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Second Chances

Chapter 22 - The Evil Returns for the First Time.

Ranma 1/2 and all characters are owned by Rumiko Takahashi-sensei, Shounen Sunday, Viz Entertainment, and yet more companies. I have borrowed them through an exorbi...

(Nabiki taps her foot)

...ah... mutually beneficial contract with Nabiki-sama. Which she can nullify at any time.


In the Hida Mountains rests a great evil. An evil trapped in a cave by a large boulder wrapped with Shinto prayer ropes. For sixteen years the boulder kept the evil at bay. A large sturdy boulder that could withstand the changing seasons and could fight against the mightiest of sto-

* A bolt of lightning crashed from the skies. *

"Er... what boulder?"

Ahem, a great evil had been trapped in that cave for sixteen years, but is now free as the weak boulder crumbled from a measly lightning strike. Behold and tremble as the great evil... crawls out. Yes, crawls onto the Earth to unleash his vile intentions.

* Another bolt of lightning crashes down, striking the diminutive form of the 'great evil.' *

"I think he's dead."

Ah, watch as even the weather fights against the great evil. To smash him down to never raise again.

* The diminutive man stands up, covered in soot from the lightning strike. *

However, the great evil is stronger than even the mightiest of storms as no mere lightning bolt can ever hope to bring down this evil. After sixteen long years, the most evil martial artist master to have ever lived has returned.

Guys, protect your wife, girlfriend, and/or daughter(s). Girls, hide your panties and be on the watch for a little man who loves to fondle. Everyone, beware for Happosai has returned!


"We have to hurry! Time to go, boy!" Genma cried out, packing his bags.

"What's da big deal, Pop?" Ranma asked, sitting in the middle of the room on his futon.

"We can't be here when HE arrives," Genma replied nervously.

"Who is this Happosai guy?" Ranma questioned.

"Never mention the Master's name, Ranma. Never!" Genma spoke with fear.

Ranma blinked. "Master?"

"Yes, he was the one to train Soun and myself. He is truly the most evil martial arts master to ever walk the face of the Earth," Genma intoned with a shudder.

"How come I've never heard a him?" Ranma asked.

"Because to bring up his name is just asking him to break free of his prison," Genma replied.

"You goin' to explain that, Pop?" Ranma pressed.

"Soun and I trapped him in a cave shortly after you and Akane were born," Genma answered.

"Ah." Ranma nodded. He then looked towards Akane's room. "Any idea how Akane knows 'bout him?"

"Maybe he's already paid a visit here. Maybe she read about him from Soun's or her mother's journals. Maybe it's a psychic nightmare brought on from the Master's great evil." Genma shuddered as if someone stepped on his grave. "Now, let's get going, boy."

"Genma." Soun frowned as he stood at the door. "How can you leave me like this?" He reached for something in the hallway. "I'm going with you!" He shouldered a backpack.

Nabiki stepped behind her father, having been in the hallway eaves dropping on Genma. "Oh, please, Daddy. You're going to leave us alone to this 'great evil martial arts master?'"

Soun froze and sweated. "Why, no dear. You're coming with us. Akane and Kasumi too."

Nabiki folded her arms. "I don't think Kasumi will want to leave. Besides, do you honestly think you can hide from someone that apparently entered Akane's dreams? If he can do that, I'm sure he can track us down."

The backpack slumped off Soun's should and crashed to the ground, shortly followed by Soun as he fell to his knees and cried, "WE'RE ALL DOOMED!"

Nabiki rolled her eyes.

"You may be Tendo, but I must bid you farewell." Genma bowed.

Ranma kicked his father in the face. "I don't care how evil or powerful this Happosai guy is, I ain't goin' to run like some coward. You can't be that much of a chicken, Pop."

Genma was sorely tempted to imitate the sounds of a chicken, but knew that would only earn him another boot to the head.


Akane sat on her bed curled up into a ball.

Nabiki sighed as she entered the room. "You almost blew it, neechan."

Akane looked up with tears streaming down her face. "I know...."

"What was that dream?" Nabiki questioned.

"I watched Ranma fight the demon, but this time... Ranma died without killing it. It then taunted me about how I treated my Ranma and then turned into Happosai promising to come after both Ranma and me," Akane explained through her sobs.

Nabiki closed her eyes. "I see." She sighed. "What will you do when you see Happosai?"

"I don't know." Akane buried her face into her legs. "I don't know. I don't want to kill him again."

Nabiki stared as if someone had told her the Tokyo Stock Exchange had crashed into nothingness. "You... killed him?"

Akane could only nod as her sobs echoed in otherwise deathly quite room. Nabiki shuddered uncontrollably as he wide unseeing eyes watched her sister.


"One-Two! One-Two! One-Two! One-Two!" A group of Furinkan high school girls' track team ran pass wearing their gym outfits.

Akane frowned, knowing HE was coming. She could almost hear him cry out, "Akane!" She blinked when she heard some screams. She then stared in horror.

Happosai was here! He bounced gleefully from girl to girl, as he groped each of their breasts he yelled, "Akane!"

"Who is this creep?!" screamed one girl as she ran away.

"Get away from me, pervert!" howled another girl.

Another girl noticed the Tendo girl standing there, and called out, "Akane, help us!"

"Oh?" Happosai paused as he looked at Akane. "OH! OH! OH! OH!" He leaped into the air. "AKANE!! It's ME! It's ME!"

Akane seized up. Her arms moved to protect her breasts and head as she screamed like a banshee.

The Furinkan track team would later SWEAR they saw a bright flash of light flare around Akane. All they knew was that whoever that pervert was, he was now flying away from apparently some blow Akane had struck him with.

"Akane, do you know who that was?" one of the girls questioned.

"Are you all right?" another girl asked.

Akane threw down her arms and ran away.

"What's with Akane?" yet another girl asked.

Ranma, in female form, arrived just in time to hear that last question, but nothing before that. "What do ya mean 'bout Akane?" she asked.

"Just now some dirty old man was here and Akane knocked him _FAR_ away and then ran off." The girl pointed to the sky to reference where the guy had gone.

"Huh?" Ranma scratched the back of her head.

Embedded into the wall of an apartment building, Happosai blinked. "Must be Soun's daughter. Lot's of emotion, lot's of potential, shit for control."


Ranma, still in female form, returned home to the sight of some little old man sitting on top of Soun and her father. She blinked. "What's goin' on here?"

"Howdy!" The old man launched himself into the air, latching himself onto Ranma's breasts.

Ranma screamed like a man who just had his balls hit with a sledge hammer. Then she took the proverbial hammer, and beat the living shit out of the old man.

"Ow. Is that any way to treat an old man saying, 'hello?'" Happosai asked rubbing his head.

Ranma seethed in anger. "Who the fuck are you?"

"He's the Master," Soun moaned.

Ranma stared. "This little freak is the 'great evil?'" She laughed. "Gimme a break."

"Show some respect, girl." Happosai scowled slightly. There was no reason to be harsh with any girl.

"I ain't no girl!" Ranma yelled.

Genma shot up. "You said you wanted to train the heir to the school. Ranma is the perfect choice."

Happosai hugged Ranma's breasts. "I can't train a girl!"

"No need to worry." Genma splashed his 'daughter' with hot water. "My son is really quite manly."

"Why you..." Ranma punched Happosai into the floor. "...dirty old man!"

Happosai frowned as he stood up. "I guess he'll do. I won't have to be soft on him, if he's really a man." He then pulled out his pipe and used it to send Ranma flying through the ceiling and high into the air.

Ranma crashed hard onto the roof. "He ain't so tough."

"Just leave him alone, Ranma," Akane told him from her position on the roof, where she had been sitting since she got home. "Please, just avoid him at all costs."

Ranma tried to move his head so he could look at her. "Why? You don't think I can take him?"

Akane shook her head. "I found some journals that talked about him. The problem isn't beating him, it's how petty he is. He upsets easily and will go to extremes to soothe his anger. You don't want to ever get him angry."

"Why should I care? I can take him!" Ranma retorted.

Akane looked at him sadly. "Then why haven't you moved since you landed from his ONE hit?"


Author's Notes:

Thanks to Kim Trieu and Michael Chase for pre-reading this.

Coming soon:
Chapter 23 - Old Man on Campus
Happosai follows Ranma to school, but can the school survive?