Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Low-Density Tiff ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 10
Low-Density Tiff

Its few minutes later now. Rowena still hasn't found anyone else and she's starting to give up hope in love all together. Rowena is sitting on bench in park at Floating Point. A guy sprite a few hours older than Rowena came over to her and sat down. Rowena looked at the guy sprite.
“Hi there, I'm Garadin Bounce.” The guy sprite said.
Rowena smiled a little.
“I'm Rowena.” Rowena replied.
“Why are you all by yourself?” Garadin asked.
“I come here to when I need to think.” Rowena answered.
“Are you thinking about anything in particular?” Garadin asked.
“Well yes and no.” Rowena answered.
“Care to share?” Garadin asked.
“My boyfriend broke up with me a few minutes ago and he gave the basic line it's not you it's me.” Rowena answered.
“Well obviously he doesn't know he's what he's missing.” Garadin said.
“Why did you say that?” Rowena asked.
“Uh no reason.” Garadin answered.
“Why haven't I seen you around before?” Rowena asked.
“I just moved here in few seconds ago.” Garadin answered.
“Oh ok.” Rowena said.
Garadin smiled.
“Would you like to go out sometime?” Garadin asked.
“I don't know I'd have to get back to on that one.” Rowena answered.
“Oh that's alright forget I asked.” Garadin said.
Garadin got to his feet than started walking off. Rowena sighed than got to her feet and followed him.
“Alright than I'll go out with you.” Rowena said
Garadin turned around than gave Rowena a hug.
~Meanwhile at Dot and Bob's apartment~
Bob is fixing his car when suddenly he heard Dot let a earsplitting scream. Bob stopped what he's doing and ran to where Dot is. Bob notices the puddle of data under Dot's feet right away. Bob walked over to Dot than picked her up in his arms and took her to the Mainframe Hospital. The doctors took Dot to the delivery room and Bob followed them. A few nanos later Dot gave birth to a baby boy. The doctors placed the baby boy in Dot's arms and Bob sat on the side of the bed. A few nanos pass. Bob is pacing while Dot sits on a chair.
"What are we going to name him?" Dot asked.
"I don't know." Bob answered.
Dot rolled her eyes.
“How about Java?” Dot asked.
"No." Bob answered as he turned around.
"Why not?" Dot asked.
"That sounds too prissy," Bob answered.
"Well, it's better than the name you came up with!" Dot yelled.
"What? What's wrong with Outlet?" Bob asked.
"Are you listening to yourself? Do you really want our child to be beaten up every second at school?" Dot asked.
"I told you, Outlet is a traditional male name where I come from!" Bob shouted.
"It's basic!" Dot said.
"How about Couplet?" Dot asked.
Bob shook his head again.
"I don't like it. It sounds like a girl's name." Bob answered.
Dot sighed angrily.
"This is impossible." Dot said.
Mouse suddenly walked in.
"Something wrong, sugars?" Mouse asked.
"We're having trouble thinking up a name for our baby," Bob said..
"And we need one by next cycle," Dot added.
Mouse thought for a moment.
"How about Blade? It was my brother's name.” Mouse said.
Bob and Dot thought for a minute.
“I like that name.” Bob replied.
“Yeah me too.” Dot said.
“Is settle than?” Bob asked.
“Yes it is and his name is Blade.” Dot answered.
Bob looks at Mouse.
“What do you mean was your brother's name?” Bob asked.
“My brother dead as young node.” Mouse answered.
“What about the rest of your family darling?” Turbo asked as he walked up behind Mouse and wraps his arms around her.
“I have seen them in a few long time and I really miss them.” Mouse answered.”
Mouse wiggled out Turbo's grip than left the hospital. Turbo ran after Mouse but Bob stopped him.
“No Turbo let her go.” Bob said.
Turbo nodded his head. Mouse is sitting on a crib near Dot's Diner. All of a sudden a little sprite comes over to Mouse. Mouse looks up the little sprite.
“Can I help you?” Mouse asked.
“I can't find my mother.” The little sprite answered almost in tears.
Mouse smiled.
“Don't worry I'm sure she's around somewhere.” Mouse said.
“What's your name?” the little sprite asked.
“My name is Mouse.” Mouse answered.
“I'm Nevada but everyone calls me Neva.” The little sprite said.
“What's your mother's name?” Mouse asked.
“My mother's name is Jacynthe.” Nevada answered.
All of a sudden a beautiful lady sprite walks over.
“There you are. Neva.” The lady said.
Mouse looked at the lady sprite. The lady sprite looked at Mouse and her eye's widen in shock.
“Is that you Mouse?” the lady sprite asked.
“Yes it is mom.” Mouse answered.
Nevada looked at Mouse than her mother.
“Why did you she call you that?” Nevada asked.
“She called me that because she's your long lost sister.” Jacynthe answered.
Nevada hugged Mouse just as handsome man sprite comes over to them and he looks at Mouse. Mouse hugged him.
“Hi dad.” Mouse said.
“Is it really you Mouse?” Carlin asked.
“Yes dad it is.” Mouse answered.
Carlin hugged Mouse just as Turbo appeared. Mouse smiled than stopped hugging her father. Turbo wrapped his arms around Mouse. Carlin and Jacynthe exchange looked.
“Who is this handsome sprite?” Jacynthe asked.
“This is my boyfriend Turbo.” Mouse answered.
“I'm Mouse's mother Jacynthe, the sprite beside me is my husband Carlin and the little sprite is my other daughter Nevada.” Jacynthe said.
Arabella came over to them and looked at Mouse.
“Have you seen my best friend?” Arabella asked.
“No I haven't.” Mouse answered.
“I'm started to worry about her because I haven't seen her in microseconds.” Arabella answered.
Rowena walked up behind Arabella and tapped her on the shoulder.
“Are you looking for me?” Rowena asked.
“Yes I was.” Arabella answered.
“I'm here now.” Rowena said.
“Where have you been?” Arabella asked.
“I was the spot where I go when I need to think.” Rowena answered.
Garadin walked up beside Rowena and put his arm around her. Rowena looked at Garadin with a smile on her face. Arabella looks at Garadin and than at her sister.
“Who is he?” Arabella asked.
“This is Garadin Bounce and I met him at the park at Floating Point where I was there thinking.” Rowena answered.
Garadin smiled and so did Rowena. Arabella took Rowena out of earshot.
“Do you like this sprite?” Arabella asked.
“Yes I do but I'm not really ready to get involved yet.” Rowena answered.
Arabella sighed. Rowena noticed that her brother-in-law Shaun and her niece Oona are standing behind Arabella.
“Hi Arabella.” Shaun said.
Arabella turned around and hugged Shaun really tight.
“Did you miss us mommy?” Oona asked.
“Yes sweetie I did.” Arabella answered.
Rowena decided to let her sister have time with her family. Rowena started walking towards home. Garadin ran after Rowena and stopped her.
“Where are you going?” Garadin asked.
“I'm going home because I need some time to think.” Rowena answered.
Garadin grinned.
“Could you also think about this?” Garadin asked as he pulled Rowena close and kissed her.
A few nanos later Garadin broke the kiss and Rowena just stared at him for a few nanos.
“Yeah I'll think about that too if you think about this.” Rowena answered as she kissed Garadin.
Garadin's eyes widen in shock. A few nanos Rowena broke the kiss than went home. The next few nanos pass. Shaun and Arabella are sleeping in each other's embrace. Oona is sleeping on the floor of her parent's bedroom. Garadin is home in his bed dreaming of Rowena and Rowena is her bed dreaming of Garadin.