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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This is a fan fiction based on an excerpt from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that was created by CLAMP. The characters- no matter how much I love them are not my creation.
The characters and plot are from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles but the fanfic may adapt some of the events from which the characters are originally from- CLAMPS very own RG- VEDA. Even though this is from TRC, I don't know if Sakura-chan and Syaoran- kun would be making an appearance…even if they do they won't be having a bigger role since the stories focus will be on my two favorite CLAMP gods.
A gods Wish
(Despair of the prevailing)
“My Lord…? Ashura-ou…is there a problem?”
“No, it's nothing; I was just… seeing things.”
The king smiled a bitter smile as he looked back at the now red tainted sky… The moons at its zenith and at its center, the castle of the sky loomed like death. At this time of night the castle closes and they must return to once again await its opening.
He must be seeing something… yes, just seeing something. For a moment there as the scenes changes; as the Kingdom of Shurato and the castle of the sky overlapped… he could almost swear he saw a faint sign of a smile upon Yasha-ou's face.
“…seeing things…a nice illusion to be completely honest…but still…”
“It's cruel…”
As the castle of the sky, which is again alight in an unyielding flame, slowly crumbles; men- both with golden and black eyes, shiver. Dark eyed men fell one after another none bearing any resemblance to their former selves. Everyone tried with all their might to avoid his reach, his men not an exemption. Men with golden eyes have shuddered at the sight- their king, he is frustrated.
Anxious he was. Curious he was. Thrilled he was. He waited for so many nights for the moon to be full and for the castle to ones again be open, but now-
“Weak” he said, as another of Yasha-ou's man falls- burned to the ground. Flames the color of gold danced around him illuminating his being. It shone brightly in the dark- vivid and fierce. It was more endearing than any jewel. T'was a wonder in itself for the said blaze can either be as deadly as wild fire or be as enchantingly alluring as a warm caress.
Now however, he is far from pleased and no where near tolerant. He had been waiting… he awaited for so many days, waited impatiently for the moon to once again reappear in its entirety. He waited most anxiously on those dark nights with that illusion unendingly revisiting his thoughts. The last he saw such a thing was when they first met- decades have passed and such an event have never transpired again- why now?
“Weak, weak, weak…” Men fell one by one as the stench of burning land, body and blood is beginning to be too much for anyone to bear. He's working up a rage and the fight is beginning to be one sided. No army can withstand his strength and they all know that for the same can be said in regards to Yasha-ou. Everyone knows that the only reason the fight has not yet been decided is because their Kings are at par but now-
`Where is he…?'
`“We'll meet again…” 'The memory of a tall lean man has always been on his mind but this time, the man once again wore a smile. Long night- dark hair danced freely obscuring his view but it failed to cover thin red lips that curved to a rather captivating smile. It was not a smirk not even a grin but something sweet… if only he saw the mans eyes…If only it was real…
`It's been so long…For such a thing to happen again…Did you really smile? Why? Of all things, why? Now he's missing… something's amiss.'
The rage in the flames dispersed and it once again became calm and cold. Cold blaze that forgives no one and kills anyone…The air became stiff as the wind itself was scorching.
“Let's end this…now.”
A cold voice whispered to the wind as a pillar of flame emerged from his raised sword… at the center there stood a tall figure with his hair dancing amongst the flames; his golden eyes piercing and cold…
All men who could see froze as the golden eyed warriors retreated behind their lord… Some of Yasha's men tried to flee while those who were valiant remained- although shivering and doubtful they intend to die fighting than face their Lord with the shame of living through utter defeat and cowardice.
They watched in fright as the apparition of death slowly closed his golden eyes as if uttering a prayer and as if watching in slow motion they watched him smile and slowly opened his eyes. The wind was scorching and sharp, dirt itself became a problem- it was a preview of hell and all men knew they are to enter it soon…An evil grin broke on the devils face as the sword slashed the air. They are to die.
They awaited the inevitable, the pain, the heat, death…it never came. Instead a blinding light met with the fiery gold of Ashura's flame. Everyone was shocked some were merely surprised and disappointed but one smiled.
With a smirk and lively eyes he spoke with an almost endearing voice…
“You are late. You dare kept me waiting… Yasha-ou.”
“Pardon my tardiness, Ashura-ou. I had quite a bit of issues to take care of. I hope you weren't so bored as to consider ending our clans' century old fight so quickly…”
Ashura-ou raised a brow and smirked.
“You surprise me, Yasha-ou. I believe, whatever that business of yours was, may it happen more often. It makes you talk more.”
The Kings smirk of a smile faltered as he saw with unnerving surprise that the others façade has gone. He can see the others eyes alive with amusement he can see a faint trace of a smirk; he can see… what is it? He can see a trace of something new that he can't place… It's something he wish not see again.
With a small frown and furrowed brows he said,
“I changed my mind… I wish that business to never repeat again.”
A curt bow was the others reply and as his face returned to view it was again blank.
Golden eyes stared at the night… searching, searching for something he doesn't as of yet know. When he failed to see any sign he let out an exasperated sigh and closed his eyes.
As his eyes opened he grinned, a blaze appeared once again, and he spoke,
“The castle is not yet closed. We are here for a reason, and since my long awaited opponent finally arrived… We Commence!”
A blur of gold and Ashura started to attack. He'd been bored, worried, and anxious for far too much of a long time and was in no mood to wait anymore. It seemed that he was not the only one walking on that line of thought as he saw Yasha-ou defend and attack with an already fiery gaze. The castle had been open for quite a while already and will be closing very soon... They should at least have their fun.
And fun they had. Yes he was curious on why Yasha-ou was late, but whatever political reasons it may be, he wants Yasha's undivided attention whenever within the castle of the sky. His attacks carried with it his everything as well as his frustrations. A smirk appeared on his face as he thought, `Ah- ever the gallant King. As always he would receive everything with grace.' Yasha-ou did receive every blow and parried every attack. He never backs down; he counters each attack with an attack of his own.
All over the castle death and cries ensued. Here, death is a common event. May it be from lethal wounds to complete incineration, death and cries aren't taken much into account. Lives. Fire's of passion and longing… may it be hope, anger and even vengeance… Now these are what are important. The will to live… the passion to strive… those who die lack in these since strength and power is already a given in both clans… In this castle…the heart rules the most.
And at the moment, a heart is breaking. Red dripped across tainted fair white skin, it was a sight unseen before and unexpected. As more blood seeped through slender fingers clutched at a broken heart and for once in all the decades, he stepped back with pain in his eyes. Moonlit skin continued to pale while a jet black orb looked back with a blank gaze at the effeminate figure of a horrified victor.
All those around stared in utter surprise… the battle is now coming to a close. As the scenes overlapped they were at awe for never have they seen a victor broken before…
Tormented gold met the night… for the first time, light had gone and gold turned dull. As the King stared at the landscape of his beloved kingdom, a single tear slid down his sun kissed cheeks…
“For whatever reason it may be… never should you dare be late again.”