Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ A Birthday To Remember ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9
A Birthday To Remember

It's 4 minutes later now and a couple of seconds before Mouse's 25th birthday. The only one who knows about Mouse's birthday is Bob. Mouse is sitting outside the Principal Office thinking about Turbo because she hasn't seen in 3 minutes. Phong came out of the Principal Office.
“What's wrong my child?” Phong asked.
“I really miss Turbo. There are times when I want to go the Supercomputer just to see him. He gets in trouble with Alpha every time he comes here to see which I don't understand why Alpha is so protective of Turbo.” Mouse answered.
Bob walked over to Mouse and sat down next to her.
“I take it that Turbo doesn't know you birthday is two seconds.” Bob said.
“No he doesn't and the only thing that I want for my birthday is to see him.” Mouse replied almost in tears.
Bob got to his feet than goes where Mouse can't see him.
“Glitch, portal to the Supercomputer.” Bob said.
A portal to Supercomputer than Bob goes though it. Alpha is standing around and Bob looked at him.
“Where is Turbo?” Bob asked.
“He's in his room.” Alpha answered.
“Ok thanks.” Bob said as started towards Turbo's bedroom.
“Why did you want to know that for?” Alpha asked.
“I need to tell something that happens in two seconds.” Bob answered.
“Which would be?” Alpha asked.
“Mouse's birthday.” Bob answered.
“Really?” Alpha asked.
“Yeah really. She told me that all she wants for her birthday is to see Turbo.” Bob answered.
Alpha rolled his eyes than walked off. Bob walked to Turbo's bedroom and knocked on the door. Turbo opened the door and smiled a little.
“What are you doing here?” Turbo asked.
“Mouse wanted you to know that her birthday is two seconds.” Bob answered.
“Are you serious?” Turbo asked.
“Yes I am.” Bob answered.
“Wow that's so cool because so is mine.” Turbo said.
Bob looked at Turbo.
“Oh wow that's cool and the only thing that Mouse wants her birthday is to see you.” Bob replied.
“The only thing I want for my birthday is to see Mouse.” Turbo said.
Bob stayed for awhile than left for Mainframe. The next two second go by. It's now the second of Mouse and Turbo's birthday. Mouse is at Dot's Diner with Dot when Alpha came in. Mouse looks at Alpha than shakes her head.
“What's wrong with you?” Dot asked.
“I don't particular like Alpha that much because he doesn't want Turbo to be with me but I can't figure out why.” Mouse answered.
All of a sudden a beautiful sprite long blonde hair walks into Dot's Diner. Dot looked at her than at Mouse. Delphi stood in front of Alpha. Alpha stared in shock. There is an uncomfortable silence.
"Is... is that really you, Delphi?" Alpha asked.
Delphi nodded. Alpha got tears in his eyes but they don't fall. Delphi walked over to him and gingerly touched his cheek.
"Delphi, I've missed you so much!" Alpha yelled as he hugged her.
Mouse and Dot exchange looked just a young sprite around Turbo's age comes through the door.
“Mom, I've been looking for you.” The young sprite said.
Alpha looked at the young sprite.
“Tera?” Alpha asked.
“Yeah that's my name.” the young sprite answered.
“It's me your father.” Alpha said.
Tera hugged her dad really tight.
“I've missed you so much dad.” Sierra replied.
Tera looked around.
“Where's my twin?” Tera asked.
“I have no idea and I actually really don't care.” Alpha answered.
“How can you say that about our son?” Delphi asked.
“He's just been getting on my nervous lately especially since he broke the Guardian code and fall in love.” Alpha answered.
“With who?” Delphi asked.
“I would rather not say her name because I don't particular like her.” Alpha answered.
“Alpha, love isn't a crime and you can't help who you are attracted too because it just doesn't work that way.” Delphi said.
Alpha sighed than left the Diner. Delphi shook her head and Sierra went after her father. Delphi sat down at cubicle. Mouse walked over to Delphi.
“Hi I'm Mouse.” Mouse said.
Delphi smiled.
“I'm Delphi.” Delphi replied.
There was an uncomfortable silence.
"So, do you have any kids?" Mouse asked.
"Yes, as a matter of fact I have two. My daughter just left a few nanos ago and I have seen my son since he was 4 years old. Here, here's a picture of them." Delphi answered.
Delphi reached into her pocket and gave Mouse a picture of two young Sprites with light teal skin and tanned hair.
Mouse stared at the picture.
"What is it?" Delphi asked.
Mouse hesitated.
"That's Turbo..." Mouse answered.
“How do you know my son?” Delphi asked.
“I'm his girlfriend.” Mouse answered.
All of a sudden Turbo walked through the door. Mouse got to her feet than went over and hugs him.
“Hi darling.” Turbo said.
“I missed you much sugar.” Mouse replied.
Turbo wrapped his arms around Mouse and kisses her.
“Happy Birthday darling.” Turbo said.
“Thanks sugar.” Mouse replied.
“Guess what?” Turbo asked.
“I don't know.” Mouse answered.
“My birthday is this second too.” Turbo answered.
Delphi got to her feet than went over to them.
“Turbo?” Delphi asked.
“Yeah that's me.” Turbo answered.
Delphi's eyes fill with tears and she hugged Turbo. Turbo got a confused look on his face.
“I've miss you so much sweetie.” Delphi said.
Turbo gasped.
“Mom? Is it really you?” Turbo asked.
“Yes son it is.” Delphi answered.
Turbo smiled just as Tera walked through the door and when she seen Turbo she stopped in her tracks. Turbo looked at Tera and she looks at him. Delphi looks at Mouse.
“This is my daughter Tera and she is Turbo's twin.” Delphi said.
“Did you say Turbo's twin?” Mouse asked.
“Yeah I did.” Delphi answered.
Mouse cuddled up to Turbo a little. Tera looks at Mouse.
“Who's this sprite?” Sierra asked.
Alpha walked back into the Diner.
“She's your brother's girlfriend.” Alpha answered in a bit of angry tone.
“What's your problem anyway?” Delphi asked.
“I've been though this with you before my dear Delphi and I'm not going through it again.” Alpha answered.
Turbo looked at Delphi than at Alpha. Tera walked over to her father.
“Would are you getting this angry if I was the one in love?” Tera asked.
“It all depends on who it is.” Alpha answered.
“Oh dad that is so low-density.” Tera yelled.
“Why are you even against falling in love?" Mouse asked.
"Yes, er, Dad... why?" Turbo asked awkwardly still not used to calling him that.
Alpha sighed.
"When I was 20 hours old, I fell in love with your mother. The Council opposed it. I married in secret, but I was forced to leave Delphi after a few cycles." Alpha answered.
"What happened then?" Mouse asked.
"The Council gave him a choice: Remain with me, or leave the Guardians. He was going to choose me, but I was nullified after that." Delphi answered.
"And what about the Council?" Mouse asks.
"The Council is not as flexible then as it is now." Turbo said in understanding.
Mouse cuddled up Turbo more. Turbo wrapped his arms tightly around Mouse. Delphi smiled and Alpha rolled his eyes. Delphi grabbed Alpha's arm and took him out of earshot.
“Do they remind of you of anyone?” Delphi asked.
“Yeah they remind me of us when we were younger.” Alpha answered.
“The council is different now.” Delphi said.
“I know that dear but I just still can't see if working out between when Turbo has been at the academy or defending the Supercomputer all the time.” Alpha replied.
“How about it Turbo stays here in Mainframe with me?” Delphi asked.
“I don't Delphi.” Alpha answered.
“This system could really use another Guardian.” Delphi said.
Alpha looked at Delphi.
“Mainframe already has two Guardians which are Bob and Matrix.” Alpha answered.
“Yes I know that but if another virus comes here they made need a third Guardian.” Delphi said.
“Do you really think letting Turbo say here is best?” Alpha asked.
“Yes I do think it's best because he'd be able to see Mouse whenever he wanted and I won't tell him that he is like you.” Delphi answered.
“Well let's go see what he thinks of this idea.” Alpha said.
Alpha and Delphi walked back over to where Turbo is still holding Mouse in his arms.
“How does leaving in Mainframe with your mother sound?” Alpha asked.
Turbo stared at his father for a few nanos before answering.
“That would be amazing because than I would be closer to Mouse and I won't have to make portals to come see her because making portals all the time is energy draining.” Turbo answered.
“Alright than you are now one of Mainframe's Guardians but you can come see everyone in the Supercomputer whenever you want.” Alpha answered.
Turbo smiled. Alpha went back to Supercomputer and Turbo stayed with Mouse. Delphi gave the picture that she was showing to Mouse a few nanos ago to Turbo.
“Happy birthday son.” Delphi said.
“Thanks mom.” Turbo replied.
Mouse sighed than went over to where Dot is. Turbo sighed than looked at Tera.
“Would come shopping with me?” Turbo asked.
“Yeah sure.” Tera answered.
Turbo went to where Mouse and cleared his throat. Mouse looked at them gets to her feet and goes over where he is.
“What it is sugah?” Mouse asked.
“I'm going shopping with my sister.” Turbo answered.
“Can I come?” Mouse asked.
“Not this time darling.” Turbo answered.
Mouse smiled a little than kissed Turbo. Turbo walked over to Tera and they leave.
“Where are we going bro? Why did you tell Mouse that she couldn't come?” Tera asked.
“I want to get her something for her birthday so I didn't want her coming or she'd find out which would ruin the surprise.” Turbo answered.
They walk to the around the new mall that just open in Mainframe. Tera suddenly stops a 10kt diamond promise ring.
“How about getting her that?” Tera asked as she points to the ring.
Turbo smiles.
“Yeah she'll love but it give her the promise that someday we will be together forever.” Turbo answered.
Turbo got the ring plus a teddy bear that says “darling” on it. They started on their way back to Dot's Diner. Mouse came running toward Turbo and jumped into his arms. Tera looked at Turbo than at Mouse.
“Why did you do that for?” Tera asked.
“I just missed you brother that's all.” Mouse answered.
Turbo smiled than put Mouse down on the ground than pulled her close and kissed her. All of a sudden Rowena came running over. Mouse looked at her and noticed the tears in her eyes.
“What's wrong?” Mouse asked.
“Jerome broke up with me.” Rowena answered.
“Why did he do that?” Mouse asked.
“He gave basic line it's not you it's me.” Rowena answered.
“What are you going to do now?” Mouse asked.
“I'm not really sure.” Rowena answered.
“Do you happen to like anyone else?” Mouse asked.
“Not right at this nanosecond.” Rowena answered.
“Oh I'm sure that you'll find someone else.” Mouse said.
Rowena walked off to find to look for her sister. Mouse cuddled up to Turbo just as Delphi and Tera come up to them.
“Are you ready to come home?” Delphi asked.
“Yeah I am.” Turbo answered.
Turbo kissed Mouse goodbye.
“Goodbye sugah.” Mouse said.
“I'll come over to see once I get settle in than we do something special for our birthdays.” Turbo replied.
Turbo smiled than left with his mother and his sister. Mouse walked to Bob and Dot's apartment. Dot looks around.
“Where did Turbo go?” Dot asked.
“He went with his mother and his sister to get settle in.” Mouse answered.
“What do you mean settled in?” Bob asked.
“He's going to be living here in Mainframe with his mother and his sister.” Mouse answered.
“Is he still a Guardian?” Bob asked.
“Yes he is.” Mouse answered.
Mouse went to her bedroom and laid down on the bed thinking about Turbo. A few microseconds pass and still there's no sign of Turbo. Mouse closed her eyes and fell asleep. A few nanos later Turbo walked into the Mouse's room and smiled when he seen her sleeping. Turbo walked over to the bed than sat down beside Mouse and brushed a strand of her hair away from her face. Mouse smiled than opened her eyes and seen Turbo beside her.
“Did you miss me?” Turbo asked.
Mouse nodded her head.
“Yes I did.” Mouse answered as pulled Turbo down into a passionate kiss.
A few nanos later they stop kissing. Turbo took a little orange box out from behind his back and gave it to Mouse. Mouse opened the box than stared at Turbo in shock.
“Is this what I think it is?” Mouse asked.
Turbo shook his head.
“No it's only a promise darling.” Turbo answered as he took the ring out of the box and spilled it onto Mouse's hand.
“Does that mean someday we'll get married?” Mouse asked.
“Yes it does darling.” Turbo answered.
Mouse hugged Turbo than passed him a piece of paper.
“Here this is for you sugah.” Mouse said.
Turbo opened the piece of paper to find it's a poem so he read it than looked at Mouse.
“Thanks darling I love it.” Turbo replied.
“I was hoping you said that because it took me a long time to write.” Mouse said.
“Oh it's very well put darling and it shows just how much you love me.” Turbo said.
“Can I sing a song to you too?” Mouse asked.
“Yeah sure.” Turbo answered.
Mouse turned on the music and the songs “Right Here” started playing.
I'll be right here where you need me
Anytime just keep believing
And I'll be right here …
If you ever need a friend
Someone to care and understand
I'll be right here
All you have to do is call my name
No matter how close or far away
Ask me once and I'll come, I'll come running
And when I can't be with you dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes, look inside
I'm right here
Isn't it great that you know that
I'm ready to go wherever you're at
Anywhere, I'll be there
I'll be there when you need me
There's no need to worry
You know that I'm gonna be, right here
Ask me once and I'll come, I'll come running
And when I can't be with you dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes, look inside
I'm right here
Oh, yeah, yeah
I'm right here
Turbo pulled Mouse close and kissed her passionately. Turbo stayed for microseconds than he went home to his mother's apartment. Mouse fell asleep dreaming of Turbo and Turbo fell asleep dreaming of Mouse.