Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ I'll Live Again ❯ Beginings ( Chapter 2 )

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I'll Live Again
Chapter 2

Serena rolled over on the futon, then almost immediately rolled on to her back again with a gasp. A long gash graced her side and she had just put weight on it. Tensilely she fingered it.

'Good, healed enough for me to be able to get up.' Slowly she pried herself of the futon. 'Where am I anyway?' She recalled the night before and what happened. Feeling tears well up in her eyes, she quickly pushed them back, refusing to let them fall. Yelling jarred Serena out of her thoughts. Stiffly she walked to the door, then followed the voices down the hall. She stopped at an entry way, seeing five people sitting around the table. Three she remembered from the last battle with Chaos, the other two looked unfamiliar.

"HAG." This was a boy that she remembered from the night before. He was yelling at a girl sh imediatly took for his older sister.

"ONE THOUSAND STROKES." The young woman yelled back.

"Ugly." The boy murmured

"Carful or I might add more." The girl gave the boy a sweet look.

"Maa Maa, I'm sure this is not necessary, That I am." A red headed man was trying to calm the two, not seceding in the slightest. Serena blocked what ever else he was saying out as the other two occupants of the room began fighting. Unable to stifle her giggles she stopped trying. Laughing loudly, Serena let herself be known to them.

Almost immediately the young woman with unbound black hair rushed over to her. What ever she was saying was lost to her, though, as she continued laughing. "Sorry, but you five are good entertainment. Please continue." Serena sputtered.

"How rude." The girl closest to her huffed.

"If you had ever lived where I come from you would gladly take any chance to laugh. It has been years since I have." Serena's eyes dulled, then brightened, almost as if it had never happened. Truly only one person caught the dimness before it disappeared.

"Miss..." Kenshin let his voice trail off.'I should not say anything to her about her fight, that I should not.'

"Serena, just Serena."

"Miss Serena, are you hungry?" Serena s stomach growled in answer. She blushed nodding.

"Yes, very." She said in a small voice. The black haired woman started scolding her as the red headed man disappeared.

"You shouldn't be out of bed. I..." Serena interrupted her.

"I'm fine, I heal fast. My wounds are just a little sore, that s all." She waved the woman's concerns away.

"No one could heal that fast, it s only been three days. I want you back in bed."

"Sorry, being lazy is not my style anymore. What you could do for me is introduce yourselves. I m Serena." The red haired man returned with a bowl full of food, setting it down on the table and motioning for Serena to take a seat. Gladly, she took the offered place and started eating.

"I'm Kaoru, the owner of this dojo."

"I"m Yahiko Myojin and I m..." He was cut off when Kaoru gave him a fist in the head.

"He's a loud mouthed little brat, and my student." Another fight started.

"Please, if you two are yelling at each other I can't hear the others names." They quieted down, sending death glares at each other.

"I'm Megumi, and the rooster head over there is Sano." Serena nodded to each in turn as they gave their names.

"Who took my hair down?" Serena asked, a little irritated. She swiped a lock of hair from her eyes. It was getting very annoying to try to keep it out of her face and food.
"Kenshin did." Kaoru answered.

"Could you give me my hair ties back and another bowl of food please."

"Kenshin." Kaoru yelled. He had collected the dishes once the other occupants were finished and was washing them." Is there any more food left, our guest would like some more."

The red-head appeared a moment later with a bowl of food in hand. "Here Miss." He said and disappeared again, only to bring back with her hair ties. She took them and quickly put her hair up into it s meatball style. The red-head disappeared into the kitchen again.

"I'm sorry, Kenshin isn't much of a people person, and he's addicted to doing chores." Kaoru apologized.

"Thats ok. I'm not as much of a people person as I used to be. I prefer to think alone, and I do a lot of that these days." Serena yawned, stretching. "Do ya think you could spare me another three or four bowls of soup?"

Kaoru sweat dropped. "Do you usually eat this much?"

"Yep. But then again I also haven't had a meal this good in over three or four years."

"That s a long time."

"I'm a horrible cook. I tried taking lessons but they didn't help." Serena yawned again, just as Kenshin appeared from the kitchen.

"You should get some rest, that you should."

"I just woke up, and as much as I'd love to sleep I need to train." Serena answered with a streatch

"You need to rest, your wounds are not fully healed yet." Megumi huffed in irritation.

"I'm healed enough to train, besides I've had worse and lived." Serena swiftly got up and dashed out the door before anyone could stop her. She ran down the road, not really knowing where she was but she found the perfect place for her exercises soon enough. 'Good, a place away from prying eyes.'

Serena started going through her punches and kicks as if it were a dance. Once her warm ups were done she stopped, as if taking a rest. Air started to make a whirl wind about her. The leaves swirling around her formed into a person, and solidified, no face or identifying features apparent. It struck at her, and the fight began. Dogging and throwing kicks and punches as the two figures worked their way up into the air. Loud sounds of their fight echoed through out the trees, scaring away birds and other wild life.

'I have to get stronger, I have to fight.' Serena could feel herself tiring as she continued her training. It may not be a real enemy, but she looked at it as if it were. They where barley visible, moving so fast that the eye could hardly follow. She new the session would not last much longer, she didn t have mush energy left, but she didn't want to dream when she fell asleep.

Suddenly she stopped all movement, staring at her fake opponent. Trying to catch her breath as she waited, then the flurry of the fight started again. She was to wrapped up in what she was doing to notice the five people watching her with wide eyes, but the training didn t last much longer as Serena suddenly felt herself falling through the air, to week to move. She never hit the ground. Strong arms caught her before she could, making sure she wouldn t hurt herself by having contact with the hardened earth. Blue eyes meet brown before blackness claimed her.

Kenshin moved up beside Sano, Megumi right behind him. Sanosuke held the unconscious blonde in his arms. They had watched her fight and where surprised by her speed. It was apparent though, that she had used up a large amount of her remaining energy. Once she collapsed, so did her opponent, turning into leaves. Silently Sano carried her back to the dojo, Megumi, Kenshin, and Kaoru trailing behind him.

Megumi gave Serena a quick check up. She was surprised to find that most of the girls injuries were healed, no one should be able to heal that fast. It should have taken the girl at least a week before she had recovered that much, but it had taken her three days to get as far as what weeks should have done. Quietly, so as not to disturb the sleeping form on the futon, Megumi exited the room.

"She'll be fine after some rest. That girl is a mystery though. She's nearly healed."

"That is good, that it is."

"She should not be healing this fast. She should be fully healed in two days. Even still, I want you to keep her from doing to much the next few weeks." Megumi sighed. "I need to get back to the clinic. I'll be by in a few days to check on her progress."

Megumi left, Sano trailing behind her. Slowly the other occupants of the dojo drifted to their rooms to sleep.