Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Mouse's Sick Second ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7
Mouse's Sick Second

It's now the next second. Dot is just getting breakfast for herself when all of a vidwindow of Phong popped up in front of her.
“Have you see Mouse?” Phong asked.
“No I haven't.” Dot answered.
“She was supposed to here microseconds ago to help me out but she hasn't shown up yet.” Phong said.
“I'll go check than get back to you in a few nanos.” Dot replied.
The vidwindow disappeared. Dot walked up to Mouse's bedroom to find the door wide open. Dot walked into the room to find Mouse still in bed.
“Are you getting up?” Dot asked.
“No I'm not because I feel terrible.” Mouse answered.
Dot walked over to the bed than noticed how pale Mouse is. Dot put her hand on Mouse's forehead to discover that Mouse is warm to the touch. Bob is walking by the room than noticed them.
“What's going on in here?” Bob asked.
“Mouse is sick so I think you should go to the Supercomputer and get Turbo.” Dot answered.
“No I don't want him to see me like this.” Mouse said.
“Don't listen to her just go get him.” Dot replied.
Bob went to the Supercomputer. Alpha, Beta and a few other Guardians walked over to him. Turbo walked over too. Bob looked at Turbo.
“You have to come with me to Mainframe.” Bob said.
“What's wrong?” A girl guardian asked.
“There is someone in Mainframe that needs him and that's I'm telling you Virinia.” Bob answered.
“What do you mean by that?” A guy guardian asked.
“Someone that he cares about is really sick so she needs him right now Velec.” Bob answered.
Turbo got a look of worried.
“How sick is she?” Turbo asked.
“Really sick.” Bob answered.
Turbo left for Mainframe with Bob. They walk to the apartment that Bob shares with Dot, Mouse, Matrix and AndrAIa. Turbo ran up to Mouse's room. Mouse smiled a little when she seen him. Turbo sat on the side of the bed and brushed a strand of Mouse's hair away from her face. Mouse looked up into Turbo's eyes and smiled which made him smile too. Turbo put his hand on Mouse's forehead than got an even more worried look on his face.
“I'll be ok.” Mouse said weakly.
Turbo sighed deeply. Turbo got to his feet than goes into the bathroom and came back a few nanoseconds later with a damp cloth. Turbo put the damp cloth on Mouse's forehead. Mouse started to fall asleep. Turbo just smiled and watched Mouse sleep. A few microseconds later Mouse woke up.
“How are you feeling now darling?” Turbo asked.
“I'm feeling a little better.” Mouse answered.
“That's good to hear because when Bob told me that you were sick I got really scared.” Turbo said.
“Why is that?” Mouse asked.
“I love you that's why.” Turbo answered.
“Really you do?” Mouse asked.
“Yes really I do.” Turbo answered.
“If that's case why did you run off that day after you kissed me in the park?” Mouse asked.
“I got scared that you'd be mad at me.” Turbo answered.
Mouse sat up.
“I could never be mad at someone that I love with all my heart.” Mouse said.
“You love me too?” Turbo asked.
Mouse nodded her head.
“Yeah I do.” Mouse answered.
“I'm so happy to know that you feel the same way.” Turbo said.
Turbo wrapped his arms around Mouse and kissed her passionately. Dot is walking by the room and smiled when she seen them kissing.
A few nanos later Turbo broke the kiss.
“Does this mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend?” Mouse asked.
“Yeah it does darling but Supercomputer Guardians can't find out because I know they won't approve us being together.” Turbo answered.
“Why don't you move to Mainframe for good?” Mouse asked.
“I wish that I could do that darling but my home in the Supercomputer.” Turbo answered.
Mouse's eyes started to fill up with tears and Turbo wipes them away. Mouse sighs.
“I don't like be away from because when I am I just seem to miss you way too much.” Mouse said as tears started streaming down her face again.
Turbo pulled Mouse closer to him than wiped her tears away again.
“Darling, please don't cry because are so much more beautiful without the tears.” Turbo replied.
Mouse smiled a little. Turbo leaned in and kissed her passionately. A few nanos later Turbo left for the Supercomputer. Mouse went downstairs where Dot is on the couch in Bob's arms. Dot looked at Mouse.
“How are you feeling now?” Dot asked.
“I'm feeling a whole lot better except that I really don't like it when he leaves.” Mouse said.
~Meanwhile in the Supercomputer~
Turbo is outside thinking about how much he misses Mouse. Virinia, Alpha, Beta, Velec and a few other guardians come over to Turbo.
“What's wrong?” one of the other guardians asked.
“I really miss that someone that I went to see in Mainframe that was sick and I want to see her again but I can't so just drop it Echo.” Turbo answered.
“Who is it?” a girl guardian asked.
“I can't tell you that Marquee.” Turbo answered.
“Do we know this someone?” A guy guardian asked.
“Yes you do this someone but like I said I can't tell who it is but you'll all probably find out eventually and I don't know if that the outcome won't be good. I'm not saying anymore so just leave me alone ok Spike and all of you.” Turbo yelled.
Turbo got to his feet and went to be by himself.
“Why do you think he won't tell us who it is?” Marquee asked.
“I don't know but from the way he's acting maybe he doesn't think that we will approve of it.” Virinia said.
“Why wouldn't `we approve?” Beta asked.
“If I knew the answer to that one don't think I would have said so.” Virinia answered.
Turbo is close by than he opened a portal to Mainframe.
“Why are you going to Mainframe so much lately?” Velec asked.
“It's long story and I don't feel like discussing it right.” Turbo answered.
Turbo went through the portal to Mainframe. Alpha looked at a five guardians.
“Memory, Spike, Echo, Flash and Aqua I want you to follow Turbo to Mainframe to see what he's up to.” Alpha said.
The five of them nodded their heads and than went to Mainframe. They look around but Turbo is nowhere in sight.
“Where could have he gone to?” Spike asked.
“I don't know.” Aqua answered.
“Oh that really helps.” Spike said sarcastically.
A binome walked up to them.
“Are you looking for someone?” the binome asked.
“Yes we are look for a sprite in with yellow hair, green skin and who is a outfit like ours.” Echo said.
“What's his name?” the binome asked.
“His name is Turbo and he's the Prime Guardian in the Supercomputer.” Flash answered.
“I saw him heading to Dot and Bob's apartment.” The binome said.
“Why would he go there?” Memory asked.
“I don't know but we are going to find out.” Flash answered.
The five of them walked to Bob and Dot's apartment. Aqua knocked on the door. AndrAIa opens the door.
“Can I help the five of you?” AndrAIa asked.
“We are looking for Turbo.” Echo answered.
AndrAIa let them in. Dot and Bob are sitting on the couch.
“Where is Turbo?” Spike asked.
“I don't know.” Bob answered.
Spike walked over to Bob and pulled him up his neck.
“Don't lie to me because I know he's here somewhere.” Spike yelled.
~Meanwhile in Mouse's bedroom~
“Did you hear that?” Mouse asked.
“No I didn't hear anything.” Turbo answered.
“Are you sure?” Mouse asked.
“Yes I am sure.” Turbo answered.
Turbo started kissing Mouse very passionately.
“How long do you we can keep our love a secret?” Mouse asked.
“I'm hoping forever.” Turbo answered.
“That's awful long time sugah.” Mouse said.
“Yeah I know that darling but if the other guardians find out than I won't be the Prime Guardian anymore.” Turbo replied.
“Maybe we shouldn't be together than.” Mouse said.
“Are you serious?” Turbo asked.
“No not really but I don't want getting in trouble on count of me so maybe it's best.” Mouse answered.
“There's no way I'm leaving you darling because you mean more to than anything else in the whole net even the Supercomputer and nothing or nobody is going to come between us.” Turbo said.
Mouse smiled than hugged Turbo.
“I love when you talk like that sugah.” Mouse replied.
Turbo smiled too just as there's a knock on the door. Turbo got to his feet than opens the door to find Bob on the other side.
“What do you want?” Turbo asked.
“Echo, Spike, Memory, Flash and Aqua looking for you.” Bob answered.
Turbo sighed than went to leave. Mouse moaned which caused Turbo to turned around.
“What is it darling?” Turbo asked.
“It's nothing sugah.” Mouse answered.
“Are you sure darling?” Turbo asked.
“Yes I am sure sugah.” Mouse answered.
Turbo kissed Mouse on the forehead than left with Bob. They are walked to where the other guardians are when suddenly Bob noticed that Turbo has Mouse's lipstick on his cheek.
“You might want to rub the lipstick off your cheek.” Bob said.
Turbo rubbed the lipstick on his cheek with his hand. Turbo walked over to the other guardians.
“What are you five doing here?” Turbo asked.
“Alpha told us to come see where you went.” Spike answered.
“I don't need you five keeping tabs on me because I am big sprite and I can do what I want.” Turbo answered.
“Why are you coming here so much?” Echo asked.
“There's none of your business.” Turbo answered.
A few nanos later Turbo went to the Supercomputer with Echo, Spike, Memory, Flash and Aqua. A few microseconds later Mouse went to bed dreaming of Turbo and how much she misses him.