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Chapter 5

They got up early the next morning and had breakfast. That’s when they decided to head to Goldenrod City.

“Going by the guide book we’ll have to go through the Ilex Forest to get there,” Brock said.

“How long will it take to get there?” Maria asked.

“If we leave now, it will take six hours,” he said.

“Okay let’s leave now then,” Daise said. “We want to go back to our own world.”

“Were off then,” Brock said.

They had been walking through the forest for two hours when Misty suddenly asked Maria, “What’s it like being a real princess?”

Maria laughed, and then said, “You want to know what it is like being a real princess?” Misty nodded.

“It really isn’t all that, being a princess,” Maria said. “I’m not a normal princess I’m the moon princess and the future Queen of the silver millennium there are always guards around me which means I never get to spend time alone.” She was starting to get tense.

Anumbus felt Maria getting annoyed and tensed and asked Misty not to ask Maria any more questions about being a princess. Misty nodded and stated to talk to herself. Misty started to give Maria angry looks. Anumbus saw these and started to worry.

I hope Misty knows what kind of trouble she’s getting into by making Maria mad, no one has ever dared to make Maria mad,” he thought. “But then Misty doesn’t know what Maria will do if she is pushed to far.”

It was starting to get dark so they decided to spend the night in a clearing near the path.

Maybe things will be better in the morning,” Anumbus thought.

They woke at dawn and reached Goldenrod City in just an hour. They went to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon. They found that the Goldenrod Gym wouldn’t be open until noon, so they decided to look around. They went to the Pokemon Mart first.

“Wow, This Pokemon Mart is huge it has five floors,” Misty said.

“The guide book says Goldenrod has the biggest Pokemon Mart in the Jhoto region, just as Celadon City has the biggest Pokemon Mart in Kanto,” Brock said.

They went in and they got super potions, burn heals, ice heals, and full heals. Maria got water and Great Balls.

After looking at the Pokemon Mart Ash said, “We still have an hour until the gym opens, lets look at Radio Tower.”

“Sure,” Brock and Misty said.

But Maria said, “You go on, I want to look in the underground.”

So Brock, Misty, and Ash went to Radio Tower. Maria, Anumbus, and Daise went to the underground. While they were there they saw a bargain shop.

“I’m going to get souvenirs for the others back home,” Maria said.

“Okay, We’ll be over at the Pokemon Barber getting Espeon groomed,” Anumbus said.

“He’ll like that,” Maria said smiling.

The bargain shop had nuggets, pearls, big pearls, stardust, and star pieces. She got a star piece for everyone back home including Anumbus, Daise, and herself. She also got stardust, pearls and big pearls. When Anumbus and Daise came back with Espeon, Espeon jumped into her arms and started to lick her face.

“He looks great,” she said.

“The gym will open in ten minutes we should get back and meet with the others,” Anumbus said.

Maria nodded and said, “Lets go.”

When they got back to the others they headed to the gym. When they got there they had to wait by the door because there was a battle going on. Then when that battle was over the gym leader came over.

“Hello” she said, “I’m Whitney.”

“I’m Ash,” Ash said.

“I’m Maria,” Maria said.

“Who will battle me first?” Whitney asked.

“I will,” Ash said.

“Okay, But I’m going to win,” she said. “Lets do it.”

They went on the arena and the battle started. The battle lasted an hour and a half, Ash won by a thread. Then it was Maria’s turn.

“Go Milktank,” Whitney shouted.

“Go Ponyta,” Maria cried. “Ponyta show her your Agility.”

“Milktank, Rollout,” Whitney said. Milktank’s rollout sent Ponyta flying.

“Ponyta are you alright,” Maria cried. Ponyta answered by standing up. “Try a Fire Spin!”

Ponyta sent a fire spin at Milktank but it didn’t stop him.

“Use Rollout again,” Whitney cried.

Milktank sent another rollout at Ponyta knocking him to the ground. This time Ponyta was trying to get up but kept falling down. Milktank was starting to send another attack at Ponyta.

“Ponyta, hurry get up you can do it,” Maria called franticly. Milktank started coming at Ponyta. “PONYTA!”

At that moment Ponyta began to glow. When the glowing stopped Ponyta had evolved to Rapidash.

“It evolved,” Ash cried.

“It’s a Rapidash now,” Brock cried.

“Rapidash, Agility, then Seismic Toss,” Maria shouted.

Rapidash used agility then seismic tossed Milktank into the air.

“Now Flamethrower,” Maria cried. Rapidash’s flamethrower sent Milktank flying and hitting the ground.

“No, Milktank’s been knocked out,” Whitney cried. She called Milktank back. “Go Clefairy!”

Maria smiled then said, “Flame Wheel.”

Rapidash’s flame wheel sent Clefairy sailing. Clefairy was knocked out in a second.

“You win,” Whitney said, “Here is the Plain Badge.”

“Thanks, now I’m another step closer to going home,” Maria said.

They decided to spend the night at the Pokemon Center and leave in the morning.

Soon we will be home again,” she thought.

Soon,” said Anumbus’s thought in her head. She looked at him and he smiled.

Goodnight Anumbus,” she said using her thoughts.

Goodnight Maria,”he said using his thoughts. Then they fell asleep.

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