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The Magical Portal
Chapter 3
By: kaibafan1


After a quick stop at the Pokemon Center they headed to the Pokemon Mart to stock up on supplies. They stocked up on potions, antidotes, and for Maria to get a poke doll for a young girl that helps out around the palace back in her world and some more poke balls for Maria. They then reached the main road.

“This is Route 30,” Brock said. “If we follow this road we should be in Violet City by dark.”

“We have trouble,” Misty said looking at Ash.

“What do you mean?” Anumbus asked. “Look over there, there is a Pokemon battle going on.”

“So,” Ash said. “It will be fun to be in another battle,” he said.

“Yes but it will delay us,” Misty said “We won’t reach Violet City by nightfall then.”

“Maybe just one battle should be okay,” Brock said.

“Well, Okay but then only one battle,” Misty said.

They ran into a youngster named Joey who challenged Ash to a battle. While Maria was watching Ash battle something in the bushes caught her eye. She went to see what it was. Anumbus and Misty went with her. Misty said it was a Pokemon, Maria checked her Pokedex and it told her it was a Ledyba a bug type Pokemon. Misty didn’t get scared because it was cute.

“Go Espeon, tackle it,” Maria said. Espeon tackled it and then got hit with Ledyba’s Comet Punch.

Espeon shook off the dizziness.

“Espeon, Psybeam now,” Maria said. Espeon hit Ledyba with psybeam then Maria threw a poke ball and captured Ledyba.

As soon as Ash got done, Misty said, “Ash, Maria just caught a new Pokemon it is a Ledyba.”

“Congratulations,” Ash said, “You now have a new Pokemon.”

“Thanks but don’t just congratulate me, congratulate Espeon too he helped me,” Maria said. Ash then told Espeon good job.

They continued on the road to Violet City. They reached Violet City after dark. They then went straight to the Pokemon Center where they were going to stay. They healed their Pokemon then went to bed. Espeon curled up to Maria. Maria began to stroke Espeon. Anumbus, Daise, and herself were still awake.

“Do you think we’ll ever get home again?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know, but we can’t loose hope now, not yet,” Anumbus said.

“Yes, but how can we be sure the portal will take us home?” Daise asked. “It might just take us to another world, remember you can’t be sure about portals.”

Right when Daise said that Maria let out a groan.

“All we can do right now is hope. At least we have each other and we are not in different worlds,” Anumbus said.

“Yes, but we are in a different world, how do we know what’s going to happen,” she said letting out a sniff. The other two looked at her with a look to comfort her.

“Don’t worry we’ll get back home, lets have some fun in this world at least until we find the portal,” he said. They nodded then laid down to go to sleep.

They got up early the next morning.

“Where are we going?” Maria asked.

“The Violet City Gym,” Ash said. “There you can get one of the eight badges needed to get into the Jhoto league.”

“We’ll be a step closer to getting home,” Maria said.

They reached the gym doors and went in.

“Hello,” said a boy, “I’m Falkner the leader of this gym which one of you will be facing me?”

“We are,” Ash said as he and Maria stepped forward.

“Who is going to lose first?” Falkner asked.

“I’m first and I won’t lose,” Ash said. The battle was short but Ash was the victor.

Falkner gave him the Zephry Badge. Maria then went out on the arena.

“Go Espeon,” she shouted. That started the battle. Falkner sent out Pidgeotto.

“Go Pidgeotto, Quick Attack,” he shouted.

“Espeon, Confusion now,” Maria called. Espeon’s confusion caused Pidgeotto to freeze also making it so he couldn’t attack. “Now Espeon use Psybeam!”

Espeon’s psybeam knocked out Pidgeotto. Falkner then threw out Pidgey.

“Pidgey, Whirlwind,” he said.

“Espeon, Teleport now,” Maria said. “Now use Faint Attack!” Pidgey was now knocked out and Maria won.

“Here is the Zephyr Badge, you’ve earned it,” Falkner said.

“Thanks,” Maria said. They then went back to the Pokemon Center.


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