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A River of Blood
Chapter One: An Ulterior Motive
Yuri moved smoothly, used to the canter of Aslan, her large black warhorse. He was a steady, if not sadistic animal, normally charging into the battle instead of away from it.
`Of course he did save me from being eaten by a lion.' Yuri thought half laughing. Yuri was now an eighteen year old, from modern day Japan, in the ancient Hittite empire.
She was sent her on her fifteenth birthday and has then spent the last three years of her life fighting enemy after enemy. `First a psychotic queen, then the Mittani Empire and then Ursula. I have sooo many problems.'
“Princess Yuri! Pay attention to where you're going!” A girl with long light brown hair shouted at Yuri.
Pulling up quickly at the reins, Yuri halted Aslan. Looking ahead of the horse she saw a great spring.
Grinning, she stepped down from the saddle and walked over to the spring. She sniffed around it and was delighted to smell only clean fresh air. Dipping, her hand into the water she was once again delighted to find that it was ice cold.
“Do you think we can take a break and get something to drink, Hadi?” Yuri asked while looking at Hadi from the corner of her eye.
Frowning Hadi observed Yuri. “You could have asked Prince Kail for a water break. He would have allowed it immediately.”
Yuri smiled at Hadi. “I know but I was waiting for something better to show up then hot water and voila! Now I get cold water from a spring!”
`Plus, I don't bother Prince Kail.' Yuri leaned down and cupped her hands. Putting them into the cool water she brought the crude cup of water to her lips and drained it.
Reaching down greedily for another drink she stopped suddenly a jumped back with a very loud scream.
“Princess Yuri, what is it?!” Hadi shouted running toward Yuri with a short sword in hand.
“There's a body in the water!!” Yuri called out before sloshing and shuffles were prominent in the air.
Hadi and Yuri watched as the `body' got out of the spring dragging behind it another body that appeared dead.
“Yuri, what is it!” Prince Kail questioned, as he ran from the camp where all the men were stationed to Yuri.
“I have no idea.” Yuri responded, her voice soft. Then she noticed the clothes, none of which belonged to the ancient world. The jeans, sweaters, a miniskirt, tights, scarves, heavy winter jackets, and sneakers. They were from the modern time. .
“Have they been found, my lady?” Urhi asked his long black cloak hiding the bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes he possessed.
Nakia smiled. Looking over at Urhi, her most trusted ally, she responded, “The prince and his companions have found them. Unfortunately, one of them seems to have forgotten how to hold her breath.”
“How. . . . unfortunate.” Urhi spoke to Nakia in quiet tones, knowing that she was in an easily changeable mood.
“Yes, unfortunate. Luckily for us, one has survived and it is the one that I had a clearer vision in the water of anyway.” Nakia explained happily, as if the thought of the woman drowning brought her pleasure.
“Now, we just observe and guide the course of this woman and she will destroy this empire.” Nakia said humor gleaming in her cold, snake like eyes.
Kagome dragged herself and Raven out of the spring. Raven was like a dead weight, her dark brown hair covering her face.
Kagome got to the bank and set Raven down on her back. Moving her hair out of the way, she leaned down and put her ear near Raven's mouth.
“She's not breathing.” She spoke to herself, oblivious to the crowd of people around her. Clasping her hands together, with the palm of her left hand on the back of her right, she put them on Raven's chest, right above her heart.
`One, two, three, four'
Closing Raven's nose she took a deep breath then breathed into her mouth.
`One, two, three, four'
`One, two, three, four'
Finally, Raven coughed, water spilling out of her mouth. Gasping, she rolled over onto her right side. She was taking fish mouth gulps of air.
Kagome sighed and allowed herself to fall down on to her butt. Leaning back she placed her arms behind her as braces and closed her eyes. Opening them she looked at the people around her.
She closed her eyes, scrunching them up. Kagome then opened them up wide in disbelief. She repeated this process two more times.
Finally, with a wry grin she spoke, “What? You guys never saw a girl pop out of a spring before?” Raven's chuckles accompanied her statement.
Yuri stared at the women in disbelief. Not only were they dressed as moderns they talked in Japanese! Now, what was the one with black hair doing to the brunette?
Her eyes widened in realization. The brunette wasn't breathing.
Looking behind her shoulder she saw Kail and many Hittite soldiers. Motioning with her hand and shaking her head, mouthing `no, stop!' Yuri stopped the advance of the soldiers.
Turning back, Yuri observed what the black haired one would do.
“She's not breathing.” Yuri heard in Japanese. `Oh, they are definitely from Japan. Maybe she can tell me something about my family!'
Yuri snapped out of her revere as the black haired one began to perform cpr. After two times however, Yuri was certain that the brunette was dead. Closing her eyes, she said a quick prayer for her soul.
“Is she dead?” Kail asked calmly, looking over the scene with cool eyes. His honey colored hair gleamed in the light and his amber eyes were sympathetic.
“I think so. . . .We should stop her.” Yuri responded watching as the black haired one began the process a fourth time. Moving forward her hand out to touch the black hair's shoulder she jumped back when the brunette suddenly spit out water.
Coughing and wheezing the brunette shifted onto her left side, the shirt she wore covered in sand.
Yuri backed up until she was next to Kail. She leaned into Kail as he put his arm around her shoulder.
Yuri watched as the black haired one fall onto her behind and braced herself on her arms. The girl looked around and closed her eyes so hard they scrunched up. Then she opened them. And then she closed them. And opened, and closed, then opened her eyes.
Smiling, at all of them she sounded like she asked a question.
Raven shifted into a sitting position. Uneasily, she looked around her. `Lots of guys with swords here Spock.'
Getting up she shook her shirt, running her hands up and down her jeans trying to wipe the watery sand of her pants. Looking around she grunted.
“Yo, you deaf? The lady just asked you a question.” Raven shouted. “Yeah, hello? Man, are you guys' cyber men, or something?”
“Cyber Men?” Kagome asked.
“People who have been upgraded, without emotions and have the power to shoot lightning bolt through touch and. . . You know what? You should just watch Doctor Who, which would make talking to you so much easier.”
Kagome grinned as she held out her hands for Raven to pull her up. “Now, why would I do that when I can have you tell me everything there is to know?”
Raven frowned then shrugged. “Well, you can't argue with the truth.”
She started to walk backward away from the water, when she stopped. Something was poking her back. `Somehow, I doubt it's a tennis racket.' Turning her head slightly, she saw a man with black hair and eyes with a sword to her back.
She grinned at him then screamed and ran forward with her eyes closed. She ran full speed but stopped instantly when her foot splashed into the spring. Her face grew ashen and she let out an even louder scream.
Raven ran back to the black haired swordsman. “I think I prefer you.” She spoke slightly winded.
Kagome walked up to them and frowned. “You're having a sword poking party and didn't invite me? How come?” She whined.
“You have one seriously twisted sense of humor, you know that?” Raven replied, even as she put her back to Kagome's.
“You have to kiss somebody in order to speak their language.”
Kagome and Raven whirled on each other. “Why'd you say that?” Raven asked. “Say that? I didn't say that!” Kagome replied her face darkening.
Both turned to look at a girl around their age with wild black hair, the mirrored horror on their faces better than any actresses.
“You speak Japanese?” Kagome asked in a monotone. “Yes,” the girl replied, “My name is Yuri.”
“Ours are Kagome and Raven.” Kagome told Yuri.
“Would you happen to know what Doctor Who is?” Raven asked her voice hopeful. “I'm sorry. I've never heard of Doctor Who.” Yuri replied.
“Why!! Why must you be so cruel to me!! What great sin have I committed against you?” Raven shouted while looking up and shaking her fist.
Yuri backed away from them looking startled. Kagome grinned at her “You get used to it.”
“Right, back to the main concern, what did you just say Miss Yuri?” Raven asked, recovering quickly.
“Just Yuri, and when I was dragged here it was right after my first kiss to a boy named Satoshi, and when I got here I was kissed by Prince Kail.”
“Is that Prince Kail?” Kagome asked pointing right at Kail. “Yes it is.” Yuri responded mentally preparing herself for the degradation.
She opened her eyes when someone pounded her back. “Good for you!” Raven said as Kagome kept clapping her back. Both of them gave her a thumbs-up sign.
“So, hypothetically based upon your experience we have to kiss a man, correct?” Raven asked.
Yuri nodded her head.
Kagome sighed. “Such a hardship.” She muttered under her breathe. Looking at the soldiers, she spotted one with gold hair and a deep dark tan. `Hot mamma!' She mentally congratulated herself for finding such a good catch.
Raven just turned and motioned for the man who had almost stabbed her to come closer. Kagome also motioned for the golden haired soldier to come closer. He didn't.
“Excuse me, Yuri can you get him to come closer?” Kagome requested.
Nodding, Yuri called out in a different language. The soldier began to come closer, and kneeled at Yuri's feet before turning to face Kagome.
Out of the corner she saw Raven practically jump her pick. Grabbing his head she had pulled his lips down so she could cover them with her own. His black eyes widened in surprise before a grin spread across his face.
Kagome motioned for her pick to lean down. He huffed but complied. Shyly, she leaned up and kissed his lips. She was about to pull back when he took over.
Yuri watched as the girls kissed Rusafa and Ramses. Those men really did know how to kiss by the looks of things.
Raven pulled back first, gave Rusafa a flirtatious glance and walked over to Yuri.
“It's taking all I got just to walk straight.” She whispered to Yuri, her lips barely moving. “That man can kiss!”
Ramses finally let Kagome go. She turned and almost in a daze walked over to Yuri. “Wow!!” Her voice came out high and squeaky.
Clearing her throat, Raven turned to look at all the soldiers. “Okay, now can you understand us?” She spoke in perfect ancient Hittite.