I see you again....", Urd's thoughts trailed off as
she imagined several ways to express her displeasure to her 'mother'.

"The only problem with looking like this now is that all of the
immature little boys in my class won't leave me alone. They think that I
would like to be with them, when I prefer to be with someone more mature,
like you Hiroki-kun.", Kozue said while trying to look as cute as possible.

"Perhaps it would be best if Hiroki and I walked you to your class,
that way no one will bother you.", Urd said while drawing a questioning
look from Hiroki.

Urd and Hiroki managed to escort Kozue to class, with only one
problem popping up along the way. Outside of Kozue's class, one very
'hyper' boy tried to drag Kozue away, while calling her his little
"Georgette", or some other silly French name. When Urd asked Hiroki
what that boy's problem was, Hiroki told her that the boy was part
of the Shiritory clan, and they are all a little weird that way. The
boy's mother, Azusa, was supposed to be even worse.

"I suppose we are going to have to look after Kozue for a while,
until everyone calms down.", Hiroki said to Urd as they waited in their
classroom for the teacher to arrive.

"It has to be done. 'Mother' overdid it I am afraid. I am sorry
about that. Just please do not tell anyone about her abilities. We
would get in trouble in everyone found out.", Urd said.

"Does that mean you can do things like that?", Hiroki asked Urd,
who began to sweat a little.

"No, I am a little more normal than mother is.", Urd said, while
hoping that Hiroki would believe her little lie.

"I guess it doesn't matter too much. I am used to seeing Kozue
at lunch and other times, even when she looked like a little girl. I just
don't want her to think that I want to date her or something now.", Hiroki
replied, sounding like he was still having a hard time coming to grips
with what had just happened.

You would think that seeing an old friend suddenly look older would
make you more wary of the person who caused it, but Hiroki seemed to
preoccupied with pleasing Urd to be too upset about Kozue. It's amazing what
being love will cause a person to overlook.

"You said before that she doesn't have many friends. Maybe we could
do something to help her meet more people, while trying to avoid the ones
that would take advantage of her.", Urd said.

For the next week Urd and Hiroki watched over Kozue as she did start
to make friends with more students her own age, while they kept the older
boys at bay, especially one perverted little 14 year old who kept bothering
poor Kozue. He found himself punished by both Urd and Kozue's brother, who
first caught the boy bothering her.

Hiroki and Urd found out that Akito didn't think of his sister as being
some sort of witch as they first thought. Instead he thought her to be part
Yousei, or forest spirit. Several nobles families were supposed to have ties
with the spirit world in such fashion and his sister's appearance was proof
in his eyes of his family's superior heritage.

"Figures he would look at things in such a weird way.", Hiroki said
as soon as Kozue told him about her brother.

"My brother has never been normal.", Kozue giggled as Hiroki found himself
agreeing with that statement.

"Does your father think that you are some sort of spirit now? You said he
was surprised by your appearance?", Urd asked.

"He doesn't believe in any of that silliness, but he did take me to see
our family's doctor, who said that I was in better health that just about
any girl my age that he has even seen. He just said that some girls start
to grow up faster than others and he thinks that is what is happening to
me.", Kozue said.

"Either he is trying to cover his cluelessness or he is an idiot.",
Urd thought to herself.

"It's good that you are ok. I wouldn't want to see you get sick.",
Hiroki said as Kozue glomped on to his arm again.

"I like it when you are so nice to me.", Kozue smiled at Hiroki.

"I really have to watch what I say I guess.", Hiroki thought, while
remembering what Urd had said to him earlier about Kozue looking for any
signs of his 'love' for her.


It was now the middle of July and school was out for the summer.
Hiroki was glad to be able to spend more time with Urd and even Kozue found
some friends to spend time with. To make matters even better Hiroki and his
family had received a letter from his father the week before. He would be
returning from China in a couple of days.

The letter that they had received was different than Hiroki expected.
Parts of it were blacked out, but from what he could guess, and Urd
agreed, Hiroki's father seemed quite sad by something that had happened
over in China.

"War is seldom glorious, and often only brings tragedy.", was
something that Urd said upon seeing the letter. Perhaps his father
had become injured or maybe someone was killed. Hiroki wasn't sure, but
he promised himself that he would do what he could to make his father
feel better.

Hopefully his mother would not start up with her speech about how
necessary, if not glorious their empire was for taking what they needed
from the Chinese. Hiroki had a feeling that his father would not want to
hear that.

"Maybe aunty and her husband will be coming back as well. Father
didn't mention them.", Hiroki said to his mother, who seemed to flinch
at the mention of 'that woman'.

It was the night before Hiroki's father was scheduled to arrive home
and Hiroki and Urd were laying on a blanket, near their favorite spot
on the river, looking up at the stars. Both were curious and Hiroki more
that a little nervous about what would happen when Hiroki's father met
Urd. Hopefully his reaction would be a little more positive than his
mother's was.

"Cheer up Hiro-chan, how could your father not like someone as
charming and beautiful as me.", Urd teased.

"He won't mind that you aren't Japanese, but I wonder if he will
think that we are too young to be dating. Father always told mother,
whenever the subject of arranged marriages came up, that children should
enjoy their lives, and not get involved in relationships until they were
out of junior high at the earliest.", Hiroki replied.

"You mother wanted to arrange a marriage for you?", Urd asked.

"Both me and my sister actually. She is so traditional at times,
that it is annoying. She tends to think that someone should marry to
improve their status and to improve your bloodline. You saw how much
respect she gives the whole Tendo family, even that idiot Akito, just
because they are of 'noble' birth.", Hiroki stated.

"Well, at least your father has some sense. If he thinks that we
are too close, we could try and explain to him that we don't intend to
do anything intimate until we are older.", Urd said as Hiroki's eyes
glazed over when Urd mentioned doing something intimate.

Urd put her head on Hiroki's shoulder, causing the boy to snap
out of his daze. He tried to apologize, but Urd just waved it off,
saying that she wasn't bothered by his reaction. She was rather
pleased actually, but she didn't say that out loud.

As they both focused on looking at the stars again, one thing
continued to bother Urd. Hiroki's father was a career soldier and what she
and many other gods and goddesses had learned recently was that Midgard
was about to enter into an era of great strife, not seen since the war
between Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed most of the 'old world' and sent
man almost back to the stone age in terms of culture and science.

Skuld had seen several outcomes to the upcoming war and more than
a couple of them, gave both Skuld and anyone she told nightmares for
days on end. Hopefully humanity will try and restrain itself at least

With her thoughts growing darker, Urd leaned over, pulled Hiroki
upright and wrapped her arms around him, while shivering slightly.

"Urd, are you alright?", Hiroki asked, starting to sound a little

"Shhhhh, no need to be so loud, just hold onto me for a while, and
I'll be alright.", Urd replied.

Hiroki tried to speak again, but Urd held a finger to his lips and
he got the hint to stay quiet for now. He was worried about Urd, but at least
he go a chance to hold her, (blush), so close.

A hour or so later, they decided to head back home, with Urd
escorting Hiroki to his home, before she left for her home alone. Hiroki
continued to wonder why Urd wouldn't let him walk her home, but for some
reason he couldn't refuse her when she said that she wanted it to be this
way for now.

Both had wanted to stay out longer, but if that had happened they
may have fallen asleep, and if they showed up the next morning, all
disheveled from sleeping outdoors, well.... lets just say that Hiroki's
mother would be somewhat scandalized by their actions and Hiroki's
nosy, I mean darling little sister Kagome would tell everyone she could
about how her brother was acting.

After leaving Hiroki's home, Urd teleported back to her new home
on Midgard and was surprised to see Lilith there for once. Usually the
elder demoness only showed up when they needed to go out as a 'family'
and see others in the area.

"My aren't we home late, and at your age too. Were you seeing that
charming young man of yours.", Lilith practically purred.

"What did you do to Kagome?", Urd asked, while ignoring Lilith's

"I granted her wish of course.", Lilith said to a stunned Urd.

"She doesn't qualify for any sort of divine wish.", Urd said.

"But, she does for an infernal wish.", Lilith said to a now pale

"What did you take from her in order to grant this wish. I know
you don't collect souls anymore.", Urd said while starting to feel sick.

"Now you know I can not discuss the specifics of our little
transaction, but I can tell you that I did not harm her in any way. I can
also say that even my dear brother-in-law approves of the wish I
granted her.", Lilith replied.

"I find that hard to believe.", Urd said.

"Well you could always ask him, but you know he will not tell you
anymore than I have just said, if that. Remember how much he values
his word and hold his confidences.", Lilith said as Urd felt like yelling
or stomping her feet in frustration, while she realized that Lilith was
more than likely right.

Lilith never cared for outright lying, as some demons did. She may
bend the truth almost to its breaking point, but she would never outright
lie, especially to a member or her family, which Urd was.


The next morning came far too soon for Hiroki's liking. He had
slept in late, because of school being out, and due of this he had only
a couple of hours at most, to try and find Urd and her other and prepare
himself for meeting his father.

Had it been a year, or maybe it was longer since Hiroki had last
seen his father. He was ashamed to admit that he had lost track of time
with all that had been happening lately.

Walking into the kitchen Hiroki was surprised to see Urd's mother
talking to his mother and Urd sitting at the table waiting for him.

"I see you are finally up young man. Did you and my do anything last
night that would cause you to be so tired?", Lilith asked as Hiroki turned
bright red and an evil smile grew on Kagome's face. More gossip for her
to spread.

"I assure you Omikami-sama that my Hiroki would only behave in an
honorable fashion towards your daughter.", Hiroki's mother said.

"Yes, I suppose he would.", Lilith said while sounding somewhat
disappointed as Urd was trying to hold herself back from strangling
her 'mother'.

"As you know my husband is due to arrive shortly, and when he does
I believe that perhaps all of us should discuss a formal engagement
between our families if that is agreeable to you Omikami-sama.", Hiroki's
mother said as she practically quivered with excitement at engaging her
son with what she thought was a royal family.

"I must admit that our children do make a fine couple, but I believe
the agreement should be informal for now, until our children come of age,
which in my land is 16.", Lilith said as Mrs. Kurata looked briefly
disappointed until she realized that perhaps her family would have to
prove itself to Lilith's family in order for any marriage to be

A few miles down the road from the Kurata residence, one Captain
Tadashi Kurata was being driven home by his latest assistant, one who
he was sure knew how to follow orders and keep his mouth shut, unlike
the late Lieutenant Ashida. The Captain was glad to finally be home,
but somewhat sad about leaving his sister and her husband back in

They had decided to stay with the Amazons for a while longer.
The captain's sister, Chihaya had promised that when she and her
husband left they would try and stay away from all Japanese troops
in the area, and from Japan itself if necessary. The captain knew how
much his sister cared for him and his children, but it was better if
she stayed away for a while. At least his wife will be pleased.

Arriving at his home, the captain noticed a strange car parked
out front, and quite a luxurious one at that. His wife was probably
trying to impress someone again, perhaps the owners of the new mansion
that the captain noticed on his drive up.

Tadashi was also quite curious about his son. That strange priest
had shown him with an exotic young looking European girl, being attacked
by the demon the priest banished. Tadashi wondered if they were friends
or something more, before banishing that thought. After all, last year
when Tadashi had last seen his son, Hiroki still thought girls were
'yucky'. He could not have changed that much in a year.

Upon entering his home, the captain was surprised to not only see
the girl he saw in the priests image, but an another woman as well, who
upon standing up resembled a taller and slightly older version of the
younger girl.

The captain's younger assistant just stood still and looked stunned
at Lilith's appearance. Lilith looked and dressed a 'little' different
from most Japanese women.

Lilith appeared to be in her mid 20's with waist length silver hair,
emerald green eyes, and slightly pale skin. Her figure was very close to Urd's
adult form, with a slightly smaller bust line. Her choice of dress was...
somewhat different. Her outfit may have started out as a traditional kimono,
but most of them did not have thigh length slits on both sides and a neckline
that showed more cleavage than most dresses would 30 years later in Midgard.

The Kimono Lilith was wearing was similar to the green one she wore
when she had first met Hiroki and his mother, except this kimono was blood
red with silver highlights.

"Ah you must be Hiroki-chan's father!", Lilith exclaimed in glee as
she picked the man up off the floor and spun him around.

"Must she do that with everyone she meets?", Urd grumbled.

"Now, now dear it is not polite to drool at a lady.", Lilith
mock scolded the captain's assistant, who excused himself and went
outside to clear his head, so to speak.

"I don't believe that we have met before.", Tadashi addressed
Lilith formally.

"Oh, how terribly rude of me.", Lilith said with a seductive
smile that made the captain very nervous and Urd very annoyed.

"I am Lilith Omikami and this is my darling daughter Urd.",
Lilith said with a dramatic tone in her voice.

"They are European royalty dear and our dear Hiroki-kun
and Urd-san are interested in each other. Isn't that wonderful?",
Mrs. Kurata said with glee.

At hearing his wife's pronouncement, Tadashi felt like banging his head
against a nearby wall but restrained himself as this would make a poor
impression on his guests. He should have known that his wife would do
something like this. No doubt the two children were roped into this by
the respective mothers. After all this was only the eighth or ninth
time that his dear wife had tried to engage their son.

"I realize that this may come as a shock to you, but as I had
informed your wife earlier, I have nothing against our two children
seeing each other, but I can not approve of any formal engagement
until the children out both older and have had time to see if their
feeling for each other are permanent, or if this is merely a
youthful fling.", Lilith said to a relieved Tadashi Kurata.

"I am very glad to hear that. I have never been in favor of
arranged marriages for any reason, no matter who the families
involved are.", Tadashi said to Lilith.

"An excellent answer. It is rare to find someone who puts
their principles over personal gain in these times.", Lilith said
as she found herself growing rather fond of the captain as she
unconsciously licked he lips.

With the 'mushy stuff', in Kagome's opinion, out of the way, the
girl no longer felt the need to stay quiet as her mother asked her to
be and, decided to greet her father by the instinctive use of the
Amazon glomp, version 4.5.

"Did you miss me, my little angel?", Tadashi said to Kagome.

"You were gone to long. How come you have to go so far away and
fight those people?", Kagome asked.

"Kagome, it is not your place to ask such questions.", Mrs.
Kurata chided her daughter.

"More people should ask questions like that.", Hiroki said.

"Well said, Hiroki-chan. It appears you also hold to your
principles like your father does.", Lilith.

"Just be careful son, there are those who would and can use
your beliefs against you.", Tadashi said seriously.

"Dear, did something happen when you were away?", Mrs. Kurata said
while wondering why her husband seemed to down all of a sudden.

"I was not going to mention this, but upon seeing this young
woman and her mother I realized what the priest told me was true.",
Tadashi Kurata replied to his family.

"What priest is that daddy?", Kagome asked.

"Perhaps it would be best if we adjourned to the living room, I
have a rather strange tale to tell everyone.", Captain Kurata said to
everyone present.

Once everyone was seated, Tadashi Kurata began to reluctantly tell
his tale about what happened to him in China. He was tempted to omit or
alter some details in order to make the story sound more believable. After
all meeting a demon and engaging in a battle with magical swords was not
exactly something that happened to one too often.

He finished his tale, ending with the battle against his former
Lieutenant and his eventual, and thankfully uneventful return to Japan.
As he looked around the room, Captain Kurata saw looks of astonishment
and wonder on his daughter, while his wife seemed shocked and a little
confused. This was not surprising. His poor wife more than likely thought
he had been working too hard. What the Captain did not expect were the looks
that were on his son's face and on the faces of his two guests.

Hiroki did not seem surprised. This further reinforced the
truthfulness of the image that the monk had shown Tadashi, while he was
in China. The girl Urd, and her mother Lilith seemed quite angry at what he
had gone through, with some frustration showing on Lilith's face.

"My dear husband, you know that I have always trusted in your
judgment and the truthfulness of your words, but what you have just told me
is a little hard to believe.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"It's sound a little weird mother, but it is true. The same thing
happened to Urd and I about a day after we first met.", Hiroki said.

"Is this true daughter, why did you not say anything to Hi..., I
mean myself.", Lilith said.

"I didn't want to worry you, besides I thought the spell I used was
strong enough to banish him for a while......Oh $&#**$8!", Urd hissed,
realizing what she had just said.

"Spell?!?!", several people seemed to say at once.

"This is difficult to explain, but the little demon that both
your son and husband encountered has been bothering members of my
family for many years. I am sorry to say that my daughter and I are
responsible for bringing him into your midst.", Lilith said to Mrs.

"When that little monk first appeared and he attacked, he was
an actual demon and you defeated him Urd?", Hiroki replied in a
shocked tone of voice.

"It's true. I didn't want to tell you because I thought that you would
think that I was strange. I know I already look different from most
everyone around here. I didn't want you to abandon me.", Urd said while her
lower lip began to quiver.

"My goodness, she isn't acting now. She really does have strong
feelings for the boy.", Lilith thought as she watched Urd begin to
break down in front of the boy.

Hiroki reached over and pulled Urd into a hug. Quite a bold move
for the normally shy boy.

"Urd, I am not mad at you, I'm just a little shocked. I would not
abandon you. I really do like you.", Hiroki said.

"I like you too. You're nice.", Kagome added.

"Since this demon has been such a thorn in our family's side for
so long, Urd has trained to be what you would call, a devil hunter.",
Lilith said, while not really lying. Urd did hunt down demons, the fact
that she was also part demon and goddess, wasn't relevant to the
conversation at hand in Lilith's opinion.

"So you're a princess and you hunt down nasty demons?", Kagome
asked Urd.

"Yes, something like that.", Urd said quietly.

"That's really neat. Can you teach me to do that?", Kagome asked
wide eyes.

"I don't think that's a good idea.", Urd said.

"This is a lot to take in, I must say. I am not pleased that
such a creature exists and has attacked my family, but I can see how
much your daughter and my son to care for each other, so I will not
stand in their way if they wish to continue to see each other.",
Mrs. Kurata said to Lilith.

"Thank you mother. I thought....Well I would have guessed that
you wouldn't want Urd around any more.", Hiroki replied.

"I am a traditional woman, my son, but I am not quite the Oni
you think I am at times.", Mrs. Kurata said.

"I never thought that you were an Oni mother. Now Kagome on the
other hand....", Hiroki began as Kagome stomped on his foot.

"Oww!, why you little...", Hiroki said as he took off after a
giggling Kagome.

"Such a lively pair, are they not.", Lilith said with an amused
expression on her face.

"I know that I have caused some trouble for yourself and your
family, but you have my word that I will do my best to protect your
son from any harm if that little demon, or any other ever shows up to
harm Hiroki. I promise this to you.", Urd said to Hiroki's mother.

An hour later Urd and Lilith left the Kurata home in order for
the family to catch up on what they had missed in each other's live when
they were separated from each other. No formal agreement was ratified
between the two families as everyone had discussed earlier, and Kagome
was definitely not allowed to train to become a devil hunter. Lilith
already had plans in mind for Kozue, and couldn't take the time to
look after another girl.

Since Lilith had to return to Niflheim, Urd was at her home in
Midgard all alone, brooding about what had happened. She just had to go
open her mouth about using a spell on that little &$*#*$ Happosai. Hopefully
Kami-sama would not be too upset about her little slip up. If Hiroki and the
others ever found out that she was a goddess though, she might have to return
home, and that would please no one.

In Asgard, Kami-sama was actually quite surprised that thing had gone
as well as they had. It was often hard to tell through all the chaos that his
sister-in-law generated, how events would flow into each other in the
future. As long as his wayward daughter stayed near the boy, all should
proceed according to plan, for better or worse.


For the next several months, all the way into 1940 in fact, Tadashi
Kurata was assigned to a local training battalion. Normally men of his
experience did not train new soldiers, as they did in the west, but he had
the feeling the his new assignment was so that the major could keep a closer
eye on him. Technically Tadashi had done nothing wrong. The disappearance of
Lieutenant Ashida and his men was officially recorded as being due to an
enemy ambush, but their were always rumors, ranging from he and his men
simply deserting, to strange rumors of supernatural creatures, which were
actually closer to the truth than the more sedate rumors. In either case
Captain Kurata found himself under close scrutiny by others and growing
more and more disillusioned with the cause that he was supposed to be fighting

Around early March in 1940, Tadashi was receiving constant reports about
a group of American pilots, 'unofficially' helping out the Chinese in their
battles against his fellow countrymen. This greatly disturbed Tadashi as it
seemed to only verify the feelings of doom and the dreams, that were growing
more frequent about the future of his land.

Many of his fellow soldiers, both senior and junior, seemed to relish a
fight with the Americans. After all they were considered to be a group of
people unused to hardship and would most likely surrender with barely a fight.
Many talked about taking over their lands, starting in Alaska and Hawaii, then
heading east from their to the American West coast. Everyone made it sound
so easy.

Tadashi rarely expressed his views openly anymore, except to his wife
and family. His wife seemed to mirror the opinion of most Japanese. Only his
son and especially Urd seemed to have reservations. If he did not know better
he would assume that his son's constant companion was having visions of the
future, that were as grim as the ones he was having.

Speaking of Urd, Tadashi noticed that her affection for his son, did not
appear to waver in the slightest, nor Hiroki's affection for her. Most
'romances' that kids their age had only lasted of a month or two at the most.
If he didn't know better Tadashi would say that maybe they had instantly
fallen in love and were destined for each other as in that old English play
Romeo and Juliet.

Still, it was a nice distraction that helped keep his mind off of his
daily routine. Even his young daughter Kagome was starting to catch the eye
of a couple boys, not as much as the Tendo Girl, who some people were
beginning to talk about. Her looks were growing more exotic looking.
Hiroki always grumbled about this whenever Kozue's name was brought up.
He never said why he was upset though, and Tadashi chose to respect his
son's privacy for now, but if his son's attitudes became more expressive,
Tadashi decided that he would have to have a talk with the Kozue's

Maybe their was some sort of romantic tension between his son and
the Tendo girl. That could cause his son's confusing behavior, Captain
Kurata pondered on more than one occasion.

Kozue was always fond of his son, constantly following him around
when they were small children, but the idea of his son being with two
girls was a little hard to believe. His wife would be thrilled, but she
tended to have a unique outlook on life.

Toward the middle of the year, Tadashi finally heard from his
sister. He was relieved that they followed his advice and fled
to South America. He was stunned though to find out what they had seen
they had briefly passed through the Philippines. It sounded like
his countrymen were treating the native people there, about as well as
they had treated the Chinese natives. Odd how many of his people who
believed in Karma could treat others so poorly. Their deeds would only
come back to haunt them in the future.

Tadashi hoped that his family would could avoid any troubles, or
he would seriously consider following his sister abroad despite what
his family might say about all of them leaving their homeland.


In the first few months of 1941, Tadashi found himself and the
men that he was training, assigned to the Imperial Navy. They would
start to serve as assault troops?, aboard the new carriers that were
being built. The question was, why were so many new ships needed and
why were his men being stationed on them. This had all the earmarks
of a preparation for an invasion. An invasion of where, was the
the question though.

His new duties were once again keeping him away from his family.
He now saw them only a couple of days a month. This was still more than
he saw them during the time he was in China, but he had grown used to
their company. Maybe he should give consideration to retiring in a couple
of years. He had already spent more years than he could remember in the
service of his country. Perhaps it was time for a change, when and
hopefully if his country began to 'settle down'.

His son had just and it turns out that Urd's birthday was a week
after Hiroki's. On the occasion of the girl's birthday the both of them
had announced that they were in love and had decided to formally announce
an engagement between their two families. It was harder to tell who was more
excited the engaged couple or Hiroki and Urd's mother. His dear wife and the
Lady Lilith seemed to be spending more time together talking about how many
grandchildren they wanted, much to the embarrassment of their children, who
had decided not get married until they were 18. Urd had stunned his wife by
saying that if Hiroki planned to go to college, so would she. Tadashi knew that
women seeking higher education was quite common in the west, but it was still
quite a rare event in his country. Perhaps they would go to school abroad in
the future.

Over all this excitement, barely anyone noticed how hard Kozue had taken
the announcement of Urd's and Hiroki's engagement. Kozue was even seen once
engaging in a loud argument with Urd's mother. Why the girl was mad at
Lilith though, neither of them would say. Kozue was quite beautiful and now
at 12 years of age, she resembled a 14 year old, almost as mature as Urd
appeared when she first met Hiroki.

Kozue had plenty of potential suitors, but she seemed to reject them
all and began to fall into fits of depression. Only when Hiroki was around
did Kozue show some semblance of life. This was terribly hard on the boy. He
really did care about Kozue, but not as a girlfriend. Tadashi Kurata had
spoken to Mr. Tendo several times about what could be done, as neither men
wanted to see the girl so distraught. If her melancholy did not change, perhaps
a change of scenery was in order, possibly sending the girl to visit relatives
who lived in Central Tokyo.

As the year continued to go by, it became apparent to many people, both in
and outside of the military that, 'something was in the air', so to speak. Many
prominent families had son's in both the army and navy. Normally they would boast
quite proudly of their accomplishments, but now everyone seemed to be quite silent,
as if they were hiding some great secret. Perhaps there was a large battle being
planned. Japanese troops were already spread out all over the Western Pacific
Ocean, as well as in China and several countries in Southeast Asia.

Hiroki and several of his classmates thought that perhaps Russia was the
next target for invasion. There had already been small scale battles between
the two countries, so imagining a large scale battle between them wouldn't
be too much of a stretch of the imagination.

As September rolled around Urd and Hiroki were now enrolled in a local
middle school, with Kozue still primary school. It would be the first time
in quite a while that she and Hiroki did not see each other on a daily basis.
Kozue's mood had improved a little over the summer, but that was mainly due
to Hiroki and Urd spending half of their free time with the girl, a fact
that was starting to annoy Urd. She was tempted to tell the girl to get
lost on several occasions, but given Kozue's mental state, it would only
drive the girl deeper into depression.

Although he was pained to admit it, Hiroki did miss Kozue. It was
true that she was pest to say the least, but she was 'his' pest and he did
feel some affection towards her, as a friend. Her growing beauty was a
distraction though. He cursed his himself on more than one occasion for
thinking with his hormones. He began to wonder if it was natural or
merely unavoidable for boys to look at cute girls, even if they did not
want to be with them.

As September was ending Tadashi Kurata told his family that we
would have to leave them for a while, yet again. He was to be stationed
aboard the aircraft carrier Agagi for a few months, but he could tell
them no more than that. He hopefully would be able to see them again,
come new years, but he could not promise anything.

The only good thing, in Hiroki's opinion about all the military's
activities as of late was that it would keep that annoying Akito Tendo
out of his hair for a while. It seems that Mr. Tendo had used some of
his connections to have the boy sent to a private, college where he would stand a
good chance of being inducted into the naval academy in about two years.

This did turn out to be a mixed blessing, for with Akito gone, it
fell once again, to Hiroki to keep an eye on Kozue, and walk her home
from school, so that she would not be harassed by anyone. Admittedly
walking home with two cute girls on his arms was quite pleasant, even with
the dirty looks most of the boys gave him, but Hiroki really did want to
spend more time alone with Urd, especially now that she was showing him
how nice it was to spend some time kissing, (blush), a girl.

On December 5, 1941, all communications between the Imperial Navy
and the civilian population stopped. Even messages that would have been
considered to be emergencies were not allowed to be transmitted. It was
as if the ocean had just swallowed up several carrier task forces.

Urd's mood had also taken a turn for the worse. She seemed quite
agitated and nervous. She even yelled at Hiroki once for him asked her
what was wrong a few too many times. Urd felt terrible for doing this,
and even worse when Hiroki said that she didn't need to apologize. He
just wanted her to feel better about what was bothering her, and if she
wished to keep it to herself, then he wouldn't try to 'pry' anymore.

Two days later everyone would find out just what the secrecy was
all about, and it would stun both military and civilian populations around
the world. No one would be the same after that, and the destiny's of two
countries would be linked for many years, if not decades to come.


As everyone knows, on December 7, 1941 the Japanese navy attacked
Pearl Harbor, and took everyone by surprise. The loss of life was the
highest that the US had seen in a single battle in quite some time. The
only thing that prevented it from being a total victory for the
Japanese forces was the absence of the American aircraft carriers from
the harbor. If they had been there, history might have taken a different

Below decks Tadashi heard of the attacks on the American naval
base and he assumed that he and his troops would soon be taking part
in some sort of amphibious landing on the islands. He was not looking
forward to this as his thoughts tended to follow the thoughts of
Admiral Yamamoto, who was rumored to have said that all that the
Japanese had done was to, "Wake a sleeping giant and fill him with
a terrible resolve." Whether or not he actually said this is somewhat
debatable, but the fact of the matter is that after Pearl Harbor,
both the American and Japanese Navy's would never be in the same
position again.

Back in Japan as the news of the attack reached the civilian
population, many people were celebrating, thinking that the attack
would serve as a lesson to the Americans about what happens when you
choose to anger Japan.

Hiroki expected his mother to be one to the people proudly
boasting, but this turned out to not be the case. She said very little,
except for that she hoped that Tadashi was alright. Hiroki thought
that perhaps his mother had, 'finally gotten a clue', so to speak.
Urd reminded her boyfriend that sometimes even the most fervent
supported of a cause come to see that fanatical adherence to any belief
can cause one to see that perhaps the world is not as simple as one
would like it to be, and that ones actions have consequences that
you may not have thought of or even imagined.

The ground invasion of Hawaii never materialized. In fact it
was Alaska that saw the only invasion of foreign troops, a fact that
many people seem not to be aware of. The fighting was just as fierce
at times at the island hopping campaigns in the South Pacific, but that
is a story that will have to be told at a later time.

One month later Tadashi returned home to his family, but he
appeared to be different to his family. Hiroki had always admired his
father for how confident he seemed and how sure he was about the
'righteousness' of his actions. Now though his father seemed to have a
constant aura of sadness about him as if he expecting some great
tragedy to befall him. People were disappointed that the Americans did
not try and sue for peace, but instead seemed to grow more defiant
towards the Japanese. Everyone was expecting some sort of retaliation
from the Americans, but nothing had yet to materialize. It would take
until the middle of 1942 for the next chapter in the Pacific campaign
to start. In the meantime Tadashi would have at least a little more
time to spend with his family before he had to leave again.

A week after Tadashi returned home, he began to hint, that perhaps
it was time for Hiroki to practice more with the family sword, saying
that it was time to pass on the family's heritage to the next
generation. His father's choice of words sounded a little strange,
and even a little morbid.

Hiroki saw nothing wrong with practicing his swordsmanship. He
always enjoyed the sparing matches at school with the kendo club. There
was something different about practicing with a real katana though.
Hiroki thought of kendo more as a game, a way to relax, and perhaps
even show off for Urd. Using a sword seemed to signify something else,
but Hiroki couldn't quite puts words to the way he was feeling when
he practiced with his father's sword.

The sword seemed quite ordinary to Hiroki. It was hard to believe
that it possessed some sort of magic, as his father said it did. Urd had
said that she could detect some sort of dormant magic in the blade, but
she did not know how to 'activate' the blade so to speak.

Mr. Tendo encouraged Hiroki to keep practicing with the blade, for
with the war growing more intense, he might have to use it some day to
defend himself or someone that he cares about.

Hiroki was not sure about this. If Japan did come under attack
a sword would be little use against guns and bombs, but kept this opinion
to himself.

During late May of that year, Tadashi once again had to say
goodbye to his family as he left to rejoin the fleet that he was
previously stationed with. He did not take the family sword with him, this
time. When asked why he was leaving it behind, Tadashi told Hiroki, that
it was now time for his son to defend his family. This only increased the
nervousness, Hiroki was feeling as of late.

Back on the carrier, everyone was informed that in little more than
a week, the fleet would be attacking a small American outpost in the
middle of the Pacific ocean by the name of Midway. It was considered to be
lightly defended, and the men were told that the American fleet had been
or was going to be tricked into believing that the Japanese fleet would
be attacking elsewhere. Since all of the transmissions between the fleet
where encoded, no one was worried. The possibility of anyone decoding
their messages was considered to be almost impossible.


On June 6, 1942 the battle began, and it turned out not to be as simple
as the Japanese naval commanders hoped it would be.

Tadashi heard the planes taking off and saw the planes being outfitted
with different weapons several times, as he and his guarded various parts of
the carrier. It seemed as if someone could not make up their minds. First
the planes were armed with bomb, then torpedoes, then back again. Tadashi also
heard that very few fighters were guarding the fleet. If the Americans found
the carrier so vulnerable, everyone would be lucky to make it out alive.

Alarms suddenly sounded throughout the ship and through the opening for
the ships elevators, Tadashi and his men saw approaching American planes,
some carrying torpedoes and overhead the sound of dive bombers could be made
out. All he and his men could do now was wait and pray that they would live
through the day.

A few hours later, after Hiroki had exited his family's small
practice dojo, his father's sword glowed briefly white as an image of its
true form briefly formed over it, before fading out.

The next day, Hiroki yelled out loud, when his father's sword
assumed its true form when Hiroki pulled it from its sheath. Urd almost
fell over, while feeling the power from the sword. It was definitely a demon
slayer sword, as she felt the urge to shudder, being half demon herself.

As he dropped the sword, it returned to its previous appearance, now
resembling nothing more than plain and somewhat worn katana.

"What happened?!?", Hiroki gasped out.

"Off hand I would say that the sword has now accepted you as its
new owner.", Urd said.

"But, what about father? Did it just decide to leave him?", Hiroki

Urd knew the probable answer to that question. Swords of that power
tended to bond themselves to one owner only, unless the owner either moved
far enough away so that the sword could no longer detect him, or the owner
passed on from this life. Urd hoped that the first reason she thought of
was true, but she had a bad feeling that Hiroki's father had indeed died.

"Try and pick up the sword again, Hiroki-chan.", Urd said.

Hiroki did and the sword once again resumed its true form. This
time Hiroki managed to retain his grip, well until he heard two shocked
gasps from behind him.

Turning around Hiroki saw his mother and sister staring at him. His
mother looked a little fearful, but Kagome looked thrilled. This was
obviously 'something neat', that she would have to tell her friends

"Hiroki, how did you that. I have only seen your father do that
once before, many years ago.", Hiroki's mother said.

"I don't know. It just happened when I picked it up today.",
Hiroki said.

"Wait to I tell my friends at school about this.", Kagome said
in glee.

"That you WILL NOT do young lady. That sword is a family treasure an
I will not have you telling everyone about it. Who knows what sort of
thief might show up to try and steal it.", Mrs. Kurata scolded
her daughter.

The sound of an approaching car, caused Hiroki to grab the sword
and put it into its sheath, without it changing form. He then put it
back into its rack, as everyone left and locked the dojo.

As the car stopped in front of the Kurata home, everyone noticed
that it belonged to the military. Two rather somber looking men in
officers uniforms exited the vehicle and approached Mrs. Kurata.

They asked to speak to her away from the children. As they
were speaking Hiroki saw his mother's lip began to quiver, but her
face quickly took on a neutral, if not strained expression.

The two men continued to address Mrs. Kurata for a few minutes more
before bowing briefly to her and handing her a small package.

After the two officers had left, Hiroki's mother asked to speak
to him and his sister. Urd was about to excuse herself, when Hiroki's
mother asked her if she would ask her mother Lilith to visit later if
it was possible. Urd agreed, although she was somewhat dubious about
inviting Lilith back over.

After Urd left his mother informed Hiroki and his sister about
the death of their father. To say that everyone was sad was an
understatement. Through his sadness, Hiroki did not feel surprised
about his father's sudden death. The way the man had been acting
recently suddenly made sense. Did he somehow sense that he was
going to die soon?

He was forced to abandon any thoughts of that for the moment
as Kagome glomped onto him, while his mother went to answer the
phone. The call turned out to be from Lilith, who would be coming
over shortly to see what Hiroki's mother wanted to speak to her

Both Hiroki and his sister at times thought that their mother,
Aoi, was not exactly aware of how the world really worked, or at least
how they thought it worked. It seemed as if the woman was still
partially living in the previous century. While it was true that Aoi, cared
little for the day to day running of the country. That was a man's, job
after all, she did keep track of things that would affect her family. Her
husband's sudden death was one such thing.

Although her family did raise some crops, they were for their
own use. Their land was far to small to make a living as a farmer. The
family depended on Tadashi's salary from the military, and with his
passing, something would have to be done.

It was considered to be shameful to depend too much on others
for help, in Aoi's opinion, but since her and Lilith's family were to
be united in the future, perhaps the request that she intended to make
of the 'Princess' would be acceptable to both her and her family.

An hour later Lilith appeared at the front door, as if by magic. She
was escorted into the front parlor, by Hiroki's mother, who shut the door
behind her. Both Urd and Hiroki tried to listen to what the two 'old'
women were talking about, but the sounds seemed dampened somehow. Even a
simple spell cast discreetly by Urd was blocked. No doubt Lilith really
wanted her conversation with Aoi to be private.

After what seemed like an eternity, one half hour really, both
women emerged from the room, with satisfied looks on their faces, which
made both Urd and Hiroki nervous.

Everyone assembled in the dining room for an announcement that
Lilith intended to make.

"Now as everyone is aware there are strong feelings between my
dear daughter and the handsome young man who has 'stolen' her heart.
Because of this, Aoi, and I have decided that they should spend more time
together in preparation for heir marriage one day. To accomplish this it
has been decided that Hiroki-kun and his family will move into our
family estate.", Lilith announced.

"Is she insane? Does she have any idea of what that will entail,
about keeping certain things about ourselves secret?", Urd wondered.

"Are you sure that is a good idea, mother? What about our home
right here?", Hiroki asked.

"My son, I know how much both you and your sister care for our
land, but you must realize that with your father gone we can no longer
support ourselves here. Lady Lilith has generously allowed us to share
her home. I know this must come as a shock to you, but it must be done.",
Aoi said to her son.

Kagome, still in shock from her father's death said nothing. She
just continued to cling close to either Hiroki or Urd. Children are
more resistant to shocks that adults are, but two sudden changes in
their lives in one day, had Urd worried about the girl. Children
sometimes acted quite different than usual after suffering from a
traumatic event.

"Now, everyone will still be attending the same schools, so that
you will not have to leaves any friends that you are close to. Private
tutors will be provided though if you wish.", Lilith said trying to
sound somewhat stern and parental.


It did not take long for Hiroki and his family to move out of their
ancestral home. Some how another family had heard of their troubles and
offered to buy for a generous price. They even offered to take care of
any taxes that resulted from the sale. The fact that they were
gaijins was even ignored by Aoi.

Urd just hoped that Zeus kept things quiet. If he wanted a little
place out of the way so that he could fooled around, without Hera knowing,
it was fine with her, as long as no battles erupted on the property. The
country would soon see enough damage from bombing attacks. It didn't
need any help from divine temper tantrums.

After two months in Urd's family home, Hiroki and his mother seemed
to be adjusting quite well. Aoi still cried at times whenever Tadashi's
name was mentioned but Lilith seemed quite supportive. She also tried
to take care of Kagome, who seemed to be distancing herself from everyone,
and concentrating on earning money of all things, something that the
family didn't need to worry about anymore.

When she was asked why she seemed to obsessed with money, Kagome
would only say that she didn't want to depend on anyone, because someday
they might not be there anymore. This upset everyone, as they saw a young
girl giving up her childhood, for the illusion of security.

This obsession would eventually make Kagome quite wealthy, but it
would also serve to keep people at a distance, until one day she would
find one person to be close too, and that one would turn out to be a
definite surprise to everyone who knew the two people involved.

Lilith was never the best mother, to her real daughter, Mara. She
had Mara, almost on a whim, with a handsome devil, if you pardon the pun,
but she didn't seem to realize what it took to raise a child. Perhaps she
was trying to make up for her mistakes by looking after Kozue and
Kagome. At least that it was Urd thought as she watched Lilith from time
to time.

With Lilith now spending so much time on Midgard, something that was
not usually allowed for someone of her power, much of her duties were
probably being taken over by Urd's true mother Hild. Urd hoped that Hild
would not be making an appearance on Midgard. She was far from a subtle
woman and could care less if others noticed if she got into an 'argument'
with her sister over Lilith slacking off in her duties for their father.

At least Urd's sisters knew not to interfere in Urd's 'mission'
on Midgard. Kami-sama had personally spoken to the both of them, although
he did not tell them any details. Belldandy would never disobey their
father, but Skuld.....well, if the little pest came down here, Urd would
have to make sure that the little goddess behaved herself.

As the months of 1943 began to roll by, many rumors were
circulating that the Japanese army and navy were now losing more battles
than they were winning. In some cases total routs were have said to have
happened. The government was quick to squash these rumors and those that
were known to spread such 'lies' were first warned to stop at once, or in
some cases they were arrested and taken away for 'questioning'.

This was also the year the Hiroki turned 16 along with Urd. She was now
almost her previous height, before she met Hiroki, who was about eight inches
shorter than his fiancée, much to his embarrassment. Both mothers were now
strongly hinting that perhaps it was time that the two teens gave marriage
serious consideration, or in the case of Lilith, that the teens at least
fool around a little. After all her poor daughter did have needs after all.
Aoi thought that this was just a joke, that Lilith mentioned a little too
often. After all, it was only proper to wait for marriage, even if she
and her dear Tadashi were a little 'adventurous' before they married.

During May of 1943, Akito was inducted in to the military academy,
with some intervention from his father. As the son of nobility it was
his responsibility to help defend the country. With his father taking an
administrative position as a Colonel in the army, Kozue went to live with
relative in the heart of Tokyo. She would be attending a new school of
course, but she did leave a phone number so that she could talk to
Hiroki and Urd on occasion.

Hiroki wanted nothing to do with the military, having agreed with
his father about how far many of the soldiers sense of honor had fallen
in recent years. He instead concentrated on math and architecture as he
entered his junior year of high school. He had always liked to build things,
and after the war was over, perhaps his skill would be put to good use.

Urd's plans for the future were a little more nebulous. She was in
love with Hiroki, and would have not problems with marrying him, but when
that time came, she would have to tell him what she really was. This was
an unwritten rule with deities who had married mortals over the years.
Hopefully he would not treat her any different, by acting subservient or
overly proud that he had attracted a goddess, as some mortals did over
the years.

At least Urd did not have to worry about working. She found it hard
to picture herself working in a school or as a nurse, which were a couple
of the professions open to women during this time period. If she could stay
home and practice with magic and alchemy, she would be happier. She also had
more than a few ideas about how she could welcome home her husband after
his hard day at work.

Kagome's interest in finances was beginning to make her quite popular
in town. With the war going on, there were always shortages of some goods.
Kagome and several other girls, who helped her run various businesses, had
managed to negotiate several deals with local suppliers of foods and even
some consumers goods, so that the local families would have first choice
of any products that were available.

Hiroki was glad that his sister had a 'hobby' of sorts, but he hoped
that she was not dealing with the 'wrong' people, which he mentioned to
Urd on a few occasions. Urd did follow Kagome a few times and could find
no instances of the girl dealing with any criminals, local or the Yakuza.

Kagome's success did attract the attention of one annoyance. One
of the Kuno's, a girl by the name of Jade, insisted on being made the head
of Kagome's little organization. She was shocked when she was laughed and
told that no one had any need of her or any member of their family. The
Kuno's were wealthy, but they were also scorned. The oldest boy was
inducted into the army in lieu of being arrested for being involved in
the flow of illegal drugs between Japan and several countries in
Southeast Asia.

The girl, Jade, swore that she would get even with Kagome, but
everyone ignored her words as that of a spoiled child, who could not
'play' with a toy that she wanted.

In a hidden room, underneath her home, Lilith continued to keep
a close eye on Kozue. She was growing more and more frustrated with the
girl as time went on. Kozue seemed to have slipped out of her depression,
but she continued to pine for Hiroki, ignoring all of the other boys
who were showing some interest in her. Some mortals were just so stubborn.
Didn't she appreciate the gift she had been given?

"Sigh, some humans just do not realize that they can not always
have the person that they wish to be with. Perhaps she might be
interested in meeting another person, with the same gift as herself?",
Lilith pondered out loud.

At least her 'daughter' had finally gotten her fiancée to show
some affection, Lilith pondered as she remembered hearing giggling
the week before as the passed by the outdoor hot spring in the back
garden of the home. Sneaking, invisibly to spy..er.. investigate the
noise she was pleased to see Hiroki and Urd playfully splashing and
wrestling with each other. Both appeared to be quite unclothed. Lilith
resisted the urge to break out the victory fans, so she settled on a happy
dance that caused Kami-sama, who was keeping an eye on her, to giggle


The end of 1944, brought a message from Mr. Tendo. The letter
said that it was urgent that he see everyone as soon as possible. His
son, Akito had returned from the South Pacific with dire news. He did
not say what this news was, but that it could affect everyone in Japan,
not just their families.

Having seen a few possible futures, both Urd and Lilith had an idea
what the man may wish to speak about. No matter the news though, neither
Urd not Lilith were to use magic to help anyone escape the country. Lilith
could choose to ignore this, with minor repercussions. Urd on the other hand
could not ignore her father's orders. She was already considered to be
'troublesome', by a few gods and goddesses. To directly disobey an order
from Kami-sama......well lets just say she had no urge to be punished.

Everyone agreed to meet at a hot spring resort, near the base of
Mount Fuji. Hiroki was a little skeptical of the reason for this little
trip. It was not that he doubted anything Mr. Tendo had to say, but any
information that came from his son, tended to be a 'little' exaggerated
at times. Still even if it turned out that Akito was full of hot air as
usual, Hiroki still might have some time to spend alone with Urd in one
of the hot springs.

Both families met in one of the resorts smaller meeting rooms,
well away from the main lobby of the resort. Coming into the room,
Hiroki noticed that Akito seemed to be bandaged quite heavily, and seemed
to be quite somber. He barely acknowledged anyone's presence, except for
a brief nod of his head.

Mr. Tendo and Kozue were a little more animated, but one could tell
that they were upset about something.

"I thank all of you for coming on such short notice, but what I have
heard from my son and verified from other sources has disturbed me greatly
and I believe that you need to be aware of it.", Mr. Tendo said.

"If it concerns my family, then I would like to hear what the boy
has to say, so long as the information is true.", Lilith said while she
looked at Akito and could tell that his bandages were covering several bad,
but not fatal burns.

Akito stood up slowly, wincing as he did, and walked in front of
everyone, briefly stumbling, then apologizing for his 'clumsiness' in
an almost humble voice.

"I would ask that you please do not tell anyone what I am going
to say to you. If any of my superiors or other officials found out, all
of us could face arrest or worse.", Akito said in a voice utterly devoid
of his usual dramatic flair.

"Let's here what this news is.", Urd stated.

"To put it simply our noble country is losing the war. Once I had
completed a very short training period, my self and many others were sent
South to some forsaken island in the middle of nowhere to try and prevent
the Americans from advancing towards our homeland. I fear that our efforts
are merely slowing them down. It will be less than a year before our
home islands are invaded.", Akito said.

"It has become that bad?", Hiroki asked.

"Yes......I was one of the 'fortunate' ones to survive an attack from
an American marine company. You may have noticed these bandages that I am
wearing. Well they are the result of barely escaping being burned alive
while many of tried to escape from the mountain caves that we were supposed
to defend.", Akito said.

"Burned alive?", Hiroki's mother said while shuddering briefly.

Akito told everyone of how the Japanese army had built many
kilometers of tunnels throughout several islands in the South Pacific
in which they could harass the Americans from. These tunnels were not
always stable and sometimes it was hard to escape from them if they
were attacked from one entrance. Instead of trying to follow the
Japanese soldiers into the tunnels the American were using explosives
and flame throwers to flush the soldiers out.

"That is simply horrible for you to have to go through such things.",
Mrs. Kurata said to Akito.

"This war is a horrible 'thing', but at least I am alive, unlike
so many others on both sides. All I want to do now is find some place to
live in piece, especially given the desperate plans that some commanders
are going to implement in the future.", Akito said to everyone.

"What plans are these?, Hiroki said.

"You are aware of the story behind the Kamikaze?", Akito asked.

"Yes, they taught us about it in school, years ago.", Hiroki
said to Akito.

"Well some officers, including Colonel Jiro Kuno are trying to
resurrect the legend.", Akito said as several people grumbled about
the mention of the foolish Kuno family.

"They are trying to create a hurricane?", Kagome asked in

"No, my dear girl, they are looking for 'brave' pilots to
sacrifice themselves for the glory of the empire by slamming their
planes into American warships.", Akito said.

"That's insane!", Urd exclaimed.

"Insane or not, that it what is being done, which is why I
wanted to warn you. Right now everyone who is considered to be able
to fight is being rounded up to participate in this war. I know that
you have avoided anything to do fighting so far, but the army is
becoming quite diligent in rounding up 'dissenters' if you will.",
Akito said.

"They are willing to sacrifice us in the hopes of winning?",
Hiroki asked.

"Ney, not winning. They hope that the attacks will break the
American will to fight and bring about an end to the war which will allow
Japan to survive without a formal surrender.", Akito said.

"Idiots, such tactics didn't work in Lemuria and it won't work now.",
Lilith mumbled.

"Pardon, what did you say Lady Lilith.", Mr. Tendo said.

"Nothing dear, I was expressing my disbelief on how anyone could
expect such a foolish plan to work.

"Its getting quite bad. Already some of my friends have been taken
away for some sort of training. They were bragging about getting to be
pilots, but if they are just going to be killed......", Kozue's voice
trailed off as she began to shiver.

"Well they won't get Hiroki!", Urd declared loudly, as Lilith
gave Urd a look that seemed to say, "Do not do anything to give us

"I would suggest that you move far out into the countryside. I have
heard that several men were sent to your old family residence to look
for your son, but upon arriving they found a gaijin family living their.
I do not know what happened exactly, but supposedly a battle of some sort
broke out and everyone, just seemed to disappear. When others were sent to
investigate the house appeared to have been destroyed in a bomb like
blast and not bodies were found.", Mr. Tendo said.

"This is very disturbing. I wish Tadashi were still here. He would know
what to do.", Aoi Kurata said.

"Don't worry mother, we will get through this. At the very least, I
will let nothing happen to you and Kagome, even if I have to 'volunteer'
for this foolishness.", Hiroki said as Kagome looked at him with a
quizzical expression.

Everyone left a few hours later, without using the hot springs
behind the inn. No one was in the mood for relaxing, even though that
is what they needed considering the news that they had received.

On the drive back Urd was mostly silent as she thought of what she
could do to prevent anything from happening to Hiroki or his family. Sure,
she could just vaporize anyone who threatened him, and Lilith had enough
power to sink one of the Japanese home islands, but such things were no
longer allowed. Gods and demons were now supposed to operate in the
shadows, with the doublet system ensuring that they wouldn't destroy each

Hiroki knew about Urd's family being able to use magic of a sort. If
worse came to worse perhaps she could just teleport everyone away if any
soldiers came for them. It would probably get her in trouble with Kami-sama,
but at least she wouldn't have to reveal that she was a goddess.

"Sigh, what to do.", Urd whispered quietly as she looked out at the
countryside rolling by.

"Don't worry Urd-chan, I am sure that your future husband will
survive this war.", Lilith broadcasted her thoughts to Urd.

Urd was not the only person deep in thought as the family rode back
to their home. Kagome was think about what her brother had said earlier
about sacrificing himself her his family. Her father was already gone, and
she had decided to depend no one from now on, but.....somehow her brother's
declaration made her feel a little more secure as if perhaps there still
might be some value to letting yourself become close to others.


By the beginning of June of 1945, many people in Japan had heard of
the surrender of the Germans to the allied forces. This meant that Japan
would now the sole focus of the Americans and others. Already the
Philippines had fallen to the Americans as well as the majority of the
islands that the Japanese forces held prior to 1942. Talks of invasion
by American ground forces were now considered to be a matter of when,
instead of if. Many people were considering ritual suicide in place of
being subjected to the 'tortures' that their government said the American
soldiers were doing to the Japanese, especially women and children.

It was during this time that the Kurata's once again heard from
the Tendos. One night the family received a panicked phone call from
Akito. Kozue was wounded when a bomb exploded near the Tendo family
home in Tokyo. Since they knew of Lilith's abilities Akito was
begging for her to help heal his sister. What stunned everyone was
Lilith's refusal. She said that Kozue's time was come and it was time
to fulfill her destiny, before ending the phone call.

"Kami-sama, how can you do such a thing. Not only does she need
your help, but she loves you like a member of her family.", Urd
shouted loud enough to blow Lilith off her feet. This was quite
impressive to the elder demoness.

"I have my reasons.", Lilith said, trying to ignore the hurt
looks everyone was giving her.

"Fine then I will do it, regardless of what anyone may say.", Urd

"I'll go with you Urd.", Hiroki said.

"How can you get to her on time. Her home is many kilometers
from here.", Aoi said.

"I don't have time to explain now, but I will later.", Urd
said as she began to glow, then grabbing on to Hiroki's hand
they both disappeared in a 'bamf' of displaced air.

Less than a second later they appeared outside of the Tendo
home, right in front of the Tendos no less. Luckily, it was still quite
early in the morning, and the sun had not yet risen, so their arrival
had not yet been noticed by others.

Before anyone could say anything Urd knelt down next to Kozue
and looked at the girl, not liking what she was seeing. She had
multiple burns over her body. Several ribs looked crushed and she
was coughing up blood.

"I guess I have no choice.", Urd sighed as she once again began
to glow, but this time another form began to rise out of the glow.
Everyone gasped in shock as what looked like an angel was now hovering
over Urd.

"You are not a wu jen or mage are you. You are some sort of Kami.",
Mr. Tendo said in recognition.

As she tried to heal Kozue Urd told anyone that she was the Norn of
the past and a goddess. The healing was proving difficult. Belldandy had
far more experience. Kozue's outer wounds, including the burns had healed
but the internal injuries were beyond her abilities.

"Dammit Lilith where are you?", Urd stated in frustration.

"Right here Urd-chan.", Lilith said as she faded into view.

"So you will help her now?", Akito asked in a humble voice.

"I am sorry, but as I said it is time for her to fulfill her
destiny.", Lilith said.

"And just what the &#$^$* &#&$*$ does that mean?", Urd yelled.

"Please don't be mad it was my choice.", Kozue managed to gasp out.

"Shhh, don't say anything.", Hiroki said.

"Hiro-chan, Urd-chan, I know that I am dying and I must fulfill the
promise I made to Lilith-sama many years ago. I can help so many people
that way.", Kozue said.

"Help who. I don't understand.", Hiroki.

"I am sorry Hiro-chan, but I have known about Urd and Lilith for a
while. It was part of the deal I made with her. When my time was to come
I said that I would serve her and others as a messenger between here and
the heavens.", Kozue said quietly.

"And Niflheim is well.", Lilith said.

"So you are going to be one of the Yousei?", Akito said to his

"Something like that. Please do not be mad at anyone, all of
you. I chose this fate, in the hopes that maybe I could win Hiroki
over, but someone beat me too it.", Kozue said.

"Kozue-chan......", Hiroki's voice trailed off.

"Daughter, if only you had said something, maybe this could have
been avoided. Surely there must have been another boy you could have
liked.", Mr. Tendo said.

"Could you have married anyone else but mother?", Kozue said back
to her father.

"Hiroki-kun could you come closer for a second?", Kozue said,
sounding weaker.

"What is it?", Hiroki asked as he leaned over Kozue.

Kozue smiled as she brought her arms around Hiroki's neck and
drew him into a kiss, before he knew what was happening.

"Kozue-chan?!?", Hiroki said as soon as Kozue released him.

"I'm sorry Hiro-chan....... I just wanted to know what it would
be like just once to kiss someone that I loved. Please forgive me.",
Kozue gasped, as her breathing quickened, then she closed her eyes and
laid still on the ground, passing from this life.

Hiroki found that no matter how hard he tried he could not stop the
tears from falling from his eyes.

"She died because of me. If only she.....", Hiroki sobbed.

"It is not your fault. It never was. My daughter was right. She did
chose her own fate, or destiny if you prefer. We can't help who we fall in
love with.", Mr. Tendo said as he put a hand a Hiroki's shoulder trying
to comfort him.

"It is hard for me to say this, but you were right when you said
that this war was a mistake, because that is what killed my sister, not
her love for you.", Akito said to Hiroki.

"So what now, do you simply whisk her off to the heavens to meet
her 'destiny'?", Urd said while sounding as if she intended to attack

"No, I still have limited access to Asgard. Another will take her
there for me.", Lilith said as a young Japanese woman with dark hair and
sapphire blue eyes stepped out of no where.

"You are late Ama-chan.", Lilith said.

"Amaterasu Omikami.", Urd said.

"So many of you with such interesting destinies.", Amaterasu said
as she looked everyone over.

"You honor us with your presence.", Mr. Tendo said as he bowed
along with Akito and Hiroki.

Kozue was gently lifted off the ground as she said, "There is no
need to thank me Tendo-san, both your family and the Kurata's will be
instrumental in helping to shape this world and another in the future."

"I don't think I like the sound of that.", Urd mumbled.

"Don't worry my little Urd-chan, no one in Asgard would hurt your
young man. In fact a couple of goddesses are even a little jealous.
Better keep a close watch on him.", Amaterasu said as she winked at
Hiroki before fading from sight with Kozue.

"This has to be a very strange dream. It can not be real.", Akito
said while looking at where his sister used to be.

"It is real, and because this is so it would be best if you did not
mention this to anyone. You would more than likely not be believed, but
there are those aware of the truth of things and could make your lives
difficult if they found out that you knew about us.", Lilith said.

Urd, Hiroki and Lilith had to leave shortly thereafter as shouts
were heard from rescue parties who were searching through the rubble
looking for survivors.

Arriving, or rather appearing back at their home, Hiroki, Urd, and
Lilith were faced with telling the truth of what just happened to Kagome
and Aoi. While it is true that they could concoct a pretty good lie. Lilith
in particular was quite good at stretching the truth at times, continuing to
keep their true forms a secret would only cause problems, especially since
the Tendos already knew what Lilith and Urd were for the most part.

It took the better part of an hour of explaining and helping both
Aoi and Kagome overcome the shock of who Hiroki's fiancée really was before
his relatives could speak coherently.

Both Aoi and Kagome were saddened by Kozue's death, as they were both
fond of the girl, with Aoi hoping that Hiroki would have somehow managed to
marry both her and Urd. Of course with Kozue now being some sort of spirit
or immortal being, along with Urd being a goddess, perhaps someone may come
about in the future, but Aoi kept these thoughts to herself for the moment,
as it was not the time to discuss such things.

"So you are really a goddess?", Kagome asked Urd.

"Part goddess and part demoness actually kiddo.", Urd said.

"You are not Urd's mother?", Aoi said to Lilith.

"I am her aunt. Urd's mother is my sister Hild.", Lilith said, not
really comfortable with talking about her sister.

"Why didn't Urd's mom come here?", Kagome asked.

"My sister does not have a very high opinion of mortals and gets
offended quite easily. I am afraid that if someone insulted either her
or Urd, that person would be punished quite severely.", Lilith said.

"Is that what happened to our old house. Was it sold to someone like
your mother?", Kagome asked with surprising insight.

"It wasn't sold to a demon, but a god.", Urd said.

"Aren't gods supposed to be good? Why would they destroy our old
house and hurt people.", Kagome asked an uncomfortable Urd.

"Not all gods are perfect. Many are just like humans, except that
they are more powerful. This is particularly true of the older gods
such as the Greeks or Egyptians.

"This must be hard for you to understand. Both Urd and I wanted to
keep this from you for your own good. Many people do not know how to act
around us.", Lilith said.

"I think it's neat, besides I still think you are both nice.", Kagome
said to Lilith, who could not hope but smile at Kagome.

"Urd, a little while ago when you mentioned that your family knew
how to practice magic, I said that I didn't care about any of that. Even
now that you have told me that you are a goddess, I still do not care. I
love you for who you are, not what you are.", Hiroki said as he caressed
Urd's cheek, eliciting a round of 'awwws' from the two adult women.

The two families continued to talk for many more hours, with
Kagome at one point wondering out loud if she would be able to find a
god to fall in love with her as Urd had fallen in love with Hiroki. Urd
hated to tell the girl that this wasn't going to happen. Gods and
goddesses may have affairs with mortals quite often, without mortals
even knowing who they are really with, but true love between a god and
and mortal is rare.

"Now don't be depressed again dear. I can tell that a lovely young
girl like you will have no trouble finding someone to fall in love with.
Why I believe that a cousin of mine has boy that....", Lilith tried to
say as Urd interrupted her.

"I think that Kagome-chan deserves better than 'him'.", Urd Said
as she glared as Lilith.

"Who is 'him'?", Hiroki asked, concerned about whoever would date
his little sister.

"A little nuisance, that is all. Kagome-chan would be far better
finding a mortal boy to be with.", Urd said.

"Maybe that Tendo boy would be a good choice. He seems a little
distant at times, but if our two families are joined...", Aoi said as
Kagome almost shrieked at her mother.

"I would never have anything to do with that 'BOY'. He's a pervert
always bothering younger girls and bragging how great he is. I bet he
had something to do with Kozue's death.", Kagome stated with a lot
of anger in her voice.

"As much as a pain in the butt as Akito-chan is, he didn't do
anything to his sister. Believe it or not he loved her, besides you
know how much he seemed to be changed when he told us about how he fought
in the war.", Hiroki tried to reason with his sister.

"Doesn't matter, he is still a creep and I want nothing to do with
him.", Kagome said, while Hiroki wondered why his sister seemed to hate
the boy so much. As far as he knew, they had never really met each other,
except for the few times his father visited their home. Hiroki tried on
several occasions over the next few weeks to ask his sister about why
she Hated Akito so, but she never answered.


The war finally ended in August of 1945, with Hiroki managing to
stay out of the war with some assistance from Urd and Lilith. Everyone
was quite shocked to say the least at what happened to Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, but later on both the Americans and Japanese released predictions
that show that if Japan had been invaded instead, far more people would have
been killed on both sides. Dropping the bombs was not a decision that was
made lightly, as fighting the war was, but it had to be done to bring
the war to a close. At least more of the bombs did not have to be used as
they were in a couple of the futures that Urd saw.

Postwar Japan was a very strange time for many of the Japanese
citizens, particularly the older generations. It was one of the few times
in their history that a large amount of foreigners were in their country and
to make matters even stranger, these were the same foreigners that they had
just been fighting. There were conflicts between the two peoples, sometimes
over trivial matters, but the violence that some had predicted the would
erupt in the civilian population never happened.

To some of the native Japanese the most shocking events were the
relationships and even marriages that took place between the Americans
and the Japanese. This was not exactly a common event, but it did occur
enough times to cause some people to wonder if perhaps the two countries
and races might be able to get along better in the future. After all, before
the war, there were many Japanese, recent immigrants and citizens who had
been there for generations living in America and there had been marriages
between the Japanese and Caucasians in the country.

For Urd and Hiroki though, they tended to ignore the world at large and
instead concentrated on their lives. Both had graduated from high school in
in early 1946 and went on to college, with Hiroki going into architecture,
and Urd studying a little bit of everything.

Both Urd and Hiroki graduated four years later, with Hiroki
electing to continue on for two more years to get a higher degree in

Throughout this time Lilith visited them occasionally. Kagome and
Aoi were still living in the same house with them. Kagome had wanted to
move out after getting her business degree, finishing in the top of her
class, but it was simply not done for a young woman to live by herself in
those days, besides the apartments that she would have been able to
afford while just starting out would have been quite small in comparison
to where they were all living at the moment.

It took two more years for Hiroki to land a permanent position with
a large company with a strong future. The day after this Hiroki proposed to Urd
and the two were finally married in 1954, much to Aoi's relief. After all she
wasn't getting any younger, and she wanted grandchildren as soon as possible.

A year later, Urd gave birth to a daughter that she and Hiroki named
Nanase, after Hiroki's great grandmother on his father's side.

Nanase turned out to be quite shy and quiet, taking after her father,
who she adored. Urd was a little upset at first about how her daughter would
go to Hiroki first, whenever she needed something, but Hiroki's mother
had spent some time Urd explaining to her how young girls tended to
gravitate towards their father when they were young. As Nanase became
older she would give equal attention to Urd, until she became a teenager,
then she would ignore both parents as teenagers often did.

As Nanase turned 5, she began to open up more towards Urd, and she was
beginning to show signs of her heritage even at that young age. She had a
few strands of silver in her otherwise brown hair and whenever their
family went out to a park or the woods for camping, small animals always
seemed to be friendly with the girl. Even a large bear was once seen with
the girl, when the family went on a vacation in America. Urd had almost
blasted the creature until Nanase told her mother to be nice to her 'friend'.

Hiroki became used to his daughter's abilities over time. Having a
goddess for a wife, tended to make one more accepting of the unusual. He
did wish though that Urd's true mother, Hild would spend some time with
her daughter. Accept for Nanase's birth, they had not seen the woman once.
The same could not be said for Lilith, who seemed quite fond of Nanase and
Hiroki, teasing the poor boy endlessly about when they were going to have
a second child.

Hiroki's mother, Aoi often collaborated with Lilith on bothering
the poor boy. The two older women seemed so much alike at times.
When she became older there was talk about letting Nanase visit her
great grandfather, H-sama in Niflheim. Hiroki wasn't thrilled about
this. It was probably true that nothing would happen to his daughter,
but somehow the idea of sending his daughter to the underworld was
uncomfortable for him. He would far prefer it if his daughter would
spend more time with her other great grandfather, who she had seen
twice already and Hiroki had seen once.

It was a nervous experience for the young man. Urd found it
amusing at first how meek he seemed to be, but she didn't want him to
fear her father, that wouldn't be right and Kami-sama certainly did not
want the boy to be afraid of him. He would have enough trouble with
Belldandy's fiancée in the future being so meek.

Throughout this time, Urd was kept separated from here sisters,
by order of Kami-sama. Hiroki and his family were even unaware that the
goddess had sisters. Perhaps knowing them would somehow alter some
future event that Kami-sama had planned out.

Life was quiet for two more years, until Hiroki had to work
on a project that sent him to several sights around Japan and
American, causing him to be away from his family for days at a time.
This did not sit well with Nanase, who had picked up a habit of
whining from a friend of hers and when Hiroki was absent that is just
what she did to Urd whenever Hiroki was gone. She wanted to be with her

Urd could have discretely brought her daughter to Hiroki for
visits, but the two had decided that when Nanase was born that they
would try to limit the use of magic, so that she did not become to
dependant on it and that Nanase would fit into society better. Both
Urd and Hiroki were unsure of how their daughter would be treated if
she were to openly use magic. Getting her to hold back on her
abilities to summon the local wildlife was hard enough at times.

Halfway through the year though, something would happen that would
change everyone's life forever. Hiroki was working on a large new office
tower that an American company was building on the Northern outskirts of
Tokyo. He was looking over the partially build skeleton of the building,
something he did not normally do, but this building was the subject of
sabotage lately. There were many in the country who no longer wanted any
American's in the country, especially a large company. Hiroki was at the work
site to see that any repairs did not alter his original plans for the


"All problems have been corrected sir and security has been
increased. We should no longer have any problems with unauthorized
entries into the sight.", the foreman for the sight told Hiroki on
the day that the skeleton of the building was nearing completion.

"That is not exactly true my boys.", a voice said.

"What....", the foreman said as he found himself swept off the
building by a most unnatural wind gust that seemed to have come
from the direction of the voice.

"I don't have time for 'insects'.", a little man in monks
robes said.

"You bastard. How could you...... Wait I remember you. You were
that little imp that attacked Urd and I so long ago.", Hiroki said while
glaring at the little man.

"So she told you what I am. It matters not, I will destroy just
the same.", Happosai said as he made a sweeping gesture with his hand
and was surprised when the wind did not seem to affect Hiroki. A second
later a fireball fizzled out before it could strike him.

"Urd and Lilith-san were kind enough to protect me from the magic
of minor demons, just in case something like this would happen one day.",
Hiroki said to a furious Happosai.

"I see, then perhaps it is fortunate I made other plans as well.",
Happosai said as he pulled out a silver amulet, that he would use against
Nanase in the future.

Pressing a jeweled stud in the center of the amulet a beam of light
short towards Hiroki, stopping a few feet in front of him. It then expanded
into a swirling portal. A couple seconds later a very strange creature
emerged. It looked like a large bipedal lizard with golden scales. It
was wearing some sort of metallic armor and was carrying a rather large
serrated sword.

"You have reason to call me, 'little demon'.", the creature hissed
at Happosai.

"I have a present for your master.", Happosai motioned towards
Hiroki, who was beginning to back away.

"A human.... What use is such a weak creature.", the 'lizard'

"This human has been bonded to a goddess and has been surrounded
by many spells.", Happosai said.

"Spells which make him immune to your magic..yesss....", the lizard
creature smiled.

"Can you use him or not?", Happosai snapped.

"He will do.", the creature said as it pulled a pair of bolas out
of a pouch and flung them at Hiroki.

The weapon tangled itself around Hiroki's legs, tripping the man and
causing him to roll towards the edge of the building.

As he fell, the portal was shifted under him and Hiroki fell into it
followed by the lizard creature. Hiroki barely had time to shout mentally
for Urd before he fell through.

Urd arrived moments later to see a smiling Happosai lay down a small
scroll, then wave at her and disappear.

Rushing over to the scroll, Urd could tell that it was not magical,
so she tore open its seal and read what it said.

"My dearest little daughter of Hild. For many years your family
has tortured me for the pettiest of reasons. Now it is my time to
torture you. You will NEVER see your husband again and it is your fault
that you did such a poor job of protecting the boy. You had best keep a
closer eye on your daughter, or something might happen to her as well.
Yours Lovingly, Xverfm.", the scroll said.

Urd let out a cry that attracted any immortal present. Both Lilith
and Peorth, who had been granting a wish nearby appeared before her. Upon
hearing what had happened both women said that they would speak to Kami-sama
to see what had happened to Urd's husband, since none of the three
immortals already present could find any trace of the man.

Later that night Lilith appeared back in the home that she shared with
Urd and her family. Neither Aoi nor Nanase had been told of Hiroki's
capture yet, so the two spoke in private.

"So what did he say?", Urd asked in an anxious tone of voice.

"It appears my dear brother-in-law is being stubborn for some
reason. He said that he was aware of what happened but that it happened for
a reason and that everything will turn out alright.", Lilith said while
sounding quite frustrated.

"What the &$*$#* *#*$$ does that mean?", Urd shouted.

"I do not know, but I will not accept this. I will have someone
look for the boy. Someone that we can trust.", Lilith said.

"Who?", Urd asked, barely keeping a grip on her emotions. She had to
at least remain a little calm when she spoke to Aoi and Nanase later on.

Lilith snapped her fingers and a tall woman with long blond hair
and emerald green eyes appeared. She appeared to be almost elfin in
appearance and she was almost completely covered by a large white

"Kozue.....is that you?", Urd as she walked forward and hugged her
friend tightly.

"Lilith-sama told me what happened. Don't worry Urd-chan I will do
whatever it takes to look for Hiroki-chan and I 'WILL' find him.", Kozue
said as she wiped away the tears that were beginning to form on Urd's

"Kozue, after all what happened in your life, you still want to
help me?", Urd asked.

"Urd, I loved Hiroki. I know everyone thought that it was just a
silly crush, but I truly loved him with all my heart and I will do
anything to help him, even if he did love you instead of me.", Kozue
said as she sighed.

"Both of us did care for you Kozue, but......", Urd's voice
trailed off.

"I know, and I do care for you as well Urd. You were always
nice to me. It made it so hard to be angry at your for 'stealing'
Hiroki away from me, but that doesn't matter now. I don't want to see you
or any of your family sad.", Kozue said.

"I haven't told them yet. I think Aoi and Kagome will be able to
handle the news, but I don't know about Nanase. She is so close to her
father.", Urd said sadly.

"She is a smart girl, I am sure that she will understand when
she gets older.", Kozue said.

"There is one more thing. The note that the little demon left
said that he will come for Nanase one day. I....don't know what to
do about that. If I take her away from here, she might resent me for
leaving her father.", Urd said.

"You will do what is best for the girl. If you have to take her
to some other country or even to Asgard then do so.", Lilith said, sounding
far more mature than she usually does.

"I'll be leaving now and start searching for Hiroki-chan. Don't
worry too much Urd, I know Kami-sama sounded somewhat cold, according to
what Lilith-sama told me, but there must be a reason. He wouldn't want
to hurt you or your family.", Kozue said.

"That doesn't excuse what he has done. I know that things like this
are sometimes done to mortals for a reason, but I am his daughter dammit.
You would think that he would have more concern for his family!", Urd
yelled as thunder rumbled overhead.

"I think you hurt his feelings.", Lilith snorted, not entirely
thrilled with whatever her brother-in-law had planned.

"That's not all I'd like to hurt.", Urd sniffled while up in
Asgard Kami-sama heard had his daughter felt about him and was saddened
by it. He did not like to disappoint his children, but sometimes it
had to be done. He should have a talk with his wife though. While it was
good of his sister-in-law to comfort his daughter, her mother should at
least spend a little more time with her, when he could not.

Back on Earth Lilith had convince Urd to stop pouting for now and
that she would personally help Urd, since her sister Hild, seemed unwilling
to help at the moment, much to Lilith's annoyance. Of course, who was she
to judge, she made many mistakes with Mara as well.

"Now lets go in and don't worry dear, if I have to stay here
personally until every mortal in this family is old and grey
that is what I will do.", Lilith said to a stunned Urd as she walked
back into their home as Kozue teleported away to start her duties.

(End Flashback Sequence)


Back at the temple Urd stopped her story. Her fists were clenched
and it was obvious to everyone that she was having trouble remaining
calm. Belldandy tried to moved closer to comfort her sister, but she
was blocked by Mara, who brought Urd into a hug. After a moment the two
separated leaving a confused Belldandy standing nearby. She almost felt
jealous that someone could comfort her sister, but she was trying to
ignore the feeling, considering the times she became jealous when someone
hugged or was close to Keiichi.

"Thanks.", Urd said to Mara, while wondering why the demoness was
being so 'touchy-feely' as of late.

"You don't have to continue of you do not want to.", Belldandy said.

Belldandy, along with everyone else present did not want to cause Urd
any more emotional trauma, but they were all stunned by the story, that she
had just been telling. Everyone had always seen Urd, being happy, or annoyed
at Skuld for example. Urd rarely showed a somber side though and this facet
of her personality seemed to intrigue everyone, for better or worse.

"It's alright Bell. I'm almost done anyway.", Urd replied.

While Urd gathered her thoughts, both Keiichi and Skuld had wanted
to say something to cheer up Urd, but neither of them really had much
experience in such as thing. Keiichi never really had to cheer up
Belldandy, since she was hardly even sad about anything, and Skuld had
never really had a close relationship with her sister Urd. She knew how to
insult the 'old woman', but didn't know how to make her feel better.

"Ok, now where was I.", Urd said.

"You left off where you had to tell Aoi and Kagome about what
happened to Hiroki.", Belldandy said.

"Well, both of them took he news of Hiroki's disappearance, a lot
better than Nanase did. Aoi and Kagome were affected, with Kagome seeming
to close herself off to people again and Aoi became far to overprotective
of Kagome, causing the two to fight far too often.", Urd started to say.

To make matters worse Aoi arranged a marriage for Kagome, which
although it had been planned long ago, Aoi and the other family did not
really take it too seriously, but with all of the men in the family now
deceased or missing, Aoi wanted someone to look out for her daughter. The
marriage didn't last though. Kagome married a year after she graduated
high school and was divorced less than a year later. She never had
children and I think that she is still single even today.", Urd

"The breakup of the marriage hurt Aoi greatly. She saw it as another
failure in her life. Her husband and son were now gone and Kagome had
moved out, wanting nothing more to do with her mother. Aoi seldom left
her home anymore and if it wasn't for Lilith I doubt that she would not
have lived as long as she did.", Urd stated sadly.

"Did something happen to her as well?", Mara asked while shaking her
head at how many bad things seemed to have happened to Urd's family.

"No, she was never harmed or threatened by anyone. She just seemed to
give up on life, becoming more withdrawn as time passed by.
After ten years, she died, with the doctors, not knowing why. She just
seemed to give up on life. Maybe she just wanted to see her husband and
son again, if Hiroki is dead that is.", Urd replied as she wiped another
tear from her eye.

"With Aoi now deceased, and Kagome now away, Lilith finally left
the home and it was sold to another family. I took Nanase to Asgard,
hoping to protect her. All of you know how well that worked out. We
fought too often. She fell in with Ares's bunch, then fell for that
bastard nature spirit, and well..... She is now gone as well. Everyone
I loved seem to die or disappear.", Urd said while beginning to break down

"You still have your granddaughter and it is obvious that she loves
you.", Belldandy stated.

"I know, and I am grateful for that, it just hurts though that
Nanase and Hiroki can not be here to watch her grow up. I think that
they would like the people that she is with now.", Urd said.

"At least the person you loved, loved you back.", Mara
accidentally said at loud.

"You loved someone?", Skuld said, finally shaking herself out of
the stupor that Urd's story put her in.

"Once....", Mara said, not evening bothering to insult Skuld for
acting so rude.

"Who was he. Did you even tell him?", Urd asked gently.

"I could never do that to her.", Mara said.

"Her?!?", everyone seemed to say.

"But you can't be with another girl, that's perverted.", Skuld
said as Belldandy chastised her.

"Everyone has a right to love whoever they wish Skuld.",
Belldandy stated.

"What couldn't you do to her.", Urd asked, wondering if she
should bring up the subject. One depressed person around here was
enough, even if it was herself.

"We were close, as friends then we broke apart. It was my fault.
I was being petty and jealous, even though I knew she didn't feel the
same towards me.", Mara said.

"Could you tell us her name. Maybe she might be interested, but she
simply doesn't know how you feel.", Urd said while putting her arm around
Mara, who promptly moved away.

"Sorry, I just....", Mara whispered.

"I promise that no one will make fun of you.", Urd said as she
stared at Skuld.

"What?, I didn't do nothing.", Skuld said while sounding like a
certain pig-tailed martial artist.

"You really want to know who I loved?, Mara asked Urd

"Yes, I am sure that I could you.", Urd said.

"The person that I loved was you Urd.", Mara said as everyone,
including Belldandy fell over.

"Me?!? You loved me? How?", Urd asked.

"When we were young you were always nice to me and were always
there when I need help, whenever mother wasn't around to take care of
her 'little mistake'.", Mara said.

"Mistake?", Urd asked.

"Mother never meant to have me. I was just the result of her
fooling around too often, but you cared about me. I guess I do get it
from mother, but I saw nothing wrong with wanting to be with another girl,
regardless of who she was. A demon like me, wanting to be with a
goddess, what a pathetic joke.", Mara sniffled.

"Why then did we fight so much. It almost seemed that you hated me
until recently.", Urd said.

"When I told you that I thought that you being away with your
husband made me mad because I thought he took away my friend, I was
really upset, because you chose to be with someone else, not me.",
Mara said.

"But you just said that you knew I didn't have those feeling for
you then way...", Urd tried to say.

"Because it was easier that's why! You are part demon, so you must
know how tempted it can be to just give into your emotions. I don't have
a goddess half to calm myself down, so I just acted. It was wrong and
it was childish, but it made me feel a little better.", Mara said.

"I never would have guessed. I am so sorry that I hurt you.", Urd
said as Mara snorted.

"It's my fault, and now you know. I guess I'll just leave now. You
have better things to do than be with me.", Mara stated.

"Don't go, please.", Belldandy said.

"I have to.", Mara said as she started to leave the temple, but
was held back by Urd.

"I can never be a lover to you, but I still want and need a friend,
even one that can be a real pain at times.", Urd said to a shocked Mara.

"You still want me around?", Mara said.

"Yes I do, and even you continue to act so pathetic, I'll just have
to kicked your butt until you snap out of it.", Urd said.

Not much more was said that night between Mara and Urd. Mara
decided to not spend the night at the temple. She stayed away for a few
days even, causing Urd to think that Mara had run away. Mara did return,
but she still remained nervous for a few more days.


During that week Urd had checked up twice on Hinako, noting that
the girl was becoming very attractive, which seemed to confuse her
'poor' goddess. Everything should be fine from now on, for Hinako anyway.

"If only Hiroki and Nanase were still here.", Urd thought to herself,
for the millionth time as she noticed that tomorrow was the anniversary of
his disappearance.

Many years ago, Urd had built a small shine on an island in the middle
of the Pacific Ocean. Hiroki had always liked the tropics, but his work did
not allow them to go on vacations for very long. Urd needed the time to be
alone on the island. She still believed Hiroki to be alive, but somehow
staying near the shine and 'talking' to Hiroki when she was near it made her
feel a little better.

"It's been another year Hiroki-chan. I still miss you with all my heart,
but I have some good news for you. I found Hinako-chan, our granddaughter. You
should see her now. She is so cute and will be very beautiful when she grows up in
a couple of weeks.", Urd said as she related the story about what had happened to
Hinako and how the demon that had caused them so many problems was finally dead.

"Hinako is part of a new family now. She still misses her mother, and was
interested in hearing about our life together. Maybe when we are together again
she will not mind spending some time with her 'old' grandparents.", Urd
continued to speak.

"Something else has happened recently, Mara and I are now friends again.
I know I used to talk how much of a pain she was, but I think I now know why
she seemed to be so angry when I was around her. This may sound strange
Hiroki-chan, but she loved me, and not just as a friend. Now don't worry the three
of us won't be together or anything like that.", Urd giggled, imagining the
shocked looked that Hiroki would have had on his face if she had told him such
a thing to his face.

Urd stayed near the shrine until nightfall, when she headed towards the
beach on the south side of the island to view the stars. She remembered all the
times they the two of them had watched them, in their spot near Hiroki's home
years ago. Urd was surprised the Hiroki had not become an astronomer, but
star gazing was just a hobby, and one that, "Was best shared with one that
you love.", he said one night to her.

That was the first night that they made love to each other. They were
not married yet, still going to high school and living with everyone at
the home the Lilith bought. Those days seemed both so close and so faraway
at times. She could still feel how the touch of his hands felt on her skin
that night. It was harder to tell who was more excited that night, Urd
thought as she blushed.

Urd giggled, remembering how nervous the boy was. She was far more
experienced than he was, but that did not matter. He did, after all, follow
instructions quite well. She was perhaps a little too anxious that night, but
it had been a while after all, and of course that had not exactly just met.
Poor Hiroki wasn't too sore the next day.

"I am such a pervert at times.....Thank goodness.", Urd said with a
wicked grin on her face as her mind began to wander.

Urd began to hum a song that she often did when she was alone at
night. It was both sad and a little hopeful. For some reason though, she
felt the need to sing it this night. Maybe it would bring her closer to
Hiroki this night.

"Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me
And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there
Someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another
In that dream somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin' on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there
If love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true"

Urd began to walk back to the shine, to say goodbye for
another year until another voice picked up the song.

"Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me
And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there
Someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another
In that dream somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin' on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there
If love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true"

Turning around in shock, Urd saw someone who she had not seen
in far too long.

"Kozue, you have returned?", Urd whispered as a white cloaked
figure removed it's long hood.

"It's been far too long Urd-chan.", Kozue said, then braced
herself as Urd scooped her up and swung her around.

"Your back, but you said that you wouldn't return until, you
found Hiroki. Did you find him.", Urd said, more excited than she
had been in years.

"I haven't found him yet, but I think that I know where he
might be.", Kozue said.

"Please tell me?, Urd begged as Kozue could barely look at
the hopeful look on Urd's face. If she was wrong, what would it do to
her friend.

There are two worlds, that are usually inaccessible from here,
or most places for that matter. The gods there are quite petty and
jealous. They do not want their followers to be exposed to new
ideas, but their control is slipping. I think that Hiroki might be
on one of those worlds. I will have to check though.", Kozue said

"I want to go with you.", Urd said as Kozue shook her head.

"You know that your place is here with your new family. Watch
over your granddaughter. If I find Hiroki-chan, I promise I will do
whatever I can to bring him back, or if I can not I will return here
for you.", Kozue said.

"As long as you are sure that he is there.", Urd said.

"Remember the vision that I had years ago. When your grand
daughter is returned to you, the other will follow. She is now
returned and Xverfm is dead.", Kozue said.

"Before you leave for those worlds, can you stay a little while? I
wouldn't mind knowing what you have been doing all these years.", Urd
asked her old friend.

"I have doing the same thing that the girl Kasumi, which you have
met has been doing. I have traveled to so many places, not just looking for
Hiroki, as I wanted to, but helping others straighten out their lives. I even
arranged for a certain catboy to meet his new mate.", Kozue grinned.

"Let me guess, Lilith took a liking to Nabiki and decided to help her
out as well.", Urd said.

"Lilith-san seems to be attracted to 'flawed souls' as she calls us.
I was a little obsessed with Hiroki, and Nabiki was becoming more interested
in that boy Ranma. Lilith did not just want to grant her new abilities, for
fear that she would end up like I did.", Kozue sighed.

"So she arranged for that Kasumi girl to find Ranko and introduce
her to Nabiki?", Urd asked wary that some sort of magic may have been used
to cause Nabiki and Ranko to fall in love.

"Well I provided the shared dream as Lilith-san asked me to, but you
have my word that no love magic was used.", Kozue grinned.

"You knew I was thinking about that? Am I that predictable now?",
Urd said.

"No, but I have been looking at some of your efforts at getting your
sister and her boyfriend together and how badly some of these efforts did
turn out.", Kozue chided Urd.

"I suppose I made a few mistakes, but I just wanted the two of them to
feel what Hiroki and I felt when we were together.", Urd sighed.

"Then let them find their own way, without either you or Skuld
bothering them. They will be together soon enough.", Kozue said.

"I hope so.", Urd said as Kozue stepped up to her and Hugged her
before drawing her cloak close to her.

"Remember I promised you that I would find Hiroki and I will not break
that promise to you, now I must leave.", Kozue said.

Kozue left Urd to her own thoughts shortly thereafter and Urd
returned to her temple home, while not revealing what Kozue had
told her. There was no sense in getting everyone excited if
Kozue was wrong. The hard part was going to hide her emotions though.
There was so much that she want to show Hiroki in the decades that he had
been missing, and if Nanase could be found too, maybe all of them could
find a home to be together in. It was something to think about anyway.

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