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Second Chances

Chapter 23 - Old Man On Campus

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Akane sighed as looked out the window of an ice cream parlor. She politely told the clerk that she would be waiting for a friend, but had no idea when that friend would show up, so she might be there all day. That wasn't exactly a lie. While she had gone here to avoid going to school where Happosai was inevitably going to show up, she also wanted to talk to a certain goddess with a passion for ice cream.

The day dragged on. By lunch she had three sodas and an ice-cream sundae. The roar of a motorcycle broke the monotony, especially after the young man that had been riding it entered the store. "Is there a Tendo Akane here?"

Akane stood up. "That's me."

"Skuld told me to give you this," the man explained, handing her a letter.

Akane eyed him carefully. "How do you know her?"

The man blushed. "I'm kind of dating her older sister."

Akane blinked. "You're dating Urd?"

The man shook his head. "No, her other big sister, Belldandy."

"She's a goddess too? How did you get her for a girlfriend?" Akane asked, keeping her voice low so others could not hear her.

"She granted me a wish and, well, I wished she was my girlfriend," the man answered sheepishly. "I've got to get back home. Nice meeting you."

"Same here," Akane replied. She then opened the note and frowned.

'We are no longer able to give you assistance unless approved by God or Yggdrasil. Sorry. - Skuld.

'P.S. Staying away from Happosai is a GOOD idea.'

Akane plopped down in her seat and ordered the Devil's Delight special. There was nothing better to drown one's sorrows in than chocolate.


Nabiki casually strolled into the ice-cream parlor and eyed the stack of dirty dishes next to her sister. "Guess you saw Skuld," she commented.

"No, I didn't." Akane pouted before burping.

Nabiki blinked. "You didn't get yourself knocked up, did you?"

"What?! No!" Akane protested.

"Did you do anything before going back in time?" Nabiki pressed.

"Nabiki..." Akane trailed off in a deadly tone.

Nabiki held up her hands. "Sorry. It's just you were obviously eating like a Saotome. Why did you eat so much?"

Akane folded her arms. "What else am I suppose to do? Skuld can't help me anymore and I'm not about to go to school and see Happosai again."

Nabiki sighed. Depression and chocolate were good friends that added many centimeters to ones waist.

"How did things go today?" Akane asked, trying to change topics.

"Basically, I took your place during Ranma's fight with Happosai. Though, I suspect you covered his eyes when we watched Happosai take off and go into the girl's locker room." Nabiki sat back and smirked. "I'm sure you'd appreciate it if it gave him some ideas of things to do with you."

Akane glared. "Like that's going to happen any time soon."


Happosai knew something was amiss. The youngest Tendo daughter was avoiding him like the plague and he had yet to truly meet this girl. He was sure she was the one who cruelly hurled him against a wall with some sort of chi shield. The girl was obviously talented to do that. While Ranma had shown a remarkable control of his own chi, he couldn't yet manifest his chi outside of his body like that little lady had done.

Happosai tapped his pipe. He should properly introduce himself to the lass. But how would he go about doing that? Well, he could just go and give her a welcoming hug. Who could deny such a simple thing from an old man? He stood up to carry out his plan, but stopped when Ranma walked past him.

"Aw, man. Why'd the stupid panda have to break the tub?" Ranma grumbled. "Now we'll have to use the public baths."

Happosai turned around to get his own bathing supplies. He would greet the girl some other time. There was a bathhouse filled with fine young ladies waiting for him.


Nabiki smirked at the mess of a bathhouse. She was starting to understand why the Nabiki of the other timeline had gone to such extremes. She had gotten a definite thrill from this. And not just over watching grand displays of physical skills and seeing Ranma fighting in his birthday suit. She had managed to play with the battle by distracting the perverted master when Ranma needed help. Here she was, this little girl making martial arts gods do as she wanted.

It was such a shame Ranma was all body and no brain. Akane might see something in him beyond his bronzed physique, but she certainly didn't. While the boy was likely to be a fun ride in the bed, she wanted nothing to do with the excess baggage he'd bring with it.

Nabiki frowned as the battle drew closer to the end that the other Ranma had written about. Where he'd spend a sentence writing about school or problems his 'his girls,' he spent pages analyzing his fights. If she let things drag on, there was no telling how this could end. And uncertainty with Happosai was the LAST thing anyone wanted.

"Wow! Ayashi, your breasts are so BIG!" Nabiki called out loudly.

Less than a second later a water tub appeared next to her and Happosai peeked out from it. He then stared in abhorrent disgust. "Where's the girl with big breasts?! Hell, where are all the pretty girls?!" he whined. There was no way he was going to touch the remaining pair of horribly wrinkled old women.

"Like they would hang around knowing a pervert was here," Nabiki informed in a superior tone, her modesty protected by a one-piece swimsuit.

Happosai's gaze turned lecherously evil. "Ah! Well, there is one pretty girl left!"

Nabiki stood still in absolute shock. Happosai had blurred, moving faster than she could see. Now he was a few meters away rubbing his cheek against the crotch of a swimsuit. She slowly looked down to confirm that it was HER swimsuit and that she now stood stark naked in front of the ancient lech. It didn't help matters that Ranma was gawking at her.

Ranma had tried to trap the old fart using his female form, but either the lech saw through it or just didn't notice. Now Saotome was certainly getting an eyeful of Nabiki's lithe form. He wrenched his gaze off the stunned girl and then glared venom at the swimsuit thief. Bursting into action, the redhead growled angrily as he punched Happosai through the roof and off into the distance.

"You could've gotten my swimsuit back," Nabiki muttered, upset.

Ranma scratched the back of her head, trying to look away from the naked and relatively unashamed girl. "Sorry.... At least he's gone now...."

Nabiki nodded. That was a BAD thing. Now they didn't know when Happosai would return. He might even be pissed at Ranma, which would cause untold problems. The next several days, they would be flying blind as events have certainly gone differently than they had in the other timeline.

The Tendo girl then scowled. "Hurry and change back and get to YOUR side of the bathhouse."

Saotome looked like a tomato from her fierce blushing. "Right, sorry."

Nabiki's frown deepened. There was something decidedly wrong with Ranma's reaction toward her, and she didn't like it at all.


Kasumi frowned at the hectic pace her father and Genma were moving. The two grown men were running around like frightened little children. Only these two 'big kids' were taking nails and boards to the house as if a typhoon was baring down on them. "Father, is this all really necessary?"

"Ranma has done the unthinkable! He has angered the master!" Soun cried out. "We have to prepare for the worse!"

"Shouldn't he be treated as a guest?" Kasumi questioned.

"Hello, have you received a food order for the Tendo dojo?" Akane scowled. "Please cancel it. We're being pranked by an old man. If he ever calls you again, please don't take the order. Sorry for any trouble." She then hung up and dialed the next number in the phone book.

Nabiki smirked sadly at her eldest sister. "I think that's a 'no.' He's gone past being a 'guest' and is now a 'pest.' He should be treated like a cockroach. Especially after he molested me."

Ranma huffed as he sat at the table in the dining/living room. "Not my fault."


Author's Notes:

Next: Chapter 24 - The Revenge of Happosai
The lech returns, and he seeks to have his anger soothed in the bosom of Ranma's fiancee.

This story isn't dead yet. On life support, but not dead. This is the one Ranma series that I want to work through. I have a lot of surprises in store for later, I just have to get there.

I'm really sorry for the serious delay in writing this part. The problem was I had written myself into a corner. By making Happosai responsible for Ranma's death, it makes his appearances here extremely problematic. However, I will be trying to use that for the story. It forces me to go away from the manga and make the events different. Happosai isn't done yet, but the remainder of his intro arc here will be very different from the manga. The next chapter will not be out soon as I'll need to plot out the future events and how what has happened affects them.

I'd like to thank Kara-Ohki and Jeremy Mullin for pre-reading this story. (Sorry, Kara-Ohki if I missed one of your corrections, your email somehow disappeared on me. ^^; )

And I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to finish this part. Hopefully it won't take a year or more for the next one.