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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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Chapter 6

They woke up and ate breakfast.

“Are we heading to Route 36 so we can go to the next city?” asked Maria.

“What’s the hurry we have all the time in the world?” Misty said.

“You may…we don’t, we want to go back to our own world,” Maria snapped angrily at Misty.

“Why is it because you don’t like us?” Misty shouted back.

“If you don’t then just leave now princess and take you’re two annoying guards with you,” she said angrily.

That must of got Maria mad because she shot up and slammed Misty into tree. Ash and Brock tried to make her let go of Misty but were pushed away by Maria.

“Maria, calm down!” Anumbus said. Him and Daise were trying to calm her. “Maria, calm down!” he said again.

This time he got through to her and she took Misty and threw her at the ground.

“Are you crazy?” Misty said angrily.

Maria gave her a mean look. Anumbus could see her energy growing.

“Maria,” Anumbus said.

She gave Misty a look that sent a chill down Misty’s back. She looked at Anumbus then back to Misty.

“Don’t you ever say anything about Anumbus or Daise again!” she growled angrily.

With that she spun around and stalked off in the direction of the National Park. Anumbus watched her.

“Stay here!” he said to Daise and then took off after Maria.

“You asked for that,” Daise said to Misty. “Maria doesn’t like it when her friends are insulted and definitely not when Anumbus is insulted, she won’t take that.”

“Are they in love?” Brock asked. “That is probably why she does that when he is insulted.”

“They love each other deeply that is why she acted like that, Anumbus would probably have stepped in had Maria been insulted further,” Daise said.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Ash said to Misty.

“I realize that now she said, but she was acting like a brat,” she said.

“You shouldn’t insult her while I’m here,” Daise said. “She is the princess and I won’t take her being insulted,” he said.

“You can’t afford to insult them more, not when Maria is that strong,” Ash said. Daise then got up and left to find Anumbus and Maria.

Maria was on a bench in National Park. She didn’t even notice that Anumbus had appeared behind her.

I can’t believe that I lost control of myself it hasn’t happened before since the time my powers started to grow and I didn’t know how to control them yet,” she thought. “But the moment she brought Anumbus into it I just lost control of my anger.”

“Anumbus is probably mad at me for not listening and I can’t go back to the others now because Ash and Brock will probably get mad,” she tightened herself into a ball. “I should just go alone and try to find the portal by myself and then find them again and we can go home, it’s taking to long the way we are doing now, I can’t do it alone though.”

“You’ll never go alone,” said a voice from behind her. She turned to the voice and saw Anumbus and Daise there.

“We’ll be with you,” Daise said.

“I’m never going to leave your side,” Anumbus said.

“Thanks for being there for me,” she said smiling as her tears started to dry.

Anumbus took her in his arms and they went back to the others. Misty started being nice to Maria when she found out that Maria wanted to get home because she was homesick and not because Maria hated them. They then started to Ecruteak City. Maria was quiet the whole way.

“Apologize to her for what you said and maybe she’ll start talking,” Ash said to Misty.

“Okay,” Misty said. She walked next to Maria.

“Maria I’m sorry for what I said, will you forgive me?” Misty asked.

Maria answered, “I never forgive anyone who insults Anumbus or Daise.”

Misty began to look hurt and was about to say something when, “Maria forgive her, we don’t care if we are the ones insulted it’s you we worry about,” Anumbus said softly.

Maria looked at him and he nodded so she said, “I’ll forgive you.”

Even though I don’t want to,” she thought.

Anumbus said quietly with his thoughts.

Maria sighed, “Okay, and I’m sorry for losing my temper,” she said. A smile appeared on Misty’s face.

“I know we started off wrong, but we’re going to be around each for long time and let’s be friends,” Misty said as she put out her hand.

“Okay, let’s be friends,” Maria said. “Just as long as you know not to make any remarks about me and my friends and know that this is just until we can find the item that combined with my power will create the portal that will take us home.”

“Deal,” Misty said.

It was getting dark as they continued on until it got so dark that they couldn’t see the path anymore. They got out their sleeping bags and went to sleep. Tomorrow they would continue on to Ecruteak City.

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