Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ I'll Live Again ❯ Returning ( Chapter 4 )

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I'll Live Agian
Chapter 4

Serena slowed to a stop taking a ready stance. Closing her eyes she let her senses out to feel for the evil. It was close. It did not feel like anything that came from Chaos, she had expected some of his scum to be wandering around still. It did not feel like that at all. It felt more like it had powers given to it by the surrounding earth.

"What is it." She said under her breath, irritated. "Where could it have come from?"

Letting her senses out again she monitored the movement of the being, then swept the area around her for anything else. At first she could not sense anything, but as she rechecked, she found five energy signatures. Serena recognized them as Sanosuke, Megumi, Kaoru, Yahiko, and Kenshin. 'Damn, they followed me. It's to late to turn them back now.'

Opening her eyes she looked down the road, the direction she had felt the evil energy come from. What she saw, though, was not what she expected. Instead Serena saw a young girl with her hair pulled back into a similar style as herself. The girls eyes widened as she caught sight of Serena and she ran towards her faster, taking the same ready stance she reached her side. They waited but not for long as a man followed close behind her.

The figure stopped a little ways down the road, a sick smile on his face. He stood nearly six feet tall with long dark hair hanging down his back. Serena narrowed her eyes not liking the feel of him at all. Death was so prominent an aura that even the most dense person could feel it. The man the two faced seemed to drink it in. He made the first move, so swiftly it seemed that he disappeared completely. The two girls dodged, using a double kick to his back once they got behind him. The fight lasted as hand to hand for a while, each girl taking turns once the other became tired. Finally, after what seemed forever, the two girls trapped their opponent on the ground and held him there. Serena's eyes showed anger when she questioned him.

"Who are you working for? Tell me." Her voice was low, holding anger and a warning. The man she was questioning stayed silent and answered with a demented smile. "Tell me! Do you do this on your own? If not who ordered you?"

"Die." His voice was cold, emotionless. Not what Serena wanted to hear. The young girl behind her seemed unhappy with the answer as well. It was useless to find answers from him. "I would not betray my master like you betrayed your queen."

"I am the queen, and I was not betrayed." A silent energy blast streaked toward her from the trees. The young girl pushed Serena out of the attacks way, barley escaping it herself. It hit the man they had been fighting and he disappeared within it. Serena looked for whoever had sent the energy blast but could not find a trace of any one with that ability. The danger had passed, for now.

"Another enemy." Serena bowed her head silently.

"It wasn't some one from Chaos?" The pink haired girl asked in quiet concern.

"No." Serena turned to her companion, tears welling in her eyes as she threw her arms around the girl. "I thought you were dead."

Kenshin and the others watched as the blonde took a fighting stance in the middle of the road. It was apparent to all of them what she was waiting for, the sense of an evil fighting aura was close, and so strong that even the least adept at sensing ki could feel it. They were confused, however, when a pink haired girl who could not have been more then seven, came running down the road. Her hair was up in a similar style as Serena's and her eyes held the same innocence and determination.

The girl ran to the blonde's side and took up the same fighting stance the other girl was in. Her short skirt fluttered in the breeze as they waited for the enemy. When the opponent did appear he watched them, a smile on his face, then attacked swiftly. The girls jumped in unison and dilivered a double kick to his back, sending him to the ground. Kenshin blinked surprised, he had not seen the man, or the girls, move. Even now he could not follow the fight between the three. The blonde and pink haired girl took turns fighting their enemy, but they moved so fast that they could only be seen when they slowed or stopped. When they slowed they looked like little more then streaks.

The battle was finished in an hour or less. The man lay on the ground, pinned there by Serena. Any one could tell she was angry, as was the girl behind her. He was beat up and bloody, but the girls seemed relatively untouched. Kenshin looked at his companions, clearly confused,but they seemed as in the dark as he.

"Who are you working for? Tell me." Serena's voice was low. The group watching gulped, glad the gaze and voice was not directed at them. "Tell me! Do you do this on your own? If not who ordered you?"

"Die." His voice rang out clearly. "I would not betray my master like you betrayed your queen."

"I am the queen, and I was not betrayed." The group of spectatores were surprised at what Serena said. It made them blink at her angry tone. 'Queen?'

Suddenly the pink haired girl shoved her to the side, nearly getting hit by the attack that was aimed at the man and Serena herself. It hit the man who still lay on the ground, engulfing him. When the attack cleared, he was nowhere to be found.

"Another enemy." Serena bowed her head sadly.

"It wasn't someone from Chaos?" The pink haired girl asked quietly.

"No." Serena turned to her companion, tears welling in her eyes as she threw her arms around the girl, hugging her. "I thought you were dead. I was so afraid I had lost you."

"I'm fine really." She wrapped her arms around the blonde, returning the hug. Her voice held concern. "I'll tell you what I remember later, but we need to get you to a doctor, your bleeding badly."

"It's only a scratch." Serena was still crying when Megumi came up behind her scowling. The pink haired girl shifted so that she was between her and Serena.

"That is no scratch, it's very deep, let's get you back to the dojo. My things are there, but I don't want you walking so I'll have Sano carry you. SANO." The black haired doctor ordered quickly. She payed no mind to Serena's protector.

"WO, I'm right here Fox."

The pink haired girl watched them warily till a soothing hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked back to recieve a comforting nod from her companion.

"Don't call me fox. Pick her up and bring her back to the dojo so that I can treat her wounds." Sano obediently did as he was told, while grumbling under his breath. Serena protested weakly saying she could walk fine on her own. Three others joined them as they walked.

"*I advise you don't struggle to much. I don't think that girl would like it if you fell.*" The pink haired girl spoke.

"*Spore.*" Serena returned.

"*Meatball head.*" The group looked at them strangely as the two began fighting in an unknown language. As suddenly as it started, the yelling stopped. They smiled at each other happily. It was as if they had not fought just a moment before. This left one question, how had they fought so well together if they fought between themselves?

The girl giggled. "*They look funny.*"

"*Well, you would to if there was to people talking in a language the didn't exist on earth.*"Serena laughed happily.

"*Only 'cause they haven't been to the moon. After all we are speaking Lunarian. Of course they wouldn't know that.*" The two giggled, watching the assorted group with mysterious looks on their faces.

They reached the dojo and Megumi treated Serena and the pink haired girl. Once she came out of Serena's room she called all the others in. When they had all seated themselves around the two girls, Serena spoke.

"I really wish you hadn't followed me, but I suppose you want to know what's going on."

Nods greeted the statement. "I'll tell it the easiest way then. You might want to brace yourselves."

Serena took out a crystal shaped like a flower. It glowed brightly and then with a jerking sensation, they found that they were no longer in the dojo but floating in the air over a palace.