Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Resident Evil: Surviving the Nightmare ❯ Where's Safety? ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Where's Safety?
Leon and I stared ahead with nothing but dread. There were at least four of those zombies slowly making their way towards us. I felt fear course through me once again. Then I felt something grab my arm and pull.
“Aaaaggghhhh, let me go you fuck!” I screamed trying to pull my arm free.
“Dally, it's me Leon. Come on lets go.” Leon shouted
I looked into the young cops face and realized that he had a hold of my arm and was currently pulling me away from the fire and the fast approaching undead.
I started running along with him. We easily side stepped the undead and ran to the end of an alley way and saw a gun store.
“There! Leon we can get weapons,” I yelled after him.
We quickly ran inside and were greeted by a shotgun to the face.
“Wait! We're humans!” Leon yelled.
“Dally? Honey what are you doing running around late at night with those zombies roaming the city?” Robert Kendo asked.
“Robert! Oh thank god you're okay. Have you heard from Berry? What about my family? You know what you better come with us,” I cried.
“Easy kid or you'll give yourself a heart attack. I think it's safer to stay here then run around. Why don't you and your friend hold up here for a while,” Robert said while locking the door.
“No, we have to meet someone else at the R.P.D. station,” Leon responded.
“He's right. I have to go.”
“Dally you better stay. I'll watch out for you.”
“Sorry Robert but he's a cop. You never know there maybe more officers holed up in the police station,” I shrugged.
Leon and I started for the back door when we heard a loud crash and Robert scream. Spinning around Leon and I saw the zombies that were after us had smashed through the window and were currently tearing into his body.
“Oh my god,” Leon whispered.
It didn't bother me one bit. After running through a city of dead zombies and watching them attack those few survivors you kind of get used to it.
I turned away from the display and headed for the back door dead set on leaving before they noticed us.
Leon and I left and found ourselves near a small basketball court. Inside said court were four more zombies. Leon made quick work of them and we made our way up some stairs and to a small alley way. Thank god it was zombie free but you never know.
As we made our way out we say a cluster of you guessed it more zombies only they were eating. After running from them we made our way through a broken down bus and found ourselves standing outside of the Raccoon Police Station.
Running inside the tiny courtyard we made our way to the front doors and once we were inside we discovered a huge deserted police station.
“Leon, where are the other police officers?” I whispered.
“I don't know. Come on we have to find Claire and search for other survivors.”
He made his way to a door to our right and found it locked. There was another door down the stairs and to the left but it was locked as well.
I'd been here numerous times before so I had a pretty good idea of the layout. What with all my run-ins with the law. Well better yet my run-ins with Police Chief Brian Irons. Grrr, I hated that guy. Talk about a creep and a half. He acted as if his shit didn't stink and everyone else around him were nothing but insignificant peons.
Irons and I never agreed on anything. I was getting ready to be recruited into the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo squad and he pitched a huge fit! He said and I quote, “One fucking rookie is enough! The S.T.A.R.S. is an elite tactics force and they don't need to be babysitting a bunch of snot nosed wet behind the ears kids.” When I heard that I blew a fuse. I yelled back at him that he was a disgraceful Chief and he had no business holding the title and that the Raccoon Police Department needed a more qualified Police Chief instead of an under qualified lackey.
I ended up staying on the possible recruits list. Captain Albert Wesker had apologized for my indiscretion but Chief Irons stressed I was not yet “qualified” for a spot on the Bravo team.
I made my way to the computer and started typing away. Great just great. The doors are locked!
“We need a card key,” I said searching around the desk.
I glanced up and saw Leon walking towards another door. When he turned the doorknob I saw him pushing the door open. I jumped over the counter and ran to his side.
“You wait here”
“Hell no! What if you get attacked and killed. If that happens then I'm left all by myself with no weapon. Sorry but if you die then I'm taking your gun since I couldn't find one.”
“Heh, I'm so glad to hear your concern for my well being.” Leon said sarcastically.
I just shrugged at his statement and crept inside. We turned when we heard someone groan and then cough. I was shocked as I saw Marvin Branagh seated on the ground with his back agains some lockers.
“Marvin! Oh my god Marvin are you okay?”
“Dally? What are you doing here? Who's that with you?”
“Leon Kennedy sir.”
“Oh, the new guy. Sorry your party was cancelled. We kind of have a situation on our hands here.”
At this statement Marvin went into a coughing spell.
“Don't talk. Come on Marvin we need to get out of here.” I said reaching for him
“There is no time. I'm dying. You're going to need this. It opens the secured doors. Oh and here's an extra side arm.” Marvin said handing Leon and I a red card key and a 9mm handgun.
“We can't leave you…”
“Go, I'm dead. No point in helping me. Search…for more…survivors.”
“But Marvin…”
“Go!” he yelled. “Go before its too late…find survivors…escape the city…”
Leon and I got the hint and rose from our crouched positions beside him and left the tiny room.
We heard the lock click and knew that there was no way we could help him.
Gripping the card key I made my way back to the computer. Once I swiped the card I looked up at the sound of the two locked doors unlocking.
“Which way do you think we should go?”
“Let's try that door,” I said pointing to the double doors.
Checking my small firearm I signaled to my current partner that I was ready to enter the room. Throwing the doors open we entered a small waiting area and to our surprise the room was empty.
“So where now?”
I didn't answer as I walked to other side of the room and spotted another door.
“Leon, there's another door here. Let's keep going we may find more survivors.”
“Right. Hey Dally I'll go first. You cover the rear.” Leon instructed
Nodding my head yes I stepped back and allowed him to move in front of me. He reached for the door handle and we entered another hallway. Walking to the end we both turned the corner and saw a decapitated police office.
“What could have done this?” Leon whispered.
I simply stared at the corpse. I didn't notice Leon move away nor did I hear those clicking sounds directly in front of us.
I heard a gasp and looked in Leon's direction. I saw him staring at the ceiling at an unrecognizable creature.
Whatever it was drooled when he saw us and let go of the ceiling to land on all fours.
“Leon, look out!” I screamed as I saw a long red tongue dart out of the skinless unrecognizable monster.
The next thing I heard was loud gunshots in Leon's direction then nothing.
Nothing but silence…