Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Angel and the Rose Chapter 5 ( Chapter 19 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This side story is set during the week before Hinako's final transformation
and will include some material that was originally shown in Chapter 12 of the
main story.


Little Angel Lost Side story #2: Angel and the Rose Part 5

After the surprise exclamation of the 3 catgirl teenagers and the
glomping of Mousse and Nuku Nuku, everyone was stunned into silence for a
few moments before everyone started speaking at once. This continued for a
few more minutes before Mousse, of all people, managed to make his voice
heard above all of the others.

"Now just stop it! There is no way that these girls are Nuku Nuku's
and my children. Nuku Nuku is a robot or, cyborg, not a real girl. I mean
even if she is anatomically correct and quite playful that doesn't....er..
heh......never mind just forget what I said.", Mousse stated as everyone
was now staring at him and a blushing Nuku Nuku.

"My, my I was beginning to wonder why you and Nuku Nuku were always
taking your breaks at the same time.", Cologne said to Mousse with an evil
grin on her face.

"Sounds like bad Mousse take advantage to robot girl. Shampoo think
Nuku Nuku no interested in such things before coming here.", Shampoo said
while glaring at Mousse and cracking her knuckles.

"Wait a minute it's not my fault. It was Nuku Nuku's idea to begin
with. Not that I complained mind you, but I didn't start anything.", Mousse
said while looking very nervous.

"Shampoo here that one before. Maybe Mousse need to be smacked up
side the head a few dozens times to learn to behave himself.

Off to the side Kodachi was tempted to say something but was really
unsure who if anyone was at fault. Not to mention the fact that the boy
claiming to be with the catgirl, who Kodachi did not know was some sort of
machine, was really outside any experience that she had had in life.

World of Elegance, or Yumi in her present form, just seemed amused by
the whole thing. She seemed surprised at first, but a few seconds later her
expression changed to an amused grin, almost as if she knew everything that
was going on. Having a direct link to Asgard's super computer helped
after all.

As Shampoo was just about to begin "teaching Mousse a lesson", she
found herself stopped by Nuku Nuku.

"Don't hit him. He told the truth, it was my idea to "do things" with
him.", Nuku Nuku said.

"Are you sure child. That is most unlike you. You did not seem
interested in such things when you first arrived here.", Cologne said.

"Nuku Nuku not even really know about such things before coming here,
but Nuku Nuku become interested when Nuku Nuku found interesting magazine
in Shampoo-chan's room when Nuku Nuku was looking for her one day.", the
catgirl said while trying to keep from blushing any more.

"Did you now. So tell me what was it that my dear great granddaughter
was keeping in her room.", Cologne said with a smirk as all eyes were now
on Shampoo.

"Nuku Nuku find 'this'.", Nuku Nuku said as she pulled a magazine out
of nowhere and handed it to Cologne.

"I wondered where that went.", Shampoo said then quickly slammed her
hands over her mouth.

As Cologne looked over the magazine her eyes kept getting bigger and
bigger before she finally shut the magazine her shook her head to clear
her thoughts.

"Well I must say the Japanese as certainly very creative in some
areas..... Yes definitely creative.", Cologne said.

Her curiosity getting the better of her, Kodachi managed to take the
magazine from Cologne in order to get a better look at it.

"Naughty Catgirls.....oh my.", Kodachi said as she looked at the cover
of the magazine.

Quickly looking through it Kodachi found that this particular
magazine seemed to be filled with pictures of young women wearing various
"outfits" that gave them the appearance of catgirls. Said catgirls then
seemed to participate in various "activities" with various men and some
women as well.

"Since Nuku Nuku is a catgirl, sort of. Nuku Nuku was curious to
try some of the things in the magazine and Mousse was nice enough to help
out Nuku Nuku.", Nuku Nuku said.

"Yes, how nice of him.", Cologne said in a sarcastic tone of voice,
as the three catgirls giggled in response.

"Mama and papa always doing naughty things like that. Luckily
grandpa and grandma built house with sound proof walls for mama and papa
or we would never get any sleep.", one of the triplets said.

"Too much information.", Shampoo grumbled.

"Yes it was too hard for us three and our other brothers and sisters
to sleep sometimes.", one of the triplets, Grape, said.

There are more of you?", Cologne asked.

"Yes mama have six other children besides us.", Violet said as Mousse
began to look rather pale.

"Oh my nine children, that certainly is a lot.", Cologne said, while
trying desperately not to laugh out loud at the expression on Mousse's face.
She did have a reputation to uphold after all.

Hearing that, Mousse suddenly decided that now would be a very good
time to take a nap.


"Well great granddaughter I believe that this means you will finally
be free of Mousse's attentions.", Cologne said to Shampoo, before noticing
that she was no longer standing next to her.

"Now where did she go? Oh never mind.", Cologne snorted as she
noticed Shampoo bounding around the cafe doing a "Snoopy Happy Dance",
as some very familiar piano music was somehow playing in the background.

As Cologne was watching Shampoo, and Nuku Nuku was trying to wake up
Mousse, neither noticed two new people entering the cafe. One was a
"scruffy" looking Japanese man in his late 30's or early 40's and the other
was a 12 year old Japanese girl with short brown hair.

"Grandpa!! Eimi-chan!!", the 3 catgirls shouted out as they bounded over
to the two new guests.

"Well what to we have here? Has Akiko been creating new cyborgs?",
middle aged man said.

"If she has she hasn't told me.", the younger girl said.

"Papa-san!", Nuku Nuku shouted out from across the cafe and
bounced over to the man with the others following.

"Papa-san, Papa-san, Nuku Nuku now have children!", the catgirl said
as she bounced up and down in excitement.

"Stupid fluff brain catgirl you can't have children.", little 12 year
old girl said in annoyance.

"Ah you must be Cologne, Atsuko has told me much about you. I am her
"father", Kyousuke Natsumi, and this is Eimi Yoshikawa.", the man said
as Cologne approached the pair.

"Please have a seat, we have much to talk about.", Cologne said as she
led the pair into the cafe.

A short time later.

"I see, so this is what is occurring. Well this ties in quite nicely
with what I came here to tell Atsuko about.", Professor Natsume said to

"What papa-san what to tell Nuku Nuku", the catgirl said.

"Atsuko I have good news, professor Washu said she is ready for
you if you wish to become "real".", the professor said.

"Yeah Nuku Nuku can become real girl!", the catgirl said as she
began to dance around the cafe with her daughters.

"I wonder how Akiko will take the news of now being a "grandmother",
the professor mumbled to himself.

"How is that even possible?", Mousse said, finally regaining

"That is complicated to explain.", the professor said.

"And I thought Nerima would become calmer what with Ranma-sama no
longer having to decide on a fiancée.", Kodachi whispered to Yumi.

"I am afraid that won't be happening anytime soon.", Yumi said
to Kodachi with a smirk on her face.

"Now as for you girls. It was unwise to return to the past. Your
presence could affect the future in ways that are difficult to predict.",
the professor said to the triplets, who pouted in response.

"Don't worry grandpa, we know what we are doing. We are not as
incompetent as that green haired stick wielder in the next district.",
Violet said to the professor.

Over in Juuban, a certain green haired stick....er I mean Sensei
sneezed and had the impression that she had just been insulted.

Back at the Cafe.

"If fluff brain gets to have children then I want some too.",
Eimi said while looking at Mousse.

"I'm not into Lolis.", Mousse said while laughing nervously.

"Eimi-chan even if Professor Washu made you "real", you would still
only be 12. That is far too young to have children. You would first have
to find someone your own age to be with, then when the both of you are
older you could start thinking about a family if you are still together.",
the professor said.

"But I don't know anyone my own age....Oh wait a minute there is one
boy that I know.", Eimi said with a wicked grin on her face, which looked
more than a little disturbing on a 12 year old.

Some miles away at his elementary school, one 12 year old
Ryuunosuke Natsume just felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

"I have a feeling father just said or did something, very
stupid again.", Ryuunosuke mumbled out loud.

"Are you alright Ryuu-chan?", a girlish voice said from
behind him.

"Oh yeah I'm fine, no prob....", the boy tried to say but he
faltered when he saw just who had spoken to him.

Sakura Kinomoto was considered by just about all of the boys
in his elementary school to be the cutest and the sweetest girl there.
Combine this with Ryuunosuke's as yet unconfessed crush and you have the
perfect situation for mental BSOD, which the poor boy had just suffered.

"Ryuu-chan, Ryuu-chan. Are you alright?", Sakura asked the still
unresponsive Ryuunosuke.

"Allow me.", a boy next to Sakura said.


"Heh stop that.", the now aware Ryuunosuke said.

"Cute girl next to you talking to you. Pay attention fool.",
the boy said in a faltering voice as he too was rather "distracted"
by Sakura.

"I'm sorry Kinomoto-san, was there something you wanted to ask
me.", Ryuunosuke said, causing Sakura to frown and the boy to begin
to feel nervous.

"Ryuu-chan you know I like to be called Sakura-chan, can you
call me that.", Sakura said while emitting serious "cuteness rays"
at the poor defenseless boy.

"O..O..Okay Sakura-chan.", Ryuunosuke said.

"See that wasn't so hard, now come with me I want to talk to
you.", Sakura said as she grabbed the boy by his hand and pulled
him out of his seat with very little effort, much to his surprise.

This caused a certain dark haired girl across the room to begin
to growl, and those around her to begin to move slowly away.

Unwisely looking towards the source of the growl, Ryuunosuke
noticed that it had come from Sakura's "friend", one Tomoyo Daidouji.
He unconsciously gulped when he also noticed that the girl was now
glaring at him with the "Glowing Eyes of Doom", (TM), as her hair also
began to rise and float all on its own as if blown by some ethereal wind.

"Ryuu-chan can you help me with a problem?", Sakura asked Ryuunosuke
once they were in a corner of the room where on was sitting.

"What sort of problem?", the nervous boy asked.

"Well, I don't know if you've noticed but Tomoyo-chan has been
asking kind of strange lately.", Sakura said.

"Yeah, I kind of noticed.", Ryuunosuke said as he looked over at the
demonic...er I mean sweet girl Tomoyo, who was now mouthing the words,
"Die, Boy!", to him.

"Teacher, Daidouji-san is being scary again.", one the braver or more
foolish, depending on how you looked at it, students said.

The teacher sighed and open the drawer to his desk containing a
tranquilizer gun and some darts. He really hoped "Little Miss Yandere",
behaved herself today for once.

Trying to ignore Tomoyo, Ryuunosuke asked Sakura, "So what is it you
want me to do?"

"Well, I've known Tomoyo-chan for a long time and she was always
close to me, but she is beginning to worry me. She really doesn't have any
other friends besides me, so she is a little over protective.", Sakura

"That's one way of putting it.", Ryuunosuke said as he remembered
how Tomoyo reacted last time Sakura-chan spent any time taking to a boy
in or outside of class. Fortunately the bite marks on his arm weren't
serious and Daidouji-san did test negative for rabies, which kind of
surprised more that one member of the class.

"I mean, I've gotten used to all of the pictures she likes to take
of me and all the outfits she makes for me, but I'm getting worried that
she thinks I'm interested in her as more that a friend. Yesterday I caught
her trying to take pictures of me when I was in the shower after P.E.",
Sakura said while blushing.

"Oh dear....", Ryuunosuke said while trying to get that mental
picture out of his head.

"So I was thinking that maybe if you could pretend to be my
boyfriend maybe Tomoyo-chan could see that I don't feel that way about her
and she could move on to find someone else.", Sakura said to a stunned

"You want me to be your boyfriend?", Ryuunosuke accidentally shouted
out loud attracting the attention of everyone in the room, including a certain

"What! I refuse to allow such a thing to take place.", Tomoyo said
as she leapt out of her seat and a rather scary looking black aura began
to form around her.

"Oh crap!", exclaimed several of the students around her as they
began to look for cover.

"No one should be with Sakura-chan except for me.", Tomoyo said in
a menacing voice as dust and small objects on the floor began to levitate
and move around her in a circular fashion.

Across the room Sakura had stepped in front of Ryuunosuke and was
gripping her shrunken wand in her pocket, hoping that she would not need
to use it on her poor confused friend.

"Time to die boy, RAAAWWWRRR", Tomoyo exclaimed as she leapt towards
the pair.

"EEP.", eeped Ryuunosuke.

(Phoot) (Phoot)


Everyone began to slightly calm down as they looked at the now
"sleeping" Tomoyo Daidouji, who now had two tranquilizer darts sticking
out of her.

The teacher gathered his student off of the floor and began to take
her to the nurse's office for the 2nd time this week. He was really glad
he had so many witnesses or it would be really difficult to explain the
principal and the P.T.A. while he had to tranquilize one of his students
so often.

"Maybe Daidouji-san should change classes.", one girl said.

"Or maybe schools.", one boy said.

"Or even countries.", a second girl offered.

"Why do I get the feeling my life is only going to get more
complicated from now on.", Ryuunosuke said.

Back at the Cat Cafe, the young cyborg girl Eimi Yoshikawa,
suddenly had a strange urge to hurt someone who had just tried to damage
something that belonged to her. She wasn't sure who this person was or why
someone would ever be stupid enough to try and take something that belonged
to her.

A quick self diagnostic confirmed that she was not malfunctioning in
anyway, so what ever caused this feeling must be real. She decided to
investigate this odd sensation more in depth at a later time.

"So you are the young man that Atsuko seems to be fond of.",
Professor Natsume said while studying Mousse.

"He looks like a dork if you ask me. Those huge glasses and white
robe are definitely not in style.", Eimi said.

"Don't pick on ducky he is very nice to Nuku Nuku and is even like
a cat too.", the cyborg catgirl said while hugging Mousse.

"He is like a cat?", Eimi said, not seeing what the pink fluff
brained catgirl was babbling on about now.

"Yeah, he is very good at using his tongue like a cat is.", Nuku
Nuku said with pride as Shampoo took that moment to turn a fascinating
shade of green.

"Shampoo really don't want to hear about that.", the now somewhat
ill Shampoo said.

As the future in-laws continued to speak to one another, Kodachi
and World of Elegance excused themselves and began to leave the cafe.
They had to return Mr. Turtle to Kodachi's home. Who knows what trouble
a large alligator could get into if he continued to wander around by

They immediately noticed that Mr. Turtle was not near the front
of the cafe where they left him. Hearing noises form the alley way near
the entrance they followed it to behind the cafe, where they found Mr.
Turtle surrounded by empty Chinese take out food cartons and what
appeared to be a fair amount of light blond hair sticking out from his

"Oh dear.", World of Elegance said, having a bad feeling about this.

"Bad Mr. Turtle, mama has told you to stop eating people. Now you
spit that person out right now or no more Kobe beef steaks for you.",
Kodachi said placing her hands on her hips and glaring at Mr. Turtle.

A few seconds later a loud "horuck" sound echoed throughout the
alley as a small blond haired object shot of the alligators mouth and
landed a dozen feet away with a wet squishy sound.

The object in question turned out to be a rather attractive, if
somewhat slimy at the moment, teenage girl wearing an almost too
cutesy pink dress.

"Ah icky! Poor little Azusa is sticky and slimy now. Bad Mr.
Chartruse you no try and eat Azusa-chan.", the confused little ice
skater said as she approached Mr. Turtle and tried to pull him out
of the alley by his collar.

For his part Mr. Turtle did not seem all that upset about spitting
out his snack while mumbling something about it being too sweet anyway.

Not wanting to deal with the little pest at the moment,
Kodachi pulled her new whip out of no where and wrapped the far end
around Azusa. She then yanked hard on the whip and began to move
it around in a circular motion faster and faster.

As Azusa became nothing more that a pink and blond blur, Kodachi
yanked hard on the whip causing Azusa to arc off way into the distance.
With the temporary nuisance now gone. Kodachi and World of Elegance
continued to walk Mr. Turtle back to the Kuno estate.

As the three approached the entrance to the Kuno estate, they
stopped short. One of the gates appeared to have been blown off of its
hinges and there were scorch marks scattered throughout the front
lawn and gardens of the estate as far as they could see.

World of Elegance was about to have the other two members of
her party stand back while she explored the estate on her own when
Mr. Turtle spoke up.

"Don't worry too much about the damage, it was caused by that
nice god Ares-sama when he was dealing with your baka brother and that
Hawaiian obsessed idiot.", Mr. Turtle said to Kodachi.

"So much damage....... It appears as if every trap in the estate
has been set off.", Kodachi said as World of Elegance began to wonder
why one would have so many traps to begin with guarding one's home.

The three began to relax a little until they heard the faint
sounds of someone groaning. Approaching the front door to the manor
itself they noticed that the door was halfway open and a small figure
was laying on the ground in a heap.

The figure was dressed in a black ninja outfit and was tied up
with several thin silk ropes. Several bruises could be seen in the
parts of his outfit that had been torn away.

"Mistress Kodachi is that you?", the figure said weakly, while
trying to sit up, which proved to be rather futile considering its
present bonds.

World of Elegance made a quick cutting motion with one of her
hands and the bonds holding the small ninja fell apart into several

A few more quick gestures and the wounds, which were luckily all
minor, instantly closed up on the small ninja.

"Sasuke had did you become injured?", Kodachi asked with a lot
of concern in her voice.

"My apologies mistress, I tried to prevent your father and
brother from harming your pet but they overpowered me and left me
laying in the doorway. I heard several explosion from nearby until
I lost consciousness. I am sorry I do not know what happened
afterwards.", Sasuke said to a now very angry Kodachi.

"Don't worry grandpa it wasn't your fault.", Mr. Turtle said
to a now staring Sasuke.

"I appear to have been injured more than I thought mistress. I do
believe that I heard your pet speak to me.", said a very confused Sasuke.

"Much has happened while you were injured. I am curious though, why
does Mr. Turtle refer to you as grandpa?", Kodachi said to Sasuke, who
for some reason was beginning to sweat quite profusely.

"I am afraid that is quite a long story mistress and one I was
hoping that I would not have to tell you.", Sasuke said as he stood up
began to try and move around.


A world away a young girl of about 9 or 10 with long blond hair,
wearing short pleated skirt and a short sleeve sweater was looking down
on a curious white rabbit / cat like creature. She seemed fascinated by
the creatures purple eyes. The creature in turn seemed quite interested in
her eyes, with the left one being red and the right one green.

"Hello Vivio I am pleased to meet you.", the creature said in a
smooth, almost seductive male voice.

"You know who I am?", the young girl said a curious tone of voice.

"Indeed I do. My name is Kyubey and I have come here to offer you
a great gift.", the little white creature said.

"Oh, a gift, what is it.", Vivio said in an excited tone of voice.

"I offer you the gift of magic. You have been chosen for a great
quest and you will be able to help many people with your powers.", the
creature said.

"I already have magic though. Would you like to see it?", Vivio
said while being someone disappointed in Kyubey's offer.

"Odd, how I did not know that already. Very well let me see your
abilities if you don't mind.", Kyubey said in an interested tone of

"Cris, come out.", the little girl said as what appeared to be
a stuffed rabbit materialized by her side.

"Sacred Heart.. Set up!", the girl exclaimed as a burst of light
spread out from her.

The little cat / rabbit creature watched in fascination as first
the girl's clothes seemed to explode off of her in typical magical girl
fashion. What wasn't typical was the fact that she was now growing taller
and aging into a young woman of about 16.... A very well build young woman
wearing a tight black full body outfit.

"Whoa....", Kyubey said, his mind going temporarily blank.

"What do you think?", the now older and very attractive girl
said with pride in her voice.

"B..b...booo....boobs!", the creature said in a daze.

"Eh!?!", Vivio said not sure that she heard the creature right.

"SWEETO!", the creature exclaimed leaping towards Vivio with a
very lecherous expression on its face.

"Ah, a hentai bunny!", Vivio yelled out trying to dodge away from
the now "not so nice" creature.

"Divine Buster!!!", a young female voice yelled out from behind
Vivio as a blue particle beam slammed into Kyubey and blew him back
several dozen yards.

"Nanoha mama!", Vivio yelled out while turning around to see
her "mother", young woman in her late teens, early twenties with long
wavy brown hair, dark blue eyes, and holding a large gold glowing staff
with a large red gem near the top of it.

"Stay right where you are Vivio-chan and let me deal with this
little creature.", Nanoha said as she walked nearer to Kyubey with her
staff changing shape as she approached him.

The staff lengthened as an opening appeared in the top of the
staff resembling a very wide shotgun barrel.

"Raising heart, load six cartridges.", the young woman said to
the staff.

"With pleasure master.", the staff said in a feminine voice while
cackling in a very disturbing fashion.

"Um that might be overdoing it a bit.", Vivio said as looked for
something solid to hide behind.

"The...the White Devil.", Kyubey said in fear as Nanoha approach
him then picked him up by his collar.

"I don't like that name.", Nanoha said while glaring at him.

"Of course...My deepest apologies. If you let me go I promise to
never return to this dimension.", Kyubey said in a panicked tone
of voice.

"Not good enough I'm afraid. You must be punished for all of the
lived that you have ruined and all of the innocent young girls killed
because of your "gifts". Prey to whatever gods you worship, because you
will not be leaving here alive.", Nanoha said as she then tossed the
little creature high into the air and aimed her staff at him.

"Raising Heart, fire Starlight Breaker, maximum power.", Nanoha
said as Vivio managed to hide behind a large ground transport.

"With pleasure master, let's vaporize the little (censored).",
Raising Heart responded in glee.

"I swear that staff is evil.", Vivio said as a large multi-colored
light flew out from the end of the staff and struck Kyubey dead
center. Less than a second later the creature was blown into dust.

"Consider yourself 'befriended".", Nanoha said with a satisfied
expression on her face.

"Oh my that was very impressive Nanoha-san.", a feminine voice
said from behind Nanoha.

Nanoha spun around and found herself facing a young woman of about
19 with long red hair with silver streaks in it. She had two large black
and white wings on her back and was wearing some sort of Greek of Roman
style armor.

"Who are you?", Nanoha asked in a wary tone of voice.

"My name is Katrina Saotome and I have a favor to ask of you, and
your lovely Wife Fate.", the winged stranger said to Nanoha.

To be continued.

Author's Note:

With this chapter now complete I'm done with the happenings
surrounding the amazons and Nuku Nuku for now, but as you can tell
from the last section of this chapter, other events will soon be
taking place, most likely in a few more chapters.

Next chapter will probably focus mostly on Kodachi and World
of Elegance. That is unless I can think of more ways to increase the
already large number of chapters in this side story.

On another note this chapter should have been out earlier, but I
became distracted by the Olympics on TV, some family problems and
spending way to much time on the TV tropes website. If you value your
free time do not go there and you will find that the hours have
somehow fled by and it is now much later than you thought it was.

On a final note, I hope you enjoy this chapter and I will see you

Ryo Oki