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I'll Live Again
Chapter 6

Rini silently jumped onto the roof and started her stretches; once she was done she started a simple exercise. Nothing seemed to be bothering her on the outside, but her thoughts raced. 'What about Helios and Kohanna? I hope they're ok.' Her punches and kicks became faster as she went through the dance, her thoughts elsewhere.

"Miss Rini? Dinner is ready, that it is." Rini heard Kenshin's voice and easily flipped of the roof. Kenshin did not seem surprised when she landed gacefuly infront of him.

"Alright. Did you wake my mother up? Not that you should have to. I hope you made a lot of food." Rini grinned.

"Hey, Spore, hurry up and get yourself in here!" A yell sounded from the house, making Rini grin wider. Turning she hurried into the building, yelling something at her mother.

After the meal Serena turned to Rini. "I have a surprise for you."

"What?" Rini looked surprised and slightly hopeful. Serna held out her crystal.

"This. I was able to save them." Serena mumbled sometihng and the crystal glowed brightly, shooting off a beams of light which formed into a young white haired man holding a small, pink haired girl. The young man looked confused as he glanced around the dojo. Rini's face was set in shock before she lunged at the two, hugging them, and crying. Serena watched her daughter before her eyes drooped slightly. She struggled to keep them open for a moment before a warm hand touched her forehead, sending her energy. Looking up, her eyes meet those of the white haired man.

"Thank you mamma." Rini said. She refused to let go of the two new members of the dojo.

"Yes, thank you, my Queen." The man beside her added.

"Always so formal, aren't you Helios? Your family, you don t have to call me Queen. Call my anything but that, call me Serena or Bunny, but nothing formal."

"Yes ma'am," Was his solem answer. Serena sighed in exasperation, but a happy smile played on her lips.

Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Megumi and Sano just stared confused. The one called Helios was holding a happy little pink haired girl in one arm, his other rapped around Rini's waist as she cuddled into him.

"Um, what s going on?" Kaoru asked unhappily. Surprised at the unfamiliar voice the young man turned, then bent down and whispered something into Rini's ear. Pulling away reluctantly she turned to her blushing slightly.

"This is Helios and Kohanna, my husband and daughter. We call Kohana Chibi-Chibi for short." Rini blushed a little more as the stunned faces around her. "Umm, yeah."

"You're married too?" Yahiko blurted.

"Yeah." By now Rini's cheeks matched Kenshin's hair. Helios whispered something in her ear again as he handed Kohanna to her. "Helios, I think they've had enough for today! Do you want to give these people heart attacks?!"

"What did he tell you?" Serena asked quizzically. Her daughter whispered in her ear making Serena laughed. "I agree with Rini, after all they just found out that me and her are royalty, though I don't know if they even think we're sane."

"It was just a passing thought." He replied honestly.

"Maybe another day. My daughters a bad influence, and don't tell me you weren't thinking something like that this whole time Rini. I know you better then that, you're too much like me." She chided as Rini jblushed again.

"I have something I need to talk to you about." Serena said, making the switch to a no nonsense attitude. She stood and walked to her room, Rini and Helios, Kohanna in hand, followed.

"What the hell just happened?" Sano asked confusion written on his face. No one answered him. Everyone in the room was confused now.

*With Serena*

"I've found our newest enemy. His name is Makoto Shishio in this life. He was a member of the Silver Millennium, Rei's brother to be exact."

"I remember you telling me about him, but I thought he wasn't reborn." Rini stated, confusion evident in her voice.

"He wasn't suposed to be, but he was. He also has the same stupid ideals in this life," Another voice spoke from behind them. It sounded disgusted, annoyed, and very familiar. Turning around they saw eight women, all were transparent and shimmered with an unearthly light.

"Scouts! I thought you couldn't manifest yourselves." Serena breathed. Each girl had a crown and symbol of a planet on their heads. Wings were folded to their backs loosely.

"We found out that if we use our planet's crystals we can. It will be taking a slight toll on you, for to do this we drain your energy. After all, our crystals are within the Silver Crystal." A long, ice blue haired girl answered. Ice blue wings were folded against her back, and the dark blue sign of Mercury played on her forehead. Rini, Serena, Helios, and Kohanna nodded in understanding.

"Why don't we get into our original forms?" Rini suggested quietly. Serena and Kohanna nodded. After four quick flashes of bright light, it looked as if four different people stood there.

Serena now looked in her late twenties, her hair and eyes now silver. Silver-white wings spread from her back before folding neatly. A golden crown sat atop her head glinting in the dim light. She was also much taller and wore a white dress. The sleaveless dress hugged the upper part of her form and flared arount her knees. Golden cresent moons turned skyward lined the upper part of the dress. A small, simple tiara of white gold sat on her head

Rini had also grown somewhat taller and looked to be in her early twenties. Her hair was the same length as Serena's, and would have graced the floor if not for the twin buns on her head. It was a lighter pink, on its way to turning silver; already silver colored streaks ran through it. Pale silver-pink wings also graced her back, folded tightly, and a ring of gold sat on her head.

Kohanna was taller, though not as tall as her mother, and looked to be about sixteen. Her hair was in heart shaped buns and now colored a bubble gum pink. No wings adorned her back; however, this was because she was too young for them to appear. A golden upturned crescent moon appeared on her forehead, just like Serena and Rini had on their own foreheads, along with a band of silver around her head.

Helios had not changed much in his appearance. His hair was still short, but was now more silver then white. Like the others in the room -except Kohanna- angel wings adorned his back. His clothing consisted of a white pair of paint, a shirt of white silk, and a vest of white velvet. The shirt had a full moon embroired on the colar.

"My Brother still has those stupid ideals. I would go and take care of him for you Serena, but..." The speaker's voice trailed off in disdain and regret. She had an annoyed look on her face now and a fire burned in her eyes. Long fire read streaks ran through her raven black hair. Red wings, streaked with black, spread from her back. A fire red crown and symbol of Mars, adorned her forehead. "He still has the philosophy that the strong survive and the weak die. I don't know why mother and father didn't throw him out and disown him."

"Rei, you shouldn't talk about your brother like that." The light blue haired girl reprimed softly, though she silently agreed as she never had liked the prince of Mars.

"You agree with me Ami, I know you do." The raven-haired girl stated.

"And so do I... I will never forgive him for trying to kill me." The golden haired girl who spoke shivered slightly at the memory. Wings the color of sunshine spread slightly and hit the girl next to her.

"Careful Mina." The short black haired girl said. Her eyes where a deep purple, as were her wings and the streaks in her hip-length hair. She spoke softly, but her voice held a note of authority.

"Sorry Hotaru." Minako apologized. Hotaru nodded, eyes trained on Serenity as she waited for them to quiet. Only then did she speak.

"Shishio is trying to take over Japan. Idiot, he thinks he can get away with it to." A sigh sounded from her. "We are going to have to go and defeat him."

"But Queen Serenity, the red haired man out there can do it." The girl who had spoken this time had knee length light green hair with darker streaks of green going through it. Her dark green wings were almost black, and tucked in close to her back.

"I know Setsuna, I looked at the time lines as well. I think it is best if I go and take care of him. All the out comes were hazy except one, and that was me going to help. Kenshin would end up half dead if he fought Shishio. At least, that is what the time lines told me would happen if I didn't help. Besides, it's personal now after he tried to hurt Rini."

"Alright Kitten, I know we can't change your mind now that it's made up." The woman tossed her short blonde hair out of the way, ruffling and resettling her wings as she did so. Her wings were a bright white, almost seeming to be transparent.

"Thanks Haruka, though I doubt I should be thanking you."

A deep chuckle sounded from the blonde woman. Her wings were wrapped around an ocean haired girl. The long ocean-haired girl's wings were hidden by Haruka's, but the others new that her wings were the same color as her eyes and hair

"Lets get back to business shall we?" Eyes turned on the girl who spoke. She had a fierce gleam in her eyes as she flipped her shoulder length dark brown hair behind her. She scowled as she began to put her hair up in a pony tail. This was hard to do as she could not spread her leaf green wings and they were in the way. Giggling Minako came over and finished the job, the dark haired girl giving her her thanks.

"Yes, we should." Rini said, almost as if she were annoyed. Every one new she was not because she and her best friend had been in a corner with their wings wrapped around each other as they talked.

"I say you go to see him in the morning, then beat him up." Makoto announced.

"Lita." Serenity warned, using the name of her friend's reincarnated self. "We will go when Kenshin does. Traveling to Kyoto should be fun and keep us in shape, seeing as we will be walking all the way."

"Mom!" Kohanna pouted, hoping her mom could talk her grandmother out of it. Rini just shook her head, silently agreeing with her mother. They needed to stay in shape, even if they did not want to be in a serious fight. No one in the group minded fighting if it was just practice, or a spar between friends or family. They hated it when it was against an enemy.

"That decided, let's talk. After all, some of us haven't seen each other for three or so years." Minako bubbled. With that said all went back to their incarnated forms. Since they were in those forms, wings disappeared, hair changed length and color, and names changed.