Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Turbo's Tough Choice ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8
Turbo's Tough Choice

It's a few seconds later now. Mouse is sitting on the couch when Dot came in. Dot is smiling from ear to ear.
“Why are you smiling?” Mouse asked.
“I just found a few nanoseconds ago than I'm going to have a baby.” Dot answered.
“Oh that's great for you.” Mouse said.
Dot sat down next to Mouse.
“Are you jealous?” Dot asked.
“Yes I am.” Mouse answered.
Dot smiled.
“I'm sure that you'll have a baby someday.” Dot said.
“Yeah I really hope so.” Mouse replied.
Mouse smiled a little. Bob came into the room. Dot looked at Bob.
“Where on in the net have you been?” Dot asked.
“The Supercomputer talking to Turbo and the other guardians.” Bob answered.
“What about?” Dot asked.
“There's new virus here in Mainframe named Declan.” Bob answered.
Mouse left to talk to this new virus Declan. Dot looked around.
“Where did Mouse go?” Dot asked.
“I'm not sure because she was here a nano ago.” Bob answered.
AndrAIa came into the room holding Nano in her arms.
“I just saw Mouse heading towards where Declan lives.” AndrAIa said.
“Why would she go there by herself?” Bob asked.
“I don't know I didn't get a chance to ask her that.” AndrAIa answered.
Turbo, Virinia, Alpha, Beta and Velec suddenly came through a portal. Bob sighed than shook his head. Turbo looked at Bob than looked around.
“Where's Mouse at?” Turbo asked.
“She went left a few nanos ago for Declan's lair.” Bob answered.
Turbo's eyes widen in shock.
“Why would she go there? Does she want to get deleted?” Turbo asked.
“I don't know the answer those questions because AndrAIa was the one that spotted her but didn't have the chance to find out.” Bob answered.
Turbo punched the table.
“Declan better not hurt or he'll have me to deal with.” Turbo yelled.
Velec, Beta, Alpha and Virinia exchange looks.
“Why are you so concerned about Mouse all of a sudden?” Alpha asked.
“It's part of my code to be concerned about the sprites of Mainframe just like Bob.” Turbo answered.
~Meanwhile at Declan's lair~
Mouse is outside trying to find a way in. Declan's main minion came over.
“What do you want?” the minion asked.
“I want to see Declan right now.” Mouse answered.
The minion took Mouse to see Declan.
“What is it Syntax?” Declan asked.
“This sprite wanted to see you.” Syntax answered.
Declan looked at Mouse.
“Well, well long time no see Mouse.” Declan said.
“How do you know her?” Syntax asked.
“We have crossed paths before but she managed to escape me. This time it will be different because I won't let that happen.” Declan answered.
Declan got to his feet than came towards Mouse. Mouse took out katana to defend herself.
“Not step closer or you'll feel the wrath of my katana.” Mouse said.
“Do you think I'm scared of puny sword like that?” Declan asked.
“If you aren't now than you will be when I'm done with you.” Mouse answered.
Declan rolled his eyes than sent Mouse flying through the air into a wall just as Bob, Dot, Turbo, Virinia, Matrix, AndrAIa, Alpha and Velec come running in. Turbo ran over to Declan and punched him. Alpha looked Velec. Declan fell the ground. Turbo ran over to where Mouse is laying and knelt beside her. Mouse is out cold.
“Mouse please wake up.” Turbo said as tears started to stream down his face.
Mouse just stayed the same. Bob walked over to where Turbo is kneeling next to Mouse.
“We need to get her back to the Principal Office.” Bob replied.
Turbo wiped tears from his eyes and nodded his head. Turbo got to his feet than picked up Mouse in his arms and started walking out of Declan's lair with. The four other guardians are dumbfounded about what's going on. They finally reach the Principal Office and go inside. Phong came over to them.
“What happen?” Phong asked.
“She went up against Declan and got hurt.” Turbo answered.
“Oh ok. Lay on the table over there.” Phong said as he points a table by the wall.
The other guardians went back to the Supercomputer. Turbo walked over to where Mouse is lying and took her hand in his. Dot grabbed Bob's arm and lead him away. Turbo sighed than started singing “No Matter What.”
No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true
No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back
I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know I love forever
I know no matter what
If only tears were laughter
If only night was day
If only prayers were answered
Then we would hear God say
No matter what they tell you
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach you
What you believe is true
And I will keep you safe and strong
And sheltered from the storm
No matter where it's barren
Our dream is being born
No matter who they follow
No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I'll be everyone you need
No matter if the sun don't shine
Or if the skies are blue
No matter what the ending
My life began with you
I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know this love's forever
That's all that matter's now
No matter what
(no, no matter)
No, no matter what
(no, no matter)
No, no matter what
I know no matter, that's all that matters to me
No, no matter what
I know no matter, that's all that matters to me
No, no matter what
I know no matter, that's all that matters to me
No, no matter what
I know no matter, that's all that matters to me
No, no matter what
I know no matter what, that's all that matters to me
No, no matter what
I know no matter what,
That's all that matters to me

Mouse heard Turbo singing and she just smiled. Turbo noticed that Mouse smiled and he smiled too. Turbo stayed by Mouse's side over the next few seconds. It's been 6 seconds since Mouse got hurt. Virinia, Alpha, Beta, Velec, Memory, Spike, Marquee, Flash, Echo, Aqua and the other 10 guardians suddenly appeared. Alpha noticed that Turbo is still holding Mouse's hand in his.
“What is going on here?” Alpha asked.
Turbo sighs.
“I knew it would come down to this some second.” Turbo answered.
Mouse opened her eyes.
“Oh hi sugah.” Mouse said.
Turbo looked at Mouse and smiles.
“It's about time you work up darling.” Turbo replied.
“Have you been here the whole time?” Mouse asked.
“Yes I have because I didn't want to leave in case something happened to you.” Turbo answered.
Alpha and rest of guardian's mouths dropped in shock at what they are hearing.
“You do know that guardians are here right?” Mouse asked.
Turbo nods his head.
“Yes I know they are here and I don't care anymore because I can't keep them in dark any longer. They need to know the truth about us.” Turbo answered.
“What truth?” one of the 10 guardians asked.
“That the two of us are in love Circuit.” Turbo answered.
"Turbo... how could you?! You knew falling in love was against the Code!" Alpha yelled.
"I know, but I realize now my life without Mouse isn't worth living," Turbo said.
"Well, that's not good enough! You have to make a choice, now! Promise me never to see Mouse again, or remain Prime Guardian." Alpha said.
Turbo hesitated.
"Now, if you don't, I'll make it for you." Alpha demanded.
Turbo looked up with a determined look on his face.
"There's a lot of things I don't know about in this world but there's one thing I absolutely do know: Life in love isn't a crime. To have found someone you can share that one special bond with is to be relished, not condemned. So, if you're asking me what my answer is, if I have to choose between Mouse and the Code... I choose Mouse, without hesitation." Turbo said.
The guardians go silent.
"Okay, then, give you me Keytool, and your icon." Alpha said.
Alpha is given Copeland and prepared to detractive Turbo's Guardian Protocol when suddenly Beta came running over.
"Sir, There's a Class 9 Virus in the Super Computer! It just arrived." Beta said.
Alpha looked at Turbo, and handed him back his Guardian icon.
"We'll do this later. Right now, we've gotta get back. Head out!" Alpha replied.
Turbo started after the Guardians.
"Copeland, portal.” Turbo said.
Alpha glanced back at Bob.
“Are you coming Guardian 452?” Alpha asked.
Bob looked at Dot and she nodded her head.
“Yeah I'm right behind you.” Bob answered as he gave Dot a kiss goodbye.
~Meanwhile, in the Supercomputer~
Declan the bulky virus with an energy field being blasted flies around attacking stuff while holding Mouse.
“Let me go or I'll use katana on you.” Mouse yelled.
“Oh like that scares me.” Declan said.
“Just you wait till the guardians get here.” Mouse replied.
“What makes you think they are going to help a hacker like you?” Declan asked.
“I just have faith in them especially Turbo and Bob.” Mouse answered.
The guardians come running over. Turbo sees that Declan has Mouse.
“Let her go now.” Turbo screamed.
“Um let me think…” Declan said.
Turbo started to move toward Declan.
“I mean it.” Turbo replied.
“Not a step further or I'll delete her.” Declan said.
Mouse whimpered in fear and mouthed Turbo please do something. Turbo sighed.
“Copeland, trap him.” Turbo yelled.
Copeland trapped Declan allowing Mouse to break free. Mouse ran behind Turbo. Declan growled.
“Do you think this is going to hold me?” Declan asked.
“Yeah for now until I figure out what to do with you.” Turbo answered.
“Get me out of this thing now.” Declan yelled.
Turbo just grinned.
“Copeland keep him stabilized.” Turbo said.
Mouse and the guardians get confused looked on their faces. Alpha looks at Bob.
“What's he up to?” Alpha asked.
“I have no idea.” Bob answered.
Turbo stood there looking at Declan with his arms crossed over his chest. A few nanos later Declan self-implodes.
“Wow.” Mouse said.
Alpha looked at Turbo.
“Could you come with us?” Alpha asked.
Turbo sighed than nodded his head.
“I'm right behind you.” Turbo answered.
Alpha looked at Bob.
“Could you take Mouse back to Mainframe with you?” Bob asked.
Mouse's eyes started to fill with tears but Turbo wiped them away.
“What I have told you about crying?” Turbo asked.
“That you don't want me too but I can't help it because I don't want to leave here without you.” Mouse answered.
Turbo pulled Mouse into his embrace.
“Don't worry to much because I love darling and nothing anyone will say to me will ever change that. It's just like that song I sang to you early which I think should be our song.” Turbo said.
Mouse nodded her head. Turbo kissed Mouse passionately. Mouse left with Bob and Turbo went with Guardians. They go to a room inside the Supercomputer headquarters. The Guardian Council is conflicted.
"So, what do we do with Turbo?" Pascal asked.
"Isn't it obvious?" Circuit asked..
"You heard the man: He would rather be involved with Mouse than stay as a Guardian. Apparently, he loves her very great deal." Aqua said.
"Yes, and as such he must be discharged. You know the Code: A Guardian is devoted to his work, and we cannot go against our codes." Alpha replied.
"Yes, but Turbo has proven his loyalty to the Code many times over." Chip said.
"Is it possible we're acting too rashly?" Surge asked.
"I can't believe you're saying that! The Code is what gives our world order. Without it..." Alpha answered.
"'Without it, there would be no order, only chaos." Ada repeated, who had the speech a dozen times before.
"All I know is Turbo has saved us on numerous occasions." Tex said.
"Yes, but does that mean we can simply toss the Code aside and let Turbo run and do as he pleases?" Delta asked.
"That comes very close to constituting, It is the winner to do as he wants, because it is the winner who writes the history," Peta answered.
"No one is saying that but the situation is... unusual. Surely, what Turbo has done has earned him some... latitude." Aqua said patiently.
"What are you saying?" Alpha asked.
Aqua sighed.
"I don't know," Aqua admitted.
"But we cannot discharge Turbo after all he has done for us. For the Net." Ada said
"This is an unprecedented situation, one that requires further investigation." Delta replied.
"Agreed.” Ada said.
The entire Council was in agreement. Peta looked over at Alpha.
"And what do you say, Guardian Alpha?" Peta asked.
Alpha thought for a few nanos before saying anything.
"I will abide by the ruling of this Council. Even though I might not agree with it.” Alpha answered.
Turbo sighed. Alpha looked at Turbo than at rest of council.
“It's agreed.” Alpha replied.
“Can I go now?” Turbo asked.
“Yeah if you must.” Alpha answered.
Turbo got to his feet.
“Copeland portal to Mainframe.” Turbo said.
A portal to Mainframe appeared and Turbo went through it. Alpha just shook his head. Turbo walks through Mainframe until he got to Bob and Dot's apartment. Turbo knocked on the door. Dot opened the door.
“Come on in.” Dot replied.
Turbo followed Dot inside and looked around.
“Where is Mouse at?” Turbo asked.
“She's in her bedroom crying because she thinks that Guardians won't to let you see her anymore.” Dot answered.
Turbo ran to store close near Dot and Bob's apartment. A few nanos later Turbo came back with a bouquet of Daisy Wheels. Dot stared at the flowers than at Bob.
“How come you've gotten me flowers?” Dot asked.
“That's easy you've never asked.” Bob answered.
Turbo put flowers into a vase of data than carries them into Mouse's bedroom.
“Darling.” Turbo said in sweet voice.
Mouse looked up and noticed the flowers right away.
“Are those for me?” Mouse asked.
“Yes darling they are.” Turbo answered.
Mouse got to her feet than went over and hugged Turbo really tight.
“I thought they were going to break us up.” Mouse said.
Turbo put the vase of flowers on the nightstand than wrapped his arms tightly around Mouse.
“It's not the easy to break up two sprites that are in love as much as we are.” Turbo replied.
“What did they say?” Mouse asked.
“They are keeping me as Guardian for all the stuff I have done to help the net but Alpha isn't happy about the decision and they are going to discuss more at a later time.” Turbo answered.
“Do you mind if I sing a couple of songs?” Mouse asked.
“No I don't mind because I love hearing sing darling.” Turbo answered.
Mouse smiled than kissed Turbo. A few nanos later Mouse turned the music and the song “Every Single Kiss” starts to play. Mouse started to sing along with it.
I was happy all by myself
I had my freedom didn't need any help
There was no one to brea
k my heart
No one to hurt me or
tare me apart
Still I dreamed about someone like you
Then my dream came true
Every single kiss
Every day we spend together
Everytime we touch
Makes me want to stay forever
Loving you was not my plan
But there where things I could not understand
The past is over now I realize
I see the future when I look in your eyes
I believe that love can come true
I believe in you
Every single kiss
Every day we spend together
Everytime we touch
Makes me want to stay forever
I know that hearts can beat forever mistaken
And that's why I thought love could never be taken
But can't you see? That just wasn't me
You and I where meant to be
I believe that love can come true
I believe in you
Every single kiss
Every day we spend together
Everytime we touch
Makes me want to stay forever

Turbo smiled as the next song which is “What A Feeling” and Mouse started singing along to it.
I had no reason to believe in love
I never ever saw the stars above
My world was empty and cold
Never had somebody to hold
I was alone and drifting out to sea
I needed someone who could rescue me
I couldn't find my own way
Couldn't tell the night from the day
The one day you appeared just like a dream
And now I know what happiness can mean
So glad you came into my life - What a feeling
I thank the stars for all the love we're sharing
So glad you came into my life - What a feeling
I never dreamed I'd find a love like yours and mine
I was afraid and just too blind to see
I never thought that love was meant for me
I couldn't let it begin
Didn't think that I'd ever win
I had no dreams - I had no fantasy
My heart was always under lock and key
I couldn't let myself go
Now it seems so long ago
And now my life is better every day
I never knew that love could feel this way
I'm hoping that it's not just my imagination
I'm praying that it's not just your infatuation
And now my life is better every day
I never knew that love could feel this way
Hey hey
“Those were great songs and you did a wonderful job singing them darling.” Turbo said.
Mouse smiled and hugs Turbo.
“They also explain how I truly feel about you.” Mouse replied.
“Would mind if I sang a couple of songs now?” Turbo asked.
“No I won't mind because you have an amazing singing voice.” Mouse answered.
Turbo smiled than starts singing “I Just Wanna Be Loved”.
My heart just soars when you touch me
Hearing you whisper my name
Oh I thank heaven for sending an angel
My life will never be the same
One kiss - I feel like I'm flying
Your smile is warm as the sun
To be together - with you forever
My greatest dream has just begun
Oh oh oh
I just wanna be love by you
Cause that's all that really matters
Oh oh
I just wanna be loved by you
And my heart will never shatter
I wanna be - loved by you
Our love can cross any river
And it's getting stronger each day
My head is spinning - a new life's beginning
Better believe me when I say
It was destiny - brought you here to me
Don't you ever go away
We were meant to be - it's a guarantee
In my arms you'll always stay
Mouse smiled and kissed Turbo as the next song stated to play which is “Everything You Do and Turbo started singing to it.
Holding you tonight
I can't help but lose control
The fire behind your eyes
Burns right into my soul
Your hands, your heart
Are the only things I feel
The way that you're touching me
I'd swear this dream wasn't real
Everything you do, everything you say
Everything that you are
Makes me want to run, makes me want to hide
Makes me want to love you
Shining like a light, burning in the night
Burning up together
You can be the first, you can be the last
You can be forever
I can't seem to find
The right words for this affair
Nothing really matters
Just as long as you're there
I can't stop this heart
From pounding in my ears
If I could survive this night
There'll be nothing left to fear
Maybe I'm just a fool
Fooling with romance
Mistaking love for lies
But I'm ready to take the chance
The microseconds passed and Turbo went to leave.
“Well I should get back now.” Turbo said.
“No please don't go I want you to stay here with me.” Mouse pleaded.
Turbo just smiled than laid down beside Mouse and wrapped his arms around her. They fall asleep in each other's embrace. The second Mouse woke up than looked at Turbo sleeping beside her. Dot walked by Mouse's room on her way to the bathroom.
“Has he been here all night?” Dot asked.
Mouse nodded her head.
“Yeah he has because when it came time for him to leave I didn't want him too.” Mouse answered.
“Anything happen?” Dot asked.
“No nothing happen we just slept in each other's embrace.” Mouse answered.
Dot smiled than continued on her way to the bathroom. Turbo moaned slowly than opened his eyes and looks at Mouse.
“Good morning darling.” Turbo said.
Mouse smiled than kissed Turbo.
“Good morning sugah.” Mouse replied.
They stay in each other's embrace for awhile than Turbo got to his feet.
“I have to be back now and I have a feeling I'm going to be in for an earful from Alpha.” Turbo said.
Mouse got to her feet than walked over to Turbo and hugged him. They share a passionate kiss and Turbo started to leave.
“I love you sugah.” Mouse said.
Turbo stopped than turned around.
“I love you too darling.” Turbo replied.
Turbo walked outside than created a portal to the Supercomputer and went through it. Turbo walked to where the other Guardians are and Alpha just gave him angry look.
"Where were you?" Alpha asked in demand.
"In Mainframe," Turbo answered.
"Again?" Beta asked.
"What were you doing in Mainframe? Why didn't you inform me?" Alpha yelled.
Turbo remained silent.
"Speak up, Spammit!” Alpha yelled.
Alpha went to Turbo and grabbed him by the shoulders.
"It's because of that Mouse woman, isn't it?" Virinia asked.
Turbo looked down.
"It's true isn't it?" Velec asked.
“Yes it is. I was just about to come back when she said she didn't want me to leave. I have fallen in love with Mouse and I love her more than anything else in the whole net.” Turbo answered.
Alpha shook his head and walked off. Beta went after Alpha and caught up to him.
“Why are you so hard on Turbo?” Beta asked.
“I don't wish to discuss that.” Alpha answered.
“Why not?” Beta asked.
“It's personal.” Alpha answered.
“What do you mean personal?” Beta asked.
Alpha sighed.
“We are related but that's all I'm saying.” Alpha answered.
Beta looked at Turbo than at Alpha and gasped.
“Are you Turbo's father?” Beta asked.
“Yes I am.” Alpha answered.
“How come you never told any of us this? Does Turbo know?” Beta asked.
“I didn't think it was important. Turbo doesn't know and I'd like it stay at that for until the time is right.” Alpha answered.
“What happen to Turbo's mother?” Beta asked.
“She got taped in a game when Turbo was 4 years old and the user won which made her get nullified.” Alpha answered.
“What was her name?” Beta asked.
“Her name is was Delphi.” Alpha answered as tear rolls down his face.
Beta gave Alpha a hug.
“How is it that Turbo doesn't know about you being his father?” Beta asked.
“When Turbo was a little sprite I was here at academy training to be a Guardian and I didn't have time to be a father. Delphi had to look after Turbo all by yourself which wasn't fair to her.” Alpha answered.
“Do you miss her?” Beta asked.
“Yes I do very much.” Alpha answered.
Turbo is his room in the academy thinking about Mouse and how much he misses her. Turbo fell asleep a few nanos later dreaming of being with Mouse. Mouse is sleeping dreaming of one second marrying Turbo.