Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Angel and the Rose Chapter 4 ( Chapter 18 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This side story is set during the week before Hinako's final transformation
and will include some material that was originally shown in Chapter 12 of the
main story.


Little Angel Lost Side story #2: Angel and the Rose Part 4

There was a brief flash of light and Kodachi, her pet and World
of Elegance found themselves back in Nerima. Unfortunately it was not
back at the Kuno estate as they hoped it would be.

"Oh dear, we are by Lake Nerima. I am afraid we are quite far from
my family home.", Kodachi said.

"This has got to be the strangest district in Tokyo. With land costing
so much here how can there be so many parks, open gravel pits and other
quarries, not to the mention a lake of all things.", World of Elegance
asked in confusion.

Kodachi could only shrug her shoulders in reply. Truth be told she
had never even thought of such things. Wasn't all of Tokyo like Nerima
after all?

"Can you bring us to my Estate Angel-san?", Kodachi asked.

"No, I am afraid your pet is way to large for me to either try and
fly with or teleport with back to your home. I suppose I could contact Urd,
but I really don't want to have to deal with how cranky she would most
likely be if she found out we were in Asgard and the changes Ares made to
your pet. It's probably best if we just walk back.", World of Elegance
said as she failed to notice how people were beginning to stare at her
and her two companions as they walked away from the lake.

After a short while though all three did begin to notice that they
were attracting more than a little attention.

"I think your standing out a little much.", Mr. Turtle said to
World of Elegance in his Cajun accent.

"So sayeth the 20 foot long talking alligator.", World of Elegance
said with a smirk.

"Ahem... Perhaps you do have a point.", Mr. Turtle said while

"Sigh... I suppose it would be best if I altered my appearance
somewhat. I certainly do not wish do deal with that rather unpleasant
psychotic priest that seems to be bothering Ranma and Kasumi as of late.
I swear that boy should just vaporize the nuisance. No one would miss
such an unpleasant person after all.", World of Elegance said as her
form began to blur.

When she was done World of Elegance looked like a young woman in
her early 20's with long black hair with silver strips running through
it. She was wearing a short black miniskirt and white peasant blouse with
accentuated her rather curvy figure quite nicely.

Those who knew her goddess Urd, would have commented that she and her
angel obviously share a similar sense of fashion if they were to have seen
World of Elegance at that moment.

"Well I suppose this will have to do. At least no one will be staring
at me while I am in this form.", World of Elegance said as she missed
seeing a young man walking into a light post across the street while
looking at her.

Kodachi felt briefly jealous of her angel friend's appearance before
banishing that feeling. Of course an angel would be attractive to look at.

"If you don't mind Kodachi-chan, could you call me Yumi Touma while I am
in this form. It is a name I have used before when I traveled in disguise.
People might think it odd if they overhear you calling my "angel-san" as
we are walking together.

"Would it be to informal to call you Yumi?", Kodachi asked.

"Only if you do not mind me calling you Kodachi.", World of Elegance
said to the now rather pleased looking gymnast.

"I would like that.", Kodachi said with a smile.

Some time later the group of three finally made their way to a
more familiar part of Nerima. Mr. Turtle was starting to attract too much
attention and he sent Nerima's poor animal control officer running and
screaming off into the difference when Mr. Turtle began talking to him.
You would think he would be a little more use to strange animals
appearing in Nerima. After all, he was the one responsible for rounding
up that young Tendo girl's strange cooking experiments that got loose
and tried to eat a few stray animals on occasion.

As they neared the Cat Cafe Mr. Turtle tried once again to be polite
but the results were not what he had hoped for.

"Hello Chinese peasant girl.", Mr. Turtle said to Shampoo, who was
outside the Cafe sweeping the walkway.

Shampoo looked at the alligator, blinked once, looked at the ground,
blinked once more, then fainted right on the ground surprising everyone

"That was unexpected. Must be having a rough day I guess.", "Yumi"
said as she picked Shampoo off the ground and walked into the Cafe with
Kodachi next to her.

Mr. Turtle had to stay outside. Its hard to fit a 20 foot alligator
through the front doors after all.

A little while earlier:

Shampoo was outside the Cafe sweeping the front walk, and judging
from the expression on her face, was not in a happy mood to say the least.
Truth be told she was incredibly frustrated as of late.

Not long ago her life seemed so simple: Become the village champion,
celebrate her victory, find a decent man to marry in a year or two and
eventually become part of the ruling council like her ancestors have been
for the past 400 years.

Things had not gone according got plan though. First their was a
certain redhead who easily defeated Shampoo then fled. Said redhead
turned out to be a cute, if not too bright boy. Shampoo could deal with
this. Most of the boys in the village were not exactly brilliant.

Said boy now though was a god or goddess. Shampoo still wasn't
quite sure on that point. Shampoo had been freed from the kiss of
marriage and her curse by Ranma's new fiancée, Kasumi, who was also now
a goddess or something like that.

At least her idiot admirer, Mousse was now being pursued by a
robot catgirl that her great grandmother had hired as a waitress. Of
course said catgirl now got better tips than she did.

Her formal rivals were no more. One had left the dimension to be
with an alternate version of her mother and the other was now dating
another girl.

That left only one daily problem to deal with and Shampoo hoped
that she didn't "bounce" on by today. Its a shame her hopes were to be
dashed yet again.

Boing Boing Bounce Stomp Splat.

"Shampoo getting really tired of this shit.", Shampoo sighed
as she pulled herself off the ground after being used as a spring
board by a former mercenary catgirl.

Running up to her and helping her off the ground again was
the catboy Ranko who looked liked a feline version of Ranma, or least
Shampoo always thought so.

"Please excuse Nabiki-chan, Shampoo-san, she got into the catnip
yet again, even after I hid it so well. Perhaps I should just throw it
away. IF you need anything please just asked.", Ranko said as he made
two simple gestures which Shampoo was not quite familiar with.

The gestures were part of spell that instantly cleaned and mended
your clothes if they were damaged. Ranko tried to say more to Shampoo
but she just waved him off. She really didn't want to deal with the cats
anymore than she had too.

It was bad enough that they were both faster and Ranko was stronger
than she was. The fact that he knew magic and was teaching it to Nabiki
was more than frustrating.

When she had arrived in Nerima, Shampoo was one of the strongest
residents, now she was unsure where she stood.

"Shampoo swear if Shampoo seen one more weird thing today then
Shampoo going fall over.", Shampoo said.

About five minutes later Shampoo saw the crazy rose girl walking by
with some other older girl and her large alligator. Shampoo tried to
ignore them and was succeeding until the large green thing turned
its head towards her and spoke.

When that happened Shampoo decided then and there that this day was
was officially fubar and it was name time to take a nap.


Leaving Mr. Turtle outside the two young women walked into the
cafe. Cologne's eyes practically popped out of her head when she felt
the aura of the woman who was carrying Shampoo. This was obviously one
of the goddesses or one of the angels that appeared to be visiting
Nerima a lot lately.

Cologne hoped that Shampoo's present state was not the result of
doing anything foolish to the disguised immortal.

"Pardon the intrusion but we found this young lady unconscious
outside.", "Yumi" said as she laid Shampoo down at one of the benches
near the front door.

Before Cologne could answer the angel an annoying nuisance made
itself known.

Mousse had just come in through the back door and saw his "beloved"
Shampoo being carried by some foreign girl and that "psychotic"
gymnast. Putting 2 and 2 together and getting 6.8, he came to the
conclusion that they had attacked her and brought her back to gloat about
their conquest. Well there was only one response to that insult.

"How dare you attack my dear Shampoo!", Mousse screamed as he
launched several chains towards the two young woman.

In response to this Cologne said something VERY impolite and was
about to deflect the chains when the tip of what looked like a glowing
whip flew past her and slammed into the chains knocking them aside and
causing a blur bolt of energy to flow through the chains back into Mousse.

The energy bolt blew him back through the back door and into a
concrete wall behind the cafe, making a Mousse-sized indentation in the
process. He was also twitching quite nicely as several arcs of
electricity moved across his body.

Cologne eyed the weapon and could feel a vast amount of magic
flowing through it. Such a weapon is rare even amongst the amazons
storehouse of artifacts. Of course given that the gymnast was now
standing besides one of the immortals, this might give a hint as to
where she had acquired such a weapon.

"What a rude young man. Does he always attack everyone who comes
into this establishment?", "Yumi" asked in distain, causing Cologne to
become nervous.

Lesson number one when dealing with immortals is do not do anything
to make them angry, Cologne had been taught when she was young.

"Please forgive the foolish boy's actions honored one, he does not
realize what he is doing.", Cologne said as she got off of her staff
and bowed to "Yumi".

"You realize I'm not human. I am impressed I had heard that the
Amazon elders were quite perceptive.", Yumi said as her form blurred back
to her natural state.

Cologne could see that she had been right. This was one of the angels
that had been seen in Nerima lately. Now all she needed to do was find out
why this angel was with the gymnast Kodachi and how her Shampoo fit into
this mess. Cologne had a feeling she would need a drink by the time this
was done.

It was about this time that Shampoo began to wake up and noticed
who and what was near here.

"Aiyah, an angel!", Shampoo exclaimed and tried to back away in
surprise. She was still half asleep and tripped over her own feet causing
her to fall over.

Before she hit the ground she felt two strong arms grab hold of her
and set her down gently. The arms belonged to the angel who looked at her
with large green eyes showing concern.

"There is no need to be afraid, after all I am the one who brought
you inside here to begin with.", the angel said in a tone of voice that left
Shampoo feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Kodachi felt a brief pang of jealousy at not being the one being held
like that before shaking the silly thought from her head. Honestly what
was wrong with her as of late.

On the other hand if Ranma's goddess form had held her like that, well
then she could see herself snuggling up to her form quite willingly, Kodachi
thought as she briefly blushed.

Finally getting her bearings as it were and noticing that Kodachi did
not seem surprised in the least to be standing next to an immortal of all
things she asked the obvious question, "How did crazy rose girl end up
being with angel?".

Cologne sighed at her great granddaughter's lack to tact and
said, "Perhaps we should move away from the door and make ourselves
more comfortable before we start asking questions.", Cologne said as she
locked the front door, then went over to Shampoo and dragged her into the
kitchen by her ear.

"Please make yourselves comfortable while Shampoo and I get some
refreshments for all of us.", Cologne said.

They returned to the dining room shortly thereafter with Shampoo
looking properly chastised. Kodachi and World of Elegance could not
clearly hear what Cologne and Shampoo were talking about in the kitchen
but it was clear that the elder Amazon was quite upset at Shampoo and
was lecturing her, probably on proper manners World of Elegance guessed.

Cologne had not bothered even waking up Mousse though. He was simply
splashed and locked in a cage outside, where hopefully he would remain
silent and not cause anymore trouble for anyone else.

Kodachi began to tell her tale as to how she met World of Elegance
and how the both of them ended up in Asgard. As she continued the tale
Kodachi could not help but notice that Shampoo began to twitch more and
more as her tale continued. She could not figure out why the girl was acting
this way, but from the smiles on Cologne's and World of Elegance's faces
they obviously knew why the girl was acting so strangely.

Outside the cafe, Mr. Turtle has moved off the sidewalk and down a
narrow alley that he barely fit through, to the back of the cafe. He was
tired of people seeing him then running away in the opposite direction.

As he exited the alley, he began to smell something rather
enticing. Someone had left a duck "dinner" right behind the cafe for him
to find. The duck appeared to be asleep but as he nudged the cage it woke
up and began to quack quite loudly when it noticed a large green alligator
looking at it.

As he was deciding whether or not to eat the duck, who smelled a little
like a human as well for some reason, the cage was suddenly yanked off the
ground and was now being held by a strange looking pink haired girl, who had
just rode up on bicycle.

"Sorry Mr. Alligator you can not eat Mousse, he not really duck, but
Nuku Nuku have good Chinese food for you.", Nuku Nuku said as she put
several cartons of food in front of the alligator.

Mr. Turtle looked at the duck then at the food, which smelled a lot
better than the duck did and began to eat it as Nuku Nuku carried Mousse
back into the cafe.

When she entered the cafe Nuku Nuku noticed the nice old lady and her
somewhat strange granddaughter talking to another girl and an angel of all
things. Nuku Nuku set Mousse down in the kitchen and opened the cage.

She splashed him with warm water from the sink then they both silently
listened to the story that Kodachi was telling.

When Kodachi finished her story, Cologne was impressed by what had
happened to the gymnast, and more than a little surprised. Privately she
had thought the girl to be about as useful as her brother was, but if the
gods saw fit to train the girl, then perhaps she had missed something.

With the story over, Shampoo had quickly run up the stairs and slammed
the door to her room. A few minutes later several muffled thumping noises
could be heard followed by what sounded like someone jumping on the floor.
This was followed by the sounds of something rather large be shattered.

"What is that girl doing up there?", Cologne mumbled out loud.

A few minutes earlier, Shampoo had heard enough. It took all of her
willpower not to run around the cafe screaming her head off. Instead she
ran up the stairs to her room as fast as she could and slammed the door
behind her. She threw herself on her bed and screamed into her pillow and
she began to pound her fists and feet into the bed.

"Its not fair, why stupid rose girl get power up? Shampoo much better
fighter. Shampoo much better looking and Shampoo not crazy like rose girl.",
Shampoo thought as she rolled off the bed and jumped up and down on the
floor in frustration.

Yes friends and neighbors Shampoo was now throwing a grade A hissy
fit if someone were to have seen her.

She soon banged her elbow into a nearby vase that was sitting on a
pedestal, causing her to curse softly.

"Stupid vase, get out of Shampoo's way.", the girl hissed as she
backhanded it, causing it to fly off its pedestal and slam into a nearby

Feeling better, she began to make her way downstairs where she
soon saw everyone staring at her.

"Shampoo what was the crashing noise upstairs?", Cologne asked her now
nervous looking great granddaughter.

"Uh.....Shampoo tripped over rug upstairs and accidentally knocked
over vase in room. Shampoo clean up mess later.", the young Amazon said
while hoping her great grandmother believed her story.

Before Cologne could say anything else, a few loud knockings could
be heard from the locked front door.

"Shampoo go see who that is at the door and tell them that we are
closed for the time being.", Cologne said.

Shampoo grumbled something under her breath and made her way to
the front door.

"We is closed, come back later.", Shampoo yelled out, not even
bothering to look who was at the door.

The knocked stopped for a couple of seconds then continued louder
than before.

"Is you deaf, go away.", Shampoo yelled as she flung open the front
door then stopped dead when she noticed, who, or rather what she
was not looking at.

"Aunty!!!!", three young voices yelled out before Shampoo found herself
tackled to the ground.


"Huh?!?!", Shampoo said in confusion having no idea what was going
on now.

Cologne and the others went to see what the noise was all about when
they came across the site of 3 young girls dog piles on top of Shampoo.

The girls appeared to be about 14 or 15 years old, very pretty,
with long purple hair and wearing short pink Chinese style dresses. The
fact that all three also have purple cats ears on top of their head and
long purple tails was also noticed.

"Well now what do we have here? Its not often one sees catgirl
triplets.", Cologne said.

"Hi oba-san the three cat girls said cheerily as they rolled off
of Shampoo and stood up.

"Great more catgirls, Shampoo's day definitely down the toilet.",
the somewhat "smushed" Amazon thought to herself.

"Well, I didn't know you were an aunt, Shampoo.", Kodachi said to

"Shampoo not know either.", Shampoo grumbled outloud.

"Well she not "real" aunt but she always took care of us when
mama and papa were busy, or when they just felt like fooling around.",
one of the catgirls said while shuddering slightly.

"Before you go any farther perhaps you three could tell us who
you are and why you are here.", World of Elegance said.

"I'm Lavender", the first of the triplets said.

"I'm Violet.", the second girl said.

"And I'm Grape.", the third one very quietly.

"Grape?.... Snicker.", Kodachi said.

"Hey it's not my fault I was named this way... Stupid baka papa
giving me silly name.", the third catgirl said.

As the three girls were introducing themselves Nuku Nuku and
Mousse moved into the dining room to get a closer look at what was
going on. When the three catgirls noticed them, something really
interesting happened.

"MAMA!! PAPA!!", the three girls yelled out as they glomped onto
Nuku Nuku and Mousse.

"WHAT?!?", everyone else said as they fell over.

A district away, a pretty young girl of about 16 was standing
at the edge of rooftop looking over the city below her. She had long
blond hair that she wore in a twin tail style and was wearing a short
sleeve black blouse and white shorts.

Of particular interest was the large bladed pole arm that she was

"Scanning complete. Source of transmission not within range. District
is clear.", the pole arm said in a deep male baritone voice.

"Damn, another wild goose chase. We'll never find the right
dimension at this rate. It can't be help I guess. Bardiche open a portal
back to the Ursula. I'll have to tell admiral Lindy that this dimension
is clear and we should more on from here.", the young blond girl said
as a portal opened up and she stepped though it.

"I swear this is taking far too long, its cutting into my snuggling
time with Nanoha-chan. I even had the bath enlarged for the both of us
as well.", the blond girl ranted as the weapon actually seemed to
sweat drop.

To be continued.

Author's Note:

Yes, I know I am an evil bastard for stopping the chapter at this
point. Consider it an incentive to read the future chapters that rather
warped mind will come up with.

This chapter came out a little later than I wanted, you can blame that
on the fact that I was on call for jury duty for a week... Blah.. Not the
funest way to spend time.

This chapter and part of the next will finish up on some of the open
plot lines of the main story such as well.... Why Mousse and Nuku Nuku
seem to have 3 teens calling them Mama and Papa. Also I might decide to
write about what happened to a certain goddess of wisdom and her
punishment might make things interesting for Kodachi and World of
Elegance in the future.

Until then I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will see you
next time.