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Chapter One: The Separation
`How could this have happened? More importantly why did this happen and just who was responsible? What if I am the only survivor? I-is my family alive and safe somewhere or did they suffer the same fate as everyone else in this city?' I thought while crouched in the furthest corner of the tiny bathroom.
It has been three days since the first outbreak. Three days of running from place to place to find somewhere safe to hold up. Once finding a somewhat safe hiding place I ended up fighting to stay awake afraid that if I didn't then those things would find me and I'd be dead.
It's funny but that is exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm sitting in the farthest corner of the tiny bathroom with a toilet plunger in my hand waiting to see if any of the “undead” come dragging into my haven.
I started shaking with renewed fear as I heard a soft moan and crunch inside the diner. I thought the diner was safe, I thought those people lying on the floor were indeed dead but I was wrong. I was thankful that I made into the bathroom before he came back from the dead. I felt incredibly bad for the lady of the diner as she clawed her way behind the diner counter intent of hiding from the others outside but it was too late. He awoke and he found her. Now, I was reduced to sit in the semi-dark incredibly small bathroom listening to him feeding on the dead woman.
We wouldn't be in this situation if only they'd have believed him. If only they believed them. And by them I mean Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry Burton. If the city officials truly cared for “the people” they would have evacuated the city and investigated the accusations against Umbrella Inc. Instead they accused the three S.T.A.R.S. members of drinking on the job and causing the deaths of the other S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and Bravo teams.
I believed them. I believed everything they said. How could I not with all the strange disappearances and horrible murders. Not to mention all the strange looking creatures that preyed on people at night. Now, it's too late. It's too late to request assistance and too late for escape.
Thinking of my slim-to-none chance of escaping Raccoon City alive I felt despair claw its way to the forefront of my mind until I pushed it away and concentrated on my current situation. Clutching my “weapon” tighter I slowly rose from my crouched position and crept to the door. Taking a breath I slowly eased the door open, readying my weapon I heard someone shout.
“Wait don't shoot!”
“Get down!”
`People; other Survivors!' I thought rushing out of the bathroom frantically scanning the diner for the source of those voices. Once my eyes landed on them I felt fear once again they were getting ready to leave.
“Wait! Please don't leave me!” I cried.
Once they heard my voice cry out for them both of them looked right at me.
“Come on, we have to leave now!” the guy yelled.
`Oh thank you god! You answered my prayers and sent a cop!'
“Let's go!” he yelled once more.
I was shaken out of my silent thanks at his command and sprinted to them. We ran out of the diner as more “undead” started creeping out of the shadows toward us.
“There” he shouted pointing to an unoccupied R.P.D. squad car.
We ran to the vehicle and reached for the doors. As I opened the door I froze. I saw a guy lying on the floor of the backseat. I didn't know if he was really dead or “undead”.
“Get In!” the cop yelled while shutting the back door and shoving me into the front. I ended up sitting between him and some girl.
“Buckle Up”
“I can't,” I replied as he turned the engine on and shot off into the dark streets.
“What's going on in this town? I just arrived and was attacked…”
“Great the radio's out”
“You're a cop right?”
“Yep first day on the job, great huh. Name's Leon Kennedy nice to meet you two.”
“I'm Claire. Claire Redfield.”
“Your name's Claire Redfield? Is your brother Chris?” I asked the girl to my right.
“Yes! Do you know him? Do you know where he's at?” Claire asked voice frantic with worry.
“Yeah I know him and no I don't know where he is…I wish I did though. Oh, name's Dallas but you guys can call me Dally,” I replied quietly.
“So Dally do you know what is going on in this town?” Leon asked.
“I have an idea from what Chris, Jill and Barry claimed but it's not supported with actual evidence.”
“We'll get back to that later. Claire can you check the glove compartment?”
“Sure. There's a gun inside.”
“Better take it with you.”
Then I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That guy in the back wasn't dead. He's the undead. Shit, just my luck. I get rescued for a little bit only to die with a bite to my neck. I glanced in the rear view mirror and yep he's slowly sitting up.
“Aaaaggghhh!” I screamed while clinging to Leon.
“Noooo,” he yelled while jerking the steering wheel to prevent the zombie from taking a chunk out of my neck.
The squad car side swiped parked cars and the sides of buildings. Leon kept jerking the steering wheel to keep the fucker from biting any of us when the car did a complete 180 and we ended up crashing into a pole. When the cars tail end smashed into the pole the zombie was thrown out the back window. As for me, well both Leon and Claire wrapped their arms around me to prevent me from being thrown out too. Thank god they did otherwise I'd be a Dallas splatter on the ground.
“You guys alright?”
“Still in one piece,” Claire mumbled.
“That idiots going to ram us!” Leon yelled scrambling for his seat belt.
I watched in horror as a huge diesel truck was speeding down the street straight at us.
“Come on!” Leon yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the front seat behind him. We all leaped out of the way as the truck collided with the R.P.D. squad car.
“Claire!” both Leon and I shouted staring at the wall of fire.
“I'm okay,” we heard behind the inferno.
“Meet Dallas and I at the Police Station,” Leon shouted.
I glanced at Leon with worry filled eyes.
“Don't worry. She'll be fine. She has a weapon to protect herself and I'm sure she can find extra ammo on some of the dead R.P.D. officers. Come on we need to get out of here and head over to the Police Station,” Leon said.
Shaking my head in understanding we turned around stared out into the almost deserted street.
`Oh boy, I hope we make it the R.P.D station before we die' I thought.
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