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I'll Live Again
Chapter 5
Explanations of the past

Sano started fidgeting, being as how he was superstitious. Serena laughed slightly, noticing how all but her and her young companion looked uncomfortable and confused.

"Don't worry this is all an illusion." They looked at her, noticing for the first time she was now in a dress, and the pink haired girl was in a similar one. Both dresses where white, sleeveless and had golden circles at the top, the fabric draped down loosely, clinging to their bodies and flaring out at the end. A golden tiara sat on top Serena's head, a red heart in the center. Each girl had a golden crescent moon in the middle of their foreheads that glowed brightly in the dim.

"Seems pretty damn convincing to me. You some kinda witch?" Sanosuke asked, taking no notice of what they where wearing. Kaoru scowled, and hit him over the head.

"Of course not, witches don't exist."

"Maybe not, but how else would you explain this?" A giggle stopped whatever Kaoru was about to say next.

"You could call us that, though we don't use wands or potions." This time it was the pink haired girl who spoke.

"Then how do you do magic?" Sano demanded.

"Mostly, we don't use anything, though objects do help. We use a different kind of magic than witches and wizards. The Silver Crystal is what we use for bigger "magic."

"What's that?" Sanosuke seemed even more edgy with the new information.

"I'll explain in time." Serena answered impatiently. "Do you want to know our story or are you going to keep talking?"

Everyone went quiet almost instantly and turned their attention to Serena. She motioned for them to look around. The castle they were above looked to be made out of a silver-blue colored crystal, its towers reaching toward the black sky. Gardens surrounded the palace grounds, flowers and trees of bright colors that never existed on earth growing in them. High walls surrounded the palace and gardens.

"This is the Moon Kingdom; it existed over one thousand years ago in a different dimension." The scene changed, now they were in a throne room. Marble floors of silver and light blue glittered in the light. A dark blue carpet created a walk way up to a raised platform where two women sat in golden thrones. Below them eight other girls stood, each wearing a dress of a different color.

"The two on the thrones are Queen Serenity III, Ruler of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium and her daughter Princess Serenity IV." She pointed to each in turn. The two royalties had white dresses on that shimmered whenever they moved slightly; upturned golden crescent moons graced their foreheads. "The Silver Millennium was an alliance between the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. The girls standing below are the princesses of the inner and outer planets.

"Princess Setsuna of Pluto, Sailor Pluto, protector of time and keeper of the time gates. Princess of Saturn, Hotaru, also known as Sailor Saturn, heir to the underworld and keeper of it's gates and passages. Princess Michiru of Neptune, Sailor Neptune, keeper of the rivers and oceans of Neptune. Finder of truth and pure hearts. Haruka, Princess of Uranus and Sailor Uranus, powers over wind and weather. Those four are known as the outer scouts, protectors of the universe, the inner court of Queen Serenity, and the outer court of Princess Serenity." Serena gestured to each of the girls as she introduced them. The group of five noticed that each girl had a symbol on their forehead the same color as the dresses they wore.

"The next four are the inner scouts, protectors of Princess Serenity, and her inner court. First is Minako princess of Venus, and Sailor Venus, leader of the inner scouts, scout power is love. Second is Princess Rei of Mars, Sailor Mars. Her powers are psychic, fire reading, and fire. Princess of Mercury and Sailor Mercury, Ami, powers of knowledge and ice. She is the tactician of the inner scouts. Princess Makoto of Jupiter, Sailor Jupiter. Her scout powers are over lightening and oak trees. Makoto is also the scouts' personal trainer of combat."

Kenshin's group watched the meeting, confused. Finally one of them spoke up.

"Why are they called sailor or scouts?" Kaoru asked slightly confused.

"Each of the eight girls has a transformation that makes it easier to use the powers given to them by their planets. When they transform they are called Sailor Scouts or Sailor Warriors."
"Why do they all have symbols on their heads?"

"The symbols represent their planet, as do the colors each girl wears." The scene shifted to a ball room. People in bright colored clothes danced, and congratulated the couple standing at the front of the room. "This is the engagement celebration of Prince Endymion of Earth and Princess Serenity of the Moon. They were betrothed after their parents found out they were in love and soul mates. Though Earth was not part of the alliance, the rulers agreed on this one thing.

"The wedding never happened, an enemy attacked. Her name was Beryl and she was infatuated with Endymion. Because of this she made allies with a being called Matalia. At the end of the battle Queen Serenity sent the Princesses of the inner and outer planets along with her daughter, Endymion, and her two advisors one thousand years into the future." Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Megumi and Sanosuke watched awestruck as these events unfolded before them.

Again the scene changed, this time to a young blonde girl running down a street with unbelievable speed. They listened to Serena explain the time she had found out she was Sailor Moon, and how she found the other scouts and Endymion, how their names had changed. She explained to them the time she had found out she was also Princess Serenity, along with the various fights she and the other sailor scouts went through. Finally the whirl of scenes stopped at one they did not want to see. Earth was frozen; they could see the buildings and people covered in ice underneath them. Ten figures stood on top of the ice, each had wings and a sailor uniform on, none looked happy. The group listened to the conversation taking place below.

"Serena, we could have done something! We could have prevented this!" The girl in red shouted.

"No, Mars, we could not have stopped it. I tried everything, we tried everything." Serena's younger self argued. "Pluto said it herself that no matter what time stream she followed it would have happened. At least Chaos is gone for now, and I'm keeping these people alive!" The silver haired girl shouted back, anger and sadness in her voice. "I couldn't have defeated him! I'm not Cosmos yet! Do you think I wanted this? My Family is down there too!"

"The least we can do until the spell wears off is to protect them. Please stop fighting." An ice blue haired girl said, smoothing down her blue skirt.

"Please listen to Mercury. None of us wanted this, but we couldn't prevent it!" This was a girl in orange and yellow.

"Listen to Venus, she's right. We shouldn't be fighting, Chaos might come back, we need to get stronger!"

The fight continued as Serena finally spoke up; tears were running down her face. Time sped up as she explained. "That was after Chaos first attacked, we couldn't stop him and he cast a spell that froze the Earth. It was like this for one thousand years, in that time everything changed. I was able to get strong enough to break the spell and create crystal Tokyo, becoming Neo-Queen Serenity." The that city lay before them alight and beautiful. Gardens of flowers extended everywhere; the buildings were made of marble and crystal of different colors. The most exquisite was the palace that stood in the center, its peers rising toward the sky. "It was a time of peace, there was little crime and people were happy. I was able to raise a daughter with my husband, Endymion. Her name was Serenity, Rini for short." A young pink haired girl played in a garden with her mother and father. They were smiling and laughing.

Again the scene shifted, this time to a battle. The ground lay blackened, buildings destroyed, and yet the battle continued on the ruined earth. "Chaos returned, he destroyed the city and killed the people. We put up a good fight, but in the end, I was left to fight him alone. I turned into Cosmos, my ultimate form, and sealed him away. During the years that the fight dragged, he was able to take over and control my husband, and destroy our world. When you saw me fighting, it was Chaos in my husband's body. When I sealed him away, I killed my husband."

The battle faded, and they were back in Serena's room at the dojo. She smiled faintly, back in the strange clothes she had worn before. "That's our story." She said sadly, and then fainted. The pink haired girl caught her and laid her down gently.

"If you have questions, I can answer them." She said softly.

"What's your name?" Kaoru asked after a moment of silence.

"Which one do you want, my full title or the short version?"

"Full?" Kaoru asked weakly.

"I'm Neo-Princess Serenity V, Daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity IV, heir to the throne of Crystal Tokyo, the Silver Imperium crystal and Golden crystal. Sailor Scout forms Eternal Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Earth. Scout powers are Earth, Love, and the Elements. But you can just call me Rini."

"That's a long title." Yahiko announced "So your royalty?"

"Not really, Crystal Tokyo was destroyed."

"What about those other girls? I saw them die but then I saw them again." Megumi asked.

"That's our fate. We can never truly die, we are just reborn. Some times with our memories, sometimes without." Rini stated sadly.

"What about the crystals we saw the other girls holding?" Megumi continued her questions.

"Those were the planetary crystals. Each of the girls has one that holds great power and is taken from the heart of their planet."

"What's with you people and crystals? Crystals can't be that powerful." Sano said arms crossed.

"Crystals are vessels of magic which they collect over time. The older the crystal is, the more powerful."

"What's the golden crystal you mentioned?"

"The Golden Crystal was my fathers; it was the crystal of Earth. The Silver crystal is even stronger. Combined they make the Planetary Imperium Crystal"

"So ya expect us to believe that your both royalty, Blondie here has lived over two thousand years, you have crystals the have magical powers, and your world is destroyed? What are you going to tell us next, you older then Kenshin?"

"I don't expect you to believe us, but it's true. My mother and I have been through a lot in just the last three years." She thought for a moment. "And yes, unless Kenshin is over six hundred and fifty five, I'm older."

"WHAT!? HOW CAN YOU BE THAT OLD?" Yahiko yelled in surprise. Kenshin just stayed silent, thinking.

"I'm half Lunarian, and I'm a demigoddess which means I am demi-immortal as well." Rini stood up quietly. "Don't let my looks fool you, this isn't my true form, nor is that my mothers. I'm going to go spar, please watch over my mother, and wake her up if she starts crying."