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A River of Blood
Chapter Two: Those Cruel Revelations
“Alright, let's talk turkey here. Where are we?” Raven asked her tone inquiring and impatient.
“You are in the Ancient Hittite Empire, which will more than likely add more questions then answers.” Yuri answered adding the last parts under her breathe.
Raven had a blank look on her face then looked down and began to mutter under her breathe about “time warps” and “T.A.R.D.I.S.” and “I wonder if I will meet a Dalek.”
“What is a Dalek?” Asked Kail.
“A Dalek is a creature of unimaginable cruelty, intelligence, and will. Daleks are extremely clever with a laser that kills on contact. Luckily, they are a bit bulky because they are covered in metal, see, unfortunately they can fly.”
Kail had an extremely blank look on his face.
“Have those been invented?!” Yuri asked in alarm thinking of her family.
“Good heavens no! At least, not in this universe, however over in Gamma V-12, it's a totally different story.” Raven spoke gesturing around with her hands.
“Don't lie! They haven't been invented anywhere and we certainly wouldn't know if it was invented in a different universe. We haven't even made it outside of our own!” Kagome cried while punching Raven on the arm.
“Ouch. . . .”
“Tell us how you got here.” Kail commanded his voice like smooth whiskey.
“Can't we just listen to you talk instead?” Raven asked her tone and face showing her hopefulness. “Ouch!”
Kagome drawing her arm back from hitting Raven on the back of her head. “She gets like this a lot. So when she does I give you my personal permission to whomp her on the head like I just did.”
“We came here after a movie. It was winter and we were walking around the park before we went home. As it turned out a couple of hands grabbed us and well, they dragged us in. Now, don't think that we're weak or anything `cause only one hand dragged each of us. It was like that arm had a supernatural strength!” Kagome explained.
“Oh, yeah and that arm must have added about fifty pounds of extra strength, too. You know why do I get this feeling that this is only me trying to make myself feel better about my failure?” Raven asked Kagome.
“Ok, I can deal.”
Yuri watched the exchange with a look of perplexing annoyance. “Are you always like this?” she questioned hoping the answer was no.
Raven looked at her as if she was an idiot. “No,” she drawled, “I always act calm, cool and deadly. I have no imagination and humorous stories, as a matter of fact I am a killing machine with ten inch heels and black leather whips.”
“Raven!” Kagome yelped her face flushing. Yuri was also blushing because she understood what she meant.
“Was sarcasm necessary?” Yuri asked her tone dark.
“Was acting like we're insane necessary? Looking at us like we're weirdoes? If you will recall we have just been displaced from our proper time and dimension and have had no major time to recuperate. So, yes, as far as I am concerned it is necessary to teach you a lesson.” Raven retorted angrily her tone even darker.
Kagome, Kail, Rusafa, and Ramses had just been listening to them quietly waiting for them to stop arguing.
Kail looked toward Kagome. “What does she mean ten inch heels and leather whips?” He asked looking at her with all seriousness.
“She needs to recuperate?” Rusafa asked his eyebrows drawing together.
“She's as healthy as a horse so she's being figurative and I refuse to tell you what she means.” Kagome spouted just when Raven turned from Yuri and started belting out song.
`Once carried through the current
And being swept away
The king is in the closet
He's hiding from today
And though he owns all fortunes
This room is where he'll stay
And his world is filled with darkness
Turning grey'
Yuri marched over to Kagome giving Raven a clear berth. “What,” she demanded, “Is wrong with her?”
Kagome was shaking her head and hid her face in her hands. “She's scared out of her wits.”
“This is sure a funny way of showing fear.” Yuri responded.
“Were you scared when you first came here?” Kagome began.
“Well of course I was I wasn't stupid something had happened that I didn't understand.”
“And you showed it by panicking and running right.”
“Yes I did! You would too if armed guards were following you around shouting in a different language!”
`Gazing out the window
Of the 42nd floor
He is separate from all others
No one knocks upon his door
And it might as well be raining
`Cause the sunlight hurts his eyes
And his ears will never hear the
Children's cries'
Raven's voice broke through their conversation.
“As I was saying,” Kagome continued as if it hadn't, “you should understand that people express fear in different ways.”
“I can understand that but what has that got to do with the singing?” Yuri questioned with only one ear as she was listening to Raven's song.
`Once proud and full of passion
He fought the cause of man
Many people loved his courage
Many followed his command
He changed the old into the new
And the course of things to come
But then one day they noticed he
Was gone'
“What does the song make you feel?” Kagome questioned Yuri.
“It makes me sad and I feel a longing.” Yuri responded after a moment of deliberation.
`At first it didn't matter
Nobody seemed to care
They all became too busy
To find him anywhere
So no one knew not even him
The problems he would find
On the day he journeyed deep into
His mind'
“Exactly, Raven always sings to express her inner feelings. Probably because of what happened when we were young, unfortunately.” Kagome whispered.
“What happened?” Queried Rusafa.
`I close my eyes I go far away
Away from this battlefield
IN my dreams well here I will enjoy it
Where innocence plays with all the
Laughing children
The kind who are crying right now
A taste of freedom from the pain
Of everything here I see
Life is sweet but I took it all for
And now I don't know if I could even
Tell you
Just what we permit, we allow'
Kagome frowned. “Don't worry, she's almost done.”
“What happened to her?” Kail repeated the question.
Kagome turned to him and sighed quietly.
`Allow me to forget the life I've made
my own
I've held this nation in my hand
And yet it's not a home
Allow me just one answer just one
reason why
Why this refuge of the family of man
Must die
Tell me why'
“That is not my tale to tell.” Kagome spoke quietly.
She turned and looked at Raven a soft, gentle smile on her face.
`Daydreams filled his nighttimes
And night dreams filled his days
Confusion and uncertainty
A puzzled mind of haze
You thought he was so powerful
And set upon his ways
Well he left us all to travel through
This maze
I heard the king was dying
I heard the king was dead
And with him died the chronicles
That no one ever read
The closet's fully empty now
It's occupied by none
I'll draw the drapes now destiny is done.'
Raven finished her song, so close to whispering that the others could hardly hear her.
“Why do you not show emotions?” Yuri asked loudly.
Raven turned and glared at her, a hostile look in her eyes. “It's not any of your business.” She spoke coldly with ice in her tone.
“How did we get off topic?” Kagome wondered.
“Come,” Kail interrupted, “It is late now and we must make camp for the night.”
He moved away, all of the others followed him but Yuri, Kagome and Raven.
“You can't go back yet,” Yuri explained, “At least not until the end of the wet season.”
“When's that?” Kagome asked while behind her Raven had her fingers crossed and was muttering “Please be soon, please be soon.”
“Not for a half-year.” Yuri told them the disappointing news.
“Oh, good bloody god, Kagome how do you get me into these things?” Raven cried as she got up and followed the men toward the camp that was just being constructed.
The last thing that Kagome heard from her was her mutterings about “Cybermen” and a “Gamma ray”.